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10 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

There really is no alternative for these two,
4.png bandagetoss.png or 4.pngcurseofthesadmummy.png all the time to make plays and picks.
Even just to get in range of someone and finish them off with a tantrum.png.
4.png can also be used defensivly offcourse, especially usefull when getting invaded early.


ALWAYS run smite as a jungler! I never included this here because it was so obvious too me but then I saw an Amumu jungling with flash and heal. Don´t ever jungle without smite, you won´t be able to buy a jungle item and will miss out on a lot of experience and sustain.

New Runes Back to Top

Abilities Back to Top


Start of with auraofdespair.png, it applies the 1039.png health drain passive to all the jungle creeps around you and it does more damage then tantrum.png at level 1.

Once after that get one point in tantrum.png then one point in bandagetoss.png.
Now at lvl3 you have acces to all your non-ultimate abilities you max them in this order :

tantrum.png > bandagetoss.png > auraofdespair.png

I´ve tried both maxing W and E first and despite what some guides may say E always comes out on top.
It helps clear the jungle, you´ll take less damage and it will hurt enemy champs more during the early game then W will.

You max Q second because the cooldown reduces drasticly and you need Q to lock down targets and close gaps.
Landing multiple Q´s in teamfights on priority targets or to peel for your carries is key to winning games with Amumu.

Naturally you´ll get a point in your curseofthesadmummy.png whenever available.

                 Here I will talk about the abilities in more detail.


The new passive, it´s been reworked allready but it´s actually a buff if your target has more then 50 magic resist, everything under 50 MR it´s a nerf. Anyway the numbers are neglectable, all you need to know is that´s it´s a really strong passive, especially in teams with double/triple AP compositions.

It applies on enemies after an auto attack and on your curseofthesadmummy.png, after being applied it will stay that way to targets taking damage from your auraofdespair.png. So in the jungle you want to headbutt the creeps individualy when clearing gromps and wolves, don´t bother with raptors there are to many of them and go down really fast to your tantrum.png anyway. 

In fights you first want to first toggle auraofdespair.png on, then bandagetoss.png to your target, do a quick basic attack and then tantrum.png. Or toggle auraofdespair.png on, bandagetoss.png if needed to close the gap, curseofthesadmummy.png and from there on out just unload your damage as it comes off cooldown. The curseofthesadmummy.png applies it aswell and the auraofdespair.png keeps it in effect.


The Q is very straight forward, both litteraly and figuratively. It´s a long range skill shot that stuns the first enemy hit. Chaining Q´s on priority targets is key to winning teamfights and skirmishes so learn to use it well. Once you get the hang of it the skillshot really isn´t hard to land mainly due to the range. Just keep in mind it hits minions aswell, this is a disadvantage while ganking or trying to engage but an advantage while trying to run from an enemy. You can bandagetoss.png a minion or a jungle camp to scale a great distance and even walls. In some cases I will Q to a minion near a laner to lock him down with my curseofthesadmummy.png but only when I know it will be a kill, I generaly try to avoid it. Don´t use this ability to reach jungle camps just to farm them unless you have blue or will go back to base afterwards.


Toggle on when going into a fight, toggle off when out of combat, that´s pretty much it. The only thing I will do to preserve mana while jungling is toggle it off when gromps are breaking off into smaller pieces and toggle it back on when the health bars reappear. Once I have 3751.png I leave it off for the last stage ( the really small ones ) as 
they´ll die to 2 ticks of the OAE damage. Also when a jungle camp is 1 basic attack away from being killed I toggle it off and headbutt it to death just to preserve that tiny bit of mana. 


In teamfights you use it as often ass possible, when you bandagetoss.png a target you want to basic attack it first to maximize tantrum.png damage. To preserve mana I sometimes won´t use when it comes off cooldown while doing gromp or one of the buffs, it´s only 1 creep so it won´t be as effective, I only do this when they´re allready low and will die soon to auraofdespair.png anyway.


Amumu´s glorious ultimate, huge range and not only a snare, but it also stops enemies from basic attacking while afftected by it. it now applies the amumupassive.png effect after the damage is done, auraofdespair.png will keep this effect up untill the enemy is out of damage range for a few seconds. A bad ultimate ( or worse missing it ) can mean a lost teamfight, this is usually the primary engage of your team wich means you have to decide when it´s go time. 

Best case scenario you just bandagetoss.png the most fed enemy carry and there are multiple people around him. Make sure your team can follow up on you, this is very important, you can land the best bandagetoss.png and a 5 man curseofthesadmummy.png if your team isn´t ready to collapse on the enemy team you´ll just die for free.

The least ideal case of a decent ultimate would be picking off a target, that means a single man ultimate in wich the enemy dies. This can be beneficial especially when it´s a fed enemy carry or the jungler so you can secure an objective without him being able to smite it. 32.png does thrive more in larger fights with 3 or more people.

Dissengaging with your ultimate is the worst case scenario of a still succesfull ult. If it can save your team from being steamroled then the ultimate was good, your teams positioning was probably just really off.

Be aware of how gimped your teamfighting capabilities are without this ultimate. At all times be aware of its cooldown and play around it. Securing an objective is always safer when you have your curseofthesadmummy.png available, be it to walk away from the objective and engage on the enemy team or secure the objective and dissengage to walk away safely.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start

Core Items

    This is my absolute core, I don´t always buy frozen hearth first but it´s always in my build. Read notes for further details.
    Boot choices, read notes.
    Bronzodia unleashed, you´ll be tanky and do tons of AOE damage + apply a permanent slow.
    This is what my build will end up looking like when we fall behind and I need mixed resistances.
    Dont forget to switch out to sweeping lens.

Situational Items

    None of these items I buy 100% of the time, read notes.
    Very situational.
    Interesting items, both incredibly strong but not always a good purchase. Discription added below.
    Do NOT rush this, everyone seems to think it´s OP but it gives you 0 combat stats. Description below.
    Great tank item versus low cooldown mages like cassiopeia but no must buy by all means.

NOTE : This is my build path for cinderhulk Amumu, Runic Echoes I will talk about in a different section as I think it will be easier to read.

First of, the jungle item :

I always buy cinderhulk, no exceptions, 32.png in itself is rather squishy for a tank. All the other tanks somehow scale with health or resistances while our lonely mummy sadly doesn´t. 

I buy 1401.png now, I switched to it and I like it. Can pick up some unsuspected kills ans helps you stick to your target wich can be challenging in the early when you have little to no cooldown reduction.

On my first back I always try to buy a 3751.png, it´s a lot cheaper now then it was a few patches ago and it helps your jungle clear tremendously. You´ll have this : 1039.png3751.png2031.png in your inventory, you won´t have acces to your jungle enchantment yet but the jungle clear is a lot better. Do buy it afterwards, skipping jungle enchants might work on some champions but I do highly prefer to have one.

Boot choices :


agressive options :

I usually buy either lucidity or sorcerers shoes, these are two agressive options for when you and the team is doing fine during the early game. I´ll buy 3020.png when I plan on CDR outside of 3110.png but if I don´t need MR, wich means I won´t be buying 3001.png I´ll go for 3158.png to reach 30% CDR.

defensive options :

This really depens on who´s fed, if the enemy ADC , 11.png23.png, etc. is fed I´ll buy 3047.png. They really help out to reduce damage from AA´s and give some nice early game armor. 3111.png I´ll only buy if the enemy ability power carry ( APC )is fed and the team has a lot of CC. The mercury threads are by far my least common boot choice.
In cases of extreme CC I might pick them up even when the enemy APC is not fed but this very rarely happens.

Now we can move on to the real build

I explained both my boot choices and jungle enchantment above so you fit them into the build below to your liking, I´ll only talk about the other items from here on.

The start : 

nothing much to say here, go for 3 regular potions if you´re more comfortable with those.

The core :

3110.png is absolute core, 32.png is extremely mana hungry and with switching up the masteries to the first tree this magnefies the problem. Ideally you´ll want to build an 3001.png as well, this solves your mana problem better then a 3110.png will but it´s not always necesary. If the enemy APC is plain bad or they have an AD mid it´s not an ideal item.

So your core will now look like this :

1401.png3110.png or

Naturally you add situational boots.

from here on out we start branching out to more game specific items.

Situational items and builds :

Situation number 1 : Everyone is fed and we are miles ahead

In this case you will have built 1401.png3158.png3001.png, you´re set on mana and health so you´ll be looking towards the enemy team. 
Are they squishy? 3116.png
Do they have a tank or 2? 3151.png
These factors will determine what to build first, 
the 3116.png will give you an AOE slow, a big chunk of health and some nice ability power to top it of. No magic penetration however so it works better on squishy targets.
The 3151.png gives you magic penetration, a damage over time ( DOT ) precentage health burn, some ability power and a bit of health. The damage scales with enemy health so it works better on tanks.
The 3001.png gives you increases magic damage done to enemies around you, it also gives health as of 7.9, the go to MR item for Amumu.

If you continue to build up a lead you can combine these three items with the core to get this,
1409.png3158.png3001.png3151.png3110.png3116.png . The ultimate Bronzodia build, you´ll be surprisingly tanky and do a lot of damage. The magic penetration on this build in combination with your runes and passive is insane, you´ll shred anything.

