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Summoner Spells Back to Top


❤️Summoner Spell Explanations❤️

*Note: Always have flash as a primary summoner spell, I would also avoid swapping flash with spell book to not mess up your go to flash key(s)*


- Flash and Ignite is the most common combo you will see on the rift!

For Ahri this summoner spell allows for more opportunities for solo kills, especially when Ahri's Charm and Spirit Rush hits or are available for a solo play.

Ideally you want your enemy mid laners to be around half HP and your abilities available before attempting to use ignite for a solo play. 

Feel free to ignite early when your jungler/support/top ganks for you, that healing reduction and surprise tick can secure kills in various ways [forcing your opponent to react faster, panic summoner blown by enemies, etc.]


- Cleanse is a very self explanatory situational summoner spell to take secondary.

- Cleanse has a pretty short cool down for what it does, in most cases it won't save you, but having this summoner spell prevents a lot of 1 Hit-KO champion playstyle. That alone can win you games/teamfights. 

Common Ex: Lux 1 Shot Combo -> Hit Q full combo

- Take this summoner versus lethal CC mid that can get you killed easily in 1v1 scenarios, more importantly when the enemy junglers come, ask yourself: Can the mid or jungler CC you easily and secure a kill?

Here are some common match-ups you may want to run Cleanse versus:

- Sejuani: Slow abilities, Ultimate, Point click CC

- Fizz: Ultimate (will remove the slow effect -> position closer to turret/ get farther; forces Fizz to use extra summoner)

- Lux Q [Snare/Root]

- Maokai W [Snare/Root]


- Heal offers a little extra mobility, however the healing amount can be reduced easily from items/ignite/few champion kit(s).

- The movement speed bonus Heal offers is very nice for Ahri to set up hits with her Q (Orb of Deception) and positioning for crucial hits on her W (Charm) and R (Spirit Rush).

- Overall nice summoner and almost as common as ignite for a long time.


- A generic rule for running exhaust is when you are versus assassins, AD champion(s) (heavy AD comp,etc), or melees.

- Great for preventing snowball; when you die early and your opponent/enemy mid laner usually can just one shot you nonstop; Exhaust prevents that and heavily punishes them  in various way. 

Ex: Exhaust-> Your jungler can arrive in time; you don't die to their initial full combo

- Despite the loss of Exhaust ability to reduce attack speed, the damage reduction is very strong and is the major reason (along with Exhaust's slow) why people use this summoner.

- You may consider exhaust a secondary summoner to help you "survive" more in lane, but make sure you can still CS despite the loss of lane presence using exhaust.

- Exhaust is also great for setting up for your team to gank your lane early [Jungler/Top/Support]

Here are some examples of when you should run Exhaust: [ Brief Reasoning]

  - Versus Zed [Zed's Ultimate/Melee/AD]

  - Versus Kassadin [Depends on Kassadin's team comp; good counter to punish Kass for using R(Rift Walk) to go in for an aggressive trade]

  - Versus Talon [AD/Melee]

  - All AD team comp [Ex: Gnar/Zed or Talon; ADC Mids/ADC bot]


❤️ Summoner Spells (Non Popular) Explanations❤️


- this is another "survive" laning phase secondary summoner (like exhaust)

- Recommended for "Double TP" presence; if you can make sure your TP is always up the enemy jungler ganks will tend to be directed at top or mid (you); allowing your bot lane to succeed is a great win condition.

Double TP presence also means  you can preform miraculous counter ganks/rotate faster then the enemy mid laners for counter ganks/dives/etc.

- If you want to play to just farm and roam Teleport is a great choice for you. 

You may also use Teleport to get back to lane after successfully pulling off a "good roam" [getting kills/vision/ lower enemy pressure at X lane/etc.]

- Teleport's major downside is you don't have a secondary "offensive" or "defensive" summoner and you can die easily if you do not get fed/stay even in lane/ or get ganked without any mobile spells/abilities available.


- Barrier is an option; it is like the summoner spell Heal except the amount of shielding cannot be reduced; unlike Heal's healing amount.

- I would consider this summoner spell more often due to the rune Unsealed Spell book becoming meta even for mid laners as of patch 8.2. [See New Runes for spell book explanation]

- Barrier is great for champions who have innate healing reduce abilities [ex: Katarina ultimate], that tends to prevent you from using Heal's healing amount at its fullest due to how fast certain champion(s) can reduce your healing effects.


New Runes Back to Top


Keystone Rune(s) Explanations:

Aery: Summon%20Aerie.png?width=64

- More consistent in hitting the damage Proc than Arcane Comet [during late game]

- Ahri only CC ability is her (E) Charm so this keystone is a great choice since you won't have any chances of missing once you proc Aery on an enemy champion. [Unlike Arcane Comet]

- Ahri can proc Aery a bit more often, technically because once Ahri uses R (Spirit Rush) she gets closer to her enemies and allow Aery to come back to her quickly.

- Ahri also procs Aery more often because of how much hits all her abilities has.

Q: 2 hit

W: 3 hits [Your opponents running/flashing away can accidentally proc another Aery for free]

R: 3 hits [Same as W explanation]

Total hits all abilities can offer in 1 full rotation: 14 hits

Remember: Aery has to come back to you before it can be proc again [Best user of Aery is Teemo due to poison +Teemo's play style]

- Aery is also great versus melees since you will auto attack them often and get closer to them; allowing Aery to return more often for more damage procs.

- Aery matches Ahri's art-style and looks very cute with her.

Arcane Comet:Arcane%20Comet.png?width=64

- Although Arcane Comet isn't gurantee damage procs like Aery, Ahri players tend to use Comet often as well because of how much hits Aery has.

Ahri has 14 hits total [9 Hits from 1(R) Spirit Rush, 3 from (W) Fox Fire), 2 from (Q) Orb of Deception, and 1(E) from Charm]

I emphasized the amount of hits because if Arcane Comet is on cool down and you hit your opponents every ~2 seconds on average; Arcane Comet's cool down gets refunded each hit/proc while it is on cool down.

- Arcane Comet does slightly more damage; the icing on the cake is that it is an AOE ability 

Meaning one good (Q) Orb of Deception on multiple targets tend to mean you will hit Arcane Comet on multiple enemy champions. [Because they try and save whoever gets caught by (E)Charm before or after (Q) was thrown]

Electrocute: Electrocute.png?width=64

- remember 3 separate abilities or auto attacks total; Electrocute isn't the same as Thunder-lord's Decree

- although Electrocute is much harder to proc as an Ahri player; it is still a good keystone to pick if you want to use the basic runes the Domination Tree has to offer. 

