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by Ashelia on March 18, 2014 75
Today the LolKing team is excited to announce the launch of LolKing leaderboards! Our newest feature allows you to see where any summoner on any region ranks in the their respective region. In particular, our leaderboards show you:
  • Regional rankings for summoners determined through their LKS for all regions we currently support
  • Each summoner's top champions including detailed profiles showing their performance with them
  • Global rankings for summoners determined by their amount of LP compared to others across regions
  • Daily updates to ranking changes so you can see people rise and climb as they duke it out for the top spots--or track your own progress!
We hope you enjoy the feature! Be sure to let us know of any issues you encounter.
by Ashelia on March 17, 2014 10,335
We've teamed up with our friends at ORIGIN PC for a RP giveaway today and a special promo code for LolKing users on their customized gaming rigs!

We'll be giving away five $10 RP codes to five lucky LolKing users who reply to this post. Additionally, if you order an ORIGIN PC desktop or laptop, you can enter ORIGINZAM as a promo code to get free US ground shipping and GPU overclocking. They have another promotion going on where you get $150 worth of in-game credit for Warface®, Path of Exile, and Heroes of Newerth along with a free physical copy of TITANFALL and Daylight through NVIDIA.

ORIGIN PC also wanted us to mention that they have a special discount on a Razer gaming gear bundle! The bundle is $199 and contains an ORIGIN PC Edition Blackwidow keyboard, Taipan mouse and Goliathus mouse mat.

Comment to Win

Tell us what champion you're enjoying the most in season 4 in the comments of this post and be entered to win RP!
We'll pick five lucky winners and announce them during next week's contest on Thursday, March 20th. Any region is eligible to enter.
by Ashelia on March 14, 2014 50
Hey summoners, we have another week of League Waypoint live today!
This week, Mike primarily talked about all the changes that could be coming to Lee Sin. It was a massive amount of conversation and took up most of the episode. He also takes a look into the upcoming 2014 All Star matches.
Be sure to check out League Waypoint's YouTube channel and give them a subscribe if you like this video!

While you're at it, check out our weekly contest and look at the weekly episode of League Trends. While you're at it, check out the summoner showcase revival. We are also hiring a Senior DevOps Engineer so be sure to spread the word!
by Ashelia on March 13, 2014 174
This week we're celebrating champions that have hidden passives and secret interactions. Maybe you knew Ashe, Lissandra, and Sejuani had special interactions but did you know Volibear and Zilean hate each other? Either way this week play as champions with special interactions.

LolClass Contest

Stepping up your game!

This week's contest is a partnership with our friends at LolClass. In addition to some other awesome prizes, they have given us a discount code for their premium as well as a free ten codes for a few lucky winners to actually try it out!

To enter this week's challenge:

15 Prizes

  • Two winners will receive a Cloud 9 hoodie
  • One winner will receive a $25 Riot Point card
  • Ten winners will receive free LolClass premium
  • One winner will receive an Arcade Hecarim skin code
  • One winner will receive a Riot Blitzcrank skin code

Last Week's Winners

Last week's contest had 4,617 entries to our giveaway. The following people won prizes:
by Ashelia on March 13, 2014 4
Hey summoners, we have an episode of the Summoner Showcase Revival from the same guys who produce Waypoint!
On this week's episode, Mike visits the Falconshield Runeterra Rap Battles as they released a new video this time featuring Piltover and Zaun. He also looked into some great artwork of Katarina, Jinx, and Vi and even a cosplay of Armor of the 5th Age Taric! How outrageous!
Be sure to check out League Waypoint's YouTube channel and give them a subscribe if you like this video!

While you're at it, check out the weekly episode of League Trends. We're also hiring a Senior DevOps Engineer so be sure to spread the word.
by Ashelia on March 12, 2014 36
Want to work with world-class web applications at a company built for gamers by gamers? Are you extremely detail oriented? Do you know how to buy wards and support your team?
If so, we have some good news: we're hiring again at LolKing and Wowhead!
This time we're looking for a Senior Level DevOps Engineer with experience in maintaining websites in a high traffic, high availability environment. This individual will work within a team comprised of individuals who possess a deep understanding across a broad category of technologies, best practices, and patterns. You will be part of a team responsible for supporting the engines that keep our sites and applications roaring. In addition to implementing and supporting these technologies, you will work closely with our development teams throughout a product’s lifecycle to ensure rapid application development, and consistent predictable operations.
To apply, send your cover letter, resume, salary history, and any other relevant information to Only applications with a cover letter will be considered.

What You’ll Do

  • Spearhead the integration of complex and customized open source, and/or proprietary products and data services to support a multi-staged environment of over 200 nodes
  • Resolve sophisticated environment obstacles by driving proof of concept designs to completion, analyzing and understanding impact, and developing implementation roadmaps. This includes mass-scale infrastructure deployments and upgrades, as well as day to day fine-tuning and optimizations.
  • Resolve critical environment outages, whether hardware or software in nature, and develop solutions that emphasize automation to prevent such problems from reoccurring.
  • Debug and improve internal services, propose patches, maintain repositories, and manage package distribution
  • Identify security weaknesses and propose solutions that hold stability and security in the forefront. Perform security audits, system patching, and educate peers on security practices and principles.
  • Construct and provide training sessions on interesting, often complex, subjects, or new and evolving technologies for peers and internal users, including upper management. This is a leadership position where you will actively engage with peers to provide consultation and direction, as well as develop documentation on new or old technologies and how it relates to internal systems.

Runes & Masteries

  • Possess an in-depth understanding of managing sophisticated and standardized Linux environments.
  • Understanding of OS level concepts such as package management, iptables, kernel modules, debugging, and logging is critical as well as familiarity with common Linux tools such as sed, awk, grep, strace, tcpdump, rsync, syslog, and be able to communicate using an industry level vocabulary comprised of ubiquitous terminology.
  • In-depth knowledge of core internet fundamentals including TCP/IP, DNS, SNMP, SMTP, HTTP/S, REST, LDAP, PAM, web services, horizontal vs vertical scaling, multi-tenant hosting, database replication, and multiple tiers of caching.
  • Advanced shell scripting skills with bash and at least one additional administrative language such as Ruby, Perl, or PHP is a must.
  • Strong understanding of networking from conceptual design to physical implementation.
  • Prior experience with TCP connectivity debugging (Linux TCP stack or helping track down protocol bugs in embedded network operating systems).

Extra Honor if You Have

  • Experience with LDAP, NFS, Gearman, Kibana, Puppet, Nagios, and Munin
  • Experience with Memcached, Redis, CouchBase, MySQL, and MongoDB
  • Experience with Apache, Travis, Jenkins, Maven, Varnish, Capistrano, and Node.js
  • Experience with virtualization, including VMWare and Vagrant
  • Experience with Cloud and CDN Services, including RackSpace and Akamai

This Job May be a Perfect Fit If You Have...

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field
  • Minimum of five (5) years’ experience supporting high traffic/availability websites with a focus on service stability, security, and customer satisfaction
  • Passion for video games and technology!
  • Availability to share off-hours duties for on-call coverage on a rotational basis
  • High attention to detail with the ability to adjust quickly to an ever-changing and evolving environment
  • Passion and curiosity for technology and automation
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