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All Guides Ahri Guides [Season 6]Nine tails one Midlane {by: Midnight Ahri}
12 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png Good for every situation you can use it offensively or defensively, it can get you away or extra kills, ALWAYS take this even when you can get away with your ult.

14.pngExtra damage, why not? helps with your burst and overall disable the healing of your opponent
12.pngGood in some cases, I almost never use it or I have to be in a full party with good communications, great for roaming.

3.png  Exhaust! The new thing in midlane that wrecks ad midlaners/assassins. Take exhaust vs Zed, vs other champs its just optional but works really well against zed.

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Masteries Back to Top

Take these Masteries, the Thunderlord's Decree is in my opinion the BEST keystone for ahri. It has a lot of burst damage and it scales, the damage is 10* your level, so lvl 6 = 60 + 20% ap in damage. If u go for Deathfire Touch you'll only have 6+20% ap which u miss out on 54 damage, and this scales into lategame at lvl 18 its even more (174 dmg less) So yes I take this above all. Maybe the movement speed on burst if u need it lategame, but with Thunderlord's you'll burn away squishies like Ahri used to in season 3 and 4. 

Im really really happy with these masteries and it brings back my more agressive playstyle with ahri which I loved when I started playing her with DFG :3

Good to know:

For Thunderlords you need 3 attacks to hit your enemy, lucky for Ahri she has a lot of ways to proc it!

Q: 2 stacks (1 going through them and 1 coming back) so combined with 1 auto attack or other ability it will proc the Thunderlords passive.

W: 3 STACKS (This skill alone can proc it on its own!)

E: 1 stack (single target, but its nice to hit first and its easy to EQ and proc it, it will also do 2.5% more damage because of the Oppressor mastery in Ferocity!)

R: 1 stack (Its easy though, since you want to WR at most of the time, you'll instantly proc it aswell)

Abilities Back to Top


You max your Q first, this is because of easy waveclear and poke. Also because of the nerfs of W it's now way better to max your Q. 

The second skill you max is W, you do this because of the extra burst and great damage.

I take charm on level 2 to prevent people from ganking me, and I take Foxfire on level 3 or 4 depends on how the opponent is playing, once level 3 I start to think how to charm my opponent in lane, you win a lot of trades with Ahri early on if you E-W-Q poke, because of the charm +20% damage multiplier, you can easy burst them down. Do this 2 times and they need to go back to base or else you kill them. Be sure to just poke E-W-Q and then run, before they return the damage, they are charmed and can't damage you. that's why this is VERY good. WATCH OUT YOU SPEND A LOT OF MANA WITH THIS.

4.12 patch!
You now can use Q for pushing in early levels and use it to poke a lot more, the mana cost is lowerd by 15 at all ranks, meaning that you don't have the same mana problems as before. If you farm good enough you wont have any mana problems while using Q


Gains a charge of Essence Theft whenever a spell hits an enemy (max: 3 charges per spell). Upon reaching 9 charges, Ahri's next spell heals her for 2 (+1 per level) (+9% AP) whenever it hits an enemy.

Cooldown: 7 Cost: 55/60/65/70/75 Mana Range: 880
Deals 40/65/90/115/140 (+35% Ability Power) magic damage on the way out, and 40/65/90/115/140 (+35% Ability Power) true damage on the way back.

Ahri gains movement speed that decays while her orb is traveling.

Cooldown: 9/8/7/6/5 Cost: 50 Mana Range: 800
Releases three fox-fires that lock on to nearby enemies (prioritizes Champions) dealing 50/80/110/140/170 (+40% Ability Power) magic damage.

Enemies hit with multiple fox-fires take 30% damage from each additional fox-fire beyond the first, for a maximum of 64/104/144/184/224 (+64% Ability Power) damage to a single enemy..

Cooldown: 12 Cost: 85 Mana Range: 975
Blows a kiss dealing 60/90/120/150/200 (+50% Ability Power) magic damage and charms an enemy causing them to walk harmlessly towards Ahri for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 second(s).Power) magic damage.

Cooldown: 110/95/80 Cost: 100 Mana Range: 450
Nimbly dashes forward firing 3 essence bolts at nearby enemies (prioritizes Champions) dealing 70/110/150 (+30% Ability Power) magic damage. Can be cast up to three times within 10 seconds before going on cooldown.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Main start for damage and sustain with passive

Core Items

Situational Items

-=|~!~| MIDNIGHT AHRI BUILD |~!~|=-

  • Starting Items

  • First Back

  • Core Items

  • Good and Bad Situationals

Starting items:

Main Starting Items:


This provides you with great sustain. This combined with Ahri's passive Essence Theft means that you have Extra health + manaregen + AP + Spellvamp from Passive. Great start, works almost against every opponent.


3340_32.png Always buy this trinket, unless you and your jungler are premade and you want him to gank a lot. I don't advise you to do so because you'll roam yourself. Also, you have the second slowest base movement speed in the game, early ganks can kill you if you dont watch out!

First Back:


In your first back you most likely want to go for another dorans ring, for damage and sustain. A Dark Seal, for snowball reasons (Its kinda cheap, just like a dorans ring, but the value it can bring is really great. YOU DONT HAVE to upgrade this to mejais. It will just help you to snowball ahead) A Vision Ward (great investment, can stay for a long period and keeps you safe), Boots, depends on how much gold u had on first back, You can try to back before level 6 to get a kill at level 6 since the ap you'll have with this first back is enough to kill any midlaner! And at last spend the 50 gold for another health pot because its always great to have 1 with you in case of ignite, it gives you more gold value in fights because you'll be fighting with "more" hp than ur max hp since you'll be regenerating.


Go with a codex if you want to rush morrelos. In my opinion its not that good because you'll burst a lot more damage with the other build. but this one is for sure more safe if u know you don't have to hard carry and can play a more farmstyle game. Again, get a dorans ring because its just nice to have this season, this will give you enough mana regen for a long time since you'll be getting mana back from farming, and hp from the mastery. Its an awesome combo ^^


Get atleast one or more CORE items, you don't have to rush them for example against a full ad comp with a lot of cc you can better go for a situational called zhonyas. But these items will always help you a lot!

Rabadons Deathcap:

3089_32.png Important item on almost all AP carries, it boosts your AP with 35% and gives 120 AP.

Ludens Echo:

3285_32.pngThis is really good, it gives a little bit of extra waveclear and burst. Rabadon gives more damage though so never switch rabadon out for ludens. You may want to get both. WHEN to buy it is all up to you, if you want to roam hard, you rush it, but keep in mind its an expensive item, and can snowball really hard. You still need rabadon after it. If you buy it situational ~5th item or something, you'll gain a lot of extra damage.


3135_32.pngAnother Core item. It gives magic pen, some AP really great item.

Good and bad situational items:

Bare in mind. These are Situational. Even the bad items may come handy when the time comes. But for me they don't seem pretty good on her. Also, you can build these anywhere in the build. this depends on their team and how fed they are. You can't always have the same build over and over. I do it a lot of the time because I'm used to playing Ahri but in 5v5 ranked team you see me with the weirdest builds. Don't be afraid to change your build around if that makes you win the lane/game.