Most notably: Sudden Impact [See below]

- the damage Electrocute does is guaranteed similar to Aery

- Electrocute has a longer cool down and cannot be reduced in any way (like Arcane Comet/Aery) that scales down to 25 seconds when Ahri or Champion(s) are level 18 

(50->25 seconds)

Unsealed Spellbook: Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=64

- As of patch 8.2, Unsealed Spell book is becoming a popular choice to pick up more often because of how much you can keep changing the game to your favor.

- Increase in Elixir Duration helps 103.png when you snowball your lead/playing with a blue elixir end game. Increase potion duration helps 103.png early game for that extra laning sustain. 

- You lose on average 1 to 2 k damage compare to an offensive keystone [Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32 Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32 Electrocute.png?width=32] but gain a approx 1 minute and 30 second cool down reduction in summoner spells ; meaning more up time for 4.png 12.png, etc.

- Depending on your secondary rune path you gain the following stats [making up for the loss of 1-2k damage as well]

**The following is the same no matter what: 20% pot and elixir duration**

Precision: +20% attack speed [useful for CSing and auto attacking more on champions/structures]

Domination: +13 AD or + 22 AP Adaptive

Sorcery: +13 AD or + 22 AP Adaptive

Resolve: +145 Health 

- Not only do you shave 30 ~ 45 seconds on your summoner spells as a mid laner; but you can swap them to adapt to whats going on in the game.

This means you can have a better summoner spell depending on multiple situatinos

**I recommend making sure Flash is put back to your default keybinding if you swap it out; make sure to think ahead on what summoner spell(s) you will be swapping to avoid a misplacing your Flash muscle memory key binding.**

When Ahead: Swapping secondary summoner spell to Teleport is great

When Behind: Swapping Flash or Secondary summoner spell that is up to Teleport is great to try and catch up and focus on farming without missing a huge minion wave

When Even: Swapping your secondary summoner spell to an offensive one for the situation you are in.

--Trying to Siege: Swap to Exhaust, Heal, Ghost depending on how team fights will play out.

-- Even Baron fights/Baron/Dragon: Swap to Smite believe it or not for an extra smite presence, make sure to communicate with your jungler as well.

--Split pushing: Swap to teleport and have it available or use it ASAP and create a huge pressure on the other side of the map that your opponents don't want to be near/at/play around. 

- Overall, there are many upsides to using Unsealed Spell book and expect future nerfs/changes to this keystone.

- Inspiration tree also has the rune Perfect%20Timing.png?width=32 which is very trendy ATM.


Basic Runes Explanations:

Note: Some runes are very self explanatory and I will not cover them; but may mention them briefly

Sudden Impact: Sudden%20Impact.png?width=64

- Only works with 103.png's ultimate ahritumble.png (R).

- Pen doesn't increase ahriorbofdeception.png's true damage but helps increase your damage on ahrifoxfire.png mainly , which is a decent a mount of damage.

Note: There is a cap to how much damage ahrifoxfire.png can do.
- Overall more damage to all her abilities once 103.png uses ahritumble.png  can secure a 1 v 1 kill versus mid laner or jungler. 

Ravenous Hunter: Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=64

103.png already has her passive ahripassive.png for spell vamp, but why not get more with this rune!

-  Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=32 scales up to 15% spell vamp, 33% effective on all of Ahri's abilities except for ahriseduce.png.

- Sacrifice cool down on item actives/trinkets or out of combat movement speed [ Ingenious%20Hunter.png?width=32Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32] think about match ups if you want the extra spell vamp on 103.png.

- Very good for sustaining in lane if you keep clearing minion waves and getting poke in small amount

i.e: 101.png 34.png

Celerity: Celerity.png?width=64

ahriorbofdeception.png grants movement speed and 103.png has a general high base movement speed.

- with tier 2 boots 103.png gains + 15 AP when she has ahriorbofdeception.png's movement speed buff -> that is ~400 gold of AP.

You also tend to hit ahrifoxfire.png ahritumble.png or even ahriseduce.png with this movement speed. 

ahriorbofdeception.png true damage hit increases from Celerity.png?width=32 as well

- with tier 1/no boots 103.png gains 7~12 AP which can help push waves out early; or even secure a kill when your jungler ganks.

Celerity.png?width=32 also helps you roam faster, with your ahritumble.png up you can easily rotate faster than most mid laners.

i.e: 101.png 115.png 90.png

- Extra movement speed from Celerity.png?width=32 also gives a placebo effect in helping you dodge skill shots whether it is laning or mid to late game you can dodge more with more movement speed if you think about it!

Relentless Hunter: Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=64

- Helps you roam/rotate more as 103.png

- Strictly out of combat movement speed 

- Can help you chase targets when you are out of combat and can spam ahriorbofdeception.png to chase them down hopefully hitting ahriseduce.png or having ahritumble.png available

- The extra out of combat movement speed can also help you play to zone enemies from an objective your team is going for [dragon/baron/structures]; with your threats of ahriorbofdeception.png or all in tools ahriseduce.png ahritumble.png your enemies will think twice before walking up to you with that extra movement speed Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32 offers.

- Lastly, Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32 can help you split push more as well.

103.png tends to not use 12.png and only has ahritumble.png as a dash.

But using ahriorbofdeception.png and using the extra movement speed from this rune  can allow 103.png players to set up an aggressive split push into a strong push in one lane -> making your opponents having to think twice before 5 man grouping. [at least one person will hesitate to 5 man group usually if you set up a 2 lane hard push]

Perfect Timing(Stopwatch): Perfect%20Timing.png?width=64

- OP lol.

- only active around 7 minutes into the game

- generic rule is that this rune can either deny your enemy gold -150+ or grant you 150+ gold at least when using this 1 time Zhonya effect.

Cosmic Insight: Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=64

- more CDR combine with spell book 's 25% Summoner Spell cool down reduction -> 30% CDR on Summoner Spells 

- 5% CDR/+5% max CDR (can go 45%) and can get extra AP with Transcendence.png?width=32 allowing for more ahriorbofdeception.png frequently and ahritumble.png to come back up.

- the item active CDR may not be as noticeable when using this rune for 103.png, but it is there.

Magical Footwear: Magical%20Footwear.png?width=64

Celerity.png?width=32 has synergy; offers ~ 5 to 7 AP 

- More movement speed as 103.png helps in many ways: roaming, avoiding skill shots, faster rotations, and etc.

- Save 350 gold with this rune as well [ boots + -50 gold on tier 2 boot upgrade]

Zombie Ward: Zombie%20Ward.png?width=64

- Very useful rune as 103.png who wants to preserve ahritumble.png when warding aggressively or going for deep/"good" wards in general

- More vision also benefits your entire team

- You sacrifice a notable amount of AP Eyeball%20Collection.png?width=32 can offer (30 AP), but this extra vision can deter the enemy jungler from doing many things as well as make him/her uncomfortable going for a gank in vision.

