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by Ashelia on April 3, 2015 1103

We here at LolKing know a thing or two about Urf—after all, he is our personal mascot!

Naturally this means that after we watched the URFitational (team SWAG for life, by the way), we dove into the game mode and played our hearts out. The mode is a lot different than last year’s, so here’s our top tips for dominating in this frenetic mode. Be sure to share your favorite URF mode champion in the comments for your chance at a $10 RP code. Update: winner was posted here.

  • Avoid boots. While you’re at it, you also want to say no to any items with CDR and mana regen. Look, we know it’s always tempting to stick to what you know, but in this mode it’s a huge mistake. Doran’s Rings are worthless, boots of any type aren’t needed, and you should never buy a chalice. So what should you buy instead of boots? Replace them with a Righteous Glory, one of this season’s new items that will help your team demolish the enemy with a little style and a lot of speed.
  • What was broken last season isn’t necessarily broken this season so don’t tilt too hard when your teammates pick outside the perceived meta. Much to their credit, Riot put a lot of effort into balancing the game mode so nearly every champion is viable this time around! For example, champions with heals are much weaker in the first minutes of the game now due to the game mode's healing reduction and this can hurt your team. Of course, they’ll still shine during late game as the healing reduction lifts—if you can make it through the initial weakness. The TL;DR? Pick what you want, unless it’s Udyr. (Trick2g, if you're reading this, it's OK if you pick Udyr.)
  • Speaking of overpowered champions, here’s a couple of our favorite picks:
    • Alistar was really good last year, pretty much a must ban. As it turns out, despite the healing reductions for early game, he’s still really good; his ultimate is simply disgusting and it’s always up along with his crowd control. He can tower dive for days, especially with the right teammates backing him up.
    • Shaco is always able to be stealthed and his shiv does a surprising amount of damage. If you want to play him right, try him out AP instead of the standard build and rush a Luden’s Echo—stealth up to someone, Shiv them for tons of damage, pop your ultimate, and stealth away. Because of its AP ratio, your clone will do lots of damage with this build as well. The best part? His ultimate will always be off cooldown, so you’ll get two Shacos for the price of one.
    • Malzahar has become quite a contested pick after making an impressive showing during the URFitational. If he’s not banned, try him out—just be sure to deviate from his standard build by going full AD. Pick up a Banner of Command to buff his voidling army and go to town on towers. Basically nothing will stand long in his path, especially when he suppresses his enemies and his minions obliterate them before it’s even done channeling.
    • Jayce is still amazing, just like he was last time URF was around. The fact that he can have multiple gates up at once just means his Q’s will devastate entire teams, giving him great poke. Add to the fact that he’s great at sieging towers making him a wonderful addition to any composition.
    • Blitzcrank has really long cooldowns on his abilities normally. It turns out this is because they hit really, really hard and offer a lot of utility--they're overpowered when they're up all the time! As such, in URF, he transforms into godcrank: his ultimate is always up, dealing a ridiculous amount of damage while silencing enemies, and his hooks pack quite the punch. Build him bruiser with a Triforce or AP with Luden’s Echo, it doesn’t matter; he’ll ruin anyone’s day with any item set. He's an OG like that.
    • Ezreal was a god when URF first came out and he still is. Try him as AP and spam his Q all day, every day. His ultimate has a low cooldown and is great for sniping those who flash away.
    • Jax isone of the few single target, melee champions that are extremely strong in URF. Being dominated by AP champs and AoE skills, URF is typically hard for a melee bruiser with the exception of Jax. His resistances are insane due to being able to dodge auto attacks while also having an AOE stun; in addition to this, Jax has his MR-buffing ult that makes him very hard to take down with spells. And finally, his W makes him hit like a truck without needing any items. With this said, Jax in URF is reminiscent of Jax 1.0.
    • Nami is often overlooked in URF due to stronger supports such as Sona and Blitzcrank, but she is not to be underestimated. If you can land one bubble, you will have permanent stun on anyone. Put her with someone with an additional CC such as Shen with taunt, laning phase will be a breeze. She is an absolute CC and Damage machine, even without items. Rush anything that has a needless rod in its recipe--we recommend Zhonya’s or Luden’s Echo. 
    • Hecarim might as well be renamed Roomba in this mode because he sweeps everything in his path. Hecarim is already known for his insane mobility in normal Summoner’s Rift, so just imagine him in URF. What makes him really shine is his Q, it’s a perma sweeping cleave that mows down everything. His W also allows him to have a bit of AOE while giving him sustain. Build Triforce and Zephyr and you’re set.
  • Focus on compositions and get creative. This isn’t OGN, but let’s pretend for a moment it is and actually strategize a bit. Consider picking an immortal composition of assassins: Kayle, Diana, and Evelynn for example go from annoying to OP as soon as level six happens. Kayle ultimate is always up and Diana can instantly burst anyone along with Evelynn. And if you want to try a poke centric team grab an Ezreal, Nidalee, Jayce, and Karma to throw out Q’s for days as you siege mid.
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass is ridiculous. Its cooldown is reduced on URF and it should be a second or third pick up for any AP champion or even hybrid.
  • Remember to drop your ward trinket frequently, even when in lane. Your teammates can always teleport to back you up as you persue the enemy if you drop a ward; don’t be that guy who wanders off after someone in the jungle without remembering to leave a ward in his wake.


