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5 days ago

Aatrox Statistics for Slysar

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Always ignite + flash for burst.

why not 1.png when facing hard cc? Easy, just buy3140.png. Cleanse just isn't viable.
How about 3.png? You are bursting and aren't in for prolonged fights, but I guess it is possible if you are really scared.
Maybe 7.png then? Oh go away, you are Aatrox.
6.png instead of 4.png? No, just don't. Aatrox his nemesis is CC, so don't take ghost.
Why not 12.png for map pressure? Well you'll lose a lot of burst potential plus you are mid, you don't need tp to gank other lanes.

New Runes Back to Top

Electrocute: with one Q,W,E combo you activate it. Keep in mind that an on-hit skill like W counts as one (not W+aa).

Sudden Impact: I like to engage as much as possible with Q (aatroxq.png). Cheap shot isn't a bad pick either and taste of blood could be picked when you are facing hard matchups (but I recommend not doing so).

Ghost Poro: to warn you for ganks (ward the other side). Eyeball collection is a good pick too if you don't mind the lack of vision.

Ravenous Hunter: by far the best rune. It basicly gives you more lifesteal (which is nice). Ingenious hunter is crap on Aatrox and Relentless Hunter could work if you like to roam alot, but even then Ravenous is better.


Possible picks: Triump, Legend: Alacrity, Legend: Tenacity, Legend: Bloodline, Coup de Grace, Last Stand. 

Triump: Gives you some life after a kill, which is nice when you are getting ganked and are going for the 2 kills or when towerdiving and you are running for your life after the kill or when you have to deal with that DoT damage/Tower shots.
Legend: Alacrity: Should I say more?
Legend: Tenacity: For those heavy cc champs.
Legend: Bloodline: Because you are running Domination you don't have as much attack speed, so early lifesteal could be usefull too.
Coup de Grace: You burst most midlaner down quickly so this is viable.
Last Stand: Works great with Aatrox, just not the best option vs most midlaner (still viable in some cases though).

Masteries Back to Top

Fury: duh

Fresh blood: helps with the burst and the other two are useless. You already have a lot of life steal and you are definitely not a support.

Natural talent or Vampirism: You'd expect 'more life = better', but I think natural talent works better for late. A Matter of preference I'd say.

Double Edged Sword > Bounty Hunter/Battletrance: dont take battle trance because you are for most of the fights bursting them down, so the instant five % extra is better. Bounty hunter isn't bad, but you need to kill four different champ to get more damage output (neglecting the damage income point here). You will probably get four different kills, just not in early game and that's when you need it the most! The damage income shouldn't be a problem, because you heal like crazy. Only if you expect to be poked down (by say a 90.png), then it might be a good choice.

Battering Blows > Piercing Thoughts: duh.

Fervor of Battle > Deathfire's Touch/Warlord's Bloodlust: compared to DFT, I probably wouldn't need to explain myself much, right? Just common sense. Warlord's Bloodlust could work, but it only works when you are at low health, which you want to avoid because you are probably facing a burster (because who plays a tank in midlane? Nobody, duh). And after the combo of aatroxe.png+aatroxq.png you can, if you are fast enough and your opponent doesn't flash away, get at least two AA's off. With these two AA's you got an extra 4-32 AD which is awesome. If you can get three AA's off and your third is the third strike of your blood price, than it is sayonara squisy midlaner ( or at least in most cases). 

Unyielding > Recovery: because recovery is only usefull early if you are bad at aatrox mid/getting poked to hell. You already have a lot of lifesteal, no need for regen. Plus the extra armor/mr is nice for late.

Tough Skin > Siegemaster/Explorer: Siegemaster is bs. You won't back down under tower, because you are destoying your opponent. Explorer could be picked too, but I don't find much use for it. Aatrox isn't that slow that he needs the extra movement speed. Tough skin is particularly usefull went healing up in de jungle (if you get poked down with way to little cash to go back to the shop).

Runic Armor > Veteran's Scars: Duh. 8% lifesteal > 50 health.

Insight > Preseverence/Fearless: Fearless is for tanks. Preseverence could be picked, but it is regen and not life steal. You are a lifesteal-god, the extra health regen doesn't help that much. Shortened time on flash and ignite is usefull for bursting down your opponent.

Abilities Back to Top

(Aatrox) Passive.png

Your passive is what makes Aatrox so unique, it is somewhat like the Darius passive but Aatrox's passive also has a revive component. When engaging on enemies you should always have your bloodwell filled at 60-100%. If at 60% you should have 2 abilities ready (e.g. bloodprince ready to hit and a Q to engage), so you can get your passive off the moment you hit your opponent. 

