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2 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

TP is king 12.png and Flash is a must 4.png

In my opinion picking TP and flash on Anivia is the best choice. The flash is needed because Anivia is extremly vulnerable and slow. But it also allows her to make plays e.g. flashing into range for your Q+E combo. TP is prefered over the old favorite ignite because of the removal of E+R combo. The new Anivia is no longer like the old, you have zero laning presence so there is no point in picking ignite with so little kill potential. Instead, pick TP and scale into mid and late game. TP will help you through your rough early game vs many tough match-ups. Plus you can back for the early buy. I would also argue for that TP is the best competitive pick because pros know how to abuse the early game of Anivia so you will need to back more often and quickly TP back to lane.

P.S. You can TP before dying, and even if you turn into egg form, your TP channel will not break. It will continue its channel, and lastly you will be teleported to the targeted ally structure/minion as eggnivia!

Score TP: 5/5
Score Flash: 5/5

Viable alternatives

3.png   Exhaust
Exhaust is a bit like barrier except that barrier shields you for more damage, and exhaust is a little more offensive option. Exhaust can be hard to time since its duration is 2.5 seconds. You should pick it if there is no exhaust in your team, but it is a really weak summoner if you can not get in range to use it during laning phase or if enemy team has a lot of global and long range spells. I should be picking up this summoner more frequently vs high mobility assasin type champions in mid, e.g. vs Zed, Yasuo and Fizz because it is a really strong summoner vs them specifically.

This is actually a really strong summoner if you are good at reading the enemy. If you know they are going for the kill on you then exhausting them can really turn the tides of the battle. Overall, you are actually prone to getting dived into. People will flank you and you will have to burst them down before they burst you down. Having Exhaust is a really big counter to that. Anivia doesn't necessarily need to get fed. You can farm up to get your items and you can definitely take a more supportive role in the team with the Exhaust while still maintaining your damage.

Score Exhaust: 5/5

14.png Ignite

Ignite is still useful in lower elos where the opponent has no idea how to play vs Anivia. Your burst is still strong if you hit it at all, so with ignite, it should be a great all-in. I would not go for ignite because if my opponents play correctly, they won't get cheesed. Some melee players are really dumb, so they often get cheesed easier while long ranged champs often play more safe in lane so picking ignite is a waste.

Score Ignite: 3/5

6.png Ghost 

The only reason you want to pick Ghost is to outrun someone, getting into position, joining teamfights, escaping ganks etc etc... But since the ghost nerfs, it has become a weak summoner in terms of escaping ganks. I won't pick ghost anymore for the safer laning against ganks. It's only worth it to get ghost to outrun people that can chase you down really hard, e.g. Riven, Hecarim. Anivia wants stationary fights anyways, if you are good at positioning, ghost wont help you in an actual teamfight.

Score Ghost: 4/5

1.png   Cleanse
As a non-assasin mage, enemy team will be looking to CC you down and kill you. And more often than not, 1 simple stun CC is more than enough to kill a fragile champion such as Anivia. But having cleanse means you can break from all sort of CC, and eventually an exhaust and ignite. Be sure to pick cleanse in a match up that makes sense. If enemy team has a lot of knock-ups then cleanse will be ineffective. However, if they are playing champions such as Fiddlesticks and Veigar, then having cleanse will be really effective. I would also pick this summoner spell if I would play a mirror match against Anivia. Despite the fact that cleanse can feel a little bit unrewarding during the early game, this summoner is game changing during the late game if used correctly. Cleanse requires a lot of experience and practise in order to pull off, so try it out in normals before jumping into ranked games!

Score Cleanse: 3/5

7.png   Heal
This is a really strong summoner in 2v2 skirmishes in mid-lane with the jungler. Being able to give movement speed and health to both you and the jungler is crucial. However, heal is easily countered by ignite which is a usual pick in the mid-lane. Pick this if you don't think enemy team will be having many ignites and if you need that extra movementspeed and health. It is a good spell vs tanky teams because heal gives permanent health and enough movement speed for you to flee. But you actually engage in way too close combats for Heal to really be effective. You are prone to getting ignited. Keep in mind that heal is only useful into match-ups where your opponent doesn't counter it with ignite. 

