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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

In most circumstances, flash is absolutely necessary on Aatrox. Although his Dark FlightaatroxQ.png is a character displacement ability, flash can flexibly be used as a gap-closer to finish off the opponent, be used to escape a gank, or to dodge an enemy skill shot and outplay them!

Teleport is a very team-oriented summoner spell that can make a difficult lane more bearable, allow you to have more presence around the map, and allow you to apply pressure through split-pushing while still being able to make it to an objective. If playing with a dynamic queue team, this summoner spell is preferable since you can communicate with teammates on when to use it. 

[Personally speaking, I don't think many people have good enough knowledge to use Teleport effectively and I don't think this summoner spell is required until high diamond level. Win lane, win game.


Ignite has always been the go-to summoner spell for those who want to disable enemy healing, or want to obtain a kill potential advantage in the earlier stages of the game and snowball the lead. When playing in the midlane with Aatrox, I will typically run this spell to apply pressure or kill my lane opponent and begin roaming around the map to take objectives or to get more kills. This spell can be taken in the top lane as well if you're against somebody like Swain or Vladimir who are very health regeneration oriented or you're just more comfortable using ignite more than teleport and want to snowball the lane. 

[I wouldn't take ignite in a lane you find very difficult, chances are you're not going to kill the lane opponent and you'll just end up further behind]


Exhaust is by far one of my favorite summoner spells to get on Aatrox. This spell can allow you to 1v2 when an enemy jungler comes to gank your lane or you can greatly diminish your enemy's burst by casting exhaust on them. Taking this would be preferable in a lane vs high burst champions like Zed, Talon, Leblanc. It can also make you indiscriminately win any 1v1 in the game if used properly. 


Riot has recently made changes to ghost that makes it slightly more tempting to purchase. While I have never personally tried using this summoner spell on Aatrox, if it's your preference to use it then go for it. It's not the worst thing in the world but can be seen as less impactful as flash. The only upside is that ghost has as much lower cooldown than flash can be used more aggressively when chasing the enemy.


Cleanse can be an interesting summoner spell to run. In my opinion Quick Silver Sash 3140.png and/or Mercurial Scimitar3139.png don't really have a place in Aatrox's full item build. If the enemy has a lot of CC, this can in fact be a viable summoner spell to get. The only way Aatrox can effectively live in a team fight or skirmish is to auto-attack. If he's stunned or snared he can't exactly do that which is why cleanse can be used well on him in order to get auto attacks off.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Ferocity Tree

[Sorcery>Fury]: Aatrox has enough attack speed in the early stages of the game through his passive, he doesn't really need any from runes or masteries. Also I play Aatrox more of a caster, I like to whittle my opponents down with Blades of TormentaatroxE.png before going in for a fight. I would much rather have Aatrox's Q, E, and R all deal 2% more damage rather than gaining 4% attack speed.

[Double-Edged Sword]: Dealing 3% more damage while only taking 1.5% extra damage in my opinion is a perfect trade off and helps me stay relevant damage-wise in the game.

[Natural Talent]: After revisiting this mastery, I found it actually to be quite useful due to its buffs. It gives Aatrox bonus stats per level and I actually found the bonus AP and AD to be beneficial when fighting.

[Bounty Hunter]: This mastery is a personal preference, but I prefer dealing more damage late game to stay relevant as a damage dealer. As a mid/top laner with Aatrox, you will have plenty of mobility to get around the map easily and kill every opponent at least once. Oppressor is much more safe and dealing 2.5% more damage to movement impaired targets (which can be obtained through using Dark FlightaatroxQ.png or Blades of TormentaatroxE.png) is much more efficient in dominating the laning phase. However, getting 4-5 kills on unique targets isn't that difficult and can be amazing in later stages of the game.

[Battering Blows]: Although Aatrox does do a mixed amount of damage, his primary source of damage is physical, meaning the %armor penetration provided by the mastery helps a lot in order to keep Aatrox's damage relevant.

