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Summoner Spells Back to Top

You're jungling if you're reading this guide; I can't think of a good enough reason to substitute either of these at this moment.

I thought about it and theoretically 6.png could work, but that doesn't open up enough room for flash-ults or the like, I don't reccomend it.... but it exists... i guess?

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so this is what i'm thinking, you're the tank, mostly, and with bond of stone nerfed, grasp of the undying (or strenght of the ages, if you want) is good to keep yourself alive, why not? also, summoner spells cooldown instead of health regen for the flash-ult plays

6/6/18? you ask? what am I, some sort of scrub? well, yes, but that's not the thing to take not of here. first off, the buff duration is important, but expose weakness is amazing for AoE constatn damage, so i figure it's more worthwhile than putting 12 anywhere.

A SECONDARY build focuses on thunderlords .  it's effectively the same, but with cooldown and thunderlords instead of tenacity and the tank keystone. This is what most AP mumu's are using, and honestly, it's viable and works. It's just not what i do.

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Here's where most of the difference in amumu players comes in; the starting skill. I personally go with W. why? it does % max damage constantly, while Tantrum is only in short bursts.  I'm sure there's some math somewhere that says I'm wrong and that Tantrum does more damage than Despair, but that has never been my experience (or my calculation).

after a little experimentation and some thought and theorycrafting, it's probably best to max Q before W, but... I do still like W.

alternatives are to mix and get 3 points in Q before maxing W, or Max W before putting a second point in Q, I prefer balanced, obviously, but they all work.

as for your ult, use it. alot. if you can catch 2 people in it during a gank, even if you're worried they'll get away afterwards, use it. forcing someone to back is better than just applying a little bit of pressure and risking a countergank.

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Starting Items

    well you kinda have to- choose between refill or regular pots, your choice
    RIP trailblazer, stalker's the primary, trackers if you really need the wards. (not too often, with yellow trinket)

Core Items

    my usual rush build
    if you need defences instead of rylai's: with cinderhulk sunfire is no longer a good buy
    example full build

Situational Items

    options brah
    i don't actually recommend this... but it's an option with rylai's. This is more for AP mumu.
    if you took runic echos
recently, heavy ap amumu has become popular, and while i still reccomend going more tanky and only having runic echos and rylai's, it has been seeing some success, use with caution. If you DO go with Runic echos, take a sunfire cape for more AoE if you need it, as it becomes useful again.

the best start I can find is to start with Gromp, smite him quickly and move on to blue, after taking blue head straight to red and smite it as well for the health buff, which is good for a small little mummy with no real sustain.

from here you can either gank, take razorbeaks, or back if you are too low, I usually go for a gank on mid or bot (top if on red side) depending on how pushed they are, though red is just enough for trailblazer into a good long jungle game, or, what I do if I see an opening is a gank, followed by a back for mobility boots and stalker/trailblazer

The main problem with Amumu currently is that his ganks rely on a skill shot (or flash ult), and picking up a Stalker's Blade will risk you getting killed by the jungler, however amumu is strong enough with some AP to turn that around if you play it right, though trackers is still a good pickup for safety; basically i like stalkers, but trackers is probably safer.

as for my prefrence of Rylai's over everything else; the slow put out by amumu is mitigated due to AoE, sure, but it's constant. An aura of 15% slow, on top of the ult makes you too sticky to ignore, but tanky enough to survive a bit of focus.

lastly, don't expect deathless games with this; you're basically throwing yourself into the enemy, ulting, then sticking on their carry and spamming tantrum while your team cleans up. Drawing this much fire and peel WILL kill you, but your team should have no trouble mopping up from the AoE you put out.

A good exception to this is when you get engaged on, your secondary job is peel, and to peel well, if you aren't dictating the flow of the start of the fight, make sure you control the middle and end of it by keeping your carries alive at any cost.

a note on 3222_32.png : basically, i figure it has the stats you want, and keeping a carry alive when facing a morg for example is well worth it. I don't recommend it often, but it is something to consider.

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  • Blitzcrank
  • Jarvan IV
  • Sejuani
  • Shaco




special note on this guy, even though he doesn't normally jungle; alot of blitz's like to invade and hook away a buff, make sure you watch for that

on the plus side, he can help you initate.


