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Summoner Spells Back to Top


These will most likely be your choice of summoner spells.


Flash - Allows you to escape or helps you engage on the enemy with very little reaction time from them.

Exhaust -  Allows you to slow the enemy or reduce their damage in dangerous situations and save your life or your ADCs (i.e. Zed's combo, Syndra ultimate, Vayne ultimate etc...)

Instead of exhaust, you might choose ignite:


Ignite -  Allows you to get an early lead in lane if you are confident of going all-in in the early levels OR if you are against some self-healing champions (i.e. Soraka, Vladimir, Mundo...) and need that grievous wounds to help your team out.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top



Wanderer will help you with get back to lane a lot easier, gank lanes effectively or chase people with ease.
Since you are not going to be farming you will not need Savagery


You aren't a jungler nor are you the main damage dealer so you don't need the other two choices.


This will help you regen mana as your combo uses up quite a lot in the early game and 6331.png will not be effective on you due to you not aiming to do more damage.


Very good income as you gain 1 gold for every minion that dies to an ally and 10 gold for melee attacks on enemy champions. Try to get a melee attack in every now and then to proc it and get some free gold (only if you can do it safely).



Bonus armor and magic resist is worth it against %hp per 5. Especially since you will be engaging the fights so you will need as much resistance as possible to sustain damage you will be taking.


This helps neutralize some damage done by minions which you probably will take some damage from when engaging on enemies.

6232.png OR 6231.png

You can choose either one depending on what you want to do.

6232.png helps you in the early game and lane if you are planning to engage often and need to sustain.

6231.png helps you later on in the game due to the extra 8% healing and shielding.

So choose depending on how you see the game going, if you feel like you will be engaging or have an easy lane then go for 6232.png . If you think you will be going to the late game then choose 6231.png.


You will want this as a 15% cooldown reduction on summoner spells can be really useful, especially your flash. This makes engages a lot easier and can surprise the enemy.


You will want to be free from most crowd control as fast as possible. Even though you have your ultimate, you won't have it all the time. Being able to escape from slows and stuns faster is very advantageous as you will want to chase enemies and engage for your team.


Every time you use your Q + W Combo you will proc this giving you a huge shield, even better when multiple enemies are knocked up. Having this shield helps you mitigate a lot of damage the enemy will then throw at you.

Abilities Back to Top


Passive - Triumphant Roar

You gain a stack of triumph every time a minion dies or you stun/displace an enemy champion. At 7 stacks you heal yourself and the nearby champion for double the amount.
Instantly procs if a nearby enemy champion or epic monster dies.

This is pretty useful in lane to heal your ally when you are taking some poke damage, you have little control of when it happens, but you can be aware of how many stacks you have and try to gain some more if you need to heal your ally very quickly.


Q - Pulverize

Knock up an enemy for 1 second.

This is your bread and butter along with your W. This can be used with flash instead of W for a quick Q -> Flash -> Walk behind them -> W into team combo.
Use this also to disengage if people are chasing your ADC or if they are trying to run away and you are on top of them which doesn't necessitate you using the Q + W combo.


W - Headbutt

Knocks back the enemy by 650 units and stuns them for 1 second.

Use this with your Q to perform the  Q + W combo and knock up enemy champions.
This can also be used to disengage to help your allies, i.e. enemy chasing your ally, headbutt them away to save their life.

You don't always need to use W and Q together, but most of the time to engage you will want to.
Be careful!! These have a very long cooldown in the early to mid game. 
Once you have used them, you are pretty much a sitting duck, unable to help anyone. So make sure to use them wisely.


E - Trample

Trample the ground every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds, if your trample hits an enemy champion then you gain 1 stack. At 5 stacks, Auto Attacking an enemy champion will stun them for 1 second. You are able to move through units while your E is active.

Your combo will most likely be Q -> W -> E -> AA
This will knock them up, give you E stacks and then AA to get another stun.
This can be useful to use when running away from melee champions or chasing enemy champions as you can gain stacks while running and stun them in their midst.


R - Unbreakable Will

Gain more than 50% damage reduction for 7 seconds and cleanse any crowd control on cast.

This will be key to mitigate damage when engaging, having that damage reduction and being able to cleanse any crowd control on cast is very useful.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Start with this, gives you hp and allows you to gain gold with relic shield
    Don't forget to buy those control wards and clear out vision.
    You will want to be running fast to catch up with people and to get that combo off.

