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Flash is essential for almost every champion . Ahri may have mobility from her q and as well as her r at level 6, but that still doesn't mean not to take flash . generally you want to use your flash as an escape and in certain scenarios an engage with your combos.  Therefore, 10 times out of 10 you NEED to take flash on Ahri.

Ignite is practically the icing on the cake. It's used to secure kills due to the scaling true damage and reduced healing. These effects provide Ahri with extra damage after finishing her combos. Ignite can be very crucial if you don't have it for certain matchups (which will be explained below). Statistics show that ignite is the second most used summoner spell on Ahri with flash being the first proving that ignite is a 'must use' spell in most situations along with flash.

Teleport, is rather self explanatory. in most cases you won't take this summoner unless you're top (for meta reason) However if you're feeling less confident in your matchup or  wish to sit back, farm,  and snowball from making tp plays around the map then this is very handy. there are a few scenarios in which I would consider taking tp in mid lane ( which will also be explained below) . however i personally would not recommend taking it (not implying that it's bad) . Needless to say, If you're a passive player and can make it work successfully then shoot for the stars.

Exhaust on Ahri is very situational.  in many cases you'd want to get this if you're against a strong ad comp or mid laner. Unless you feel that you will lose or have a hard time , then exhaust really isn't that ideal to run on ahri , for you can have more success with ignite. 

if the enemy team has that heavy cc then cleanse is okay. still very rare for ahri to take this due to her mobility 

Plays can be made with Barrier Ahri. it's not my favorite cup of tea, however it can be very useful vs super bursty matchup which will also be included below. (of my 400 games so far S6 i have yet to run barrier ahri)

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Mastery :

there are many different combinations of masterys , and this is by far my favorite and most used. 


Sorcery (5/5)  - unless you're going adc Ahri then 10 times out of 10 you will be using this mastery. simply because it grants ability damage and ahri is based around abilities 

Feast (1/1) -  feast rewards your  last hitting by granting you sustain in lane. you can really tell the difference when you aren't using it .though at first glance it may seem very small,  it can be very handy despite it's 20 hp and 25 sec cooldown ( highly pref for me)

Double edged sword (situational) - double edged sword is very worth in certain situation . For example, versus melee champs  you will have the upper hand by harassing with autos or poking with skills due to being ranged. feel free to take this mastery over feast if you're against any melee champ other than 157.png&105.png Which i will explain more about in the matchups sections.

Vampirism (3/5) - Ahri's ahripassive.png grant her spell vamp, and also combined with the idea of  going max cdr meaning you'll be most likely spamming spells doesn't make this a bad choice and doesn't hurt (: 

Natural Talent (2/5) - you can honestly go 5/5 with either vamp or talent. they're both beneficial to Ahri, therefore i go both. this helps amp up the scaling ap glyphs as well so not much more is needed to be said about it.

Oppressor (1/1) - Bounty isn't bad , but in comparison to oppressor . Oppressor supplies you with the best early game experience because Ahri has a cc ahriseduce.png which will grant you  2.5% more damage, therefore i use it 10/10 

Piercing thoughts (5/5) - UGHHHH MAGIC PEN, HELLO ??!

Deathfire TOUCH (1/1 very in depth explanation ) - Firstly this is Ahri MY WAY ! there's tons of talk and i've received tons of criticism on which is better. But hear me when i say this. IT IS ALL PERSONAL PREFERENCE. For me individual i have had more success with DFT over Thunderlords. it may differ from you and i wouldn't recommend it to anyone since like i said it's personal preference. some will want to go Intelligence for cdr cap or precision for hybrid pen , which aren't bad for Ahri at all. I will say this though , DFT is very good if you plan on poking in lane . In addition to that, going dft into melee champs would be great but the same effect still applies vs ranged champs so it really isn't any different. I believe it's more reliable due to the fact that there isn't really a cooldown for it and it affects every target you hit. DFT ultimately makes going 18/12/0 so much worth due to how strong it is .and I owe my 60% w rate with over 400 games with this champion to it. 


Savagery (5/5) - The first branch of cunning is really personal oriented. either going for increased movement speed with wanderer or savagery  for the small increased damage to minions is ultimately up to you. Neither is really necessary. However i choose savagery simply because it  does helps with csing (p.s. sometimes i miss way too many minions.)

