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Alistar Statistics for Dumbledore Bot

Author's performance with Alistar compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Ignite and exhaust are both viable options on Alistar. Exhaust is generally a better late-game option since it ultimately shuts down an enemy carry temporarily. It can also be used to block opponent burst. Thanks to his high amount of CC, skipping exhaust doesn't affect him too much. 
Alistar is also able to engage really well with his W+Q combo, which is why taking ignite is fine when trying to get early kills. Against more passive lanes you can take ignite if you believe that you are going to fight your foes alot. Also it's highly recommended to take ignite when facing Soraka or Nami.

New Runes Back to Top


Aftershock is the most common keystone for tank supports, and Alistar is not an exception. It grants him a noticeable boost to his tankyness and after few seconds aftershock shield explodes dealing a bit of damage to nearby enemies.

This keystone is decent in all scenarios, but it should be taken when you are playing against a lane which you can dominate easily with your engage.


Guardian is an excellent passive keystone alternative for Aftershock. This keystone is generally a better choise if you are paired with hypercarry with vulnerable early game like Kog'maw or Vayne, or if opponent team has a really strong kill-pressure. Guardian's shield tends to have a pretty long cooldown but it gets reduced slightly after every player's level. Guardian's shield scales with your extra health, which is why taking overgrowth with it is an excellent choise.

Like i said earlier, take guardian if you are paired with vulnerable early game carry and you want to play for the late game, or if opponent team is really snowbally which makes it too risky for you to play agressively.


Alistar used to be pretty good at using thunderlord's decree, and the same rule applies to electrocute. All you need to do is land W-Q and one auto to your opponent to apply this keystone. This keystone is the definition of early trading, it greatly boosts your kill potential on early game but all it does is grant you more burst. This burst damage will scale off later on the game. Taking ignite with electrocute is a great idea to ensure your snowball potential.

Electrocute is an excellent choise when playing against squishy botlane, since Electrocute can chunk squishy champions massively. Pair it with ignite to maximize your early kill pressure.


In theory, predator is the ultimate rune when you want to roam all game. Alistar's roam ganks are extremely devastating so predator's boot upgrade helps his ganks. Predator is super niche, but if engaging on bot lane is really difficult and mid lane has a low-mobility character, it can do the job done. It basicly makes you a secondary jungler.

Lesser runes


Font%20of%20Life.png?width=32Font of life grants you a mini version of old Stoneborn pact. Crowd-controlling enemies applies a mark on them which heals your allies when they auto-attack marked opponents. This healing is increased by 1% of your max health and this healing is also increased by forbidden idol items.

Second%20Wind.png?width=32I always take second wind on Alistar, no matter what. You can self-sustain really well with it + revitalize boosted passive and relic shield.

Revitalize.png?width=32Revitalize is my preferred rune. It increases your passive and relic shield healing based on how much health you and your nearby allies have. It helps Alistar to heal up after trading or after taking damage from opponent poke.

Overgrowth.png?width=32Overgrowth is decent against passive lanes for the same reason why conditioning is great on that same scenario, because you can get away with it much easier. Every 8th minion which dies nearby grants you 0.2% increased health. This rune scales incredibly well to late game but it doesn't provide anything on early game. Take overgrowth with guardian keystone.

Conditioning.png?width=32Conditioning is an excellent lategame investment rune. After 10 minutes you get free 8 armor and magic resist, and your armor and MR is increased by 10%. Taking conditioning is fine if you are playing against passive bot lane combo, like Kog'maw Soraka.


Hextech%20Flashtraption.png?width=32Hextech flashtraption is godlike on engage supports. It grants you a channelable flash with really short cooldown when your flash is on cooldown. You can use this to flash through walls or from unwarded bushes to surprise attack opponents. Biscuit delivery is also a decent option against harass lanes.

Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32I tend to prefer magical footwear on Alistar because of how gold efficient that rune is. On top of that when you get those boots, those boots and all boot upgrades grant you additional 10 MS. Alistar's roams are excellent, which is why every bit of extra movement speed helps him to reach his destination.

Futures%20Market.png?width=32Future market is also a viable option, you can buy items sooner and you can very likely buy an extra ward or potion or your first back which can be a pretty big deal. You can also buy your core items much sooner with this rune.

Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32Cosmic insight is better when playing agressive, the extra cooldown helps you to use your abilities more often. Celestial body is preferred against less preferable lanes. Celestial body grants 100 extra health which is handy if against harass lane.


Sudden%20Impact.png?width=32Sudden impact is an excellent choise for Alistar, since all he needs to do is activate his W to get this damage boost. It activates as soon as he starts his W-animation.

Zombie%20Ward.png?width=32Zombie ward is an excellent rune. When your wards expire or when you kill opponent wards, they are raised as zombie wards. Supports are all about vision, this nice little rune helps you to get even more vision.

Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32Relentless hunter grants you a huge amount of extra out-of combat movement speed which increases by 8 when you get a kill or assist. When combined with mobi boots, you can roam really fast.

Abilities Back to Top


Q>E>W is the way how i max my abilities. Q is always the first ability to max because it's his most broken ability. It's an AOE-knockup, and every rank of it decreases the cooldown. I max E next to lower it's cooldown, because it doesn't knockback opponents like W. Later on, you can spam E-stuns pretty often in fights. Headbutt comes last, because it's so hard to fully utilize it's knockback.

I usually start with W early on since i can try to knock them back to a wall and them smack them for free damage. However if you are facing a melee support, starting with Q is fine. Use it when they are trying to proc relic shield,
they can potentially take lots of free damage if the stun lands on them.

alistarpassive.pngTriumphant Roar

Alistar charges his roar by stunning or displacing enemy champions or when nearby enemies die. When fully charged he heals himself and all nearby allied champions.

Heals for 20-139 based on level, healing is doubled on allies.