Core Items

    Do not forget to change your trinket after you get the warding item
    Get this after and heal your team in those pesky teamfights
    This is what your end of game build will look like (if you reach there)
    Get this to shield your allies from harm
    As you are slow, getting this item will allow you to get to fights and engage quicker

Situational Items

    Knight's Vow - If you have someone fed on your team then help them with knight's vow and take some of that damage
    Randuins - A lot of crit on the other team and AD then go for this
    Frozen Heart - If you feel they have a lot of AS dependent champions then opt more for this item
Item order : 3302.png -> 2303.png -> 3117.png ->  3800.png/3190.png -> 3190.png/3107.png -> 3143.png / 3110.png / 3109.png / 
3302.png will be your first item, not only does this help your ADC to get some farm but you as well get the gold from it.

A tip: Use both procs on the first wave and it will allow you to get the cannon minion on the 3rd wave. Help your ADC get level 2 as fast as possible so you can try engage with your Q + W combo and have your ADC follow up for some early summoners or an early kill.

You want to rush a  2303.png after that to provide vision for your team. This allows your team to know where the enemy is and can give you a lot of information.

3117.png will allow you to gank other lanes, with your combo this makes things a lot easier and your ultimate helps you tank tower shots so a dive is not out of the question.

 3190.png  help shield your allies from danger and can help during team fights to save them or sustain a little bit more to be able to fight more.

Don't forget to get 2055.png as well to clear vision.
3800.png is great for engaging fights and allowing you to get their quicker.

 3107.png is a great buy, heals your team for a lot health, use if they are low or during a team fight to save them. Can also be used when dead ! Don't forget that. Also can be used for a cheeky kill or a cheeky baron/dragon steal. Time it right ;).

 3143.png is useful against heavy crit teams. If you see the enemy building a lot of crit then you know this will be useful against them.

3110.png is useful against heavy AS teams. Slowing their AS will help your team immensely.

3109.png is useful if you want to help a fed ADC, can be built earlier if you feel they need protection.

Matchups Back to Top

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You will be able to sustain Annie's AA's and her spells. Be careful of her burst when she wants to 4.png + infernalguardian.png  as your ADC might take a lot of damage. In this case you want to stop the ADC from doing anything and keep them occupied.




This is a very hard matchup. She can kite you pretty easily along with a CC or poke support, this does not put you in a good situation. If you do manage to CC her though, she is in trouble as she has no escapes. She would have to flash to escape your combo.

Try not to get slowed and headbutt her away if your ADC is being attacked.




Bard can poke you in lane without you being able to do much in the early levels. Try not to stay in front of minions or your ADC as it will give him the opportunity for an easy stun with his bardq.png.

He will dissapear and try to get the jungler to come through his barde.png, so if he is missing then warn your allies and stay away from the walls.

Engage on him if he is out position 




Stay in front of your ally to stop them from getting grabbed but in the early levels, this can be dangerous if you get ganked or are under tower. If you do get grabbed, use your pulverize.png Blitzcrank and either  headbutt.png a minion to safety or headbutt the ADC/Blitz away.




Being able to stun with his passive can be incredibly annoying and then knocking you up with his R will put you in dangerous situations as well as being able to stun the ADC as well.

Try to stop their ADC from attacking if they do stun your ADC by using your pulverize.png + headbutt.png combo. Use your R at a good time, try not to use it too soon or you will be in trouble.




She can out range you very easily and poke you down. So avoid getting poked too much but if you get her she has very little escape possibilities.

Catch her by surprise with a  4.png + pulverize.png + headbutt.png combo if you need an engage for a gank or if she is too far.




Draven can be tough as he can cancel your combo with his dravendoubleshot.png. He will also be able to chunk you down with a few axes. So unless you are confident in killing him, be careful with your combo.




He is very squishy, he can avoid your combo with his ezrealarcaneshift.png if timed well. But when caught without, he does very little damage in the early game. So chasing him is not very dangerous and comboing 




Jhin does a lot of damage so be weary, however you can CC him pretty easily. Stop him from using his 4th hit on your ADC as it's execution damage is pretty high.




CC Kalista and she won't be able to do much. If she plans to rend then exhaust her.

You can also headbutt her to stop her from rending if she is out of range.




Easy Target, heavy damage if pokes you and slows you before you get to him. He has no escapes so an easy target to combo.

Avoid getting poked, if he flashes your combo then return damage could be heavy.




If Leona engages on you with her leonazenithblade.pngor your ADC then pulverize.png and headbutt.png her away or towards the turret.

Stop their ADC from coming nearby if she does manage to stun you with her leonasolarflare.png before using her combo.




Lucian can dash out of your combo if timed properly. Can kite you pretty well and is a hard target to kill.

Try to catch him off guard if possible, either with flash or from a bush etc..
If he avoids your combo then there is very little you can do apart from trying to stun him with your alistare.png or just run away




A well timed luluw.png can stop you right in your tracks, plus the poke and shields stop you from being able to kill your targets.

