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Preseason 2017: Assassin Itemization - First Impressions

A big patch just hit the PBE recently with huge preseason changes, most notably the assassins rework.

Amongst the changes are also massive changes to items, with the inclusion of four new items to the game.

In this post, we looked at the offensive itemization changes that will be live on Patch 6.22, the first patch of preseason that will be out in early November.


Offensive/Assassin Itemization


New Stat: Lethality



Before we jump into item changes, it’s important to note that flat armor penetration has been replaced with a new stat called ‘Lethality’.

Lethality still gives the user flat penetration, but it’s split between a base and a scaling amount, it scales with your ENEMIES level.

All in all this effectively makes Flat Armor Penetration less 'snowbally', as base values early on will be lower and instead scale up.

The goal is clearly to impair an assassin’s stacking of Flat Penetration early on, especially when ahead while also keeping assassins relevant as the game goes on, especially when they’re behind.


The formula for Lethality is:



Where X is Lethality and Y is the enemy champion level. The result of the equation is the Armor Penetration against a specific target.


Example: A champion has 20 Lethality (A common value for all completed non basic items) and is hitting a level 9 opponent. He will have 14 Armor Penetration against that target.



Serrated Dirk


Serrated Dirk (Current) Cost: 1100 +20 Attack Damage

UNIQUE Passive:  +10 Armor Penetration   UNIQUE Passive:  After killing a unit, your next basic attack (on-hit) or single target ability deals +15 bonus damage    




Serrated Dirk (PBE) Cost: 1100 +25 Attack Damage

UNIQUE Passive: +15 Lethality

UNIQUE Passive:  +20 Movement Speed out of Combat      




Not much to say here, apart from some small stat differences, now has more AD. Key note is the change of passives, all items derived from Serrated Dirk now grant out of combat movement speed, a key stat for roaming assassins.


NEW: Poacher's Dirk


Poacher's Dirk Cost: 750 +15 Attack Damage

UNIQUE Passive:  +20 Movement Speed out of Combat
UNIQUE Passive: After poaching 3 large monsters from the enemy jungle (60 second cooldown), transforms into a Serrated Dirk    

A very interesting new item especially made for jungle assassins like Rengar or Kha’zix.

Invading and counter jungling is encouraged and after three camps, Poacher’s Dirk will transform into a Serrated Dirk, so essentially you can save up 350g for a Serrated Dirk if you’re ahead as an jungle assassin or you have the chance to take jungle camps while split pushing.


NEW: Edge of Night


Edge of Night Cost: 3100 +60 Attack Damage +35 Magic Resist   UNIQUE Passive: +20 Lethality

UNIQUE Passive:  +20 Movement Speed out of Combat
UNIQUE Passive: Channel for 1.5 seconds to grant a spell shield that blocks the next enemy ability. Lasts for 10 seconds. (30 second cooldown) (Can move while channeling)    

Edge of Night is very similar to the old Maw of Malmortius in terms of raw stats, but the passive is what makes this item unique. Being able to block an incoming spell for a short duration of time can be key for champions that rely on flanking to get to the backline


Who wants this?


This is pretty much exclusively an assassin item. Its use is very niche and the Night’s Veil passive will go on cooldown if you cast, take damage or attack, so it isn’t very useful on AD carries for example. Ideally, you want to use it on assassins and possibly on some very offensive fighters like Irelia or Pantheon that want to flank to get into the back line. Night’s Veil will help block that first incoming damage and/or crowd control spell so you guarantee you can aim for the backline effectively without getting stopped, this is the typical play pattern for champions such as Talon, Rengar, Zed as Kha’zix, so expect them to pick it up.