Alistar's heal. When minions or monsters die nearby or when you hard-CC enemy champions, you are given passive stacks. At 7th stack Alistar roars, healing himself and nearby allies. This is your main sustain tool during lane, you get one free heal after every minion wave.


Cost: 65/70/75/80/85 Mana
Range: 365

Cooldown: 17, 16, 15, 14, 13 seconds based on rank.

Alistar smashes the ground, dealing 60/105/150/195/240 (+50% Ability Power) magic damage and tossing nearby enemy units into the air for 1 second.

An AOE-stun which can also deal a very respectful amount of damage early on. It has a pretty long cooldown early on, but later on you can use it after every 8th second.


Cost: 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 mana
Cooldown: 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 seconds based on rank.

Alistar rams into an enemy, dealing 55/110/165/220/275 (+70% Ability Power) magic damage and knocking them back and stunning them for one second.

This ability is the reason why Alistar's peel is so powerful. If opponent assassin or fighter dives your carry, you can just headbutt them away. When combined with Q, you can also engage on your opponents easily.


Cost: 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 mana per rank.
Cooldown: 12,11.5,11,10.5,10 seconds per rank.

Alistar tramples the ground, ignoring unit collision and dealing brief magic damage over 5 seconds to nearby enemies. Each pulse that damages at least one enemy champion grants Alistar a Trample stack. At 4 Trample stacks Alistar empowers his next basic attack against an enemy champion to deal additional magic damage and stun for 1 second.

This ability is quite powerful. When your foes are stunned by your Q and you are standing on E range, you already have 2 stacks of trample when Q stun expires.This ability's aoe magic damage increases with ranks and AP, but that enhanced auto attack damage increases with levels.

ferocioushowl.pngUnbreakable will

Alistar lets out a wild roar, removing all crowd control effects on himself, and reducing incoming physical and magical damage for the duration.

Removes all disables from Alistar. For 7 seconds Alistar takes 55/65/75% reduced physical and magical damage.

Alistar's ultimate makes him extremely hard to kill. This ultimate reduces all damage taken, except true damage. This ability also cleanses all crowd control when activated, which can save you if you are getting ganked.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Obvious starter items for tank support. Make sure you use a relic shield stack on every single tank minion.
    After talisman of ascencion got removed, coin is much less viable. There's really no reason to pick it over relic shield now.
    Refillable potion is extremely gold efficient. Refillable is recommended when dealing with another tank or enchanter support. Health pots are recommended if opponent laner has a mage support or high damage ADC.

Core Items

    Upgrade your gold item early on to be able to finish the sightstone quest. Do not upgrade your gold item until later on, upgraded sightstones are really bad.
    Alistar's roams and ganks are godlike. Alistar's poor waveclear and sustain are literally the only reason why he isn't played as a jungler. With these boots, you can roam much more often to aid your team.
    Does your team have a fed carry? When you bind an ally with this item, 12% of their damage is directed to you in true damage but 12% of the damage they deal will heal you. On top of that when you are close to binded ally, you are given 20 extra armor and 15% movement speed.
    Always try to keep one control ward on the map at all times. Alternatively if your team relies on taking objectives, try to keep an extra cward on your backpack, drop it down when you are taking baron or dragon to deny enemy vision.
    If the game has taken too long or if you feel like the next teamfight is going to be vital, buy elixir of iron.
    Here are your general core items.
    When activated, this item grants nearby allies a decaying shield. Also grants you a bunch of helpful tank stats. If your team has Ornn, upgrade your locket to Circlet around mid-late game.

Situational Items

    Does your opponent team have auto attack reliant hypercarry or 2 or more auto-attack champions? Buy a frozen heart to decrease their damage output.
    This item is an interesting mix of defensive stats, damage and movement speed. Decent pick if the opponent team has 2 physical damage dealers.
    This item is an offensive version of knight's vow. When you bind this to your ally and activate your ultimate, you get an aura which slows nearby targets and your binded ally's auto attacks cause extra on-hit damage. Great option if your ADC is fed and you want to boost their damage output even further.
    Pretty niche item. If you are against champions with low cooldown abilities or DoT, this item starts to shine. This item is most efficient against Zyra, Cassiopeia, Teemo and Brand.
    Selfish version of frozen heart. This item is excellent 5th or 6th item when opponent deal has a hypercarry ADC or 2 or more major physical damage threats.
    This item is only viable if the opponent team's damage output is mostly physical damage.
    Does your opponent deal have lots of crowd control or really disruptive crowd control abilities and they are rolling over your carry? Buy mikael's crucible to give them more room to breath.
    This item is a pretty interesting one. If your team has a fed AP-midlaner or jungler, opponent team has 2 or more major magic damage threats, that's the only ocasion when this item is viable. Since Alistar deals magic damage with his abilities, it also boosts his damage output a bit.
    Does the opponent team mostly consist of poke champions? Buy yourself warmog's armor to greatly boost your healing. This item also grants a massive chunk of health, which makes it a great pair with Locket.
    If you need to invest to your own survivability against a team which mostly consists of magic damage, Spirit visage is your go-to item. It also grants you a huge chunk of health regenation and this item's heal amplifier also boosts your passive healing but only on yourself.
    Are you your team's only engager? This item allows you to charge at the opponent team to stun their carries. Also viable if you are not the main engager, this item's speedup also affects nearby allies and thus makes it easier for them to followup.
    Cheaper, lite version of Righteous glory. Still perfectly viable on Alistar. Glory requires you to be facing your foes to be able to get the speedboost, this item always grants you the speedboost.

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Zilean
  • Zyra




The one with the cowbell wins, no exceptions




Annie support has not been used for a long time. She has a decently long auto attack range and her spells are able to hurt, but she relies on her passive to stun people.

