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1 month ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

When to Ignite & When to teleport

12.png The playmaker

You are the playmaker and you know exactly how to maximize the values of your teleports. Take this spell if you are used to watch the map or if you are in an uncofortable matchup (eg: lulu, darius).

  • You will lose a considerable amount of your kill potential in lane
  • Teleport is usefull for lategame splitpush, but i feel like in low elo unless you are carrying hard people will not listen to you and they will get caught 4v5.
  • If you are losing a matchup teleports gives you a quick back to base/refill/shop/tp to lane

14.png Greedy but..

  • You know the matchup
  • You wanna STOMP the enemy laner
  • You think you are way better than him so ignite will result in more kills and getting fed
  • You are BAD at tping and watching the map
  • If you get ganked early and die, you will lose a lot of creeps


6.pngIf you feel brave enough, i would not take ghost over flash. Most of the time you need to you your Q to engage and also your q is not instant it has a cast time, and you can be catched by a CC while mid-air-jumping so, well.. i feel like your q is not enough as escape.


3.png It can be a good choise vs certain champions if your support is running ignite. Let's say you are vs an ap kennen and you have no exaust in your team. In this case as soon as kenne ult you will use your exaust on him and negate him most of the damage. Anyways this is more a team oriented summoner choise and a really niche pick.


New Runes Back to Top


Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=64 Press the attack 

The best choice on Aatrox. You will swing a lot of autos as Aatrox proccing this rune pretty easily. It will add a lot of dps tho.


Triumph.png?width=32 Overall the best option out of the 3. Pretty strong in skirmishes 2v2/3v3. 


Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32 Attack speed is one of the most important stats on aatrox so there's no doubt over this point


Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32 Overall the most consistent source of damage out of the 3 option. Last%20Stand.png?width=32 could also be a viable option


Sudden%20Impact.png?width=32 Your aatroxq.png is a dash, so once again pretty straight foward rune to take


Zombie%20Ward.png?width=32 Gives you a lot of vision control, overall a strong rune


Abilities Back to Top


First ability point

aatroxq.png You can start Q if your team wants to invade, otherwhise i would always start aatroxw.png

aatroxw.png Whenever you don't need to start aatroxq.png


Maxing aatroxe.png or Maxing aatroxw.png

This is an hard question. Before the nerfs to Aatrox aatroxe.png it was clear what you had to max. I will explain you the benefits aatroxe.png or aatroxw.png and i want you to decide which route you wanna take.

aatroxe.png Maxing E gives you: 1. Harrass tool 2. A bit more waveclear 

aatroxw.png Maxing W gives you: 1. More sustain 2. More damage in prolonged fights


aatroxw.png Is better vs champion that can sustain your E damage 
aatroxe.png Is better vs ranged champions
aatroxw.png Gives you more 1v1 potential at lv 6 since it synergizes well with your ultimate
aatroxe.png Becomes pretty useless after the first back if the enemy starts to build armor


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Pretty much always this
    Poke lanes

Core Items

    First and only CORE ITEM. A must for Aatrox
    Second item most of the time
    Example of a full build
    It could be an early buy, read description
    Special mention in the description

Situational Items

    Situational Items
    Situational Items

Start with

1055.png Pretty much the standard starting item. 

1054.png If you are scared of a lane and you think you might not be able to autoattack a lot.


Core items


Best item on Aatrox.

Attackspeed to proc your W faster - Ad to deal more damage - Lifesteal to sustain from your autos - A nice active that helps you catching up people


Solid second buy.

Hp to give you durability - Cooldown reduction to help you catching up with your spells - Ad to deal more damage - A nice passive that helps you vs amored enemys and also it carrys on the phage passive to help you stick to your targer


Best Magic Resist item.

Hp to give you durability - Magic Resist to.. well that's why you bought it - Cooldown reduction - A passive that synergizes so well with Aatrox kit that gives you even more sustain


Situational Items

 3075.png Pretty good item, it's nice when you are dueling other auto attack based champion. Consider it most of the games

3143.png Strong item, if you need to go more tanky it's a good pickup since as Aatrox you want to be in the face of the enemy carries.

3742.png Could be usefull if you really need his passive to catch someone, otherwhise i would prefer the other armor item options

3156.png Is not bad by any means but i feel like spirit visage, most of the time, is the only magic resist item you need, if you need more magic resist don't hesitate and go for it tho.

