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by Skiffington on July 8, 2015 1

Patch 5.13 is now live along with some very important changes to how slows work, the Devourer rework, a much needed fix for Runeglaive, a rebalancing of Needlessly Large Rod, and some champion tweaks. Our friends at LolClass have gotten some commentary from LemonNation, Quas, and Bjergsen about the some of the biggest changes this time around!


Important Changes

Slow Stacking

  • Slows no longer stack on top of each other. Before, League would apply half of its value on top of what was already there. For the sake of clarity however, it now only applies the strongest one. This means you'll need to better time your crowd control lest it be wasted.

Enchantment - Devourer

  • With this rework, Devourer no longer scales infinitely. Instead, it gains stacks on kills or assists (meaning giving blue to mid gets you a stack).
  • Ghost Dog now follows you around until you reach 30 stacks at which point he'll merge with Devourer and make a Sated Devourer.
  • When that point is reached, every basic attack will trigger on-hit effects twice. Includes things like Blade of the Ruined King's passive and Master Yi's Wuju Style.

Tahm Kench Released

  • New champion can eat allies, enemies, and has a long range teleport ultimate.
  • Can go top lane or support, though initial reactions have him pegged moreso as the latter.

Enchantment - Runeglaive

  • Runeglaive has been buffed with 10 more ability power and 100% base AD (instead of 75%).
  • It doesn't apply on hit effects like Luden's Echo anymore, however.

Needlessly Large Rod

  • Now cheaper and costs less AP.
  • As a result all major AP items have been reworked as far as cost and stats go.

Champion Changes

Below are the champion changes summarized from the video. In particular, Kalista and Nautilus had some much needed tuning while Kayle and Singed got a couple changes to help them become more viable.


  • Kalista now does less damage per auto attack which is a much needed but very awkward nerf.
  • She can no longer cast her Pierce (Q) mid-dash but will still probably be one of the best ADCs in the game.
  • Kayle's Righteous Fury (E) now has a passive that now deals scaling magic damage on hit.
  • Quas says she still has issues when the enemy team has crowd control, but this will allow her to shine when that isn't the case.
  • Our anchor weilding friend now does less damage with his Riptide (E).
  • LemonNation thinks he's still a very strong support, while Quas thinks the damage nerf is more noticable top.
  • Unburrow (W) now has a slightly smaller radius meaning you have to be a bit closer before knocking someone up.
  • Singed now gains magic resist as he levels up.
  • Quas says this should help him against strong AP champions like Rumble.
  • Fling's (E) root now scales from one to two seconds rather than being one second throughout (assuming they land on your goo).


by Skiffington on July 7, 2015 23


We know last week's challenge was a doozy and despite that we still received a good number of entries. To those who went out of their way to buy new champions just to complete the challenge, we salute you.



For this week, all you have to do is play three of your last ten matches as a champion that has a chroma skin bundle available. (As of Patch 5.13)



To enter this week's challenge:


  • Simply enter the contest once you have completed one game with each of the three valid champions before the contest ends on Tuesday, July 14.
  • Check the rules.
  • That's it.

2 Prizes


  • One winner will receive a Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma.
  • One winner will receive a $20 RP code.

Previous Winners


Last week's The Voiceless challenge had a total of 374 entries and two of those won:


by Skiffington on July 6, 2015 2

With only one clear line drawn in the sand, North America looks like it’ll come to an exciting close over the next three weeks. First through sixth are all within three games of each other with the bottom of the pile struggling to shove each other down, lest Team Dragon Knights find firm enough footing to launch forward and get out of last place.


Team Impulse was on point this week thanks in large part to the play of Rush, who continues to be one of the few junglers in the region who routinely attempts to carry. His quadra kill on Nidalee, which would have been a penta without some intervention by XiaoWeiXiao, was the highlight of their week. And that’s saying a lot considering they followed up that romp of Enemy Esports by taking down Counter Logic Gaming despite Doublelift’s best efforts to carry.


The CLG goldenage has stumbled quite suddenly, now on a four game losing streak as they also fell to the surging Gravity. Speaking of, GV also managed to take down Team SoloMid as Keane’s bursty Jarvan mid kept blowing the team up.


