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Lucian The Purifier

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    Guide Spotlight: Swarm Them With Yordles

    Yordles are League's very own little furballs of destruction. Let's celebrate them by taking a look at some guides that will help you make your enemies feel the very deepest shame as you spam your high pitched laugh on their corpse.



    We might as well start with the most divisive champion in League of Legends history, Teemo. Playing Teemo against any champion that relies on auto attacks or has to get up close to last hit can be an absolute joy. You can almost see the suffering as they hesitate to even go near the wave with your blow darts looming nearby.The swift scout is ready for duty, check out this guide by user Jazib, it will prepare you to rain suffering down on your enemies, one dart and shroom at a time.  


    Poppy is a great example of a rework that brought a champion much more into the fold than they were beforehand. We've seen her a lot more on the rift, much to the dismay of high mobility champs like Riven who are stopped dead in their tracks by her W. Her giant swinging hammer is one of the most satisfying ults in the game, and something everyone should experience at least once.
    Swing that big ol' hammer with confidence with this guide by user Beakerrr, and stop any enemies trying to get on your beloved allies with no problems.



    Currently tinkering away in Piltover, Ziggs brings some boom to the Yordle lineup. Since the mage update he can blow up turrets with his W, and already took them blazingly fast with his passive damage on them. An absolute poke monster, Ziggs is a great champ to whip out when you need to stall out a game.Light the fuse and prepare for a blast with this guide by user EssiXr3i, when you get out there and use the knowledge it'll be a blast.  


    If nothing else, Corki is absolutely the best champion in the game to blast Flight of the Valkyries while playing. Daringly dive into team flights with the package and try to fight your way out, it's a core mechanic you can't possibly be blamed for being bold!
    If you want to actually win games instead of taking my advice, check out this guide by user Doxology.  


    If giggles and faeries are your kind of thing, look no further than Lulu. Now only do you get the yordle Lulu, but her little fae buddy Pix as well. She has shields, health boosts, speed ups and all sorts of fun ways to support her team.When you're ready to laugh and prance your way to victory, check out this guide by user OliverHarryLOL.  

    Patch 6.10 - Competitive Resurgence

    LCS is just around the corner and the first games of the split are going to be on patch 6.10. While we haven’t seen the top teams from Europe and North America playing on this patch, we have already had several games in Korea, China and the Wildcard Regions.


    The mage update brought many changes to both items and champion, prompting the return of some champions to the current meta and bringing much needed diversity for competitive play.


    So today we will be looking at 5 champions that are resurging in competitive play and that were seldomly seen in the last few patches.


    Top Lane



    The Tidal Trickster is back to top lane. Leading up to the Season 5 world Championship he was very popular as a bruiser building Trinity Force and tankier items.


    He’s finally seeing play again up top, this time with a tankier build. Iceborn Gauntlet, Spirit Visage and Sunfire Cape are the unholy trinity of tank items that give you good sticking power, a big chunk of cooldown reduction and tons of defense stats.


    Adding to this, Fizz’s kits has very good synergy with some of the Keystone Masteries. Fervor of Battle is seen most often. Fizz can stack it up fast as his Urchin Strike applies 4 stacks instantly and the passive on Seastone Trident can apply up to 6 stacks in one attack, as the damage over time applies spell effects.


    Grasp of the Undying is also strong on him for certain matchups. Seastone Trident’s passive leaves him continuously in battle as it’s a damage over time, so the buff stacks up. He can also apply Grasp with his Urchin Strike.


    Overall, Fizz is very annoying as tank. He can still deal quite some damage and is very mobile, meaning he is this weird hybrid of tank and assassin that dives the backline and won’t let go until he dies, similarly to Ekko.





    Rek’sai hasn’t had any noticeable changes in the last few patches, other than a small buff to Cinderhulk’s AoE damage. What has changed was the whole game around her.


    The introduction of the new Elemental Dragons means games are now much more objective focused and that’s exactly what Rek’sai does best. She’s an extremely strong jungler for controlling the map as her Tremor Sense allows her, or her teammates, to spot any moving enemy around her in a radius of 1300 units.


    While the 3 carry junglers, Nidalee, Kindred and Graves are still present for the most part, they’re often banned out and have been getting nerf after nerf in the last couple of patches. While Rek’sai can’t duel these junglers, she can track them and contain them. Invading a Rek’sai is also more problematic than invading other junglers, so these carry junglers have a harder time playing so aggressively.


    In terms of Itemization, it's likely that Rek'sai players will often build her with Cinderhulk into full tank, with Titanic Hydra as the only offensive item, as it also provides an auto attack reset. That said, items such as Warrior and even the buffed Black Cleaver are strong options for the Void Burrower.


    Mid Lane



    The Machine Herald is back! Viktor suffered a small update in the Mid Year Mage Update that has brought him back to the competitive meta.