Did we miss an amazing URF Champion?

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by Summer on April 1, 2015 0

 April Fool's Day arrived and this year didn't disappoint thanks to the fantastical efforts of Riot and the League of Legends community! Here's a quick roundup of our favorite festivities from today are some of the jokes, let us know if we missed any jokes you guys saw.

The URFitational

With the LCS split over for now, Riot had the genius idea of kicking it up a notch with the URFitational! Treating the community loved April Fool's game mode as a professional event, Riot brought together some of the most recognized League of Legends personalities to play in a one game tournament. Casters and spectators alike dressed in dapper attire with moustaches, top hats, and ball gowns while the two teams battled it out on the Rift.

The teams themselves were "Ye Olde League Organization" (YOLO) with a starting roster of George “HotshotGG” Georgallidis, Andy “Reginald” Dinh, Brian “TheOddOne” Wyllie , Alexey “AlexIch” Ichetovkin and Clark “ClakeyD” Smith. The opposing team of "The Society of Worth Assessing Gentlemen" (SWAG) with a starting roster of Stephen “Snoopeh” Ellis, Alex “Xpecial” Chu, Steve “Chauster” Chau, Brandon “SaintVicious” DiMarco and William “Scarra” Li.

While it looked like Team SWAG was going strong in the beginning, a sudden roster switch after the first five minutes completely turned the tables. Sitting Reginald and TheOddOne for Bjergson and Maplestreet, YOLO gained some new steam; SWAG was forced to respond by swapping out Scarra and Chauster for the Rush Hour duo, Aphro and Doublelift. 

The prize these players were battling over? Urf's coveted golden spatula. While we won't spoil the end results for you, you can watch the Twitch VOD here.

U.R.F. Game Mode

Riot pulled out the "U.R.F." or "Ultra Rapid Fire" game mode for April 1st. For those of you unfamiliar with the game mode, mana and energy costs are totally removed while health costs were reduced by 30% and all cooldown reduction, tenacity, move speed, shield protection, and gold gain was  increased. You can find more information on this game mode here. Riot also implemented a new U.R.F log in screen which you can see by signing into your client!


Curse of the Sad Surprise Party

Riot released new skins for the day for the holiday in the form of the "Curse of the Sad Surprise Party." We'd previewed those a few weeks ago and now they're finally live! Urf the Nami-tee (750 RP), Surprise Party Amumu (1350 RP), Archduke Nasus (750 RP), Definitely Not Udyr (975 RP), and Order of the Banana Soraka (750 RP). 


Reddit Rammus Mode

The moderators of Reddit also got in on the fun with the Reddit "Rammus Mode." The code for the subreddit was altered to change all comments to "Ok" and the original comment was only revealed upon scrolling over it. This resulted in a "scrolling" or "rolling" effect as readers scrolled through the subreddit.



