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Shen was recently reworked and unleashed onto Summoner's Rift. Here's our in-depth video guide to the new ninja.
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by Skiffington on June 16, 2015 6

Team8 got some bad news this week as it was announced that Slooshi will be leaving the team for the immediate future as there were some medical issues in his family. As a result this is his last planned competition for the time being as the team opened against Enemy Esports.


Though the group lacked mid game objective control, a crucial teamfight around the 30 minute mark helped secure T8 four kills, a tower, dragon, and baron in quick succession. It was here that the group started to close out their first victory of the season, an important accomplishment with impending changes on the horizon.

Team SoloMid lost to Team Dignitas and forfeited first place to them. We'll let that sink in for a moment. Okay, don't get us wrong, TSM had a commanding lead, but clearly wasn't playing at their best. The group miscalculated in a crucial late game team fight that saw Bjergsen jump in and explode allowing Dignitas to push with Baron for the win. It was a stunning turn of events though the group would rebound with a win over the TDK sub-squad.


DIG wouldn't be able to hold a spot among the top teams however as it then fell to Gravity who continues to look astoundingly strong at times.


Cloud9 had an equally rough week with Team Liquid securing a resounding win over them. Meteos was completely shut down by Quas' Hecarim and IWillDominate's Ekko. As a result the group simply had no way to fight their way back into the match. Their second win of the season came against T8 the next day in what was a sorely needed victory.


Counter Logic Gaming went undefeated after trouncing Gravity with tremendous KDA numbers. Their second match against NME only further padded those scores on route to their undefeated performance. Aphromoo's Bard was absolutely spectacular and now we can see why it has been and will certainly continue to be banned against him.




  1. Counter Logic Gaming (5-1)
  2. Team Liquid (5-1)
  3. Gravity (4-2)
  4. Team Dignitas (4-2)
  5. Team SoloMid (4-2)
  6. Team Impulse (3-3)
  7. Cloud9 (2-4)
  8. Enemy Esports (2-4)
  9. Team 8 (1-5)
  10. Team Dragon Knights (0-6)


Dignitas continues its trend of early season success even with Helios coming in on his first week of competition since leaving Winterfox. Counter Logic Gaming looks more solid overall with their only loss coming from TSM who has dropped out of the first place tie. Team Impulse looks a bit shaky at 3-3 but they're still in a remarkably better position than those below them.


Cloud9 has much work to do, NME shows continued promise in the future, and TDK looks like it will be hard pressed to recover from the prolonged absence of Emperor and Ninja.


These next few weeks could be crucial to the lower ranked teams if they want to have any hope at making a charge at the top two spots. Thanks to the implementation of Championship Points, a bad split can mean the difference between attending worlds or not.


Note: I'm on the road this week so our NA recap will be a bit briefer than usual and won't include the champion and Fantasy LCS breakdowns. No worries though, the graphics will be included in next week's EU LCS recap.

by Skiffington on June 12, 2015 8

Week 3 of the European LCS almost feels like an enigma. With Ekko released, upsets, and all sorts of shenanigans, there’s certainly a lot to talk about.


Thursday was relatively uneventful as far as winning goes. Origen beat Unicorns of Love, Giants Gaming topped Team ROCCAT, H2K Gaming beatdown SK Gaming, and Fnatic bested Elements. The only real toss up was whether the Copenhagen Wolves or Gambit Gaming would start things off with a win, though the latter eventually triumphed.





SK put up a tremendous fight against H2K, surprising basically everyone. Freddy122 opted into Dr. Mundo against Odoamne’s Rumble and Ryu brought out Twisted Fate for the first time in Europe. One of the premier showings this week, H2K snuffed out the flames that SK has kindled for the first time this year.


Froggen became the first to play Ekko in the region though they lost to Fnatic. And then Airwaks and Kikis took Ekko into the Jungle...and lost. Then Huni brought him top and earned the only win on him this week. Where will we see him next? Support seems most likely. Someone should make that happen.


“When we qualified for the EU LCS in December,” Giants PePiiNeRo told LoL Esports earlier this week. “I wanted to add a clause in the contract with Giants that they let me play as the AD carry when we played against him. But they called me insane.”


