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Summoner Spells Back to Top

*Disclaimer: I play Akali in every single Position (Top, Mid, Jg, Supp, ADC), but this guide will be focusing on Top and Mid for the time being.

Flash: I take Flash every single game, it has so much versatility. You can use it to dodge certain Skillshots, cover distance for chasing, flash a wall to ensure an escape out of a sticky situation, etc.

Ignite: I take Ignite in most of my games. I take it almost every game in the Mid and Top Lane. It's a great pick to surprise your lane opponent with burst they do not expect before level 6 to get firstblood (Cast Q, Flash + Auto-Attack, E, Ignite). It's also great against certain matchups that have a lot of innate healing (Swain, Vladimir, Mundo, Darius, Nasus) since it will reduce how much healing they will be able to do. It's also good to take against teams that have Soraka or Nami to reduce the healing from their kit and when they build the item Redemption. Or to just give you that little extra damage in a tough lane matchup.

Teleport: I rarely take TP anymore. I used to take it 100% of the time I went top lane, but now I have gotten really good at getting kills early in the game with ignite and TP rarely pays off for me in the early game where who wins the game is usually already decided. I admit that some games you can get great TP's bot lane to get double kills, or use it to prevent yourself from missing minions to tower, or use it to allow you to split push then TP to whatever teamfight might break out. I think it's a great tool to use in an organized team, but solo-q is a different animal and I rely on ignite for a lot of pressure in lane, then just group for teamfights and roam for picks.

Exhaust: It's a very niche pick. I usually take it when I get autofilled support (unless I'm against a Soraka or Nami). I can also see it being useful against high-burst/mobility compositions (i.e. Syndra, Leblanc, Fizz, Riven, Kha'zix, Rengar).

Smite: Obviously a staple pick for Jungle, always take this if you're Jungling. Don't take this in any other position.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

I change my Masteries almost every single game to adapt to certain situations. I'm only going to go in depth about Top/Mid Lane Masteries since lolking doesn't seem to be letting me add more pages, the page you see above is what I feel is a great well-rounded page.

Starting in the Ferocity Tree: Tier 2 - Sometimes I'll take Fresh Blood over Feast if I want more damage in lane and don't feel like I need the Sustain. Tier 5 - I usually go with bounty hunter because it is the best one late game if you kill at least 3 unique members of the enemy team because that will put you at a permanent 4.5% damage increase without having to take additional damage or build up to it. Double Edged Sword can be great if against a matchup that's really trade heavy early that you feel you can win (i.e. Riven, Fiora, Katarina, ect.). Battle Trance I take against long trade matchups as well sometimes, but mostly against tanks. (i.e. Maokai, Poppy, Riven, Nautilus, Fiora).

Cunning Tree: Tier 1 - You could take Wanderer instead of Savagery if you feel confident in last-hitting minions without the extra 5 damage. Tier 2 - A heavy harass matchup that you don't feel confident in (i.e. Orianna) you might be able to sacrifice kill potential to have more sustain with Secret Stash. Tier 4 - Honestly you could take any 3 of these. Greenfather's can be good in top lane if you make it a habit to trade out of the brush. Bandit is a great mastery to take against melee matchups that you can continually proc the 10 gold passive (120 extra potential gold every minute off of harassing is insane). Dangerous Game is a great mastery to take vs ranged matchups that you won't be able to proc Greenfather's or Bandit off of. Dangerous Game will help you a lot in teamfights since it procs off of kill or assist.

Abilities Back to Top


Abilities! The most controversial section in my opinion. I have tried leveling every single ability combination and there are pros and cons to different ones.

Level 1: If you watch my stream, I usually won't level up my first ability until I actually get to laning phase. This is a really good habit to learn because it will help you in so many situations. (i.e. if you're getting invaded and are caught out, you can throw a quick point in W to escape without having to blow summoner spells).

Q: I usually start and max Q first. it allows you to have some range if you need to fall back to get a couple minions early to avoid getting bursted down, it also does the most single target damage early game when going in for quick trades then backing out. It's also really good to spam on some champions that don't have good early game sustain like Riven.

W: I'll always max shroud last and will take Shroud second if I'm shoving into the enemy and feel like I might be ganked early or if the enemy might have more kill pressure than I do early game.