3194.png It's pretty good if you are playing vs dot champions (like swain/cassio) but i still feel spirit visage should be your first item choice

3139.png I don't like this item on Aatrox UNLESS you are really getting nullified by some hard cc. In this case i would consider buying it

3026.png I don't think it needs any explanation, it's almost never a bad buy even tho unless you make good use of is passive i don't feel it's really THAT strong on Aatrox.

3077.png If you want to play a roaming playstile and you are facing some sort of tank with not so great wave clear (e.g shen) you can rush tiamat, push out the wave, and go to gank mid/invade jungle or whatever pleases you. 

3036.png If you are facing a lot of armored targets and you feel like you need damage, this is a totally good buy

3812.png On paper it might seems like a GREAT buy on Aatrox, in reality it's just 'fine'. There are better choices for Aatrox.


3046.png Special Mention

I know at this point what flys into your head 'Rav you are trolling me...Why would you even...'. 
Well Phantom dance is GOOD on Aatrox and i'm about to explain you why.

It gives you:

  • Attack speed : Well by now you should know that this is the stat Aatrox NEEDS the most.
  • Crit chance : Think about what Aatrox passive does, yes it gives you flat AD. You also build SOME ad. Yeah critical strikes won't modify your W bonus damage, but are still giving you more damage output.
  • Movement speed : Every melee auto attack based champion needs movement speed to stick to an enemy
  • First passive : Gives you even more movement speed while walking towards an enemy champion and it also gives you the ability to pass trought units
  • Second passive : Now this is the best thing about it. You are a duelist and phantom dancer gives you 12% less damage taken from the last enemy you hitted. Great for 1v1, great for splitpushing
Now reading that you can see that PD is pretty efficient as an item on Aatrox, you might wanna try to build it as a 3 item if you are ahead or as a 5/6 item otherwhise. It's especially good if you like to splitpush. 

Try it out !

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Darius
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Elise
  • Fiora
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  • Gnar
  • Irelia
  • Jax
  • Jayce
  • Kennen
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  • Lee Sin
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  • Lulu
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  • Nasus
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  • Rengar
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  • Sion
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  • Tryndamere
  • Udyr
  • Vladimir
  • Wukong
  • Yasuo
  • Yorick
  • Zac
  • Zed




Fairly easy matchup, before 6 you are just way stronger, after 6 if you itemize well you should have no problems (hexdrinker core item), just take a littlebit of care after 6 and try to deny her as much as possible before lvl 6.



  • Be really carefull on when using your aatroxq.png she can interrupt it with her camillee.png
  • You should have the advantage in a 1v1 at lv 6 so be aware of it
  • She doesen't have any for of self sustain so work around it
  • camillew.png Hurts so try to dodge as many as possible




Chogath is a non-common lanematchup lately. You are way stronger them him 1v1, and you will still be stronger in a straight 1v1 situation the whole game (i suggest you to build botrk since his R gives him free max hp).
The only think you need to be worried is about the enemys jungler, while cho is not the best duelist in the game, he has good cc (Q-> knockup/slow W-> silence) so you should be scared about ganks. So keep you lane warded and you shouldnt have any kind of problem vs cho.




Well darius can be hard if you missplay something, the key of the lane is harrass him with your E, care about his E also (which is the pull) and as soon as he pulls you use your Q to escape. Remember you have sustain he does not, play around it. 


Dr. Mundo


Mundo is fairly week early on (even if his damage output is not bad at all) and he needs farms to get stronger.

You should be able to bully him in the first lvls and also you have sustain while he has not. Just try to dodge as much "infected cleavers" (Q) as possible because they somehow hurts.

Preseason 4:

Mundo is still weak early on, but he can manage to hold better the lane (thx new defensive tree). You can still bully him early on. The only difference is that YOU NEED TO WIN YOUR LANE or he will become an unkillable "knife-spammer"




Elise is just overall a strong laner, harrass/burst/sustain. Play fairly safe and itemize well (hexdrinker and mr boots). Remember building HEALT is USELESS or almost vs elise since she deal hp%damage




Ok this matchup change a lot after fiora reworks, you should still be able to hold your own but you need to be really carefull when trading.