Key Stones

[Fervor of Battle]: Because Aatrox has so much damage potential, getting this keystone mastery is key for victory if you want to deal immense of amounts of damage throughout the game. By lvl 18, this keystone can deal upwards of 112 on-hit damage by the 8th stack which is crazy amounts.


[Warlord's Bloodlust]: This mastery is amazing on Aatrox. It compliment's Aatrox's healing potential when hitting critical level's of health. Because Aatrox gets his "tankiness" through his disgusting amounts of sustain, lifesteal can be seen as raw hp in another sense without getting the raw hp itself to make his heal costs further inefficient. Getting this keystone can help regen Aatrox's hp and make him deceptively tanky.

Resolve Tree

[Recovery> Unyielding]: Unyielding is irrelevant until late game, and not worth the purchase. I don't build Aatrox' full tank, I think it diminishes Aatrox's usefulness in the game (If you're going to play tank Aatrox, there are much better tanks out there that can do Aatrox's job better). I would much prefer Recovery's 2hp/5 which has immediate benefits in helping me in the laning phase.

[Tough Skin]: This mastery is surprisingly useful in the laning phase to help negate the harassment that you may take from the opponent. Again, this has immediate benefit to Aatrox in the laning phase, compared to Explorer, which only helps when you're roaming.

[Runic Armor]: This mastery is absolutely amazing on Aatrox. Not only does it benefit all aspects of the health bar without affecting Aatrox's hp costs, it also helps Aatrox sustain more in team fights through his lifesteal, little amounts of spell vamp, and health regeneration.

[Insight vs Perseverance]: This one is a tough comparison. However when playing in the midlane, most lane opponents don't run points in the Resolve tree, meaning if you get Insight, you'll have summoner spell cooldown advantage over your opponent, which can be a deciding factor in a 1v1 fight.

However, with Perseverance, having 50% base health regeneration and having it jump to 200% health regeneration when you're at 25% hp is absolutely amazing and can be the deciding factor between life and death for Aatrox. It's personal preference.

Cunning Tree

I personally don't run any points into the Cunning Tree because while it is an effective way to deal more damage while benefiting from the amazing Dangerous Game mastery, it's too risky for my playstyle and makes Aatrox far too squishy in fights. I woudn't go into this tree unless I was smurfing or 100% confident in my ability to carry the game.

Abilities Back to Top


Quick Guide to Selection!

MAX IN THIS ORDER: aatroxR.png --> aatroxE.png-->aatroxQ.png-->aatroxW.png


Put points into R whenever you can(6/11/16), E is your main source of harassment/waveclear so you should max it first, W doesn't really scale well with more points into it so maxing Q is much better in terms of having it on a lower cooldown along with dealing more damage. Finally W should be maxed.

In most situations you will want to start with Blood Thirst/Blood Price [W]. If you're incredibly confident in your team and your team is invading, starting Dark Flight [Q] will be a better option for that additional CC (Crowd Control).

Ability Overview:

(Passive) Blood Well

This is one of the best passives in the game, giving Aatrox essentially another life.

This passive is the main reason as to why Aatrox has a relatively low base attack speed. You can stack your passive through self inflicting damage (via Q, Blood Price, and E). The more hp in your blood well the more attack speed you obtain from it.

Note however that when upon death (with passive up), Aatrox will enter an untargetable stasis (tethers will still stick if previously applied) and will drain the entirety of his blood well and applying it as actual heath to Aatrox. While this does revive Aatrox, he effectively loses a large amount of his attack speed which may hinder him from sustaining healthily in a fight.



(Q) Dark Flight

This is Aatrox's main engagement/retreating ability. Think of it as a mini-Malphite ultimate that can be disrupted. This ability can be used to assist you in waveclearing in a combination with your Blades of torment [E], can be used to jump over walls, to escape ganks, and to initiate a fight.

When using this ability:
1) Try not to use Q when the enemy isn't disposed of their crowd control. Aatrox's Q is very easily disrupted. Like a simple breeze is enough to cancel his Dark Flight.
2) Don't use Dark Flight as a method of waveclear when the your lane opponent is still present, that gives them knowledge that they can engage you since you lost a spell's worth of damage along with your only dash. Use it purely for damage when in lane unless you're alone and know you're safe to use it to clear the wave.


