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Shen was recently reworked and unleashed onto Summoner's Rift. Here's our in-depth video guide to the new ninja.
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by Skiffington on September 21, 2015 10

Today the everyday player rejoices as we've finally reached the Worlds patch. This is the last that will prioritize professional play over the good of everyone else and that means we might finally see some big changes coming our way as the end of Season 5 draws to a close. As always, LolClass has some of those pro players on hand, specifically Xpecial and IWillDominate, to offer some insight.


Important Changes

Zeke's Harbinger

  • Gives five less armor and requires more coordination as charge-up duration is now three seconds shorter.
  • Slight nerf.

Enchantment Warrior

  • Gives five more attack damage.
  • IWillDominate says building it won't be as punishing now and that this was much needed.

Enchantment Devourer

  • Devourer stacks now grant .67 on-hit magic damage (down from 1) and when sated now does 10 less magic damage on-hit.
  • Since no one really builds this in the pro scene, this may be one of the few solo queue targeted changes in this patch.



Champion Changes

Below are the champion changes summarized from the video. There's a clear effort to tone down abusive champions while giving some others a few nudges that just might make them more competitive.


  • Over the last few patches Braum had come to dominate professional play. Because of this, Riot has increased the cost of his Winter's Bite (Q) across the board.
  • Xpecial doesn't think this will do much at all, just a nerf.
  • With the dominance of hyper carries in Vayne and Kog'Maw, Caitlyn is getting a buff to her Yordle Snap Trap (W) to help her get some more favorable trades.
  • Because so many players wait so long to get traps, Xpecial believes this won't much of a difference.
  • Even Riot isn't afraid to admit that it might have overdone it on Darius a bit.
  • Decimate (Q) heals 12% of missing health per champion hit (rather than 15%) up to the increased 36% of missing health, and its mana cost now scales.
  • This is a notable nerf according to IWillDominate and you'll actually feel like you're able to kill him now.
  • Those pesky spiderlings in Elise's Spider Form (R) are getting their wings clipped a bit. They still have the same power in the early game but come max level they now do a full 15 base damage less.
  • "Decently big," is how Xpecial describes these Ezreal changes. 
  • His Arcane Shift (E) now scales off 0.5 of your bonus attack damage.
  • He continues to point out that one of Ez's biggest weaknesses is his lack of consistent damage and this should help him on that front.
  • Overall, Fiora just needed to be a little squishier so that you can actually punish her for failing her engages. 
  • Riot did exactly that by reducing her base health, base armor, and health growth stat.
  • IWD says this will open up her to some early game weaknesses.
  • Powder Kegs (E) may have been a bit too strong and as such they've been brought in check. 
  • They now do less bonus damage to champions and penetrate 10% less armor than before.
  • This looks to hurt him more in the early game and IWD believes it won't feel like he's doing true damage to you anymore late game.
  • Fracture (E) slows for 15% less at all ranks, helping you escape from his zones more quickly.
  • Dominate actually thinks this won't change much as most players don't max E first anymore.
  • Ever the safe lane pick, Lulu is losing some of her base health growth stat. However, she's gaining some of that back as Pix, Faerie Companion (Passive) can now trigger Spellthief once per auto. 
  • This means one auto attack will use up two charges of the item.
  • Xpecial was hard fought to decide if this was better for support players, but is cemented in the fact that this is an overall nerf.
  • "This might push him out of Worlds completely," admits Xpecial.
  • The most problematic of the Juggernauts, Mordekaiser now has less base armor but a slightly higher armor growth stat.
  • Harvesters of Sorrow (W) can now be self cast but the damage is no longer doubled when you and an ally overlap your zones.
  • It now costs between 25 and 65 health, heals less against minions, and drains one fewer target.
  • However, it does also scale slightly better off AP and does more damage upon deactivation.
  • Mana has long been a problem for Syndra. As such Riot has increased her base mana growth stat.
  • Should help her out a bit according to Xpecial.
  • Some quality of life changes for Tahm Kench don't do much honestly and Xpecial agrees.
  • Tongue Lash (Q) should now be smoother while Thick Skin (E) should now look better in colorblind mode.

  • With the return of Worlds we may just see the return of Twitch.
  • To help his assassin-like playstyle, Riot has decreased the time it takes for his stealth to activate from Ambush (Q) when taking damage.
  • Should help him avoid ganks.

  • Baleful Strike (Q) now grants AP on champion assists.
  • Dark Matter's (W) animation has been cleaned up and as such now effectively takes 0.25 seconds less time from cast to effect.

  • Zyra has long been known for having stupid plants, but now her Rampant Growth (W) has some improved logic and should now reprioritize targets better.
  • Nice quality of life change but doesn't really do all that much.



The official 5.18 Patch Notes are available here.

by Skiffington on September 17, 2015 11



It's been a while since we've catered to the newer players of League. As such, all of this week's champions can be found in the Starter Pack Bundle. (Or purchased for a very small number of IP) So get out there, play TWO matches and get your entries in!



To enter this week's challenge:


  • Simply enter the contest once you have completed two games with any of the valid champions before the contest ends on Thursday, September 24.
  • Check the rules.
  • That's it.