Transcendence/Manaflow Band/Eyeball Colelction/Scorch:

**These runes are very solid/simple I will go over them here briefly together**


- 10% CDR at level 10 and AP conversion if you go past cap solid rune option.


- laning rune /poke comp rune mostly

- rune that helps you in lane -> helps you win lane/game

- less mana issues in early game especially


- need ward kills/kills/assist to reach max stack (30 AP for 103.png)

- if you can get this rune capped within 15 minutes big boost in AP / prescence in the game, if not you get a subtle ~500 gold value in AP


- more damage early on in the game or when you initiate (small amount)

- can bully enemy mid laners out of lane or help solo them easier/more gurantee

- consider Waterwalking.png?width=32 if you don't want Scorch.png?width=32


Abilities Back to Top



❤️Ahri Ability Order/Points Notes:❤️

- Like all skill orders, very rarely do they change because it is very one dimensional and reasonable to have one acceptable skill order build. 

- Fortunately 103.png ,as of patch 8.2, has only one skill build path (listed above) unless ahrifoxfire.png gets buffed (not any time soon it seems)

❤️ Ahri Abilities Explanation In Depth: ❤️

Passive: Essence Theft ahripassive.png

- Here is the precise haling amount:

Upon reaching 9 charges, her next ability heals her for 3 / 5 / 9 / 18 (+ 9% AP) for each enemy hit.

- When 103.png's passive is up it is very noticeable when her ball turns green. (weapon)

- Ideally you want to use ahriorbofdeception.png when 103.png's ball is green to heal the most from your passive since it is 103.png's biggest AOE ability, as well as being able to hit twice on each target.


Q: Orb of Deception ahriorbofdeception.png

- this ability is pretty unique in that it goes back and fourth like a boomerang, as well as  doing true damage on the travel back. [most abilities with this mechanic just do extra damage]

i.e: 15.png 150.png 245.png

- on top of the true damage on the Q's travel back, 103.png gains movement speed on the initial cast. This movement speed on initial cast can do wonders for 103.png players. I will go into detail in the tips and tricks section.


W: Foxfire ahrifoxfire.png

- I mention how W works in a Zoe guide on a reddit post.

- The tool tip when you hover this ability is explained somewhat clearly in game only.

- W targeting system will try and hit in the following way:

Whatever is closest to her W + must be in range [The W spins so keep note of that]

Will prioritize champions/enemy champions if they are in range of W [Again hit box changes as it spins] over say minions if there is an enemy champion(s) in range as well. [The W will prioritize enemy champion]

103.png can control what her W hits as well by auto attacking if you auto attack once your W is active, W will try and focus on the target you auto attacked. If W cannot hit (out of range,etc.) then the W will follow the generic rule of hitting whatever is closest [prioritizing champion(s)].

- There is a damage cap (same amount on champions or monsters/minions) usually 103.png will never reach the cap on enemy champions but can cap on monsters/minions usually.

E: Charm ahriseduce.png

103.png's kit is tied to hitting her E

- hitting E allows for hits on the rest of 103.png's abilities 

- the CC can also be used as a pick/engage tool for your team

- Charm is an unique CC effect that makes enemies walk toward you a fixed amount of movement speed (uncontrollably) 

i.e: 11.png in his ultimate will still move at the fixed amount that  (E) Charm slows + make someone walks toward you.

It is because loves make no sense. hehe :)


R: Spirit Rush ahritumble.png

- I would say 103.png's kit if it doesn't revolve around hitting her ahriseduce.png mainly would also be in utilizing her ahritumble.png to try and kill someone.

- R offers a ton of mobility times 3! (dash effects), unfortunately doesn't grant movement speed.

- R can even dash over walls I will cover this in tips and tricks and the video section!

- R also has a similar mechanic to ahrifoxfire.png here is how the targeting system works for R:

up to 3 targets in range; prioritizing champion(s) in range.

You control where your R goes so the skill shots R provides is dependent on how far/where you dash defensively or aggressively.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items


❤️Ahri Start/Core Items Note❤️

1082.png is a great starting item because if you can get 10 stacks you get ~875 gold worth of AP , on top of that you get increase healing effects from potion, great combination with 2031.png or even just regular potions if you can avoid using them before your first back timing/purchase

Note: Always start 1056.png or you risk losing lane as 103.pngdue to mana issue/gold worth/value issue(s). [Ring offers a ~ 800 to 1k gold value]

1083.png 1054.png are very situational items and are only recommended to be build for 103.png when you 100% focus on farming and avoiding 1 v 1 laning phase. You will still be useful in fights as long as they aren't directly 1 v 1 early on into the game. Once you complete cull you make ~150 extra gold, while Doran Shield allows you to take more poke but be able to stay in lane more so long as you aren't getting a tower dive from the enemy jungler.

1001.png early is great for 103.png since she needs to move around and skill shot reliant. [Celerity/Magical Footwear!]

3136.png: Penetration (Magic) is very strong still in patch 8.2 because of the overall lower MR tanks/champions have. You do not have to finish 3151.png too early /in your first 3 item, just then pen from 3136.png is enough. 

The extra HP bonus is nice to prevent "1 shots" in 1 v 1 scenario or even vs assassins in top/jg. 

3135.png: Again emphasizing on penetration, it is very strong still on patch 8.2, instead of flat pen Void Staff offers % Pen overall. [The more MR built the more damage Void Staff will offer]

3020.png: Standard boots for mid laners, and again pen is still good as of patch 8.2 for AP champions. 

The rest of the items are very self explanatory, but as of now pen and %pen should be your core/rush 1-3 items to do big chunks of damage to champions. 

[ You will not clear as fast but the damage to champion increase is crucial to rush ASAP, since games tend to end faster in solo queue/in general.]

3285.png:  103.png can make use of this item quite well with her movement speed bonuses and rune synergies. [ Tier 2 boots or the following runes: Celerity.png?width=32 Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 Phase%20Rush.png?width=32]

Also helps her wave clear, since ahriorbofdeception.png tends to not kill cannon or melee minions until the game progresses to  mid/late game.