Rito Games

Not to be outdown, Riot's HR team made a subtle change to their Twitter name--a nod towards the "Rito pls" cries of the League of Legends subreddit.

Several other official "Riot" Twitter accounts switched to "Rito" for the day too, in a nod towards the holiday.

Rito plz, will you just change your name to Rito already?!

Reddit Redirect

A brief joke from the subreddit, readers would click on any link of the subreddit to be redirected to a random Twitch.tv stream. The process to get to the stream involved going to a random thread on r/leagueoflegends to be met with a black screen and the message "Click Anywhere To Continue". Upon clicking the user would be directed to the stream, which resulted in the streamer gaining thousands of viewers in minutes and the Twitch chat was spammed with thousands of toucan ascii arts. The redirect was quickly removed after the streamer was less than impressed with the unwarranted attention.

by Ashelia on March 31, 2015 3

We have the weekly episode of League Trends from Cloth5 showing last week's ban, pick, and win rate patterns! As usual, stats are transcribed below to be used as a reference for the past week.

Be sure to subscribe to LolKing's YouTube channel for upcoming stat videos, more interviews, and other League of Legends coverage!



Champion Pick Rates

Top Five Biggest Increases


Top Five Biggest Decreases


Champion Win Rates

Top Five Biggest Increases


Top Five Biggest Decreases


Champion Ban Rates

Top Five Biggest Increases


Top Five Biggest Decreases

by Summer on March 30, 2015 2

Week 9 promised to be and exciting week for all ends of the table. Team SoloMid, Counter Logic Gaming, Team Impulse and Cloud 9 were all poised to battle it out for the first and second place positions - the places that promised first and second seed in the playoffs and immediate promotion to the semi finals. Towards the middle of the table there was a lot of jockeying for even the playoff positions, with Gravity, Team 8 and Team Liquid all incredibly close in the standings. Team Coast unfortunately secured their relegation spot with their 1-15 record entering the week, with Team Dignitas and Winterfox both guaranteed spots in the promotional tournament with the top teams from the Challenger Series. Top fantasy performers for the week all came from team Winterfox in the form of Altec with 73.10 points, Pobelter with 61.52 points and Gleeb with 54.39 points.

Day One

GV v C9 - C9
The day kicked off with Gravity versus Cloud 9, resulting in a convincing win for Cloud 9. Gravity debuted Rumble in the midlane but the innovative pick was not enough for the team who were overwhelmed by Cloud 9 in the late game. Cloud 9 held the lead throughout the game however Gravity did answer many of their plays. Cloud 9 finished the game with 17 kills to Gravity's 12, having taken 8 turrets to Gravity's 6. This game really exhibited how much Gravity have improved over the season, managing to hold onto the game for 44 minutes and taking many of the map objectives. The game ended with Cloud 9 managing a clean ace on Gravity outside the Baron pit after a fantastic Kennen ultimate from Balls caught the entire of Gravity in a slicing maelstrom. The most notable KDA of the game came from C9 Sneaky's Lucian with a KDA of 7-1-4.

T8 v CLG - CLG
CLG took the win from Team 8 though not without a fight from the middle league team. CLG pulled forward in the early mid game with some great roaming from Link, who also pulled out Corki in the mid lane for another out of meta pick, however Team 8 answered back and managed to draw even through the mid game. Eventually CLG's superior roaming and engages won them the game, with a surprise engage at the top inhibitor turret catching T8 on the back foot, aceing them and bringing hom the win for CLG. CLG all pulled great KDA's out of the game but perhaps most surprising was Link's Corki in the mid lane finishing up on a KDA of 7-3-7. The win for CLG pulled them forward and in a better position for a top two position, with T8 now facing a tougher fight to make the playoffs.

http://i.imgur.com/AXmW8av.jpgWFX v TL - WFX
Winterfox have seemingly struggled throughout the split to find the right players, playstyle and pace, however seemed to have it all figured out in this win against Team Liquid. Winterfox closed out the win in 35 minutes with a massive 22 kills to Team Liquid's 8 after having dominated throughout the game, winning a team fight in the Team Liquid base and closing. Winterfox have always claimed to be a "summer split" team and this convincing victory certainly nodded towards a stronger future for the team. Throughout the game Winterfox executed all calls perfectly, forcing Team Liquid into all the right fights, after locking in a double AD composition with two tanks really utilizing the advantages of the tanky new patch. Gleeb in particular put in a fantastic Nautilus performance with a support KDA of 1-1-20 and pushing his way into the top NA fantasy league performers.

