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3 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png Just happens to be the best Summoner Spell currently availiable it is a must have!.

3.png In my opinion the best Summoner Spell to go with as Support it offers additional protection for your marksman and defuses any enemy hypercarry for 2.5 seconds.

14.png Is the second choice here if you think you can quite easily take down your opponents during laning phase take it with you otherwise stick with 3.png.

New Runes Back to Top

Out of the 3 first available runes this one happens to be the best due to it adding 70-120 Armor & MR which increase your all in potential aswell.


Bone Platin adds yet again little tankyness during laning phase which is valuabe against 63.png143.png43.png
Font of life adds sustain during prolonged fights which is always useful however it is more of a team fight based rune both can work well.


is the only good choice on Alistar after 10 minutes of gameplay you'll get a boost of 8 Armor & MR with an additonal 5% increase of armor & MR by items.


Again it's the only runes worth taking as the other two are rather lackluster.
As Alistar the only second viable choice is the Inspiration Tree it gives us a few very good choices.

These are first viable choices in the first 3 runes.

Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 gives you a pair of free boots an increases your mobility by an extra 10 MS however it takes roughly 10  to 8 minutes to obtain them.


Basicly a flash that has channel time, if you're having lot's of ward control against the enemy this is rather good as it allows for further playmaking against your enemies.


Next on the list is Minion%20Dematerializer.png?width=32 it allows you for example to get Cannon minions relatively free as champions like 432.png63.png will poke you as you go for the last hits. With Minion%20Dematerializer.png?width=32 you're going to get the last hit without losing alot of health which is important in these lanes.

I find Futures%20Market.png?width=32 to be rather lackluster however it's ok to take with you


Last but not least adding a 5% on CDR, Summer Spells & extra 5% maximum CDR I consider it a pretty strong rune on Alistar.

Abilities Back to Top

12.png's AoE heal still pretty strong however not castable as an ability anymore now that it is his passive and either required minions to be slayed or the enemy foe now that this has been changed like that i recommend a careful hand in ANY matchup that makes the enemy support go for an AP champion like 143.png117.png


12.png's main CC an absolutetly amazing  AoE stun that will keep ur enemies in the air for 1.5 seconds and then briefly stun them on landing i suggest to be very careful with it's use as it's cooldown is huge and missing it will rend you almost useless in every sort of fight.

Headbutt on it's own isn't that amazing you will probably find yourself using it for the QW combo of 12.png. Headbutt itself without the usage of Pulverize is still a great tool to keep a threat away from your carries during a gank or team fight.

Basicly a little 3751.png which can be used on command along with a little nuke in damage and stun rewarding 12.png for playing like a Fighter type overall pretty good ability to have.

There's the Spell that makes 12.png an unkillable Bulwark another absolutetly amazing spell for the cost of just 100 mana you will gain 50/60/70% damage reduction in addition to removing any kind of CC after casting it.
Extremly valuable spell as you can become the Tank during Teamfights or the person who just initates the Tower dive.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    When extra sustain is needed
    Once ur Cookies have been used up this item can be pretty good as it saves gold

Core Items

    If you're all about roaming get these before sightstone if you sit in lane all day sightstone first
    If not hard roaming these are 100% better reduces slow effects and have a steady MS effect unlike mobility
    An extremly strong AoE heal for teammates and 10% Truedamage on any enemy that stands inside the circle it is a MUST buy

Situational Items

    Usually bought versus high AP damage teams
    Extremly good snowball item if you're doing good get it
    CC on your carries? hello Mikael's
    Heavy AD Team? there you go FH always first
    When Locket has already been picked up by somebody or you need additional sidelane pressure
    Face of the Mountain Vs an assassination team + Righteous Glory
    Do not underrestimate this item on an Support in mid/lategame its very powerful and grants strong stats + additional power to push
    A Support's Death Dance for another Teammate purchased extremly strong if you managed to snowball ur ADC or alike
3302.png Vs 3301.png


Higher Gold Generation
Health Regeneration
Mana Regeneration

Gold Sharing
Additional Sustain for both ADC & Support
Additional Battle stats (+50 HP)
Generates 2 Gold/10

Now that 3302.png actually has Gold/10 it looks pretty solid in comparison to 3301.png

New Support items


Pretty solid looking for my liking through so far ive only seen 2303.png being picked up as the actives of 3069.png & 3092.png are to good to give up and on top of that any of these "Eye" item's become your new Sightstone opening up another Item slot.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Annie
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Brand
  • Braum
  • Janna
  • Karma
  • Leona
  • Lulu
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Nautilus
  • Poppy
  • Pyke
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Thresh
  • Trundle
  • Zyra



1.png is one of those pokeish champions with a strong all in at 6.