Always be wary when engaging while your passive is on cooldown, you'll still be able to go Hellbent, but you wouldn't revive anymore.

Note: When you towerdive and you take fatal damage the tower also redirects its aim. So if a opponent is low and you have your passive. You could try to kill him under tower, if successful (and there were other units around) you can walk away safely without have to worry about the tower hits.

Note(2): In lane always try to keep it at 80%, so you'll be able to activate the passive quite quickly when engaging/engaged upon.

(Aatrox) Q.png

Your main cc-ability, it is basicly a mini Malphite-ult. This one takes practise to land properly. It used to have a health cost too, but they removed it. It is a nice ability to engage, jump over walls and surprise opponents. The knock-up is also useful because it denies your opponents a moment of attack/ability casting. You can also jump some walls that you wouldn't expect to be able to.

Note: if you miss this ability there is a big chance that you'll get punished for it, so practise it.
Note(2): your jump will be cancelled if you are hit with crowdcontrol.

(Aatrox) W.png

Your bread and butter ability. As you can see you can either choose heal or extra damage. Bloodthirst heals more when you are missing more health, but doesn't fill up your Bloodwell (aatroxpassive.png). 

So when to pick Bloodprice and when to pick Bloodthirst?

Situation 1 (You are engaging on an enemy which is a sustain champion): then I'd suggest you should fill up your bloodwell and take Bloodthirst after.

Situation 2 (You are engaging on an enemy which is a squishy champion with high damage): always make sure you have your bloodwell filled up and then go for bloodprice. Switch to bloodthirst when the squishy survived the burst and is now outhealing/outdamaging you.

Situation 3 (You are engaging multiple enemies at once): You should have bloodwell filled up everytime you do this (you'll need your passive revive too), unless they're low. If you don't have bloodwell filled up, fill it ASAP. When filled up take bloodthirst.

Situation 4 (You are engaged upon, you are also unable to runaway and you don't have bloodwell filled up): Fill up your bloodwell ASAP and take bloodthirst when low and bloodprice when you are all healed up. If you can't fill up your bloodwell (because of cooldowns), then take bloodthirst and hope you'll survive long enough for your abilities to come back up and engage with bloodwell ready or to run.

Having said this, if you think otherwise depending on the situation do so. These are just standerd situations, and not every situation that you'll encounter is standerd.

If there are other situations that need clearing up, let me know.

When it comes to farming in lane, I like to fill up my Bloodwell to 80% with bloodprice and aatroxe.png and then switch to bloodthrist, because if I would be engaged upon then I could activate my passive quite quickly.

(Aatrox) E.png

Blades of torment helps with poking, slowing and farming. It also fills up your Bloodwell. It is a decent ability to slow those opponents who are getting away so you can Q in after. Or to slow their escape after you went in with Q.

(Aatrox) R.png

Massacre is an awesome ability, because it grants you bonus attack speed and increases your attack range to 325! It also fills up your bloodwell for every champion hit, so if you aatroxq.png into a group of three with bloodprice ready (or blades of torment) you'll have your passive in an instant. It also helps you kill those opponents who are just out of reach and have the same movement speed as you. The damage from the ult itself isn't neglectable either, especially for squishy opponents.

179.pngSo, what to Max?

aatroxw.png on first point, because you need to be able to lifesteal and fill your bloodwell fast.

I used to max W>E>Q, nowadays I max W>Q>E. 

Yes, it indeed is true that E's damage increase is bigger than that of Q, but after playing Aatrox mid so often I feel like you need Q ready as often as possible (which is why I prefer Q over E). It is your main engage/escape ability, that is why every second counts. 
Now don't get me wrong, if you have trouble landing Q or are new to Aatrox then I suggest maxing E>Q (and not going mid).


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

    Also core vs hard magic match ups

Situational Items

    Still testing these out.