Fiora is tricky to play against becase you need to fully understand how her passive works

Long story short, try to not stand too near to her when her passive (vital) in in her direction. If she dosn't proc the vital after 15 secs it will de-spawn and re-spawn facing another direction. When the vital is facing the back of the lane you will be fairly safe.

Another tip is NEVER aatroxQ.png her when she didnt use her fiorariposte.png yet. If she blocks your aatroxQ.png her fiorariposte.png will stun you instead of just slowing and you will be in big troubles.




You have all the tools to survive and farm, make sure just to be aware of the enemy jungler, galio is great with his cc at setting up ganks. If he roams with his ult and you are late to follow i would suggest you to push out and aatroxr.png the tower to take it down ASAP.




Gp is pretty much a fighter like you but he's weaker in everystage of the game. You have tons of lifesteal/regen while he has only his W early on. Just try to not force hardengage early on because he's quite strong in a straight up 1v1 for the first few lvls. Control the lane, put down some harrass and get some items then stomp him.

One little trick vs him is to force his W then engage so he will not be able to escape you. (Like use your Q/Knockup and wait his W/oranges before using your E/slow)




I'm not sure what i should put as "difficulty" i'll go for easy but to be easy you obv need to not "fuck up" with your skillset.

Let's point out 2-3 things about garen:

- He's an OK laner with good burst damage and some pretty tanky stats and skillset (W)
- He's vulnerable vs poke, since you can shootdown his passive just by making him take damage
- He has no really esape or hardengage tools
- His W gives him an active that reduce a 30% of the damage dealt to him (also he has 30% cc reduction), while his passive gives him bonus 20% mr/armor so it will became harded and harder to kill him when he will build some defensive items
- His ultimate deals MAGIC DAMAGE, some flat damage plus a percentage of your missing healt, so be really carefull about when to trade after his 6.

So as aatrox you should plan on lane control, i mean to catch you he needs to use his Q and as soon as he active his Q you should land your E (forcing him to take damage and eventually waste his Q on creeps).
You have a lot of sustain obv while he has his passive and maybe the hpregen due to his (probably) dorans shield start, so poke him every time his passive is about to come up (you can clearly see it by watching the "green things" around garen or just by clicking on him).
So try to keep him low and try to force his passive off anytime. Eventually you will be able to take him off.

So why you said you need to "not fuck up" with your skillset?

Well if you waste ur CD's he could be able catch you with his Q E combo it could be a pain, it's a lot of damage and it could put you in a vulnerable positon (low hp, easy gank for the enemy jungler). 

So in conclusion play smart and you should not have problem vs any garen.




Gnar is actually a tricky champ toplane I would rate this matchup as NORMAL but it can be HARD if you don't know how gnar works. He can build either pure tank or an hp/armorshred/ad build.

Let's start with the basic info you need to know about gnar:

-NEVER fight him when his fury bar is almost full or full
-NEVER trade with him when he's on megagnar unless you can do it safely without taking damage in return 
-NEVER use your Q to harrass him unless you know you can kill him or force him back right away

How to play vs gnar? 

You wanna treat this matchup like a normal range champion matchup, harras him with E and try to take as less punishements as possible

Try to push your level 2 before his because if he pushes the lane towards you you will be in serious trouble since he will be able to poke you undertower and he will contest every cs.

You have some kill potential early on if you land ur E's.

Care at 6 to not be jumped on and try to not stand to close to walls or he will mostlikely permastun you (R to a wall, than W, than q slow) and either pop your passive or straight up kill you 

Item start

1075.png If you are really confident and you played the matchup multiple times

1054.png If you are confident enough to play the lane just well but want a bit of safety

1029.png and 4pots If you have no clue on what to expect or are still scared and learning the matchup

You might aswell take tp if you are still learning Aatrox so in case you fuck up in lane and die (or just get so low tha you can't even farm anymore without dying) you can just tp back to lane and not lose many minions




Irelia is a strong toplaner overall. She's kinda weak early game, she's kinda weak before 6 and she's kinda weak pre-shop (before the first back).
So you can abuse her early on but you need to be carefull later. Once she get her W at rank 4-5 (also it depend on what she's building) she can match your sustain.
When trading make sure you take as less autoattacks as possible while her W is active, if her W is on cd, you can pretty much win all trades easily.
Remember also while fighting into minions that she can heal herself for a good amount of hp with her R.