(W) Blood Thirst/ Blood Price

This is the bread and butter of Aatrox. It's what differentiates him from other fighters that have large amounts of sustain. I will be describing this toggling ability in two parts: Blood Thirst and Blood Price.

Blood Thirst:

This ability (the red one) is what makes Aatrox deceptively tanky. Every third auto attack will heal Aatrox.
And what makes this skill even better is that when Aatrox' is below 50% of his maximum health, his heal is further increased triple fold.
Heal: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 (+ 25% bonus AD) Tripled Heal: 60 / 75 / 90 / 105 / 120 (+ 75% bonus AD)

Because his heal is increased drastically when he has lower health, it makes extended dueling go heavily in his favor in most cases. (This allows you to revolve your build when building Aatrox around being low HP, which can make Warlord's Bloodlust or items such as Maw of Malmortius or Sterak's Gage very potent on him).

Blood Price:

This alternate toggle on Aatrox's [W] is what makes this ability so versatile. Blood Price allows Aatrox to deal increased damage every third auto attack at the cost of his health.

COST: 15 / 23.75 / 32.5 / 41.25 / 50 (+ 25% bonus AD) health

Physical Damage: 60 / 95 / 130 / 165 / 200 (+ 100% bonus AD)

The upside to this ability is that with enough lifesteal, Aatrox can completely negate the health cost from Blood Price, effectively allowing you to keep it on for the remainder of the game.

TIP: Even if you have enough lifesteal to negate the health costs of Blood Price, it doesn't necessarily mean that you should in fact do this. The extra healing from Blood Thirst can become the deciding factor if you live or not in a fight.

TIP: If you're starting a fight/duel with an opponent with an adequate amount of health (aka won't get instabursted), start the fight with Blood Price, to maximize your damage output. Once you reach 50% Max HP, switch to Blood Thirst to ensure survival and to optimize your W usage.

TIP: if the fight could potentially be too much dps/burst for you to handle, then just go through the entire fight with Blood Thirst. Blood Price would be too risky.



(E) Blades of Torment

This is Aatrox's main waveclear and lane harass tool.  It's an ability that scales with both AD and AP while dealing magic damage, which means that it's actually very difficult to itemize defenses against Aatrox due to his mixed damage nature. It's an AoE damaging slow, that deals a fair amount of damage.

Optimize the usage of Blades of Torment:

1) Hit as many targets as you can with the spell (as Vampirism will heal more per target hit)

2) If the lane opponent is still present in lane, do not use Blades of Torment to just target the minions, make sure to aim for both the minions and the enemy to ensure maximum potential damage dealt to the enemy tojustify the health cost trade off.

There have been some people that would recommend going E lvl 1. However, since the spell does cost hp, missing the opponent when casting the spell is an immediate lost trade, and you wouldn't be able to effectively heal back the cost of the spell until a point into W is taken. Another argument that people would say to point a point into it lvl 1 is to immediately start stacking Aatrox's passive to increase his attack speed. While this is true, the same can be done with W, by using Blood Price, and then alternating back to Blood Thirst to heal back the damage dealt to Aatrox while still maintaining the Blood Well.



(R) Massacre

This spell is absolutely crazy on Aatrox. It is an AoE nuke that will greatly fill his Blood Well based on the number of targets hit by it. It will also increase the range of Aatrox's auto attacks which will make his damage less kiteable and enable him to get more autos off with will consequently further his sustain in a fight. The ultimate will also give Aatrox comparable amounts of attack speed which will further Aatrox's fighting potency. Use this ability when engaging in fights to maximize your damage potential along with furthering your team's burst damage.

TIP: When Aatrox is about to die (and enter stasis), do not ult. The blood well is going to drain regardless, which will leave Aatrox with suboptimal amounts of attack speed which will make it difficult to sustain back the health. Save the ultimate for after stasis to instantly regain that bloodwell and have tons of attack speed to regain your missing health.

