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by Ashelia on November 20, 2014 22
Last night, the PBE updated with tons of new models: Blood Moon Thresh, Winter Wonder Orianna, Poro Rider Sejuani, Blood Moon Elise, and Snow Day Malzahar. It looks like these are a mixture of seasonal skins for the Snowdown Showdown as well as some more Blood Moon skins to go with both Akali and Kalista's. Perhaps they'll be for the Lunar Festival!

by Ashelia on November 19, 2014 1
Don't forget to check out Victorious Gaming's weekly $2,500 cash prize tournament. It's going on again this Saturday. While there is a $10 entry fee, there are tons of prizes up for grabs including over 440,000 Riot Points and 25 Triumphant Ryze skin codes! The format is a solo entry tournament and they match you with other players of a similar skill level. The tournament is broken down into brackets so you will only be playing against players of a similar skill level.
Go here to read more and check out this Saturday's tournament.
by Ashelia on November 18, 2014 21
We have the weekly episode of League Trends from Cloth5 showing last week's ban, pick, and win rate patterns! As usual, stats are transcribed below to be used as a reference for the past week.
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Champion Pick Rates

Top Five Biggest Increases


Top Five Biggest Decreases


Champion Win Rates

Top Five Biggest Increases


Top Five Biggest Decreases


Champion Ban Rates

Top Five Biggest Increases


Top Five Biggest Decreases

by Ashelia on November 18, 2014 58
This week we're asking you guys to try out the new Summoner's Rift which is now live on all versions of Summoner's Rift--from Team Builder to blind pick! Let's make those queues go a little faster and try out the mode while also earning two unique icons--a win on each side nets you a special icon for your summoner. So what are you waiting for? Jump onto the Rift and check out the new map then let us know what you think!

Patch 4.20: A Change of Plans

Unfortunately patch 4.20 made the Riot API update matches very, very slowly. While Riot fixes this, we've made the contest simply a click to win. We're sorry for the change of plans, but without the issue in our control, we decided to make it less painful for you guys--and our feedback inbox ;)

To enter this week's challenge:

  • Simply enter the contest once you have five Summoner's Rift games in your match history from November 17th or later.
  • Check the rules for further details.
  • That's it!

2 Prizes

Last Week's Winners

Last week's contest had 13,951 entries. The following people won prizes:
  • Myrlandah won a $25 RP card
  • McKendry2 won a $25 RP card
  • Antoniogenaro won a $25 RP card
  • Alzarov won a $25 RP card
by Ashelia on November 18, 2014 1
This week's Summoner Showcase Revival features 250 hours of Riven, League of Legends Pokemon, a pretty spectacular Fire Fizz skin concept and a gender-bender Darius cosplay!
Be sure to check out LolKing's YouTube channel and subscribe to our channel for more great League of Legends content, recaps and updates.
And be sure to check out this week's League Trends for the latest picks, bans and win rates.
by Ashelia on November 14, 2014 4
In this week's Waypoint, new champion Kalista is revealed, the Patch 4.19 gets run down, and some questionable LCS decisions. Be sure to also check out Lindsay's other show about the video game week.
If you want to see the latest champion picks, bans and win rates on the Rift, be sure to check out this week's League Trends!

Showing News 85-90 of 469