There's really a missconception about this matchup. I heard things like "JAX IS AN HARDCOUNTER TO AATROX / I'M FEEDING BECAUSE JAX JUST COUNTER ME SO HARD" well... BULLSHITS.

Jax is a fighter/duelist like you and you just need to have some knowledge about this matchup.

This matchup in a nutshell:
- Jax > Aatrox when : Jax has enough sustain to match Aatrox, Jax has equal farm, Jax has some core items.
- Aatrox > Jax when : Early game pre 6, before the first trip back, Aatrox denied/killed jax early on making him to fall way to behind in items/levels.

Almost like irelia, jax is fairly weak pre6 and preshop. If you can take enough advantage in the early lanephase then you can match jax without problems.
As always poke with E, and if his E (counterstrike) is on CD don't be afraid on going full man mode on him.

Another trick to get some advantage is to force jax E. Pretend you are going to 1v1 him and as soon as he use his E retreat (even if you take some AAs this is worth). Well after this you have 18 seconds while his E is on Cd and you can work around it.

Another funny thing is, jax is getting popular so people just go blind mode picking jax and expecting to stomp you no matter what. If you work on your powerspikes level you will make any jax cry.




He's ranged, he has both poke and disengage tools, you could have an hard time. Just farm as much as you can and wait for an opportunity (he waste his E or smt like dat)




He's a pain in the ass. Anyway you have some windows when you are way stronger then him and you can take advantage of that.

The key moment when you should be able to kill him is lv 2. Hit lv 2 before him and just try an all in, he will mostlikely die or burn a flash and that's great because he will start to play way more passive (almost any kenne start toplane without wards, so without the flash he's forced to play passive).
Also early on (depending on runes) he has really low sustain. Anyway if you know the lane he's just more annoying then a real threat, but still take care.




Kha is an ad-assassin with some sustain and a really high-isolate burst damage.

Things to remember about kha:

- His Q deals considerable amount of damage and it will hurts even more (and by even more i mean A LOT MORE) if you are isolated. Evoled Q will also deal a % damage of your missing healt so be even more scared about it after lv 6
- His W deals an ok damage and heal khazix only if he's in range of the explosion, that means he need to get closer to creeps to heal himself
- His passive make his next auto attack deal some flat damage and slows by 25% for 2 secs
- His passive can be refreshed just by joining a bush or going out of the enemy's vision, so a good toplaner will keep it always up.
- His E (leap/jump or w.e) is on 22 secs cd so punish him hard if he waste it

Lanephase: Be carefull of his lv 1, he's way stronger then you if you are isolated, so don't facecheck bush and try to stay near your minions. After the lv 1 you are strong overall, so start to play the "harrass with E" game as you always do as Aatrox. Try to not pickup fight when you are isolated UNLESS you are 120% sure on killing him.

Just don't overestimate his damage, don't pick up stupid 1v1 fight when all his cd's are up and you are isolated and you should not have any problem vs him.


Lee Sin


A good leesin is ALWAYS an hard match up for almost all toplaners, it just comes to your ability to dodge his q and make him waste his E on creeps.

He is as strong as you early on.

You are stronger lategame, so if you manage to not lose your lane and go equal in cs you already did your job.

Also if lee is bad you can take advantage of his cd's and his energy. (as i said making him waste energy, cd's on creeps and trade when you know he's vulnerable)




I would classify this matchup as medium for only one reason, Lissandra is still not played enough top so people don't expect/can calculate her burst damage. If you know her skillset, cd's and burst it will be muchmore easy to lane vs her.

Things you need to know about lissandra:

- Her passive gives her next spell cost no mana (18 secs - cd reduced by 1 second whenever Lissandra impairs an enemy's)
- Her E is on 24 sec cd at lv 1 and you can actually stop it with your Q, so she's somehow vulnerable to gank early on.
- Her kit scale pretty well so she can really burst you down from 100% to 0% if she farm/itemize well


- She has no sustain, so if manage to keep landing your E she will be pretty much fked.  - Try to not stay behind your creeps so she will not hit you with her q (Throws a spear of ice that travels in a line and shatters when it hits an enemy)
- Do not be afraid to rush an hexdrinker as i said it helps a lot vs any ap toplane
- Be ready to jump on her if she waste her cd's to farm.
- Be carefull if she runs ignite, if she runs tp, try to stop her with your Q, if you cant just shove the lane and take her turret ASAP.
- Jungler ganks + Lissandra's cc are strong. So keep your toplane ward and if you have no ward try to not overcommit.