Score Heal: 3/5

21.png   Barrier
Barrier is an incredibly strong summoner if used correctly. It is strong vs really bursty champs, e.g. Syndra with obvious projectiles. Keep in mind however that it is easy to miss-time this summoner as it is a temporary shield that will only be active for 2 seconds. Barrier works against long ranged burst, e.g. global ultimates Karthus R, while exhaust would not be able to protect you from that. But it can't save you from CC or four of the Ignite ticks. Grabbing this means that you have no kill potential in your lane. In fact, you should only pick this into a losing match-up, but personally I don't like it anyways.

Score Barrier: 3/5

New Runes Back to Top



Arcane Comet

Most champs can't really utilize the Arcane Comet so well because if a champion runs in a straight line, the comet will miss. However, it is definitely strong on Anivia because you have so much CC which allows you to hit it.It's debatable whether to pick Arcane Comet vs Electrocute from Domination because it is the old Thunderlord's Decree (even stronger than before). Electrocute is straight up broken in terms of burst damage, but the Arcane Comet has way lower CD and a really good scaling so it definitely wins in drawn out trades. The more often you trade, the more work Arcane Comet does. As one of the few champions that can abuse Arcane comet well, then do so. We can always fall back to Electrocute if Arcane Comet gets nerfed (especially in terms of projectile speed).


Manaflow Band

Straight up broken for a control mage like Anivia. You are a very mana hungry champion so don't hesitate to take it. It's your strongest rune pick by far. Anivia already has low CD on ult so Ultimate Hat isn't as OP on Anivia as on e.g. Karthus. Nullifying orbs sounds tempting in oppressive lanes where you can lose but it doesn't help you farm so you are better off picking the resolve tree if you are going to have trouble mid. With Manaflow Band, you can finally ditch that weak ass tear 3070.png and get rid of Anivia's weak early game.



The only viable choice. You don't have the enough bonus MS to utilize the extra stat bonus from Celerity as some champions can. Absolute focus is pretty good actually but only when you are healthy. There are better champions for this one, e.g. Annie that engages with a 5-man stun.



Tough choice. Gathering Storm doesn't give you any real active benefits except for more late game dmg, i.e. you become a late game monster. But personally I value the early part of the game way more. At least in soloq, you are often caught up in a fiesta, thus you are better off with Waterwalking which might help you catch someone off guard during a river fight, e.g. you can isolate enemies with wall in during river fights. Imo late game power is useless if you are already losing hard. Scortch is nice beacause it's a free Deathfire Touch (kind of like an ignite) to finish off low hp enemies. But it has a long CD so nah.



Biscuit Delivery

Anivia has a tough laning phase, and you can't afford to be set back in terms of lvls and farm. Make sure you stay healthy and can farm in lane. Sustain has always been a broken element in this game, let's abuse the biscuits. Pick magical boots if you have an easy free farm lane. In an easy lane the biscuits will be overkill.

Approach%20Velocity.png?width=64Approach Velocity

Nobody will be able to utilize this rune as well as you can. With this rune, Anivia can chase down enemies. Just barely tap somebody with her ult (which in turn slows them for like 1 second), and you will be able to catch up to the enemy due to your extra MS from the rune. Same goes for your stuns. If you stun somebody from max range, it's now way easier and safer to step in for the E combo due to extra MS.

Abilities Back to Top


Skilling on Anivia is situational

Notice that at lvl 4, I put a point into wall instead of stun. This is extremely situational actually. Sometimes I put the point in stun at lvl 4, but if my jungler wants to gank then I will opt for the lvl 4 wall to make it easier to land the Q, and thus either force the flash or get the kill. Or maybe the enemy jungler hasn't ganked yet and you think he is hiding in the mid lane bush. You can then save your skillpoint until your trinket is up. If he happens to gank you when you don't have any wards up, put a point into your wall and disrupt the enemy jungler's pathing and stun the enemy midlaner. Waiting with putting your point at lvl 4 is really effective! Also remember that you can check bushes with the wall, it's effective if the enemy jungler camps you in the midlane bush!

Having a large wall with at least 2 points in it during mid game is crucial. The wall is the whole definition of Anivia. Without a reasonable large wall when fighting for the objectives, you are just a normal AP caster mage that deals damage. You might as well look to play a different champion with better damage, CD and AP-ratio. But if you truely want to master Anivia, then you will need to master her wall. You need 2 points into wall because lvl 1 wall is useless.

