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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Flash ignite? the bottom line is that it's going to help you get early kills, it'll shut down otherwise lane losing healing mechanics. You can take teleport, but you have way more kill potential with ignite.

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Masteries Back to Top

Plenty of room for variation here, but this is what I've been using. If you want an explanation the only important parts are Feast, which is amazing early sustain. Vampirism, Runic armor, all for the same reasons, and finally warlord's bloodlust. Bloodlust makes a lot of sense for Aatrox's kit.  The tooltip doesn't explain it very well so here you go:

At 90% health it grants 1% lifesteal.
At 50% health it grants 9% lifesteal.
At 20% health it grants 20% lifesteal (Bed wetting time)

This lifesteal only works on champions and minions, with minions giving 50% benefit of a given tier. So it's most relevant in duels. Also note that this lifesteal doesn't scale linearly like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5% as you drop lower. It's specifically at those tiers of 90%, 50%, and 20% health.

You can take ferocity instead if you like, but bloodlust can keep you alive on the brink, as well as gives you sustain in lane without a lifesteal item.

Abilities Back to Top


Level 1: Q so you can get those early trades that i'll explain below
Level 2: W so you can both sustain and drop a burly chunk of damage when your opponent goes for a last hit.
Level 3: E because now it's your best ability, and you'll be maxing it from here on. It's ranged, it scales great damage wise and extends the slow period. Since the cooldown is lengthy at level 1, that's why I pick it last.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

    This is all the attack speed you need, any more and your orb walk would be pointless.

Situational Items

    Last item candidates

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Tryndamere




The anti Tryndamere Build: 3072.png3046.png3047.png3026.png3143.png3031.png, with this you can duel him late game, along with everyone else mostly. Every crit based AD is going to get rolled.

At early levels you can try the standard level 1 Q all in strategy, but be very careful of his rage bar. Respect it when it's full, even if he only has 30% crit chance, assume that he will crit every time.  On the other side of things though, when he has an empty rage bar, get drop a blood price proc on him every time he goes to last hit, along with your E.

The thing people don't get about Tryndamere is that without any crit chance from items, he's mostly helpless when his bar is empty. and every time he empties that bar that's a chance for you to zone him away from minions and punish him every time he goes for a last hit.  Don't let him build rage for free when he doesn't have it.  Pre 6 you can use this strategy to get a kill or all in him. Post 6 is another story.

Post 6 you want to harass him to pretty low health before going for an all in, because you won't be able to lifesteal through his R while he crits you over and over. Especially after he gets statik shiv. If possible, save your Q, or better yet your flash for when he uses his R.  You can be killed mid jump if he gets you low enough so flash is safer. As soon as his R runs out you can go back in and finish the job, or just back to laning in a much more oppressive manner since he no longer has the safety of R.

The Essential tips Back to Top

Taking Q at level 1:  Most people don't know how to lane effectively early on, so here's how you do it. You're going to last hit with your auto attacks and try not to take any poke. Try to clear 2-3 minions without taking any poke if you can. Watch your own minions as they get low. When your opponent goes in for the last hit, jump on him with Q. As that knockup is happening you can click on him to auto attack while he's still airborne. From here you can back off and resume last hitting having got some free damage. Or in the case that your minion wave is a lot bigger than his, you can just keep on auto'ing as he retreats to his turret. If he gets low enough for a kill ignite him, if not, back off and last hit your minions. Every flip of your sword is lifesteal, and at level 2 you get a huge sustain advantage via your W. You can keep using this little combo to either drive them out of lane, or kill them as you maintain your health advantage.  Read the next step for more vital information.

How to use Blood Price effectively:  Use Blood price to stack up your passive attack speed, that self damage is the quickest way to fill your meter early on, and that attack speed is invaluable, so fill it up as you last hit, and keep it full by staying in combat by either bopping a minion, or hitting something with E.

When you've loaded a W proc onto your next swing, watch for your opponent to go for last hits just like before. Bop them with your sword if they're melee.  In the case of level 2, ready your W before leaping in with Q for an even bigger trade.

Trading at level 3+: First, the safe way.  Against a melee, you can walk up with blood price prepped, slap them with it, then E as you walk backwards.  The Slow from E will keep them from following you.  Against a ranged opponent you can't really do that. So you  hit them with your E then use the slow to hit your blood price. In both of these cases you're saving your Q for when things go badly. They might run from you, in which case you can just slap them with auto attacks for free damage. But if they're turning on you and you might get hit by a dangerous ability, it's much better to just use your Q to escape back towards your turret. 10% of your current health is better than 50.