12.png can easily sustain through the AA damage.

1.png is often pretty squishy making her an easy target during laning phase 12.png can perfectly setup these ganks.

Her most reliable engage is a 4.pnginfernalguardian.png's 12.png can easily disengage and save his marksman due to his strong CC and ferocioushowl.png's CC removal.




Another one of those Pokeish champions who can make laning phase hell.

432.png actually has pretty strong laning his AA's + Passive hurt a lot over time.

432.png's Q has pretty high base damage and can stun you and your Marksman if you're not careful.

432.png is also capable of sustaining through a lot of damage with his bardw.pngwhich makes trading pretty hard.

432.png himself, however has no reliable way of getting out of 12.png's CC making him a perfect target for ganks just be careful to not sit next to your jungler if he throws out his bardq.png.



53.png is one of 12.png's rather easy matchups he's pretty predictable.

Usually what you want to do is stand in front of your Marksman to block 53.png's rocketgrab.pnghowever, be careful with taking his rocketgrab.png's you may end up getting ganked.





Support 63.png is rarely picked but oh my does he hurt, I highly suggest that you ask your jungler for pressure as 63.png is an easy target.

63.png's whole kit has little supportish abilities in it, it's all about dealing damage, dodging as best as you can is probably the way to deal with it.



12.png CC is probably more reliable as 201.png's as it requires 4 stacks of braumpassive.png to trigger, but if it does it will hit hard.

In this matchup 201.png is likely to wait for your pulverize.png headbutt.png combos as his kit is all about protection and re-engaging a fight.




During Laning phase there probably won't be happening anything besides of the usual poking which you should be capable of easily sustaining the damage done by janna and her carry.

In this matchup you may want to start with 3301.png as it's gold generation is greater than 3302.png and there probably isn't going to be happening anything as she will disengage every attempt of pulverize.png headbutt.png with a simple howlinggale.png




Yet another poke type of support.

43.png is just incredibly hard to deal with as 12.png.

43.png will most likely outdamage the sustain you are capable of putting out.

Her karmaspiritbond.png has the possibility of holding you in place after a engage attempt resulting in you taking massive damage.

Her karmasoulshield.png alone is just hard to deal with as it grants movement speed and a fair amount of shielding power.

Dodging a fair amount of her karmaheavenlywave.png's/karmachakra.png karmaheavenlywave.png's is probably the best you can do to keep the lane in a neutral position.




As simple as dealing with 53.png.

89.png is quite tanky herself and possess of a few CC abilities.

the best way of dealing with 89.png is either pulverize.png'ing her leonazenithblade.png in time or headbutt.png'ing her in her leonazenithblade.png this will most likely end her engage pre 6.

After 6 it's almost the same you should be no option for them to engage, however if they do,  you can easily get out of it with your ferocioushowl.png, if she happens to ult ur Marksman just try your best again to interrupt her leonazenithblade.png this will probably end the engage once more.



117.png is pretty much on par with Karma just a little harder.

117.png's level 1 is pretty strong, however her glitterlance can be easily dodged and a main portion of her damage is her luluq.png.

117.png's luluw.png is a strong tool against you or your marksman transforming you into something completely useless but cute.

Her lulue.png will block a fair portion of the damage you tried to apply to her or her marksman it can also be used as form of damage.

Her lulur.png grants additional 300/450/600 health and knocks every person around the ulted one up making a burst or engage attempt pretty hard.

I'd suggest staying passive and trying to pull through it and waiting for the jungler.




This Matchup is very dependent on who's lane is playing it out better.

Everyone knows and hates it Morgana Q long ranged skillshot with a long root duration however easily dodged.

her W is whatever it's just for procing 3303.png anyways.

Her E the Black shield here it get's interesting as we know Alistar's CC chain can be pretty strong and Morgana's shield is capable of blocking both the damage and CC of both abilities the question however is if she is capable of casting it in time it's Cooldown is also higher than your QW highy abusable.

