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by Ashelia on June 9, 2014 7,652
We've been working on some LolKing t-shirt designs and we want your opinion on them before we set up shop! Click on the image icon on the poll to see each design and choose the one you'd be most inclined to wear. To sweeten the deal, we'll be throwing in three $25 RP cards to hand out to three lucky people who comment in this post with additional feedback--thanks, summoners!

<a href="" title="Would you be interested in purchasing a LolKing tee?">Would you be interested in purchasing a Lolking tee?</a>

Comment to Win

Vote on the t-shirt design you want using the poll then leave a comment with any additional feedback in this post!

We'll pick three lucky winners to win $25 RP each and announce them during next week's contest on Thursday, June 12th June 19th (due to EUW downtime, we have given the contest another week and are giving this one another week as well) . Any region is eligible to enter.
by Ashelia on June 6, 2014 13
by Ashelia on June 5, 2014 124
This week's contest is to play as a champion that was born in Ionia or Freljord. Champions that have strong ties to the zone don't count, such as Wukong's ties to Ionia, but champions directly from either region do--for example, Brand counts because his vessel actually came from Freljord!
Due to EUW's downtime and our server maintenance, we're extending the contest for another week and will be including another RP code.

Ionia and Freljord

To enter this week's challenge:
4 Prizes
  • One winner will receive a Razer Naga
  • One winner will receive a Riot Blitzcrank
  • Two winners will receive a $25 RP card

Last Week's Winners

Last week's contest had 4,095 entries to our giveaway! The following people won prizes:
by Ashelia on June 4, 2014 27
As luck would have it, we have another week of League Waypoint live today!
This week, Lindsay talks about the Heavy Metal skins update, and the 2 pro players banned from LCS.

Be sure to check out League Waypoint's YouTube channel and give them a subscribe if you like this video!

And finally, don't forget to take part in our Marketing Survey RP Giveaway right here! Since the one we did 2 weeks ago went so well, we're doing another one. We'll be giving away another $100 worth of RP cards to 10 random winners, so make sure you fill out the survey for some sweet loot.
by Ashelia on June 3, 2014 28
We have the weekly episode of League Trends from Cloth5 showing last week's ban, pick, and win rate patterns! As usual, stats are transcribed below to be used as a reference for the past week.
Be sure to subscribe to LolKing's YouTube channel for upcoming stat videos, more interviews, and other League of Legends coverage!

Champion Pick Rates

Top Five Biggest Increases


Top Five Biggest Decreases


Champion Win Rates

Top Five Biggest Increases


Top Five Biggest Decreases


Champion Ban Rates

Top Five Biggest Increases


Top Five Biggest Decreases

by Ashelia on June 2, 2014 344
As you guys probably know, LolKing exists as a free resource thanks to the ads on our website. Every few months we run surveys regarding advertising here and it's that time again! Remember that you are under no obligation to participate, so if giving out information is not your cup of tea, we totally understand.
Since our survey went over so well two weeks ago, our marketing team has given us another $100 of RP to giveaway and a new survey to post with different questions!
As thanks for answering this survey, we'll be picking ten people who reply to our survey to win $10 RP cards:
This giveaway will run until next Wednesday (6/11) at 11:59PM PDT. Ten winners will receive a $10 RP card. Any region can win. Thanks everyone for participating!
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