3153.png: I always buy this item, it just works too good for Aatrox.
3074.png: I like this one for its AoE, works very great
3156.png: I dont always buy this one, but when faced with an ap laner it can be very useful (especially an early 3155.png).
3812.png: It gives good heal (especially when combined with 3074.png) and turns a portion of the damage received into DoT. That is nice because you will be healing in that extra time (so more survival chance).
3111.png/3047.png: Most of the time you will be buying treads. Buy tabi when faced with ad laner/fed aa-based champs in other lanes.
3139.png: I rarely buy this one, but it is very useful when faced with champions like Malzahar. 
3065.png: If you are faced with multiple ap champions.
3143.png: A good pick when faced with an AS and/or Crit-champion. Active combines very well with aatroxq.png (should be used very close after the knock up to get a few extra basic attacks off).
3033.png: A viable option when you are facing a fed sustain champ, You should be able to out-heal most champions, but sometimes your opponent is just so fed that you'll need this item. I don't really buy this item much.
3095.png: Might be op on Aatrox, but have to test it.
3147.png: Should be viable too. Haven't got the time to test it yet.

So what to buy in what order?
Well that depends on how you are doing, what champion(s) you are facing and some other things.
Basicly most of the time: 
1st back: 3144.png/3155.png
1st item: 3153.png or if you are really struggeling vs ap laner: 3156.png
Buy boots of speed in between if you are struggling vs skillshots.
2nd item:   3074.png or 3153.png (if you bought maw first)
3rd item-6th: If you are doing well then you could buy another offensive item, otherwise go for a defensive one.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Azir
  • Cassiopeia
  • Corki
  • Gangplank
  • Jayce
  • Katarina
  • Lux
  • Malzahar
  • Ryze
  • Syndra
  • Varus
  • Viktor




The poke is heavy, the ahriseduce.png is incredibly annoying and post-6 she can dash multiple times which is bad because after going in with aatroxq.png, she just ults away. I don't recommend picking aatrox vs ahri. If you do engage try to do so with jungler, or if pre-6, wait out her ahriseduce.png before going in.




Carefull of the soldiers early, he can do quite some damage. 

Engage on him after he sends his soldiers forward with azirqwrapper.png. That way he cannot escape. Make sure you are able to kill him.
Keep in mind that he can azirewrapper.png towards his soldiers or to you if you are in the way, which gives him a shield and if he hits you, another soldier.

Note: Pre-update you couldn't aatroxq.png over his azirr.png. Now after the initial charge of his wall, you are able to jump over it.




You'll win early because she doesnt have enough mana to cassiopeiaq.png+cassiopeiae.png you to death. Her cassiopeiaw.png makes you unable to use aatroxq.png and her ult could potentially mess you up big time so be carefull. Pre-3 just back away when hit by cassiopeiaq.png, post-3 it is up to you do decide if you go in or not. I didn't have much problem with this match up.




Back down when he uses his ggun.png. Go all in on him after. He will probably be dead before he can use his carpetbomb.png. If that isn't the case, you always have 3153.png active to catch up. Just don't forget to poke him a little before going in.




If he pokes you withgangplankqwrapper.png, you'll simply heal up on minions. He can't cure a knock up (aatroxq.png) and the slow from aatroxe.png is only to make you land your aatroxq.png easier (plus some poke). So his kit won't do much good for him. The gangplanke.png needs to be avoided though, but this is easy just lure it and back up ( like you would at top).




Depending on his playstyle, he could be a bit of a problem at level 1-2 (due to poke). You should be able to heal enough with W to nullify his long range poke, if you manage to not get hit all the time (use minions as shields).

When you engage, he will most likely knock you back first. If you managed to slow him at the same time, then you should be able to kill him (3153.png-passive is very useful in this case).

Note: at level 6 you will get a powerspike (due to aatroxr.png), he will not.




She will poke you with katarinaq.png and can be very hard to hit with your aatroxq.png , because of the jumping around. But she can be beaten, make sure to get a early hexdrinker if you are struggling. 

Katarinas like to dash to their daggers (duh), so what I usually do is back away a bit giving her the idea of her being able to jump savely to her dagger (still staying in range though). Then when it is obviously she is taking the bait, I aatroxq.png towards her dagger. A definite mindfuck for her. 

Note: Be aware when doing trick above though: if she doesnt take the bait, she has free damage on you and might kill you. If I do this I am usually not low on health and I am close to my tower most of the time.




if she is out of range when you are hit by her luxlightbinding.png, make sure you keep hitting something if possible (to heal up). Herluxlightstrikekugel.png should be avoided, but doesn't hurt that much if you heal up on minions.




He is an absolute pain. You will probably get poked to hell. His malzahare.png is very annoying because you have to get close (or you will deplete your health too much with aatroxe.png). To counter his ult I recommend to buy 3140.png  right after 1053.png.




not too hard, just be carefull when farming as his ryzee.pngryzeq.png combo can hurt. When he roots you with ryzew.png and you can't reach him, heal off anything that is nearby (if possible).