Maw of Malmortius


Maw of Malmortius (Current) Cost: 3250 +55 Attack Damage +40 Magic Resist +10 Armor Penetration

UNIQUE Passive - Lifeline: Upon taking magic damage that would reduce Health below 30%, grants a shield that absorbs magic damage equal to 300 + 1 per bonus Magic Resistance for 5 seconds (90 second cooldown)   Lifegrip: When Lifeline triggers, gain +10% Spell Vamp and +10% Life Steal until out of combat    




Maw of Malmortius (PBE) Cost: 3250 +50 Attack Damage +45 Magic Resist +10% Cooldown Reduction

UNIQUE Passive - Lifeline: Upon taking magic damage that would reduce Health below 30%, grants a shield that absorbs magic damage equal to 300 + 1 per bonus Magic Resistance for 5 seconds (90 second cooldown)   Lifegrip: When Lifeline triggers, gain +20 Attack Damage, +10% Spell Vamp and +10% Life Steal until out of combat    




Edge of Night is essentially taking Maw’s place as the offensive item that grants magic resist. Maw lost its Armor Penetration but in turn got utility in the form of 10% Cooldown Reduction. The item is still good on assassins but it’s now tailored towards other champion archetypes as well.



Who wants this?


Similarly as before, Maw’s passive is extremely strong as the shield pop can be the difference between life and death against burst mages and heavy magic damage. Most fighters and bruisers will still want the item if they need to itemize defensively against burst. For assassins and AD Carries this is a more situational purchase.

With that said, to deal with heavy magic damage compositions, assassins can now go for both Edge of Night and Maw of Malmortius and grab 80 Magic Resistance while still itemizing quite offensively with 110 Attack Damage.


Youmuu's Ghostblade


Youmuu's Ghostblade (Current) Cost: 3200 +60 Attack Damage +10% Cooldown Reduction   UNIQUE Passive: +20 Armor Penetration  

UNIQUE Passive: Gain +40% attack speed and +20% movement speed for 6 seconds. 45 second cooldown.






Youmuu's Ghostblade (PBE) Cost: 3000 +60 Attack Damage

+10% Cooldown Reduction

UNIQUE Passive: +20 Lethality   UNIQUE Passive: +20 Movement Speed out of Combat   UNIQUE Passive: Grants +20% movement speed for 6 seconds. 45 second cooldown.    




Youmuu’s is essentially the same item as it was before in terms of base stats, obviously minus that change from armor penetration to lethality.

The big change is to the active. It no longer grants attack speed but the item is now 200 gold cheaper.

Overall this is probably the most nerfed item and it's purchase rate will decline after players realize the nerfs on it. 20 Lethality only matches 20 Armor Penetration at level 18 and other Lethality Items now also have 20 Lethality just like Youmuu's.

Duskblade and Maw of Malmortius (now replaced by Edge of Night as Armor Pen itemization) had 10 less Armor Penetration and will now have matching Lethality Stats.


Who wants this?


The removal of the attack speed buff doesn't really hurt assassins as they would rather have a cheaper item. As it was before, expect Zed, Talon and Kha’zix to be amongst the champions picking it up. Some AD carries might still pick it up, such as Lucian, but expect it to be less common on them.


Duskblade of Draktharr


Duskblade of Draktharr (Current) Cost: 3250 +75 Attack Damage +5% Movement Speed  UNIQUE Passive: +10 Armor Penetration

UNIQUE Passive: Basic Attacks on an enemy champion apply Nightfall (120 second cooldown).
  Nightfall: After 2 seconds, deal physical damage equal to 90 plus 25% of the target's missing health. If you get a kill or assist on the target before Nightfall ends, the cooldown is refunded.        




Duskblade of Draktharr (PBE) Cost: 3250 +65 Attack Damage
UNIQUE Passive: +20 Lethality   UNIQUE Passive: +20 Movement Speed out of Combat   UNIQUE Passive - Nightstalker: After being unseen for at least 1 second, your next basic attack will deal 50 + (200% Lethality) true damage on-hit.   UNIQUE Passive - Blackout:  Gain true sight for 8 seconds when spotted by an enemy ward (90 second cooldown).    




Duskblade now has weaker base stats, but has one new and another reworked passive that make the item really unique and tailored towards Assassins.