Well guess what? PePii locked in Lucian while Adryh took Lulu and the two swapped roles for the entire game. It was an entertaining bout, one where PePii fared much better in than Adryh as the team lost to Fnatic, but it’s something we haven’t seen before in the EU LCS. (And that includes that crazy Millenium - Alliance match that ended last year’s Summer Split).


Origen was handed its first lost thanks to Woolite and Team ROCCAT who finally had the momentum to close out a game. Despite being only 2-4, the group has consistently performed well only to drop games to their opponents.


Gosu Pepper pulled out his Taric against SK Gaming as Gambit managed to turn things around with a 2-0 week. The split is starting to look grim for the SK club as they’ve been unable to win a single match thus far.



Most Picked Champions


Champion Breakdown


As we mentioned before, Ekko was all over the place: in the jungle, soloing top, going mid (as one would expect him to). But the real surprise is that Azir and Gragas have remained staples for so long and show no signs of wavering. All three weeks thus far they've been the most highly picked/prioritized and that's kept them representing their respective roles. Sivir and Alistair have been chosen two of the three weeks while top lane is yet to see a repeat.

Ryze and LeBlanc were by far the most banned champions, nine and eight times, respectively.




Origen finally lost but Fnatic is undefeated. Ekko has been played as in Top, Jungle, and Mid lanes. Pepii and Adryh swapped roles for their game against Fnatic. Gambit rebounded with two wins while SK is still seeking out a light at the end of the tunnel.


  1. Fnatic (6-0)
  2. Origen (5-1)
  3. H2K Gaming (5-1)
  4. Giants Gaming (4-2)
  5. Unicorns of Love (3-3)
  6. Copenhagen Wolves (2-4)
  7. Gambit Gaming (2-4)
  8. Team ROCCAT (2-4)
  9. Elements (1-5)
  10. SK Gaming (0-6)


Fantasy LCS Breakdown



H2K Gaming has absolute bloodbaths as they won against both SK Gaming and Unicorns of Love. The former hasn't given up many fantasy points prior to this split but this isn't the same disciplined SK we had come to know. UoL is well known for the action that frequently takes place and helped bolster H2K's already impressive numbers further.


With Gambit's two wins they managed to put up the most points as a team while Huni keeps being Huni and playing like the best top laner in the entire LCS.


The all EU LCS team earned a total of 423.06 points, higher than anything North America has put up thus far and second only to EU's total last week.

by Skiffington on June 10, 2015 45

Because of his feature in ESPN, this week's contest will challenge you to play champions that Faker has utilized in his competitive matches (as of 6/10) on any map mode (Summoner’s Rift, The Crystal Scar, The Shadow Isle, Howling Abyss, Team Builder).


To enter this week's challenge:

  • Simply enter the contest once you have completed three games with the valid champions before the contest ends on Tuesday, June 15.
  • Check the rules.
  • That's it.


2 Prizes

  • One winner will receive a Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma.
  • One winner will receive a $20 RP code.


Previous Winners

The Now You See Me, Now You Don't contest had 1,453 entries. The following people won prizes:


The Summer Pool Party contest had 1,460 entries. The following people won prizes:


We apologize for the late announcements and should have all of our contests back as regularly scheduled!

by Ashelia on June 9, 2015 2073

Well that's one way to make a splash! Riot just updated the PBE to have five new Pool Party skins: Pool Party Lulu, Pool Party Draven, Pool Party Dr. Mundo, Pool Party Zac, and Pool Party Rek'Sai. But they weren't done yet. They also updated with fifteen new Chromas: Chroma Caitlyn (Pink, Green, Blue), Chroma Morgana (Green, Silver, Midnight), Chroma Zac (Orange, Bubblegum, Honey), Chroma Darius (Steel, Bronze, Copper), and Rocket Girl Tristana Chroma (Blue, Pink, Orange). It's worth noting that this is the first time Rek'sai and Zac have gotten new skins--and Zac also got chromas! What a lucker dog.


Since Riot gave it their all, let's kick it up a notch here as well. Five people who reply to this post will be getting a $10 RP code to buy one of these skins or chromas. Just tell us your favorite skin from the new patch! We'll pick winners on 6/15 by 12:00PM PDT.




by Skiffington on June 8, 2015 4

We thought Europe was supposed to be the unpredictable region...