Situation number 2 : The enemy team is fed and we are miles behind

This is a very hard situation to play in, your first priority is to stay alive in teamfights so you need to get tanky.
At this point you need to play passively and wait for enemy mistakes and if you´re patient and read the map they will make mistakes. So if you´re really far behind your build will look something like this :
1409.png3047.png3110.png or
1409.png3111.png3001.png or

First we need to take a good look at the enemy farm, creep score ( CS ) and the kills.
Who is most farmed, fed and is the greatest threat to me and my team?
If it is the enemy ADC, Yi, tryndamere, Yasuo, etc. you´ll have built :
1409.png3047.png3110.png  is this enough armor to stop him for now or is he still killing our team?
As long as you´re losing fights because this enemy AD champ is cutting trough your team you stack armor, it will shut him down if you can keep the game lasting long enough. At this point you need to wait it out and look for a mistake. Is he over extending? Get him, lock him down and let the team kill him, use that 4V5 to make something happen. You´ll only lock him down if you can stay alive long enough.
3143.png is the first one up, a big chunk of health and armor with an AOE slow as an active, if that still isn´t enough and you´re dealing with an AA reliant champ you can even throw a 3075.png. Mind you that without health the thornmail will be next to useless so don´t rush it. The build can look like this :
When the enemy APC is fed I resort to an early 1057.png. Later in the game when you have a heavy healing support like 16.png or 37.png you can upgrade it too 3065.png but 90% of the times I build it into a 3001.png or the game will be over before I finish the item.

Is the enemy APC fed? Then you´ll have built this :
1401.png3111.png3001.png  you will never need as much MR for a fed APC as you´ll need armor for a fed ADC so this is allready a very decent start. There is quite a bit of health in this core build so if you need the extra MR you can throw in an 3102.png or more devensive a 3190.png or 3193.png. If there is an enemy AP carry fed that repeadetly casts the same spell on a very low cooldown 3194.png is a great choice, I´m thinking of 69.png in particular but this is a very situational item. Mind you that by the time you can afford these items the enemy ADC will start hurting if he farmed. Throwing in a 3110.png when possible is always a good idea.
If you´re dealing with a verry heavy burst champ like 7.png you can get a 3083.png. It now offers CDR to so it´s a decent pick up. If you need extra armor however get 3143.png unless there is absolutely no crit chance in the enemy team, then pick up a 3742.png. if the enemy team is highly reliant on attack speed a 3110.png is still a good pick up.

The Garoyles stoneplate

Do NOT rush this thing, it gives you nothing but resistances, set yourself on mana, cooldown reduction and health first, in a game going great for you and your team don´t build it at all. It´s pretty much a 3026.png for tanks and when do we build the GA on carries? When we keet dying in teamfights, it´s not a must buy just like 3193.png isn´t.

This thing gives you NO combat stats and gimps your damage,
If you die on engages wich Amumu is prone to since he has no escape then 3193.png is the item to build. Engage, unload your damage and if you feel you´re going to go down then use the active. Don´t blow it before you bandagetoss.pngcurseofthesadmummy.pngtantrum.png, it gimps your damage, in a good teamfight you won´t need the active at all in wich case you shouldn´t really have built it in the first place.

The final build can look like this 

A ballanced build with mixed resistances will look like this :

This will be my end game build 70% of the times when we´ve been struggling trough the game.
It is up to you to determine what kind of stats you need when, this is just a guideline. There are a lot of items and choices you can make. Don´t expect to be doing a lot of damage with these builds, your main goal with these is picking of priority targets or peeling for your ADC/APC. In games where you build full tank it´s often better to let the enemy team engage and try to keep their frontline of of your backline. For example keeping their 39.png away from your 236.png. If the Irelia jumps a Lucian and he doesn´t get help it´s R.I.P. Lucian and you´ll likely lose the teamfight. However if you can keep the Lucian alive, don´t die yourself and keep the Irelia locked down for him to kill her you can turn the teamfight in your favor. If you cut trough their frontline you can start working on their backline a.k.a. kill their carries. This is why you build tank in a game where you fall behind.

Situation number 3 : laning phase is over, no clear winner

In this case I´ll usually go for a balanced build with 1 damage item, in what order to itemize is purely situational and up to you to determine. The build might look like this :
1409.png3158.png3110.png3001.png3116.png3102.png or

With some items being switched out.

3116.png Squishy team
3151.png Tanky team
3001.png AP threath
3065.png AP threath and we have a big healer in our team
3143.png AD threat with critical hit chance ( get Dead mans plate for on hit )
3194.png Ap threat with very low cooldowns like 69.png

Locket of the Iron Solari and Redemption

I added a section for these two items because they are really strong right now but don´t always fit into a build path for our friendly Mummy. Regardless these items are incredibly strong teamfighting tools that can save games and are dirt cheap to boot. If possible you´ll want to weave at least one of these into your build when you fall behind especially when your support is not buying these. For example when you have another awesome 
( sarcasm ) 63.png or 143.png full AP "support" who will drop dead before buying anything that helps the team.  Naturally you´ll have to use the actives of these items for them to be worth buying.


Locket I would prioritise because it´s the strongest of the two but the problem with rushing it is that it doesn`t offer mana ( regen ), health or cooldown reduction, three things Amumu craves so picking this up is only ever justified when you´re set on forementioned stats wich is mid- to lategame. It does however offer 60 magic resist and 30 armor wich makes it a viable MR item when you´re set on health. 
You can actually build this after 1409.png3110.png when using scaling health seals. It´s less ideal when you´re running flat armor but even then it can save a game, it weaves in better then I expected just because it´s so cheap.


Wouldn´t recommend buying this anymore, it isn´t as OP as it was when it came out and doesn´t offer tank stats except for health.

Now for Redemption, the active goes well with your ultimate but you´ll have to time it right to hit both enemy champs and allies. Prioritise healing your allies with the item rather then hiting the enemy. Remember this active can be used while dead!

Now for the stats, 10% cooldown reduction, +125% base mana regeneration, 300 health and +75% base health regeneration. Pretty decent stats for an Amumu item but no resistances so don´t buy this when the enemy ADC is still cutting trough your armor or the enemy APC can burst you down. If you´re really falling behind but the enemy APC isn´t much of a threat ( yet ) you could build it after 1409.png + 3110.png for example but I´d only ever build it this quick if you´re allready falling behind and the support isn´t buying it.


Only ever build this if the support isn´t, you can only have 1 3109.png active on each time at one time.
Cheap item and usable stats, I´d get this if I needed armor and health and my ADC is doing a great job.
Don´t forget to activate it!

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

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Matchups explained Back to Top

I divided the match ups in groups and I´ll describe them below.

Notice there are a lot of hard match ups, this is because Amumu has a weak early game, if you play around this and make it to lvl6 without dying they become a lot less of a problem. So don´t be scared of playing Amumu, just recognise the weakness he has during the early game.

Category 1 : Agressive invaders

These are champs that are likely to invade you and can 1V1 you with easy trough the early game. Always start with the buff when facing off against these junglers and ward over the wall of the second buff to see them comming for an invade. Mind the counterganks at lvl3 because you will lose a 2V2.

Category 2 : Less likely to invade

These junglers might come and steal a jungle camp from time to time but will not likely come to 1V1 you at the buff. Still I would recommend starting buff, what you really have to watch out for are counterganks during the early game. You will almost always lose a 2V2 so it´s best to just back off when you see these junglers comming.

Category 3 : Like minded champs

These are champions that basicly do what you do, try and survive the early game to become monster tanks in the late. Minimal threath but don´t go invading them, Amumu just isn´t strong enough in the early to invade anyone.
You can definitly countergank these champs without a lot of risk.

Category S : Dangerous Laners

1. Darius

122.png. Amumu needs to stick to his targets in order to deal damage and if you bandagetoss.png them you will be right on top of them. 122.png takes advantage of that, he can easily get 5 stacks off on you, become enraged and start killing your entire team in the late game. He also sustains really hard and builds tanky so a single lock down from you with follow up from your team won´t likely kill him instantly. Be carefull when fighting him both in the early and the late as ganking him early kan lead to a quick death, especially with 14.png.

2. Kayle

Kayle is a pain for a few reasons, her early game is potent, especially with 14.png or 3.png  but even without a combat summoner spell, be very carefull ganking level 3 ( or pre 6 in general ). Ward tribush, if you see a countergank comming RUN. The biggest issue is if you leave her alone during the early for safety reasons, a.k.a. not dying, she will farm hard and become a beast mid to late. In fact if she picked 12.pngshe´ll be farmed either way and can surprisingly easy 1V1 just about anyone even when your allied laner has a 1K gold lead. When stacking 30%CDR her kayleE.png will be up almost all the time, at 40% it overlaps. Her kayleR.png ( ult ) will be on a near 30 sec cooldown  and she WILL 1V1 anyone regardless and can splitpushing hard when needed. 32.png has "only" 2 CC abilities and has to stick to his target meaning she will stack the Fervor keystone on you and if you don´t lock her down and kill her fast enough she´ll kill you and your laner both. Using her kayleR.png and kayleE.png while kiting/chasing you with her kayleQ.png and kayleW.png. Her late game is so monsterous she requires constant attention from both someone that can lock her down ( you as 32.png ) and from someone that can burst her down fast enough after her ult expires. But to be honest Amumu lacks the reliable crowd control to do it effectivly, miss bandagetoss.png  and you´re done. In the really late you´ll be able to tank her when you have built mixed resistances but a good 10.png given breathing room during the mid won´t stretch a game to the late.