Morganas Ultimate is pretty strong against any sort of engage attempts trying to burst her out before it procs the stun is pretty much the best option here.




Another lane depending on who's playing it out better.

Nami's Q is pretty slow easily predictable and dodgeable however, if it hits you can get ready to take a fair amount of damage.

Nami's W her heal her main tool to poke and keep her lane healthy the damage isn't that high and the mana cost is pretty high.

Nami's E applies a buff for the next 3 AA's of choosen ally to deal an extra 25/40/55/70/85 damage and slow for 15/20/25/30/35 % it's not as bad as it sounds pretty easy sustainable however that doesn't mean you should let her get free hits on you.

Nami's Ultimate is just a big slow moving wave if you're not right in front of her you can easily take a few steps to either the left or right and watch it go it's way.

the best way to deal with this lane is to let nami have her way with you if she's spamming her W you will find her to be out of mana soon and that will be the time for you to go in.




A Nautilus lane matchup just works as a Blitzcrank matchup the only differnce is that Nautilus offers more damage and by far more CC.

Dealing with him is fairly easy just as with Blitzcrank we take every Q our ADC would take ending in you both getting close to eachother the thing here is you can Q before he can AA ending in him not being able to apply his nautiluspassive.png's and CCing you.

Another thing is not get into long fights with Nautilus.png his Riptide.png will hurt and outdamage your spell's by far as usual we want to wait for our jungler and pull off some plays.




Obnoxious is probably the best way to describe the matchup.

78.png is way stronger in the early game when it comes down to DPS her CC however is based on if you're next to a wall so i'd be cautious and check if you're sitting next a wall because eating that level 2 poppyheroiccharge.png poppydevastatingblow.png really can hurt.

78.png is also pretty hard to engage due to poppyparagonofdemacia.png which is capable of blocking headbutt.png and thus stopping 12.png combo completly a 4.pngpulverize.png headbutt.png is also not a good idea as poppy has poppyparagonofdemacia.png to stop headbutt.png or her poppyheroiccharge.png to remove you from her Marksman.

at last there's poppydiplomaticimmunity.png if you're ever going to get a combo through 78.png is likely to either insta-use it or channel it and send someone flying back thus nullifying the engage.

I'd recommend just sitting through the whole laning phase letting your marksman CS, if 78.png however goes on you with a poppyheroiccharge.png poppydevastatingblow.png combo without stunning you then you just have gotten a pass to turn on her with a pulverize.png headbutt.png.

As with 48.png once you've gotten a few Cooldown Reduction items you will outshine her in Teamfights just thanks to the whole AoE/Peeling Combo you've gotten in your kit.







Sona's Q will deal a little damage to either both or just one of you and buff the next AA with addtional magic damage. If Empowered by her passive it will deal alot more damage

Sona's W Heals herself and the ally with the lowest amount of health in % and grants a small shield. If Empowered by her passive it will reduce the damage dealt by the target by 20%

Sona's E is a AoE Speedup. If Empowered by her passive it will slow by 40 %

Her Ultimate is just a big AoE Stun.

What is probably going to happen is that Sona wants to be as annoying as she can be and bully both of you out with Q damage however her mana pool is pretty low so she won't be able to do this for long.

The easiest thing to do in this matchup is probably to ask for an early gank from ur jungler as sona is quite squishy and has nothing but her flash to escape an gank with 12.png it should be an easy setup to first blood.

14.png recommended



16.png is just as 37.png just less of a bully.

Her Q is a long ranged missle that deals a fair amount of damage and is capable of slowing and healing Soraka dodge this as often as possible.

Her W is just her obnoxious 2 second heal spell.

Her E the silence is huge when playing as 12.png the silence alone will probably keep her marksman save

Her R another heal just this time for everyone on a pretty high cooldown.

I'd suggest getting something nice to eat during the lane phase and putting 3 early level's into E to stay neutral in the lane just stay passive and don't get frustated over nothing to do in the lane.

Roaming can be a pretty good option here just make sure before you do to keep your marksman save by getting down those wards.




Depending on how skilled the 412.png is he can pretty easily punish or lose the lane just by himself.