It’s a good thing then that TSM toppled Team Dragon Knights’ hopes in one of the marquee matches of the week. The grueling hour long game continues to showcase TDK’s talent as the group looks to come together. There’s almost no way you’d know that this was a showdown between first and last place unless you were aware of the standings.


Fans of the team may have been a bit crushed when Enemy found victory over TDK in what  truly was a bloodbath.


Team Liquid also went undefeated while Cloud9 subbed Hai in for Meteos as a last ditch effort to try and improve things. Another 0-2 week left even the casters reeling, worried about what might be in the near future for C9.



Most Picked Champions





Champion Breakdown


Smite-Runeglaive Ezreal mid was the hottest pick this week as Riot decided not to hotfix the fact that the jungler item can proc other items like Luden's Echo. We saw lots of examples as to why this is getting nerfed including many champions getting half healthed from a single Trueshot Barrage.


Gragas, Sivir, and Alistar have basically had a chokehold over North America for quite some time now. Rek'Sai took a few steps back with Nidalee resurfacing and Kalista was pretty much banned every match. The same can be said of Ryze in the top lane as Shen stepped in to fill that role. Surprisingly Nautilus just narrowly missed on out on that honor, though he was picked or banned in all but one match (4 top, 2 support, 3 bans). 



Fantasy LCS Breakdown


It was not a good week to be a North American Fantasy LCS owner. Unless you had Piglet or Fenix, the only two players to score above 50 points, Europe was the better bet.


Even with Cloud9 giving up a ton of kills, which still remains startling as someone who's been around since their heyday, Liquid took down Team Dignitas in under 30 minutes which doesn't bode well for fantasy points.


Rush scored a quadra kill and narrowly missed out on the penta while Gravity beat both CLG and TSM in convincing fashion.


  • Top - TL Quas
  • Jungle - TL IWillDominate
  • Mid - TL Fenix
  • ADC - TL Piglet
  • Support - TL Xpecial
  • Flex - TIP Rush
  • Team - Gravity


NA vs. EU Standings


  • ​Week 1: NA LCS (418.77) > EU LCS (379.29)
  • Week 2: NA LCS (376.70) < EU LCS (454.94) 
  • Week 3: NA LCS (406.41) < EU LCS (423.06)
  • Week 4: NA LCS (431.64) > EU LCS (362.56)
  • Week 5: NA LCS (414.06) > EU LCS (347.87)
  • Week 6: NA LCS (332.44) < EU LCS (370.53)


Standings are tied 3-3.




  1. Gravity (9-3)
  2. Team SoloMid (9-3)
  3. Team Dignitas (8-4)
  4. Team Liquid (8-4)
  5. Counter Logic Gaming (7-5)
  6. Team Impulse (7-5)
  7. Enemy Esports (4-8)
  8. Team 8 (4-8)
  9. Cloud9 (3-9)
  10. Team Dragon Knights (1-11)


The first six teams are within three games of each other with six games left on each team's season. Gravity has the chance to claim sole possession of first place for the first time ever as Counter Logic Gaming continues to slip backwards.


Perhaps the biggest story is the fact that TDK fell to Enemy Esports, keeping them from nipping on their heels. When Team 8 beat Cloud9, they solidified C9 as TDK's first target. Though the 1-11 crew beat Dignitas and looked solid against TSM, it struggled against NME. For now the team simply looks to earn some wins to avoid autorelegation. Doing so however, at least for the time being, would mean that C9 wouldn't even have a chance to stay in the LCS. Regardless, the end of this split is going to be nail biting.

by Skiffington on July 4, 2015 3

Europe has basically been the Fnatic, Origen, and H2K Gaming show thus far. But now, six weeks into the 2015 Summer Split, it looks like the rest of the league is finally starting to come together.


Gambit Gaming seems strong as it took down the reformed Copenhagen Wolves and ROCCAT. The former of which is struggling to find traction as Airwaks stepped down for Soren, Unlimited for je suis kaas, and Youngbuck for Lenny. With three of their five players completely different than just three weeks ago, we wouldn’t just expect them to hit the ground running. 




