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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Flash + Ignite
This is going to be your most used summoner spell combo. I personally use this every game now that teleport has been nerfed. Flash is essential on almost every champion because of its play-making potential, but ignite gives Ahri the little bit of damage that she needs to snowball early, get double kills when the enemy jungler ganks you, or to make your roams even stronger.

Flash + Exhaust
Exhaust is if you don't feel comfortable playing against someone.

Possibilities would be like
  1. 238.png 
  2. 157.png
  3. 91.png
  4. 84.png
  5. 105.png
And any other assassin you may have issues with. All of these champions have outplay and counterplay potential, but I'll go into that more in the matchups sections.

Flash + Teleport
Almost exclusively for top lane Ahri. I prefer ignite to try and "win" lane (you won't get often a matchup that's actually winnable. Ignite will either help you kill the enemy so you can stay ahead, or you can take Teleport so you can gank bottom and get ahead that way. Choice is yours.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

I use this mastery page every game. It's quite basic, but my reasoning behind it is

Ability damage from sorcery and Double Edged Sword will help your waveclear and assasination abilities.

Wanderer is for roaming, Secret Stash makes your corrupt potion even more cost-effective, Natural Talent again with the waveclear/damage, Bounty Hunter because you're bound to get at least a couple kills.

Precision is wonderful for early trades and keeps your mpen relevant if you get a late void staff.

Thunderlord's because Ahri synergizes well with it and doesn't benfit from movement speed mastery very much.

Abilities Back to Top

ahriorbofdeception.png max for waveclear and range. ahrifoxfire.png is maxed next because its cooldown goes significantly lower and the damage increases. ahriseduce.png is maxed last, because although it gives more utility with rank, the cooldown and damage does not change significantly enough.

I don't think there are many, if any champions who do not prioritize their ultimate. In Ahri's case, this is of course ahritumble.png

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Get all four of these items. It's incredibly cost efficient. I start with corrupting potion EVERY game. is a very useful resource, and changed my mind about a lot of things.
    most cost efficient item you can possibly buy. Get it if you have any kill potential on enemy. Build into protobelt.
    Struggling v AD champion. Zed/Talon Upgrades to Zhonya's.
    vs Bursty Champions, such as Leblanc. Build into Banshee's or Abyssal.
    What I call the "boring build" Get it if you need mana for waveclearing. For Morello's.
    vs a couple of champions, or if your enemy jungler & mid are CClocking you Lissandra is one example.
    Very situational. Can be useful as an additional measure against hard matchups. RoA is stat efficeint, it just doesn't provide much utility.

Core Items

    Insane AoE AND single target damage. Mobility. Waveclear.
    the 'best' for hard matchups in mid. you'll get mana for waveclear, some resistance to survive, and a lot of damage. Just not as much as protobelt.
    This will make you pretty much impossible to kill by Talon. IT will also give you significantly less damage than other builds so you need to make yourself useful. Rylai's is better than RoA if you can go without the mana/sustain.
    kitey build. Throw in Echo for some extra movement speed ,liandries + void if against a VERY tanky team ( i don't recommednd you do that often) or void staff if your enemies are getting early MR
    If you can't outplay LeBlanc (and it can be VERY hard) I honestly recommend rushing this item. If you can make sure that your team is aware of when she is roaming, and at least do SOMETHING about it, you will catch back up.
    This item is wonderful. Ahri is difficult to kill because of her ultimate and Q/E kiting abilities. IF you get 7 stacks on your dark seal, this item is worth it. DO. NOT. DIE.

Situational Items

    Hard carry build (out of order)
    Kite Build(out of order)
    normal mage build vs difficult AP champoins
    v hard AD (lots of health, decent armor [you can throw in GA in any builds, i usually get it last item]) and zhoya's active.
    Liandry's is a good item to take against teams that have 3 or more very tanky champions. I wouldn't recommend it otherwise.
    Kills baron/dragon and turrets very quickly, and 10% CDR is useful. I don't personally like the item because it has delayed burst when I could just get protobelt & Echo instead but in longer duration fights it is better.

I cannot go over every possible situation, however here is a link to the match history page where you can see IN ORDER what I build, what runes and masteries I'm using, who i'm playing against, and more.

also, here is a link to my youtube channel awhere you can find montages of me playing Ahri (the full game screen is shown, so you will be able to see my items in each clip)
and also to my stream, i usually stream 4pm-8pm on every day except for monday/tuesday

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

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Poke with ahriorbofdeception.png and autos early game. You can cast ahriseduce.png in the middle of her akalishadowdance.png and it will always hit. This will make her have to use another dash to activate the second half of her akalimota.png

If she is level 6, and she casts akalimota.png on you... Back off until it wears off. Stay out of its range. Poke with Q, waveclear, roam.