412.png's Q is a long ranged hook with a huge 20 seconds cooldown if he hits anything it goes down by 3 seconds.

412.png's W his Lantern is absolutetly amazing in saving allies and you have to be aware of his positioning Alistar's Flash Q W the enemy into allies may be fancy but his Lantern can undo this quite easily.

412.png's E his Flay will buff his AA's with magic damage and gives him a slow knockup which can pull you to him or away from him also careful with this ability as it can interrupt your Headbutt it's hard to do but possible.

412.png's R his Box is just as it says a box that slows by huge 99% but other than that its pretty harmless.

In this lane it depends on how well the 412.png does if he does mayor fuckups he will be quite easily abused by the 12.png as he isn't that tanky in the early usually when he gets a threshq.png on you and threshe.png's you towards him you should be in range of a pulverize.png giving you the oppurtunity to engage on him.




In Comparison both have nearly the same level of Tankyness due to both champions ultimates however while 48.png has the higher DPS in prolonged fights 12.png will bring the hard CC chain.

As  12.png be extremly cautious of how you position yourself depending of where you currently are Trundle may be able to block you off entirely with his trundlecircle.png while the enemy Jungler is coming forcing you to either pop ferocioushowl.png or 4.png thus be careful.

Also as i said above try your best to avoid fights as 48.png has extremly good fighting potentional in the early game thanks to trundletrollsmash.png & trundledesecrate.png. However once level 9+ comes around 12.png will start becoming stronger then 48.png and your marksman shouldn't be that bothered by a 48.png anymore.



143.png while extremly squishy, having low MS and extremly low health has an very high damage output however one CC she is sure to fall i'll recommend asking your jungler as soon as possible for help and making a play on her.

If your Jungler doesn't come it is best to play the lane passive if you think your marksman is a mechanical strong player you may go for the 2 vs 2 however do so before she reaches level 6 as her combo will tear ur marksman appart.

Sharin' is Carin' Summoner Spells. Back to Top

You as a Support should be aware of Summoner Cooldowns sharing these is important information for not only yourself but your team aswell heres what you need to know. I will list Cooldown timers in this Section so you can share reliable information to your Team.

We will start off with the Normal Cooldown's of Summoners Spell's then we will add 15% due to the Mastery called  Summoner%27s_Insight_mastery_s4.png in the Mastery tree Resolve and another 10% on top of it due to 3158.png.

4.png            7.png           3.png           14.png           1.png           6.png           12.png

5 Minutes.            4 Minutes           3M.30S.                3M.30S.              3M.30.                3M.30.                 5 Minutes

4M. 15S.                3M.24S.              2M.59S.                2M.59S.              2M.59S.              2M.59S.               4M.30S.

 3M.S.45                3 Minutes           2M.28S                 2M.28S               2M.28S                2M.28S                4M.15S.


Synergy with Marksmen Back to Top


Absolutely amazing synergy I consider 429.png & 12.png god tier
both champions can easily set up a fight for each other 429.png can just Fate's_Call.png for the knockup while 12.png has his Headbutt.jpgPulverize.png giving kalista more than enough time to deal damage.

While the Syngery is still amazing the meta just doesn't mean it well for Kalista prepare for a heavy Struggle once the game begins.


Consider those two a pretty good lane as Alistar can set up a pretty easy Unbenannt.png for Vayne however early game the 67.png12.png is most likely going to struggle but as soon as 67.png hits 3153.png or 3031.png she should come out ahead.


What happens when an immobile hypercarry gets paired with an absolute peeling machine? damn right, she's never going to be touched during team fights if positioned properly, but just as 67.png struggles early.


42.png and 12.png are probably pretty hard to deal with as corki offers a lot of burst damage combined with 12.png's heavy CC you're probably going to come out ahead in many botlanes.


Pretty good lane for 12.png as he has to worry less of 15.png due to her spell shield after getting  1038.png she will pack a mean punch and her ultimate is always nice for Team.


Just as 67.png and 222.png you will probably struggle early game, but once Tristana picks up an item or two you should be able to come out ahead in most matchups.


Considering what happened to the Mastery tree and AD items 236.png has become an absolute monster his damage is high, Clears waves fine and has at a certain point a pretty low cooldown on his luciane.png making him mobile aswell. Along with 12.png these two can form a Deadly yet safe botlane.