Avoid the syndrae.png, not sure if it can knock you back mid-flight. Probably will though. Just get a hexdrinker for the syndrar.png and you'll be fine.




His varusq.png can be annoying if you don't know how to evade them. Practise on this, if you have trouble on this you could buy your boots earlier. His varusr.png only roots, so again: hit anything you can to heal up for the duration of the root (preferably him of course). If you have trouble evading his varusq.png then back off a bit when you have 2-3 stacks ofvarusw.png on you. When you are able to get to him with aatroxq.png, there is a big chance you'll burst him to death.  I'd say easy/medium match up, depending on the varus player and his jungler.




Just avoid the viktordeathray.png, which shouldn't be too hard and don't get caught in viktorgravitonfield.png. If you manage to do that, you will most definitely burst him down easily.

Early Game Back to Top

At the start of the game there are two things you can do. If you are new to Aatrox I suggest NOT doing option number two.

Option number one:

Kill the minions as fast as possible and reach level 2 before your opponent does. As you are playing Aatrox this shouldn't be too hard, because most champions you are facing will be doing their damage with abilities (and thus meaning: cooldowns). Kill the minions with bloodprice untill you have filled your bloodwell with either 60% or 80%. When reaching level 2, you should level up Q and engage on your opponent (with the 80% ready). That way you will be hellbent when you attack your opponent (meaning more Attack damage/Attack speed and a revive) There is a big chance your opponent will die or burn flash. The chance that you will die is very unlikely ( you have to fuck up very bigtime if your opponent is able to kill you twice on level 1-2). 

Now I also said you could fill up your bloodwell with 60%, how does that work with the plan mentioned above? 
Well, sometimes you have a opponent who also pokes you a bit and for the trick mentioned above to work you need some health. That is why you can also use blood thirst a bit more. 

Now, you have only hit bloodprice three times and thus having only 60% bloodwell filled. You have to watch your experience bar and the minions for this. You have to kill the minion with your second strike so that your next strike will be a Bloodprice strike. Keep it ready, look for the engage and go for it with Q. By doing that you will go from 60% to 100% in an instant and you will scare the crap out of your opponent.

Option number two: 

You could go for the enemy buff. Yea you read that right, you can take on a Blue Sentinel/Red Brambleback on your own at level one without smite. 

There is just one problem you have no escape ability yet, so you have to go for the buff which the enemy jungler isn't taking. That is why you either have to know where the enemy jungler is starting or you have to be there before they are there (in other words: hurry up).

Just back off if they see you. It doesn't matter who sees you, because someone will check or ward the area (and you can't use those eyes on you). There is no way that you will get a kill there or that you will steal the buff with one basic attack and/or get out alive. Go back to lane and try 'number one' mentioned above (if still possible). Otherwise proceed normally.

If they are there and they don't see you, back off too. Just go back to lane and try 'number one' if still possible. 

If they are there and they also don't see you backing off, you could try to go for the other buff, but only if you can reach the other buff before it actually spawns (make sure you remain invisible to them when crossing midlane). That way you won't lose too many minions. 

Basicly, they have to be unaware of your presence there (= no wards/champions) and they have to be unaware of your intention to steal a buff (because there is a big chance they will check/ward the other buff, if they see your intention to take the first buff). 

They need to be unaware of your presence and intent, because you need some time to actually take the buff down. Don't use bloodprice on this one. It takes way too long to get your passive off. You'll need to use bloodthrist to survive the damage from the buff. 

When you've taken down the buff you have two options: to go back to lane immediately or to go back to base and heal up and buy two pots.

If you like to go back to lane immediately, you won't be on full health and will probably be one or two levels behind on your opponent. So you have to be sure that it isn't a laner who will poke you down. You don't want to lose that freshly acquired buff. Heal up as fast as possible and play as defensive as possible untill the level difference is a bit less scary.  

If you go back to base, then your opponent will probably be two levels ahead. Make sure you play a bit defensively, you'll catch up soon enough.

Now why should you steal the buff if you fall behind in lane so much? Well you are Aatrox and you're a beast. If you play it right, it won't hurt you that much. The jungler on the other hand, he will be pissed big time. He will lose experience, health regen&damage or mana regen&cdr (depending on which buff you stole) and he will have more trouble clearing the jungle and/or ganking. Missing the first buffs generally hurt the most. 

High risk and high pay-off. Good luck.

Note: If you are struggling too much in lane after stealing the buff, ask your jungler for a gank.
Note(2): Don't do this when you are facing a hard match up.
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