An expected win for Team SoloMid against the bottom of the league team, although a win from Team Coast could have upset TSM's dreams of the top spot. Bjergsen picked Urgot for the mid lane, an interesting pick after TSM lost to gravity running the little favoured champ in the mid lane a few weeks ago from the innovative team Gravity. Coast did initially put up a great fight, claiming the first two dragons and taking 2 kills to TSM's 1, however TSM's methodical controlled playstyle and strong team fighting led to a massive 12k gold lead, eventually overwhelmed Team Coast, handing TSM the win in 35 minutes. The victory for TSM secured them the first seed in the playoffs, pushing the team straight through to the semi finals and leaving CLG, TiP and C9 battling it out for the second seed position. Notable KDA's came from Bjergsen's Urgot with a KDA of 4-0-6 and Santorin's Nidalee on 5-0-8, exhibiting the real flexibility of the new patch.

http://i.imgur.com/z7ZcrWS.jpgTiP v DIG - DIG
Dignitas took the win in what was a somewhat shocking victory for the team - Dignitas have struggled in recent weeks, whilst Team Impulse were on a 5 game winning streak and have been going from strength to strength over the split. The two teams were tied in the early game however DIG managed to pull ahead in the mid game, finding picks on TiP and halting the usually strong XaioWeiXiao, whose Le Blanc was sat on a KDA of 0-2-0 by the 30th minute. Dignitas also showed great objective control, reaching 4 drakes by the 40th minute and applying pressure all over the map and taking the Baron buff in the late game, using it to turn a team fight in the bot lane and win the game. Shiptur in particular put in a great Katarina performance, a champion we have started seeing more of in the mid lane across all the regions, finishing on a KDA of 4-0-7.

Day Two

http://i.imgur.com/AM8pEIh.jpgWFX v TC - WFX
After a strong performance yesterday fans eagerly awaited to see whether Winterfox would pull another win out of the bag - and they did, taking a convincing win from Team Coast after taking an early lead and showing much of the confidence and decision of saturday's game. Winterfox won in just 33 minutes, at 20 kills to Team Coast's 5 and having taken 11 turrets to just 4 from Team Coast. Winterfox are locked into a promotional series position, however the games from the weekend definitely point towards a stronger Winterfox and fans should be looking forward to the promotional tournament with excitement as we see Winterfox really pull it together. Pobelter on Chogath in the mid lane had a great KDA of 6-0-8, as did Altec on Sivir flexing his muscles with a huge KDA of 7-1-11.

C9 v TSM - C9
An important game for Cloud 9 if they want to stand a chance of making the second seed for the split and a win that they took from TSM convincingly, a great result after a shaky few weeks in the latter part of the split from Cloud 9. Cloud 9 took victory after a strong team fight in the mid lane took out Bjergsen, Lustboy and Dyrus. C9 played the game very offensively, forcing objectives and team fights leaving the usually controlled TSM struggling to defend and eventually falling to C9 after they found consistent picks and victorious team fights. The win for C9 left them poised for the second seed, although their position depends on the CLG versus TiP game later in the day to see whether they will have to playoff for the second seed. Sneaky put in his second great Lucian performance of the weekend with a KDA of 4-1-7, no doubt a nod towards the revival of the champion over this patch.