    Avoid engaging on her when her stun is close to ready. She might try to hold onto 3rd stack and then activate E if she wants to stun.
    She has a noticeable level 6 powerspike.
    She is extremely squishy and unmobile. Engage on her whenever she doesn't have enough passive stacks to stun.




Really unmobile ADC but she deals respectable amounts of sustained damage.

This matchup gets tougher if she is paired with support with hard CC.

-Avoid doing bad engages on her, if your carry doesn't follow up while you engage, you are gonna have a bad time getting back to safety area since her autos slow.    

-Her volley poke is pretty annoying. It doesn't go through minion waves so it might be a good idea to stick behind your minion wave to avoid getting hit by it.

-Her ultimate is excellent at setting up ganks, however your ultimate has a cleanse which completely negates this stun. If you feel like she is gonna start an engage, be ready to block the arrow and then activate your own ult afterwards.




He is a utility/poke support with huge pick potential, he is also extremely good at roams. Always warn your mid laner when bard goes MIA.

-Avoid giving him chances to hit you with auto attacks for free, his passive deals decently high damage.

- Don't stick too close to your carry and avoid walls, if his Q goes through a minion, champion or if it lands to a wall, it will stun all opponents which collided with it. He can potentially stun both of you for 1.8 seconds.

-He has no hard CC outside his Q and ultimate, engage on him when his Q is on cooldown. He is also really squishy so engages on him will hurt him alot.

-His ultimate is excellent at setting up ganks. You can't cleanse his ultimate stasis.

-He can setup ganks from different positions with his magical journey.




Alistar is a decent counter against Blitzcrank. If you get hooked, you can pulverize and then headbutt Blitzcrank onto a really bad spot. He is also really squishy for a tank.

-Blitzcrank is a onetrick pony, he is literally all about his hook. Rest of his kit is really mediocre.
-When his hook is on cooldown, force trades with him.
-You need to bodyblock hooks directed at your carry.
-Blitzcrank with ignite can be much trickier to deal with. If he lands too many hooks and manages to get you on low health, he can kill you much easier.




God damn this guy is a pain to deal with. His passive deals max % health damage to affected targets which makes him a natural tank killer.

-He lacks CC, his only hard CC is on his Q and he needs to land one other spell onto a target before he can stun his target. He also has a microslow on his ultimate if it lands onto targets with ablaze debuff.

-His W is his biggest damage ability, if you engage on him while this ability is on cooldown, he will deal greatly reduced damage.

-If he ults you, get away from your allies since it can flow at them.
-He is really squishy, a good engage on him can be lethal for him. He also seriously lacks the peeling power.




Generally not seen often. He can't block your abilities.

-You can't cleanse his ultimate knockup with your ultimate.

-He has a dash on his W, he can dash onto allies with it. If he is caught alone, he can't dash. Note that he can still dash to minions.

-His passive is really annoying, avoid prolonged fights since he and his carry can stun you with it.




Her poke seriously hurts, and she has the longest auto attack range in the game. This makes it tricky for Alistar to engage on her. On top of that, she has a dash on her E which allows her to disengage.

-Generally a good idea to avoid taking Alistar if she has a poke support with her.

-This matchup relies on your own carry and what kind of support she has.

-You can generally just wait until laning phase is over. If your jungler tries to gank, you can try to flash WQ her.




He has a really low range and his spells cost lots of mana. Generally seen more often in midlane.




You can play agressive if he doesn't have a snowbally support, if he has a poke mage or Thresh with ignite, play passively.

His damage is huge but he is really easy to read thanks to his Q minigame.

-You can easily tell where he is gonna step because of his Q minigame.

-He is really unmobile so engaging on him is easy.

-This matchup gets much harder if he is paired with high damage support like Brand or Zyra. Even a tank with ignite makes it easier for draven to snowball and grow big.




    -Ezreal with good reflexes can actually phase shift away before your headbutt hits him.
    -He has a pretty low damage output, you should fight everytime when possible.
    -Engaging on him is easy when his phase shift is on cooldown.
    -Kleptomancy is currently the most used Ezreal keystone. Avoid his Q's, since they      grant him extra gold and a chance to get random items.







Janna is a bitch to play against. Thankfully Alistar's headbutt ability is so fast, it makes it harder for Janna to counter it with her Q.

  • During laning phase you might want to focus her first, she is really squishy and chances are that she can't time her whirling well enough when engaging on her.
  • Try to bait her onto using her whirlwind by walking towards her, this makes her waste her mana.
  • This matchup becomes nearly unwinnable once she gets her ultimate.




Jhin is really unmobile but he has some really great crowd control abilities and his poke is also pretty decent. He becomes more challenging if he is paired with a support with hard crowd control abilities since he can just W stunned/rooted/knocked up opponents to root them.

  • Abuse Jhin's reload mechanic. Attempt to engage on him when he is reloading. You can also try to force short trades with him when he has his first bullet, just remember to back off before he is able to shoot you with his 4th shot.
  • He is able to poke decently with his grenade bounce, steer clear when he is at his 4th shot.
  • Try staying a bit far from your own lane, his grenade can bounce from those minions to you.




Unmobile and tends to have a pretty bad early game.

  • Engaging her is pretty easy since she is so squishy and she doesn't have any escapes.
  • Short trades with Jinx are the best trades. She starts to deal some damage when she gets switcheroo stacks on her Q.
  • She can bait you to a really bad spot if you engage on her support. She can throw her flame chompers behind you to cut your escape. Focus Jinx, no matter what. If you do engage on her support, do it when her chompers are on cooldown.




I haven't had much issues with Kai'sa on my games. She is very unmobile but she does deal very respectable damage, and she has a really good late game scaling. You need to force trades on her to shut her down early on to hinder her scaling.




Playing against a skilled Kalista is extremely frustrating.

