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Patch Rundown - 7.24b

All the details for the last patch of the year - 7.24b!

Throwback Thursday - That One Time We Had A Dominion Cinematic

Back when Dominion existed (RIP) was a weird time in League of Legends history.

Rune Analysis - Gathering Storm vs. Scorch

Both Scorch and Gathering Storm can be solid choices, but which one is better?

Rune Analysis - Presence of Mind

Presence of mind received a buff in 7.24 making it incredibly broken on certain champions!

Rune Breakdown - Grasp of the Undying vs. Aftershock

Breaking down when you should choose one over the other using top laners!

Morgana and Zyra - New Jungle Meta?

Morgana and Zyra were buffed in 7.24...and are now Junglers?!

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