E: Some Akali's like to start E level 1 to get extra pushing potential to be able to hit level 2 before your lane opponent, or to get good harass in against a melee opponent while getting last-hits, with the cooldown reduction if you last hit a minion, you can do a surprising amount of early game damage. Some people enjoy maxing E first for that same reason, it increases your pushing potential by a lot and can potentially increase your damage for trading. Generally I take E level 3 after shroud if I'm pushing into the enemy or I'll take E second after Q if I'm getting shoved into my tower where there is no pressure of me getting ganked early since it will help you to last-hit easier under your tower and even counter their push.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Boots to dodge skillshots/trades. Cloth against harder AD matchups. Dark Seal if you're a beast with Akali. Dorans Shield against Auto-Attack heavy matchups or ability spam champions like GP or Pantheon
    Refillable if you want to be making frequent backs for Cost-efficiency. Regular Healing Potions to help you stay in lane longer until you feel you no longer need sustain from potions.

Core Items

    Always build this Item, even after the nerfs in Patch 7.2

Situational Items

    Really the only boots you'll need. Sorc Shoes in 90% of games for damage. Ninja Tabi vs Full AD team or if they have Auto-Attack champions kindred/shyvana/draven/ect. Merc treads vs AP Heavy team or if they have a lot of hard CC (Not including Knock-Ups)
    I pick up at least one of these every game. GA is great in any game, if you're full build and the passive goes on cooldown, I'd recommend selling it for a different one of these items. Spirit visage when against an AP heavy comp or even if you have a Soraka on your team, The extra healing can make you nearly unkillable if Soraka knows what she's doing. Randuins, Dead man's, and Sunfire are all personal preference against heavier AD teams, whether you want movement speed, peel potential, or more waveclear/AOE damage.
    I'll also always pick up at least one of these every game. Lich Bane is great to increase single-target burst and increase your sieging potential since you will chunk structures. Zhonya's is a higher skill-cap item. You don't build Zhonyas for the stats it gives you, you build it for the active, and if you know how to use it, it can make the difference between winning the game and losing it. Abyssal is a great item to pick up against a team that has heavy AP damage when you want to be able to still do damage while not getting instantly killed.
    I always pick up at least one of these every game. Rabadon's when the enemy team isn't stacking a lot of Magic Resist, it also has great synergy with Lich Bane and a fully-stacked Mejais since it increases a percentage of your total AP, therefore effectively increasing the damage output of those two items. Void Staff is also a great pick up when the enemy team is stacking a lot of MR or if your key targets are stacking a lot of MR.
    I would not recommend this item to anyone who does not understand akali's limits (what she can and can't do). If you die a lot, you will effectively waste the cost efficiency of this item. I generally only build this item if I have a dark seal already with 6 or more stacks and I feel confident I can get more stacks easily without putting myself in a situation where I will lose them. It is the single-best item in the game cost-efficiency wise if you can play her intelligently. If you're having a rough game and started dark seal, just sell it instead for a 70% refund of the cost you bought it for.
    Always purchase an elixir after you are full build. You can also sell your boots to pick up a Ludens Echo if you also have Lich bane in your inventory and at least one cloud drake so you can have more damage and movement speed than you would with just boots. Also make sure you have a void staff if you decide to sell sorc shoes so all of your magic damage doesn't fall off.

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About Me Back to Top

Hello! My name's Justin and I started playing League in Season 2. I leveled to 30 with my friends and History Teacher while I was in highschool and then started playing Ranked in Season 3. I got initially placed in Silver 2 (Before I had ever played Akali), but then I decided to pick up Akali after my friend (who was terrible at the game) started doing really well with her. I then climbed to Plat 1 that same season but then I had to quit league almost completely for the next 2-3 years because I had school, friends, a fiancé at the time (now wife), and a job that I had to focus on. I finally came back to League in the middle of last season (Season 6) after a 3 year break. That's because my job brought my wife and I to Italy! All of my coworkers I met here play League on the EUNE server so I had to transfer my account from NA to EUW (before I knew), then to EUNE to be able to play with them. I'm still trying to relearn league and Akali with all of her changes but I managed to climb to Diamond 2 with a 62% winrate last season, but then the season ended before I could climb higher. So this season I decided to start climbing earlier and I've already managed to climb to Master in Solo Q and Challenger in Flex playing ONLY Akali. I haven't played a single other champion on that account since champion mastery came out so I have no other champion mastery points. I've decided that it makes my profile look clean and shows I'm a true Akali main so I dodge any game that the enemy target-bans me (Which happens a lot since I usually play late at night while my wife sleeps). I also achieved #1 Akali in the world on  I just started streaming January 2017 after my wife got me a webcam and a second computer monitor for Christmas :) If you guys have any more questions come ask me on my stream! I don't really have a solid stream schedule but I try to anytime that I'm free and would love to meet you guys and answer any questions you may have:

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