Assassin (1/1) - This is good for a solo laner, because you're solo. I also normally tend to kill solo in the laning phase very often. this mastery grants extra damage when no allied champions are nearby,  so it's strong if you are all about the solo 1v1 plays. Though there are some occasions in which  secret stash is acceptable and better . which will be explained in matchups vs champs such as 157.png and 105.png . if you wish to play passive and wait for a gank, then i HIGHLY recommend not taking Assassin .

Meditation (5/5) - I am very careless sometimes with my mana and also have very high success with this . i feel that my comfort level with Ahri doesn't really require Merciless , however against Yasuo. I'd highly recommend  taking this mastery over it. 

Dangerous Game (1/1) - very clutch plays can be made with this mastery , and it also can be utilized to pull through team fights. 5% may seem like a small amount but when you add it up with the other kills/ assist you can get out of 5. then the maximum would be 25% which is 1/4 of your total mana and health.  



Sorcery (5/5)

Feast (1/1)

Natural Talent (5/5)

Oppressor (1/1)


Savagery (5/5)
secret stash (1/1)

Merciless (5/5) - used to maximize your damage once your opponent is low, could never go wrong with this mastery

Dangerous Game (1/1) 

Precision (5/5) - scaling magic penetration is great , and i'd highly recommend going for this since you won't be getting the penetration from the Ferocity tree. Also since you will be scaling with magic pen and you're wanting to max your cdr then there is little risk of not going 3020.png and lacking damage . 15% at lvl 18  (glyphs) + 10% 3158.png +20%3165.png =40+%  (this is in Theory that you're using the standard scaling cdr  glyphs ) the reason behind going this mastery is simply because your goal with Ahri is not to achieve 45% cdr which that is the main objective of Intelligence. 
If you're using the scaling ap glyphs  however, then intelligence would be okay primarily to get as close to 40% as you can. w/ 3020.png ( 5%[Intelligence] + 20%3165.png + 10% [blue buff/3100.png]) = 35% total 

w/ 3158.png  10% + 20%3165.png + 5% + blue/3100.png

Thunderlords Decree (1/1) - if you're going 18 in cunning tree, then thunderlords is handsdown the best mastery to run on ahri in comparison to the other 2 . the burst is insane and really good. Stormraider's Surge would be used to just have fun tbh and troll around . But that doesn't mean it cant be successful 

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Q : Orb of Deception 

COST: 65/70/75/80/85 Mana
RANGE: 880

ACTIVE: Ahri sends an orb of arcane energy in the target direction, dealing magic damage to all enemies it passes through, then pulls it back to herself, dealing true damage on the way back, also passing through enemies. 

*While the orb is travelling, Ahri gains 215 bonus movement speed, rapidly decaying down to 80 over 0.5 seconds.*

Alway Always max  ahriorbofdeception.png for it is Ahri's initial damage, most of the time you will want to level it first . Unless you have a strong level 1 team that can follow up on your cc in a junlge invade, then you'll start ahriseduce.png instead. there are some acceptations in which maxing ahrifoxfire.png can benefit you . but i'll save that information for the matchups section . ahriorbofdeception.png should be the most often used skill when playing ahri . use ahriorbofdeception.png to poke at your enemy and even kite with the increased movement speed that it grants you (throw it in the opposite direction of you for maximum speed) . Ahri's ahriorbofdeception.png deals a decent amount of damage and can hit every minion in the wave with ease
( if aimed correctly). A lvl 2 ahriorbofdeception.png + double  1056.png's can clear a wave just after using the skill twice. (pre 6 and low income example )  therefore clearly it is pretty strong.  whenever you're looking to roam all it takes is a few 
ahriorbofdeception.png's to push the lane then you are free to go to snowball other lanes. 
Ahri's ahriorbofdeception.png is very strong and in most cases you would want to start off using ahriseduce.png  due to it's longer range in comparison to ahriorbofdeception.png once you release yourahriseduce.png you would want to use your ahriorbofdeception.png almost immediately. this is because though ahriorbofdeception.png has shorter range than ahriseduce.png it's speed is much greater so they will connect almost perfectly at the exact same time dealing tons of damage.  

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