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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png : You always need flash. Why ? Because with it you can make awesome flash + combo and KILL ((always in maj because you are a mad and bad minotaur) your low hp opponent, and because the sound of flash is cool. 

12.png : Teleport is good to return in your lane if you have a bad matchup or if you fucked up a little too much in early game. Also i've heard that Alistar can make pretty nice ganks in botlane with his abilities and his tankiness. 

14.png : Only if you want to put this world on fire... and Brand is better for this job. Anyway, if you think your lane will be easy and if you want to KILL 

21.png : Your ulti is worth a thousands shields. 

2.png : You don't need to be clairvoyant, you already know your ennemies fates. Death by pulverization. 

3.png : You don't need it. If they try to kill you, (minus and no maj, because we are speaking of your own death, that's not funny) they will spend so much energy that it will exhaust them. 

11.png : Nope, YOU are the chatiment. Unless you want to jungle of course. 

1.png : Cool pic but this one ferocioushowl.png is better. 

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Thunderlord's because you can proc it easily, even lv 1 with Q + auto + your passive and it deal a great amount of damage. 

Intelligence because you really need as much cdr as possible. CDR = More combo = More damage and more report for you from the ennemy team at the end of the game. 

Meditation : You will see, your mana pool is quite short in early game and you'll need it to regen both mana and hp with triumphantroar.png. But you can take butcher if you think you will not use your spells that much, your mana isn't a problem anymore after your 3057.png and 3024.png

Abilities Back to Top


Against melee champion who aren't bullies like Darius, i like to start with pulverize, if they are close to you can deal a great amount of damage with Q + auto + passive + thunderlord and you have time to walk away a little bit. 

Against bullies you can take W to knock them away if they want to fight you. You can also use it to deny them CS and deal some damage. 
If your ennemy is a range... Don't let him harass you too much, give up some CS if you have to. You can start with E if you want. 

Now there is two way to go. 

-  Max pulverize.png first, less damage on single target than your W but in teamfight it's far ahead a W max because you deal damage on more than one ennemy and you can bump them more often. 
Then W, because you need a lower cd on it and the damages.
Then E, always usefull to have a heal. 

-  Max headbutt.png is great for poking the future dead toplaner and then trade with a combo. Melee champions will hate you, they won't be able to trade back and they can lose some cs, like the juicy canon. It's better in lane than a Q max. 

I lied, there is another way but i don't like it. I'm playing for the KILLS.
You can max triumphantroar.png against terrible range champ like Kayle or Teemo if you want to sustain a little bit more in lane. 
But well, a dead ennemy can't deal damage. Unless they are 30.png or 96.png. So a little bad tip : Ban them ! (Yes, there is 1.png but it's not Annie who deal damage but Tibbers which is, of course, much better)

Oh and you obviously take R at level 6, 11 and 16. You can tank well (to really well lv 3) PLUS it gives you a huge AD buff. And we all know, ad = damage = KILL.  

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Almost in every match up. Regen hp/mana and damage in trade, great starter
    Against heavy ad champion like Darius, Renek
    When you know you can bully the ennemy lv 1 or 2.

Core Items

    If you don't need tankiness but damage.
    If you think you'll need MR.
    First item to buy if you have 1050g, everything you need. Mana, cdr and more burst.
    If you have to back without 1050 gold, one or two dorans are good. Literally everything on it is great.
    Protobelt is really strong on alistar

Situational Items

    If you are fed and if you can take damage instead of HP/MR/ARMOR
    Sometimes, you need to cover youserlf from winter and death and you have to take a coat.
    You need HP and MR but you already have 45% cdr ? Banshee isn't so bad.
    Not bad against some comp but i feel like you can tank enough with your IG, ult and Abyssal.
    Can be good because your passive proc the slow but you already have IG. You can buy it if you want ap + hp AND if you want to add more toxicity in the game.
    When you are losing a game, it can be great to build it right before you nexus explode, to show your sadness. (But don't try it when you aren't losing, people don't like to see a sad cow, it's heartbreaking)
    You want signle target damage for more fun ? Take a Luden !

