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I personally always take 14.png/4.png when I play Ahri. You have a strong laning phase, and depending on the matchup, usually a lot of kill potential. Although I don't do it, it is perfectly viable to take either 21.png/3.png/1.png.

21.pngYou might take barrier if you were up against a high burst champ, who you thought you couldn't kill, usually an AP mage (Syndra).

3.pngYou might take exhaust if you were up against an assassin (Zed or Talon)

1.pngCleanse is the least common, but it can be helpful if your opponent or opposing team has dangerous or high amounts of CC (Nautilus/Thresh). It can also cleanse ignite, which can rarely, although sometimes be useful.

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These are the masteries that I always run. I take Thunderlords as my keystone as it gives a good amount of extra burst damage. It is very easy to proc (One Q that hits on return as well, followed by an auto attack. Or by simply pressing your W). As with the other mastery points, there are so things that I might sometimes change, or that I know other people change.

Firstly, some Natural Talent, as it gives some better late game scaling and helps with last hitting. I choose to take Vampirism, as it helps with your passive, helps with sustain and is a has a very good gold efficiency. 

Secondly, some choose to take Meditation instead of Executioner. Ahri can be very mana hungry, especially in the early levels, so I used to take this mastery. However, I found that the amount of mana regen it gave was so small, that I preferred the extra damage of Executioner. 

Finally, if you are in lane where you are worried you will lose, or are going to be bullied a lot, I might recommend taking Secret Stash instead of Assassin. I usually take assassin as Ahri has a strong early and you can usually make the most of the extra damage, but having that little bit extra sustain from Secret Stash could help in a bad match up.

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Essence Theftahripassive.png

Essence Theft is Ahri's Passive. You gain a stack of this every time a spell hits an enemy, capping at 3 stacks max per spell cast. When this reaches nine, your next spell cast will heal you. The heal is based on your AP and how many units are hit.
The most effective way to manage this ability is by using your W and Q. Your W will always hit 3 enemies, and so will always give you 3 stacks. As your Q can technically hit an infinite number of units, you should ALWAYS save it for the heal. Your E will always only ever give one stack. The most effective combo to use your passive is Q>W>Q. Your last Q should hit as many units as possible.
Your passive is fairly mediocre. During laning it can be VERY useful, as if you time your spells properly and hit a massive wave of minions, you can heal up a huge amount. Midgame, lategame and whenever you're fighting, you're probably going to ignore the passive to be honest. It can sometimes be worth thinking about, or stacking up to 9 before you go in, but in reality it is only useful when used on large minion waves.

Orb Of Deceptionahriorbofdeception.png

Orb of Deception is Ahri's Q. You fire out a linear skill-shot that can pass through units, which returns to you after reaching a set distance. It scales with AP, and does magic damage on the way out. Once cast, it gives Ahri a bonus movement speed boost, which rapidly decays over the duration of the skill-shot. On the return, the damage is the same, although it is True Damage. The orb follows back to where you currently are, meaning if you move, you can alter the return angle (in the same way as Ekko's Q, or Draven's Ult).
You will always max this first. ALWAYS. It is the best ability to use with your passive, it does the most damage. It has true damage and utility, and gives Ahri best poke for laning.
If possible, you want to use this at max range. The initial cast of the Q will do a good amount of damage, but it really chunks when combined with the return true damage. If you can hit this at max range, it becomes much harder to dodge, and both instances of damage will go off at almost the same time.
As the Q gives you some movement speed, Ahri is decent at kiting. If you are being chased, send out a Q behind you. This will not only hopefully damage your opponent, but also give you the maximum time before the Q returns.


Fox-Fire is Ahri's W. You fire out 3 orbs which travel to enemies nearby, dealing damage. The orbs float around you, until an enemy is close enough for them to lock on. They will target both minions and champions, but will prioritise champions if they are similar distance away. The orbs can hit 3 different target, or all go to one. As with all of Ahri's abilities, it scales with AP.
You will max this second, simply because it is preferable to your E. The damage is pretty bad early game, and you will usually use this to help with last hitting, but use it sparingly as it will use up a lot of mana. The main use for this ability is to do damage, especially in your burst combo. It is a simple ability, and that's pretty much it.