Blackout is an extremely good tool for assassins. A big part of playing assassins is roaming to other lanes and finding flanks, and with this passive you can clear any wards that you walk past. If the passive doesn’t pop you know the path is unwarded, so you can roam freely, just like the current iteration of the Razorbeak’s smite buff. If the passive does pop, blackout works exactly as a sweeper trinket. You can hit the ward to take them out or just walk past it to give the enemy 0 information of your whereabouts. They will never see you coming.



Who wants this?


Nightstalker is a buff to basic attacks that deals 50 + (200% Lethality) true damage on-hit every time you hit a target after being unseen for at least 1 second. Being unseen can be done by either stealthing or just not being in the enemy’s vision, so just moving inside an unwarded brush to break vision can be enough to reset the passive.

Most AD assassins will want this in their build but Kha’zix is likely the one that will be able to apply it more frequently. His Void Assault will allow him to go unseen twice in a short span of time, resulting in two extra procs to be possible after the first one. Talon is the other main champion interested in the item, as he can use Shadow Assault to reset Duskblade procs.

Other than that, you can expect it situationally on AD Carries that stack Lethality, such as Miss Fortune and possibly Jhin.



That covers it for the offensive itemization changes so far for Preseason 2017, but be on the lookout for more posts on the upcoming changes and also updates to this post as we will be updating it throughout the next few weeks until the changes hit the live servers!


Patch 6.21 Rundown: Jungle Cleanup

A very exciting patch just went up on PBE, full of new skins, assassain updates, new items, and lots of exciting things, but here in the land of live we have patch 6.21 which offers up less exciting but still important changes, including hitting a lot of junglers with both buffs and nerfs.

Be sure to check out the full changes below:


Bug fix for the Q.

What's New:
  • Ranger's Focus (Q) fixed a bug where rapidly pressing Q the instant Focus reaches four stacks could cause Ranger’s Focus’s mana cost to apply multiple times



Quickdraw gives you stacks for goin' in, but takes more stacks total.

What's New:
  • Quickdraw (E) True Grit cap up from 4 stacks to 8, grants 2 stacks of it when dashing towards an enemy champion, but grants half the armor/mr per stack (same at max stacks)


These changes were already hotfixed in, but formalized in the patch notes.

What's New:
  • Health growth stat up from 74 to 90
    Base magic resist up from 30 to 32
    Base attack speed up from .625 to .644
    Attack speed growth stat up from 2.8 to 3.4



Retuned R in several spots.

What's New:
  • Living Artillery (R) mana cost down from 50 mana + 50 per cast (500 mana maximum) to 40 mana + 40 per cast (400 mana maximum)

    Mana debuff duration down from 10s to 8s

    Base damage up from 70/110/150 to 100/140/180

    Execution initial threshold changed from 200% damage to targets between 25% and 50% health to up to 150% damage to targets approaching 40% health

    Second execution threshold changed from 300% damage to targets with less than 25% health to 200% damage to targets with less than 40% health

Lee Sin

Reverting a change from 6.19.

What's New:
  • Resonating Strike and Safeguard drop Lee Sin directly on top of his target

Master Yi

Big ol' bag of bug fixes.

What's New:
  • Double Strike (Passive) fixed a bug where Master Yi would not critically strike monsters after Double Striking them at certain attack speeds
  • Alpha Strike (Q) has one million bug fixes:

    Dying during will properlyplay his death animation and put his body in the right spot

    Now has a minimum untargetability of 0.25s, fixed a bug that could cause it to fail and go on a bugged cooldown

    Gains vision of where he will strike on his next bounce

    Won't place on top of baron if he's the primary target, meditate won't be locked out after a failed cast

    Now eligible for assist on visual bounce rather than damage
  • Wuju Style (E) has a bug fix where it wasn't counting its passive AD bonus towards the 25% active if cast immediately on CD expiring


R now gives bonus armor and magic resist rather than bonus AD on damaging enemies.

What's New:
  • Siphoning Strike (Q) bonus attack range stacks with R's attack range increase
  • Fury of the Sands (R) no longer converts damage to AD, but now grants 15/35/55 armor and magic resist, gaining an additional 1/2/3 armor and magic resist every second (total of 30/65/100 armor and magic resist at 15s)


Bunch of cougar cooldown nerfs and a change to heal should bring Nidalee more in line with other junglers.