Rylais Crystal Scepter:

3116_32.png This is a great item on Ahri, since you have to kite the enemy. This is the perfect item for it! It provides a slow on any target you hit. Q slows for 40% (aoe) for 1 sec. BUT your E and your W are single target dmg. This means that your 3 foxfires from W all slow for 40% for 1.5sec making you landing skillshots even more easy and get you easy escapes, also great for catching up. 

Lich Bane:
3100_32.png This item is perfect, If you know you can get a lot of auto attacks off and don't get punished for it, take this item it's really good for helping your team push, and adds overal more dmg to your kit. Using this combo: (r) e  q w  -> auto attack -> r -> auto attack -> w r -> auto attack. Also the low cd on w, makes it good for pushing. Its a nice item but I don't get it often after the nerf.
Now in season 6 this item gives more MOVEMENT SPEED, which is nice on ahri, and 10% cooldown reduction to make this item even more appealing, combined with the already great burst damage of Ahri this season, you'll be a nice split pusher aswell!

Zhonyas Hourglass:
3157_32.png This item gives 120 ap, and a great panic button to give you a extra 2 sec to wait on cooldowns or wait on your team to follow. You can go really deep now. Good item 7/10 would get every game.

Abyssal Scepter:
3001_32.pngThis item provides you with MR, AP, and a magic pen aura, this is really good if you're against someone that can burst you down before you can even react or just when you're behind. 

Banshees Vail:
3102_32.png This item allows you to go in a teamfight, kill someone and get back out. Banshees can block one of their spells so you wont get stunned or snared. 

Guardian Angel:
3026_32.png Second life, why not. It has good basic stats for armour and magicresist. This works the same as banshees or zhonyas. You die in a teamfight because too much cc. Guardian angel is the perfect solution. 

Athenes Unholy grail:
3174_32.png Don't buy this unless you're really having mana trouble, or you think your team can carry you. Most of the time people in challenger or LCS players take this item as a first or second item. I DON'T recommend building this every game. I only build this sometimes if I'm against Syndra (but usually I buy Abyssal Scepter).

3165_32.png Good alternative for Athenes, it gives enough manaregen and you have inflicting wounds passive(in other words you destroy enemy hp regen if they get under 40% health). But no magic resist. This item is recommended to build.


Rod of Ages:
3027_32.pngThis item is for scaling champions. Ahri is really good in midgame from level 6. You can burst people down before they can kill you. Rod of Ages gives mana and health making you more tanky. You don't need this on Ahri, you have enough mana, and because of your burst, mobility and other deffensive items you can easily survive most fights and possibly kill your opponent.

Mejais Soulstealer:
3041_32.pngWell, this item. Everyone knows what this does. It's high risk high reward. if you stay alive and get assists/kills this item is the best. BUT you're a mobile squishy mage, this may backfire at you and you'll lose your gold/itemslot.

Archangel Staff/Seraph's Embrace:
3007_32.png/3040_32.png These Items use Tear of the Goddess. You'll have to stack the tear for a pretty long time, and since Ahri is early-midgame champion you wont benefit a lot from this item. Also you don't need this much mana. 

Nashor's Tooth:
3115_32.png You'll auto attack, but not this much. You have a lot of waveclear and with lich bane, you should not have problems getting down turrets. There is actually almost no situation where this item would be good or better then another item on Ahri.

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  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Cassiopeia
  • Cho'Gath
  • Diana
  • Ekko
  • Fizz
  • Galio
  • Heimerdinger
  • Irelia
  • Jayce
  • Karma
  • Karthus
  • Kassadin
  • Katarina
  • Kayle
  • Kennen
  • LeBlanc
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  • Malzahar
  • Morgana
  • Nidalee
  • Orianna
  • Syndra
  • Xerath
  • Yasuo
  • Zed




Ok so I will give the general weaknesses of Ahri her skillset. This is how you minimize the damage of an enemy Ahri, This works on all champions. 

If Ahri throws her "Q" dodge to the left or the right. You'll dodge the true damage easily. It may take some mental time to change your habits, but if you run back you'll run into the ball, straight to the left or right towards Ahri is better. lvl 1 charm isn't long enough if you're close to her.

Positioning in lane.
Try to not stand behind minions, stand somewhat close to them but run away when Ahri moves to a position where she can land minons and you at the same time, try to stand just outside max range. when she throws charm you're able to dodge this pretty easily because you're next to the minions.

When Ahri is 6, just expect the engage... it's quite obvious most of the time. Although I most of the time go for counter engages, or I wait until I can hit a charm that's undodge-able.

Tips for this matchup(It's for all champions):
  • Buy tenacity3111_32.png
  • Position next to the minions but not behind them(explained above)
  • If she misses charm go hard on her because she'll have 20% less magic damage.
  • Expect the Ahri ult.
  • Dodge to left or right while "Q" is coming back. (or run through her)




A hell if hes good, kinda like a diana131_64.png, she is easy in lane until lvl 6 then she can jump after you even when you ult away. If she roams, push lane and follow ASAP, this is important because she will try to snowball the game and akali is easy snowball champ.

For the champ itself, buy unholy grail3174_32.png or abyssal scepter3001_32.png fast to deny some of her damage. And for her invisible, get trinket upgrade to pink ward, and place it in teamfights, atleast let your support get this since this helps to deny her assassin playstyle, leaving her more vulnerable to everyone so she dies fast and cant cleanup teamfights

Tips for this matchup:
  • Buy magic resist
  • Get pink ward
  • Charm when she jumps on you
  • ult away when she jumps, try not to go first
  • Push early
  • Deny farm




Froggen? Eggnivia? Annoying for sure :)

Ok so anivia is pretty easy to beat, if you dont get hit by a Q-E combo before level 6 you can asume that you've won the matchup. Shes a farmer so you'll be looking to push the wave and roam. In the current metta (5.19) its really good to take tp, and because you dont want to miss farm, and your enemy is really slow but pushes wave instantly, teleport is the perfect summoners spell. You'll push the wave, roam botlane and go back and tp back in mid. Another way to use it is to tp into the botlane so you can always help your team. Just make sure that anivia doesnt cancel it.

Normally you wont be able to kill anivia because of the passive. This brings me to my next point.

This is the passive of anivia, you can see if she has her passive by clicking on her and looking at the topleft of your screen, if the egg is blue, that means that she has passive. Don't even attempt to kill her in lane when she has passive. 95% of the time you wont be able to kill her solo in lane. Your best bet is trying to pop the passive by poking and then asking for a gank. Anivia has no escape, so if you have a lee sin jungle or something and he comes from behind, most of the time you'll kill anivia because your combined damage is enough to kill anivia + her pasive.

A lot of people dont really know this, but if you stun anivia while she does her ult, it cancels. (I think viktor ult cancels it aswell, but no sure) Ahri charm is not a stun so it doesnt stop the ultimate, but keep this in mind since somebody else on your team might want to stun her so you can go in with ult :)

Tips for this matchup:
  • Take Teleport
  • Make sure you have enough manaregen
  • Push wave and roam
  • Just farm, no point in trying to kill her
  • Easy to kill if you have a jungler with you
  • DO NOT get baited by the passive




Annie, shes small, fast, and deadly.

Keep distance when she is lvl 6 and get ready to ult away if she flashes for a flash ult combo, after she failed her stun you can charm and kill,

Buy negatron cloak early, (maybe even first back combined with another dorans ring) and you'll not die from her burst and you even have to chance to kill her, even if she went large rod and has the ap advantage.