Jarvan IV


I wouldn't say this is "easy" per say, just that your teamfight out paces his and you should be able to 1v1 him if you don't get a really bad start, much easier than most junglers you could be dealing with.




her iniate is roughly that of yours, and she may do more damage if you're unlucky HOWEVER, the upside is that she probably won't invade early, and your teamfight is similar. just don't get caught before you can get to their team and you should be fine.

that being said, usually you're better off peeling her off your carries than initiating in this match.




screw this guy. make sure you get people to watch both your buffs, you'll be more useful late game, or even mid game or ganking, but if he camps somewhere or your jungle, you're gonna have a bad time, get some 2044_32.png2043_32.pngs

Disclaimer: (and a tip or two) Back to Top

As I'll restate from the title, this is a JACK OF ALL TRADES build, it's not specific, it just will do everything well enough to pass at damage, tanking, and CC for most teams. IF YOU NEED A SPECIFIC BUILD (see pure tank, pure ap mumu) I would first of all recommend another guide, as that's not my playstyle, but if not; first item and jungle item should be changed to 3157.png and 1402.png  or 3742.png and 1401.png for Ap and Pure tank respectively, both have rylai's as a core item, but not as a rush item.  

#1: this guide is still in progress, if there's some interest in it, I will probably take some time to work on it besides the hour or so I dedicated to it as a thought experiment. (with the view count, i'm updating it every few days when i think about it, so nothing too extreme on keeping this up to date as of yet.)

#2: I am by no means the best player in the world, I have been playing Amumu for years though, and he is my best jungler by far, even though he's considered outclassed in the current meta

#3: This is only one set of builds possible for the little mummy, a more AP heavy or more Tank heavy build is perfectly viable, this one is just what I have the most success with in all situations; see it as a "Jack-of-all-trades" who can't quite kill, and can't quite hold a line as well, but does both well enough that doing one or the other isn't usually better.

and #4: matchups might be added, but a rule of thumb is that if the enemy isn't playing someone who IS Amumu, watch for an invade, and make sure your team does as well, one invade ruins your entire game for a long time, and you can't stop it as you are so weak early to the point that even a few hundred of damage from an invade completely stifles your ability to jungle until you back.

finally, please comment if you have the time, i'm trying to get some feedback mostly, and want to know what you people think; this is by no means a full guide, or that in depth, but I aim for it to be eventually, though season 6 is making that a little harder to figure out (see: ADCs being buffed).  any ideas you folks have, would be wonderful to hear.


armor yellows; everything else your choice for runes
0/12/18 or 0/18/12- will add this to possible build options soon.

start 1039.png and regular pots or refil, either.
gromp(smite)->blue->red(smite) then gank or farm or back for or 3706.png 

core:3117_32.png1401.pngor 1402.png3116_32.png

get 3190_32.png3102_32.png3110_32.png3143.pngor 3001_32.png as needed for each game

get 3068_32.png, if you picked 1402.png ONLY

don't be afraid to ult, take the first 2 or 3 blues so you can continue doing so.

Who the Fook is this skrub? Back to Top

well, ignoring how rude that question is; I'm Kody119, the most creatively named summoner in league of legends.

I've been playing since season 1, and never really played seriously, at least not ranked seriously, but I did pick up alot of things, and became a jack-of-all-trades player, able to manage in every lane at a high or decent level.  Amumu just happens to be my best jungler, having carried me to gold back in season 3, and letting me stay there.

I just recently hit plat, and sadly the little mummy isn't my best champ anymore. I blame the current meta, but he is still viable, and good even, just he can't carry as easily as he used to be able to (that may be a consequence of my rank rather than the meta though), hence why I play an adaptive build of him.

that all being said, it should be clear i'm not the best player, nor the best amumu, but I figure this guide will be simple enough to follow for people in bronze to gold, and maybe even plat where I am now, and allow for everyone to make their own build for the little guy- thus learning the champ for themselves and using this as a springboard, but it won't be in depth for a diamond level or higher. at least, not until i get there myself.

anyway, good luck out there folks.

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