Yes, another yordle made her way up to toplane.

Lulu is a strong laner, you can abuse her early on (first levels) if you have ignite. If not your goal will be to farm as much as possible and try to stay relevant in the game.

Not much to say about this matchup, dont get baited by her ult/e (shield) and play safe. Wait for the jungler and try to make smart plays over the map with your tp when possible.




As i told you, you are maxing E, you have no problems, just farm and keep harrassing him with E when he goes for a creep, get him low and all-in him then.

If he waste his E on creeps just punish him.




Stomp him the first levels and make him regrets to even think about the lategame, he has no escape (nasus mostlikely will pick ghost) you are way way way stronger then him.




Annoying just annoying, you have the sustain to match her, and she has no escape before 6.




While nunu is still a pain in the ass, as aatrox you still have some small windows where you shine and you are actually able to kill him and get ahead.

While you will probably not being able to kill him before some lvls you have the change to get him at lv 2-3 so try to get him let's say half hp at lv 1, try to push a littlebit your wave (to hit lv 2 before him) as soon as you hit your level 2 try to catch him offguard with your Q and W.

After some levels this matchup should become really boring, but you have some sustain to match him, and also you can stop his ult and you will be way more impactfull on the game.




This match is tought, olaf can build full tank or damage and either way he will be kinda a problem. I suggest you to farm and to pick up opportunities before 6, ask also your jungler to come before 6 to get a freekill on him (most olaf players run ghost also so it will be easy time).

If you can snowball the lane you are going to stomp him otherwise just control your lane and farm up.



Let's start with pointing out how pantheon works and the thing you need to ABSOLUTELY remember about him.

- Pantheon passive will block the next autoattack that will deal more then 40 damage (it means that his passive wont block the minions AutoAttack, but it will still block the cannon minions AutoAttack

- His passive get reset after 4 AA or skills (you can also read how many stack he does have by clicking on him)

- His passive GET A FREE RESET after using his W (stun)

- The passive on his E give phanteon freecrits when his enemys are lower then 15% hp, the q also can crit

Now get all this 3 things stuck in you mind, pantheon could be a really easy matchup or a really hard one depends on who is playing him.
Let's say you still should be carefull, and you should get him low with E and all in when you are certain sure about it.
Remeber you have sustain, he does not so just trade carefully.




He has more burst then you early on, you have more sustain. It all comes about skill - predictions - ability to get advantage of minor mistakes.

This lanes anyway is in favour of renekton early on, and it will get better for you with some levels and items. Unless the renekton your facing is a bad player you aim for this lane should be going even in cs.

Also be really carefull of renekton lv 6, he's a beast and a player who can take full advantage of his fury mechanics will wreck you.




Rengar is quite strong early on, you should be carefull for his lv 2/6.

Rengar can go 2 ways:
- full ad: you can kill him this way if you are carefull enough about his killpotential/damage.
- full tank: you should focus on farming because if he's barely good he will never dies to you

If you are in trouble you can consider to buy an early chain vest. (rengar does only physical damage besides his W).

If you are in trouble ask for some ganks and be carefull TO NOT GET JUKED by Bushes/Minions.




While riven is not an hardcounter for Aatrox you can still have some problems.

Riven burst is higher then yours but she has no inbuilt sustain.

This lane is almost always decided by the mechanical skill of riven and also by your knowledge about her cd's.

Riven's Q -> 13
Riven's W -> 11 / 10 / 9 / 8 / 7
Riven's E -> 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6
Riven's R -> 110 / 80 / 50

This are the cd's of riven and you should remember them.

Let's talk about the lane, she's just stronger then you but as i said before you have sustain so you should STILL be able to hold your lane and farm without any troubles. If you feel like the riven you are faceing is "bad" you can also force some trade in lane but it's still risky since she has so much mobility. Another thing is NEVER use your Q as an offensive skill or you will be fucked since you have no other escapes.

