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by Ashelia on January 17, 2015 31
Season five is right around the corner and we've been working hard in preparation. Today the LolKing team is excited to announce we've changed our chart library so we can bring you new charts and more data in the coming months. From our ban rate charts to our champion statistics in our database, the data we gather is a core part of LolKing and we can't wait to bring you more.

With the initial rework of charts, we're able to:
  • Bring greater clarity to the data we collect. You can toggle the key on any existing chart to narrow down exactly what data you want to see, a feature that's especially helpful on busier charts such as our matchup charts.
  • Track your ranked progression better on our LKS charts that appear on summoner profiles where we've added banding to help you follow your rise through divisions as you hit new goals.
  • Combine charts to make spotting trends easier. We combined win-rates and popularity for both items and champions--to see it in action, check out Rek'Sai.
  • Optimize chart performance so they work better and load quicker while also looking a lot nicer!

We have several updates for season five coming to LolKing over the next few months so stay tuned. Be sure to let us know what you think of the new design in the comments!
by Ashelia on January 16, 2015 5
In this week's League of Legends Waypoint, Tristana gets a huge make over in patch 5.1, Deathfire Grasp has seen its last day on the Rift, and the Ranked Season returns January 21st.
In case you missed it, this week was a big one here at LolKing. We completely revamped our charts for the new season--go check them out!
Be sure to check out this week's episode of League Trends as well. As the new season starts and the patch hits, there will be tons of changes to watch out for.
by Ashelia on January 14, 2015 5
In this week's Summer Showcase Revival, we feature an awesome Irelia cosply, Amazing Warriors piano cover, a Crying Girl Vi skin concept, Winter Sejuani & Poro art and, fan art from all 123 champions in the game!
Don't forget to check out our latest episode of League Trends, either. Lindsay returns for a new episode, listing the latest in popular picks, bans and win rates in our favorite game.
by Ashelia on January 14, 2015 15
We have the weekly episode of League Trends from Cloth5 showing last week's ban, pick, and win rate patterns! As usual, stats are transcribed below to be used as a reference for the past week.
This week's League Trends is sponsored by Full Sail University. If you've ever considered working behind the scenes on video games, Full Sail University offers every tool someone looking forward to a career in the industry could desire. From the production side to development, they offer everything and we're proud to be sponsored by them so be sure to check out their site if you're interested in a career in video games.
Be sure to subscribe to LolKing's YouTube channel for upcoming stat videos, interviews, and other League of Legends coverage!

Champion Pick Rates

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Champion Win Rates

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Champion Ban Rates

Top Five Biggest Increases


Top Five Biggest Decreases

by Ashelia on January 13, 2015 27
Tristana is one of the older champions in League of Legends and she's been long overdue for a makeover. Luckily for this yordle queen, she's getting one! The PBE just updated with her revamp, showing new designs for all of her skins: Default Tristana, Riot Girl Tristana, Earnest Elf Tristana, Firefighter Tristana, Buccaneer Tristana, and Rockateer Tristana.
Oh, but Riot wasn't quite satisfied with just a Tristana update. There are three upcoming new skins on the PBE as well: Firecracker Jinx, Warring Kingdoms Katarina, and Warring Kingdoms Nidalee. There's also Justicar Vel'Koz whose tentacles are a little broken right now, but we figured we would show him regardless.

by Ashelia on January 12, 2015 41
Most men look quite dapper with some facial hair and the leading guys from League of Legends aren't an exception. From Corki's handlebar to Udyr's manly beard, this week we're celebrating handsome champions with copious amounts of facial hair.
Be aware that we've added a few champions that have facial hair in alternate skins such as Xin Zhao and Fizz (yes, Fizz has a beard in a skin!), so let us know if we missed any others in the comments. Thanks!

To enter this week's challenge:

  • Simply enter the contest once you have three games played on or after Jan 12th with the associated champions.
  • Check the rules to see what champions qualify.
  • That's it!

4 Prizes

  • Four winners will receive a $25 RP card

Last Week's Winners

Last week's contest had 1,971 entries. The following people won prizes:
Showing News 25-30 of 440