The wall is an incredibly strong spell that can completely turn the tables, but if miss-placed it will kill your teammates and might cost you the game. Catching people with wall is a very aggressive play style and often puts yourself in a dangerous position. But sometimes you will have a window to actually walk up and wall off one of the enemies, e.g. when all of their spells are on cooldown. The wall can force flashes, catch people and wall off an entire team. When taking objectives, use it to wall of the jungler or damage dealers. There are some really good passages in the jungle that you can block completely, thus forcing them to use their gap-closing ability or flash in order to pass the wall. This puts them in a great disadvantage and increases your chances of winning the objective fight.

Maxing Q (with only lvl 1 wall) after E is not a dumb idea either. It gives you a really strong burst. If you play vs a Morgana then go for the Q after you maxed out your E because then you will be able to burst down her shield as your Q passes through her, and then you can detonate it to stun her. So regardless if she shields somebody or not, it is not going to save them from getting stunned. In the end, you have to determine whether you want the utility of wall, the damage of Q or just a little bit of both. If you are not good with the wall, then just go for the Q max after 5 points in E.

Comments on Anivia's kit

Rebirth.png Rebirth

"Upon dying, Anivia will revert into an egg. If the egg can survive for six seconds, she is gloriously reborn."

This is in my opinion one of the strongest passive in the game. The enemy team has to constantly check it and make sure whether or not it is up. However, the same thing applies to you. As an Anivia player you will have to know whenever your egg is down or up. Knowing this is valueable, especially during the early game where you can bait out the enemy mid laner and then kill him with your jungler. At around lvl 6 a lot of mid laners still have trouble finishing off your egg because of weak autoattacks, weak damage and mana issues. This is where you shine, because if they try to destroy your egg, but fails to do so you will revive and be able to kill them. 

Flash_Frost.png Flash Frost

"A massive chunk of ice flies toward target location, dealing magic damage and chilling targets, slowing their Movement Speed. At the end of its range or if Anivia activates the spell again, the missile detonates, doing magic damage in a small area and stunning units."

This is a tricky spell to land. It is one of the slowest skill shots in the game, and the stun radius is not too big either. Visually, it looks way bigger than it actually is, thus making it even harder to land. It is often not worth it to randomly cast it during laning phase because you are probably going to miss. Instead you should use it defensively when the enemy mid laner tries to engage on you. One of my favorite tricks with this spell is to throw it through minions and then start walking backwards (or in circles, absolutely do not walk towards them yet because you will scare them away). Since this is a slow skill shot, most of your enemies might not react to it because it blends well into the background and it doesn't attract a lot of attention. If they fall for your trick, then you have to instantly turn on them to land your E for the burst damage. Always remember that the reason your opponent respects you is because of your stun. If you blow it, you are very vulnerable for the duration that it is on CD.

The second tricky part about this spell is that it can damage an enemy twice by detonating it after it has applied its slow on the enemy. This means that your damage is somewhat unreliable because landing the double proc of your Q is hard and requires a lot of patience and practice. People often detonate it too early, thus missing the second part of the spell. Wait for the spell to almost fully go past them before detonating!

Trick #1: Analyse last hitting patterns. How does your enemy last hit and how do they move around in the lane? Most of my enemies are hella greedy. They won't miss even one cs. Knowing this I often throw out a few Q's at them when they are winding up their attack animation. They either have to abandon the cs, or just straight up take my burst. Sometimes, if they don't pay enough attention they won't even see your Q because they are tunnel visioning on last hitting.

Crystallize.png Crystallize

"Anivia summons an impassable wall of ice, blocking all movement. The wall lasts for 5 seconds before it melts."

This is the Anivia spell. With this spell you should look for narrow passages to wall off during an objective take so that enemies can not pass. You can also use this to zone off an incredibly fed enemy, or force an enemy to burn their gap-close/flash just to enter a fight. One of the best usages with this spell is that it can wall off an entire team from their front line. E.g. Maokai and Rammus are champions I love to play against because they often stay in the front, way ahead of their team. I do not mind them jumping on me because more often than not, I will just wall off rest of his team and my team will be just behind me to kill them. However, this method can go terribly wrong. If the enemy tank is ridiculously fed, then your team will burn all of their spells without even getting the kill. You will then lose the teamfight and even the objective. Only catch and focus the tank if your team has the damage to do so (if you are 5 you are most likely going to kill the enemy tank quickly).

Remember that this spell can check bushes. E.g. if you want to know if their jungler is still camping you or not around lvl 4, put a point in wall and check that bush.