What's New:
  • Takedown, Pounce, and Swipe (Cougar Q,W,E) cooldown up from 5s to 6s
  • Primal Surge (Human E) changed from flat healing to healing based off missing health, value changed from 45/85/125/165/205 to 25-50/45-90/65-130/85-170/105-210 (based on missing health)


Visuals for several skin's Ws changed to the base skin's effects.

What's New:
  • Void Nocturne and Frozen Nocturne now use the base skin’s particle for their spell shields


Increased health from consume buff reduced.

What's New:
  • Consume (Q) bonus health per stack reduced from 3% to 2%


Behavior of R's Maiden streamlined.

What's New:
  • Eulogy of the Isles (R) now sends the Maiden to start pushing the lane she is summoned in, even if minions aren't near by


E displays a warning indicator before it lands.

What's New:
  • Elastic Slingshot (E) shows a warning indicator and shadow particles 0.75 before landing, if he'd travel less time than that they appear immediately, casting range also updated to be more accurate for Zac


Backend clean up for E.

What's New:
  • Hexplosive Minefield (E) checks for collision more frequently, from every 0.25s to every 0.1s

New Skins: Dawnchaser Sejunani,Victorious Maokai

The PBE updated today with tons of new skins as well as chromas. While there are too many chromas to list, we've got all the new skins in our modelviewer to check out: Dawnchaser Sejuani, Worldbreaker Nautilus, Worldbreaker Hecarim, Worldbreaker Trundle, Worldbreaker Nasus, Brighthammer Jayce and Bard Bard.





Riot also gave us Victorious Maokai, which will be the skin players who achieve gold and higher.



Worlds 2016 Recap: Quarterfinals Match 4: H2K vs ANX - $20 RP Giveaway

With Groups finished and the top 8 defined, Worlds moved to Chicago to see which teams can make it to the top 4 of League of Legends' biggest International Tournament.

If you're a more casual viewer, or you simply live in an unfavourable timezone such as Europe's, there's a little too much content to watch--and that's where we come in!

We're covering every single game of the group stage, including highlights of some of the best plays from each game.


We're also giving 2 x $10 RP cards, check the bottom of the post to see how to enter!


H2K Gaming vs Albus NoX Luna


Game 1

Link to the full match


Only one ticket to New York and two teams left, one thing was for certain, the last representative would not be a Korean team!

H2K drafted very uncharacteristic of their usual style. They put heavy focus on the top lane, drafting Jayce for Odoamne and putting Forg1ven, their traditional carry on Sivir, a utility oriented pick.

Overall, H2K looked to neutralize mid and bot lane and look to scale there, giving top lane their favourable matchup. Overall they have a very versatile composition, adept at taking down structures and with a good damage split. On the other side Albus NoX Luna draft with winning the bottom half of the map in mind.

Albus NoX were the ones initiating the play, but their plan backfired as they misplayed and lose a 2v2 top lane, giving a two kill advantage to Jayce.

Things didn’t get any better for the Wildcard team as H2K heavily pressured top lane and kept giving Jayce a bigger lead. In the meantime, there was not much the rest of the map could do as H2K defaulted to farming and scaling, neutralizing both mid and top.

At 20 minutes the game was already snowballed out of control but H2K never stopped the onslaught.

The team eventually let ANX steal a baron from them, but it was too late, the advantage was too big and the Europeans took game 1.



Game 2

Link to the full match


In game 2, Albus NoX proceeded to take away Olaf from the table. It didn’t really affect H2K as they drafted an identical composition with Lucian instead. ANX’s composition was very similar as well, but more pick off focused with Alistar and Elise coming in.

Once more, the Russian side was the team initiating the play, but poor execution meant they once again gave an advantage to their opponents. A late teleport and poorly layered crowd control resulted in losing 4 and only getting 1 kill.

ANX promptly tried to comeback into the game by ganking top, but Odoamne evaded the gank and with Jankos’ help turned it around for 2 more kills.