TIP: The typical Aatrox Burst combo is Q -> R -> E -> Hydra (or not) -> AA


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard Start
    Defensive start vs AD
    Vs auto attack harass lanes
    Hydra Rush

Core Items

    Standard Build
    vs AP heavy
    vs 2+ tanks
    Hydra-less build
    Hybrid Build
    Selling boot? Get one of these

Situational Items

    enemy lots of AP/ need hp
    vs 2+ enemy crits
    team lacks waveclear/ don't have TP
    carrying team
    getting kited/roaming
    enemy has lots of CC
    enemy has 2+ AA champs

I believe that Aatrox shines the most as a damage dealer rather than a tank build oriented champion. If you wanted a tank, there are many other champs that can do Aatrox's job (AoE knockup + slow) much better. However as a damage dealer/ bruiser, Aatrox can be amazing.

Remember to not always follow a cookie-cutter build! Adapt to the situation!


Starting items:


This is the standard starting items for Aatrox. It offers a potion in case a trade goes incredibly poorly, and doran's blade gives Aatrox everything he needs. Health, lifesteal, and AD. It's an incredibly gold-efficient item, but I wouldn't stack them.


Alternate Starts:


Gives 4 potions and armor when against a bad matchup. Can be built into Ninja Tabi/Guardian Angel/whatever later.


If you rather have defenses rather than doran's blade. Can be good against champions with single target damage like Pantheon/ Quinn/ Teemo.


Ravenous Hydra/Death Dance rush. Get this if you're confident enough to stomp lane, and want to get items faster along with have 3 potions to compensate for any extra damage taken in the lane.

Ravenous Hydra is almost always my first purchase on Aatrox. Not only does it add a lot to his waveclear, it offers all stats that he can use effectively. The lifesteal and health regeneration help a lot with Aatrox's sustain and the damage is monstrous. The active adds a lot of burst to Aatrox's combo.

Phantom Dancer right now is probably one of my favorite items on Aatrox. It offers great amount of movement speed which helps Aatrox from getting kited, attack speed, critical strike, and 12% damage reduction. 

Although there are arguments that can be made that the critical strike from this item do not benefit Aatrox, the increased damage from the critical strike does increase the potential healing from Aatrox's lifesteal items due to more damage.


Death's Dance is also another item that is amazing on Aatrox. His main concern in terms of dealing damage is taking too much burst damage in which he cannot heal back fast enough. This item takes 15% of the damage, and deals it to Aatrox in third portions, giving him time to heal back the damage. Aatrox uses effectively all stats from Death's Dance as well because of the great amount of AD (75), 10% cdr, along with 15% healing from his Q (5% per target), W, along with his auto attacks. This item works perfectly with phantom dancer and gives Aatrox amazing dueling potential along with being able to have Blood Price on at all times if need be.


Black Cleaver is an excellent choice for Aatrox if you're against 2+ tanky opponents who are stacking armor. This item is also preferable if your team has a lot of physical damage, as the armor shred will benefit all of your teammates that deal physical damage. The movement speed that Black Cleaver gives helps prevent Aatrox from being kited, and although flat HP isn't an incredibly efficient stat on Aatrox, he still benefits from it in order to soak up damage. The 20% cdr on Black Cleaver is also amazing because it allows Aatrox to jump more with Q and harass with E along with lowering the cooldown of his ultimate. Overall Black Cleaver is an excellent item to build on Aatrox especially since they lowered the cost on it, preventing it from being too expensive.


3053.png or 3156.png

When to get Maw or Sterak's Gage?
The reason that one of these items is important to have on Aatrox is that burst is his counter. Having an extra shield prevent Aatrox from dying is very important. Both items provide great stats that Aatrox can use effectively. Maw gives armor pen which makes Aatrox's dueling more potent in later stages of the game when people are getting armor against him, along with flat ad, magic resist, a magic resist shield, along with its passive when Aatrox hits low hp, it will give him additional lifesteal and spell vamp which Aatrox can use effectively to get back his health. Sterak's Gage on the other hand is also good to have on Aatrox. Although it gives flat hp which isn't as effective on Aatrox, it still gives AD along with even more AD when the shield is popped, along with additional health in the form of a shield. 