Charm is Ahri's E. You fire out a skill-shot that does magic damage to the first target it. It then 'charms' them for between 1-2 seconds. Charm is a CC unique to Ahri. Charm is effectively the opposite of fear. A charmed enemy will walk slowly towards Ahri for the duration and is unable to attack or use spells.
You max this last, because the damage is small and it is really only utility. At first, it seems like charm is basically a stun, but it actually helps a lot, when used with the rest of Ahri's kit. A charmed enemy will always position themselves in a place where it is easy to hit the rest of your combo.
Your charm is your biggest strength and your biggest weakness. A good charm in lane, can allow you to easily unload a lot of damage, but if you miss one, a good opponent is able to punish you for the next few seconds. 
You will usually want to save this ability, as it is your only piece of CC and only survivability pre-six. The only times you will use it other than when you are engaged on, is if you are ganked, or you are trying to get a kill. 
If you are being chased, don't be afraid to use it. It may seem like you are bringing them closer to you, but the charm affect slows, so it will help.
This ability is great at countering some people, such as Zed. If Zed ults, simply fire you E at the correct time, then walk off. It will be very difficult for him to get his damage off.

Spirit Rushahritumble.png

Spirit Rush is Ahri's R. When activated, you dash in a line in the direction of your mouse pointer. You also fire out a small orb, which targets enemies in the same way as your E, except it doesn't float around you, if there is nobody to target. After the first dash, you have a few seconds to reactivate the ability twice more, totalling in 3 dashes. The dashes can go over walls.
Your ult is amazing for all purposes. You can use the orbs for extra burst damage. You can catch up with people, or dash away from them. You can roam across map more easily by going through walls. This ability is the one that moves Ahri away from being a mage, to being an assassin. The mobility this gives is amazing. 
At level 6, as long as you have been poking your opponent well, you almost always have enough damage to all in them. Usually you will wait until the minions are spread out in a flat lane, then wait until they have used their "weakness spell"(a spell that once on cooldown, makes the champion weaker, such as Zed's W). You will then usually R through the minions once>E>Q>W>R to one side to dodge anything>then either R away or towards for the final damage. The great thing about the ult is that if you R>E but the E misses, then you can just use the other two R casts to leave quickly.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    I always start with these.
    If you're confident, start this

Core Items

    Ahri has two main playstyles; Mage and Assassin. You will play as both of these during a game, but you items will have an effect on how much. Assassins usually focus on raw damage, survivability, and movement speed. This build is a classic build, that I usually take.
    Mages usually focus on CDR and utility. The above build might be a classic Mage build, and some of the items are the same. Most builds will have a mix of the two, but this helps explain how items affect playstyle.

Situational Items

    Any time you are facing an AD opponent (yasuo, talon or especially zed) you should take this first or second item. It is amazing at helping win lane.
    Amazing item versus an AP opponent. The MR it gives AND the magic pen make it incredibly gold efficient. It will make you tanky enough to survive lane, but do enough to win. I still take this when ahead as the magic pen is still offensive, and magic pen is so rare.
    I will sometimes get a GA. I only take one if the game has gone on for a long time, as the death timers are so long that one bad teamfight can lose the game. Remember this will replace something like rabadons, so you will do a lot less damage.

I always start Doran's because Ahri can get very mana hungry.

If against AP, i will almost always take an abyssyl. 
If against AD i will take a Zhonya's if for a good reason (such as Zed, or Veigar)
I usually get a Luden's as the movespeed is great, and burst damage helps a lot.
I get Rabadon's if I feel like im doing too few damage, or I'm very ahead.
I don't really ever get Rylai's, although you could. Liandry's is nice because of the Magic Pen, but it doesn't synergise well.
I get Morellonomicon if I need the extra mana (need to harass in lane more) or if Grievous Wounds will counter them (such as Mundo or Nasus).
Apart from these, you're pretty much free to build whatever you like, with a focus on AP, Magic Pen and Raw Damage.

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