Runic Echoes MANMUMU. Back to Top

EDIT : tried it again in 7.7, 16 deaths later I found the game moves too fast to get itemized and 

32.png´s kit doesn´t really lend itself to being squishy trough the midgame. I advise against playing this in ranked games.


This is build is high risk - high reward, more likely to get kills, more likely to die. This Amumu is harder then the cinderhulk counterpart, you need to learn the limits of what you can tank and what you can kill.
Missing a Q will cause you to get kited, you will go down a LOT faster then with the 1409.png, you miss a Q you wave off and wait for it´s cooldown. Getting a smooth QER combo off on a carry can instantly kill them if you manage to keep up or better, stay ahead. In the very least they´ll be too low to engage you 1 on 1 and will have to back off, land another Q and they´re dead. Dont forget to auto attack to proc the passive and a red buff if you have one. 32.png can easily assasinate a carry with this build if you land your skillshots.

Teamfighting is ensentially the same, you try and Q a priority target then just blow all of your abilities while sticking to them. Back off in time, dying is never beneficial, especially since you´re the one with the 11.png.
As soon as the combo is off the enemy team will allready have taken quite a bit of damage, it´s easier for your team to come in after this and clean up. 

The masteries

I use pretty much the same masteries for Runic echous Amumu as I do for cinderhulk. The shield on Courage of the Collosus will outweigh the damage you get from thunderlords. What I have noticed is when ganking I tend to run out of mana so for now I´m running 0/12/18 just for the "meditation" mastery. 

The lack of a 3110.png ( or any mana item for that matter ) in my AP build tends to get me out of mana in extended fights and not being able to Q to close gaps really is a problem. 

The runes

Quintessences : 2 flat armor, 1 scaling cooldown reduction

Marks : Magic penetration x 9

Seals : Health per level x 9

Glyphs : Scaling cooldown reduction x9

As opposed to my cinderhulk runes these give up some tankiness for cooldown reduction, with the Runic Echoes you will not be needing the mana on a Frozen heart and thus will miss out on 20% CDR. CDR = more Q´s, more E´s and more R ´s so also more damage. 

This also allows you to buy a 3116.png and 3151.png in succesion while still getting cooldown reduction.

When also building a 3157.png and 3001.png you will max out your cooldown reduction by level 18.

Scaling health provides some tankiness for the late, getting AP on the quints is wasted in my opinion, it will only be 10/15 AP, neglectable. The 2 flat armor quints give you 8,5 armor, roughly the same as 9 flat armor seals ( 9 armor ). I use this now to lvl3 gank, you really need to get pressure on the map as soon as you can.

The build

With Runic Echoes Amumu I find myself leaning more towards 1402.png, the chilling smite enchantment.
The lack of midgame cooldown reduction means I can´t chain Q´s as fast as with the cinderhulk build and I need to keep up with whatever I want to kill. You can off course switch enchants out to your liking. 

As with cinderhulk Amumu there are a lot of options. You want some ability power items that give you some extra tankiness, magic penetration or cooldown reduction. My preffered build is the following :


Some health, AP, a perma slow, insane amounts of magic penetration, a bit of mixed resitances. The cooldown reduction in combination with my runes tops off cooldown reduction at 40%. This build will shred anything, tanks, carries doesn´t matter, not burst heavy though. This will not blow up a carry but it kills them fast enough and the 3116.png makes it hard for them to kite you. The cooldown reduction makes this a build that is suited for peeling as well. Lock down tanks for your backline and wear them down, the magic penetration will have them melt.


The items listed above are a good foundation for a more tanky build, if the enemy carry is getting fed early these items will stop you from getting blown up. The sunfire damage is considerable in the early game. 

As with the cinderhulk Amumu you move around items to your liking, build resitances by who´s fed, what damage they have. A big lead early on and you might be able to skip any resitances all together and go for the damage items, hell if you´re really fed you can throw a 3089.png in there.

3027.png can also be a suitable item, it will fix any mana problems you might have, gives a nice chunk of health and offcourse ability power. Unlike the 3116.png it does not provide you with additional utility, this being the reason I prefer the scepter.

Early game lvl1-6 Back to Top

NOTE : Do not let yourself fall too far behind in the early game, if you´re under leveled then just farm the jungle untill you have caught up. Being under leveled means your level is lower then that of botlane. You should always at least be able to keep up with botlane.

I will talk about ganking in a different section.

Kite the jungle creeps!

This is a more advanced technique that alows you to take less damage by jungle creep basic attacks but it´s actually quite simple. When the jungle creeps attack you you can see the attack animation and hear the sound when they strike. This is most noticable with red and blue buff. When the attack animation ends the creeps will follow you when you walk away from them, this keeps them from attacking you for a short period of time. You get your auraofdespair.png and tantrum.png going but pay attention to your basic attacks. Headbutt  and when the jungle creeps basic attack animation ends, take a few steps backwards, when your basic  attack is ready again you move back towards the jungle creep to headbutt it. You can kite them pretty far from the original position and take less damage this way, if you start moving away too far they´ll start resetting. You can see this by the color of the bar beneath their health. If it starts turning red move back into the creeps and stop kiting them. practise this technique in bot games/practise tool untill you master it, it´s really easy once you see the pattern in the basic attacks. Don´t attempt to play with scaling armor if you can´t kite the jungle creeps!

Starting in the jungle

Always start at your botlane, there are 2 people there to help you and the support usually has a shield, heal or some CC to mitigate damage from the jungle creeps. Since the jungle has been changed for season 7 you now always start buff. Amumu does not need blue for his first clear if you manage your mana like you should, don´t screw your toplaner in having to come leash for you and then getting lvl2 cheesed by the enemy Riven.

Some people start raptors wich isn´t bad but they usually give you a better pull if you start buff, I start buff but starting raptors is definitly viable.

Now from the buff there are 2 options

Number 1 : A full clear.

Amumu clears the jungle extremely well, every change too it benefits him,
 except for the removal of buff "bodyguards". tantrum.png cooldown reduces by 0,5 seconds every time an enemy hits him, so the more creeps, the faster it´s off cooldown. He is one of the only champs that clears the raptors at an extreme speed without taking a lot of damage. The kruggs go down easily as well since they now break up in seperate smaller ones when killed. With my runes you can easily do a full clear on 2031.png. You sacrifice early pressure for a faster level 6. It´s a trade off but when facing an agressive early game jungler this will likely be the best option as counterganks will destroy you.

Use your 3340.png at the second buff you clear, ward behind it and pull it into the bush. I´ve been seeing a LOT of 64.png and I mean a LOT and they usually try to invade you somewhere.

Starting red side I would recommend red buff -> raptors -> blue buff.
Starting blue I would recommend blue buff -> raptors -> red buff.

Number 2 : Level 3 gank.

If you want to gank but you´re low on health do the scudcrab first, stun it with your bandagetoss.png as it takes more damage when hard cc´d. But if the enemy jungler happens to be doing it, NEVER contest it, 32.png´s early game doesn´t allow it. Just get back into the jungle and clear it.

I recommend a level 3 gank if the laners allow it, this is not always the case. Either way you want to look at toplane, the enemy jungler is likely to arive there at 3:00 min especially if your allied laner is pushed. You can look for a countergank but be aware of 32.png´s relatively weak early game.
When going for a gank myself I usually go around trough the bush that´s the farthest away from me in order to get behind the enemy laner. Headbutt him first to apply red and then bandagetoss.png when he flashes.

After level 3

You either ganked or cleared the jungle, you repeat this pattern. You go to the camp you cleared first as it will respwan first ( obviously ) and go for a gank when possible. If nothing is really happening and your lanes are pushed just farm untill level 6. At all times be aware of what is happening on the map, you want to be ready for a countergank or simply to save someones life.

Midgame lvl6-end of laning phase Back to Top

You´re level 6 now and you will start playing around objectives more, especially when your ult is up, try to kill turrets and get drakes. But remeber to keep clearing and farming, if a laner backs cover his lane for extra XP and gold, if you´ve done a succesfull gank help push the lane towards the enemy turret so the laner can back. The latter will get you a lot of hate in the lower ELO´s since they don´t understand what you´re doing. If they start whining and flaming about it just mute them and keep doing your thing.


Time the drakes, when your level 6 focus your ganks around botlane. If the enemy botlane has backed, is dead or too low to come and contest it you can pick it up. Look at the midlane, if it´s pushed towards your side the enemy midlaner will likely be able to react a lot faster then yours. 3341.png or 2043.png the drake unless you know exactly where everyone of the enemy team on the map is and there is absolutely no danger of them comming to you. 
For example, 3 of them including the jungler are chasing your 23.png on toplane. Free drake.
Keep your eye on the map, know in advance how much damage your smite does and look at the drakes health, time the smite. A drake is always a lot safer with your ultimate up, sometimes when the enemy is comming towards you because they know your doing drake it´s be better to ult 3 of them, kill them and then finish the drake. 
You have the hard engage so you decide, stick on drake, get it and back off or full out collapse on the enemy team, kill them and then finish the drake.

If you just won a teamfight watch the death timers, if you can first safely! push a turret and then get drake while you´re backing, do it. But if there is not enough time to first start pushing just be safe and pick up drake.


