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Hello everyone, this isn't your typical kind of guide here. This is not a champion specific guide, but you will find this information here very useful if you are trying to level up a new account.  

Please skip the runes, masteries, abilities, items,  and the matchups sections. Those sections are not needed for this guide.

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How to reach level 30 ultra fast Back to Top

You may have just started playing this game, your might be leveling up a smurf account or maybe even your main account was banned. Regardless, I have your attention now Using the method that I’m about to describe, I reached level 30 on a new account within a week and a half.  If you would like to level up extremely fast, then this guide is the right one for you.  

For the purpose of this guide, let’s assume that this isn’t your first time playing League of Legends. If you are actually new to this game, then leveling up as fast as possible might not be good for you.  New players should be focusing on learning as much information about the game as possible while still enjoying it.  So if you are new, please take your time in your pre-30 games because it will become drastically more difficult for you to do that once you reach level 30.

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First, buy one or two experience points boosts, and then you must play nothing but coop vs AI games so that you can reach level 30 in less than two weeks.
  If you’re wondering how this would all work out, then continue reading below.

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So, here is how you level up an account quickly and easily.  Now, I’m not trying to advertise for Riot, but if you have the extra money, I recommended that the first thing you do is to buy a 7-day experience boost for 520 RiotPoints (RP). If you’re extremely eager to level fast then you can also buy a 50-win experience boost for 980 RP. The 7-day boost will cost you $5.00 USD, and the  50-win boost will cost you about $10.00 USD.  For $15 you can buy both boosts , and still have 530 RP left over.
Each boost will stack with the other boost. A single boost multiplies the amount of experience points you earn. For example if you earn 60 xp, you will get 120 xp instead if you are using a boost. If your are using two boosts, then you will earn 180 xp. However, you can only have two XP boosts at a time  You can stack a time boost with a per-wins boost. You cannot stack a time boost with another time boost, and you cannot stack a per-wins boost with another  per-wins boost.

If you intend on only buying one boost, then you should buy a time boost rather than a per-win boost. Since your intent is to level up quickly, then you should be winning as many games as possible within a short period of time. To do this, you should choose to play the coop vs ai game mode, and I’ll explain that in the section below.  

You should only play against bots.

If you want to level up fast, then you will need to keep a high winrate. A one hundred percent win rate is ideal.  For this reason, you should stick to playing only  coop vs ai.  Some of you may think that you won’t earn as much in games against bots, but that isn’t true.
From levels 1- 9 coop vs beginner and intermediate bots offer 100% rewarded xp. Once you reach level 10, you must play coop vs intermediate bots in order to win 100% xp. Once you reach level 20 and higher, intermediate bots will grant 90% xp, and beginner bots will only grant 70% xp.  
Matchmade PvP games will always offer 100% xp points. However, matchmaker is designed to keep you at roughly 50% winrate.  Although you may already be an experienced player with an account in Platinum, you will also face other players, like you, who are leveling up their ‘smurf’ accounts. The skill levels may vary from brand new players to master tier veterans.  The team that gets the most smurfs on their side will be at the matchmaker’s discretion.  It will be very difficult for you to win more than 50% of your games.  

The Formula

On Summoner’s Rift, you earn  the following:
XP/IP = 3m + 25
Where m is the minutes played.  It is a simple formula. For games that are excessively short, an undefined penalty to your points is applied, for this reason you should try to let your games last at least 20 minutes.
Playing With Limited Time.
The reason why you’re seeking to level you your account quickly in the first place is probably because you don’t have excessive amounts of time on your hands.
A full length PvP game can sometimes take more than an hour. You have to factor in the time you spend in queue to find a match, the time you spend in champion select, and the time you spend in the game itself.   Throughout the entire length of that time you need to be at your computer and completely free of all interruptions.  
It is in your best interest to play coop vs ai matches.  You will have a much quicker time in champion select, and you won’t lose if you briefly go away from your keyboard (AFK). 

The Anti-Leave Loop

Once the game detects that you haven’t had any activity for 5 minutes, it will automatically disconnect you. When this happens, leaver buster will add to your leaver level.  Once your leaver-level is high enough, you will be automatically punished. Your punishment can include low priority queue, a temporary ban, or even a permanent ban if you leave often enough.
When you are playing against bots, you will still be punished for leaving if your leave during a matchmade game. Your teammates will most likely be able to win the game without you, but you will not receive any points for left games.  Fortunately, there is a way to get the game to think that you haven’t left, and you can do this without using malicious 3rd party software or anything that will get you banned.
One way of doing an anti-leave loop is to declare that you are junglign in champion select, and to pick a champion with a good clear speed.  I recommend Amumu, Shyvana, Volibear, Udyr, Warwick, Jax, or Master Yi.
You must clear the entire jungle twice.  By entire jungle, I’m actually referring to both jungles of the map because you are playing against bots.  At the end of both clears you should have an additional 2700 gold. It should take you no more than nine minutes of pure jungle farming to acquire that gold.
Now, instead of upgrading your jungle item, you should buy a Sunfire cape.  The immolate passive of this item will trigger neutral monsters to attack your champion. It is important to buy only sunfire cape. I have experimented with Cinderhulk, and as of patch 6.8 cinderhulk does not seem to trigger the neutral monsters.
If you have the “autoattack” option checked into the game settings menu, then your champion will auto attack the neutral monsters once attacked.   This is enough for the game to think that you are not afk.  You should park your champion at the wolf camp since this is the safest camp for your champion to stand at, and this camp will respawn frequently enough to prevent you from being disconnected for inactivity.
TLDR: Pick jungle in  a coop vs ai game, farm until you have 2600 gold, buy a sunfire cape and  then sit at the wolf camp. 

An Even Easier Method.

But wait, there’s more.  If you are really short of time there is an even easier method of doing this.  In this method, all you need to do is pick Heimerdinger and declare that you are jungling. When the game starts your first items should be a pink ward, a warding trinket, a Hunter’s Talisman.   Head to the Krugs camp.
This is the camp with the two living rocks.  Behind the camp is a wall. You need to stand on the other side of that wall, and place two turrets there. Place your pink ward directly where the krugs will spawn. This will give you permanent vision of them and allow you and your turrets to constantly attack them from behind the wall.  As soon as they spawn, your turrets and your champion will attack the krugs from behind the wall. 

The krugs will attempt to walk around the wall but they will reset back to their spawn location before the can reach you.  This will continue indefinitely and you will not be disconnected.
Heimerdinger’s turrets can last indefinitely as long as you stay near them.  The only issue with this method is that other players might lead bots to you to get you or your turrets destroyed.

Wait? What? (TLDR) Back to Top

To sum this all up, the method is simple. You should buy an xp boost, and play as many coop vs ai games as you can.  You can use the anti-leave method or just play them yourself.  You keep doing this until you are level 30.

What if I just buy a new account, pay a booster, use a bot or etc… Back to Top

Account sharing of any kind, and using bots, scripts, or any exploitative software would violate the terms of use.  You can be permanently banned, and Riot can easily catch you .
Riot can monitor which ip address and mac address is playing on your account. Riot can also detect the use of exploits and 3rd party software such as “anti-afk scripts”, or botting.

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