Purchase Abyssal scepter or she will have strong kill potential on you. After that, you can either get Rylai's, Protobelt, or Rod of Ages ( you will need some health.)

3.png is a possibility here just know that she isn't similar to zed in that she is connected with long cooldowns. If you do exhaust her she can simply R back to the minion wave, akalismokebomb.png and then walk away.

She is VERY susceptible to ganks. Although it is not the junglers job to win anyones lane for them, you need to make sure that they know that she doesn't have a real escape spell. 64.png jungle is a hard counter to this champion so if you have any say in who your jungler picks, try to have it be him. He can E reveal her shroud, and kick her out of it towards your turret. And he has just as much mobility as she does.



Abyssal Scepter early will be good here because she has unavoidable damage output from her frostbite.pngglacialstorm.png combo. At least get the negatron cloak and then go into either protobelt, morello, or rod of ages.

This can be both an easy and hard matchup. Anivia's damage output is absolutely insane.

Her frostbite.png does immense damage.
From level 2 and on, it is your absolute priority, over ANYTHING else to dodge the flashfrost.png or you WILL take more damage than you deal to her. Stay at your maximum range, just so its easier to dodge her spells.

At level 6, she will be able to straight up trade you with E>R. However, you have outplay potential.

When she goes to flashfrost.png you, and if she is in a position in the lane where you can all-in her and kill her (try to have your jungler nearby so you can kill the egg too) you can ahritumble.png diagonally towards her (dodging her q stun, and hopefully getting out of her glacialstorm.png at the same time) and then go from there.

Try not to miss your ahriseduce.png after using your ultimate because it can feel wasted. It's also important to know that you don't 100% need to hit your charm to get kills. Don't give up, if you ulted, your Q and W do plenty of damage. Just be wary. I like to save charm until the enemy stops walking in circles trying to 'predict it' (people REALLY do that)




Easy matchup. Not much explanation needed, but this

ahriorbofdeception.png outranges disintegrate.png
All of your spells outrange all of hers.

Get at least a null mantle early so she can't flash on you at level 6 for an easy kill.

Her full combo does a lot more than yours. No reason to head on fight her. Poke her down early, make her a little behind, then when you are ahead, pressure the lane by pushing as best as you can, and then roam for kills.

It's an easy matchup to play, but don't understimate her damage output.


Aurelion Sol


I can honestly say I've only played against this champion once and I didn't even know what his abilities were. He was a Diamond 1 player that had a lot of games on this champion and I still won lane.

I didn't have MR runes, I rushed protobelt.

Dodge his spells. You won't play against him often.



Handling the early poke can be hard. My solution to it has been.. Instead of running away, just run towards him. His only option after summoning his soldiers is really attacking you with his basic attacks which are relatively weak until he gets a nashor's tooth.

His windup on his attacks is above average a littlebit so hitting charm shouldn't be too hard.

Also remember his mana costs are huge.

Don't dive him because he can azirR.png you deep under turret and you can't dash through it, and you won't be able to catch him often.

If he goes early defensive, Abyssal will keep the fight fair, but if he goes for an early nashor's tooth (most azir's will not do this) go more aggressively and get Protobelt, you will be able to just one-burst him. ahritumble.png+ahrifoxfire.png + Protobelt Active will take most of his health. 14.png+ahriorbofdeception.png should finish him off at that point. Don't even need a charm.




Don't get hit by brandfissure.png , and if a brandblaze.png is going to stun you, take all measures to avoid that. Ult diagonally towards him (like we do vs Anivia) to avoid the stun and engage on him. Brands usually are not tanky enough to handle a full fight vs you.

If he casts brandwildfire.png and you are able to, dash away from any nearby targets (minions included)

Abyssal scepter will help a lot if you're struggling, though I would do a protobelt rush & just roam if he's giving me troubles (hes' not mobile so he can't follow you very well)




Her DPS is huge. Her cassiopeiamiasma.png can now completely stop you from flashing or using ahritumble.png so the matchup can be very, very hard.

I haven't played against enough of them to have much advice but it's important to remember that facing her puts you at an instant disadvantage. Don't throw in unnecessary basic attacks, don't chase her, and try to be unpredictable.



fizzmarinerdoom.png can be dodged with ahritumble.png

Its a skill matchup.

Don't cast ahriseduce.png unless fizzjump.png is on cooldown. A good Fizz will dodge it almost every time.