The match snowballed out of control and H2K went deep time and time again picking kill after kill. Albus NoX managed to get a kill or two but that was it. They were demolished in a mere 23 minutes, the fastest game of Worlds.



Game 3

Link to the full match


It was obvious by this point that Jayce was a problem, but ANX decided to stick to their seemingly predefined plan and let Odoamne have it a third time, opting into the Jayce vs Gnar matchup once again. Jankos, Forg1ven and Vander all repeated their picks while Ryu got to take away Syndra from Kira. Overall a very heavy damage oriented composition with no tanks, but one that can snowball heavily if given space.

Against them, ANX opted more or less for their composition from previous games, picking the Zilean, a pick known as an old counter to Syndra in the mid lane.

That said, it looked nothing like a counter. Kira played careless and got solo killed by Ryu at level 3. With the XP advantage, Ryu hit level 6 first and proceeded to solo kill him again.

H2K showed how you should use the Syndra pick and frequently used her to roam and put pressure, with it H2K grabbed more kills and the first turret of the match. Not even two kills from ANX seemed to bring them back as H2K snowballed their lead and quickly opened up a 5k gold lead.

Albus NoX seemed desperate, but forcing plays was their demise. Trying to force another play in the bot lane, they got instantly punished as H2K extended their lead to almost 10k at the 20 minute mark.

The wildcard team showed resilience and despite the deficit managed to stay in the game with good defensive play. At the 30 minute mark the team catches out Odoamne and good decision making allow them to push for an inhibitor while two members force the remaining three opponents off baron, allowing them to close the gap back to under 10k gold.

But H2K were determined to get the baron and as ANX backed to lick their wounds, they immediately turned to it once more. The power of the epic monster’s buff proved to be too strong for the opposing side to deal with, as H2K grouped 5 strong to push for the end and clean sweep ANX 3-0, putting an end to the dream of the hopeful IWC squad who still went farther than anyone else coming from a minor region.






Updated Bracket




A reminder that today we're also giving away two $10 RP cards, simply leave a comment in the comment section below telling us which was your favorite match or a specific play that you saw on the third day of Worlds 2016.


Whether it was Odoamne's amazing Jayce, Jankos' Flash Kicks on Lee Sin or Ryu's aggressive play on Vladimir and Zyra, we want to know which one was your favorite moment of the day.


We will select two random comments and announce the winners after group stages are over and contact you via the email connected to your LolKing account.



Good Luck Summoners!

A Look At The History Behind Albus NoX Luna And The CIS Region

Written by: Natalya 'Ten Ketsu' Vasilyeva


Practically undefeated in their region, qualified to Worlds battling against 7 other teams, and navigated out of a seemingly strong group at the biggest international tournament. Nothing short of a miracle would allow a mere wildcard team to achieve this.


Albus NoX Luna was the first Wildcard team to ever make it out of groups at Worlds, winning four of their six regular matches and winning the hearts of the viewers while doing so. But it took more than a miracle, it was also the result of years of hard work that finally paid off.



A Look at the CIS Region


If you have been following competitive League of Legends for a while you have probably heard about Moscow 5, who later became Gambit Gaming. In earlier seasons they were one of the most dominant western teams and amongst the short list of squads that managed to be competitive against Korean teams.

While the russian squad was considered an EU team, the rest of the CIS region was left in isolation.


First International Experience

Period: 2013


The Russian server was inaugurated in 2013 and their first big event was in that same year with the LCS Summer visiting Moscow alongside the Regional CIS Championship.
The Championship included 4 teams that won the online qualifiers - they fought for a $40 000 prize pool and a right to represent the region at the International Wildcard Tournament at Gamescom 2013.


Gaming Gear.EU came out as the victors and qualified for the first IWC Tournament at Gamescom in Germany, where they beat out the opposition from other wildcard regions, including heavy favorites paiN Gaming from Brazil.

The team performed poorly at Worlds and was eliminated right after groups with a 1-7 record. They were far from being able to compete with the worlds best, but it was the first time there was some sort of spotlight on the CIS and it might have been just enough to incentivize the growth of the region.


