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All Guides Amumu Guides [PATCH 7.3] Aggressive Amumu, he is not the only one to cry
2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Smite because jungler. Flash is very useful for engaging and escaping. Enough said...

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

I choose 12/0/18. It is better than 0/12/18 since Battle Transe is so good for your burst combo (Q+E+R). Also, expose weakness is pretty good on Amumu. This is a more offensive choice than 0/12/18, which can give you more mana  but less burst. Besides, feels bad that Savagery do not enhance your W and E, so really not mandatory.

For the resolve tree, 2 possibles changes :
-Take unyielding if you need to be very tanky. I usually prefer Recovery because health regen has more impact early game, and since Amumu has a weak early game, you want to enhance your early game stat.

-Fearless over Insight. Fearless will boost insanely your defense stats, and it it one of the most underestimate masterie in the game. But I like Insight since it allows me to combo Flash + Q or R more often, and it reduces the cd on my smite which is very good early game.

I almost always choose Legendary guardian over Swiftness because you don't really need tenacity when you have Amumu's Q. However if you do need tenacity, pick mercury instead. Legendary guardian is very good for Amumu since you are always in the middle of the fight. Also, it can make you aware of trap since it raise your armor and MR around ennemy nearby.

In order to be more aggresive and after the nerf of Colossus, I tried the 0/18/12 with thunderlord masteries. But it really do not work as you get too squishy.

Abilities Back to Top


Taking W first is slightly better righ now (since blue and red do not have lower creeps now). I put 2 points in E to help in my jungle early. You can also directly max Q, depending on the game.
Then I max Q because the cooldown is reduced by 2 each time ( at level 5, you willl use it twice in teamfight), and that the increasing damage is just crazy !
Then I max E because it reduce the cooldown by 1 and physical damage is reduced by 2 everytime with the passive.

Of course, you take R at 6, 11 and 16.

NB : I have seen some people max E first, but it is a big mistake. Reducing the cooldown on your Q will allow you to use it twice in teamfight. And the damage you deal will be very useful when you gank. Try it, you will be amazed !

Tips :

-Every attack on you reduce the cooldown of E by 0.5 sec. Then, Amumu is one of the champ that can clear raptors verey easily. Also, when you do raptors, wolf or golems, do not hit the small creep first but focus the larger one : smaller creeps will attack you and reduce your E cooldown.

-Your passive reduces the target magic resistance. So, in your jungle, always Auto Attack a monster before using E.

-Knowing how to launch your Q is essential for Amumu. Check below the section "How to launch your Bandage Toss".

-Your Q can also be good for escaping. Use it on minions/monster of the jungle to get away !

-Your Z deals a percent of the ennemy maximum health. No tips here but you gotta know your champ :)

-The E has also a passive : you reduce damage from physical attacks. That is why Amumu is naturally efficient against ad champ.

-The cooldown on your R is pretty high, that is why CDR is pretty nice on Amumu. Don't forget that the cost of mana is pretty high as well (it increases when you up your abilities). Especially early game, when you don't have a lot of mana, remember that Q+E = 210 or 220 mana. Do NOT use your Q to ulti and realize you don't have enough mana. In this case, think about flash + ulti instead.

-The R of Amumu is NOT a stun. They can use Heal for instance, so if you decide to 1v1 a carry, remember that.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Very standard. The green trinket is very useful early game. If you fail a gank, your mates will appreciate that you give them the vision ;) Also good for protecting the entry of your jungle : some jungler like nidalee, lee sin, shaco, will try to counter you early game
    At level 9, take this trinket and start dewarding. Buy pink as often as you can to protect your jungle. A good ennemy jungler will come and get you, and having the vision can not only save you and your buff, but also give you kills. Mandatory.
    You absolutely need these two items when you back. Boots to gank/escape/improve jungle clears. Hunter's potion for mana. If you have more money, prioritize Aether wisp over stalker blade.
    This items gives you both burst for your Q, move speed which good for ganks/escape and mana regen. Perfect.
    Sell Runic Echoes for Luden lategame. Same item, better stats on Luden.