Freeze lane early, deny him as much cs as possible, while being wary of getting ganked. If he gets ahead early you'll be at a huge disadvantage.

Abyssal helps a lot. Don't forget that even when you're losing lanes you can have a lot of effect on how the other lanes perform.




He's going to stack MR and do a ton of damage.

Your advantage is your ahriorbofdeception.png does half true damage. And you will have 14.png.

I don't recommend going for hard damage build because he will simply tank it.

Go for either abyssal or morello. He can honestly do as much damage as a traditional mage, so take precautions. Your advantage is your cooldowns are a lot lower, and you can roam a lot better than he can. 




Skill matchup. Gangplank is a broken champion. You won't play against him often mid, but when you do, rush revolver into protobelt. Poke him as much as possible early game. Don't let him get ahead because he will carry his team.




She can just target you with a snare, and do a ton of dmg with her mantra'd Q.

She has self heals, shields, and runs fast.

I hate this matchup so much. Thankfully she's often top/support.




Get abyssal and tell your support/jg/top to get a locket. You have the advantage in lane, but if you do die to her in midgame/teamfight she has good odds of killing everyone

Like Fizz, do not cast ahriseduce.png unless her shadowstep.png is on cooldown.

When she does blink to you ,she will end up immediately behind you. That's when you ahriseduce.png.

If she uses deathlotus.png You can dash away ahritumble.png.

She roams well, but so do you. Keep your team well informed.




nope nope nope nope nope nope nope

Kayle is sleeper OP and thank god she isn't popular as a mid laner




She will kill you with no effort at all.

Try to cast ahriseduce.png during her leblancslide.png animation, though honestly it barely helps anymore since they removed it cancelling her dash.

Best bet is Abyssal rush, into rylai's or rod of ages. 

If she kills you and you're having real problems, even a banshees veil can help, or just get mercury's treads.

She is just as good or better at you than roaming, she can easily dodge all of your skillshots, and she has good waveclear too.

Quick tip.

If you stand away from your minions, you will be susceptible to leblancsoulshackle.png

HOWEVER, if she Q>W's you, the minions will die if you're in the minions.

Find a balance of making sure she can't damage you AND waveclear at the same time, that way when she does attack you you can at least push lane with ahriorbofdeception.png so she feels some pressure.




Tenacity Boots and Abyssal Scepter.

This champion is no joke. She has a lot of CC and a lot of damage.

She's very difficult to kill because of her lissandraR.png, and she's not bad at roaming either.

Just farm, ward, roam, she can't kill you if you have MR, just be wary of junglers because she can CC lock you by herself.




Only annoying because she's like impossible to kill, and she denies your assassination attempts on allies as well.




eh. I like to get some MR in case she gets a lucky snare because she does as much damage as LeBlanc if she hits all of her spells.

However it isn't difficult to dodge her spells, and she isn't the best at roaming. You will probably lose your turret if you leave lane too often so a good choice is negatron cloak into morello so you have waveclear, some MR to not die, mana to sustain yourself.

If you want to get ahead but can't roam because of her pushing abilities, ask your jungler if you can farm raptors in between waves. (i do this all the time if gank opportunites do not arise)




Skill matchup. His recent nerfs make this matchup a lot easier.

Just auto him once, then send a ahriseduce.png at him and it will work.

Careful of ganks, he will lock you down for over 2 seconds and there isn't anything you can really do about it unless you spend 1300g on a Sash.




This isn't actually a 'hard' matchup, just very, very annoying.

She pokes, a lot, and good ones are difficult to kill. She doesn't have mobility so if you get a charm opportunity, go for it. 

Try to stay an equal distance from her ball and her champion.

Her targeting range is from her champion, but the distance her ball travels.... is ... from her ball. Obviously. Your main advantage is being able to ahritumble.png over her orianadetonatecommand.png

Often they will be squishy, but some rush RoA. Depending on which you can go protobelt to assassinate her, or abyssal to trade, morello to farm.




armor runes

zhonya roa

this isn't even  a skill matchup because pantheon takes no skill

he just walks up to you, casts q, and walks away. Honestly. Legit. 100%. For real.

You heavily outscale him, but if you feed him he will carry and your team will hate you.




Morello and Ignite.

He isn't OP anymore and a very uncommon pick.  You can ult over his snare, and his sustain isn't too much to deal with anymore.




She does A LOT of damage.

I recommend abyssal even if you're ahead and she's squishy. There really isn't much 'outplay' potential. She casts Q, probably misses, casts R, and 700 of your health is gone if you don't have MR.