http://i.imgur.com/BG1XRnm.jpgDIG v TL - TL
After Gravity and Team 8 dropped a game yesterday Team Liquid just needed a win to make the tie breaker and eventually playoffs. Team Liquid took the game with seeming ease from the get go with first blood going over to top laner Quas, and they held the lead throughout the game. The win was almost mechanical, with Team Liquid controlling all the lanes and pushing their advantages, using their time in lane to create cs advantages and IWillDominate ganking every time his ultimate was off of cooldown. Team Liquid had great objective control too, taking all of the drakes of the game and the Baron buff in order to close out the game in a speedy 32 minutes. A great game for Team Liquid who will now have to play a tiebreaker versus the winner of the Gravity/Team 8 game in order to make playoffs. The most notable KDA came from Fenix on Lissandra in the midlane with a KDA of 5-0-11.

GV v T8 - GV
Gravity took the win in this playoffs battle, putting them in a tiebreaker with Team Liquid to get a playoff position. The game started out brawling, with Gravity taking the drake advantage with 2 to 0, but Team 8 held onto a 1k gold advantage. Team 8 begin deep warding and setting up far superior vision control across the map, leading to Gravity losing objectives and getting caught, however a fight around the drake pit, gaining a third drake for Gravity, helps them regain control. Gravity took more turrets getting a big gold advantage, pulling out ahead of Team 8, and a forced fight from Gravity in the late game ended badly for Team 8, letting Gravity close out the game for the win. Cop had a spectacular Graves performance, walking away with a KDA of 12-0-4.

http://i.imgur.com/ZeY3XVC.jpgCLG v TiP - TiP
An important match for CLG. CLG started the game just holding on to the second seed position - a win here would secure that position, a loss would mean CLG would have to face Cloud 9 in a tiebreaker match to make the second seed. Team Impulse clearly wanted CLG to work for it as they played their hearts out to claim victory over CLG. Team Impulse played a smart game of farming rather than pushing to make plays, so whilst CLG push for turret dives and ganks, TiP quietly farm their way to an advantage, picking up kills along the way. By the mid game a 1-4 Link on Lulu purchased a Mejais showing he was either tilting or the team has given up trying. Team Impulse keep pushing their advantages just widening the gap between the two teams, and they outplay CLG to take both top and bottom inhibitors, and then victory. Apollo had a particularly great Graves game with a KDA of 7-1-5 and XiaoWeiXiao with another Corki mid finished the game on a KDA of 3-0-5. The loss means CLG will now have to play Cloud 9 in a tiebreaker match.



We saw two tiebreakers in the NA Spring Split this week, at both the top and middle of the table. Cloud 9 and CLG were fighting it out for the second seed and a secure place in the semi finals of the playoffs, whilst Team Liquid and Gravity went head to head for 6th place and a place in the playoffs at all.

http://i.imgur.com/xU7w1I3.jpgCLG v C9 - C9
After a shaky season and a rough time at IEM Cloud 9 manage to turn it around at the end of the season and draw out a win against CLG at the 11th hour, gaining the team second place, second seed and a promised place in the semi finals of the playoffs. Cloud 9 won in 27 minutes, one of the fastest games of the split. Sneaky swapped from his flavour of the week champion Lucian onto a Draven AD Carry and he blew spectators away with his stacks control, meaning his first kill gave him a 720gold bonus and a huge item advantage which pressed forward for the rest of the game. Sneaky held down Doublelift on Vayne with the advantage. Cloud 9 won a big team fight in the mid lane around the 24 minute mark, aceing CLG and pushing forward to take the Baron for a huge advantage. Cloud 9 then set up a seige in the mid lane with the Baron buff, taunting CLG into a team fight and taking out 3 member of CLG, winning the game and winning C9 the second seed in the spring split.

TL v GV - TL
The two teams were neck and neck throughout the early game and into the mid game, tying in drakes and kills until Team 8 pushed a fight in the drake pit, giving them a drake and kill advantage. Team Liquid didn't let go of the game though, pulling back in turrets and overtaking in kills during the mid to late game, turning team fights as Sejuani began to outscale the Rek'Sai. Team Liquid kept pushing their advantage, until they eventually faced off 5 versus 5 in the Baron pit. Gravity managed to steal the Baron buff but Team Liquid overpowered the team, killing all of Gravity apart from Porpoise on Rek'Sai, pushing into Gravity's base and taking the game. The win pushes Team Liquid into the playoffs after a tough split, though fans now hope the team can turn things around after a shaky start from Piglet meaning the team swapped their AD Carry through the split.




