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by Ashelia on January 10, 2013 323
In this week's contest, we're asking you to throw down Caitlyn traps, annoy people with Darius' passive, or play the abominal creature known as Teemo. That's right, it's all about damage-over-time effects this week!

D.O.T. the Kill Shot

To enter this week's challenge:
3 Prizes
  • One winner will receive a Razer Megalodon Headset
  • One winner will receive a $25 Riot Points Card
  • One winner will receive a Riot Graves skin code

Last Week's Winners

Last week's contest had 6,466 entries to our giveaway! The following people won prizes:

Guide Contest Winners

This is a huge post with the winners from our guide contest.
We've spent a long time making sure the guides that won were valid as well as met our high standards--please join us in congratulating all these winners as well as thanking our sponsors for such wonderful prizes!
by Ashelia on January 9, 2013 44
A patch recently hit the PBE and it has some material for our model viewer: a skin for Kayle and the newest champion Thresh. It's worth noting that the Kayle skin is likely a legendary, as it has completely redone emotes and other polishes indicative of a higher price point.
As always, we'll be watching the PBE and updating this post if there are any new skins that come in with future patches!

New Skins

by Ashelia on January 3, 2013 170
December had no weekly contests to make up for our huge guide contest. But it's a new year and the weekly contests are back! So join us this week in playing champions that can knock other champions up in the air.

Up, Up, and Away

To enter this week's challenge:
3 Prizes

Last Month's Contest Winners

Last contest we had 11,360 entries to our giveaway! The following people won prizes:
Also, before anyone asks: the huge guide contest for the month of December is being wrapped up now! We will announce all 50+ winners on the next weekly contest post, we're doing a lot of quality review to make sure every winning guide is a solid contribution to LolKing's guide section.
by Ashelia on December 26, 2012 58
Happy holidays everyone!
For this week's post, we have some more exclusive charts! We have a breakdown of just how popular this year's available Snowdown Showdown skins were for the holiday season. Just for kicks, we've also compared their win rate to their default skins so you can see if skins truly do win games or not.

Holiday Skin Popularity (12/16 - 12/26)

Holiday Giveaway Winners

We hosted a huge giveaway of so many awesome buttons thanks to Uguubear this holiday season. We've got the winners below!
If you're sad you didn't win, you can always head over to Uguubear's Cave where you can buy your own. For a limited time, anyone who purchases $15 worth of merchandise from her site will receive five free pins: three of their choice and two special LolKing pins! Be sure to like Uguubear on Facebook and follow her on Twitter as well!
  • MikaBunnie won the grand prize
  • Seischthon and Killer Bunnies won first prize
  • T0rm3ent, EmilyStrider, OctagonalOstrich, Phantomjacob, Sabnitron, Auggie, and lastly Nyskall all won holiday buttons sets!
by Alex Ferri on December 24, 2012 136
Black Cleaver.
That’s how a player would likely describe the first week of Season 3. While the item has been nerfed substantially, for the first week of the new season it defined the game and gave a big boost in win rate to several champions. Although these champions will still be powerful simply as a result of the change to the way armor penetration stacks, expect their win rates to drop a bit with the change to the Black Cleaver.


Win rate prior to Season 3: 50.3%
Win rate after Season 3: 53.1%
Riven was the only one of these five champions to have a win rate higher than 50% in the week prior to the Season 3 patch. She was also the only of the five to be commonly viewed as a solid pick before the change to the Black Cleaver.
A Riven with two Black Cleavers and Ionian Boots of Lucidity brought the cooldown on Ki Burst to less than 5 seconds and the cooldown on Valor to less than 4 seconds. This granted her a ridiculously low cooldown stun and damage-mitigating shield.
Because Riven was perfectly playable before Season 3, she should still be strong after the nerfs to Black Cleaver. The preferred build path for her will probably involve a single Black Cleaver followed by a Bloodthirster because of how well she scales off attack damage.


Win rate prior to Season 3: 48.4%
Win rate after Season 3: 51.6%
Kha’Zix actually started seeing increased play before the introduction of the new Black Cleaver, but it’s the item that pushed him above a 50 percent win rate and into widespread play. Kha’Zix players purchased a Black Cleaver in more than 120 percent of games in the first week of Season 3 (meaning players frequently bought more than one).
And doing so made perfect sense; all of Kha’Zix’s abilities deal physical damage, so he can stack the passive quickly as well as fully benefit from the armor penetration. In addition, the cooldown reduction on the item could bring the 3.5-second cooldown on Taste Their Fear close to the 2-second mark. This vastly increased Kha’Zix’s DPS potential.
Kha’Zix will suffer from the nerf, but his rise in win rate can’t be attributed only to the Black Cleaver. Players recently began maxing and evolving Void Spike first after realizing the massive utility it grants. It really is his most useful ability; it’s a ranged AOE nuke that applies a slow and heals Kha’Zix. The only downside to the ability is its high mana cost. Expect Kha’Zix to fall a little, but not a lot.