Now for the not so safe way. Start the trade with your Q, slap them with your W stack while they're airborne, then E as you run backwards for the slow.  If they're running, or you have a large item and health advantage, you can keep attacking for the entire duration of E's slow.  If you get hit with CC during your Q, or miss you could be in big trouble, that's why I told you about the safe method first, so just be careful and practice.

How to never die in lane or otherwise frustrate your opponent: So a hypothetical scenario. You're 0/2, you're having a really hard time, you don't want to feed any more kills and just farm it out defensively. This is how you do that. Don't go in for last hits if your opponent is in range to hit you with their abilities. That fed Irelia or Riven is just waiting to violate you. Don't give them 300 gold, don't approach your minions. If they can close the gap, don't give them the opportunity.  Just sit way back, and use your E's max range to last hit minions as they get low. This will take some practice, learning the range, the travel speed, the fact that it narrows the further it goes. If you hit your opponent at the same time? Bonus! but focus on your last hits.  If you can't even approach at max range to get the last hit, just leave it and wait for the wave to push closer to your turret. Move with your opponent backwards and forwards as they give you, or take away ground.  

If they step far enough back that you can last hit or sustain with your W at melee range then do it. But keep your Q off of cooldown, and last hit safely with your E.  If you're forced to use your Q to escape, stay out of range til it comes back.  This and your passive is going to keep you safe.

What if you're in kill range right beside your turret? the same thing applies. Just last hit with your E at max range and keep space between you, even if that space ends up being 20 feet behind your turret.  Standing under it doesn't protect you by itself, it's all about your position.

What if your opponent decides to dive you with your passive up? The moment that fool deals any damage to you at all. drop your Q on top of them and go ham with your R and Bloodthirst.  Your turret is going to keep shooting them until they leave, your E's slow is going to make leaving very messy, and your passive revival is going to make it take a long ass time to finish the job. This can lead to great followup opportunities where you're at a health advantage, it might net you a kill, or force them to leave lane.  Follow these tips to just about never die in lane.

I have literally stalled for 40 minutes without dying using this strategy, forcing my opponent to stay in lane, luring in the mid laner, jungler, support etc, because they just can't free up top lane.

Your Passive and you Back to Top

So your passive isn't great on it's own, It's actually the reason for Aatrox's poor max health stat, despite the fact it gives his opponents time to reset their cooldowns, run away, or resposition. So in order to use it effectively, you have to make your 'death' worthwhile.  So here's some situations where you can use it.

Tower Dives: with your passive up, you're in a prime position to kill a low health opponent, or initiate on an early bot lane turret dive.  Your AD, support, and maybe even your jungler all lined up at the bot lane turret? You can initiate a dive if you know your team has the damage to kill them quickly. If the fight will take longer than your death and revive then hold onto it.  But this gives you access to opportunities that no one else has, since your passive will drop any turret aggro when you pop back up.

Turtling in lane: In the essentials section I touched on this a bit, but if you're in a bad matchup and you're stalling things out by last hitting with your E all game, there will come a time when your opponent, their jungler, and maybe even the mid lane will try something stupid and dive your turret. The moment you take damage the turret is locked onto that target, drop your Q on them immediately to keep them in the turret shots as long as possible, and from there either burst and blow everything or run and let the turret do it's work. Just try to die close to your turret or where no enemy can reach you. This is a very easy way to get a kill on a losing lane as you have a lot of burst at your disposal.

Triple Revive: Guardian angel is a great item in conjunction with your passive. Odds are, one or the other will be up most of the time as soon as you've built it. If you have the damage to go with it, you are a massive frustration for the enemy team in a fight. They have to kill you three times if they want you to stop hitting their carries.  Some people might branch off after the first death, or the second, they really have to make judgment calls if one of your allies is really dangerous. If you're soaking damage, then your allies get free reign. Just make sure you're not diving in by yourself with no allies in range. That's a huge waste.  I would normally build GA 4th after boots,  but in the case of a super bad matchup where everyone and their mother wants to dive your turret, go ahead and build it second or even after some lifesteal and component items, if they can't kill you, they can't stop you from farming.

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