Turrets > drake, that´s the general rule and it´s almost always the right way to go. I would only ever give up a turret for a drake if it was the first turret to fall in that lane and it would be a second or third infernal/stone drake. Amumu however 32.png isn´t a verry good turret pusher so headbutting a turret can just be a complete waste of time, if you have red buff the turret takes more damage from basic attacks so in this case I would stay to attack it. Other then that I try and gank lanes where turrets are low on health to kill them as soon as possible. It frees up your laner to roam and help other lanes get turrets down.

Late game Back to Top

NOTE : Right now tank junglers are just out of meta, the game moves at a really fast pace making it hard for them to keep up. In the lower ELO´s you can pretty much pull off anything but once you start noticing you´re losing grip on the game as you progress you might want to pick a jungler that can apply more early game pressure. Look at the game time, when all your lanes are pushed back too your side at 17 minutes, that´s when you´ve pretty much lost the game. You´ll start losing turrets at alarming paces, your jungle will be full of wards and you won´t be able to contest drakes and baron. You can come back from this but you need to play at enemy mistakes and make none yourself. If at this phase in the game there is that 1 player that keeps getting picked off because he over extends or engages at bad times it´s GG EZ. I´ve seen it hundreds of times before. Do NOT over extend, do NOT run blind into drakes or barons but try and defend the inhibitor turrets. If you need to drop an objective to play safe then so be it. Do not be that guy that runs around and dies on his own, time and time again because these are the players that lose you the late game. Tell them to stay behind you and wait for an engage, turtle in base and just clear the minion waves in front of the inhibitor turrets. You go out, you die, it doesn´t matter if they pick up that drake or baron, if you lose 1 or more team members they´ll bulldoze your base. When fighting under the turrets you might still stand a chance. Either way you´re fighting at a disadvantage here. 

PATIENCE IS KEY HERE, impatience will be punished with a 40+ second death timer.

Me and my team are ahead :

At this point you´ll want to group and fight as 5. If your team has the damage to kill theirs one good curseofthesadmummy.png is enough to win a teamfight. Avoid fighting in the jungle, Amumu´s curseofthesadmummy.png has a better effect on spots with a lot of room. Your team can follow up a lot better with no walls in the way. Just because you can bandagetoss.png the enemy ADC over a wall doesn´t mean your team can follow you. Good examples of these places are around baron/drake and around midlane. Also avoid fighting under enemy turrets unless you´re so fed you can just blow their team up in 3 seconds and finish the game.

Me and my team are behind :

Amumu can deal with this but you´ll have to be patient and play around enemy mistakes. Obvious mistakes are people being out of position. An over extending ADC/APC is a perfect target, ping him, have someone with damage follow you and lock him down. Secure the kill and you are now in a 4V5 situation in your favour. Use your curseofthesadmummy.png if needed, it doesn´t matter it´s only one enemy, a 4V5 is always beneficial. Just don´t go too deep chasing someone down, it will give the enemy team time to react and come kill you. Generaly if you can´t lock down and kill your target in less then let´s say 7 seconds, back off. Chasing has lost a lot of games and blown a lot of leads, don´t be the idiot that keeps getting caught.

Another obvious mistake is doing baron/elder drake while the lanes aren´t pressured. Ping your team and rush up to them, catch as many as you can in your curseofthesadmummy.png and clean up the drake/baron pit. Don´t leave your carries wide open though, if the support dives into the pit with you the enemy bruiser, 39.png for example will make quick work of your carries and you´ll lose the fight.

They are seiging as 5 :

Seiging is pushing up a turret as a team, mostly midlane. If you´re behind you will usually want to wait for an enemy engage. If you have a champ with good wave clear like 134.png for example just keep clearing the waves. They won´t get to the turret so they will either have to dive you, split or go for baron/elder drake. If they split pick one off if someone is out of position or split to keep clearing the waves. If they dive collapse onto YOUR backline and peel for your carries. Keeping your carries alive in this case is your number one priority, their damage in combination with the turret damage is usually enough to kill the enemy frontline fairly quickly. If even that´s not enough the enemy team is so fed it´s GG anyway. If you manage to kill their frontilne you can get to work on the rest of their team. If they go for an objective follow them. What can also happen in a seige is an enemy ADC/APC out of position, if you can bandagetoss.pngcurseofthesadmummy.png him and your team can collapse onto him and blow him up this might be a good engage to. Be carefull with these engages though, if the enemy team is to far ahead you´ll probably lose the fight and the game.

Ganking Back to Top

NOTE : NEVER gank if you do not feel comfortable about it. If you think it will turn bad then don´t do it. 

I´ve made the mistake far too many times myself, listened to whining laners and ganking against my own better judgement and it always end in an : "I told you so" and a lot of rage from the laner. If they rage and whine about ganks, do yourself a favor and just mute them. If the gank turns bad they´ll rage even harder then when you don´t gank at all.

Early game ganking can be tricky with Amumu as you only have access to 1 CC ability, being your bandagetoss.png.
On top of that your damage isn´t all that high and without items you´re not tanky either. But that doesn´t mean you can´t put down some early game pressure. Mostly you´ll be taking advantage of mistakes the enemy laners make and overall laziness. You want to minimize risk and maximize potential reward.

I touched on enemy junglers in the matchup explained sections, I won´t repeat this here. At all times be weary of counterganks!

Things to factor in while preparing a gank.

Your health, your allies health and the enemy laners health.

If both you and your ally are at half health and the enemy laner at 100% the gank can be very risky if you can´t lock down and burst him. Both you and your ally being at full health obviously minimizes the risk of the gank turning bad.

Know who you´re ganking.

How mobile is the enemy you are about to gank? Is it even worth my time? A 7.png with all her abilities up is not likely to be caught in a gank. Yet if you can bandagetoss.pngcurseofthesadmummy.png her you might just be able to burst her down. A low mobility CC tank like 111.png is obviously an easier target and would be higher on my priority list because of it.  Remember in 1V1 or 2V1 situations to wait out the duration of the bandagetoss.png stun before using curseofthesadmummy.png to maximise the time the enemy is immobilised. Also try to chain it with allied CC, it´s not always easy though.

Does the enemy have 2V1 potential? I´m thinking about 122.png and 420.png in particular. When I´m toplaning I urge my jungler to just stay away when facing one of these two. Don´t underestimate a 23.png or 24.png either although they are easier to burst down, just mind the undyingrage.png. 2V1 potential increases significantly if the enemy laner gave up 12.png for a combat summoner spell like 14.png or 3.png. TAB to see what summoner spells they are using.

Summoner spell cooldowns. 

The succes rate of ganks will increase if the enemy 4.png is down, some laners tend to type it in chat so you can keep track of it. You can also do this. Standard cooldown for flash is 300 seconds, with insight this decreases to 255. You can check this by holding TAB and hovering above the summoner spell icon of the enemy. It will read either 300 or 255 seconds, this way you know if they´re using the insight mastery. Remember 3158.png further decrease cooldown by 10% to either 270 seconds without insight or 225 with insight.

Where is the lane at?

 Ganking is obviously easier if the enemy is pushed, it gives you more time to stick to them and deal damage as they have to walk further to safety. But mind the minions, in later levels this won´t matter all that much but ganking at lvl3 the enemy minions can really do a lot of damage. As soon as you or your ally start attacking the enemy laner you will draw minion agro, meaning the minions will start attacking you. So ganking when there is a huge stack of minions under the allied turret is never a good idea in the early game. In fact I try to avoid it all together as your ally will miss out on the gold and potentialy  the experience these minions give as they´ll die to the turret.

Level 3-5

At level 3 you should have access to all of your non-ultimate abilities, you´ve done the second buff on your side and you´re looking for a gank. Top is by far the most obvious choice, even all the way up to high platinum 80% of the enemy laners just don´t bother warding at lvl3. Pure laziness, punish it. I let my laner know I´ll be ganking at lvl3, if they´re smart they´ll play around this and keep the lane in the middle or even better, let the enemy laner push up a bit. If the enemy laner is pushed just walk up  behind him, usually this means walking trough tri bush on top but don´t bandagetoss.png yet. You have red buff, basic attack him to apply the slow, 
get your auraofdespair.pngtantrum.png going and stick to him. The enemy laner will likely flash and this is where your bandagetoss.png comes in. Lock him down and finish it off.

If the laner is not pushed you can try and toss a bandagetoss.png at him, if it hits you can commit, if it doesn´t just wave off and get back to farming.

Same rules apply to midlane although it´s usually harder to get close to the enemy laner as the lane is shorter and they do tend to ward.

Whatever you do, don´t get baited into diving at these levels, it always ends bad.

Level 6 and beyond

When I hit level 6 I obviously have my curseofthesadmummy.png, I´ll look at botlane first. If ganking there is possible I´ll try for 2 reasons:

1. It can net us a double kill
2. On a succesfull gank we can pick up drake.

If bot is not gankable I´ll ward around drake and do my usual jungle route. When comming up to a lane that is gankable I´ll take the opportunity. Don´t hessitate on curseofthesadmummy.png if it can get you a kill, just do it. It´s no use to farm the jungle for 2 minutes with your curseofthesadmummy.png up.

Try and gank when your curseofthesadmummy.png is up, it´s far more effective but a gank without it can also be deadly when timed correctly.