Win rate prior to Season 3: 47.1%
Win rate week after Season 3: 51.7%
In just a week, Pantheon went from being picked in less than 5 percent of games to getting banned in more than 20% of them. He has Black Cleaver to thank for that, as players bought it on him in almost 150% of games. His win rate rose by 4 percent despite only having two abilities that deal physical damage.
The reason why the Black Cleaver is so effective on him is because of the high poke damage it allows him to deal. His Spear Shot is on a 4 second cooldown, which can be reduced to as low as 2.4 seconds with maximum cooldown reduction. It’s also ranged, meaning he can damage an opponent without going all-in, unlike some other assassins.
While Pantheon might lose a few more games after the nerf, he’s also received a huge boost from the new “AD caster mid” craze that’s been happening recently. While the stacking armor pen of Black Cleaver assisted the idea, Froggen proved it was perfectly viable before Season 3 even began. Pantheon is one of the strongest AD casters to send mid because of his ultimate—he’s essentially an AD version of Twisted Fate. While he might not be as ban worthy post-nerfs, he should see still play now that players have discovered his apparent niche.


Win rate prior to Season 3: 44.9%
Win rate after Season 3: 49.2%
Zed is a champion that never really caught on. He started to catch on with the release of the new Black Cleaver, but it still wasn’t enough to push him above a 50% win rate (at least, not in the first week). It did contribute to an almost 5-point boost in his win rate, however, and Zed players purchased the item in about 120% of games.
AD casters such as Zed have always desired cooldown reduction from their items. However, in the past, buying cooldown reduction often meant sacrificing some amount of damage output or survivability. With the introduction of Black Cleaver, that sacrifice became unnecessary. Zed benefits greatly from cooldown reduction because of his evasiveness—he’s able to survive long enough to get several spell rotations off in a single fight, so cooldown reduction greatly increases his DPS.
Unfortunately, his win rate might fall a bit with the Black Cleaver nerfs. That being said, part of his increased win rate could be a result of players “figuring him out” as a champion. He hasn’t been around that long, and it usually takes a while for most champions to catch on. There are plenty of other itemization options for him so the Black Cleaver nerf isn’t the end of his world.


Win rate prior to Season 3: 49.4%
Win rate after Season 3: 58.2%
When Talon players first laid eyes on the Black Cleaver, they fell madly in love. Those players bought the item in more than 160% of games, and it contributed to an almost 9 percent increase in Talon’s win rate over the first week of Season 3.
Talon seems to have caught most mid-laners by surprise, which is in itself surprising. Talon has always countered many mages, especially those that don’t take armor seals. He has poke, wave clear, a silencing gap closer and a ton of damage output. Before Black Cleaver, however, he was a risky pick that lost to certain mages while hard-countering others. After the buff, he could lane against nearly any mage and come out ahead.
Another point against the old Talon was that, if the game didn’t end early, his team would lack a significant source of magic damage late game. But when a character has 1-2 Black Cleavers and a Last Whisper, stacking armor isn’t very effective, so it doesn’t really matter what type of damage was being dealt.
Talon might regain some of his niche-pick status after the Black Cleaver nerf, but he has plenty of other options to remain viable. Just the introduction of Black Cleaver (even only one) was probably enough to spike his win rate a considerable amount. And there are plenty of other strong choices for him as a mid laner—Hexdrinker and Last Whisper immediately come to mind.

In closing, here’s a sentence or two in recognition of those summoners who dared to experiment with new ideas in Season 3 like Talon mid. The season is still young, and there are plenty of other new items and strategies to try and abuse this season, so get to work. Before they get nerfed, that is.
For updates on my articles, opinions, and general League of Legends news, follow me on Twitter: @alexferri.
by Ashelia on December 19, 2012 13,227
It's the holiday season and what would the holidays be without presents?!
Well, don't worry--we've teamed up with the talented Uguubear to give out tons of presents! From now until December 26th, we're giving away a bunch of her wonderfully unique League of Legends buttons and some Riot Points from her store!
To enter, just leave a comment in this post saying what your favorite holiday skin is is by December 26th at 12:01PM PDT.


Special Offer: Two Free LolKing Buttons!

If you want to support Uguubear by buying some of her buttons for the holidays, you can head over to her website. For a limited time, you can get your very own set of LolKing buttons with every order. Just type LOLKING in the Note to Seller text box on their site to receive two awesome LolKing buttons for free with your order--you can see one of them to the right! Isn't Uguubear's rendition of our logo adorable?
Be sure to follow the company on Facebook as well as Twitter to show your appreciation.
Showing News 181-186 of 249