Week 9 Summary

As expected from mid split, Team Coast were automatically relegated from the LCS after a 1-17 result over the split. After Sunday's results, In the quarter finals CLG will face off against Team Liquid, with Team Impulse and Gravity battling it out again to try and make the semi finals. Team SoloMid and Cloud 9 made first and second seed respectively, meaning they skip the quarter finals and are placed directly in the semi finals, meaning they don't play again until the 11th and 12th of April. Quarter finals begin on Saturday 4th April and as usual we will have all the wrap up coverage you need here at LoLKing.


by Summer on March 28, 2015 0

Week 9 of the EU LCS was the most intense yet, with almost all of the teams needing a win to secure their spots and everyone trying to prove their worth before the end of the split. Entering the week, several teams were battling their way out of the promotion tournament zone and even out of the relegation zone. MYM held the bottom spot for most of the split, however the installment of new support Noxiak began a change in the tides for the team, putting them neck and neck with Spanish team Giants for the relegation spot. Both Roccat and Elements sat on scores of 6-10, tying them for the 7th place LCS position and potentially a playoff spot if the 7-9 Copenhagen Wolves were defeated. All three of the top fantasy performers came from the Kings of the split SK Gaming, with mid laner Fox taking home a score of 78.75, legendary AD Carry FORG1VENGRE ended week 9 with 72.50 points and support nRated achieved a score of 70.82 (hopefully avoiding that early retirement).

Day One

CW v Roc - CW
It all came down to this game if Roccat wanted to make the playoffs, but unfortunately for the team CW ran away with victory after an intense battle between the two teams, lasting 58 minutes. The Wolves initially took a massive gold lead of almost 10k, which Roccat whittled down to just 2k during the late and mid game, almost turning the game into a victory. Several Baron team fights ended in messy scraps with Roccat coming out slightly ahead. Jankos and Overpow exhibited a fantastic 2 v 5 against the Wolves who were charging through their base, with the pair eventually taking out three of the Copenhagen Wolves, with their team cleaning up shortly afterwards. The game was eventually lost after another Baron battle, where Woolite was caught backing in the mid lane by the Wolves and was quickly taken out, shortly followed by Nukeducks Katarina being ripped apart by the Wolves, who then closed out the game. Søren and Freeze took home almost matching KDA's, with Søren's Ahri finishing the game on a huge 12-5-10, and Freeze's Kalista ending on 12-4-10. Roccat losing meant the team would definitely not make the playoffs, leaving them battling it out for the 7th place position instead.

http://i.imgur.com/h18Vfqw.jpgFNC v H2K - FNC
An intense battle for the two teams who were tied at 12 wins 5 losses for second position. Second place is automatically assured second seed in the playoffs, taking them straight to the semi finals, so the competition was intense. After a reasonably equal early game Fnatic proved themselves as a top tier team yet again forcing their advantages through the mid game to take the win. Huni put in an absolutely fantastic Hecarim performance in the top lane, with ReignOver in the jungle catching H2K in some strong Sejuani ultimates. Fnatic closed out the game with a massive 16 kills to just 2 from H2K and an 11k gold lead, really proving themselves as a top EU team and winning themselves the second seed for the playoffs.

