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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Flash is necessary on Alistar. He can make tons of flash plays and its just great for escapes, chases, whatever. Exhaust is the typical support summoner especially against assassins, but ignite can also work for more kill potential in lane. But it is weaker later in teamfights. 

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Masteries Back to Top

The Thundercow! This gives you a lot of damage from your qw combo with an autoattack you get off thunderlords so it's pretty good damage. The other option would be to go bond of stone which could also definitely work as a safer tanky support. 

Abilities Back to Top

alistarpassive.png Your passive gives you some nice sustain in lane. 

pulverize.png This is really nice to knock people up. It can work very well with a flash in to q them up and then w them back. Or you can w to them and q immediately to get the knockup which they just made easier to land. Although it does take a little practice if you've never played him. Ideally in a teamfight you knockup everybody but usually focus on getting as many squishy or damage dealers as possible so your team can focus them down. This also works really well with other aoe damage abilities including but not limited to Malphite's ult, Orianna's ult (especially good when ball is on alistar), Miss Fortunes ult, Yasuo's ult, Wukong's ult, basically anyone that has an aoe cc or damage ability this sets it up perfectly. And Alistar works best when you have these champs on your team to get a wombo combo down and blow up the enemy when they can't even react or do damage back. Max this first for the damage and cooldown reduction

headbutt.png This knocks people away. It also works as a dash of Alistar to the person. As i mentioned this combos very well with his Q but can be used as a stand alone to knock someone back into your team, or to disengage. Be careful though as knocking someone your team is trying to kill away from your team will not make you any friends except on the other team. Max it second for the cooldown and damage. There are also a lot of plays you can make to flash q then w back into the team. This is especially good under tower or to just run up to them and do the same thing. You can also use this as a quick disrupt for certain channeled ults, or for certain people like kennen, wukong, fiddle who want to stand in the middle of the team you can get them away and peel for your adc with this pretty well. 

triumphantroar.png This is nice after you go in you can throw down some more cc with your autos just keep them locked down after knocking them up. 

ferocioushowl.png This thing is the Ult that makes alistar great. The damage reduction is huge. It's great in teamfights. Ideally you go in and get everyone to blow everything on you while you are ulting and it does barely any damage to you. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This is great on tanky supports, you get sustain, and some defensive stats. Make sure to use at least one charge of it when you have it full or you are losing money. Try to use it on the cannon or melee minions as they are worth more.

Core Items

    Very very important. Use it to ward, also remember to swap out your trinket when you buy it.
    This is a good upgrade because it divides the time between charges in half which adds a lot of value. I usually sit on this for a while after because there are better tank items to buy but make sure to upgrade this as it's a lot of gold.
    So if you get to late game as a support either you get the eye and get an extra item slot, or get face of the mountain which gives you a shield active and 20% cooldown reduction on active items. Both are good in certain circumstances. I wouldn't go ruby unless you have a few active items as it just isn't worth it otherwise. If you commonly forget to use face of the mountain, then don't buy it just get eye and another tanky item.
    What a time to be alive and playing league! All of these boots could be valid choices on alistar given the correct circumstances and depending on your playstyle. Mobies, get to wander if you aren't going to other lanes, then don't buy them. Cooldown boots, you work really well with cdr and it lowers it on summoner spells to for the flash plays a good option. Merc treds, counters hard cc and gives mr get if they have a lot of that. Ninja tabi, not as good as the others unless they have an all ad team comp then it works pretty well. Swifties, you run fast and don't lose that speed in teamfights.
    Great item gives you sustain tankiness and a great active for a cheap price. Also helps your heals. Definitely get unless they nerf in the future.
    Really nice shield for teamfights and good tank stats
    Nice item as it gives you sustain and takes some of the damage from your adc

Situational Items

    After the basics alistar builds tanky. Which items depends on what your playstyle is and what you are against, and who is fed. So outside of the first basic items and boots don't have one standard build adapt based off who is fed, which champs there are etc. Read the item descriptions and compare they are all good in different circumstances!
    This is a good split pushing item, which also gives you a lot of free gold from killing minions in the side lane. Even post nerf still a good choice. Make sure to watch it's range so they actually hit the tower, also you want to have your team go down another lane not push this one as then the enemy team has to be down a member or let this push a tower.
    This is really nice as it gives you mana, you have high mana costs, armor, cooldown, and it slows attackspeed. It is really good if they have a lot of ad, or multiple autoattackers, or just a fed adc. Do be careful with the CDR cap if you go over then you kind of waste part of this consider swapping off boots or another item if you are hitting the cap.
    This item is really weird and niche but if you are in with friends and having a good time, this can be really funny for towerdives!
    Both of these help your mana regen situation. Ardent censer gives your team attackspeed when you use your e in teamfights which can be really good if you have multiple champs that can benefit from it or just to push towers. And mikaels is great against hard cc to let people out. If your adc is bad at dodging skillshots or they have a supress or whatever this can be really good.
    Good against autoattackers reflect some of that damage back!
    You can get the procks off on this pretty easily after your combo so this can work too for some soft cc.
    This is a nice boost to your adc if they benefit from crit, if you do it right this can bring your adc from critting half the time in a teamfight to every time, which can make a pretty big difference.
    This item is interesting as you do do damage and your heal will be a lot more significant with it. I wouldn't go for it most games but if you're ahead or just playing around could work.
    This is a great item, that way too often I see people build before 3k health. It's a shitty item until you hit that number as you don't have the passive. So if you want it buy another health item first and then get this as it will actually be useful then. Don't buy it first as you will eventually get the benefit, then you've spent gold on something you won't get until later. That's like handing the enemy team a bigger gold advantage.

Needless to say there are a lot of options to play around with, go with what you like and react to the game you are in. Especially with tanks you have to pay attention to the game you are in to decide what you are building. If they are mostly ap or have fed ap champs, build mr! If they are mostly ad or fed ad armor. If it's split some health items can be best as that helps you either way (but do still get armor and mr). 

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Tips and Tricks Back to Top

Your main job is to initiate for your team. You go in and start fights. So make sure your team is ready before you go in. And don't go in if you are down a player or have some disadvantage like having been poked down. 

Your second job is to peel for your adc and midlaner. You have amazing peel you can knock people off of them, knock them up etc. Don't leave them to fend for themselves as they can only carry by doing damage and they need to be alive for that (with a few exceptions).

Also keep in mind that you generally aren't worth as much gold as your teammates are. You shouldn't have too many kills so you might be like 0/5/15 or something for example. In that case you are almost worth no gold whereas your 10/0/0 adc is worth a lot more. If you are running away together and your not getting away lets them get away, jump on the grenade. Do your w q combo and the enemy team 9/10 will focus you and let your much more valuable carry escape. If you use your ult it takes them even longer. 

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