    The two bigger changes in his kit were to Death Ray and Chaos Storm. The first now has a lower AP ratio, but hitting both parts of Death Ray after upgrading it is now deadlier, provided you can lock down the enemy to cover the delay of the 1 second Aftershock.


    Chaos Storm now does less burst damage, but now does more damage overtime, up to a total of 1300 (+230% AP) from 900 (+195% AP).


    Once again, if you can keep enemies locked down under your skills, you’ll be doing devastating damage. If Rylai’s Crystal Scepter wasn’t important enough for him, now it’s definitely core.


    The other big change was to mage itemization, that greatly benefit Viktor. Since Viktor already has his Hexcore, he only has 5 slots to buy items (4 if we are not counting boots).


    The addition of Cooldown Reduction to both Abyssal Scepter and Zhonya’s Hourglass allow him more versatility in build paths, where he can itemize for Cooldown Reduction without having to directly go for items such as Morellonomicon.


    Overall, the key aspects of Viktor are still there that make him so attractive for teams, he has excellent waveclear and AoE damage.


    AD Carry



    Now this might seem like a weird one, Miss Fortune was popular in pre season with her crit oriented build with Essence Reaver but quickly fell out of favor over other AD Carry picks.


    On 6.10 she’s been seeing a resurgence that apparently started from high elo Korean matches and has seen some play in competitive in both the EU and NA Challenger Series Qualifiers.


    It’s very similar to the new Lucian Build that has been surfacing recently, with Youmuu’s Ghostblade and Black Cleaver being the two core items. The build hits hard and is strongest in the early and mid game, but still packs a punch later on. Either way, the whole idea behind the build is to maximize Double Up and Bullet Time damage.


    After those two core items, you will usually see Infinity Edge for more damage, a lifesteal item such as Death’s Dance or a Last Whisper upgrade to shred armor.





    While Karma did see some play at the Mid Season Invitational, it’s likely that her priority will simply increase from here on out.


    Nerfs to Alistar are finally pushing him out from being top tier and Braum has very weak matchups into ranged supports, so it’s likely that ranged supports such as Nami and Soraka might show up more.


    Other than that her Defiance Shield, the Mantra version of Inspire was buffed a few patches ago, in both AP ratio and base numbers, meaning she can pull off stronger AoE shields for her team, protecting them from damage and giving them a ton of movement speed.


    Itemization changes also benefit Karma greatly. Mikael’s Crucible and Athene’s Unholy Grail have the new Harmony Passive that grant Health Regen or Mana Regen, depending on which of her ‘bars’ is lower.


    Added to this, the new Athene’s Unholy Grail can also heal champions when shielding allies, giving Karma even stronger peel.



    Honorable Mentions:


    Other than these 5 picks, it’s important to mention that both Swain and Kennen are seeing play and will continue to see play in competitive for the next few patches.

    Swain's hotfix went way over the top and catapulted him to the highest win rate in ranked play, buffs to Rod of Ages combined with even more damage and healing mean he's a very tanky birdman.


    As for Kennen, he's another champion that benefitted greatly from updated itemization giving him Cooldown Reduction, not to mention a cheaper Zhonya's Hourglass, an item that is always part of his build.

    Adding to this, he now also has Hextech Protobelt-01, an item that allows him to burst harder or even close the gap with his ultimate faster.


    LolKing's League Tips - Episode 5 - Roaming from Mid Lane

    Welcome to LolKing's League Tips!

    Each week we’ll be giving you a tip that you can use in your games to have an edge over your opponent.


    Last week we looked at thinks to take into account when ganking top lane and the week before we looked at how to use the Rift Herald Buff.


    Today we’ll be looking at how to roam as a mid laner.

    Being in the center of the map, Mid Lane is one of the best positions to carry from as you’re relatively close to both top and bot lane, not to mention four of the entrances to both the enemy jungle and your own.


    It’s not all about killing your lane opponent, being in a lane in the center of the map means you can easily roam to other parts to try and open up an advantage there. Some champions are better at it, some aren’t as good. Truth is, you can still pull off successful roams with most champions.


    Watch the video below to learn more about more about how to roam as a mid laner!



     Be sure to subscribe to LolKing's YouTube channel for upcoming stat videos, and other League of Legends coverage!


    Super Galaxy Skins and Icons Live!

    Super Galaxy Kindred, Super Galaxy Fizz, and Super Galaxy Shyvana, are available in the League store for 1350 RP each. They also arrived with a pair of icons each, they are priced at 250 RP, but the Mega Shark Icon can also be snagged for 1500 IP until May 30 at 23:59 PST. 

    Not sure if you're sold on the skins? Give the preview images a click to check them out in the 3D model viewer and see how they look in motion!


    Fizz Icons:

    Kindred Icons:

    Shyvana Icons:

    The Added Importance of Dragon

    The new Dragons have been out for two patches now and after rebalancing we thought it was due time to revisit the changes and take a look at the strongest and weakest dragons and how hard you should be prioritizing each one.