  • Do short trades with her if possible, she excels in prolonged fights because of her rend ability.
  • She is much weaker if she is alone in lane, since she needs her oathsworn ally in order to cast her ultimate and to get W's extra attack speed bonus.
  • She becomes much easier to deal with once you get your ultimate since it will reduce her rend damage.

  • -She becomes nightmare fuel-tier if she is paired with a hook support. If you see Kalista with Blitzcrank or Thresh and you already locked into Alistar and you are supporting an unmobile carry, dodge.
  • -These hookers are godlike with Kalista because they can pull you to a terrible spot and keep you in one place while she freely applies her rend stacks to you.




A good Karma player is one of the most miserable experiences one can have in League of legends. Alistar is especially vulnerable against poke, and karma excels in poking. She is not just about poke, she can also speedboost her ally and shield them. She has some mediocre peel on her kit too.

  • Stand behind your minion wave in order to avoid her poke. Note that when her Q lands on opponent, it will explode thus causing damage on a small AOE.
  • Her peeling is pretty mediocre but engaging on her is still really risky due to her stupid ultimate. Worst case scenario on engaging on her is that she ult-W's you to negate your damage output and rooting you for almost 2 seconds afterwards while healing 40% of her health.
  • If you engage on her ADC on the other hand, she can just R-E to give her carry a massive shield.
  • Your best bet is to engage when her ultimate is on cooldown.
  • You will unevitably outscale her when you unlock your ultimate. Hang on there, don't allow her to get kills from bet and you will beat her when the game progresses.




Kayle support can be pretty challenging to play against. Her passive shreds off your armor which makes her powerful in prolonged fights and she can poke you freely with her E-powered auto attacks.




Alistar is an excellent Leona counter for a reason. If she tries to engage on your carry, all you need to do is Q-W her away. If she tries to get way too cheeky with you, you can Q-W her underneath your tower range.

  • Leona is really tanky, but if possible you can try to engage on her if there are no minions nearby and her carry is unable to help.
  • Leona gets harder if she is paired with agressive ADC and/if she has ignite. On this ocassion you need to keep an eye on your positioning. Preferrably stick close to your carry to make it impossible for her to engage safely.




Lucian has a really short range but he does deal decent amount of damage.

  • Lucian with good enough reflexes can dodge your headbutt-Q combo.
  • He has a really short range but he still packs a punch if he manages to get in range.




Difficulty based on how experienced opponent Lulu is. Against less experienced Lulu this matchup is in your favor. Against experienced Lulu this matchup is hard.

Lulu is probably the most hated support champ to play against, everytime when she becomes meta people are complaining about her bullshit. I am also one of those people complaining about her bloody obnoxious kit.

  • Good Lulu can Whimsy you when you are headbutting, this makes it impossible for you to cast your Q. However these skilled Lulus are pretty rare.
  • She is squishy like the rest of the mage supports. If you can catch her off guard, go for it.
  • Lulu can poke you down with ease with her E and Q.
  • Her auto attacks also deal extra damage because of her passive.
  • Post-6 it gets really tough to kill her ADC. Lulu players usually max their shield first. Throw in her stupid ultimate which grants her ally health and a slow aura.




Ah, Lux support. Lux is also one of the most hated supports for different reason. When someone locks onto Lux support, it tends to trigger ADC's and potentially other laners. Lux is a very snowbally champion and she needs kills and farm to be able to one shot. If she falls behind she is going to stay behind.

  • Lux supports usually go full AP, they sometimes won't even bother buying sightstone.
  • Bonus points if she starts with doran's ring.
  • She is super squishy, engage on her whenever possible. Watch out for her Q-root though.
  • Her shield is deceptively powerful if her allies get hit by it's projectile twice.




He doesn't do anything. Your W+Q combo is literally a mini version of his ultimate. If he tries to proc relic shield, just Q and W him behind your line for free favorable trade.


Miss Fortune


Miss fortune is currently really strong with the new runes. Comet MF is really annoying to deal with.
  • Don't stand behind allied low health minions, her double tap deals huge damage if the first strike kills the targeted minion.
  • She tends to be pretty unmobile. If you manage to engage on her, she is not going to get out of it anytime soon.
  • Miss Fortune's ultimate is extremely powerful in teamfights. If possible, engage on her if possible to make it impossible for her to cast it. As long as you are on melee range, she won't dare to use her ultimate.
  • Miss Fortune has two builds, crit MF and lethality. Lethality is the most common one, it has extremely powerful midgame spike but she falls off in lategame but her ultimate keeps her a relevant damage source. If you manage to stop her from ulting during lategame teamfight, her entire damage output is gutted.




Morgana has the potential to neutralize your engages completely because of her stupid black shield and her root which lasts for 10 years. Thankfully though it takes a bit of skill and predicting to be able to black shield before your W lands to them.
  • You should generally avoid engaging on her or her carry when her Dark binding is up. If you headbutt yourself to an unfortunate spot and she manages to root you, you are forced to take lots of damage from her and her ADC.
  • Post- 6 she is still a noticeable threat due to her powerful ultimate. Engaging on her can basicly give her a free ultimate on both of you if your adc gets too close to her. If you got ADC with long auto attack range like Caitlyn, you can try to engage on her post-6.
  • If you are about to get stunned by her ultimate and you got enough health left, wait until the stun kicks in and then use your ultimate to cleanse the stun. If you are low health, use your ultimate as soon as she ults to negate it's damage.




Nami Excels in: Poking, sustain, peeling, gank setup (post-6)
You excel in: Gank setup, you scale much better than her, force trades when her Q is on cooldown.

Nami is designed to be a powerful laner but she falls off later in the game. She is a really dominant laner and able to poke you freely. She can also heal all the damage which is done to her or her carry with her W.