As such, GMB retained momentum and handily beat ROCCAT who has been looking strong as of late. Nukeduck has just been absolutely spectacular and his Varus play proved to be the bane of SK Gaming.


Giants Gaming came oh so close to handing Fnatic its first loss of the split after a remake was issued 15 minutes into the first match. Apparently Werlyb didn’t actually want Nocturne top and wasn’t told they could have a remake until well after the game had started. As a result, the team charged back ready to take down the squad who appears to be undefeatable. Sadly, MVP Rekkles’ Kalista was too good of a cleanup for GIA to get away with some of their sloppiness and they ultimately ended up with a loss.


Origen had an unexpectedly poor showing against Unicorns of Love who just ran circles around them. They would however, rebound against Elements.



Most Picked Champions



Champion Breakdown


It was a refreshing week of competition as we saw a ton of variety in champion select. 


Shen managed to overtake the likes of Gnar, Maokai, and Rumble to claim sole possesion of the top lane in 50% of all matches. 


The Jungle is still a bit stagnant with Rek'Sai (7) and Gragas (7) making up the majority of the selections as Ekko (3), Lee Sin (2), and Vi (1) were the only others to make an appearence.


Mid is much healthier as Jayce and Varus were practically neck and neck with a ton of team compositions focused on poking the enemy down first.


As a result, we also saw a ton of Corki, though the intense number of bans placed on Sivir and Kalista, six and seven, respectively, certainly had something to do with that.


Old reliable Alistar continues his domination of the support role. While there are always others like Thresh, Janna, and Nautilus that see picks here and there, it's clear that Ali won't be going anywhere any time soon.




Fantasy LCS Breakdown


It's remarkable that members of SK Gaming keep making appearences on the all Europe Fantasy LCS team. With a 3-9 record, SK finds itself alone in 9th place, and yet the numbers keep piling up.


Giants final scoring is a direct result of almost taking down Fnatic and then having a verified bloodbath with SK Gaming. PePiiNeRO's Smite-Runeglaive Ezreal was the highlight of this week's competition, obliterating his enemies and bursting them down with his intense damage output. There's a reason they're fixing the procs on the jungler item and we'd like to think Ezreal is exactly it.


Origen and H2K continue to be consistent and as a result it's no surprise to see them here.


  • Top - GIA Werlyb
  • Jung - SK Svenskeren
  • Mid - GIA PePiiNeRO
  • ADC - SK CandyPanda
  • Support - FNC YellOwStaR
  • Flex - H2K Ryu
  • Team - Fnatic


Total: 370.53 points




Fnatic has continued to break records, now on a 12 game win streak. The rest of the league has seen solid improvement with much more competitive games. SK looks impressive but can't seem to seal the deal. ROCCAT continues to perform well when Nukeduck gets rolling and the addition of MrRalleZ seems to have helped. Gambit Gaming is probably the biggest mover, climbing from 8th to 5th with their 2-0 week. They now set their sights on Giants who remains just one game ahead of them.


  1. Fnatic (12-0)
  2. H2K Gaming (9-3)
  3. Origen (9-3)
  4. Giants Gaming (6-6)
  5. Gambit Gaming (5-7)
  6. ROCCAT (5-7)
  7. Unicorns of Love (5-7)
  8. Elements (4-8)
  9. SK Gaming (3-9)
  10. Copenhagen Wolves (2-10)
by Skiffington on June 30, 2015 57

We're giving those without a voice, a voice this week. There aren't many champions in all of League of Legends that don't actually have lines. So this week, play each one of them one time to earn an entry. This means play a Sona game, a Bard game, and a Rek'Sai game in your match history.


To enter this week's challenge:

  • Simply enter the contest once you have completed one game with each of the three valid champions before the contest ends on Tuesday, July 7.
  • Check the rules.
  • That's it.

2 Prizes


  • One winner will receive a Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma.
  • One winner will receive a $20 RP code.

Previous Winners

There were 1222 entries last week and the following people won prizes:


There were 1093 entries in the Pool Party comment giveaway and the following people won prizes:

by Skiffington on June 29, 2015 4

It was a good week to be blue as the team on that side of the map claimed nine of the ten matches. There were bloodbaths left and right as even the usually restrained Cloud9 let themselves go a bit, racking up 20 kills against the Team Dragon Knights sub-squad.