Annie gets a stun when she casts 4 spells, you see a white wind thingy around her, thats when she has stun.

Stay safe in lane and watch out for stuns.

Tips for this matchup:
  • Don't get stunned
  • 3111_32.pngBuy tenacity
  • Harass when her stun is down
  • Dodge tibbers
  • Buy magic resist if needed(early negatron cloak counters her completely and she cant kill you)




Azir is a pretty annoying champion to deal with in the lane.

He has soldiers which he places and then interacts with them with his Q and his E

With his Q he can move them and with his E he can dash towards one and if he hits a champion he will gain a shield. 

In general in this matchup you'll want to win level 1. Try to auto attack as much as possible because level 1 he only has his W and if he placed a soldier he cant move it. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS. Go in for an AA and follow up with a Q and AA again, then run back with the remaining movement speed of Q, keep doing this level 1 and poke him to 40%hp, you normally have let him pop some potions and he feels really presured, keep doing this during the lane, try to dodge his q (can be quite hard sometimes)

For build, nothing special, some manaregen because of the way he pushes, take damage, no real magic resist rush needed

Also if he all-ins you, you can easily turn it around by ulting to the side, if he moves his soldiers with Q you can dash away from them and get to safety. his Q has a couple seconds cooldown and you'll be out of range for the soldiers to auto attack.

At last, you can not ult through his ult. but you can go around it :)

Ahri and LB are conciderd counters for azir so this should not be that hard if you play the early game well.

Tips for this matchup:
  • Auto attack a lot at the early levels
  • Use your Q movement speed to your advantage
  • Charm him while he dashes
  • Ult AROUND his ultimate
  • Get Manaregen




Brand is a mage with high burst and lane bully potential, his passive hurts a lot in lane.

Brand has a stun, whenever he has his passive on you and he uses his "Q" ability which is a straight skillshot. To get his passive on you, usually he'll use his "E" on you, "Q" and than "W" "R". This combo isn't enough to kill you at level 6, but will kill you if you give him any kills, or later in the game.

Laning phase can be really hard against you if he hits his pillar, if you don't feel confortable playing afainst him start with boots, it can help against his skillshot poke and to dodge the stun.

For the rest, he's just another squishy ap mage with no mobility. So you should be able to deal with him if you don't give him any kills.

Tips for this matchup:
  • Try to dodge his skills in lane. Take boots1001_32.png as starting item if you don't feel comfortable.
  • Buy Abyssal Scepter3001_32.png if you get behind
  • At level 6, when he tries to combo you, use ultimate at the time of him throwing his "Q" so you dodge it and can easily kill him.




Cassi OP eia

The name itself said enough... 

OK for real now, shes actually not that overpowerd, but she is really strong. 

DO NOT get hit by the poison early because she'll get movement speed, dodge your skills, and do her e every 0.5 seconds which WILL kill you if you don't watch out. 

Her early game is generally not that strong. But she can do a lot of damage early, do not try to all in her or go for obvious auto attacks where she can easily throw her q behind you. 

Just like Ahri cassio is a kite mage. The movmentspeed buffs are really huge and if she gets rylais you'll basically get fucked. Cassio is indeed in the most scripted champion lists together with xerath and karthus. Don't worry, you'll notice that the cassio is too good when you play against her, if she throws E backwards on long range, that basically says: Hello I'm a scripter. 

Watch out for her ultimate flash, its the same as with ahri charm flash. ALSO if she casts it towards another place she can reposition it by flashing (bjersen did this on stream for style points, ulting backwards and flashing forwards to get the stun off) Because of this she has a really big range, also if you see her ult its the best to ult diagonally next to her so she will miss the stun, also turning around is a good alternative but then you get slowed and if she has rylais she can easily follow up with Q and spam E and you'll be perma slowed. 

Tips for this matchup:
  • Poke her early, but do not all in
  • If you get hit by poison, get to a safe distance
  • Push her in and make her use her focus on the farm (she'll lose farm if she tries to poke on you)
  • Turn around or ult diagonally next to her while she ults
  • Watchout for the ult flash.




Chogath is a sustaining tank

Poke is kinda useless since he will just get health back up when he lasthits with his E on.
You can kill him with a gank.

This matchup is focused on farm and roam. So get manaregen and push turret. You can even go for teleport as your summoners spell if you know you wont get ganks.

To dodge his q, mostly he will throw it to the way you're running or behind you, this is kinda annoying since if you want to dodge you have to run towards him into a silence ult. You should try to use your q at the same time he does his and run towards him or away from the Q, because of the movement speed of Q you'll be able to dodge more than you think.

Tips for this matchup:
  • Poke can be useless if you dont have jungle presure
  • Ask for a gank or else go for the summoners spell Teleport
  • Use your Q to help dodge his Q (use the movementspeed)
  • Dont get in ult range ofcourse, never ult towards him, always try to rotate ults around him.




This is one of my least tested matchups but it's a really hard one for Ahri later on in the game. Because of Diana her "E", making Ahri get slowed and back into her auto attack range after ulting away, her ultimate that can follow 1 dash, and if she hit her "Q" than 2 dashes. Counting this all up, you can deny 3 ults from Ahri, making Ahri the squishy mage that Diana loves.

Diana in lane.
Before level 6 you should not worry, she doesn't have anything but flash to get on top of you. You can basically just auto attack and poke with Q to deny her farm.

After 6 she'll be a lot stronger. Watch out for her passive, the 3rd attack she does is one with AoE magic damage. She'll jump on you auto attack you before you can do anything, and do dmg. If she can't kill you she will back off and do it again.

Her "Q"
Her "Q" always comes from her right side, knowing that you should always dodge to the left, or you'll simply just run into it. If she hits her "Q" she can use her ultimate to get to you, and the ultimate wont go on cooldown. Meaning that she has the ultimate again. Keep in mind the cooldown of her "Q" and if she has dashed without hitting a "Q". 

Another fact is, if she hits minions with her "Q" she gets vision it, making it great to escape or to pickup kills from low health targets that are further distance away. I recommend playing Diana because it's fun if you like Ahri, but her laning phase is hard. Diana is a really dynamic champion with a lot of ways to jump around and use your skills somewhat like Akali but more skill involved. (Example: Does "Q" on minion wave, you're 20% health, she jumps on a minion close to you, jumps on top of you, does her "E" and you're dead.)

Tips for this matchup:
  • Buy Magic resist
  • Poke before level 6
  • Care at level 6
  • Dodge to the left.
  • Keep in mind her reset on ultimate when her "Q" hits




Ekko is a midlane melee assassin, somewhat like fizz and feels the same as playing against Zed.

He also is really annoying to deal with but the laning phase isnt that hard, you side step his Q, which to be fair, isnt that hard. and just make sure you always keep your eyes out for when he wants to stun you, this can mean that a ganks coming or he just wants to kill/dmg you. 

His ultimate is the biggest annoying thing, he heals up for a % of his lost hp in the  past couple seconds, aka if you burst him but dont kill him he'll get almost all his hp back. this also does  a shitload of dmg around his ghost (you know when he hits 6 if you never seen it before)

His W is the circle, when he throws it and stands in it he gets a shield and stuns everyone thats in his circle. Avoid this ofc.