  • Nami's Q is an AOE-stun, unfortunately she can land it really easily on you when you W-Q an opponent champion. You should engage whenever her Q is on cooldown.
  • Nami's W is both poking and healing tool. This ability is really expensive however. You can try to force trades early to force her to use it to heal herself or her carry back to full health at the cost of majority of her mana pool.
  • Avoid giving her free auto attacks. Nami's E grants targeted opponent ally 3 enhanced auto attacks which slow a bit and deal extra magic damage. When her auto attack is flying, she can cast it mid-air to apply the extra damage and slow.
  • Nami's ultimate is a massive tidal wave which slows ALOT. This ability is excellent in setting up ganks, she can start up with this ability and the massive slow will allow her to land her W on you.
  • This matchup gets harder on specific scenarios. If she is paired with early lane ADC like draven or caitlyn, this matchup becomes much harder.




Nautilus excels in: engaging, post-6 gank setup
You excel in: Your peeling is way better than his engage potential.

Alistar is a great counter against Nautilus for the same reason why Ali is great against Leona. Nautilus however is a bit harder than Leona for few reasons.

  • if nautilus successfully hooks you or your carry, you can just headbutt him off.
  • If possible, once he engages on you, you can try to Q him and headbutt him undertower.
  • Nautilus gets more dangerous once he gets his ultimate. Unlike Leona's ultimate, Naut's ulty is point and click and it will knockup all opponents which it passes through. This makes his gank setup really powerful after 6. You can counter his post-6 engages with good ward coverage.







Poppy excels in: Disengage. One of her basic abilities can shut down your engages entirely. She deals max % health damage. Her ultimate sends you flying towards your base.
You excel in: Roaming is superior when compared to Poppy but your laning is going to get really hard.

Support Poppy is a pretty rare sight nowadays but she has the potential to shut down Alistar completely during laning phase.

  • Poppy with great reflexes can use her W to stop you from headbutting.
  • If you engage on her carry, she can just heroic charge you off from them.
  • Poppy's Q deals max % health damage which is great against tanks. Alistar stacks health so fully maxed Q can seriously hurt you.
  • Once she gets her ultimate, it becomes near impossible to engage successfully on her.







Rakan excels in: Engaging, shielding, decent gank setup, it's near impossible for Alistar to engage on Rakan.
You excel in: Disengage.

Rakan is a tough matchup but not unwinnable. This matchup gets harder if he is paired with ADC with dash or blink.

  • Rakan's engage is really good. His W is an AOE- knockup with really long cooldown.
  • During early game his W is his only crowd control ability, you are free to engage on his carry when his W is on cooldown.
  • His Q offers small sustain to him. Don't let him land it on you.
  • Once he gets his ultimate, you need to have your ward coverage up because his ult-W engage is godlike.










Shen is starting to become a meta support now. He is in fact more played in support role than top lane where he was meant to be played.

  • Shen has two crowd control abilities. His E which is a dash and a 1.5 second taunt. His Q can slow but only if his spirit sword goes through you and you have your back turned on him.
  • His Taunt has a pretty long cooldown. If he misses it, you can engage on him to tax his health.
  • He also places himself to a really unfavorable spot when he taunts at you. If his carry is unable to follow up to his engage, you can Q-W him behind your minion wave to force him take loads of free damage.
  • Shen is able to set up plays anywhere in the map thanks to his ultimate. If you see him channeling, you can interrupt it with W or Q.
  • You have an advantage in 2v2 fights post-6 since his ultimate is channelable, this basicly stuns him when he casts it.
  • Know that his E-Zone will block your E-auto attack and that stun.




Sion is one tanky boi with a poke and armor shred.

  • His basic combo is E-slow, W activation, Q knockup and W explosion.
  • When he starts channeling his Q, you can headbutt him away. However, Sion with good reflexes can actually stop the Q channel when you are dashing at him which might result in you getting knocked up.
  • His Q is his only hard CC pre-6. Engage on him whenever it's on cooldown.
  • His E shreds armor and if it lands your minion, it sends that minion flying backwards causing extra damage to everything it lands onto including you. In order to avoid getting hit by it, you should keep some healthy distance from allied minions.
  • When he ults, it's your duty to bodyblock it. Your ult will cleanse the stun, and you can then headbutt him before he can channel his Q.




Sivir is easy prey for you. Her spellshield won't save her from your W+Q combo.




Sona's poke can be really unbearable. Thankfully she relies on auto attacks to be able to activate her passive and Q extra damage which allows you some oportunities to engage on her. Sona has the lowest amount of armor in the game so she dies really fast if you are able to land all your 3 CC abilities on her and your carry is able to followup.

  • Force trades on her whenever she tries to poke you. If you manage to harm her enough, she will probably just stay behind and spam W to heal herself up. Her W also costs lots of mana to cast.
  • She offers absolutely no CC pre-6 except a slow which requires her to have 3 stacks of passive and she needs to have E casted before triggering the passive.
  • If you are paired with ADC with some form of CC (Jhin most notably) you can kill a careless Sona really easily.
  • Sona usually draws opponent jungler's attention. You can quarantee kills on her whenever your jungler comes to visit. You can also try to let her push to allow your jungler to visit more often.




Take ignite. Against Soraka which stays behind the lane, it can be near possible to engage on her. She forces the lane to be played on her terms, which is why you can only play passive.

  • If you got ADC with CC or tank jungler, you can flash engage on her or her during ganks.
  • Soraka with some game knowledge can actually place E zone underneath her or her ally when you start the headbutt animation, this makes you unable to cast your Q.


Tahm Kench


Tahm kench is tanky, he excels in extended trades, his W deals max health % damage, he can eat his carries if you attempt to engage on them. Tahm is an excellent counter pick against engage supports including Alistar.