Starladder Season 1 - The rise of Kira

Period: March/April of 2014

In 2014, announced the first local league under the name of Star Series in cooperation with Riot Games, with a prize pool of $30 000. For those unaware, StarLadder is a well known esports organization that hosts tournaments in multiple esports titles such as Dota2, CS:GO and World of Tanks, popular games in the CIS region. The addition of League of Legends to the list was a significant step forward for the CIS LoL community.

The first season wasn’t region locked and European teams such as Ninjas in Pyjamas and Denial eSports qualified, despite eventually dropping out of group stages to focus on European competitions.

The finals saw ‘Carpe Diem’ crowned champions after a close best of 5 series against Dragon Team. It also happened to be the first title won by Mykhailo Garmash, known to most as “Kira”.



Starladder Season 2 - Hard Random: The Beginning

Period: May/July of 2014


Albus NoX Luna is a relatively new name, but the team’s history dates back to mid 2014 with Hard Random, one of the most successful names in CIS LoL. They showed up in their first competition as a middle of the pack team, underdogs that ended up being the big surprise of the tournament. The team ended 8th out of 12th in the regular season, barely scraping playoffs, where they had to beat two more teams before earning a spot in the Offline Finals in Kiev, Ukraine.

The team made it to the finals through the winners bracket, where they faced and beat Kirill “Likkrit” Malofeev’s in a breathtaking best of 5.

They were then invited to the International Wild Card Tournament in Gamescom 2014 as the CIS representative, but due to disagreements between management and players, the roster split up. Under the name ‘Russian Force’, the team suffered at first hand what still is a huge issue for esports athletes from the region: Visa problems. The team had to scrape for substitutes and naturally had a poor showing at IWCT, failing to qualify for Worlds.


Russian Force would then be acquired by Moscow 5, while Hard Random signed Carpe Diem’s roster, that included Mykhailo “Kira” Garmash and Konstantin ‘Madwife’ Chanchikov also known as Ansva, who is currently ANX’s coach.





Starladder Season 3 - Chaos

Period: August to November of 2014



The third season of StarSeries started later that year and the best way to describe the CIS scene in one word would be Chaotic. Several teams disbanded half way through the season, Moscow 5 who were title contenders struggled and choked and Hard Random, who came in as heavy favourites were reverse swept by newcomers “Dolphins of Wall Street”. The winning roster included Dmitri “Smurf” Ivanov, who played in the Support position for the Dolphins.


Starladder Season 4

Period: November 2014 to January 2015


The fourth season of StarSeries happened late in the year and perhaps the most iconic moment was the participation of Russian esports veteran Alexey “Alex Ich” Ichetovkin who had struggled to find a new home after leaving Gambit and a short tenure in Ninjas in Pyjamas.

He joined ROX.KIS and helped them secure a playoff position, leaving with the conclusion of the regular season, but it didn’t stop the team from taking the tournament. Hard Random finished 5th/6th in this season, dropping to ROX in the playoffs and failing to make it to the offline finals.

No team in the history of CIS LoL had managed to secure back to back championship titles thus far, and the Dolphins of Wall Street were no exception.


2015: A year of change


In 2015, major alterations were made to StarSeries. The region adopted the old LCS system and introduced two splits, with the league being reduced to 8 teams. Hard Random struck back and became the dominant force of CIS with a new team, now with "Smurf" and "Kira" on the roster.

The team finished fourth in the regular split, but stepped it up in playoffs and made it to the finals by beating PVPStejos’ squad Moscow Five and Likkrit’s team Virtus Pro. In the finals they beat Moscow Five, won the Spring Spit and qualified for the International Wildcard Invitational.

But regional success didn’t translate to the international stage. Despite finishing the round robin in second place, beating both favorites INTZ and Besiktas in Bo1’s, they would eventually lose 3-1 in the semi-finals to the Brazilian side.