How to win?
Simple, just charm him when he dashed onto you, its really easy because he'll be in your face, dont throw it before he uses his e because this ability can be cast any direction and then be used on you and then he flashes onto you. Aka, he can basically always dodge you. His Q goes through you and you can walk to the side and it comes back after a second or so, sort of like ahri ball, the return dmg is the biggest part of his damage, so just try to walk out of it diagonally so you still create distance, you can even throw your Q to gain ms to dodge it.

Tips for this matchup:
  • Poke him a lot, he will start flask, but you can still out poke him
  • Charm when he jumps on you
  • Watch out for ultimate ghost
  • Try to deep ward on his side of the lane so you have vision of the part behind the walls from river. (so you can see when he wants to try to combo you) this ward doesnt have to be  as far as you do for twisted fate, since ekko wont roam that way, you use other wards for that
  • With a gank you should be able to kill him, just bait him to come on you and go on him when his ghost comes closer




Somethings fishy.... Fizz is a girl.

Ok so to start off this matchup, it's believed that this matchup is highly in favour of Fizz. I somewhat agree and disagree with this. It's definitely skill-based matchup but with equal skill, Fizz will win.

Fizz has high burst, is an ap melee assassin and has a troll pole that makes him untargetable.

His "E" aka the Troll Pole!
This is the ability that makes Fizz a real pain for most champs, He can travel really far with it. The cooldown isn't that high if you build 40% cdr. He can dodge your charm with it and also has a lot of damage with it. So try to dodge it when you can, the "E" can be used in 2 ways. First way is to do aoe damage, he presses it once and let himself fall down again, this generates a splash around him damaging every person that's in range and also slowing them, a good fizz will know when to do this and will get more auto attacks of as some other Fizz players. 
The other way is to tap "E" again, he will jump further and gets a smaller region for the damage. This goes way faster, and is lategame used to be slippery in teamfights to burst down the backline, apc or adc. He can make really wierd jukes with this
And last his "E" can go over walls, similar to Ahri ultimate or riven "Q".

How do I win against Fizz?
I've explained his "E" ability above, knowing this information is critical, you have to know when hes going to do a certain thing before you can try and counter him. In laning phase he will most likely go and use his "E" for waveclear, try to find a open spot in the minion wave when he uses his "E" when you see him falling down, you can quickly charm and combo him, also respect his cooldown it's pretty long early game and costs a lot of mana, so he will not spam it. you can go in for auto attacks when hes "E" is on cooldown because he will not be able to get to you or stick onto you.

The other thing Fizz can do is to "Q" onto you. His "Q" Is a dash straight through the target, knowing this you should know that if you charm him you can stop him before he does any damage. Fast reaction time is the thing you need here. But watch out. If you miss Fizz has free time on you. If you hit it you basically will win any trade if you hit your other abilities and auto attack when he runs away.

His ultimate is a linear skillshot that will slow you and does damage after a couple seconds. Not that hard to dodge with your ultimate. But you really don't want to get hit by this because it will stick onto you.

Tips for this matchup:
  • Charm when he uses "E" and predict where he will land
  • Charm when he uses "Q" at the moment hes dashing to you
  • Auto attack him when his "E" is down
  • Dodge ultimate with your ultimate
  • Buy Abyssal Scepter3001_32.png or Banshees vail3102_32.png




Galio, not much to say... Take teleport since hes a lane pusher/farmer and ignite will heal him with his shield XD

So the usual thing that you do against wave clear is get some sort of mana regen (blue will do but morrelos is better ofc)

He'll stack mr so a quick rabadon -> voidstaff is adviced

thats  about it, hes melee so you can auto attack without being punished hard for it, so do it. :)

Tips for this matchup:
  • Take manaregen
  • Take Teleport
  • Auto attack a lot
  • Roam
  • Take early void staff




Heimer is annoying but not the end of the world. This champ will limit your roaming pottential by keep pushing you in, a gank is most of the time useless in low elo since they'll die to his turret. Try to hit his turrets with Q AA in early game and destroy them as soon as he puts them up.

Also take Teleport because of the way he tries to fulltime push you in. this will make it so you can actually farm and roam.

In this matchup you could even rush cdr boots with homeguard. since dodging his abilities is easy and if you push in the wave recall and come back you prob will only miss like 1 minion and your mana is full again.

You'll need the cdr later in the game, but if you start out with a large rod you can do a lot of damage to him and 1 shot his turrets, which is also really valueable since it makes him vunerable to ganks.

Tips for this matchup:
  • Kill his turrets as soon as he sets him up (place a ward and then go to lane so you don't get in a lane where all turrets are already set up
  • Take Teleport
  • Maybe buy cdr homeguard boots early
  • When he ults, just wait out the turret or go all in when a teammate is tanking it
  • if the turrets are charged, get in lazer range and dodge the lazers, this hurts his instant waveclear




Have  to include her here because of Faker senpai >.<

The Irelia mid is really annoying because she can wreck you once she gets sheen. this matchup is really hard because of her passive tenacity and you'll generally want to play really really safe.

Irelia isnt one of the hardest champs in the game either so this makes her midlane pretty noob friendly because mages dont really know what to do against it. 

I dont have many tips for it but some are, try to stay a bit lower hp than her (unless it goes under 60%) because she will not be able to stun you and you can stil ult away.

Try to stay away from low minions, she will jump to them and kill them, and get a reset and can jump on you. Shes ad so her long trade hurt a lot.

Tips for this matchup:
  • Try to stay away from low hp minion
  • Punish her early game
  • Watch out when she gets sheen
  • Roam a lot
  • Ask for a gank, it will help




Jayce mid is concidered really annoying, but I find it quite easy (unless you're getting in the higher elos ofcourse since they know what they're doing, but the counter mechanics still stay the same)

When u see his Q animation try to q and run to the side as soon as possible, you'll dodge most of his Qs, try standing behind the minions.

He can jump on you in melee form, this is quite obvious and you can charm him mid air and deny him completely. 

Next to this there isn't much for jayce, just dont get auto attacked by him since hes a AD champ. 

Tips for this matchup:
  • Dodge his Q by throwing your q and moving to the side
  • His Q will blow up on hit, or on max range, so as long as u stand out of the  max range (before or after the max range) you'll be able to dodge a lot more since he really has to hit his Q
  • Charm when he jumps on you in melee form and create distance with q and running back.
  • Roam a lot
  • Push him in
  • Watch out for his Auto Attacks (ranged ad champ)




Karma mid is just a standard lane bully, she pushes wave in and does sick damage early.

Not much to say about her next to try to stay behind minions, and be carefull about her shield and beautiful bait skills. 

Charm first, then ult, so you can break the chain. Her shield gives her movementspeed which will keep her up with your ult. 

Rest is quite obvious, dont get hit by poke.

Tips for this matchup:
  • Don't get poked
  • Get early manaregen
  • Charm when she chains you, then q or ult away (ofc u cant always ult)
  • Push back asap
  • Roam a lot




You're probably one of the biggest counters to this bigboy.

Together with lb you kinda destroy him, I even think ahri is even better, since you have q to dodge his abilities + hes static so easy to hit skills on. You can cancel ult with E, and you can jump in and out of his e without any problems.

Also try to get a zhonyas somewhat early since you dont want to die from his annoying ultimate. 

Pretty straight  forward  champion, dodge Q and wall, cancel ult. thats about it.