  • Since his Devour deals max health percent damage, he is quaranteed to deal high amount of damage on you if he eats you.
  • Since it's near impossible to engage on his carry, you can instead engage on him. He is tanky and his E will negate your damage, but atleast you are putting pressure on the lane that way.
  • Tahm kench can roam with his carry to other lanes with his ultimate. If opponent bot lane is mia, remember to warn your allies.
  • Post-6 Avoid over extending when you have no vision on Tahm kench, he can ult behind your lane with his jungler.




Taric is a jack of all trades-kind of support, he shields, heals and he has an aoe-stun which can potentially hit multiple opponents. His ultimate also grants a teamwide invulnerability.

  • Since Taric doesn't have any CC outside of his E, force trades on him or his carry whenever this ability is on cooldown.
  • If you force trade often, he is forced to use his heal often. It tends to cost quite alot of mana.
  • His early game is pretty easy to deal with but he gets more challenging when he gets his ultimate. It can turn any fight if that invulnerability activates in time.




Thresh is generally easy to beat. He is an engage support and he really likes to get on your carry's face. A good Thresh will probably try to poke you down with auto attacks and flays before engaging on you with Q.

  • This matchup gets harder if he has ignite. It gets even worse if he is paired with early game ADC, someone like Kalista or Caitlyn can turn this matchup really hard.
  • Thresh's flay grants him extra on-hit damage, he likes to auto attack to poke opponents down. His auto attack range is really short though, and he is pretty squishy for a tank.
  • If you engage on his carry, he can just throw a lantern at them to save them. You might want to try focusing him instead.
  • Thresh with excellent reflexes can actually interrupt your headbutt completely with his flay.




Tristana is really easy to play, she is really safe laner and she also has a really powerful disengage nuke ultimate. This makes her a really common ADC.

  • Avoid prolonged fights with her. If she gets to stack her E up on you, it is quaranteed to chunk.
  • Her rocket jump is a powerful disengage followup tool. However, it has a really long cooldown. Engage on her when this ability is on cooldown.
  • Most of her damage is on her auto attacks and E-stack. You are on advantage if you are paired with someone with greater early burst.
  • Post-6 engaging on her gets much harder for obvious reasons. She can send you flying if you attempt to engage on her.







Twitch tend to have a vulnerable and easily abusable laning phase. This allows you to play pretty agressively against him. HOWEVER, note that he does have a pretty powerful early game damage if he gets to auto attack freely.

  • Since his range is so poor and he lacks mobility, you can engage on him easily.
  • Avoid staying alone in lane with low health, he can sneak attack on you using his Q. Recall underneath your tower just to be sure.
  • Twitch is a lategame scaling monster, give him hell early to make it hard for him to reach his lategame dream.




Varus is an artillery ADC, as in he specializes in harassing opponents with long ranged spells. He has a respectable auto attack range but it usually isn't too hard to engage on him. This lane should be played passively but since he is so unmobile, you can try to force trades if he can't position himself.

  • Be mindful of his W. Every auto attack applies a stack of plight on you, which caps at 3. He can detonate them to deal max % health damage on you.
  • Varus's ultimate is AOE-root. This ability allows him to follow up CC or even engage on you or your ADC. Thankfully you can cleanse that root with your ultimate.




Vayne has really short range but she is a worthy opponent. You should try to shut her down early on to make it hard for her to reach her lategame dream.

  • Vayne with good reflexes can E you away when you are doing the headbutt animation.
  • Vayne's dash is usually too short, she can't really escape your headbutt with it.
  • When she activates her ult, her Q will turn her invisible whenever she tumbles. When she activates ultimate, you should activate your oracle's lens make it possible for your team to track her while she is invisible.




A good Vel'koz is one of the most miserable experiences one can have in league of legends. He deals abysmal amounts of damage with his true damage passive, and if he managed to proc his passive on you, his ultimate will deal true damage which will not be negated by your ultimate. His superior range also allows him to poke from safe distance which makes it near impossible for you to engage on him.




Xayah excels at zoning and she has pretty powerful trades as well.

  • She is really good at zoning because of her feathers, she is able to pull them back at her dealing damage to everything they collide with. If 3 feathers hit you, you are rooted for one second.
  • Her ultimate makes her untargetable, keep that in mind before you try to stun her.
  • Xayah is usually paired with an engage support to maximize her early game damage and CC.




Zilean is able to poke you out of the lane with his very long auto attacks and bombs. He can easily engage on you with his E-slow and QWQ combo.

  • Post-6 laning is difficult, but Zilean is incredibly squishy. If you are able to land W-Q combo on him, go for it.
  • Zilean needs two time bombs to be able to stun. Whenever his Q is on cooldown, you can try to force trades.
  • If you got hit by his bomb, try to stick close to allied low health minions. You might be able to make his bombs to steal farm from his carry and thus make them push the lane which opens up a chance for your jungler to gank. If you wish to play it safe, stick close to your caster minions when bomb is about to explode.
  • If the lane is pushed to your tower, you can try to flash-Q-W him underneath your tower. It might be able to force a few summoner spells from them or even kill him.
  • This matchup gets really hard when he gets his ultimate. pre-6 you need to focus him instead of his carry, because he can just negate your engage completely if he ults his carry.




Zyra is able to poke Alistar out of lane anytime, her spells have a huge range and her plants are a real nuisance. She is incredibly squishy though and she has no escapes which makes it pretty dangerous for her to get engaged on.

  • Engaging on her carry is a bit hard because she can just root you to negate your engage. Instead, it's recommended to engage on her whenever possible.
  • Do not bother attacking her plants unless you are successfully able to last hit them. Attacking a plant with full health draws their aggro on you which forces you to take free damage from them.
  • Zyra's ultimate has a bit wacky damage registration. It deals damage when those vines have expanded to their full lenght. If you time your ultimate well enough, you can negate their damage completely. The knockup won't deal any damage to you. And no, don't try to cleanse her ultimate knockup. Knockups can't be cleansed.
  • Post-6 she becomes less of a threat since your ultimate will negate her damage output. if she successfully roots you and attempts to all in you, activate your ult and then W-Q her.