2 Prizes


  • One winner will receive a Razer Naga Hex.
  • One winner will receive a $20 RP code.

Previous Winners


Last week's Get Off Their Tails contest had a total of 1,697 entries.


by Ashelia on September 16, 2015 5

The PBE updated yesterday with a brand new champion: Kindred and their release skin, Shadowfire Kindred! There were also several other skins for existing champions: Ironside Malphite, Maurader Alistar, Maurader OlafWarden Karma, and Warden Jax.




by Skiffington on September 14, 2015 10

On Saturday, Riot Games hosted the World Championship Group Draw Show featuring the likes of former Azubu/CJ Entus Frost mid-laner RapidStar, Elements' Froggen, and OMG's Cool.


For those of you who'd prefer to skip right to the results, we've created a chart of how it all turned out.



Last week we previewed all 16 teams in attendence and based on a combination of that and the results of the draw, we've got a slew of predictions as to who will make it out of the Group Stage.




I feel as if the KOO Tigers a shoehorn in for the easy first place seed out of Group A. The remaining Counter Logic Gaming, paiN Gaming, and Flash Wolves should be left to fight over the second and final spot into the brackets. Kneejerk reactions have CLG advancing with only themselves to blame if they can't do so, even if it turns out that Xmithie can't get his VISA in time and Huhi has to play for him. (This still appears to be the case)


That said, paiN Gaming is the strongest International Wildcard to ever attend Worlds and the Flash Wolves aren't exactly slackers either as the LPL has become much stronger.


Invictus Gaming is probably the most favored to win Group B. All things considered, this looks to be the most competitive group this year. Though Fnatic is extraordinarily strong compared to what we usually see out of the Western teams, it just so happens that both IG and AHQ focus on early aggression, something that FNC has frequently struggled with. As the teams on this stage are much less forgiving than those in the LCS, Fnatic needs to be careful if it wants to make sure it advances. Cloud9 may even have a chance which is nuts considering they were one match away from the promotion tournament.




H2K Gaming and the Bangkok Titans are practically already doomed. Sorted into a group with two of the best three teams in the world, SKT and EDG are heavy, heavy favorites to contend for the World Championship title.


The best Chinese and second best Korean team has landed in Group D alongside Europe's Origen and North America's Team SoloMid. Both have relatively little chance at making it past this stage with some, including LCK caster MonteCristo doubting TSM will even win a single match in their round robin.


Riot Games is once again bringing back its Worlds Pick'Em Challenge, tasking you with predicting the finishing order of each group as well as the full bracket when that time comes. If competition alone isn't enough reason for you to enter, there are a couple of prizes including Summoner Icons and the very rare Championship Riven skin.




Want to join other LolKing fans and see how you stack up? Click this link to join our Leaderboard!

by Skiffington on September 10, 2015 23



Cho'Gath and Renekton really aren't pleased you stepped on their tails. Might want to watch your back for a bit. While you're at it, study up on all the tail-having champions so this doesn't happen again. Got it?



To enter this week's challenge:


  • Simply enter the contest once you have completed three games with any of the valid champions before the contest ends on Thursday, September 17.
  • Check the rules.
  • That's it.

2 Prizes


  • One winner will receive a Razer Naga Hex.
  • One winner will receive a $20 RP code.

Previous Winners


Last week's September Sales contest had a total of 1,798 entries.


by Skiffington on September 8, 2015 21

The five new PROJECT skins for Leona, Master Yi, Lucian, Zed, and Fiora, which we previewed earlier in our model viewer, are now available. Accompanying them is a slew of content including special bundles, icons, a ward skin, and the chance at some special in game occurences. Here's the release trailer titled PROJECT: OVERDRIVE that gives you a look at some of the lore behind the skins.



To view each skin in the model viewer click on its splash art.


Project Fiora



Project Leona



Project Lucian



Project Zed




Project Master Yi



Riot also released a special themed video that gives you a look at their various ability FX. Check it out.





There's also a special First Strike event going on this week where you'll be rewarded for purchasing these new skins within their first week of availability. They're cool, but there is some fine print. You're basically paying full price (1350 RP for each except for Master Yi who's 1820 RP) and getting these special loading screen borders for doing so.




This lasts until September 15 at 23:59 PDT at which point the skins will be disabled until September 17 so that Riot can ensure everyone is awarded the loading screens. They'll then be renabled on the morning hours of the 17th though the 24th at the normal discounted launch price (975 for the regular skins) sans the special borders. Note: Legendary skins are never discounted.


All can be purchased in a bundle for 7,897 RP, or 12,842 if you need the champions. This too is an exclusive bundle that will go away on September 15, such that you'll get all of the loading screens as well.



You may have noticed the last image spoke about a special Project Icon and Optic Enhancer Ward Skin. Along with the release, Riot has a bunch of thematic icons and other visual treats.



Will you be holding off or are you already chomping at the bit to get your hands on them? As of this posting the store is having some issues handling the load from everyone trying to buy the skins. I'd say they're going to be popular. Riot clearly put a ton of work into this release. 














Riot Ve1vet, Development Manager at Riot, commented on Twitter, "We've been working on the PROJECT video since January, so excited its live now!"


Again, you can find links to each skin in our model viewer on this post.

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