This was always going to be a tough match for MYM who needed wins to escape the relegation zone. SK Gaming have absolutely dominated the EU scene this split and unfortunately for MYM the team also secured the victory here. MYM did however put up an excellent fight, answering every move SK made with one of their own, dragging out the game to 37 minutes where they were eventually overwhelmed by a stronger SK. MYM were ahead by the 20 minute mark, having 4 kills to SK's 2, just over 1k gold advantage and having taken 4 of SK's turrets (SK had taken 5 of MYM's) certainly showing that the team have grown over the split. NRated put out a fantastic Nami performance this game, finishing it off with a KDA of 1-0-16, and FORG1VENGRE as always finished strong on a 9-1-8 Lucian. SK mid laner Fox on Zed also had a great game, showing that he has really grown this split.

http://i.imgur.com/VOjwaeJ.jpgGIA v EL - EL
Both teams needed a victory here - Giants to escape the relegation spot, and Elements to make the playoffs and escape the promotion tournament zone. Both teams put up a strong fight but Elements came out ahead for most of the game and eventually won the game, but not without a fierce fight from the Giants. Krepo on Thresh landed some fantastic hooks in team fights and the rest of Elements were always ready to follow up on the call, hinting towards a stronger Elements towards the end of the split. As much as the game was mostly in Elements hands, it ended in a base race after the Elements team overwhelmed the Giants base, with PePiiNeRo seeing an opportunity on Twisted Fate to backdoor the team, getting all the way to the nexus before Wickd backed to stop him and Elements closed the game. Although the game in general was much stronger from Elements, they were still showing their same issues with closing out a winning game. Rekkles played a great Jinx game, ending on a KDA of 9-2-10.

A pride match for the two teams, who were sat firmly in the middle of the table on 9 wins and 7 losses. Unicorns took an early lead with Cabochard falling to them twice in the first 8 minutes and Edward dying to a gank. Gambit however managed to come back with their usual form after being forced onto the back foot, getting some kills onto mid laner Betsy and jungler Diamond. Unicorns originally controlled the lane scenarios, forcing the lane swaps and making Gambit react to their calls, but as Gambit picked up more kills across the map, preying on small mistakes from the Unicorns they eventually managed to overcome the defecits and regain control. The game was won after a messy team fight from Unicorns in the mid lane, allowing Gambit to flow into their base and take the game. Notable KDA's came from AD Carry P1noy with a strong 7-2-13 Jinx game, and legendary support Edward ending the game on a KDA of 1-2-18 on Thresh, proving his place as one of the top EU supports.


Day Two

http://i.imgur.com/sXrCv7t.jpgCW v GIA - GIA
A decisive game for the two teams and for Elements. If Giants managed to win the game it put Elements in a position to make the playoffs, however if Copenhagen Wolves claimed victory it would force Elements out of the potential top 6. Both teams battled valiantly however Giants came out on top securing the victory and giving Elements hope for their upcoming match. Werlyb put on another stunning Hecarim performance, consistently turning every single team fight for his team, and Fr3deric on Sejuani caught the Wolves in some fantastic ultimates. The win put Giants in the 9th position, putting them into the promotional tournament and escaping automatic relegation, IF MYM lost their game later in the day. The most notable KDA of the game came from AD Carry Adryh on Sivir with a score of 5-1-10, however all of Giants put out one of their best performances of the split as they try to prove they are LCS worthy.

With Fnatic having already secured second seed for the playoffs fans questioned whether the team would be playing at their usual high standard however Fnatic still played their hearts out to win over Elements. The game started relatively equal, with the gold advantage flitting between the two teams as every kill was answered with the destruction of a turret or an objective, however superior warding and postioning from Fnatic meant they gained the dragon advantage and pushed up into Elements. Elements were simply outclassed in the team fights, with a surprising Cho'Gath from Huni slowing down Froggen on Ahri and turning team fights, and Febiven on Le Blanc consistently finding picks and halting Elements every time they tried to take control. The game ended after slow calls from Elements meant they lost Baron and their own inhibitor, with Fnatic then pushing the mid lane, winning the team fight and taking the game in a relatively quick 32 minutes. Febiven's Le Blanc was really outstanding for KDA, ending on 7-0-6 and stunning spectators throughout the match. The loss forced Elements out of playoffs and left them potentially fighting their way out of promotions if Roccat secured a win later in the day.