Core Items

    Core build. Sunfire usually goes first, espcially because you need more tankyness, notably health. Then, asbyssal goes well with sunfire and gives you both defensive and offensive stats, and you usually need MR at that point in the game.
    All these boots can be viable depending on situations. Mercury : good but situational-against CC comp Ninja : good but situational-against AA champs. Switfness : good if you need to gank a lot. Mobility do not go well with sunfire. Lucidity : good if you need to gank more with your ult. Sorcery : feels expensive for what it adds to Amumu. Take only if you are the only AP or/and if you need to be the guy who deals damage.
    Solari is top tier item now. Buy and teamfight.
    Usually pretty good in this build. Gives you armor and burst damage, along with a nice active that can be so useful on Amumu. (notably if you dive/are out of position/avoid an ultimate)
    If you need tons of damage. Be careful though, the longer the game, the tankier Amumu needs to be : you are always in the middle in the teamfight !

Situational Items

    If they have more than 2 Auto Attack champ (2adc, vayne top for instance). Since 5.16, it goes well with another armor item (sunfire). Only build this if you fill like AA champions are focusing you. Remember you could go Randuin instead.
    I don't recommend this item. The extra health is nice but if you took another giant belt + visage spirit, you probably need more resistance (armor or mr) than health. The slow ain't that good : you have already tons of CC (Q+ulti is enough), and if you read rylai carefully, it says it only slowed 15% on multi target spell, which aint that good. I feel like buying this item is spending money on a bit more CC when I don't really need it because Amumu is the champ that have the most CC. So to conclude, I don't recommend this item because I think there are better solution for each scenario. If you want to play ballzier, I feel like Zhonya, even if it has a higher price, is probably better than rylai, it gives perfect amounf of armor, a bit more AP and a game changer passive.
    Solari is top tier item now. Buy and teamfight. Banner of Command has more MR, but the active is pretty bad compare to solari.
    Does not fit into this build. Maybe if you go Cinderhulk but depending on meta.
    Against attack speed based comp. I prefer randuin since you don't have tons of health in your build, and you need it.

This is an adaptive build. Think what you are going to build and select the right itetms for the right situations !

Matchups Back to Top

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Care he might invade afterr doing his blue. He is very good 1v1 and will out duel you early, so ping your mates if he invades.
After that, he is very squishy, and you have good CC so CC him. For instance, if he goes all in with is ulti, might be good to Q him and R him (if you arer tanky enough), and with a focus, you could instant him.




You will get counter jungle a lot. But you can also do its camp and be safe.


Jarvan IV


#Hard means that you might suffer in the early game but don't worry, every match up can be won and you will outscale him endgame, so a tie is a win !

He will counter jungle you since he outduel you. Ward your jungle as much as you can, and do your blue buff when it respawns. Right now, you should ban him.


Lee Sin


(Hard means that you might suffer in the early game but don't worry, every match up can be won and you will outscale him endgame, so a tie is a win !)

Lee sin has crazy mobility and will outduel you. Ward your jungle and try to force teamfight. If he dash on a teamate, remember that you can stun him wuth your Q, that way if you arer fast enough he won't succeed his combo or die doing it.





Master Yi





Nidalee will come for you. Ward and trap her.




He can counter jungle very easily and very quickly. Though, he has no endgame and has a very hard ulti to place (your ulti is much more better in comparison). His ganks are not so good compare to yours, so I think you should not have big problems. Just do your buff when they respawn, ward the entry of your jungle and you should be ok !




Crazy mobility and he is good in duel, I feel like Rek'Sai is quite OP right now. Do your buff when they respawn, and try to force teamfight and you should be ok.




(Hard means that you might suffer in the early game but don't worry, every match up can be won and you will outscale him endgame, so a tie is a win !)

Crazy shaco. 1 chance on 2 he starts at blue, and then rush your red passing through the dragon pit. Now that you know that, ask for a trinket at red at 1:50 and you will be ok.
He is very squishy, and you should CC him if you can, your Q will make crazy damage to him.
Don't loose too many buff, counter jungle when he is in your jungle, force teamfight and CC him, and you will win the match up by outscaling him.