The second week of the NA LCS proved one thing: a few teams have improved by a large margin during the offseason.


As always, there were a couple of teams that went perfect on the week. Though it might surprise you to learn that those were Team SoloMid, Gravity, and Team Dignitas. Yes, the exact same DIG that barely kept itself in the LCS just a couple months ago.


After a relatively easy Week 1 that saw Gravity beat Team Dragon Knights but drop a game to Enemy Esports, not many were sure what to expect. The group took on Cloud9 during our first day of competition. Many looked to Meteos to dominate the jungle and keep the C9 crew ahead. And they were winning at first, but some major moves by, erm, Move would propel Altec into an advantage over Sneaky. Without its ever reliable ADC to keep them in the game, C9 fell yet again.


GV then took on the then undefeated Team Liquid who had performing extraordinarily well in the new split. Picks and bans would destroy TL as Hauntzer managed to land the almost always banned Ryze and Keane carried through the early game on Urgot. At one point, where you can see here, Hauntzer takes down both Piglet and Quas who are playing to their mechanical peaks and still the Ryze can’t be stopped.


For Team SoloMid it was the week of Bjergsen. Their Dane in the mid lane stepped up this week on two excellent LeBlanc games, to an overall 20/5/9 record. Against the likes of XiaoWeiXiao and Pobelter this week, that’s not something you should take lightly. That said, the TSM squad triumphed over both Team Impulse and Counter Logic Gaming on route to their current 3-1 record.


Alright, so Dignitas had a relatively easy week. All things considered however, their victories were resolute against the TDK sub-squad and Team 8. Azingy has finally shown that he can earn his team victories, at least on Zac, but the potential is there. This also happened to be the strongest week Shiphtur has had in some time (and the first time DIG has won three matches in a row since this week last year). We’ll have to see if they can carry any momentum into their games against TSM and Gravity next week.


Cloud9 was a marked disappointment, failing to win a single match this week. Aside from that one glimmer of hope against Gravity, they really didn’t even look like they could have claimed a victory at all. 1-3 is certainly not how the group wanted to start off the split.


Outside of that, Team 8, who failed to win last week did the same with their new ADC Nien this week. Team Dragon Knights also had similar issues, missing both Emperor and Ninja. However, Smoothie did return for Sunday's game in which they lost to NME. Both will look to build synergy next week as the full time rosters should be complete.



Most Picked Champions





Champion Breakdown


We touched on Ryze before and he honestly needs to be banned every single game. The chained crowd control combined with the really short cooldown on his ultimate just makes him unstoppable past the mid game. 


That said, teams seemed to prefer the tankiness of Maokai in the top lane while Rek’Sai burrowed her way back into the most picked Jungler. Meanwhile, the Thresh express took a back seat to our favorite squid in armor, Nautilus.


Azir and Sivir are still reliable picks and remain highly prioritized but rarely banned. Guess that’s the good thing about being the second best pick.



Again, about EU being more competitive than NA...There’s a five way tie for first at the moment with NME and TiP even thus far on the split. T8 and TDK are the only teams yet to win a match.


  1. Counter Logic Gaming (3-1)
  2. Gravity (3-1)
  3. Team Dignitas (3-1)
  4. Team Liquid (3-1)
  5. Team SoloMid (3-1)
  6. Enemy Esports (2-2)
  7. Team Impulse (2-2)
  8. Cloud9 (1-3)
  9. Team 8 (0-4)
  10. Team Dragon Knights (0-4)


Fantasy LCS Breakdown


Not a single one of the leagues I'm in had someone from Dignitas starting. So I had to do some fooling around to get these graphics (to those in my Fantasy LCS, I'm sorry for the trade spam).


  • Top - Gamsu
  • Jungle - Santorin
  • Mid - Bjergsen
  • ADC - CoreJJ
  • Support - KiWiKiD
  • Flex - Shiphtur
  • Team - Team Dignitas


Both 2-0 this week, DIG and TSM performed impressively with an emphasis on Bjergsen who was the only one in North America to break 60 points. Needless to say, I think Europe won this week. The only member below 60 for them was Origen as a team, so congrats EU fans.