Trick #2: You can pin down the enemy with the wall. If they happen to walk really close along a wall (terrain), and you are coming in with your champion perpendicular to the wall (terrain), then you can place your ice wall (W) parallell to the wall (terrain) and thus immobilizing the enemy for the wall's (W) duration.

In these videos I demonstrate how to pin down an enemy along the terrain. This works well as long the terrain is straight. This can occur in several places on the map with straight flat edges.

Trick #3: You can cancel jumps and dashes with your wall (W). If you place your wall in the path of the dash/jump after the enemy has initiated their dash/jump, then you will cancel their dash/jump instantly. This is really hard to pull off because you have to predict when they are going to initiate their dash/jump. You are most likely to be successful when you know for certain that they will dash/jump, e.g. when they are approaching a wall to dash/jump over. Place your wall (W) between the enemy champion and the wall (terrain) when he arrives to the wall (terrain).

In this video I demonstrate how to cancel Vi's Vault Breaker (Q). Keep in mind that cancelling dashes and jumps are one of the hardest mechanics of Anivia and is hard to pull off in a real game.

You can also cancel Thresh's lantern with wall:

Trick #4: Use the wall to interrupt recalls. Placing a wall on top of a player causes a displacement of the champion model which interrupts its recall.

Frostbite.png Frostbite

"Anivia blasts her target with a freezing wind, dealing magic damage. If the target has been slowed by Flash Frost or Glacial Storm, they take double damage."

This is your burst. Whenever a squishy enemy is standing on your fully formed R, follow up with a E to chunk them down to very low hp. Make sure to have the enemies chilled before using E in order to get your burst. However, during laning phase there will often be very mobile mid laners that are hard to stun down with your Q and then follow up with your E (e.g. Katarina). If that is the case, you can skip the chill and just go ahead and E them for a small harass. It can be used to get the enemy low and will be easy for your jungler to finish off. You might even be able to bait out a few escape spells from them.

Glacial_Storm.png Glacial Storm

"PASSIVE: Increases Chill's movement speed Slow icon slow depending on rank.

ACTIVE: Anivia creates a blizzard at the target location, dealing magic damage each second to enemies within and Chilling them for 1 second, which Slow icon slows their movement. The blizzard increases in size over 3 seconds. At maximum size, enemies within the area take 50% bonus damage, are Slow icon slowed by an additional 50% and are instead Chilled for 2 seconds."

Anivia’s new ultimate (since mid-season update S6) has a nice range (longer than the old one) but is now a tiny circle that grows over time (3 seconds) until it reaches the old size. It still consumes massive mana and is still awesome for stalling games. The fact that it takes 3 seconds for the ult to grow to max size makes her even worse vs dynamic and mobile champions. Right now the new Anivia ult is super strong vs stationary targets (i.e. tanks and bruiser) but really weak vs mobile squishies. The old ult had atk speed reduction, this one doesn’t so becareful if you are going to 1v1 ADC late game! With the new ult you have to predict the flow of the teamfight in order to pre-place your ult and let it grow up to zone the enemies (watch out for your ADC, you might need to place it on top of him for extra peel if enemies jump on him). Ideally you want to either use only your R, or only your Q to waveclear. Don't throw them out both at the same time for a fast clear, unless enemies are hitting on your turret. 

A common mistake on Anivia is to hit lvl 6 and think that you can all-in your opponent. No, you can't really all-in yet from 100-0. The second Anivia hits lvl 6 in lane, she is still pretty much mana starved due to having zero mana items. You can use your full combo to harass, but your small pool of mana won't be enough to keep R running all the time to kill your opponent. So before you commit for a 100-0, buy some mana items first! On Anivia, mana early game is more important than AP. Remember to communicate this to your jungler and make him give you the blue buff! But sometimes you need to show that you deserve the blue buff. Don't die in lane stupidly, don't let your jungler die alone by a simple invade and always try to help him out.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    1. Get Doran's Ring, and 2 hp pots. I run this most of my match-ups nowadays because of the mana regen it gives. It helps with counter pushing the lane vs players that shove a lot.
    2. Getting an early Tear helps a lot with sustaining in lane during the early and mid game. People often forget about Tear's passive: 15% mana refunded on skill usage
    3. Get the Catalyst and then complete your RoA! It's currently stronger than GLP imo because of the raw stats. GLP is a great cheese item, but is a bit expensive.
    4. Complete your lvl 2 shoes after RoA is completed. These boots are great because You have trouble getting CDR otherwise due to your core items.
    5. Finishing this before Rabadon is a smoother build path.