Extra damage Luden provides can help secure kills as well if 103.png doesn't hit all her abilities (which tends to happen) -> emphasizing on hitting ahriseduce.png or playing versus tanks/champions with more tenacity or even a spell shield.

i.e: Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32 113.png  90.png


❤️Situational Items Explanation❤️

3157.png:  Very standard situational item versus AD champions/assassins [ 91.png 238.png ]

103.png can actually use Zhonya quite well when playing aggressive with ahriorbofdeception.png or ahritumble.png going up to enemies to hit a good ahriseduce.png

Also note you can go for combos/aggressive tradings or even a solo kill and get away using Zhonya versus certain match ups

i.e: 161.png 112.png 142.png 134.png (AP)

i.e: 238.png 91.png (AD)


- great item for split pushing

- abuse 103.png's ability to roam and helps her abuse her innate fast attack speed/long range

Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32 ahriorbofdeception.png Celerity.png?width=32 and etc.

- can grant more AP if you run Celerity

103.png tends to auto attack often a lot due to her kit being tied to ahriseduce.png for CC, ahriorbofdeception.png for mobility and burst of true damage, and ahritumble.png for mobility.

Lich Bane allows 103.png to add on more damage with any of the abilities mention above, even amplify her damage from her most inconsistent ability ahrifoxfire.png.

- Lastly, Lich Bane is great for siege scenarios/ you do a lot more damage to structures as 103.png 


- more spell vamp means more in your face103.png can be

- great for also CC/slow on enemy target to secure a hit on your ahriseduce.png or burning their Summoner Spell preemptively

- Gunblade also provides AD which makes 103.png auto attack deal a respectable amount of damage to champions and/or structures

Combine this with 3100.png 103.png can become a very strong split pusher/play to split push and have a very strong 1 v 1 presence if 103.png gets ahead enough.


- I do not recommend this item but it is possible to use if the enemy team doesn't have much healing effects (there usually is enough to justify building a grievous wound item) 3165.png

- GLP-800 offers a HP and mana pool that can help 103.png be pretty tanky -> 103.png wants to be tanky cause she tends to get in squishies face and take a ton of damage if she doesn't get out quick, hit ahriseduce.png, or use an item effect.  [i.e: 3157.png 3102.png 3026.png]

- The active damage/slow can also be helpful to set up a team-fight/engage for your team, but usually useful to slow enemy(s) to hit someone with your ahriseduce.png

- A side bonus is this item also heals you a flat amount each time you cast an ability -> cannot be reduced by grievous wound. 


- Slow effect is now consistent (15% slow no matter what if you hit an enemy(s) with your ability(s))

- again more HP allows 103.png to play more aggressive and tank a major combo/CC using her ahritumble.png or ahriorbofdeception.png to get in a fight/start a fight.

- decent amount of HP/AP ; downside is item cost lot of gold.


Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Karma
  • Kassadin
  • Katarina
  • LeBlanc
  • Lux
  • Malzahar
  • Xerath
  • Zed
  • Ziggs
  • Zoe




A very difficult match up for 103.png once Akali hits 6 and have 3 or akalishadowdance.png available.

The reason is that combining akalishadowdance.png with her akalismokebomb.png ability, Akali can easily dodge ahriseduce.png or make your ahrifoxfire.png miss easily.

- You will have to guess your ahriorbofdeception.png hit since Akali will be stealthed but it is doable just very you will kill Akali without hitting ahrifoxfire.png ahriseduce.png as well.

Akali has more spell vamp and upfront damage than 103.png, consider this carefully if you plan on trading with her not near your turret in 1v1 scenarios.

Akali also has akalismokebomb.png to play aggressive and bait 103.png/you into a gank from her jungler keep track of the enemy jungler if you choose to not respect Akali once she hits 6 or even before she is 6.

- Recommended Summoner Spell(s): 3.png 14.png 12.png 21.png 




A medium difficulty match up for 103.png.

Anivia flashfrost.png is an AOE stun compare to 103.png's single target CC/Charm with her ahriseduce.png.

- Make sure minions do not interrupt your ahriseduce.png  if you try to 1 v 1 Anivia

Anivia has "2" extra CC as well with her crystallize.png and the most obvious CC her glacialstorm.png

- Anivia's play style is to CC lock and burst you with empowered frostbite.png
- Luckily as 103.png you counter Anivia's kill condition with your ahritumble.png and movement speed from ahriorbofdeception.png to dodge Anivia's main threat ( flashfrost.png and crystallize.png).

- Recommend Summoner Spell:  14.png 7.png 12.png 1.png




A hard match up difficulty for 103.png.

In short,TLDR Annie just have a faster CC and faster burst.

103.png takes time to kill someone require multiple abilities inputted rather than just 1 full rotation that Annie can do. The longer you are in range of Annie the more risk you have in getting one shotted with a stun combo.

Annie abilities are also "point click"

- Annie's abilities are near instant once she is in range the exception is her disintegrate.png which travels time is factored with the distance.

- As 103.png consider using 1.png. With an aggressive keystone to kill someone early.

- You may also opt in for Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=32 as 103.png to run Cleanse early and swap Summoner Spells as needed.

If 103.png gets ahead Annie can die in one spell rotation, however she needs to get ahead.

- play around your jungler, even though you may beat/kill Annie easily hitting a ahriseduce.png due to your superior wave clear/mobility/range she can easily set up a kill on you as 103.png with the help of her jungler (instant CC).

Allow for your jungler to gank Annie and snowball of 1-2 kill.

103.png can also roam way faster than Annie unless Annie has 12.png, if you want to avoid losing the lane instantly dying 1 v 1 or 1 v 2 -> play to roam and snowball your ADC, Top, or JG and let them shut down Annie. (Much easier for them)

Annie Snowball-> One Shots Nonstop

- It is very common for Annie if she is even/ahead she will one shot anyone in most cases 

- Prevent this by pinging the map if she goes MIA (ping the side as well if you can accurately guess between top or bot (where she will roam))

- Play aggressively with ahriorbofdeception.png ahritumble.png available and force Annie to use infernalguardian.png on you to get 103.png off her(Annie) burning that CD can open up for your team to do quite a lot since Annie lost a major ability (her ultimate). Which is also what one shots people.

- Recommended Secondary Summoner Spell(s): 3.png 1.png 21.png




A hard match up difficulty for 103.png.

Karma can easily dodge ahriseduce.png simple as that. 

- Even with ahritumble.png Karma has an innate amount of base movement speed, combine with her karmasolkimshield.png you will not catch a Karma easily or hit all your damaging abilities consistently.

- play aggressive as 103.png when Karma's karmasolkimshield.png and karmaq.png is on cool down, Karma tends to use her abilities to farm/push out the wave without risking getting caught.

An advance Karma tactic is to save karmasolkimshield.png until 103.png or anyone plays aggressive/positions forward towards her. Be aware of this and adjust your play pattern/skill shot accordingly to account for the huge bonus movement speed she will gain if you go on Karma with her karmasolkimshield.png available.