NA vs. EU Standings

  • ​Week 1: NA LCS (418.77) > EU LCS (379.29)
  • Week 2: NA LCS (376.70) < EU LCS (454.94)

Standings tied: (1-1)


by Skiffington on June 6, 2015 9

Last week we talked about how Europe overall was supposed to be more competitive. With the new addition of Origen, and some talent moving among teams, we thought it would distribute skill more evenly. Two weeks into the EU LCS, it looks as if we were wrong.


Unlike last split, Giants Gaming came out strong in Week 1 and has continued that into Week 2. After going 1-1, only losing to Origen, the group subsequently took down Elements and SK Gaming, both of whom appear to be struggling. PepiiNeRO and Adryh have been absolutely stellar thus far with a 6.6 and 10.7 KDA this week, respectively. The addition of G0DFRED has been a boon for the Giants team much like KaSing was for H2K last season. Next week the crew gets another big test against the likes of Fnatic, so we’ll see how well they hold up against one of the two best teams in Europe.


Fnatic and Origen continued their impressive streaks, remaining undefeated. The former looked a bit shaky in their win over Team ROCCAT but pretty handily beat Gambit Gaming. The latter has yet to really have a close match, stomping down SK Gaming and the Copenhagen Wolves. The two will meet in Week 4 and from what we’ve seen, Origen looks to be the stronger of the duo.


The entire EU LCS either went 2-0 or 0-2 this week, helping divide a clear line in the standings. Gambit and SK are still yet to claim a win as the GMB squad tries to find its identity. SK on the other hand just doesn’t seem to have the synergy that it used to, with Svenskeren struggling to reel in these lopsided matches.


H2K Gaming was among those that claimed two victories this week and did so in pretty convincing fashion. Unicorns of Love did the same but their matches were by far the shakiest as they just barely eked out victory against ROCCAT.



Most Picked Champions




Champion Breakdown


Ryze came out of the blue this week as his 5.10 buffs were enabled. His seven bans were enough to earn him the titled of the most banned this week. He was picked in the other three making him one of the most contested champions.


Maokai overtook Gnar as the most selected top-laners, appearing in six of ten matches. 


Gragas cemented his position as the best jungler at the moment, narrowly beating out Evelynn who’s easily worse than our fat man. Gragas is so great because he fits into the tank meta, unlike Lee Sin, but keeps all of the early game pressure that comes with the blind monk. On top of that, the short cooldown on his Explosive Cask allows him to make repeated ganks once he hits level six.


Azir remains the go to pick for the mid lane, mostly because LeBlanc is banned so frequently. Sivir too is still the most picked as Kalista now finds herself frequently eliminated from selection.


The pros have finally realized that Alistar is a little over powered at the moment and as a result he has found himself banned out half of the time. With him gone, the remaining supports are Morgana and Thresh, the former of which was prioritized more highly.




The top five EU LCS teams have set them apart from the rest of the league. Though we thought it would be more competitive this split, there’s actually a clear line drawn in the sand.

  1. Fnatic (4-0)
  2. Origen (4-0)
  3. Giants Gaming (3-1)
  4. H2K Gaming (3-1)
  5. Unicorns of Love (3-1)
  6. Copenhagen Wolves (1-3)
  7. Elements (1-3)
  8. Team ROCCAT (1-3)
  9. Gambit Gaming (0-4)
  10. SK Gaming (0-4)


Fantasy LCS Breakdown


We've switched from yellow to blue this week.


  • Top - SoaZ
  • Jungle - Amazing
  • Mid - PepiiNeRO
  • ADC - Niels
  • Support - Mithy
  • Flex - Werlyb
  • Team - Origen


Thanks to their dominant victories, in which they certainly took their time winning, Origen scored a ton of points. xPeke, believe it or not, has taken a back seat, preferring to play a supportive role rather than that of a carry. While that’s bad for those that own him, it’s fantastic for OG who still have that card in their pocket.


Giants too did incredibly well with their dominant victories over Elements and SK.


Europe improves its score from 379.29 to 454.94 points! Looking very good for them this week as that tops what North America put up last week.

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