The more the game progresses the tankier you will get, you can take more risks on ganks for example, using 4.png offensively. I do it all the time, 4.pngcurseofthesadmummy.png or 4.pngbandagetoss.png for a kill, as a bonus it´ll put the enemy laners on tilt. they´ll type "really" in all chat. Refering to you just blowing both a flash and an ultimate on just a kill. I don´t personaly do this but spamming ctrl+6 and typing "EZ" in all chat will enhance the tilt effect. An enemy on tilt is always an advantage for your team.

After a succesfull gank

A succesfull gank doesn´t always result in a kill, simply pushing the enemy out of lane allready yields an advantage. Help push the lane towards the enemy turret, by the time he´s back he´ll have lost an entire wave or he´ll have to blow hes 12.png. This also gives your laner the time to back, heal and buy items. By the time he gets back into lane it will be reset around half way and he can start freezing again if he so wishes.

Don´t forget after a succesfull botlane gank drake can be an option if your health allows it. Always safer if you know where the enemy jungler is.
Clear the wards by using 3341.png!
Same goes for toplane and the rift herald.

My team is doing fine and I don´t need to gank Back to Top

In this scenario you can offcourse still gank but gank to kill or take objectives, don´t gank to relieve pressure if it 
isn´t needed. If  your lanes are pushing hard and there isn´t really a need or window for ganks then there are other options.

1. You see the enemy jungler ganking a lane, for example toplane. If you´re around botside you can go steal his jungle, when stealing a camp with multiple creeps leave one of the smaller ones alive if possible. the camp won´t start the respawn timer if there is a small jungle creep alive. While you´re into the enemy jungle you can put down a ward or even a pink if you bought one. keeping vision on the enemy jungler is always good.
NOTE : If you leave on of the smallest Kruggs alive they´ll walk away and the timer on the camp will reset so no use in leaving those.

2. Say you did invade, warded the enemy jungle and he walked over a ward. You now know his position on the map so you can anticipate on him ganking a lane that´s pushed close by. You might want to stick around that lane for a little while to countergank. You see the enemy jungler going in, blowing all of his cooldowns, this is your time to strike. You bandagetoss.pngcurseofthesadmummy.png the jungler and potentially the laner(s) to counter the gank. When everything is on cooldown the enemy champ is most vulnerable and prone to being killed.

In any case the most the most important is you keep farming. In lower ELO´s where the laners don´t farm like they should so simply clearing the jungle can actually get you a gold lead. Don´t force ganks, play your own game and the kills will follow.

The early game is turning bad Back to Top

The early game turning bad is something that frequently happens to tank junglers. As an Amumu you can´t be expected to keep up with 60.png64.png76.png, etc. The thing about these games is that the enemy team will very likely lack a tank in the late game. Most toplaners being played are bruisers. This is what Amumu thrives on, they will usually lack engage and a decent front line. It does not mater if the lanes are feeding in the early because if you and your team farm, the mid to late is yours. First of all you being the jungler you will be blamed for everything.

                         MUTE AND REPORT

That´s it, just mute and report. Don´t get baited into rage, up untill last season I got baited into raging all the time and it didn´t help. In fact it did quite the opposite, a raging team is a losing team. I only use chat to communicate my next gank or to warn teammates of the early game pressure they will be recieving from the enemy jungler. A quick "mind the lvl3 gank top" might save a lane. Although the laners usually don´t listen to friendly advice, I do send it out. 

Pace the game

As a jungler you can control the pace of the game. If your team is losing, slow the game down and wait for enemy mistakes. Slowing the game down means no fighting. Farm up, ward objectives and look for enemy mistakes, they will be plenty you just need to be patient. If your team is ahead force objectives and teamfights. Use any advantage you get, stretching games is the number 1 mistake lower ELO players make. When you have control of the game, use it. This is the strenght of a tank jungler. You decide when it´s go time, be it small skirmishes, straight out teamfights or baron/drake, you make the calls. Let your team know this, tell them to not engage themselves, you do it. That´s how to carry games with tank junglers. You play for the late game, I´ve been in matches where the laners go 0/20 by the 15 minute mark and yet we won. This is made possible by the lack of a tank in the enemy team. Amumu can really win a game that everyone in the team is allready giving up on.

Never force ganks

"Omg noob jungler, enemy jungler ganked three times allready and you do nothing".
First of all getting ganked is your own doing, if you´re pushing a lane and don´t ward you´re going to get ganked. 
As Amumu you play your own game, forcing ganks turns bad. If you want to carry games you gank to kill or get an objective, you do not waste time applying pressure to lanes you will get nothing out of. This is not LCS, you do not play to support teammates, you play to carry the game 1V9. Well 2V8 technicaly as in the higer elos you will need at least 1 carry that knows what he´s doing.

Objectives Back to Top

With the introduction of the new herald an "objectives" section is in order. Herald went from "nobody wants it" to "you have to pick it up". Here I´m not just going to talk about herald but objectives in general so first of, is there a default way to prioritise objectives? Yes and no, in general I´d say ;

Nexus ( duuh ) > turrets > baron/herald/elder drake > drake.

Is this always the way to go? No, there are a HUGE amount of factors determining what to prioritise and sometimes when you can´t contest an objective it´s better to drop it and pick up another one while the enemy team takes is. 

For example : enemy team is doing baron but we can´t contest it because our frontline tank is dead, then push a lane and grab a turret or pick up drake. Do back in time and don´t get caught so you can defend base.

Another example : you just ganked botlane and got a double kill, do NOT just back. Whatever you do the first thing is to push the lane into the enemy turret. Then ask yourself, can we destroy this turret using only this minion wave? If the answer is no then go to drake. If the answer is yes, get the turret. Then the second question is, can we SAFELY pick the drake up? If the answer is yes then pick up drake and back.

Whatever you do you generaly don´t want to die for objectives, a flash and smite steal on the baron only rarely works and will almost definitly get you killed.


Lane pressure comes with destroying enemy turrets, it is not only important for that lane but also for map control. If all lanes are pressured towards the enemy side you can ward their jungle, at all times see what they are doing and so safely pick up other objectives like drake or herald. If I can destroy a turret and there is no other immideate objective available I will 100% of the time do it. I´ll leave it standing if I can pick up herald instead of it, a good herald will net you more then 1 turret. In case of a drake I´d generaly prioritise the turret although I would be inclined to give it up for an infernal or stone drake. Often times you can kill the turret and there is enough time left for doing drake anyway or it isn´t spwaned, this decision doesn´t come up all that often.

                           Rift Herald

The rift herald is incredibly strong right now and when it spawns this is my number 1 priority. I will gank toplane, push the lane in and if we are healthy enough pick up herald. Be sure that there are no wards in the pit, you should have 3341.png by the time it spawned and if not get a 2055.png. The herald in itself doesn´t do all that much damage but it does have a lot of health so it takes a while to kill it. 

Before you start :

You do not want the enemy having vision over what you are doing in that pit. If possible get the scuttle crab first, it doesn´t take long and helps an escape if you need one. Also, destroy the scrying orb in the enemy jungle just at the entrance of their blue buff so they can´t use it against you.

Look at the map, where is the enemy jungler? Can he come and interrupt this or even kill us both? How is midlane? Can the allied midlaner come and help us or is he backed/dead/shoved into his own turret? This would free up the enemy midlaner to come and interupt or even get a kill on one of you. If both the enemy jungler and midlaner can come to you you could be in big trouble. These are calls you have to make on your own and when it goes wrong, learn from it!

Killing the herald :

Poke it in the eye and move out of the way if it prepares for a charge, thats it. A lot of hitpoints so it takes a while but when the eye on his back is revealed simply attack it and it will take a solid amount of damage.

Using the herald :

The best herald I´ve personaly seen in one of my games killed 3 turrets and half an inhibitor, so he basicly plowed an entire lane. The first turret had allready taken damage though but still, very potent. So when to use it?
First off you want an open lane, meaning the laner is prefferably dead or at least backed. Second you want as many people of the enemy team as far away from the lane you plan on using it on or have them dead. You first push your minion wave in so the herald doesn´t immideately draw turret aggro and help him kill the turret when no one is near. When enemy champs start comming in you want to keep them away from him. Don´t die for this, it´s not worth it. If you die they´ll kill it anyway. If it´s getting low and you feel it won´t make it to the next turret just abandon it.

The herald replaces your trinket and has a cooldown,


Beter to have a bad herald then letting it expire.

If you have a hard splitpusher it can be a good idea to release the herald on one lane and have your ally push another. This way they´ll have to either split up or prioritise on of them. This takes coordination though so you won´t usually be able to pull it off in SoloQ.


The dreaded baron, more games are thrown here then won. You can´t let the enemy team take it but making the call yourself is very risky. In general I only take it when we win a teamfight, have enough DPS and can´t safely get an inhibitor. You want the enemy jungler dead and at least 1 other person to even think about it. Unless they´re clearing waves at inhibitor turrets and you have enough damage to kill it quickly. Keep in mind stone drakes increase damage on baron aswell. Generaly you don´t want to attempt baron if your ADC is dead, exceptions can be made if you have high, CONSISTENT damage output from another champ, thinking of 23.png11.png,10.png for example. Dodge what baron throws at you, you can see where hes "special" attacks are going to land and they are fairly easy to dodge.