I'm sure you are here like 

- Uh, why should i build 3025.png instead of 3100.png if i'm playing AP ?"  and then i'm like 
- Many years ago, a wise man said "Cooldown Reduction is love, Cooldown Reduction is life, Cooldown Reduction is our savior... And mana is great too" 
Lichbane give you more damage but only 10% cdr while IG is giving 20% and you really need to have at least 30% ASAP. Alistar's cd are very long so cdr has a huge impact on it. CDR gives you more damage and more tankiness. Your opponent can't auto or use his spells if he's bump. Also you will have your ultimate more often which is excellent. 
You also gain 250 more mana with IG and you really need it in early/mid game. Plus 65 armor, if you are building Abyssal you will deal and you will tank a lot even without ferocioushowl.png.

Now, which boots should i use ? 3158.png are really great 900 gold for three very good stats on Alistar. Movement speed, CDR and sumonner's spells CDR. You run faster, you bump more often and you can make swaggy plays with your flash more often. Plays like "Oh, there is someone low hp here, let's flash combo and KILL him" or "They are five under inhib tower and we are 3, i think it's a great idea to flash in, die and lose the game !"

BUT if you know you will build 3001.png or 3065.png, you can go 3020.png if you want to deal or 3047.png3111.png if they have a lot of AD damage or CC. Yes you have your ult but you aren't Olaf, they still can stun you) 3009.png are fine too but Riot dropped the nerf hammer on it so i don't really build it. 

3285.png as first real offensive item. It's simple, even if your Q and passive are aoe, you still have a great burst in single target with W and IG. With Luden you can 100 => 30 any squishies in one combo and with 45% cdr and you ig's slow it's a KILL. Except maybe if you ennemy has his flash up or if he's a stupid clown. 

3001.png is really great, everything on it is awesome for the cow. MR, AP, CDR, and aoe Reduc MR 

TDLR : CDR > * You need 45% asap but try to not go higher, you are a cow, not a mute lady who's playing a weird instrument with 67% cdr. 

Matchups Back to Top

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Impossible - dodge or pick something else. 

You can't, you just can't. Her cassiopeiamiasma.png deny your headbutt.png, she can harass you really well in early game and after her first or second back, she can kill you very easily. The best thing to do is to farm as much as you can without dying in early and then try to roam. 





He can regen more than you deal with your harass, plus he can feralscream.png when you headbutt.png him and his W deal more damage than yours. 
And since feast.png deal a lot in true damage, he can negate your ulti, which is really bad for you. 

You can start with corrup potion then a spectre's cowl. It will help a bit. Don't worry, unless you give him too much kill, you will stil be usefull for your team in mid game. 



Fiora is hard. If she is able to ripost your W, then you will lose the trade and she will kill you or you will have to burn your flash. Don't try to trade her in level 2 - 3, she will deal more damage than you, a lot more. 
If she doesn't ripost nor your W or Q, you can win the trade tho. Take care about her passive and her ult because it make your ultimate quite useless. If she use her ult, try to W her away and run. 

If you don't feed her like you would feed your cat, you will be more usefull than her in midgame teamfight so aim for it. 





Just W him lv 1-3 when he want to trade, after level 4 just Q, auto and W him out.  You can deny him.
Just take care of his passive, if you are the villain, you will have a baaaad time if you try to fight him.





In early game you need to give up some cs and to play safe. After lv 4 you can W him and run away when he is little. You can also ask for ganks. 
If he get some kills, you are done, he will just harass and farm you so stay safe. 

Later in the game, your headbutt.png is awesome to cockblock his engage when he's mega. 





You can win after lv 4 if you manage to dodge her illaoiE.png, if not, you are dead. 
After her 6, take care about her illaoiR.png. Even with your R, if she illaoiE.png and illaoiR.png, you can die easily. 





He can't do anything against you in lane. He grab you ? Run away or W him. He dash on you ? Q + W. Easy, really.

Later in the game, you see him ulti in your team ? Well, R and stay in front of your team to protect them and W him away. 





His passive ruin your champion and his harass ruin your life. Dodge, swap lane, play something else if you can. If you can, try to farm a bit and roam if possible. 