Karma also has high base damage on her karmaq.pngkarmamantra.png+karmaq.png

- the hit box is also rather generous so that even as 103.png when you use your minions you can get caught as Karma throws her Q to wave clear

- if you choose to not play near minions she can easily hit karmamantra.png + karmaq.png or speed herself up with karmasolkimshield.png and full combo you with karmaspiritbind.png as well, and most likely kill you if you get rooted early in the game.

- Recommended Secondary Summoner Spell: 7.png 12.png 3.png




A easy match up difficulty for 103.png.

 Kassadin kassadinpassive.png reduces a lot of 103.png's damage, however Kassadin is a melee and is more susceptible to damage in general.

14.png damage cannot be blocked with this ability/ahriorbofdeception.png since they are true damage.

ahriorbofdeception.png does true damage on the second hit so it cannot be reduced

- Kassadin takes a lot more auto attack damage as well especially before he htis level 6 abuse his melee range when posible without getting outraded/ganked by enemy jungler.

nulllance.png's silence doesn't really affect 103.png since she has 3 cast of ahritumble.png and gains immediate movement speed from using ahriorbofdeception.png (on cast instantly gains movement speed). 

- however Kassadin gains a Magic Damge shield be aware of this, you can time your abilities to not damage the shield easily as 103.png

- the ability is point click and chunks for quite an amount avoid eating too much nulllance.png early game/laning phase when trading versus 103.png. Kassadin tends to use nulllance.png to CS so punish him for doing so (he is melee versus mobile ranged).

netherblade.png is an auto reset for Kassadin, best used with riftwalk.png

- this ability also gives Kassadin mana on hit but it is a melee attack buff which 103.png can deal with easily with her mobility 

- if Kassadin wants mana from minion using this ability try and punish him in doing so.

forcepulse.png is Kassadin actual CC (slow effect)

103.png can trigger this ability up more often since she cast a lot of abilities (almost as much as 1.png)

- this slow ability can get you kill because the slow sets up Kassadin to hit every other ability nulllance.png netherblade.png and usually another riftwalk.png

- Kassadin main trading pattern post 6 is to use riftwalk.png -> forcepulse.png->nulllance.png->auto->netherblade.png. Understand this and punish Kassadin if he tries this combo on you.


- when Kassadin engages you can turn as 103.png with your ahritumble.png and/or hitting ahriseduce.png if he tries to bully you past his minions.

- Kassadin early game is very punishable, when playing 103.png as long as the lane doesn't go too even and you have jungle pressure when needed your range and mobility out shines Kassadin until he hits level 16 for riftwalk.png every 2 seconds.

Recommended Secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png 3.png 12.png 6.png




A hard match up difficulty for 103.png.


- Katarina daggers if Kat can touch them are almost instant - > the moment you are in range of Kat triggering the dagger you are going to get damaged 

- These passive daggers are also Kat's main damage source for teamfights since it is an AOE ability and instant

- It is hard to hit Kat when she uses katarinaewrapper.png or katarinaw.png to play around daggers ; especially tryin to hit a ahriseduce.png as 103.png

Kat can also set up katarinaq.png with her passive blade on the ground at a fixed distance from whoever she initially casted it on and combo you quick as well before you can react

- It is best to secure a lead early when playing 103.png into Katarina, so she cannot afford to abuse her passive/trading patterns since she doesn't do enough damage or you do too much damage

Junglers can easily punish a Kat if she overextends; consider playing around your jungler as well to secure a lead otherwise rely on ahriseduce.png ahritumble.png for outplays.

- Kat tends to get poked a lot as well until level 3 / level 6 (her power spike) if you can get her low enough before her crucial level spikes you can secure an early 1 v 1 kill or deny a lot of CS


- as mentioned above pay attention to the dagger left by Q (Passive dagger) 


- Instant damage to you + if she is going for a dagger you take the passive's dagger damage as well

- Resets often as much as your ahritumble.png  3 cast with Kat's usual kit/play style

- Be careful about missing skill shots if Kat goes in using E

Also note Kat can all in you if you miss/use too much abilities without threatening her ( No ahriseduce.png ahriorbofdeception.png available = your in for a lot of trouble)


- easily cancelled with ahriseduce.png

- Ahri also high  movement speed thanks to her ahriorbofdeception.png and mobility with ahritumble.png

However, Kat's ultimate (R) damage ticks very fast and if you are the only target in range (it hits/tries to hit 3 champions each spin) she will usually get off enough damage to try and kill you even if you cancel katarinar.png. Keep that in mind and you should be fine.

Recommended Summoner Spell: 14.png 3.png 7.png 12.png




A easy match up difficulty for 103.png.

- Wave clear is a huge issue for LeBlanc

Ahri has ahriorbofdeception.png and decent attack speed/range to clear

103.png's mobility can be problematic for LeBlanc since she is skill shot reliant to set up kills to snowball a lead. [ leblance.png needs to hit early on the game/when LB doesn't have much items].

- LeBlanc has to get in face (usually past minions) of an 103.png so ahriseduce.png being available is great for you to use to focus on clearing the wave and forcing LB to use her abilities to wave clear.

- Be a careful about leblancr.png and leblancq.png leblance.png combinations since she generates a clone and you can miss your ahriseduce.png and die to her CC lock/fast burst.

Recommended Summoner Spell: 14.png 3.png 7.png 12.png




A medium difficulty for 103.png.

1.png ruins Lux time, especially on 103.png [Lux luxlightbinding.png becomes a liability, since she will play aggressive if she hits it/thinks she will hit it]

With your mobility on top of a free QSS Lux will have trouble playing to just poke you down. [luxlightstrikekugel.png hits are pretty easy]

Hitting one ahriseduce.png is all you need to win trades or set up an all in.

- Note Lux wll focus her luxlightstrikekugel.png on wave clearing and will look for timings 103.png may touch her minions to dodge luxlightbinding.png or CS and damage 103.png along with the minion wave.

- Mobility. 103.png mobility is just too strong  in this match up, but Lux can "100-0" faster. 

103.png mobility becomes useless if you cannot avoid her one shot/poke half hp->one shot 

Recommended Summoner Spell: 1.png 14.png




A medium difficulty match up for 103.png.

3140.png is the story. [malzaharr.png]

103.png can proc Malzahar's passive/shield malzaharpassive.png easily with ahrifoxfire.png and ahriorbofdeception.png, even use ahritumble.png. This allows for threats of ahriseduce.png and heavy damage with ahriorbofdeception.png for good trades/1 v 1 kill scenario. 