                                                          3341.png or 2055.png

you do not want the enemy team to know what you´re doing in the baron pit. They can steel it or all out come and kill you if they see you don´t have the damage to kill the baron quickly enough.

If the enemy jungler is comming for a steal someone has to go and stop him but it can´t be you since you have the 11.png. Do not let him enter the pit! When baron is tanking 3000 damage per second the smiting is a gamble, this is absolutely terrible in SoloQ since you don´t have the coördination and teammates don´t know how to respond to this.

Honestly if you are below gold 3 I asume you´re not educated enough on the game to make a risky call and I´d steer clear of baron unless there are 3 or more people dead on the enemy team and you are all alive.


Some dragons are better then others, I would prioritise them like this :

1. infernal
2. stone
3. water
4. wind

As I see it any drake you can safely pick up is worth it, a buff is a buff no matter how small.
In general picking up a drake is a lot easier if the enemy botlane is dead or backed, so ganking bot first can be a good idea. After a succesfull gank you want to push the minion wave into the enemy turret, keep an eye out for the enemy midlaner aswell. A ( fed ) midlaner can come kill whoever is in the dragon pit and steel the drake on top of it, especially if the enemy jungler comes to lend a hand. If they collapse onto you either just run and give it up or immediatly turn on them, crowd control and burst them down. You don´t want to get in extended fights tanking drake, especially earlier in the game. Mind you that the water drake also slows you, making it harder to run away.

When the laning phase is over your obviously not ganking anymore, at this point it´s a matter of winning teamfights or knowing where the enemy team is. If 3 or 4 of them are at the topside of the map you can often just quickly pick it up. Your ADC at this point should have enough damage to kill it fairly quickly. Don´t drop a turret for free this way though, if they´re pushing hard defending should be your priority. But if you see you can´t save the turret then picking up drake is a good idea.

                             Elder Drake

Elder drake is a huge buff, especially if you have picked up regular drakes as it doubles the buffs AND gives you extra damage in the way of a DOT burn. But elder drake has a lot of health and does quite a bit of damage, it´s closer to baron then it is to a regular drake so pretty much the same rules apply. I´m not going to repeat everything here, treat it like it´s a baron.

How to get carried Back to Top

This is something a lot of people fail to recognise but is a big part of winning games. Getting carried does not necessarily mean that you are doing a bad job, you need to identify the teammate on your side that has the potential to cut through the enemy team when kept alive or given setup. It also doesn´t necessarily mean this carry is fed. As you progress trough the ELO´s you will start noticing who know his stuff and who doesn´t. 

The ADC will carry me

This is my favorite carry because as the game progresses they only get stronger, just like you. If you notice the ADC has the damage needed to cut trough the tanks but he dies in teamfights because the support just isn´t peeling, you do it. An ADC will put out insane amounts of damage when given the setup. Is the enemy 86.png for example running up to him and trying to kill him? Stop him from reaching him and he will go down. 
Similar champs are for example 102.png24.png39.png58.png92.png they have to get on top of your carry to kill him. 
bandagetoss.png and curseofthesadmummy.png them to stop them from doing so. A crystal scepter to use as a perma slow can help too.

Is the enemy 107.png trying to kill him? This is harder to peel but not impossible. If your carry is getting assasinated in teamfights go stand exactly on top of him. 
The second the assasin starts casting curseofthesadmummy.png and follow up with abandagetoss.png.
This will allow your carry to take some distance from the assasin and start killing him.
Similar champs 121.png7.png238.png91.png. In higher ELO´s just perma ban 238.png by the way, very little counterplay.

The AP will carry me.

AP carries are in my experience less consistent as they don´t need as much setup and make more decisions 
( and mistakes ) by themselves. They can often create 4V5 situations without aid and if they get too cocky they make risky plays that can result in exactly the opposite, 4V5´s for the enemy team. That being said anyone can get caught out, this is definitly not exclusive to AP carries.

To the matter at hand, APC´s are far less reliant on you to protect them, they usually have CC abilities or mobility to peel for themselves or lock enemies down/kite them. In most cases if you plan the engages well, the AP carry will do his job and unleash a huge burst of damage upon the enemy team. Thinking of 63.png134.png99.png112.png7.png.
Another categroy in the APC´s is the champions who deal more consistent damage, these might need peel or require you to lock down the enemies so they can kill them. More in the manner or an ADC,
 thinking of 50.png13.png8.png10.png30.png90.png. APC´s are more versatile then ADC´s are as they usually pack some form of CC or mobility ( or both ). In most cases them not getting too cocky and you handeling the engages like you should is enough to win a game.

The toplaner will carry me.

Here I will immideatly divide the toplaners in 2 cattegories and discuss them sepperatly.

The agressive splitpusher

As an example I will use the proto-splitpusher of old 23.png. "OMG, report this noob trynda he is never with the team." We´ve all been there, but learning to play with him instead of against him can yield surprising results.
The first thing you can count on is the Tryndamere to apply a constant pressure on the toplane and even when he is 0/5, during the mid to late he will be able to 1V1 ( just about ) anyone in the enemy team. This being said he will be drawing constant aggro from the enemy team and requires the attention of 1 or more likely 2 enemy champs. In order for him to splitpush without much risk there has to be pressure on at least 1 more lane. If you, as a 4 man team apply pressure to the midlane the enemy team will come to you. Applying pressure means that you push the lane up to a turret, this will cause at least 1 person of the enemy team to come clear the wave. If they don´t come well than you simply kill the turret. Look at botlane to, if it is pushing towards your side it might be interesting to push it out first, if you have a zZ´rot on your team use it in the empty lane.

Now, let us say the 23.png is pushing up the the inner turret and you as a 4 man team are up at the inhibitor turret. 1st rule of a splitpush, don´t get caught. This requires map awareness, blue trinkets on the carries and toplaner help a lot.
As the 4 man team you will likely draw the entire enemy team to mid while Trynda is freely killing turrets. Offcourse the enemy team will notice this, as soon as champs start dissapearing ( and likely head to the splitpusher ) ping like a madman. The 23.png can back off and you as 32.png get a chance to engage 4V4 or even 4V3. Only engage when it looks like you can burst someone down. In these situations you don´t want extended fights as the enemy champs that ran top can come back and turn the fight. If no oppurtunity rises just set the splitpush back up again, in a situation where you pressure 2 lanes, you have the upper hand. You control the game. If the Tryndamere is allready engaged with 2 enemies in a fight you can risk some extended fights of your own in the midlane. Again, don´t get caught. You can not blame a splitter for getting caught in a 5V4 as you know full well he is toplane pushing. Other examples of these champs are 10.png11.png, basicly anyone can splitpush, some champs just preform better at pushing lanes then in teamfights. A 122.png or 86.png for example can splitpush too but they also function better in teamfights then a 23.png.
A splitpush in a losing game is also possible. Let´s say the enemy team is up to your nexus turret and the 23.png is just hammering toplane ready to push all the way to base. If you as a 4 man team can clear the waves of minions, the enemy team will have to decide. Do we, as 5, turret dive them? Or do we send 2 people back for the Trynda and wave off the push? This is not something you´ll want to do if you don´t have the wave clear. A 134.png for example can clear waves from a safe distance with no problems, a 4.png however can´t clear waves effeciently and would have to get in harms way to do it.

The more feamfight oriented champs

These champs just try and win their lane, kill the enemy turret and start teamfighting all while applying gentle pressure to the toplane. Usually with the aid of 12.png. With applying gentle pressure I mean, make sure the lane is pushing but not necessarily being there themselves. I will take 86.png as an example. These champs run straight for the enemy backline and just soak loads of damage and CC. If you time your engages well then can just freely run up to the enemy ADC/APC and start killing them. When left alone versus a fed 86.png that knows what he´s doing, 80% of all ADC´s don´t stand a chance. All while he soaks the CC you can just start killing them yourself and vice-versa. Keep in mind your backline though, if the Garen can keep both enemy carries out of the fight for a while and you can peel for the backline to kill the enemy frontline that might be better in a losing situation. It´s not because the 86.png dies that he did a bad job. Garen zoning 2 or 3 people out of a fight wile you help your carries kill the enemy 39.png  and 79.png can work just as well. Like minded champs are 122.png50.png48.png2.png5.png114.png.

Why ( not ) Amumu? Back to Top

Carrying games with Amumu relies mainly on your understanding of the game as you are making the calls like when to engage or when to do drake/baron. This can be tricky for inexperienced players as 1 bad engage/baron call can lose the game, especially with these huge death timers in the late game. On the other side of things more experienced players can really take advantage of enemy mistakes with Amumu. The long range bandagetoss.png and AOE curseofthesadmummy.png can punish enemy mistakes hard when used correctly. So more then relying on your mechanical skill you take advantage of enemy stupidity, wich is plenty, you just need to learn to see the mistakes and punish accordingly. With that said Amumu is a perfect champ for people with a limited amount of time that still want to climb the ladders of dynamic queu.

Pro´s :

1. No one ever plays tanks, everyone want´s to play damage and make those fancy plays you see on stream. If I would jungle damage, 80% of the time our team just wouldn´t have a tank at all. When your team doesn´t have a tank the game can go two ways :
- snowball hard and end at 20 minutes or...
- they stretch the game and you lose because you have no proper engage, plus the enemy carries cut trough you       like butter. And the randoms always stretch the games far longer then they have to last.