Sterak's Gage: Get this item when enemy has AD burst. If both AD and AP champs are strong on the enemy team, then Sterak's is a great choice to get!

Maw of Malmortius: I would get this item when the enemy AP carry is doing a lot of burst damage. This isn't the most optimal choice if the enemy has AD burst as well since the shield will only proc when being dealt magic damage.



Guardian Angel is actually a decent item since they decreased the cost on the item along with buffing it for squishier champions who aren't stacking health. Meaning it provides meaningful resistances for a decreased price and potentially gives Aatrox 3 lives when his passive is available. I would typically get this as my 5th or 6th item when being alive is key to winning the game.


So when do I go the Hydra Build vs the Non-Hydra Build?

Hydra Build: 3074.png3046.png3812.png3111.png3053.png3026.png (General)

  • When your team has enough tanks
  • Are fed 
  • Want to make use of Ravenous Hydra active for more damage
  • Want more waveclear

Non-Hydra Build:3812.png3046.png3111.png3026.png3053.png3071.png (General)
  • Quicker Power Spike
  • Has more options for defensive items (meaning you can trade out 3071.png for a defensive item such as (3143.png/3075.png/3512.png)
  • Playing from behind (this build is typically cheaper)
  • Want purely strong dueling potential


Order of the Hydra/non-Hydra builds:  (Typical but not always)

Hydra build:

FIRST 3074.png since earlier on you just need damage to burst/last hit.
SECOND 3046.png because its good to supplement raw AD with attack speed and help synergize with Aatrox's W
THIRD 3812.png for it adds anti-burst to Aatrox and now will make him an amazing duelist with its synergy with PD.
FOURTH 3047.png or 3158.png or 3111.png eventually depending on the situation.
FIFTH 3026.png at this stage of game, being alive is crucial. This item is pretty cheap and offers some good resistances
SIXTH 3156.png or 3053.png depending on who is fed on the enemy team!

Non-Hydra Build:
FIRST 3812.png early game you just need that raw damage to last hit and duel the opponent
SECOND 3046.png due to its synergy with death's dance along with the attack speed to supplement the raw AD
THIRD 3026.png Getting resistances early in the game make Aatrox an even harder opponent to duel. The active also makes Aatrox an even bigger threat!
FOURTH 3047.png or 3158.png or 3111.png eventually depending on the situation.
FIFTH 3156.png or 3053.png depending on who is fed on the enemy team!
SIXTH 3071.png if enemy has tanks, unless you want more defenses then 3143.png or 3512.png or 3065.png or 3075.png

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Ahri
  • Aurelion Sol
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Cho'Gath
  • Dr. Mundo




May the best worst Aatrox win :)




This lane isn't too difficult, stay behind the minions and try not to get auto attacked too much. Her Q is fairly easy to dodge.

TIP: When she uses W in lane, stay a safe distance away from her and go behind minions so that each W flame will hit minions instead.

TIP: Stay behind minions to prevent getting charmed

TIP: Don't use aatroxQ.png if she has ahriseduce.png up. It will cancel the jump.


Aurelion Sol


Because of A'Sol's aurelionsolW.png, it makes laning as a melee champion very difficult. His aurelionsolQ.png also makes it very difficult to dodge since you're closer to minions which makes it easier to get hit by. His aurelionsolR.png also makes it very difficult to jump onto him. However if he misses his stun, that's the perfect opportunity to use aatroxQ.png and combo A'Sol.

TIP: standing right next to A'Sol is a safe zone and you won't get hit by aurelionsolW.png

TIP: Don't use aatroxQ.png if A'Sol has aurelionsolR.png up. It will cancel the jump.




Surprisingly, I haven't had much difficulty facing this champion. Although his poke is annoying to play against, proper positioning should keep you safe. If need be, Max E-W-Q rather than the regular E-Q-W for more sustain in the laning phase.

Don't use jump if he has ultimate up.




Horrible lane. His brandconflagration.png along with auto attacks will out damage Aatrox's sustain and absolutely demolish him. Consider maxing W second after E in order to survive the lane. An early 3155.png or 3111.png can be beneficial in insuring survival.