Team Impulse was the organization to beat this week despite losing to Gravity on Saturday. The crew performed tremendously and put up incredible numbers as they took down Team Liquid. Yet another .500 week, TIP remains an even 5-5 on the split as a perfect week still eludes them.


It was one of those tough to measure weeks as most teams went 1-1 with the exception of Counter Logic Gaming who finally faltered to an 0-2 performance along with the still struggling Enemy Esports while GV and Team SoloMid went 2-0.


Team Liquid was led by Fenix’s Azir who got a one v. four quadra kill, propelling his team to a win over CLG. His 11/0/5 performance was unanswerable by the group that has had all of the answers up until this point. I wouldn’t call it tilting, but CLG was clearly affected by the huge loss as TSM continued to be their kryptonite, handily taking them down.


That said, Team SoloMid wasn’t without their own issues as a terrible tower dive in Team8’s bottom lane put them preposterously far behind and the team was left to play safe for the rest of the early-mid game. They did come back from that to win, but we’re still left with the feeling that TSM is a bit shaky.


C9’s happiness was short lived as Impulse steamrolled the former NA LCS Champions. With that Balls’ Rumble suffered its first defeat as he now has a 17-1 record in regional games. T8 took down NME with a ton of armor stacking that brought the game well past the 40 minute point.


TDK finally got Emperor and Ninja back from their visa issues and both seem to have brought incredible and much needed confidence to the team. Ninja held his own on Viktor against Shiphtur’s Azir with some great mechanics that previously weren’t there. More importantly, Emperor on Sivir had much better teamfight positioning. His substitute Lattman was frequently on top of the enemy team, costing them DPS. It was a welcome sight as the group earned their first win of the season right at the halfway mark.



Most Picked Champions




Champion Breakdown


The meta in North America might be a bit stale. Sivir was picked in all ten matches this week while Rek'Sai was locked in every time she wasn't banned. Azir was either of the two in nine of the ten while bans seemed to have stagnated a bit. Ryze was out in every match, Gragas eight times, Alistar and Kalista both seven.


Annie was a welcome change, that much is certain, but we might need some changes in the ADC role. The next closest was Kalista in only three, that's a staggering differential. 




Fantasy LCS Breakdown


As I mentioned before, Team Impulse had crazy bloodbaths this week against Gravity and Cloud9. There's not a ton to say other than they had two stomps even though GV managed to come back and win.


Fenix's quadra kill locked him up the Flex position while TSM eked out GV in their own 2-0 week.


  • Top - TIP Impact
  • Jungle - TIP Rush
  • Mid - TIP XiaoWeiXiao
  • ADC - TIP Apollo
  • Support - TIP Adrian
  • Flex - TL Fenix
  • Team - Team SoloMid


NA vs. EU Standings


  • ​Week 1: NA LCS (418.77) > EU LCS (379.29)
  • Week 2: NA LCS (376.70) < EU LCS (454.94) 
  • Week 3: NA LCS (406.41) < EU LCS (423.06)
  • Week 4: NA LCS (431.64) > EU LCS (362.56)
  • Week 5: NA LCS (414.06) > EU LCS (347.87)

North America leads 3-2.




Team SoloMid now leads North America and that's probably bad for the region as a whole considering they too have looked weak for a bit now. CLG dropped both of their matches and in doing so lost a lot of their internation credibility. Gravity's Altec led them to two wins and earned his first MVP title.


Team Dignitas still looks strong but lost against the true Team Dragon Knights who earned their first win in their first match with their full squad. If they're looking that good in wins against teams previously tied for first, Team8, Enemy, and C9 better watch their tails.


  1. Team SoloMid (8-2)
  2. Counter Logic Gaming (7-3)
  3. Gravity (7-3)
  4. Team Dignitas (7-3)
  5. Team Liquid (6-4)
  6. Team Impulse (5-5)
  7. Cloud9 (3-7)
  8. Enemy Esports (3-7)
  9. Team8 (3-7)
  10. Team Dragon Knights (1-9)
Showing 49-54 of 552