Tips for this matchup:
  • Get Zhonyas early to counter his ultimate
  • Cancel his ult if you can
  • Dont stay close when you killed him
  • Dodge Q 
  • Push in waves
  • You  can roam after you pushed really easily
  • Make sure u warn your team when karth hits 6




Kassadin is a highly pick/banned champion in ranked and in the LCS. The reason for this is his insane mobility where he can rift walk once every 6-8 seconds. He slows you and lets his team catch up. Escape is impossible. 

That being said, lets see how you should try to play against him.

This champ is pretty tricky so you'll have to practice a bit and maybe pick him up because his damage can skyrocket suddenly. So first off you may want to switch your runes up with some Attack damage or Hybrid penetration marks so you can auto attack him down. This is not a joke. He has a small spell shield that absorbs some of your poke in trades. Lucky for Ahri it doesn't block true damage! Call for the jungler to kill him before 6 because after 6 you'll have to wait until he casts his rift walk.

Tips for this matchup:
  • Change runes to some form of AD
  • Take 21/9/0 masteries
  • Harass with auto attacks
  • Poke with Q
  • Try to kill before level 6
  • Follow after 6




Katarina is one of the most loved and also most hated champions in the game!

If you play against Katarina you'll see that you can really snowball on her. But if you ever played Katarina yourself you know that if she roams and gets tripple kill or assist that she suddenly is pretty fed. 

The answer to this is pushing, as hard as you can. Kill her over and over. If you are winning hard try buying DFG first and Abyssal second. She will probably also buy Abyssal and possibly kill you after a while because you'll have no damage and she bursts you too hard.

Do not spend time on roaming, you'll give her time to follow and catch up if something goes wrong. Only when you know you can get objective. Like for instance 4 man bot to push down turret or do drake.

If she jumps on you, ult in front of you. Just like Zed, she'll stand behind you. Charm after that to cancel her ultimate and kill her or run away.

  • Buy Magic Resist
  • Auto attack harass
  • Poke
  • Don't miss charm after level 6 or she'll jump on you




Kayle is another lane bully, push her  in early, since she'll do the same. She cant clear full wave early unless she has all atk speed runes and cdr/lvl glyphs, also she prob will go 30/0/0 masteries, so shes squishy. IF NOT then she doesn't really know what shes doing and you can just push her in without any problem.

Her ult...
Her ult might be one  of the most annoying abilities in league, but you're ahri, you have 2 annoying skills, E and R, you can charm so she cant use her ult, and burst her down, also during ult you can use it to make her stop doing free damage. With your R you can ult away when she ults, and go back in when the ult is over. this also gives you extra seconds cooldown so you can kill her right after

Tips for this matchup:
  • Poke her early,
  • Punish her and push her back in ASAP
  • Dont get ult baited
  • Roam a lot since the only thing she'll do is push you in and take a jungle camp (most likely)




Kennen is usually not played in midlane (more likely in support or toplane) but sometimes  they like to come and fuck around in our beautiful midlane

Kennen is quite annoying because of his  point click poke and his aoe damage/stun

The basics  you have to know is that he'll auto attack until his AA is charged and then will look to auto attack you to get a stack of his passive onto you. He then can do his W to proc another passive stack, and then throws Q (or the other way around, that doesnt really matter) he will rarely use E to get  his stun off, but this doesnt mean he wont do it, if you're close to him and he thinks that he can juke charm go through you then he doesnt have to hit q anymore, or has to charge the autoattack. also he can use ult to proc stacks, so if he does Q W R you're stunned.

Basically, dodge the Q and make him waste his passive AA on a minion. The rest is just try  to poke, and push him in, he doesnt have great waveclear unless he does E and then W.

Tips for this matchup:
  • Try to auto attack trade if he doesnt start dorans blade
  • Push him in and punish him for not having waveclear
  • Play passive when he gets his passive AA and agressive when its down
  • Dodge the Q
  • Maybe get rylais, negatron cloak or zhonyas first




Le, Twin Tits Master, Blanc...

Leblanc has one of the biggest burst damage in the game, She used to HARD counter ahri with her silence, when she only had to QRWE you and you could do nothing about it if she was standing behind her minions. Lucky for us they removed her silence and now she's just a juking chamion that has a pretty annoying kit to play against, in combination with tons of burst.

Now the matchup.

The matchup isn't really that hard, It's more of a skill matchup, but hard in favour of leblanc because you'll need less skill to outplay ahri than ahri needs to concistend stop leblanc, also the pointclick Q from leblanc will be really annoying for Ahri to deal with.

I'll give you a short explanation on how you want to play this matchup, from both perspectives since it's good to know how they'll try to juke you and try to outplay you. So you know how to react on it.

When you play Ahri you want to Charm Leblanc when she jumps onto you with her W. She will generally want to Q and then instantly jump to proc the Q damage. So you will waste a lot of mana playing against her since you also want to push her in, since she has very limited farm ability next to using her W onto the minions. At level 6 you'll have some more trouble, she can W E Q R and do a lot of poke damage since her ult is on a really low cooldown. 

When you play leblanc you want to QW her as much as possible from level 2. You need to try to jump in from wierd angles so she cant just charm you in midair coming directly to her. The W has a range around it so you don't actually have to jump directly onto her. At level 6 quickly jump W EQR and run around to her and at the moment she ults away or flashes you or if your E procs the r damage, you'll jump back poking her as hard as possible without real conterplay.

I'm trying to build Banner of the Commander  on Ahri now, Since there is a lot of dubble AP comps around now and leblanc has a lot of burst so it might help out your team if there isnt a 3105_32.png aegis of the legion in your team.

Tips for this matchup:
  • Stop her while she QW's with charm
  • Expect the juke back to her origional W
  • Watchout at level 6
  • Buy magic resist if needed




Lissandra is one of those champs that wants to counter your kit, locking you down, say goodbye to mobility but whatever anyone says. Its not that hard of a matchup.

Basically you clear waves and stand behind your minions, but leave enough space between you and the minions, since her Q will have scatter onto you and the  other minions. Her W is quite  short range and she'll normally only be able to hit it if she goes in with W, if you go in, or if she ulted you.

The E: Claw of Jukes
This thing is soo predictable that its not even funny anymore. she uses e and you can basically guess when shes going to come out. Always try to line yourself up with the direction and linear way of her E so if you charm it will have the same traject as the E. this way, no matter where she pops  out, your charm will be ready. If you charm her right when she comes out she wont be able to press R, neither on her own or on you.

But, but, but....

NO the ultimate isnt that bad! Just take cleanse, it wont be up all the time, but she wont use it all the time either. If for some other reason u cant take cleanse, or you forgot to, you can use QSS, and cleanse the ult off you and ult away or charm her. it will still do dmg, but she wont be able to hit her full burst since shes kinda short range, and either went in with flash or E, so less chance that she will be able to get to you. 

This matchup was concidered a really big counter when lissandra was too strong. But now she has been nerfed a bit its actually not that bad. Its still annoying, but you should be able to manage it. 

Tips for this matchup:
  • Auto attack when her Q is down
  • Don't stand too close to the minions, keep distance for scatter dmg
  • Take Cleanse or QSS
  • Create distance
  • Line yourself up with her E so you can charm her where and when she comes out




Lulu is a really safe champion. Duh, because its supposed to be a support >.<

The laning phase isn't that hard. Even tho AP lulu kinda hurts, and you have to try and put presure on her. Early on you have a big advantage and kill presure if you poke enough.