Try to CC her and force her to use her shields on herself and then turn on the ADC who is now vulnerable. 


Miss Fortune


Her damage is very high, avoid the missfortunericochetshot.png bounce and try to CC her when she ults if you are in range.

If you do manage to catch her though, she is very much dead if you have the follow up.




Squishy target, one combo with a good follow up can quickly lead to her death.

If she uses her namiq.png or namir.png on you then just ferocioushowl.png to cleanse yourself and continue chasing if you think you can get the kill.




Not a very easy target to catch, he can go in and out and avoid your combo if well timed.

However, if you catch him while he is dashing towards his ally then you catch both of them.

Try to predict his movements and catch him when possible.




Sivir can sivire.png your combo, so try to bait it out beforehand. If you do then she is a very easy target to kill.

If you do fail, you still have your alistare.png as a backup.




Very squishy target but can poke you down or sonar.png mid combo if well timed.

If you catch her, she will die very easily or be forced to use summoners




Soraka is very annoying, can silence you and heal and be a nuisance.

If you do manage to catch her, if she is not in the backlines then will most likely be forced to flash or get chunked down very low or die.
Make sure to focus her as unless you can manage to burst the ADC before she can heal him back then you will not be able to do much.


Tahm Kench


Extremely annoying, if you combo the ADC then he just eats them up. If you CC him then you will need to get through his HP and his gray health.

He can poke you and eat you if you are not careful. Try to play it safe and if you can combo after he has eaten someone or flash combo and push him back to your team while he has someone in his mouth would be the best option




Not easy. He can heal, shield and go invulnerable if you attempt to combo their ADC.

If they are going invulnerable try to stall, either by headbutting them away if they are chasing you or by gaining trample stacks and waiting for them to be vulnerable and pounce.




A well timed flay will cancel your combo. Try to stop their ADC from hitting if thresh CC's your ADC. 

Thresh is still rather squishy in the early levels so can be comboed and chunked down or force a summoner. Be careful of him hooking you after your combo and putting you in a bad situation.




A hard target to get, if tristana uses her tristanaw.png at the right time, she can avoid your combo.

She can also knock you back with her tristanar.png to stop your combo or just to push you away.
Try to bait either one of those out before attempting your combo OR use your combo to interrupt her W at the right time.




Has no escape, is very squishy and can be very easy to kill. If he manages to get behind you, push him further into the tower and use your pulverize.png. He does do a lot of damage, so try to know his whereabouts as he can burst your team very quickly. 




Sitting duck, has no escape and does very little damage in the early levels. Avoid his poke and combo when you see an opening.




Can kite you around easily. Can push you out of your combo if timed right.

if he pins you to the wall, use your ferocioushowl.png and cleanse it and CC him then as he can't interrupt your combo but can dodge it with his Q.




Careful of poke and damage. She can dodge with her  xayahr.png and then root you in place.

Catch her off guard or stun her and bait the xayahr.png.




Annoying poke, a lot of damage. Combo with follow up and she will most likely die. She is very squishy so engaging on her is your only chance. She can do a lot of damage if you let her poke you.

Combos Back to Top

Watch this video to see the possible combos with Alistar. 

Quick recap of possible combos (some might not be in this video) :

1) pulverize.png + headbutt.png + alistare.png

2) pulverize.png + 4.png  OR 4.png  + pulverize.png

3) pulverize.png + 4.png + Move behind them + headbutt.png back to the team

3) 4.png + pulverize.png + headbutt.png + alistare.png

4) headbutt.png to a minion + 4.png  + pulverize.png on enemy champion

Playing Alistar in lane Back to Top

How to play Alistar in lane?

This will depend on who you are with and who you are against.

Early game: Levels 1 - 5

If you are with an early game ADC (i.e. Jhin, Caitlyn...) who does quite a bit of damage or can root a target after your combo then you will want to be aggressive during your early levels. Especially if you can reach level 2 first before the enemy.

You also have to take into account the enemy champions. If they are a poke type bot lane then avoid getting poked down in the early levels and engage when you see an opportunity. 

Your combo is very powerful during the laning phase. There are very few champions that can avoid it or mitigate it (i.e. Sivir, Morgana...) If you are against those types of champions then you need to bait out their escapes/spell shields and then go for the combo. A lot of people will panic and activate it early or late.

If you are not with an early game ADC and more of mid-late game ADC such as Ezreal, Vayne... then you might want to avoid engaging as they might not have the damage to follow up and might leave you to die. This does not mean you never engage, if you see an opportunity then go for it but just keep in mind that it might not go to plan all the time due to lack of damage or lack of CC.