Back in their region, the team didn’t lose confidence and proceeded to establish and confirm their regional dominance, finishing the regular split in first place and meeting Likkrit’s roster in the finals once more, now under ‘Dolphins of Wall Street’. The finals were an incredibly close series, but Hard Random took yet another title home and qualified to IWCT Chile, where they would have to face brazilian titans paiN Gaming and the Latin America representative, Kaos Latin Gamers.

While the team had shown a decent performance in the first IWC tournament, the second was very disappointing for the CIS squad, finishing dead last in the small double round robin tournament with their two opponents. The team looked disjointed and only managed to pick up one win on the back of an amazing Viktor performance from Kira.



2016: Regional Dominance, International Success

Period: Spring 2016


If 2015 was a year of change, 2016 was a year of revolution. Riot Games stepped in and changed their stance from mere CIS tournament sponsors to organizers and introduced the League of Legends Continental League (LCL).

Riot gave the region more attention, organizing viewing parties, big events and creating content. But the biggest change was the introduction of stipends for teams to be able to provide decent salaries to players, similarly to what we already saw in the LCS (despite values being significantly lower). Added to this, a ₽ 3,750,000 RUB (About $60,000 USD) prize pool was added for the top four teams to fight for in playoffs.

The news attracted orgs to invest in the region. Natus Vincere and Vega Squadron, well-known CIS esports organizations in other esports titles, signed their own teams. The region looked stacked, so consensus was that it would be more competitive. Truth is, it was precisely the opposite.


Hard Random made drastic changes to their line-up during the off-season, picking up Kirill “Likkrit” Malofeev (Dolphins of Wall Street), Vladislav “aMiracle” Scherbyna (RoX) and Aleksander “PvPStejos” Glazkov (Team Just) who role swapped from top lane to the jungle.

The roster finished first in the regular split with a very dominant 11-3 record and only dropped a map in playoffs, clean sweeping Vega Squadron 3-0 and beating Team Empire (who featured Memento, current jungler for Team Roccat in the EU LCS) in what was a rather close 3-1.



The team qualified once again to the IWC Tournament, where they would fight for a spot at the second edition of the Mid Season Invitational. This time around, the CIS side clean sweeped INTZ e-Sports 3-0 and met SuperMassive eSports from Turkey in the finals, where they would falter 3-1 and not qualify to an international event, despite a much better showing than in both 2015 Wildcard tournaments.


That was the last time the team competed under the name ‘Hard Random’. Prior to the beginning of the Summer Split, Hard Random became Albus NoX Luna and while higher management changed, the roster and coaching staff stayed the same. In the summer split, they only dropped a game to Na’Vi during the regular season. With such a dominant split, most expected them to steamroll through playoffs again, but Vega Squadron, lead by former M5/Gambit veteran Edward “Edward” Abgaryan showed a lot of improvement towards the end of the season and made them work for their money.

Vega lead the series 2-0 and Edward was one step away from qualifying to the international stage once more, but Albus NoX wasn’t about to let them off easy. In an incredibly close series, they managed to reverse sweep their opponents and qualify once more to the IWC Qualifier. The team was behind twice in the series, but in the final two games found their form and beat Lyon, making it to the international stage.

The rest of the story you probably have heard of yourself.





It has been a long road for all of these players, filled with frustrations and failures until this roster finally found success. Every single member on Albus NoX Luna has played professionally for at least two years, frequently bouncing from team to team.

The CIS region has never been considered a top Wildcard contender and was always looked at as being one step behind Brazilian and Turkish squads. The initial lack of infrastructure made it complicated for the region to be competitive but those who endured through it finally were rewarded.

As Likkrit stated recently:

“for me it’s not important how much money or how many followers I get, what matters for me is what I get in my heart”.


If they have made it so far with little incentive, the big question that must be asked is if they will continue to show promise as the region’s infrastructure continues to improve, with better conditions for teams to thrive. The outlook seems positive.


If next year you see another CIS team at Worlds, then you will know for sure that it’s not a miracle, it’s hard work.


Written by: Natalya 'Ten Ketsu' Vasilyeva

Edited by: Renato 'Shakarez' Perdigão

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