ADC Synergies Back to Top

Agressive laners

These laners allow Alistar to play agressively. If opponents pick weak early laners or squishy supports, you can snowball uncontrollably if you get an early lead. Alistar + some of these laners tend to be weak against sustain and peel lanes though. Taking ignite with these laners is a great option to ensure the snowballing.

119.png(Dominant lane combo, kill pressure, extremely snowbally thanks to his damage and your CC)
Draven usually wants an agressive support with lots of crowd control, Alistar has him covered. Draven's early damage is the highest among ADC's which makes your engages really deadly. You can also towerdive opponents really easily, which allows Draven to finish them off.

429.png(Decent scaling, ultimate wombo combo, really hard to kill due to her passive and your CC)
Kalista's ultimate and Alistar's Crowd control ability combination is a really fearsome combination. Thanks to your CC, Kalista is able to apply multiple spears on the opponents before pulling them off for lots of damage. Kalista and Alistar are also a solid combination if opponents pick peeler/sustain support, Kalista's ultimate allows you to get on them and then Q W them towards your team.

202.png(Kill pressure, great gank setup, CC combo)
Well this one is pretty obvious. Jhin has a root on his kit and if opponents stumble to his traps, you can W-Q them to ensure they get hit by the explosion. Post-6 your 2v2 is a bit less efficient since his ultimate is designed to kill runners and to CC from long range.

110.png(Dominant laning phase, post-6 incredible kill pressure and gank setup)

Varus Alistar lane is great. He is strong in prolonged fights when he gets to proc his W- passive and he is mostly focused in poking opponents and he also has a solid crowd control ultimate. Post-6 your kill pressure is huge because of his 2-second lasting root which can potentially spread to nearby enemies too. Varus is pretty unmobile however, you might have to be his bodyguard later on in the game to keep him safe from assassins and divers.

18.png(Safe laner, decent trading)

Tristana is a great mix between kill pressure and safe lane. Tristana Alistar is in general an exellent combination and it works wonders against all kinds of bot lane comps. She can follow up and disengage well with her rocket jump and she is pretty bursty due to her E-bomb stack mechanic and ultimate.

51.png(Crowd control, really hard to kill due to her long range, dominant laning phase)

Although Caitlyn Alistar's all in potential is not too good, you both can offer an extremely miserable experience for opponent laners. She excels in harassing, she gets free crits from her abilities and she can control opponent movement with her traps. Very safe and dominant lane combination overall.

222.png(Hyperscaling, flaming chompers synergizes well with Alistar's CC)

Jinx is generally a lategame scaling marksman with not too strong early game, but this lane can be potentially snowbally due to her flaming chompers. When you engage on your opponents, she can put chompers behind the opponents to cut their escape.

498.png(Decent scaling, powerful trades throughout the game)

Xayah is decent with Alistar. She has a high damage output throughout the game and she also has a solid root on her kit.

236.png(Safe laning, great followup, mediocre auto attack range, nerf magnet)

Lucian is able to keep up with your engages thanks to his dash. He is specialized in close-mid range combat and spellweaving due to his passive. You two got a pretty powerful level two powerspike as well.

133.png(Roams with you, great followup, VERY deadly trades)

Quinn is not a common pick on ADC-role but she can still snowball uncontrollably when picked. Her early game is very powerful, and she has a bit of CC on her kit as well which pairs well with Alistar's kit.

Scaling Marksman

These laners usually try to farm safely early game to reach their late game dream where they become incredibly powerful. Although they may prefer to farm, you can and should still try to trade with opponents whenever you see great ocassions to catch opponents off guard. These laners tend to be vulnerable against hook- and displacer supports as well as poke mages. Later on in the game you might have to be their personal bodyquard.

15.png(Ultimate speedup, farm lane, post-6 great engage and followup)

Sivir's ultimate allows you to engage on your opponents really well. Her ultimate is basicly a free talisman of ascencion.

22.png(Crowd control synergy, post-6 great gank setup her auto attacks slow down opponents which makes it harder for them disengage, unmobile, not too powerful early trading)

Ashe usually has a pretty mediocre damage output early on. Much like Varus, when she gets her ultimate your crowd control ability synergy becomes a force to be reckoned with. She can nail down opponents from long range with her ultimate which allows you to engage on them easily. Since her stun is so long, you might even be able to walk to stunned opponent and Q-W them towards her.

29.png(Early game is usually farmlane unless when playing against another scaling ADC or squishy support, exteme late game scaling)

Twitch tends to have a pretty vulnerable early game but he does have a pretty decent early game damage due to his passive and E. If you engage on your opponents early on, he can throw his W at them which slows them down a bit and applies his passive on them. When Twitch is camoflaged nearby and undetected by opponents, you can surprise engage on them to give Twitch a chance to oblooterate your foes.

67.png(Cheesy crowd control synergy, strong scaling, usually a farm lane)

Vayne is easily poked down and she also has a pretty mediocre AA-range. However if you manage to make it through laning phase in one piece, you are gonna have a really good mid-late game. Early on in the game you can try to displace opponents to walls which allows her to condemn them to walls.

96.png(Late game scaling beast, very vulnerable early game laning)

Kog'maw usually requires a specific team comp to be able to be viable. Alistar can keep him safe early on but if opponents have two or more divers or assassins, it gets harder to keep kogmaw safe.

Poke Laners

These ADC's usually rely on harassing opponents during laning phase. They usually aren't too good in direct 2v2 fights, which makes then vulnerable against engagers which get countered by Alistar. If your allied ADC is able to poke opponents to low health, it gets really dangerous for them to get engaged on by you.