This might mean you have to play passively for a while and try healing your ADC whenever possible or avoiding his death by pushing the enemies back when they attempt to engage. It is your responsibility to decide whether it is a good idea to engage or disengage. If you use your combo offensively, be ready for a counter attack on their part if something goes wrong. 

Knowing when to disengage and when to engage is very important!!

Levels 6 - 10

Level 6 is where things start getting interesting. With your ultimate, you are in prime position to be able to set up something whether this be in your lane or a gank in another lane, you might not be as tanky but this means you will be able to tank a lot of damage for your team whether this be against multiple enemies or a tower dive.

At this point, you and your ADC would have backed and gotten some items and will be able to force something in your lane if you haven't already.

If you are falling behind at this point, then you will need to roam and try get other lanes ahead or try something bot lane with your jungler if he isn't too behind.

Playing Alistar in teamfights Back to Top

How to play Alistar in Teamfights?

Your job as Alistar is one of two things in a teamfight. Engage on the enemy for your team and be the front line if needed OR Disengage for your team and stop the enemies from reaching your carry.

When to do one and when to do the other?

You will probably be engaging fights 80% of the time and disengaging 20% of the time.

You will usually engage fights if you do not have someone else to do it OR you don't have a front line. 
You might be the one to follow up on an existing engage for example but you won't necessarily be the one engaging the fight.

You will usually disengage a fight if it is going badly or the enemy team is ahead. You will want to protect your carries by using your knockups, stuns, heals... effectively and stopping them from reaching your carry.

Engaging a fight means you will be a sitting duck with no more abilities to use which can lead to the enemy engaging on your carries while you have nothing to defend them with. Even though this is risky, you have to trust in your team that they will follow up and be able to kill the enemy team before they are able to kill your team.

Due to the longish cooldowns on your spells, you will want to make sure you use your items on your teammates while you have nothing else available.

Disengaging a fight will be necessary at times. You will not be ahead in all games and will need to fend off those enemies from your carries. You become their protector and by using your CC, will not let them die!

Synergies in bot lane Back to Top

22.png + 12.png 

Slows, CC chain, Knockups what more do you need

These two synergise really well. Ashe can slow down people while Alistar can catch up with them and knock them up and then combo with an Ashe arrow into another stun alistare.png.

51.png  12.png 
Knockup into root

These two synergise pretty well. If Alistar lands his combo then Caitlyn can follow up with a trap into headshot after headshot. Caitlyn also provides some poke damage and some good early game damage.

119.png 12.png 
DRAVEN, It's all about Draven
All Draven! Alistar just needs to land the combo and you will chunk them down so badly. Draven just does a ton of damage. If Draven is good then you can win very easily. 

 202.png  12.png 
Knockup + Root = Dead

These two have a tremendously good synergy. With Jhin's damage and Alistar's CC, there is very little that can stand in your way. Combo into Jhin W + Jhin's damage is an easy way to chunk the enemies health down and force at least some summoners.

222.png 12.png
 Knockup + Root

These two have decent synergy. Combo into Jinx jinxe.png and they will be CCed for a while, giving you a lot of time to chunk them down or even kill them if you have the damage.

429.png 12.png 

Knockup for days

These two have probably one of the best synergy. Alistar Combo into Kalista ultimate and they won't be moving for a while. Add some more knockups in your team and you got them sitting in the air for the whole game.
You will want to chain your CC together and make sure your ADC keeps stacking those spears throughout and rend the hell out of them.

21.png 12.png 

Knockup + missfortunescattershot.png + missfortunebullettime.png alistare.png

Your knockup is enough for Miss Fortune to land all her burst and they will be crying and if they try to get away add another stun in there. Miss Fortune has plenty of damage, all you need to do is protect her and you will be rolling in gold.


Warding during the different phases of the game Back to Top

During laning phase your wards might look something like this, this allows you to cover all fronts to see people coming in. If you are getting pushed in then add a ward in the bush behind you in case they want to tower dive you.

Laning phase wards.jpg

If you are constantly getting pushed in then you will have to ward further back, no point in trying to ward further up as you will just get punished for it.

Pushed in laning phase.jpg

After laning phase, if you are roughly even with the enemy then your warding might be similar to this:

After laning phase.jpg

You ward like this to be able to see from all sides, as most likely you will be pushing down mid, once you have gotten the tower bot lane.

After laning phase, if you are behind , you might start warding defensively and they start pushing past your tier 1 tower, so warding like this might be your best option:

Behind in gold.jpg

After laning phase, If you are ahead and you have sieging potential or are pushing up past tier 1 tower then you can start warding aggressively and push your line of wards up from the river into the jungle so might look something like this :

Ahead in gold.jpg

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Back to Top

Feel free to leave a message if you have any questions, comments or feedback and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can :)

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