Extremly strong ADC in the current meta and has low MS + no escapes so you're a godsend to this poor fellow.
Basicly Varus can soften them up with varusq.png & varuse.png before you can go in with ur headbutt.png & pulverize.png combo.
once Varus hits level 6 you can gurantee a kill by going on the enemy of choice pulverize.png headbutt.png him while giving 110.png enough time to follow up for a varusr.png


Powerful champion that's just like Varus lacks escapes + low MS, does however have power in raw damage the only downside is that 202.png has no softening up potentional besides of his jhinw.png which has a huge cooldown and should rather be used as a root.


Very strong combo thanks to her slows & enchantedcrystalarrow.png stun basicly you can both set up another 22.png with her enchantedcrystalarrow.png and 12.png with his pulverize.png headbutt.png alistare.png which will result in a massive stun duration on the target While 22.png seems to be lacking damage pre 6 it is best to remain passive once she hits 6 you're free to go all out on a squishy botlane target.


A pokeish and mobile marksman but pretty squishy if you're gonna end up with a 81.png on lane i suggest letting him softening up the enemies with his ezrealmysticshot.png once enough poke has been dealt you're free to go on the enemy he has been softening u careful through, 81.png can't use his ezrealmysticshot.png through minions which is basicly his entire damage so you'd do him an gigantic favour if you choose the engage timing very well.

Warding Spots a Supports second Job Back to Top

Now that we've gone through Matchups, Synergy and other stuff we will go ahead and take a look at Warding spots.
Pink Spots on the map will places for potential 2043.png  and Green ones for your 2045.png.

During Laning Phase these can be some pretty good spots as they let you detect the enemy jungler very early and some also cover for your midlaner even through he doesn't say anything he will also appreciate the work you just did.

Warding during Laning Phase.jpg

Alistar - Buffs & Nerfs Back to Top


Lost it's ADbuff (50/75/90)
pulverize.png Lost it's 0.5 second stun after sendin' em in the air. (Hard hit on 12.png as this set up his pulverize.png headbutt.png Combo)
alistare.png has become his new E granting him AoE damage along with a little nuke AA & stun.
alistarpassive.png has become his Passive which now requires stacks in either killing enemies or minons to proc a level based Heal.


Alistar's Ultimate has been hit it now doesn't reduce the damage by 70% at all level anymore but rises by 10% every level so you start with a 50% Damage Reduction.

While i do not consider this a really hard change as 50% is still pretty good in the early game it may start becoming obvious the longer the game goes and the more damage the enemies get.


Alistar's healing on allied Champions has been reduced to 33% but still remains normal to yourself this is the very reason why im now running Thunderlord's as the 10% extra healing granted by Windspeaker's it basicly non existent.
Overall it has become slitghly harder for your Marksman to be kept at good health as a level 1 heal now gets him 20 health instead of the former 30.


Alistar's Healing has been hit with a slight mana cost increase and an additional 4 seconds Cooldown making it a 16 second cooldown for 50 Mana at level 1 healing you for 60 (66 Windspeakers) and your ally for 30 (33 Windspeakers)
this patch along with 6.6 is what makes Windspeakers less worth to take with you.

However with Patch 6.3 it is now easier then ever to land a Q W combo for any player out there.

Changes to the Guide. Back to Top

Updated Rune Pages
Removed Runes
Added 555.png to the matchup list


Some changes to the Item selection.
Changed 12.png's skill descriptions.
added 90.png & 143.png Matchups.
Edited Masteries from 0/18/12 to 0/12/18.
Added 22.png202.png110.png81.png Synergy updated 67.png & 429.png.
Edited  the section 12.png - Buffs & Nerfs


Added 44.png to the "Matchups" list. (not finished)
Changed Masteries + In Depth.
Added a New section "Alistar - Buffs & Nerfs"

Added 78.png & 48.png in the Matchups list

Minor fixin' in the Masteries section.
Added a Warding spots Section (Still in work)
Fixed Abilities Pictures.
Minor work on the Item section

Added Sharin' is Carin' Summoner Spells Section.
Changed small things in the Item section.
Added 236.png to Synergy with Marksmen

Season 6 Mastery Updates

Just some Spellfixing & adding more pictures

Added 111.png Matchup.
Replaced words with pics.

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