If you want the most chance to kill her, try to get lvl 6 first and all in before she gets ult, also if she has ult and you all in, always cast ignite first so even if she ults, the heal is a lot less.

To be fair, this matchup is that easy that you should not have trouble since you will just roam after 6. 

Tips for this matchup:
  • Lulu will try and push you in and harrass you under turret, dont let her do this
  • Buy morrelos first
  • Ignite her when going all in, so her ult heals less
  • Auto attack when she tries to farm, try to get minion advantage so if she wants to trade with her passive she takes more minion dmg
  • Push wave and roam after 6



Lux is a long range mage with tons of burst if she gets going, she's also able to waveclear with her E that has a quite low cooldown.

How you win?
Punish every mistake she makes. This is important because she can punish you really hard if you're in the wrong position. Also wait until she gets on low mana so she's not able to do her full burst.

Tips for this matchup:
  • Buy Banshees3102_32.png, Athenes3174_32.png, Abyssal3001_32.png or zhonyas3157_32.png
  • Don't stand in your own minons
  • Ward one side and hug it throwing your skillshots horizontal
  • dodge lux q with your ultimate and go all in on her




Malz is a "counter" to your mobility and kit, but not you.

Ok this champ is really straight forward. He pushes, and ehm, pushes, and oh yea... pushes... 

So get manaregen early, followed up by a QSS if you get ahead and have enough damage.(not needed but its nice to be able to escape from his ult, since your teammates might not stop him in time, and his dps is really high) QSS doesnt stop the dmg, but it allows you to ult away which will break the leach.

Cleanse doesn't work since its a suppress,

Try to stay away  from your minions since the space-aids might jump onto you and will poke you, this combined with his Q (really telegraphed) is his only poke. So as long as you dont get poked and he doesnt have some items finished, he cant kill you. (bare in mind this is without a gank, if he gets a gank and you're pinned, you're prob dead)

Also, an important thing, if you see his ult coming, try using charm Q and run away. If he hits you with ult, and then your charm hits him, it will cancel the ult (this is the best counter mechanic to malz, but can be hard to pull off, thats why we throw Q after and run away, since if the charm hits and you created a gap, he wont be able to press R)

Tips for this matchup:
  • Dont stand next to your minions
  • Get manaregen early
  • Get QSS even if it doesnt build into an ap item. Its 10x better than abyssal since you will be able to ult away
  • Roam and get your team ahead
  • Charm when you know he wants to ult, then run away if it hit, all in if you canceled his ult




Morgana, the victorious sister of kayle. Season 4 victorious skin whoho, but more of an support than a midlaner... Don't think shes weak. Her pushing pottential is really high, and can kill you as well. Her general combo should be like this. Snare -> Pool -> Ultimate, can follow up with a flash since youre slowed. First thing you should do is ult away if you can, if she spellshields herself you wont be able to kill her because she's pretty tanky.

Personal opinion on Morgana matchup: It's not hard. But they can play really safe and don't get you snowballing. Just get your jungler to gank or go and roam to bot or toplane. (just a really annoying matchup)

Tips for this matchup: 
  • Try to poke her down
  • Bait Spellshield
  • Don't get hit by snare (ofcourse -_-)
  • If you're behind concider buying 3174_32.pngunholy grail or 3001_32.pngabyssal scepter
  • 3157_32.pngZhonyas is always good option if youre playing Ahri.




Nidalee is normally jungle these days, she started  out in midlane though...

The main thing you have to do has never changed, dodge the spears.

The laning phase itself isnt hard, if you stand behind the minions and just farm and poke, you'll most likely win the matchup. UNTIL they get an actual kill, then they get bloodthirsty and will roam. Or well, they'll roam anyway :)

Her kit is made to be in the jungle, hitting her target, and executing them. She can dodge wards by jumping over baron/dragon wall, and get around everything. So always ping missing. 

The roaming part is the annoying thing, if you follow without vision, expect a spear in your face. 

Some tricks for what if you get hit -> charm her while she jumps to you, then try to create distance so she cant do the rest of her combo. 

Tips for this matchup:
  • Stay behind minions
  • Push in, she has no waveclear unless she goes melee
  • Attack her mana so she cant heal herself up
  • Ward around and only follow when you have vision on her, she can deal huge unexpected damage
  • Put presure on mid, and roam when she backed




Orianna is a control mage, this means that she'll try to farm get ahead and put presure on you, combined by assisting her team and landing game changing crowd control. 

This matchup is mostly skill, pre 6 orianna has the big upperhand, and after 6 Ahri will dominate. 

How will orinna play this lane?
Because of her low cooldowns, her shield, her passive, she can trade really really well. she will dodge the charm by baiting it with an auto attack, then shield herself and keeps auto attacking, so she will take no damage and can put real damage on you. This, only if shes a good orianna and knows her limits.

After 6
You outplay her quite easy, remember, she has a shield, and a q to position the ball, the ball will be  on the same spot for 2 seconds, or go back to her. Knowing this you should ult dodge the Q, and then make sure you're out of range of orianna, then you can unleach your full combo and try to kill her. Even if she had the chance to cast something on you're faster than her abilities. 

Tips for this matchup:
  • Don't get charm baited
  • Farm early on, try to get the most out of it before level 6
  • Trade with Q when her shield is down
  • When you miss charm and she starts Auto attacking you with her passive and shield up just Q and run back.




Skill matchup...

Syndra has balls, and is not afraid to come and kill you. She has a point click ultimate that does high amounts of burst damage.

Her early game got hit pretty hard with Q nerfs and E stun range on the balls nerfed.

The way Syndra usually goes for kills is to slow you and then stun you, or just stun right away. The damage on the ultimate depends at the amount of balls she has on the field. A good thing to do is go for a counter attack when her balls are going to despawn. Play some Syndra to see how long it takes, don't worry, Syndra is actually pretty fun to play.

Early game
She is a total bitch early game, lucky for us it got nerfed pretty hard.
Don't stand in the middle of the minions and make sure you keep distance and don't stand in a line with her ball and her so it makes it harder to stun you.

Look for opportunity
There are small gaps in laning phase where you easily can kill Syndra, Her E has a really long cooldown, so when she wastes it, look at the amounts of balls on the ground and remember if she used q to position ball, or w, if she used W, and there are not more than 1 balls on the ground, you're safe to go since the max amounts of balls would be the one on the ground + new one + 3 = 5 balls. With 5 balls or less, and no W or E hit you, she can never burst you from full health (in laning phase and if not fed ofc) 

Just ult in on her, throw Q, dodge her Q or W, charm after repositioning, and ult to dodge skills since she is full skillshot except ultimate which, as stated before, not enough damage. 

Magic resist vs Syndra Ult
This is something very useful to know... magic resist counts for all balls of Syndra, meaning that the mr isn't on the total damage but its for each individual ball. Negatron cloak will block 45*(amount of balls) =damage blocked, meaning with 4 balls its 45*(4)=180 damage. (her magic pen isn't calculated in this)

For this reason I advice you to first go for a sort of core, and then instantly buying the negatron cloak, and just don't finish the abyssal or guardian angel, since you can still choose what you want at the end. But this will keep you alive for a long period of the game.