http://i.imgur.com/RFs79Nr.jpgGMB v SK - SK
An interesting match up for both the teams. SK have held the top spot in EU by forcing other teams into reactive play by playing all lanes incredibly aggressively and utilising a 1-3-1 composition, which has thus far seen little defeat. Gambit after a shaky start and a mid laner swap have really proven themselves as a strong EU team and have shown they are excellent at reactive play and using little advantages, so fans waited with baited breath to see if Gambit could use their off beat strategies to bring down the titans of the split. However it was not meant to be, with SK securing victory over Gambit and leaving the team firmly in the middle of the table. Gambit stayed relatively even in the early game, however SK showed superior objective control taking all 4 early drakes. Gambit almost caught up to SK in the mid to late game after turning some good team fights, however it just wasn't strong enough and SK eventually took the team out in the bot lane after a strong team fight. Gambit did however bring down AD Carry 3 times, more than most games leaving FORG1VENGRE on an ending KDA of 10-3-10. The teams may meet again in the playoffs, and after this performance we may well see Gambit managing a win over the team if they can bring out their usual distinctive play.

An important match for both teams. MYM needed the win to to with Giants and potentially escape the relegation zone, and Roccat needed to win to tie with Elements and perhaps escape the promotional tournament zone. MYM came out as the victors after an early lead and great objective control leading to them taking 4 early drakes and overcoming Roccat. MYM stayed firmly ahead of Roccat in kills also, taking the early advantage and not dropping it all game. MYM took all 3 of Roccat's inhibitors and pushed themselves into the tie breaker position with Giants and forcing Roccat down into the promotional series against the top EU Challenger Series teams. H0r0, Kori and MrRallez all finished the game on perfect KDA's, showing how much the team have improved over the split and leaving their fans wondering what the team could have achieved had support Noxiak, widely hailed for the teams turnaround, had joined earlier. The game left MYM tied for 9th position and in a playoff against Spanish team Giants to stay out of the relegation zone.

http://i.imgur.com/AuYacCC.jpgH2K v UoL - H2K
H2K were looking to prove themselves after their loss yesterday and prove themselves they did, winning convincingly over the Unicorns of Love. The win meant that H2K would face the Copenhagen Wolves in the playoffs and would eventually meet Fnatic again if they pass into the semi-finals. H2K pulled ahead early in kills, and once they gained the advantage held onto it tightly, battering down the Unicorns of Love's turrets and taking an uncontested Baron at 26 minutes. The game was closed out with the Baron buff as H2K seiged in a 1-3-1 composition, taking out all 3 inhibitors and overwhelming the Unicorns of Love's base. The loss puts the Unicorns into the first bracket for playoffs against Gambit and eventually facing SK Gaming. Notable KDA's from the game came from H2K's Hjarnan with a KDA of 5-0-10 on Sivir, and support kaSing with a Thresh KDA of 1-1-12.

Relegation Playoff - MYM v GIA

With both teams winning on their last day of the split, Giants and MYM were left to face off against each other to escape the automatic relegation zone. The relegation game is a best of 1 so the pressure was on both teams to perform. Giants eventually took the win from MYM after an outstanding battle from both the teams. MYM took an early lead but Giants just would not let the team close out, forcing MYM into unfavourable team fights and winning their place in the promotional tournament. Giants won the game after a great engage in the mid lane, with Werylb playing Hecarim to a fantastic standard and the team consistently following up on calls. The win leaves MYM relgated from the LCS and Giants in the promotional tournament against the top Challenger Series teams, no small task considering the high standard of playing coming out of the EU Challenger Series. Giants fans now wait with baited breath to see if their team can repeat their successes of last year and earn their way back into the LCS again.


Week 9 Summary

With MYM relegated, it leaves Roccat and Giants to face off against teams from the Challenger Series in the promotional tournament (teams will be decided on the 8th of April after the Challenger Series finals). Elements have secured their place in the summer split however will not be in the playoffs. Gambit, Unicorns of Love, H2K Gaming and Copenhagen Wolves will now battle it out in the playoffs quater finals, with SK Gaming and Fnatic having secured their places in the semi finals. Quarter finals begin on Saturday 4th April and we will have all the wrap up coverage you need here at LoLKing.

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