Be aware on the lv 6, she's just a powerhouse once she reach 6.

If you have troubles aks your jungler to gank and play passive.




Stomp him as hard as you can you should be able to since he has no disengage and no sustain. Just take care and not underestimate the damage of his Q E in danger zone.




Shen is always a scary toplane in general (if he get some early kills/freefarm it would mean you will not be able to kill him). Early on you are way stronger so as most of the other matchups you are supposed to go a bit aggro early on and try to force something (either a firstblood, or a recall so you can taka some advantage). Remember then (still depends on runes) shen as an hard time lasthitting under turret early on.

You are generally stronger for all the lanephase but not underestimate shen damage output

Try to not fight in his W since he's immune to autos while inside of it

Also remember that you CAN stop his ultimate with your Q and if you are not able to stop him you can still push fairly fast and take the tower to compensate his roaming.




Well i'm sorry but right now shyvana is just retarded. She has more damage then you early on and after 6 she's literally unkillable. Just try to farm up, if she's bad you might have a chance to kill her pre6.

If feel shyvana is one of the reasons aatrox is no more played (atleast in toplane)

(nerfs coming soon)




Aatrox is a bully laner early one while singed is fairly week, stomp him early on, try to deny him as much as possible. If singed can't have a good transition from early to mid/lategame he's gonna be totally useless.




He's a tank and you have more than enough sustain inbuilt and eventually later on to match his harrass tools




Fuck - Dat - Yordle.

Teemo is the #1 nightmare for any fighter in this game, and obv Aatrox is not an exeption.

You still have the same small window i talked about in some other matchup if you can lv up faster then him at lv 2 and get him. He will have still no blind so it could be your time to take a kill.

Other then that, this is a really scary matchup, so ask your jungler to gank. Teemo is really easy to gank pre6 due to your CCs

In anycase if, for some reason, you are forced to play without help from your jungler just try to farm as much as possible (even just lasthit with your E) and engage only if 1) He wasted his Q on creeps 2) You are full or almost on healt 3) You can land your E.

Don't ever try to waste your Q to harrass him, you will have no more escape and he will kite-back you with his auto + his W and you will eventually be low or dead or without passive :P.




I don't think trynda is a counter to Aatrox but if you play this lane careless you will be in trouble, so i marked this matchup as hard.

You are stronger them him pre6, but if he gets his fury bar full he can be really scary. Just take always a look on his fury bar. After 6 he has a "better revive" then you, since you passive cooldown is kinda long while his ultimate is not.

You can fight him when his fury bar is not full or close to be.

This lane can go either ways, early on you are stronger, with same farm and after some levels trynda is stronger. So try to shout him down early. Also a good thing is to push first levels and call your jungler to dive him. (you have you passive, should not be hard) and this will put him in a terrible situation when he basically lost his early game, and you will be able to bully him forever.




Udyr is a really strong toplaner with good sustain, and also a pretty good damage. Honestly is pretty hard to Explain you this matchup because udyr can be played in so many ways (maxing q first for raw 1v1 damage, maxing w first for infinite sustain or maxing R first for proxing, even if i think the r max is the less common)

Anyway on a standard base, you have more sustain then him early on and if you poke him with your E hard enough early you should have the upper hand.

Remember to itemize accordingly to what he's maxing (q = armor while it used to be magic damage, since 2-3 patchs they changed it into phisical damage, r = magicres)

You are also more usefull in fight then what he's, so try to bully him early on in lane (CARE OF HIS Q damage, possibly make him waste the first AutoAttack on creeps after he activates Q) if it's not successfull farm as much as you can and eventually ask for some ganks.




Same matchup as singed ones.

Aatrox is a bully laner early one while vladimir is fairly week, stomp him early on, try to deny him as much as possible. If singed can't have a good transition from early to mid/lategame he's gonna be totally useless.

The main difference between singed and vlad is, vlad is a damage dealer, while singed is more tanky oriented, so it will be even harder for you to lane vs a farmed vlad later on.




I tagged this matchup as medium but it could be hard/easy depending on your knowledge.