Tips for this matchup:
  • Don't stand inside of the minions
  • Buy negatron cloak early after core, or during core
  • Make use of small time windows on her E
  • Watch out if there are a lot of balls on the floor
  • Make sure you're not in a linear line of her and her balls




Xerath is a pretty annoying champ, just like 115_64.pngZiggs. Most of the time you wont be able to kill him in lane, but go for a bait in the side bushes or in the river. Try to make him think you're roaming bot or top. He'll run right into you and you instantly kill him.

Be careful if  Xerath has some kills he'll do a lot of damage. Dodge his stun(e) with your ultimate. and kite around him so he misses his other skills aswell while you kill him.

For me he may sometimes be a problem because I start overextending and as result of that I die from a gank.

Tips for this matchup: 
  • Dodge stun
  • Push back
  • Ward a lot
  • Outplay or roam
  • Buy magic resist if losing




Yasuo matchup, I've played this a lot and noticed from talking to various people that they have it quite hard against him and don't like playing against him.

Basically it's not that hard at all. I'll give a really detailed explenation on this matchup

First off you want to take deffensive runes(not needed but if yasuo goes agressive before you have your charm you wont win trades. ex: He takes e lvl 1)

I suggest running these runes:
5 hp/lvl seals, 4flat armour seals, 9 flat ap glyphs, 3 flat ap quins, 9 flat ad marks or 9 hybrid pen marks (depends on your elo and how much you'll be able to auto attack and how much you're going to hit your q) I use these runes when I'm actually tryharding. Else i just go full glasscannon with manaregen runes.

Second, take exhaust. Yasuo has a lot of base movement speed and you HAVE to hit charm, also you're reducing his damage. 

These are somewhat the things you may have to concider going into the matchup.

Ok so the actual matchup. Yasuo is fast, has dubble crit chance, and gets really strong when he has his ultimate. Also in extended fights yasuo has a big upperhand. Since Ahri has one of the lowest base movementspeeds in the game, yasuo can simply just auto attack and follow ahri in extended fights.

Yasuo his "E".
Ok everyone whenever yasuo slides onto a minion he gains extra damage on his auto attacks, it stacks 4 times, so try to get enough damage on him before he reaches his 4th slide. charm him when hes ready to go on you and q right after. after that just run away. leaving him with his stacked 2 knockup and no returned damage.

At level 6.
He can do a lot of damage now, and may kill you if you dont watch out. The trick in his windwall and also the thing how you'll outplay the most yasuos is ult to the position hes was comming from, most of the time they expect you to ult backwards and do windwall, also dont throw charm instant, he can always slide, flash, or windwall your charm. Try to ult once first than auto attack, and than full out combo him for counter attack, after that take distance keep auto attacking and kite with ult. 

I find this matchup not that bad, and rather fun than annoying. I've had a really hard time against him in the past but I kinda know now how to beat him over and over again.

Tips on this matchup:
  • Take Deffensive runes(noted above)
  • Build Zhonyas3157_32.png
  • Ult to the spot he came from to dodge his windwall
  • Don't waste charm
  • Harass with auto attack in lane to get passive off
  • Use your passive for sustain, bait his windwall
  • Watch out early game for agressive yasuo plays (slides through minions)



Zed has high mobility, AD scaling abilities, great poke and the ability to 100-0 you.

Help! He used ult on me!
No worries my child. It's not that bad.

If zed uses his ultimate on you, you want to first charm him then ult onto his last position(or something around that side) After Zed his new buff he now comes behind you when he uses his ultimate. So this means that he has to use his gap close (w) when you charmed and ult away to create the most distance. Don't ult to the shadow if he used it to close the gap at first. You want to ult to the side if that happens.

Help! This still didn't work!
Oh then simply use your zhonyas on the moment he comes on you. You don't want to do this too early. Also do not cast anything during the zhonyas time, it's a buffer so it will cast your ult or charm when you come out of zhonyas, even 2 seconds after you cast it and you may want to re-position yourself first. 

Tips for this matchup: 
  • Take Armour runes!
  • Maybe use 21/9/0 masteries!
  • 3157_32.png Buy zhonyas to block his execute damage of his ultimate!
  • Poke in lane, harass with auto attacks
  • Don't waste charm after level 6 or he'll engage on you
  • Exhaust3.png is really great against him

Pros and Cons Back to Top

Here is a small list why you want to pickup or learn Ahri:


  • Very mobile with ultimate
  • Area of Effect (aoe) True Damage
  • 2 Second charm/taunt
  • Excellent roaming
  • Good wave clear
  • Has the only midnight skin in the game


  • Skillshot dependent
  • Fast combo's
  • Micro second decision making
  • Quite squishy

Combo/Skill rotations Back to Top

Here you'll find:

  • Why combos?
  • What combos?
  • Extra information
  • Cast animations

Why combos?

First of I would like to tell you why it's good to use combos. Combos are small skill rotations that maximize your damage output in comparison with the time it takes to cast it. Making it more safe to use. 

What combos?

There are different combo's. You have 2 main charm combos, and 2 main assassination combos. It's up to you as the Ahri player to choose when to use what combo.

You can also go for Q first and then E if that suits the situation. But this has been the general combos for season 4.

Combo 1: E (wait until hit) -> Q -> W -> AA

Use: To force your opponent out of lane or to chunk him down before going all in.
  • Minimal waste of mana because you wait on the charm to hit
  • The "Q" and "W" animation will combine
  • Still have other spells if your "E" would've missed
  • Mostly used in laning phase
  • People with tenacity will be able to dodge some of your skills

Combo 2: E -> Q -> W -> AA

Use: When you have enough mana and you're sure you're going to hit.
  • The "E", "Q" and "W" animation will combine
  • Works vs high tenacity
  • Faster than Combo 1
  • You have wasted all mana and all of your skills if you miss

Assassination Combo 1: W -> R -> E -> Q -> AA

Use: If no minions are around and you see a squishy target that you can kill, what will lead into gaining objectives/win team fights.
  • Quickest way to burst enemies
  • Animations can be combined
  • W must be used before spirit rushing, meaning that you cant have minions around or your foxfire will hit them instead
  • If charm doesn't land your burst will be a lot lower

Assassination Combo 2: R -> E -> Q -> W -> AA

Use: When a lot of minions are around or if there is no time to prepare your foxfire.
  • Maximize damage output.
  • Animations can be combined
  • A bit slower than assassination combo 1
  • If charm doesn't land your burst will be a lot lower

Extra information

You'll be playing objective as Ahri. This way you'll snowball even more. You can use these combos but sometimes you have to change things up. Don't use spirit rush to do damage, but instead to it to re-position yourself.

In these combos you can always use your "R" to re-position to make your "Q" return damage hit. It's also possible to use flash before the combo to travel even more distance for a surprise kill or to secure a kill.

Using flash offensive

I'll quickly give you some tips on how to use flash offensive.

Example: E-> Flash -> Q -> W -> Ignite -> AA

You may think why do you "E" before flashing. Well "E" and "Q" are both linear skillshots with no cast channel time. Same with Lee Sin "Q", Morgana snare and Lux snare and many more. A lot of champions can use this trick. The point in doing this is that you'll flash when "E" is casting, but it doesn't cancel the cast, instead it will come out at the exact moment of you flashing, making it instant cc and easy for you to hit other skills and get a kill.

