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by Ashelia on May 16, 2014 10
by Ashelia on May 16, 2014 183
This week's contest is to play as any champion that has a companion. From Annie's Tibbers to Orianna's sentient ball, just play as a champion that has a companion. We'll be including clones and shadows for this one so the pool is a bit bigger to choose from!

Friendly Friends

To enter this week's challenge:
3 Prizes
  • One winner will receive a Razer Deathstalker
  • One winner will receive a Riot Blitzcrank
  • One winner will receive a $25 RP card

Last Week's Winners

Last week's contest had 10,256 entries to our giveaway! The following people won prizes:
  • IanGlo won an ORIGIN keyboard
  • Banshee Rush won an ORIGIN mouse and mousepad
  • MarcreD won a $25 RP code
  • Tysangames and jimmythebass won a skin code each
by Ashelia on May 15, 2014 26
We have the weekly episode of League Trends from Cloth5 showing last week's ban, pick, and win rate patterns! As usual, stats are transcribed below to be used as a reference for the past week.
Be sure to subscribe to LolKing's YouTube channel for upcoming stat videos, more interviews, and other League of Legends coverage!

Champion Pick Rates

Top Five Biggest Increases


Top Five Biggest Decreases


Champion Win Rates

Top Five Biggest Increases


Top Five Biggest Decreases


Champion Ban Rates

Top Five Biggest Increases


Top Five Biggest Decreases

by Ashelia on May 14, 2014 22
As luck would have it, we have another week of League Waypoint live today!
This week, Lindsay fills in for Mike again and she talks about patch 4.7 some more, a new Mirror game mode on the PBE and how difficult LeBlanc is to balance!

Be sure to check out League Waypoint's YouTube channel and give them a subscribe if you like this video!

And finally, if you're a fan of The Elder Scrolls Online, ZAM is thrilled to announce the official launch of ESO Outpost! This heavily-requested service allows players to buy and trade gold/items using a web-based interface and companion add-on. Check out the article over here.
by Ashelia on May 13, 2014 133
With every season, the LolKing team looks for a way to up our game. Today we're happy to announce our completely redesigned match history! Featuring tons of data, LolKing's extended match history shows detailed statistics about each player in a match--from how many creeps a player counter-jungled in a game to what skin a player used on a champion, it's all there.
LoLKing Now game details
  • More information at a glance. We've enhanced the LolKing experience to show matches in a quick and stylish way. We now show every player in a match immediately with links to their LolKing profiles.
  • Detailed statistics for players now appear on the 'Toggle Details' page.
  • Brand new match data including everything from a detailed breakdown of damage dealt, your source of income, and more.
  • In addition, we've applied these details to everyone else in your game. See how that support did in relation to your own damage or see how many wards that mid laner really bought right in your own match history if they've been updated on LolKing since the game started!
LoLKing Now game details
We hope you enjoy our new feature and let us know what you think of the new LolKing experience!
by Ashelia on May 12, 2014 10
Showing News 157-162 of 422