Randuin is pretty good against him. Time his ult and disrespect him when he counters jungle you without it.




Udyr can be pretty hard to play against since he will probably counter jungle you. Do your buff when it respawns and ward entry of your jungle. Seriously consider rushing boots, and play 0/21/9 with move speed quint. If Udyr can't cashes you, you will be fine !




Godd VI will come for you. Ward and play safe early on, try to trap her in your jungle.




Care, he can outduel you with his passive. Don't fight him early game if you are not followed with someone with ignite. Consider rushing boots after your jungler item : if he can't catches you, you will be fine. Maybe 0/21/9 and move speed quint are a good choice here for the same reasons


Xin Zhao


Introduction Back to Top

Hi my name is Dumbot, I was plat season 4 and 5. Played little in season 6 where I reached gold only. Now playing the new season.
My main is amumu and I very much like to play him because he has the ability of being quite tanky and still dealing tons of damage. What prove that is the Win Rate of Amumu. Patch come and goes, but Win rate of Amumu remain > 52%. To me, it's because he is quite easy to play (master the Q and become the master) and has great teamfight abilities. Some champ, the more you are behind, the more exponentially you will loose the game. With Amumu, it is a bit different, since, even if you lag far behind, you still can build very tanky, and make the game placing your Q + R. So if you win games when you are ahead, AND quite some games when you are behind, it is logical that you have a higher win rate.

I decided to write this build because I wanted to show to you that Amumu is an aggressive champ early game, and that way of playing is much more useful than the tank support amumu. By aggressive, I mean Amumu does tons of damage with his Q and that's why you should gank a lot. Besides, his abilities scale extremly well with magic pen, and you will buy items to deal a lot AND be quite tanky.

I was suprised to find no build presenting this way of playing and actually, most of the top player play like this.

I am waiting for your comments and question, so feel free to ask and rate this build :) I hope you will enjoy it. There is a lot of text and I will try to add some picture if you like the build.

NB : In the Match-up section, you will see that Amumu has a lot of hard/medium match-up. Indeed, he may suffer from early game counter jungling more than other junglers, but remind that he is one of the jungler with the best mid/endgame. Thus, when I say that a match-up is "hard", I mean it's "complicated" BUT with some experience and skill, you will have much more impact on the game than the ennemy jungler. For instance, a match-up against Lee Sin is known to be hard because he is a badass early game, but I have good results against him because I know how to survive the early game enough to crush him in the midgame.

NB 2 : I don't accept friend request :3

NB 3 : Updated 31/12/2016. New build same spirit.

Amumu, king of teamfighting and low elo Back to Top

If you are seeking a chmap to get you hut of bronze/silver/gold, take Amumu because at this level of play :

-People only think about teamgiht. They go mid and then fight, even if someone is bot or top. They don't wait, they fight. Amumu has the ability of winning teamfight easily. People group around amumu, Q+R and the game is down.

-Very few early counterjungle. It can feel bad to play Amumu in Plat/diamond, since people do not respect your early game (and they are right to). But it almost never happens in lower elo. So playing Amumu, you will gank/farm without any problems, which is perfect.

To prove you how good Amumu is, look at this fact.
Right now, Amumu Winrate is about 52-53% overall, but only 47% in Platinium and above.

How to jungle and gank Back to Top


GROMP (SMITE this one or blue) -> BLUE -> RED (SMITE) -> RAPTOR (for level 3)


I advise you to start at Gromp. Ask for help from your top lane or bot lane, because if you don't, you won't have enough hp after clearing the jungle to gank. I used to Smite Gromp as soon as I see him, but I have noticed that people give you a stronger help if you don't smite it rightaway. Maybe a good thing is to keep your smite for blue (it is safer). Then do your blue, and go straight to your red because smite it will give you HP, and you need the red buff to regen and be more efficient in ganks.