    If you're not aware about how the system works, the dragon spawn system is completely random, but you can only have three types of spawns in one game.


    Before each spawn you will be able to know what dragon is spawning by checking the wall inside the pit.


    Earth, Water, Fire and Air Dragon icons, from left to right



    Strongest and Weakest Dragons?

    Obviously and as with everything in the game, there are always stronger and weaker options, for champions, builds, runes. It's no different with Dragons either.

    While all the buffs given can be situationally strong, some are just straight up better for all situations, whereas others are only good in very specific scenarios.



    Always Good - Infernal Drake


    Mark of the Infernal Drake:

    +(8 /16 / 24)% (based on stacks) increased Ability Power and Attack Damage.

    Effect is Amplified by 50% with Mark of the Elder Dragon.


    While 8% extra AP and AD isn't noticeable early on, this is a dragon that scales very well, especially if you manage to get a double or triple infernal drake. It's not a noticeable buff early on, but from mid game onwards it definitely starts making a difference.

    This is the Drake you always want to secure whenever possible, it's definitely worth fighting for as you don't want to let your opponent grab it for themselves.

    Think of it as a mini Rabadon's Deathcap for your AP or AD damage, who doesn't like extra damage, right?

    Mountain Drake - Underrated


    Mark of the Mountain Drake:

    +(10/20/30)% (based on stacks) additional damage as True Damage to Epic Monsters and Turrets.

    Effect is Amplified by 50% with Mark of the Elder Dragon.

    The Mountain Drake might be the most underrated buff right now and it's especially strong when you start stacking it up.

    It's not a direct combat buff, but it is insane when used to take down Turrets, Baron and other Dragons.

    The Mountain Drake buff gives you more options as a team when ahead. If you control vision and deny it from your opponents, you can take the objective out before they even have a chance to check it out.

    The added damage also reduces the need for a tank when doing baron and even allows you to easily kill the objective with two or three players. If some of your players are in vision of the enemy on another point of the map, they will be thrown off and won't be expecting the Baron to be done.

    Overall, good for any composition, but teams with a split pusher will enjoy this a lot as they become even stronger when taking down these turrets.

    Sieging compositions will become even stronger, so look out for those Tristana or Jinx players taking down your turret in a blink of an eye.


    Ocean Drake - Strongest in the Early Stages

    Mark of the Ocean Drake:

    Restores (4/8/12)% of missing health and missing mana every 8 seconds if not damaged by a champion or tower in the last 5 seconds.

    Effect is Amplified by 50% with Mark of the Elder Dragon.

    The Ocean Drake was definitely the strongest on Patch 6.9, but with the nerfs to it on 6.10, it's no longer as good as it used to be.

    It's probably the best buff a team can pick up early as dragons like Infernal and Mountain Drake only start stacking up by mid game.


    The fact that the regeneration only applies when out of combat with champions makes it situationally good, it's fantastic for junglers as they can get stats back while roaming or clearing camps and even in early laning stages as you can just back off and avoid trading to get some extra regen.


    However, come mid and late game, you will start to notice that the buff isn't as impactful as fights become more and more frequent and after fights regen will either not matter, or you will simply be back in base healing up for the next. However, if you win a fight and want to translate it into an objective, the regen will come in handy.

    In extended baron and dragon "dances", where both teams are contesting the objective, it will be very rare to get that regen as you need to be a total of 13 seconds without entering combat (5 to enter 'out of combat' status + 8 extra seconds)


    Ultimately, this buff shines most when playing siege comps, you take down a turret and regen back as you rotate to another, making it hard for the opponent to push you out of grabbing objectives.

    When playing disengage, ocean drake is also extremely strong provided you can stay out of combat.

    Cloud Drake - Weakest

    Mark of the Cloud Drake:

    +15/30/45 (based on stacks) additional Out of Combat Movement Speed

    Effect is Amplified by 50% with Mark of the Elder Dragon.

    Movement Speed is always nice, but there are two things to take into account that make this Dragon less desireable when compared to his counterparts.


    First off, the movement speed given is only out of combat, basically it works the same way as Boots of Mobility, meaning you lose the buff upon entering combat.

    Secondly, there are movement speed caps, meaning the value stated might not always be what you get. If you reach over 415 movement speed, you'll only get 80% of the bonus given

    If you go over 490, bonuses over that number are multiplied by 50%.


    Only really go for this dragon if there's absolutely no contest for it and you can get it without losing out on anything. If your opponent is getting a Tower or Rift Herald for your Cloud Drake, you're losing out on the trade.


    Overall, this Drake is mainly good for Junglers and roaming support and mid laners but outside of that, you won't see it being that useful. With two or three stacks it can be strong for flank engages from someone like a Malphite or a Maokai, but it's definitely the weakest Drake buff out of all four.

    It's worth mentioning that if you're dominating the map, you should clear this whenever possible so you can get the next spawn and keep stacking up those buffs



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