2. You have the hard engage so you make the decisions. Grab the game by the balls and call the shots. Don´t let the randoms think for themselves, it always ends bad. Make the decisions for them and everything will be easier for the team.

3. High impact ultimate and a very long range Q. curseofthesadmummy.png is one of the best ultimates for teamfights and bandagetoss.png is a skillshot with a stun and a huge range. Perfect for picking people off and creating 4V5 situations.

4. You´re the jungler so you decide on drake/baron, or at least it should be that way. People don´t always listen and might force you into drakes and barons you really don´t want to do. It happens, nothing you can do about it.

5. Very versatile build path, you can full tank to help out your carries or build loads of damage while still being tanky enough to all-in frontline. The game can turn every direction and Amumu will be usefull if you just adapt the build.

6. Monsterous late game. Games always get streched too long and Amumu thrives on this, every advantage the enemy team doesn´t press you get stronger untill you become a late game god and punish them for not finishing earlier.

7. Straight forward champ that is easy to play, only 1 skill shot, all the other abilities are just toggle or pressing a button.

Cons :

1. No escape, once you bandagetoss.png into the teamfight you´re in it. You can flash out but thats not optimal.

2. Weak early game, very prone to invades. Learn to play around this.

3. Little damage when behind, if both your carries suck you´re pretty much screwed. Amumu can deal with 1 bad carry but 2 is very hard.

4. Not really META right now even though he´s win rate is still just above 50%, read the section below for details.

Amumu right now ( Pre-season ) Back to Top


Don´t play Amumu, simple as that. Want a tank get Rammus but I still recommend a stronger ganker like Jarvan or Xin Zhao.


113.png33.png are the two best tank junglers right now but they are banned often and then I resort to either 32.png or 31.png. If you don´t have another tank on your team it is highly preferable to get one in the jungle but I would prioritise 113.png.


Tank junglers are still strong, 113.png and 57.png in particular but 32.png is fine too, especially in silver/bronze.
3504.png is absolutely busted right now but Amumu sadly can´t use it, 40.png 37.png 16.png are strong if you want to try supporting. In general people don´t use the second mastery tree anymore on junglers but I feel Amumu still really craves the buff enxtension and mana from meditation making him less strong then before mentioned Sejuani and Maokai. 


Amumu and tank junglers in general are in a good spot right now, I definitly advise to play Amumu right now.


The early to mid game revolves heavily around toplane and the herald, I´m adding an "Objectives" section to adress this ( and other matters ). Other then that my opinion hasn´t changed on tank junglers. If you pick a tank then get something that can pull off reliable early game ganks like 154.png  33.png or 79.png.

7.9 Tank rework

I´m still preaching the same, play 32.png in bronze silver and half way across gold. The 3193.png isn´t nearly as OP as everyone seems to think, it´s basicly an old 3026.png for tanks with a lower cooldown. Tanks still face the same problem in the jungle as they did before, come out against a good jungler and they´ll destroy you and your lanes before you get a chance to get tanky. I don´t play 32.png since I hit platinum and right now I´m platinum 3 thanks to 59.png and 56.png.

Amumu got nerfed 7.7

Ok, Amumu ran rampant in the lower ELO´s after the buff so they reduced base damage on the auraofdespair.png but improved scaling. For pure tank Amumu this is a nerf, for a runic echoes Amumu this is a buff. I´m going to try it out soon, haven´t been playing League a lot lately. Let´s face it, something had to be done, hes win rate is still high enough to play him from bronze to gold. Now if they could just figure out what to do with Ivern...

Amumu still faces the problem of him not being all that present on the map in the early so below I´ll talk about early game pressure jungling.

Counterplay to the early game pressure jungling.

The problem with counterplay to this early game pressure jungling is that is should come from the laners. If there is a tank in the jungle because top refused to pick one ( wich is the case 90% of the times ) you should play to expect ganks when laning. This lets the jungle tank do his thing, namely farm, get big and gank/countergank only when opportune. Sadly, the laners often lack the broader aspect of the game, they play their lane and their lane only. Then when getting ganked to pieces by an enemy 64.png they will start to rage at the jungler for not ganking them. 


Well then maybe you shouldn´t be pushing? Play safe and aim for midgame teamfight.
But it doesn´t work that way, laners play with horseblinders on, they don´t care what´s going on and it´s always someone elses fault, in most cases they blame the jungler for their incompotence.


There isn´t really a clear cut solution to this, gank when you feel comfortable about it but don´t force ganks.
If they feed they feed, you can gank their lanes and help them out but that only helps so much, a lot depends on the laners themselves. Try to stretch the game and drag it to late game, also try and keep them from flaming 
( not an easy task ).

Jungling in Bronze Back to Top

Ah the glorious ELO hell, first thing I want to adress is that 32.png is one of the best, if not the best jungler to play in bronze. I called him Bronzodia in the titel, he earned this name on Reddit and there is a reason they call him that. 

Amumu is one of the only champs that consistently stays above the 50% win rate in bronze ranked games, something only very little champions achieve. So off to the bronze Amumu guide.

The first thing you do when jungling in bronze is :


                        MUTE EVERYONE.

This isn´t an exaggeration, you mute everyone. Nothing being said in bronze chat is worth reading and honestly my opinion on the matter is RITO should disable chat in all normals and everything below gold division. Players getting out of bronze and silver are so used to the flame in chat that it seems like a part of the game. Not that there is no flame in the higher ELO´s but noticably less and there is still a mute button.

                      Don´t waste time.

Don´t play to support lanes, gank to kill. Even if you get a lane ahead they rarely do anything usefull with the lead, honestly if you can´t get ahead on an oponent in bronze on your own, you belong there. If you followed this guide you muted them anyway so they can´t whine about it. You clear the jungle and when near a lane look for a gank, not the other way around. An enemy laner you kill once will likely make the mistake of not warding/pushing hard again. One of the biggest factors keeping people in bronze is making the same mistakes over and over again without learning from them.

           Objectives, objectives, objectives!

Stop chasing that low enemy and push lanes, get drakes when you win a teamfight or skirmish. 
Every advantage you don´t push is a chance for the enemy to catch up. That one kill you get from chasing down a low health support is nothing compared a turret or drake. Win a teamfight, ping the turrets/drake and ping them off the chase. If they don´t listen just do it yourself, nothing you can do about it.

                  Do not initiate a Baron.

The amount of games getting thrown at baron is unbelievable, there are so many variables to consider when doing baron it´s a hard call even in the higher ELO´s. If you´re in bronze, you are not educated enough to make that call. You can however catch the enemy at baron, a 3/4/5 man Amumu curseofthesadmummy.png there is absolutely devastating so you generaly do want vision over it.

                             Don´t greed.

Also a huge problem in bronze, I think of bronzies as sharks and that´s not in a positive way. They smell blood and their brains shut down, they act purely on poor instinct. If you gank and burn 2 4.png and a 7.png, thats fine. Don´t go bandagetoss.png them under their turret. If your laner is hell bent on diving ping him off, if he does it anyway it´s hes fault. Let him light up chat, you muted him anyway.

                            Don´t give up.

Mistakes are everywhere in ELO hell wich gives you plenty of chances to punish your enemies for it. 1 good teamfight can change the entire game from an uphill battle to a walk in the park. Expecially picking enemies off at a baron or when they turret dive you at an inhibitor can be extremely usefull to turn games around.


                           Build offtank

I´d still sugest a cinderhulk untill you rack up enough experience to go 1414.png into 3068.png but you definitly want some damage in the build. Generaly I´d say it should end up looking like this 1413.png3158.png3110.png3001.png3116.png3151.png, the carries in bronze shouldn´t be doing enough damage to effectively kill you with those items but you will melt them given you can chain your bandagetoss.png´s and land a good curseofthesadmummy.png. But you pretty much never want to go full tank,
you´re trying to 1V9 here.

If you manage to keep your deaths below 5 on average I´d say you have enough experience to try a 1414.png build.
1414.png3158.png3068.png3001.png3030.png, this would be a good example of a working build. The 3030.png active is a pretty good tool to stick to carries but you have to use the active. You probably noticed I´m an item short of a complete build, as a filler I´d suggest using 3116.png3151.png depending on what you need, if you´re really fed a 3089.png can work. A more defensive item could be a 3193.png or 3157.png.

General tips Back to Top

You don´t have to win every game, try to enioy it and don´t let this game become a stress factor. I have a roughly 50% win rate and in a total of, as I´m writing this, 122 soloqueu games ( 29/03/2017 ) I got from silver 2 to gold 1. And since the start of the season 122 games is pretty casual compared to most.

That being said, here are some general tips I feel most higher ELO players should know but I think Silver/Bronze players might actually learn something from this. Doesn´t hurt to throw it out there.

1. Dont rage in chat. Yell, scream, hit your wall whatever you need to do but keep it out of chat. It will make other people rage and before you know it the entire team is typing in chat while the enemy team is doing baron.

2. Dodge queu, if you feel like someone is going to trollpick, if someone is allready raging in champ select, guys claiming to be smurfs ( they always, 100% feed and rage ), if anything is giving you a hint that it just won´t be winnable tank the -3 LP and wait 5 minutes. You obviously can´t do this in promo´s as it will count as a loss.