This route is far more interesting than starting at Krugs, because you smite red at the end of the route, which gives you enough hp to gank ! (not the case if you do the opposite route) Besides, the gromp buff is pretty amazing with your abilities and makes you clear very quickly (the passive of Krugs is not so good on Amumu because you have no attack speed). I usually finish my red around 3:05 which is a very good clear time.

It is the best route for several reasons. First, you protect all your buff. Sounds stupid but if you take time to take your red, there is a good chance that the ennemy jungler will invade and take it, since amumu is not the best duelist early game. Second, you will finish your red with half your hp and hit level 3. Thanks to the new regen of the red buff, you will be ready for an early gank mid, or stay in yourr jungle (raptor then wolves) if there is no opportunity. Finally, you have an excellent clear time this way !


I see a lot of late invade at blue nowadays (good early champ like diana, lee sin, elise, volibear, shaco), which can completely destroy you if you do the above path.  Be smart and do the following jungle :

BLUE (smite)-> WOLVES -> RED (smite)

That way, you will do wolves when they come to your blue, and they won't be able to counter jungle you. Make sure you have your red trinket at 1:50 to haveno surprises.

Jungling and ganking tips :

-Auto Attack before using your E to use your passive, it will reduce the MR of your ropponent, hence you will deal more damages.

-Ask your mates to trinket red at 1:50 and be ready if they invade you. It will last 1 min and tell you if they try something on your red. Junglers like Lee Sin, Jarvan, Pantheon, Shaco will try to counter jungle you early, but if you and your mates are ready, you can make them fail and loose precious time !

-Ask for a strong help at Gromp.
Compare to season 3, they really can provide it since gromp is much closer to the lane than blue. And it is important since a strong help at first means you will finish with more HP after red.

-Play with your W on blue. AA the blue (which poison him thanks to gromp) then back a little. That way you will deal more damages, and he will deal less damages to you.

-When you arrrive at red, ward the bush so that the ennemy jungler won't surprise you. If he comes, ping your mid to come and help you, and remember if you get low on life, you can smite the red !

-Do NOT invade level 1. The risk is much greater than the reward, and most of the time, you will be behind in early teamfight since Amumu is pretty weak.

-If for some reasons, you KNOW that the ennemy jungler start at Gromp, you can try this : start at blue with your teamates, ask for big special help. Do NOT smite it. Then invade their red passing by tribush, and do the red with the smite. Back to base immediatly, and go to your red and do it fast. It works particularly well because everyone knows that Amumu is pretty lame early game THUS they won't expect you. Very ballzy, but It works. I insist, you need to KNOW that the ennemy jungler starts at Gromp. What's more, look the reaction of bot/top lane when you pass through tribush, they might have ward it but very rare because you are Amumu.

-Do NOT use your Q on monster if you don't have the blue buff. It costs a lot of mana and you won't be able to sustain very long. Also remember that your Q can be an escape so, if you use it and someone is counter jungling you, you won't be able to get away !

-Smite at the last moment to sustain more when you have 3713_32.png. Indeed, it restores 15% of your MISSING health and mana. Also, remember that it stuns monsters for 1.5 sec, so it is good to use your smite so that he has something like 100 hp left, then finish him with your E while stunned.

-Do your blue buff when it respawns because you are very blue reliant, people know that. Moreover, they might try to steal the second blue because they know the timer, so be prepared (ward around, ask for cover if needed).

-Do NOT share blue. You are Amumu and have a weak early game, BUT you scale extremly good, and you need thoses blue more than your mid. I always take the 3 first blues, and if the mid wants to take it, I say strongly NO ! It is solo Q, don't trust your mates so much. You know blue will allow you to clear jungle and still having enough mana to launch Q (the cost in mana is increasing, 120 mana at level 5  : it's huge, and if you have to ulti with that (100 mana at level 1), you will need mana ! ). SO don't share blues.

-Don't watch your jungle when you do it. It's like soccer player don't look at their feets but the rest of the field so that they can make a good passing to a mate. League of Legends is the same. Good gank does not just present themselves, you will have to know at every moment which lane is pushing, when will you have a ganking window, so that you take that chance to make a kill. Also, if you see that a champ gets gank nearby, help him right away : having good reaction time is key in that kind of situation. Best way to have reflexes is to be big brother : watch every lane all the time.