This combo works really great if the enemy is at really low health and you know you can kill him in 1 combo. Usually you'll use this combo before level 6 because they wont expect it. But don't think that you'll always have to do this. if you cant get a kill that leads to snowballing or objective than its not worth burning flash. Most of the time early game, this is always worth because your opponent will be missing out on a lot of farm and xp.

Cast animations

I'll give you a small list of why the combos are this way.

"Q" Orb of Deception and "E" Charm

  • Standing still while casting
  • Can combo any other skill after you cast it
  • Can be cast before using flash for instant cast

"W" Foxfire and "R" Spirit Rush

  • Can be cast while moving
  • "Q" and "E" have to wait a bit for the animation of "W" to end before being casted. 
  • Can not use skills during the dash.

In 5.2 W-animation can be combined with everything including auto attacks

Early Game Back to Top

Early Game!

here you'll find:
  • General info
  • Positioning
  • Interrupting CC or gapclosers 
  • Follow up in ganks

General info

The early game of Ahri is really strong in terms of staying alive and poke/pushing, she currently has everything a midlaner needs and may be a bit overpowerd and will get nerfed because of this. In 5.2 Ahri got a movement speed boost on Q, so when you get ganked you can charm the Jungler and throw Q and run away.

So depending on what lane and jungle opponent you have you want to push, or freeze. Most of the time you want to push to deny farm and put pressure.

Early on you want to mainly focus on hitting the minions when you throw your Q, but make sure that your chances of hitting the enemy are as high as possible. you don't want to try and hit the enemy without hitting any minions, since this will put you behind because of the cooldown on Q and the mana you've wasted on a chance to hit the enemy. If you hit the minions you'll gain passive stacks and get easier last hits, or fuck up the last hits since the Q has 2 times damage.

You want to make sure you do your Q enough. but make sure you'll have around 2/5th mana left at all times, this will ensure that you can still use at least 1 full combo (charm Q and W)


Positioning is something really important in lane. I'll go over all the different "styles" of champions and how you should position yourself against them.

The different styles are:
  • Meleerange
  • Longrange/AoE farm abilities

Melee Range opponent

As seen in the picture above, against a melee opponent you generally want to stand in the minions so you can last hit, auto attack the enemy and hit your q on the minions, with the most chance of also hitting the enemy with your Q.

In the picture you see me standing in the middle of the lane. If I'm against a Katarina or something she will try and lasthit our melee minion or use her Q for it. Since her Q will only hit 1 target she will prob go for the auto attack. If she doesn't auto attack it and uses Q you can harass her a lot since her poke ability is down. If she auto attacks, you can throw your Q. Last option is that she'll let the minion go. Which is also a small win for you. Also after the minion dies the enemy caster minions will run  up to your caster minions. This is when you move up to auto attack the enemy Katarina. same as with the 1 minion above, she will generally let the minions go or throw a Q. 

This was an example with Katarina, but this somewhat works with most Melee champs that have an ability to farm with or harass (Zed, Diana, etc). This doesn't always work, but you'll see that you'll start pushing them into their turret, which is basically what you want because you can harass them when they try to farm under turret.

Long Range/AoE farm opponent

This is the thing you generally want to do. You'll position yourself vertically against your opponent, making it harder to hit skills for them. and your q can be thrown to the left of them, and you run to the right side of lane to curve the q for the true damage, which is fairly hard to hit, and to miss. (if that makes any sense)

The photo above has been taken from one of my lane analyst that i did for a friend. It was for Ahri against Syndra. Syndra used to be one of Ahri hardest counters because her stun was fairly easy to hit. The way u position above, is easy to dodge, you just walk up a bit, or down, and dodge everything. The way of positioning also brings up perfect ability to hug one side of the lane. you want to keep around max distance of Q between you and the enemy, unless they run back. 

Also this way, if you Q and want to kill them you can easily ult right in front of them, to create a linear line between you and the midlane flow. (like how the minions run) and you'll have an easier time to charm because you'll be around 350-450 range and your full W can hit as well. 

You only want to do this if you're freezing lane, or the lane has been reset, if you decide that you have enough wards. And that you want to push them in you may want to position yourself a little bit different. 

Don't take this lane analyst as the bible. This has been made to optimize your chances, but if you cant ward sides for some reason, or you're behind, or you're ahead. Then this all changes. It is a guideline, so follow it a bit, but don't do it everytime the same since it will result in failure from time to time.

Interrupting CC and Gapclosers

This is a way to survive ganks and to really piss off your enemy, it's a mechanic that is pretty easy to do but you'll need some practice if you're not used to it.

How does it work?

You'll try to use your CC to stop the enemy from coming to you. For example with Ahri her charm.
Another example of a champion that can do this is Thresh. Thresh his "E" can stop the gapclosers aswell, and make sure you dont get cced by it.

What cc or gapcloser can I stop?

Basically almost all of them. Even malphite ultimate, You'll also use this in matchups like Leblanc or Fizz, who will use their dash onto you and you stop them before they arive at you and dont do damage.
You can also cancel out Vi her Q when she's charging up or when she is in mid dash. Nidalee her jump when you're hunted works aswell. Or even gragas E, so you dont get stunned. Stop amumu from getting to you, you throw the charm at the moment he'll bandage toss onto you, he'll hit you and get hit by the charm right after and will stop at the place where he got hit. So you cant get followup cc'ed by his ultimate

Small list of examples:
  • Nidalee during W while being hunted
  • Vi while Q'ing or while winding up Q
  • Malphite ultimate
  • Amumu Bandage toss
  • Gragas E (without getting stunned)
  • Jarvan his EQ combo (the dash with the knockup)

I hope you somewhat get what I mean, you can cancel out cc's or damage using your charm. Mastering this will keep you alive a lot of the times. I haven't tested this with other champs since I dont really play a lot of champs, but I do know that it also works with Syndra, Thresh, etc...

Sneaky tip

While i'm talking about Ganks and turning them around, a small tip that I can give you when the enemy jungler is Master Yi, or Lee sin, or any other champ that will jump to you. (also works with Zed if you're laning against him, but he'll have a shadow to jump back)
You can let lee sin hit you and ult or even flash ult into your turret, and instantly charm when they arrive at you. Same goes for yi, he'll get extra turret damage and be pretty embarased if it happens.

Small list of examples:
  • Vi ultimate
  • Lee sin Q
  • Master Yi Q
  • Zed ultimate
  • Maokai E
  • All champions that are like: "My minds telling me no, but my body, my body is telling me YEAAHHHAA!"

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My Ahri: Over 1 year of almost full time playing her. I don't play many other champs, even when I have the chance to. At this very moment I have over 1.5k games on Ahri, but if Ahri is banned in ranked my go-to pick is Syndra, because I quite like her burst and she is a pretty hard lane bully, less mobility tho. My other champ is Orianna but I almost never play her anymore and my laning phase is weak with her at the moment, but my teamfight is pretty solid.

Season 3: Bronze 1
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League of Ahri - Christmas/300k Montage by: Midnight Ahri


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Meet The Noobs - Highlight video (5v5 Ranked Team)

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Ahri dance! (Run Devil Run - Girls Generation)

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Korean Ahri voices

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Hey everyone, in 5.2 Ahri got a bit changed, and dfg got removed. This is why I'm trying to get a new OP buid that works perfectly with the new Ahri, atm I have something that somewhat works and does wayy to much dmg.

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