Malzahar wave clear is very weak versus 103.png, due to her ahriorbofdeception.png one shotting his malzaharw.png

-Without malzaharw.png early game/laning Malz will lose a lot of mana using malzaharq.png to wave clear or not reset malzahare.png properly. Both of which will swing the lane pressure in 103.png's favor.

malzaharq.png silence hit box is a bit misleading, be aware when you are close to the skill shot a good Mal'z silence can set up for malzaharr.png or his team to engage on 103.png/ your team.

Recommended Summoner Spell: 14.png 21.png 12.png 




A hard match up difficulty for 103.png.

- Range is a huge difficulty for this match up when playing 103.png into Xerath.

- Not only that xeratharcanopulsechargeup.png and xeratharcanebarrage2.png are AOE and have huge range/hit boxes; on top of that xeratharcanebarrage2.png can slow/ slow+do more damage if your in the center.

xerathmagespear.png is slower than ahriseduce.png but the hit box is bigger and travel range is longer (a bit + it is longer because of how long it travels)

xerathlocusofpower2.png is a stationary tool and is the best time you can out play Xerath as 103.png if you are not too low and can afford to tank xeratharcanopulsechargeup.png ability from Xerath at least ( Xerath can also hit xeratharcanebarrage2.png xerathmagespear.png if you try and cancel his xerathlocusofpower2.png; but xeratharcanopulsechargeup.png is what they will try and hit you with first in most cases)

- As 103.png focus on wave clearing and avoiding standing near minions most of the time, Xerath can easily hit you if you try and use minions to block with his AOE abilities xeratharcanopulsechargeup.png xeratharcanebarrage2.png

At the same time you have to be ware of xerathmagespear.png when not near minions; however it is a slow travel skill shot and 103.png is very mobile.

- Again, 103.png best time to shine is with her ahritumble.png in this match up and landing ahriseduce.png; especially when Xerath does a risky xerathlocusofpower2.png play

Xerath xerathlocusofpower2.png doesn't really offer much dueling potential it is really a poke/engage tool for grouped or roaming fights. 103.png 1 v 1 potential therefore is overall stronger.

Recommend Summoner Spells: 1.png 7.png 12.png 6.png




A easy match up difficulty for 103.png.

The main rule of Zed is zedr.png will put him behind wherever the person he ult is facing 

- Abusing this rule, ahriseduce.png is almost a 100% hit face unless Zed uses zedw.png 4.png knowing you will go for a guarantee ahriseduce.png

Zed is a melee AD assassin 3157.png will make him very unreliable on killing you; and if 103.png gets fed/have decent amount of item you are a big threat Zed can't really go for to assassinate and can carry team fights or force zedr.png from Zed very easily.

zedw.png is only Zed's mobility aside from his usual item choice 3142.png

- As 103.png abuse this and punish him when his zedw.png isn't available

- On top of mobility, zedw.png is also a damage increase tool to extend his range or add an extra skill shot on his zedq.png and zede.png; this of course goes into his zedr.png damage amplification mechanic.

- As 103.png ahriorbofdeception.png ahriseduce.png ahritumble.png offer great mobility/threat to make a Zed think twice before CSing/trying to dominate lane

The main problem 103.png will have with Zed is his base damage/early damage with no items from both sides. Zed will out damage you if you go for a full on 1 v 1 eating his damage abilities combined with 14.png

Recommended Summoner Spell: 3.png 21.png  7.png 




A hard match up difficulty for 103.png.

- Similar to Xerath, Zigg is tough because of the issue on wave clear.

- On top of that, Ziggs can easily clear waves with his ziggsq.png and ziggse.png and even use ziggsr.png or ziggsw.png if the wave isn't manageable 

If behind Ziggs, can make it very hard for your team to push because he can clear waves + poke 103.png and her team quite easily.

- Ziggs is not too mobile tho make sure to go for a ahriseduce.png ahritumble.png engage when you can

Ziggs should not allow you to hit ahriorbofdeception.png laning phase unless you manage to push into his turret.

Consider relying on jungle pressure to set that up or let Ziggs push into a gank from your team since he isn't mobile.

- Overall the main issue is siege when playing versus a good Ziggs as 103.png you can't really try and engage under turret with ahriseduce.png and ahritumble.png. Because of Ziggs' tools ziggsr.png ziggse.png ziggsw.png.

If you do, make sure you have 3157.png

Recommended Summoner Spell: 7.png14.png12.png




A easy match up difficulty for 103.png.

zoer.png is extremely easy to play around when playing versus Zoe as 103.png.

ahriseduce.png where Zoe emerges or has to go back towards. Use ahritumble.png and/or ahriorbofdeception.png if needed to get in range and set up a kill.

- Watch out for zoee.png because getting hit by this ability will force you to use ahritumble.png ahriorbofdeception.png defensively unless you have 1.png 3140.png

Zoe can wave clear a bit, but starts to 1 shot wave more often at level 5+ with 3 points in zoeq.png

- take note about when she can one shot waves and play around punishing her when she auto attacks for CS or use zoeq.png tofarm

- Watch out for zoee.png and zoew.png's movement speed + damage bonus

The main upside for 103.png is her mobility in this match up Zoe is extremely immobile and if she isn't ahead she cannot hit 1 spell and one shot you [ which is a must for most cases playing Zoe aggressively/to set up a win] 

Recommended Summoner Spells: 14.png 6.png 12.png 1.png

Ahri Tips and Tricks: Abilities and Combos Back to Top


❤️Ahri's Abilities: Tips and Trick❤️

- I will demonstrate some of the following in the video section to make the tricks for61.png more clear.

- Q

  1. Throw ahriorbofdeception.png backward to gain movement speed walking towards somewhere (lane  or roaming usually) from where you want to go. Consider doing this even in a 1 v 2 scenario or all in scenario to make sure you don't die or take too much damage.
  2. At max range ahriorbofdeception.png can hit twice almost instantly; ideally you want to hit both hits very fast unless you hit ahriseduce.png when playing 103.png.
  3. Best ability to use for ahripassive.png
  4. You can angle ahriorbofdeception.png with high mobility from Q's movement speed bonus or using ahritumble.png. Set up some interesting second or initial hits with this or better yet instantly hit twice with your initial ahriorbofdeception.png cast as 103.png.

- W

  1. I explained how ahrifoxfire.png works in the previous section (Abilities) review this.
  2. Use ahrifoxfire.png in combination from ahriorbofdeception.png's movement speed bonus and/or ahritumble.png dashes to make sure the 3 hits goes onto enemy champion(s) or the target you want to get hit by all three.
  3. ahriseduce.png can also set up for your ahrifoxfire.png 
  4. The usual trade pattern for 103.png is to ahriseduce.png->ahriorbofdeception.png->go forward ahrifoxfire.png-> and rinse and repeat or add in ahritumble.png if you an all in at the start or in between as you wait for cool downs as 103.png.