So like some notes let's start about wukong cd's and how u can get rid of him:

Passive: Wukong's armor and magic resistance are increased by 4/6/8 for each visible nearby enemy champion. It doesn't really change your lanephase, it could be scary in a 5v5 teamfight

Q : 9/8/7/6/5 - Remember also, Q has more range then a standard autoattack (usually maxed as second) and it DECREASE 30% of your armor
W (clone) : 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 / 10
E (gapcloser/atssteroid) : 8
R (Spintowin) : 120 / 105 / 90

How do you approach lanephase.

Wukong early game deals more damage then aatrox but you have sustain while he does not. So your aim would be as always 1) Harrass with your E 2) don't force traid unless he's low hp 3) Sustain back all the damage you take 4) DON'T GET JUKED :p

In terms of a straight 1v1 i feel like you scale better then wukong, while he's more a teamfight oriented champ. So try to go ATLEAST even in lane, and try to play the "Harrass with E and eventually all-in when low strat" as well as possible.




Yasuo is usually played midlane but it's not that bad in top aswell.

Yasuo is kinda strong the first 2 levels when he can charge his "Estacks" (E is the dash, every stacks add 25% of the base damage, up to 4 stacks) on minions. So be careful first levels when the wave comes. 
After the first levels you should be in a good place to trade with him. Yasuo is really dependant on items, he will hit huge power spikes after buying statikshiv/ie or shiv/botrk.
Try to keep looking at his Q stacks aswell to know when he will have the knockup avaible and remember that he can windwall your E.

I would say this is a skillmatchup in the lanephase.




He has no escape, he has really good sustain, he's actually a scary laner. I think you can still take advantage the first 1-3 lvs of your passive/w damage/ ignite to get an early fb.

I didnt played this matching enough sadly, so still take care




I would not say zac is harder then other matchup i marked as "hard" but a good zac will still be a pain due to the broken champion kit.

Well i didn't played dat matchup after all the zac changed, also zac is almost permabanned in ranked games (atleast in mine).

You still should not have problems on holding the lane as Aatrox, but to kill him you will need to play smart. Try to pass on his bubble when he drop some so he will not be able to re-gain healt and try to harrass him as much as possible with your E. Remember also you can stop his E with your Q.




Almost any bruiser with an inbuilt sustain counter zed, you should not have problems

Abilities explanations and usage Back to Top

aatroxpassive.png Passive

q from lolking.png  

  • Ideally before engaging with a champion you want to full fill his passive
  • The revive passive has a cd of 180/160/140/120 lvs 1/6/12/18

aatroxq.png Q

q aatroxlolking vera.png

  • 13 Secs cooldown is a long time, considering it will be the last skill you max so use it wisely
  • It has a short channel time but it can be interrupted by a lot of ccs. Again use it wisely
  • You can combine it with your flash to cover more distance, for a solid engage

aatroxw.png W

aatrox W lolking.png

  • Always have the damage toggle on unless you need to lifesteal
  • It would be ideal to use the first 2 autos and hold on the third to use it on the enemy champion. If it's not possible not bother too much and just lasthit
  • In a duel is always best to start with the damage part, then IF NEEDED switch to the healing part. The lower hp you are the more you will lifesteal
  • The damage toggle will also grants you 20% Blood Well (stacks for you passive)

aatroxe.png E

aatrox E lolking.png

  • Your only ranged harrass tool
  • Time it when the enemy champion is going to lasthit a creep so it makes it harder to miss
  • If possibile try to use it before jumping in with your Q. Slowed targets are easier to hit

aatroxr.png R

aatrox r lolking.png

  • It has a noticeable AOE damage upon activation so if possible cast it near the enemy target
  • You gain range and attack speed so it become way easier to 1v1 a target
  • It lasts for 12 seconds

Aatrox role Back to Top

What's Aatrox role?

  • Aatrox is an AD FIGHTER (like 92.png , 39.png , 24.png and so on)

Can i use Aatrox as a tank?

  • Aatrox can also fill the TANK BRUISER class. You have to build more tanky oriented items tho.
  • This IS NOT the optimal way to play Aatrox but if you really lack frontline and you have enough damage, you can go for it for the sake of winning/teamplaying.

What do i do in the early game?