-React ! You have an opporrtunity to have a safe kill ? Stop doing your jungle and go.

A mate is getting ganked ? Stop what you are doing and go help him : you are amumu,  you have CC, you can save him. It is worth it.

-Don't be afraid of using your ult when you gank
. The cooldown is long, but if it grant you a kill or an assist, it is worh it

-Try to take kill early game, unless your mates clearly outscales you. For instance, if you gank top and your top is Garen, you need the gank more than he does. If your top is Riven, it is probably better if she has the kill. If your top scales has goodo has you, take the kill. Taking the first kill when you gank is a very good thing for you. Perhaps he won't help your laner that much (but he still have an assist and free farm) but he will make you snowball, and after that, you should leave kill. With 1 or 2 early kills, Amumu is a unstoppable. Underfed, you just risk to be quite useless and you don't want that. You are playing a champ with one of the best mid game, so the sooner you are in your midgame, the sooner you will deals tons of damage and be unstoppable.

-Before ganking, you should smite raptors (even if you have no time to do them). At least, if you are seen, you can deward = gains vision and some golds.

-Always PING before you gank, otherwise your teamates might not have seen you and anticipated your gank ! I also really like to inform my jungler that I will gank him soon by pinging I'm coming. That way, he can freeze his lane and prepared himself !

How to launch your Bandage Toss Back to Top

Probably one of the most important tip of this build. When ganking a lane, most beginners just randomly throw their Q, believing that the surprise will kill your opponent. It is a big mistake, because first your opponent can easily dodge it. Then, even if your Q hits, he could just flash out and you won't be able to catch him.

What you have to do is running between your opponent and his turret, and keeping your bandage in your pants. If he flashes out, use your Q. If he just runs, start dealing damage with your AA and your E (if you have the time), and launch your Toss before your opponents gets under turrets. (if he has a flash, you should use your Q before he threatens to go under his turrets with flash). Besides, by getting close to your opponent, he won't be able to dodge it. After that, you should also SmartCasting because it will help you master your Q, and also, you will win a little bit of time. (NB : Actually, amumu is one of the champ that you should play if you start SmartCasting, because he only has to focus on his Q).

Really, after that, it's a question of feeling. When ganking, I must have 95% chances of success with my Q, because it's not so hard.
In teamfight though, it's a bit different, since you would have oportunities that will last half a second, it's more about reflexes. Indeed, you should have the reflex to use FLASH + Q +R very fast. When it hits, make sure your teamates are ready to follow you, because they need to be able to deal damages while everyone can't move, otherwise you will have wasted your ulti.

General tips on the new jungle Back to Top

Here is my personal tips on this new jungle as a jungler. I would very much like your opinion with your comments.

-Drakes : Infernal drakes are huge late game. If there is one, sit botlane and ward it. Try to do it after a teamfight.

-Smite to recover health only.

-Keeping smite for ganks gives you additional burst and CC.

-The crab can be a good way of protecting drakes and baron. If people know they are watched, they won't do it. Also, if you decide to do drake/baron though they have vision with crab, make sure you know where there are, and that you have time to do it.

-The crab run at the opposite direction where you hit him. If you attack facing a wall of the river, he will be stuck in the wall and you will do it quicker/without running everywhere.

-Start at blue/red depending on where you want to gank. Starting red will give you more time for your blue.

-Against Ivern, start blue or he will take it.

Synergies and why Back to Top

Amumu do well with champ that have high damage, especially champ that have an all in high damage capacity (katarina, fiddlestick, kennen). Since he has a lot of CC, your team does not need other champ with tons of CC. So on top and mid, we like an high damage champion like Riven, Leblanc, etc.
Amumu goes also well with champs that like teamfighting. So if you have a team based on poke (ziggs, nidalee, lulu, etc) or peel (Janna), Amumu won't be such a good champ.

Here is a list of the champ that I like with Amumu :
Mid :
Also nice for ganking :

Top : Riven

Supp : Leona

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