(Dominant laning phase, great kill pressure)

21.pngMiss Fortune is really easy to play and she is probably one of the easiest and most efficient ADC's to carry games with. Her damage output is really high and her ultimate wreaks havoc in teamfights.

81.png(Safe lane, farming lane)

Ezreal is a pretty safe laner but his damage output is not too good, especially early on in the game. Also the fact that Ezreal rushes tear of the goddess doesn't help it. Post-6 if you manage to land your W-Q combo on opponents, he is quaranteed to land his ultimate on them.

How to Roam Back to Top

Roaming means leaving the lane to make plays elsewhere. It can be a risky tactic but when executed right, you can win jungler or mid lane skirmishes. Before you roam, you should think about how your ADC is going to do without you peeling for him/her, and are the opponent laners able to engage on him/her when you are not around.  Alistar's roams are exceptionally powerful due to his incredible amount of CC, so mastering the art of roaming is an important step on every Alistar's career.

Things to consider before roaming
  • Is your ADC going to be fine for a while without him/her dying or losing to much CS to opponent bot lane?
  • Are you absolutely certain to be able to get your teammates some kills when roaming?
  • How much experience are you going to lose if roaming when opponent bot laners are still on the lane?

When to roam
  • Generally the best ocassion to roam is when opponent bot laners have recalled or if they died recently, or even if your own carry died and you still got health to try to make plays elsewhere.
  • If the lane has frozen underneath their tower.
  • If your carry has a long range or dash, for example Caitlyn or Tristana.
  • If your midlaner or jungler are fighting nearby and you can get there sooner than the opponent bot lane.
  •  Opponent midlaner has pushed the wave to your midlane tower.
  • You got vision on the opponent jungler who is taking a nearby jungle camp, you can go there with your jungler to kill them.
  • If your bot lane got stomped, you can try to roam to make plays elsewhere to ensure that your other teammates can carry you.
Risks of Roaming
  • If your roams won't succeed or if you roam way too much, you can fall behind in experience.
  • There's always the risk of something bad happening which might result in you dying, this makes you fall really behind in experience.
  • Your ADC might die against bot laners if you aren't cautious.

Alistar's Pros and Cons Back to Top


"The king of CC", Alistar has 3 hard crowd control abilities on his kit.

Alistar is able to adapt to different playstyles. He can play the role of an engager support or he can play passive peeler.

Alistar's ultimate activates his 0 fucks given- mode. It makes him near unkillable for 7 seconds. He can easily tower dive with it and stand in the middle of the enemy team and take zero damage from them.

His Q is an AOE-knockup, which make Alistar an excellent teammate for Yasuo.

His passive is an AOE-heal, he can potentially heal his entire team with it.

Extremely durable.

His peel is one of the best in the entire game.

If you pair his passive with relic shield and revitalize-keystone, he has a bit unreliable but powerful sustain.

Extremely good late game scaling. When he has max cooldown reduction, he can spam his impactful CC-abilities really often in fights.

His kit feels really impactful at all stages of the game which makes him really satisfying to play as.

Moo cow Alistar can harass opponent's minds, making then unwilling to keep playing.


Very long ability cooldowns early on.

High ability costs.

Vulnerable against poke.

He can be disrupted when headbutting. This can completely negate his engages.

Very high mana costs on his abilities.

Headbutt can actually work against you if you fail to use the W-Q combo. It can potentially knockback your opponent to safety.

Outdated voiceover, he literally has like 7 voice lines including taunt and joke.

You can't milk those.

Alistar tips and combos Back to Top

  • When you have your 6th passive stack and you have one relic shield stack, you can use the execute to give yourself and your ADC a massive heal. You execute a minion, and you are instantly healed by your relic shield and then your passive.
  • In order to utilize your E right, activate it when you start your headbutt animation. As soon as the opponent comes to it's range you are given one stack of it right away.
  • You can use your W to interrupt and push away foes. Is Malzahar supressing your ally, or is Kata spinning in the middle of your team? One headbutt and they won't be a threat anymore. If your ally gets caged by Camille, you can push Camille away from her ult to stop it's effect completely.


W-Q combo

A very important Alistar combo. W-Q is basicly a lite Malphite's Unstoppable force. In order to do this combo, you first headbutt them and then use Q while you are charging towards your opponent. Very easy, but really efficient.


This takes a bit of getting used to, but it's potentially unbeatable combo. Your Q has a brief channel on it. When Alistar starts the channel you flash forward. This results in nearby opponents getting knocked up instantly.


This combo has a huge suprise factor to it. You flash onward and press Q and immediately to knock them up and activate E, and then you got a solid one second to headbutt them towards your carry and then use your E stun on them. This combo is extremely deadly if you use it to headbutt your foes underneath your tower when it doesn't have any opponent minions attacking it, thus making the tower to attack them. Chance of scoring a kill is also increased if you have electrocute-ignite and if your ADC has some CC on their kit.

How to utilize Alistar's W stun

It might be hard to notice, but Alistar's W actually stuns opponents for one second after knocking them back. In order to get the most from this ability's stun you need to think of this ability like Poppy's Heroic charge. If you knock opponents so that they bump to the wall behind them, you can walk to them to Pulverize. This also stuns them for a grand total of 2 seconds, allowing your ADC to followup.

Credits Back to Top

Greetings, it is i, Dumbledore Bot. I main support role in the EUNE-server. I am currently sitting at plat 3 on soloque, i've gotten this far by mostly playing Zilean and Alistar. I currently have a staggering 67% winrate on Alistar. I've written a couple of off-meta guides here on lolking.


Alistar has been my tryhard pick for a very long time. Whenever i need to do some tryharding, i pick Zilean or Alistar depending on what my team needs.

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