  • You are looking to fight the enemy laner, you are looking to trade smart (following the tips and the matchup accordingly). If you are in trouble just farm and sustain with your aatroxw.png asking for ganks
  • If you are facing a tank, you might want to shove the wave as fast as possible and go to roam mid/jungle to try to make plays

What do i do in the Midgame?

  • Splitpush if you are able to 1v1 anyone is the ideal Aatrox task. Sometimes your team will just get dumpstered while you do so, so it might be convenient to group and fight

What do i do in the Lategame?

  • At this point you shoul have your tank items done. You want to look to group and to play teamfights.

What do i do in Teamfights?

  • In the IDEAL TEAMFIGHT you want to wait for your main tank to engage. After it you want to aatroxe.png as many people as possible and then aatroxq.pngaatroxr.png into their backline popping up everything you have like 3153.png3143.png. Your role is to be a livng hell for their carries. 
  • If you are 'THE MAIN TANK' your best bet is to try to 4.png aatroxq.png aatroxr.png into their team. It's the only way to engage.
  • If your ADC IS FED and he needs peel your task is to aatroxq.png aatroxe.png 3153.png 3143.png every target that attempts to jump on him. You are actually a decent peeler aswell 

Aatrox Pros & Cons Back to Top


  • Inbuilt Sustain with his aatroxw.png
  • Strong splitpusher and strong 1v1's
  • Revive Passive aatroxpassive.png
  • Has a knock up aatroxq.png so he's pretty good at 12.png and generally catching people out of position
  • Can work aswell as a jungler 
  • Pretty snowbally if ahead


  • His aatroxq.png is easy to interrupt leaving him helpsless
  • Useless if behind
  • Not the best teamfighter
  • 3076.png Built early kinda ruins his day

Tips/Tricks/Suggestions Back to Top

  • aatroxq.png Is your only dash and your only mobility ability, if you use it to engage on anyone be sure not to miss it and also keep in mind that after that, you will be left with no escape
  • aatroxq.png Even if you hit you enemys with the external circle of it, it will still deals damage, but your targets will not be knocked up

  • aatroxr.png Deals AOE damage upon activation, it might be usefull to remember it. In teamfight it can actually be quite important to try to damage as many champions as possible with it


  • aatroxq.png Can be interrupted while you are flying so you really have to be smart about when to use it

  • aatroxq.png Can pass walls

  • 4.pngaatroxq.png Let's you cover a fair amount of space so don't hesitate to try it if you can catch someone offguard

  • aatroxe.png When enemy is looking to cs one of your minions increase your hitting chance. I would actually suggest you to normal cast instead of smartcasting. It has a weird pattern and it might be weird to use at first

  • aatroxpassive.png The revive passive is a good baiting tool. It used to work differently. Before you had always a grey bar when you had your revive passive on cd. Now it's not that way anymore so you can actually use it to bait people into committing for you
  • aatroxw.png & aatroxr.png Gives you a pretty nice dps, so taking objectives (baron/drakes) gets faster. Don't be afraid to use your ult for them

Author's notes & My guides (check them out !) Back to Top

I started to play lol early in the days (half of the season 1), finished bronze (s1) gold (s2) diamond (every other season) i didn't really try to get higher since i think it would require me too much time.

I like to create guides and contents so expect some other guides coming soon, i don't have any stream or social media.
 Thanks for reading !

My other guides

Renekton Top:

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Leblanc Mid: 

Karthus Mid:


ChangeLog Back to Top

29/07/2017 - The Aatrox guide returns fully updated to season 7 aatroxr.png





- Added changelog
- Added Garen/Kha zix/Lissandra/Udyr matchups
- Little change in the skillorder selection (read also the comment)


- Added some in-deph explainations about item-builds


- Added sion/fiora matchups as requested


- Updated some lane matchups with more in-deph explanations


- Added "Aatrox changes" chapter


- Added Wukong matchup as requested


- Updated masteries (sorry for being late but i didn't play that much since the preseason start)


- Changed: "item starts" / "mundo matchup" / "Aatrox changes"

12/01/2013 (Happy new year! )

- Added Olaf/Shyvana/Gangplank matchups


- Added 2 matchups (yasuo/lulu)

- Changed "Runes" / "Summoner spell" / "Aatrox changes"


- Added gnar matchup

- Updated the guide as a whole for the new preseason 6, still need some more works but should be enough to give you the infos you need.

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