Tip: She can't aim her syndraE.png ball directly at you. She has to aim it at a ball that goes at you--- Learn your geometry! Don't line yourself up with her and a ball. And if she casts a ball directly between you, you know you need to go left or right.




Don't cast ahritumble.png through her taliyahE.png

Get abyssal because she has good damage outputs

Her roaming is great because of her passive and taliyahR.png

But she isn't that popular anymore and you can just stand behind minions to not get hit by her taliyahQ.png



taloncutthroat.png Will always land directly behind you. ahriseduce.png Only when it is on cooldown.

Early seeker's. Then ROA, then zhonyas. Armor seals. Poke early, then when he starts getting some levels, push and roam.


Twisted Fate


You can kill him fairly easy. This matchup is set on 'hard' because of Twisted Fate's ability to not give a fuck that his enemy laner is winning, he presses R, teleports somewhere, gets a double kill for his ally, and then his team carries him.

Keep a ward in the center of his lane close (but not visible) to the turret. This way you'l be able to see which way he walks and IMMEDIATELY WARN YOUR TEAMMATES THAT HE IS COMING TO THEM, you'll come off as annoying but at least you won't be to blame if he goes there. You can also notice if he's going, follow him, if he ults, dash over the wall, charm him to cancel it. Follow behind if he does go, you might be able to clean up a kill.




Some Viktor's are annoying and get an early Abyssal

Unfortuantely the only way to counter against this is to get your own (AP itemization is really frustrating)

so get your own abyssal before he gets his, kill him or roam. You can dash out of his viktorgravitonfield.png very easily so he isn't much of an issue.

Don't get hit by both halves of his E, its unnecessary. Get in the habit of remembering the detonation.

Roaming Back to Top

Roaming is a very important thing to understand as a mid laner.

There are a few things that make a mid laner good at roaming
  1. Waveclear: Enables you to kill the minions quickly, so you can leave your lane without losing much, if any, gold and experience.
  2. Mobilty: Enables you to jump over walls, get to lanes quicker, outplay enemies, and more.
  3. CC: Stunning/slowing/taunting/charming/ an enemy gives you a huge advantage in a gank, because now it's even more difficult to escape

Ahri has all three of these. She isn't the BEST at any particular one, but she does have all three.

Ahri's ahriorbofdeception.png will allow you to quickly push your lane, immediately run out of vision of your enemy (backwards towards tower) and quickly review your map. Think to yourself:
  1. Is anything important happening? For example, if bottom lane is engaged in a fight, it will almost always be beneficial to at least make your way towards their lane to clean up kills, save your allies if things go poorly, or if the enemy gets away alive. If your top laner is getting ganked by the enemy jungler, and you think that he might get dived or something, go for it. There's always a chance you can get something out of it, rather than standing mid and walking in circles hoping to get a lucky shot off on your enemy.  If not, you can simply (ask your jungler first) farm the raptor/wolves. In most matchups it simply isn't worth it to over-pressure the enemy mid laner because the current meta champions are just really safe, such as Anivia.
  2. Can I make something happen? Check the health on your enemies. Keep track of their summoner spells. ward. You might be able to get a dive off on the enemy bottom lane for an easy double kill + dragon if you just pay attention and take action on the map. 

Don't think that just because your ahritumble.png is an ultimate ability, you can't use it solely for movement. I often use it to quickly jump over the 2 walls closest to bottom lane to tower dive (without being seen by wards) and saves a lot of time walking. 

Save your ahriseduce.png. For some reason, a lot of people will just walk in circles / back and forth to try and pre-emptively 'dodge' the charm. When they finally give up and start walking away normally, it will be a lot easier to hit them, and make your ganks a lot more successful.

General early/mid/late phase + some extra tips Back to Top

Ahri's early level she has a great advantage over a lot of mid laners. Her ahriorbofdeception.png hits twice, so one auto attack + orb will mean a thunderlord's proc. Get this, then walk away (don't trade tld procs or you basically wasted the advantage)

Use your attack speed runes, hybrid penetration runes, and precision mastery to your advantage in combination with your corrupting potion. you will not be out-traded.

Don't waste Charm early. It isn't worth the 85 mana cost for small damage and 1s cc. Use it for the CC, when you need the CC.

Level 5, 2 autos on caster + Q will clear them. Try to hit all 6 minions both times with your orb if you are able to, it will make pushing out very easy for roaming.

Practice learning your abilities using the hotkeys. Ctrl+R enables me to make many plays such as:
A trick I often aim to do is, if I'm level 5 and right about to level up, I send a Q through a minion that's about to die, towards the enemy laner. If it connects, I will level up & damage them at the same time. Then because your ult is up and they will still be level 5 at this point, immediately learn and use it and it could be an easy kill. A little more advanced technique so I would recommend learning Ahri's basics first before doing this, but the point is, seconds matter, and don't waste your time clicking on icons when you can use your keyboard.