- E

  1. ahriseduce.png tricks is heavily tied to using 4.png stay tune for that
  2. ahriorbofdeception.png's movement speed as you roam or rotating to a fight can let 103.png hit an easy ahriseduce.png
  3. The usual combo or usage of E is to use ahritumble.png into an immediate ahriseduce.png [you will be guessing how your enemy/target will path]

- R

  1. Straight forward 3 Dash ability with 3 homing skill shots each cast
  2. The damage may seem small for each cast but hit all 3 and it does a standard amount of damage for an Ultimate!
  3. ahritumble.png can jump over certain walls make sure to watch the video section for how that works!
  4. As 103.png, it is important to note you do not need to make sure you hit all 3 hits of your ahritumble.png aggressively. Rather focus on using ahritumble.png offensively and passively when needed.

          To emphasize on this point pay attention to 103.png's cool downs before using your ahritumble.png 3 times in quick succession you can control how long you want to delay each ahritumble.png , make sure to look at the indicator for how long you have to use each time/ total time of ahritumble.png duration after first casting it.


❤️Ahri's 4.png Tricks with Abilities: ❤️


- No real tricks other than using Flash to get closer to try and hit the 2 hit instantly or get closer to chase and hit with ahriorbofdeception.png's movement speed.


- No tricks at all really just remember how W works.

- A minor trick is if your initial hit on an enemy champion won't lead to the other 2 ahrifoxfire.png hit is that you 4.png forward to secure the other 2 hit; this just allows for ahrifoxfire.png to comeback up a bit faster if you choose to all in/go for a kill chasing someone.


- The usual trick/combo is to cast ahriseduce.png first then 4.png to where you want ahriseduce.png to hit max range. [Extend range mecahnic; think of 79.png's gragase.png->4.png combo but long ranged for 103.png's ahriseduce.png->4.png combo].

- You can combine the ahriseduce.png 4.png trick with ahritumble.png using the combo after you cast 1 or 2 ahritumble.png cast.


- The real only trick using 4.png combine with ahritumble.png is to extend the 3 homing hits each cast similar to how ahriseduce.png works.

- Say a target isn't in range to get hit by your initial cast of ahritumble.png you can do the following

ahritumble.png->4.png->Exactly in range of a regular ahritumble.png hit box range and the fire will actually hit the target. [Again think of this as an range extension mechanic using 4.png]

- Video hopefully clears this up.

Ahri Laning Phase Back to Top


❤️ Passive Laning Phase ❤️

Passive lane play-style is something many players do not often go to. This is because individual players feel the need to carry in the role they are playing. [Even support]

How does 103.png carry this style out?

- Focus ahriorbofdeception.png on wave clearing; there should be no issue for 103.png to wave clear unless you get out ranged or ahriseduce.png isn't available.

ahriseduce.png should be used as a reaction tool rather than setting anything up by yourself

Unless your jungler/support/top/even ADC is there you do not need to risk putting ahriseduce.png on cool down it will open up 1 v 1 scenarios that you do not want or an easy gank for the enemy team.

ahrifoxfire.png should be avoided to use for clearing minion(s); it will take a toll on your mana almost as much as ahriseduce.png. These abilities are single target in a sense for W's case and is not worth the mana.

At most consider using W or E to secure a last hit you can't get under your turret.

ahritumble.png helps strengthen 103.png's passive play style in that you do not need to worry much so long as this ability is up unless you get CC lock or instantly bursted and die to DOT effects.

In a pickle, just use ahritumble.png basically.

This ability has 3 cast and can go over walls.

- Rotating instead of focusing on your lane only rotate to your jungler/top/and most commonly bot lane when you have ahritumble.png available or if you have 12.png 6.png available.

Think about your vision and enemy vision as well before going for these roams.


❤️ Aggressive Laning Phase ❤️

Aggressive Lane Style is the go to for a huge majority of the league player base when playing mid or 103.png in general. You would not even consider not trying to 1 v 1 whenever you see an opening because of how flexible 103.png can be. I recommend mixing aggressive and passive play styles and adjust accordingly.  [ Go over both styles and adjust what needs to be done given the situation/scenario your game is going]

i.e: match ups, counter-picks, your team is behind, and etc.

How does 103.png carry this style out?

ahriorbofdeception.png: control your Q timing/cast time to match when your opponents go for CS you can hit 1 or 2 hits from 1 ahriorbofdeception.png as well as doing damage to minions.

ahriorbofdeception.png can also be used for the movement speed to juke skill shots or get close to your enemy mid laner to set up for a ahriseduce.png or get them to not focus their efforts/abilities in CSing near turret so you can push the wave in.

This method can also set up ganks by faking/baiting your enemy mid laner to think you are 1 damage threat short (ahriorbofdeception.png is also a major damage tool because of its true damage functionality)

ahrifoxfire.png: as you use ahriorbofdeception.png to  step forward/backward consider using ahrifoxfire.png aggressively to hit 1-2 hits on the enemy mid laner to get a decent amount of extra poke.

ahriseduce.png is definitely an aggressive tool 103.png has to her disposal. If you see an opening for whatever reason(s) go for a charm and follow up with abilities that can hit but avoid turret damage. [ Even ahrifoxfire.png 1-2 hit only is fine to threaten your enemy mid laner HP bar]

- When your enemy mid laner is low enough and is not too close/hugging their turret you can set up for an aggressive solo play using 4.png ahriseduce.png ahritumble.png at your disposal. [50~65% HP is a good time to try and play for a solo kill usually in laning phase]

Do not tunnel on the HP % as that can be an indicator for the enemy team to try and gank you since you know you can one shot someone. [Keep in mind ganks in the back of your head or ward beforehand/after you see they are low enough for you to go for a most likely solo kill success]

Instead of going for solo kills you an also play to chunk their HP even lower when playing 103.png. Forcing them to be extremely careful about CSing or forcing the enemy mid laner to recall.

- Rotating instead of focusing on your lane only rotate to your jungler/top/and most commonly bot lane when you have ahritumble.png available or if you have 12.png 6.png available.

Think about your vision and enemy vision as well before going for these roams.

This is from the passive play style section but you can incorporate this into an aggressive style to set up more kills for you or more kills/gold for your team to catch up with you or snowball their lead.


Ahri Mid Game Back to Top


❤️ Mid Game: Ahri ❤️

The gist of  103.png playing/doing well in mid game is rotation, picks, and securing objectives by zoning/initiating. 