3. If someone is raging first make a friendly request for them to stop "don´t rage please, we can win this" for example. If they don´t stop then firmly ask them to "shut it", if that doesn´t help ( wich it likely won´t ) mute him and tell the other players to do the same. Tell him before you mute him with a simple "muted", this way he knows he can´t talk to you and likely won´t bother making him more focussed on the game.

4. Don´t let your head down, I see it all the time, 5 minutes into the game, a laner is 0/2 and he´s allready saying "GG FF at 20". That attitude loses you more games then losing a lane will. I´ve come back from HUGE dissadvantages by simply exploiting the enemy teams mistakes. If you have a more balanced team that is more capable of teamfighting a dissadvantage might not even be that big of a deal. The enemy Jax can be 10/0 for all I care, if he gets cocky and jumps face first into a fight he´s not even going to touch my carry because I´ll peel him off.

5. Don´t play when tilted, it will make you play worse. If you´re raging then quit and go play a singelplayer game, get of the pc do whatever you got to do but don´t play ranked.

6. I´ve had periods where I just didn´t enjoy the game anymore, give ranked a rest for a few days/weeks and just cassually play whatever seems fun to you. Last time I had this period I played an ARAM after a long time and got Zilean. I had the most fun I´d had in League in a good year and I found enjoyment in the game again. Don´t let it be a drag, it´s a game, it´s supposed to be fun.

7. Don´t care too much about your rank, I´ve played with diamonds who were bad and silvers who were compotent. And don´t get brought down by people who claim they are better then you just because their loading screen border is different.

8. If you take a loss analyse what YOU could have done differently to influence the outcome of the game.
Would I have been better off playing a different champ?
Did I do some bad engages? If so, wich ones and how do I prevent it in the future?
Were there ganks I screwed up and if so why?
The list goes on but focus on the things you could influence, if the toplaner is perma-pushing, keeps getting ganked and dies that´s not something you can help. Don´t focus on others but improve yourself.

9. Get rid of your delusion, I´m posting this here because of my last game. A casual normal game where I was playing mid Akali ( wich I never do and it wasn´t my best game believe me ) and this Nautilus support was trying to tell me how to play the game. He made the worst engages on the enemy team that was ahead and had no concept of being support in the late game. 
He was 100% convinced he was the frontline tank and left his carries to die. While I know that a late game supports primary function is keeping his carries alive, known as peeling, especially when playing at a disadvantage. After enough of his yapping I decided to tell him this in a friendly manner and his reaction was "report akali". I was handing him this usefull information but in his delusion of thinking he knew it all, he just got angry at me and learnt nothing from that game. The point here is, be open minded, accept that you are not the best player in the world and that anyone makes mistakes. You do not know it all, sometimes listening to what someone else has to say can actually improve your game. And learn from your mistakes, analyse them. Don´t get mad at everyone else, look at what you did wrong and can improve.

A quick FYI, the Nautilus´ ranked win rate was a whopping 36.59%, yeah... And this guy is far from the only one guilty of this, I´m fairly sure a psychology major could write an entire essay on mental dissorders in League, delusion being the most common. If you recognise yourself in this then I advise you to change if you want to improve.

10. Use the statistics readily available at Lolking here or at OP.GG, if you look at the bronze ranked statistics on OP.GG you´ll see that right now that only a staggering 6 champions get a win rate barely above 50%. Find the champs you main and look at their win rate in your division, Ryze for example is at the bottom of the ladder with 36,90%. If you´re playing Ryze do yourself a favor and cut it out. Don´t pick weak champs.

Guide Updates Back to Top


Removed old runes/masteries and added the new ones.


Updated the guide, nothing too big, back to 3110.png as a core and switched masteries. It will all soon be irrelevant anyway, we´re nearing pre season and everything will be switched up.


Finaly finished my objectives section, small update.

I myself am back to platinum 4 with a normal MMR, it was hellish getting that MMR back to normal.
Again in promo´s as I´m writing this for the 5TH TIME IN A ROW... In all 5 series I´ve had an inting Riven, an inting Vayne, an inting Singed, an AFK Blitzcranck and an inting Twitch. I should have been near platinum 2 by now if I didn´t get absolutely shafted by matchmaking in every single promo serie. Sad.


It´s been a while since I updated the guide, itemisation changed because of 3001.png now also giving mana. 
3110.png is no longer core, rather a cheaper 3109.png can replace it. Cinderhulk got buffed for the lategame and early game pressure jungling seems to have dropped of a bit so tanks are in a decent spot right now. Honestly junglers aren´t even close to as opressive as they used to be so I almost never jungle anymore. It´s hard to change the outcome of a lane and they´ll just blame you for losing.

As for myself, continued to drop, gold 2 MMR as I´m writing this but I´m back on a positive winrate in my last 20 ranked matches. Mainly by playing 23.png top, splitpushing is the way to solocarry right now. Counterpicking with a tank works well too, for example they pick 23.png or 92.png, I pick 54.png and shut them down. They don´get fed and can´t push but I as a tank can contribute to the team.


I now have a platinum 5 MMR, I have no idea what´s happening but im constantly getting matched with braindead apes. I was shooting up during the entire season and I honestly have no idea what I´m doing wrong. Jungle and apply early game pressure? They throw late. Jungle tank for late? They all lose their lane. Decide to solo lane and win? Here have an 0/12 botlane. Discouraging to say the least. The biggest problem is even if you get ahead, an allied mistake can define the entire late game because of the huge death timers. You have to get half way across platinum just to see them play considerably worse then mid to high gold. Flaming, inting, AFKing,... I lost all appetite for the game in this ELO. I´ll likely start smurfing soon because this is not enjoyable and I´m not good enough to 1V9. Nor do I ever intend to be, I´m not about to sink enough time into this game to get good enough to solo carry my way trough platinum. 


Tank update hit live, not even slightly impressed by it. Jungle tanks still miss their effectiveness, if you´re above gold 3 stay away from them and learn how to hammer down pressure. If you want to play a tank get 111.png on toplane. On a sidenote, what the hell did they do to 57.png´s ultimate. You can outwalk that thing, nearly impossible to use right on a gank.


Now is the time to play Amumu expecially in the lower ELO´s, the passive is sick. Updated the guide to match the buff and added a section for the bronzies among us. 

Back to winning games in platinum thanks to our good friend 32.png, I had trouble winning with my 37.png support who got me to platinum in the first place. I played some 427.png too but I really don´t get how that thing is racking up such high win rates. You can lock someone down with the ivernq.png and there it just ends, if your laner is bad you won´t get anything out of it regardless. Ivern does negative damage he´s just a bit anoying, if you want to abuse the strenght of support items you can buy them on 32.png aswell.


I added a section "Amumu right now" where I talk about how he fits into the meta.
I also added notes in the item section for 3107.png and 3190.png, they are both dirt cheap and offer great teamfighting utility but sadly don´t always sit right in an Amumu build.
Also added a "General tips" section, will be a good read for the lower ELO players I think. 

Season 7 update

I finaly updated the guide, nothing much changed really, I no longer build 3190.png. What I do have to say is that right now I prefer a tank on the toplane so the jungler can pick something that can apply more reliable pressure on the lanes in the early stages of the game then 32.png can. But still, 32.png has a high impact ultimate that can win teamfights with a good engage. Especially in the lower ELO´s the bronzodia is still really effective. I also have to say I haven´t been playing a lot lately, I´m starting to care less and less. The endless grind with brainless teammates who always point the finger at someone else has finaly gotten too me I think. In fact I´m surprised the community hasn´t collapsed yet, RITO has been turning a blind eye to toxicity, rarely punishing even extremely toxic behavior. It has sadly  become part of the game in a way.  


Updated masteries.


The meta has shifted away from tank junglers to more early game pressure junglers, in low ELO´s this will not affect this guide all that much but in the higher tiers I would right now recommend AGAINST playing Amumu as a tank. I´m adding sections for Runic Echoes Amumu, I´m still experimenting with it myself so it might take a while.
The pictures for the abilities are bugged undefined.png, no idea why.


Tweaks, new champions and a few changes but no real meta shifting changes. Guide stays relevant.


A few champions were tweaked and you get "first blood" tower gold, that in theory could make early game pressure/control junglers a bit more potent but I wouldn´t worry about it. I did specificly ad a match-up for 10.png. She is running rampant on toplane right now and 32.png has a hard time dealing with her. Or at least I do. I tought it was worth the effort.


Deleted the Amumu and me section as it added no value to the guide. It was basicly me telling the reader I´m having trouble getting higher then platinum 2 with Amumu. Sejuani is currently my to go to tank as she offers more consistent crowd control and her ult is similar but with range. She can also dash out of nasty situations.


Finished "How to get carried".


Ryze rework, Sona´s major tweaks and some minor adjustments for Fiora, Lee-Sin, Leona, Malzahar and I definitly forgot a few champs. Nothing changes for Amumu so the guide is still relevant.
Cloud drake did get a buff, haven´t really noticed it myself but I have to say the last 2 weeks I haven´t been playing all that much. 

Touched up the "Early game lvl1-6" section. Judging by the spelling and grammer mistakes I was possibly drunk when writing this. I´m not a native English speaker but I try my best. Any spelling mistakes reported in the comments I will adjust.


That´s when I wrote the guide so obviously everything in it is relevant.

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