Level 7 1 auto on caster + Q will clear them. At this point you will have your ultimate and it will be very easy for you to roam around, jump over walls, make plays, hard to be ganked. 

Level 9 you should be able to 1-shot the casters depending on which item you went for. If you're going for abyssal and all you have is a negatron you probably won't be able to do it. This is a huge peak point for you, capitalize on roaming, and don't underestimate your damage.

DONT FORGET TO KEEP FARMING YOUR LANE. If you look at the pro scene (which I don't personally follow, but some of the statistics are interesting to me) all of the top CS/minute are mid laners. By far. Roaming is important, grouping is important, but make sure you are constantly farming, even take the raptors if your jungler allows you.
(scumbag tactic incoming--- if my jungler is refusing to gank, and isn't someone like Shyvana who is dependent on farm for getitng strong, I will take jungle camps so they have nothing to do except for invade/gank---- if your jungler gets mad, don't do this, and don't make a scene or it will backfire)

Make picks on the enemy team with your charm, don't be too afraid unless the enemy team can CC Lock you easily (get merc treads if this is an issue.)

Pretty much 100% of my flashes in the mid game go towards me ahriseduce.png +4.png on the enemy for a pick. Most people know, but some don't, if you cast a spell and then flash immediately, the cast will BEGIN at your original cast point, but continue from where you flashed, so it is a lot more "flash"ier and quicker, a lot harder to dodge for the enemy. Just be aware if you do miss, you just lost your flash.

Mid-game is Ahri's strong point, so if you are ahead, really, really capitalize on it. Force dragons. Get turrets. KEEP VISION UP SO YOU CAN MAKE PICKS. VISION IS SO IMPORTANT AND IT IS EVERYONES JOB. TRINKETS ARE A THING.


You're going to be a little weaker than some of the other mages at this point, and you can play in two different ways effectively.

Basically, because of the way ADC's scale so well, you need to either take the enemy ADC out (don't even try if they have maw & scimitar) or you can peel for your own. If you have a rylai's, bonus points.

Not much I can say other than... Make sure you don't go out alone, you can't do a whole lot at this point because most people are tanking up.

If the enemy's are not building any defenses for you you can still try to assassinate, just be careful how you go about it, because if you do die, it could easily mean the loss for your team.

The easiest way to play lategame is just stay at max range with your spells, use R just for kiting/running, and try to make sure you and your ADC do not die. If you went the protobelt build (my favorite) and you have void staff etc, you usually do enough damage to kill almost anyone with one spell rotation, depending on their items. Something most people never do is target the tank. This just doesn't make sense 100% of the time. If the enemy rammus is screwing over your ADC and you know you can take out half or more of his health, and he is in powerball right now running towards your team (he can't activate his defensive ball curl during his  powerball) then you know you can just turn on him and possibly take him out or send him back and then take baron/turrets because the enemy tank will be gone.

Ahri is a playmaker, so make the plays, just do it as a team.

  • ahriseduce.png+4.png is a quick way to catch out an unsuspecting enemy
  • Most assassins (Zed, Talon, Akali, Diana if she's close [really awkward mechanic], Fizz) when they dash to you, they dash behind you. Remember this and you can get off some easy charms that could save yourself/kill the enemy.
  • ahritumble.png is a great re-positioning tool to ensure the return of your ahriorbofdeception.png will hit. Right when it is about to return to you, ult through to where you need to be for it to hit for maximum damage output.
  • Try to only use ahritumble.png if it has an actual purpose besides damage. Of course if you need the extra damage, use it, but it's best if you can multi-task. Reposition yourself to dodge a skillshot, and as a byproduct it will send out some damage. Jump over a wall for a better positioning advantage, while assassinating the enemy ADC. There are almost limitless possibilities.
  • ahrifoxfire.png Each fox-fire has its own targeting radius. If you're standing in the center of 3 different enemies (or minions) it will spread out to hit 3 different ones. Useful for last hitting, but bad if you're trying to focus down one champion so make sure you keep this in mind.
  • ahriorbofdeception.png increases your movement speed. Use it to get from place to place faster. (not in the early game where your mana is more limited) It can even be used to chase down enemies, just remember you won't be able to use it for damage if you use it for this!
  • ahriseduce.png Lasts 2 seconds at max rank, which is very significant for an enemy with no tenacity. make your charms count.

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