This lane is fairly simple. Just don't get knocked up by his rupture.png and just keep attacking him. Be careful when you hit low amounts of HP as feast.png will most likely be enough to consume you.

Max E-Q-W for maximum damage potential.

TIP: 3071.png Can be a very beneficial item in shredding Cho'gath's armor and winning the 1v1.

I typically go 3812.png -> 3046.png -> 3026.png ->3071.png against Cho'Gath


Dr. Mundo


If the enemy also has another tank along with Dr. Mundo, getting 3071.png will be incredibly useful. Even with only 1 point into W, you can still safely outsustain him. Be careful however if he buys 3143.png and/or 3047.png. Then dueling Dr. Mundo will become cumbersome.

TIP: Stay behind minions to avoid getting hit by Mundo's infectedcleavermissilecast.png. Running 14.png or buying a 3123.png could help keep Dr. Mundo from being a threat.

About me :) Back to Top

Hi everyone! I'm DeFroZenDumpling and I'm currently a huge Aatrox enthusiast. I've played him all throughout season 5 and 6, and have developed my own playstyle with the champion in the midlane! (Sometimes top). I hope you all enjoy the guide and please comment below any concerns or questions you have about the guide! I will always be updating the guide whenever I feel necessary and am open to criticism and debate.

I also stream! I love interacting with viewers at twitch: 

On stream I will be playing a variety of champions such as Full AD Fiora, plenty of midlane Aatrox, and much more (may not be on main acc) while going through my thought process and hopefully teach the viewers about the game and Aatrox!

INCOMPLETE MATCH-UPS: Will be adding matchup's as they come and will try to add them as soon as possible to the guide!

Again, thank you very much for reading my guide and many thanks to the community at /r/aatroxmains on reddit for their contribution!

Combos and tricks ft. Reddit! Back to Top

So Aatrox is a special case in terms of fighting. Although he may seem like a fighter who only uses auto attacks, he actually has a surprising amount of burst damage that can be combo'ed and deal massive amounts of damage.

  • Flash + Q: This is a pretty simple one that can be used to escape a dangerous gank or to gap-close onto a far away opponent. Here's a video demonstration:

This video clip also demonstrates a typical Aatrox Combo which can be completed from when the opponent is knocked up to when they finally land.


  • Aatrox requires excellent orb walking skills in order to keep up with the enemy without Q or flash.
  • Only the center of the Q will knock up opponents, the outer radius will only proc the damage but will not knockup
  • If you know you're unable to sustain through a fight and are about to enter stasis, don't use ult since you'll lose all of your bloodwell anyways. In this situation it is best to ult after you get out of stasis to obtain large amounts of attack speed to sustain back your health. Otherwise use the ultimate at the beginning of the fight within the combo.
  • Q -> E -> R -> Hydra (or not) -> auto is the typical combo for Aatrox.
  • You can E -> Flash for unexpected fight
  • Use Blood Price in lane when at full HP to get more "blood" in your blood well.
  • If running Fervor Of Battle, try harassing with E and a few auto attacks to obtain "free" stacks of Fervor before committing to an engage.

Aatrox is NOT a front line champion! You do not engage as Aatrox unless it is as guaranteed won fight! You are the second person to enter, to avoid getting CC'ed as much. You are to position as the MIDDLE player, behind the front line, but in front of the carries.

So why Aatrox? Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Lots of Damage
  • Drain Tank
  • Looks bad-ass
  • Has a mini Malphite ultimate on his Q
  • Amazing 1v1 potential
  • Terrifying if fed

Cons (lies):

  • Susceptible to CC (needs to auto attack in order to regain hp and sustain)
  • Can be lack luster in damage and relevancy when behind
  • Item dependent to have an impact
  • Only Gap-Closer/Escape tool [Q] is incredibly easy to interrupt
  • Loss of attack speed after stasis.


You can 1v2!! 

You can 1v3!!!

You can pound a fed Master Yi into the dirt!!!!

You can perform a Wombo Combo with teammates!!

Burst your opponents into submission!

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