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by Fishsticks on July 30, 2014 4
In this week's Waypoint, Lindsay gets into the gritty details about the upcoming patch 4.13.

Be sure to check out the new episodeof League Trends for the top 5 picks, bans and win rates for this week!

by Ashelia on July 30, 2014 13
We have the weekly episode of League Trends from Cloth5 showing last week's ban, pick, and win rate patterns! As usual, stats are transcribed below to be used as a reference for the past week.
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Champion Pick Rates

Top Five Biggest Increases


Top Five Biggest Decreases


Champion Win Rates

Top Five Biggest Increases


Top Five Biggest Decreases


Champion Ban Rates

Top Five Biggest Increases


Top Five Biggest Decreases

by Ashelia on July 29, 2014 50
The PBE was updated earlier with two new skins and a brand new champion: Arcade Miss Fortune, Riot Kayle, Gnar, and Dino Gnar. We also included Debonair Ezreal and Debonair Vi since we did not preview those earlier.
It's worth noting that both the Riot Kayle and Arcade Miss Fortune are likely candidates for PAX and Gamescom giveaways, as both events are coming up very soon.
As a side note, Riot updated the model format so our modelviewer is having a few bugs. However, they were also kind enough to offer us some help so we should have animations resolved and bugs ironed out by tomorrow morning. I'll update this post once all animations are in working order. Models should now be looking extra spiffy. Thanks for your patience!

by Ashelia on July 28, 2014 128
As you guys probably know, LolKing exists as a free resource thanks to the ads on our website. Every month we run surveys regarding advertising here and it's that time again! Remember that you are under no obligation to participate, so if giving out information is not your cup of tea, we totally understand.
We ran a few surveys last month and they went over really well, so our marketing team has given us $50 of RP to giveaway and a new survey to post with different questions!
This giveaway is now closed. Winners were posted on the bottom of this news post.
As thanks for answering this survey, we'll be picking five people who reply to our survey to win $10 RP cards:
This giveaway will run until this Friday (8/1) at 12:00 PM PDT. Five winners will receive a $10 RP card. Any region can win. Thanks everyone for participating! Sorry for the day extension, we put the wrong time here!
by Ashelia on July 25, 2014 5
This week's Summoner Showcase Revival features incredible Vi cosplay, new champion wallpapers for your phone, and a killer Ghost Bride Morgana artwork.

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And be sure to check out this week's League Trends for the latest picks, bans and win rates.

by Ashelia on July 24, 2014 40
This week is an easy week for all you guys! Firefall is sponsoring our giveaway and they've doubled the prizes to celebrate the launch of their new MMO. We've also made it a simple enter to win to give you guys a summer break--no zany challenges or crazy champion pools. Good luck!

To enter this week's challenge:

  • Simply hit enter to be entered--see rules.
  • Enter the contest here once your match history is ready.
  • This week is really easy, you don't even need a verified summoner! Just hit enter and you're good to go!
  • That's it!

4 Prizes

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Last week's contest had 4,758 entries to our giveaway. The following people won prizes:
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