Avoid fighting level 1 and W if she try to trade and run away. It's the same in level 2. 
Once you get your level 3-4, you can harass her easily with your W or Q then W if she run into you. 

A "decent" Riven will be able to rivenfeint.png your headbutt.png, then try to bait it and if she use her shield, wait for it to fade and then you can trade. 

Probably one of the worst match up for Riven. 

Why you should play Alistar top. Back to Top

I will list some good reason to play Alistar top here : 

 1) He's a cow and cows are funny. 

 2) You need to take your vengeance against all these players who played Lulu top, Karma, Quinn, Shyvana with red smite, Tanky champions like Ekko and Fizz.  And of course, Tahm Kench.  Show them how it feel to play against a toxic champion, THEY NEED TO KNOW ALL THE EVIL THEY HAVE DONE !

 3) Because it's always funny to see people threatening you with report in champion select. And when the game start when they come back from toilet. Or in the mid game if you are losing*. Or after the game from the ennemy team because you played Alistar. 
 4) You can laugh when the ennemy toplaner write "omg alistar so op" or "balanced champ" in all chat.

 5) You are a great teamfight champ, your Q and W are really good in fight. Lots of CCs which can't be reduce by tenacity. (Hey Irelia, what's up ? hehe)

 6) And you deal a lot of damage, which is cool. 

 7) When you press R in the middle of a teamfight, you can AFK to go for a coffee and still be alive when you a coming back. 

 8) Jesus Christ told you to play him.

 9) Also he can heal. Like Soraka!  Well... not exactly like her but he can still heal, and Soraka can too so... A SorakAlistar skin can be fun ! 

 10) For all football (or soccer) fans here. You can rename to Zidane, it work perfectly with W !

* I mean "When THEY are losing" of course.  

Why Alistar top isn't the best top in the game Back to Top

Here I will try to list Alistar's disadvantages. 

 - When your spells are on CD, you are not really usefull. Your autos deal a little with you AD buff from ferocioushowl.png but you need to be in melee range and there we have our 2 cons. 

 - Ennemies can kite you pretty easily. Even if you have your ult, they still can slow and stun you. You will miss a lot of kills because they slowed you right before your CDs went up. 
 - You need follow up from your team. You can deal an insane amount of damage to one target and maybe kill him but after that you can't do much without help. 

 - Even if you are more tanky than a tank when you press R, without it you screen can turn grey really fast. 

 - Terrible to play when you are lagging. 
 - He's not a waifu, sorry for you otakus.

 - You can't hide in the jungle like Warwick, Malphite or Azir can do. 

 - Not really good if you need to interrogate a prisoner. It's hard to speak when you have a horn in your heart. 

Some tips Back to Top

Some general tips first : 

- You need to last hit minions if you want more gold. That's important. 

- Use your trincket and buy pink. And use your pink, don't be like me who buy a pink at min 10 and use it at min 35 because i need a slot.

- Change your trinket for a blue one when you can, it's great. Red is fine against invisible champs like Yorick*, Akali and Vayne. And again, don't be like me. 

- You win game by destroying the nexus. So you need to destroy towers first. It's better to take one or two towers after a fight than press B for buying something, chase the only ennemy alive or killing monsters. (You are not Geralt of Riv ! )

- When you are losing your lane but your mates are winning theirs, try to not be heavy to carry. Play safe, don't die too much, don't flame, peel for the one who's fed.

Now, 1 or 2 tips with Alistar : 

- In early game, if minions are near your tower and your ennemy is a melee champion, you can Q and send him as a sacrifice to your god, the Tower. 

- Your heal is great if you want to get assists in fight. 

- Don't forget that you can use you W to send someone over a wall, it can save your life. Of his life. 

- On certain walls your W will just "stun" your ennemy for a little amount of time but enough to use your sheen and then Q and TADAAA, another proc. 

- Your W can be use as an escape if you are in the jungle of near Gromp. Ward then W the monster. 

- When under tower, you can KILL caster minions easily. You just have to cast you heal and let your passive deal a little bit and then you should be able to end their lives with one auto after a tower shot.

Yorick isn't invisible ? Ah, i thought it was the reason I never see him in game. 


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