103.png is very mobile thanks to her ahriorbofdeception.png and ahritumble.png to pull off easily roams; however be aware of champions who are more mobile than her

i.e: 4.png 91.png 163.png and etc.

- Consider using ahritumble.png to get over walls to go around enemy vision control (behind drag/baron pit most notably)

- The goal of rotation overall is to set up a numbers advantage for your team and whoever with the lead or even with the lower number advantage can dish out damage immediately to get multiple or one person very low.

Depending on HP bars and cool downs available this is where rotating properly matters

Generally you don't need to worry much if 103.png has the numbers advantage due to her mobility and very lethal ahriseduce.png ability. Combine with ahritumble.png , 103.png has no issue with setting up an aggressive play with her team behind her back.

However if your setting up a rotation when 103.png/team is behind then  it will require mechanical out play but it is possible. [Usually reliant on how well the ADC is doing due to their constant/consistent damage threat].


103.png can do a generic tricks jungler do a lot -> standing in a brush/unwarded area and picking someone off. Use ahriseduce.png usually to start following up with ahriorbofdeception.png ahrifoxfire.png and ahritumble.png[if your by yourself or need the extra damage R offers].

ahriseduce.png is basically 103.png's pick tool and a very strong one

- When going for picks account for Tenacity/CC resistance since ahriseduce.png duration can be decreased however the pace of how someone moves when Charmed by 103.png is the same.

- Lastly, another common pick play is when an enemy squishy is rotating and you go chase them down/pick them out (kill or burn summoner spells) with ahriseduce.png ahritumble.png 14.png in most cases.

Objective Control+Zoning

103.png may not be the best zoning champion when compare to 72.png  268.png  163.png. However 103.png still can play to zone using her mobility and threat from her kit. [ ahriorbofdeception.png ahriseduce.png and ahritumble.png]

- You can position yourself at a point of the map/area to make enemies hesitate when walking towards you to contest dragon/baron; even structures.

By having ahriseduce.png available you can easily keep up a constant threat presence on enemies without 3140.png or tanky/with tenacity.

Doing this at dragon/baron is very useful because it makes the enemy team struggle to get vision unless you/your team swept it beforehand.

Hitting a ahriseduce.png can lead your team follow up easily ; or even 103.png solo killing a target in front of the entire enemy team, depending on who got caught.

Use ahriorbofdeception.png as a constant safe poke tool as well because you gain an enormous amount of movement speed as 103.png

The damage is very respectable since even tanks take damage from True Damage.

Lastly, you always have ahritumble.png available in case you get caught; it is much easier or the chance of 103.png burning ahritumble.png defensively diminishes greatly if you have vision of where you are zoning.


Ahri Late Game Back to Top


❤️Late Game: Positioning/Advance Combo + More❤️

Games tend to end faster for 103.png; however if a game goes into late game when you play 103.png consider the following.


- ADCs tend to be full item or do a lot of damage at this point 

If enemy ADC has 3140.png use ahriseduce.png and ahriorbofdeception.png to burn the active -> wait for cool downs

If enemy ADCs do not have 3140.png hitting ahriseduce.png usually means its safe to go in and make sure your team follows/can follow up and use 3157.png if needed.

- Overall; position yourself as a major threat; since you cannot play to poke like a usual mid laner late game as 103.png. Playing to poke /in the back will only hit engage supports/tanks and you want to "assassinate" a major threat on the enemy team in most cases.

103.png is now categorize as a mage rather than a assassins; but her win condition is heavily reliant on picks and "assassinating" someone so keep that in mind; unless you want your team to struggle killing the back line (Your team can some how tank DPS until support/front line dies).

Late Game Siege Scenario

-  split pushing is a very consistent/good strat for 103.png to do late game since she can rotate fast

- try and make your enemies split up/deal with your split push pressure and rotate faster than them as 103.png

3100.png 3146.png becomes very strong tool in the late game when going for split pushing

- If you cannot or think you can split push; then in siege scenarios as 5 or 4 with your top laner split pushing usually; focus on wave clear and saving ahriseduce.png to hit anyone so your team can kill/poke someone down and get a HP/Numbers advantage.

103.png can also use ahritumble.png ahriseduce.png 4.png as well in late game to set up a fight/get a fight going  however account for defensive items/stats the target may have that you caught.

i.e: Watch out for 3026.png 3140.png 3111.png ; play around these obstacles accordingly

Playing from Behind

**- This can be mention in mid/laning phase; however I think it's best to cover it here**

- in lane, focus on farming near your turret -> avoid 1v1  you will risk getting camp because your Summoner Spells are most likely down after being put behind. 4.png

Even if 103.png is a counter pick to a match up you are playing against; you do not need to risk putting yourself even more behind and let the lane snowball out of control because of it.

- Consider playing around your jungler and vision; vision can help you catch up by allowing you to safely CS near turret or push wave out and consider roams since you are behind as 103.png.

- If you choose to incorporate a little aggression playing aggressive then do so at your own risk; vision and tracking the jungler can allow you to safely still play aggro/trade/ 1 v 1 when behind

- In mid game, being behind simply means you focus more on landing ahriseduce.png then doing damage. 103.png also should play to survive more using ahriorbofdeception.png ahritumble.png so more ahriseduce.png is available. Play around whoever is the strongest on your team or follow up a sick initiation by your team!

- In late game being behind comes down to your mechanics on 103.pngahriseduce.png will be the most crucial spell if you are behind as 103.png in the late game (usual late game fights), or of course getting a pick with your team.


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❤️Ahri Tips and Tricks Video❤️

*Playlist in the description*

❤️Ahri Game Play Video: Versus Challengers!❤️

Video Notes

Notable Names/Challengers in this replay: TF Blade("Rank1" Challenger), YaThatWasaBanana(Fiona)(Challenger), Heisendong (Challenger)

- here is me playing 103.png  versus 3 challenger in Solo Queue season 8 / last season/ previous season! 
Players on  my team were solo players to the best of my knowledge.

- I definitely felt the pressure playing versus TF Blade's Meme Ryze as well as his premade team in a normal game with a bunch of random players on my team!

- My 103.png maybe very meh due to the poor laning phase however focus on ahriseduce.png plays and the concept of "Zoning" as 103.png whether you are behind or ahead she can control the game in these 2 way!


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  A little background about me.

  I am Musics in the North American server and have been D1-Master tier since last season (7).

  I have been playing league for approximately 7 years and have been diamond for 5 years. I have been coaching friends and people that request my help for free for around 3 years. I explain subjects related to League of Legends well, however I have no experience making video in general. I will try and learn how to make proper YouTube videos to make video version(s) of my guide(s) so stay tune for that!

I have been online throughout the League community vocally through many ways. 

Here are some examples:

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