Core Items

    6. Get your Deathcap for the crazy bonus AP! With this you should be able to almost one-shot squishy carries! But if enemy team gots tank, go either Liandry och Void early on. Death cap isn't as strong nowadays because Anivia can't E+R poke anymore.
    7. At this stage of the game, people will start building MR. With Void staff you can still burst through it.
    8. Pick one. Pick Hourglass if you keep dying and they keep engaging on you. Pick Liandry's Torment if they have several HP-stackers, or just want more damage.

Situational Items

    If you are getting instant bursted

Building items on Anivia is hard

In this section I discuss different builds for Anivia and their build order. The build above from item section is just the recommended build, but Anivia is way more flexible than that. You have to adapt your build depending on who you are facing. Here below are a few really important builds for Anivia. Please note that since the mid season changes there are many ways of building her. I am still experimenting with the new items to find the optimal build for her, especially RoA vs GLP-800 is a tough decision. 

Build #1: Burst build (SoloQ way)

Build Path: 3802.png->1001.png->3010.png->3027.png->3020.png->3165.png->3089.png->3135.png->(Zhonya or Liandry)

This is a burst heavy item build and you will spike really hard during the mid game (super strong in SoloQ). However, you might have trouble farming without Tear of the Goddess late game. It's funny that I am recommending such a hard build to play. This build only has RoA + Morello as the mana pool and the rune Manaflow Band for the regen. This is the least mana you can play with Anivia. Any less is unplayable. But in return, you get a very hard spike in mid game where you deal a lot of damage. This became possible ever since the introduction of the new runes. Those changes actually turned out to be huge for Anivia. I always build this vs a full squishy team. If literally everyone on enemy team is squishy, I will go for this build and dominate the mid game. Anivia is very efficient with gold, she can let her ADC get most of the farm and still be super useful. People often pick full squishy comps in soloq because everyone wants to play carry assassins. If you play against several tanks, then go for a Liandry build instead.

Build this if:
  • you are looking to stomp/fight mid lane aggressively
  • you need an earlier power-spike
  • are not getting heavily pressured in mid nor forced to farm jungle camps to keep up cs
  • you are not dealing with HP-stackers
  • you are good with mana management
  • you aren't playing a farm lane

Build #2: Greedy, slow scaling, hyper-carry mode (easy mode)

Build Path vs Squishy: 3070.png->1001.png->3010.png->3027.png->3158.png->3003.png->3089.png->3135.png->(Zhonya or Liandry)

Build Path vs Tanky: 3070.png->1001.png->3010.png->3027.png->3158.png->3003.png->3151.png->3135.png->3089.png

This is an incredibly slow scaling build where you have to stack your tear (good for competitive). But when you hit late game with this build, you will have massive damage by then. The problem is that the build up is way too slow. The biggest spike in this build is when you have a fully stacked Seraph's Embrace + Rabadons. By the time you finally get to that stage you might already have lost a lot of objectives and then probably lose the game. The problem with this build is that it doesn't help you much during the mid game where Anivia actually shines. Also since you do not have plenty of CD reduction you will not be able to dish out many rotations during a fight. If you are winning laning phase super hard, then go ahead and stomp with this build! 

Since season 6 mid season update, this build route has become stronger than ever, you should really try to go for this build if mid lane is somewhat peaceful! Anivia's ult has changed to become more of a zoning tool. As Anivia you want to keep it running for extended periods of time, which is easy to do with this build. Since Tear has been changed into reducing mana cost, it strongly benefits Anivia now. This might be Anivia's strongest build right now. But as I have mentioned, Tear gives zero combat stats and any strong laner should be able to wreck you 1v1. With that said, I am keeping this build as Anivia's default build.

Build this if:
  • you are having a nice laning phase
  • enemy mid laner has no pressure
  • the game has a nice pacing, no chaos, all good and under control
  • want the strongest build in terms of raw damage late game (massive AP but slow scaling)
  • you want to farm up safely and get nice CS
  • you are playing a passive game

Build #3: Only vs Zed mid

Build Path: 3070.png->1001.png->3191.png->3157.png->3158.png->3003.png->3089.png->3135.png

Zed will 1v1 you until the point you get your Zhonya. The key item here is Zhonya, get it ASAP. Ditch all the other HP items, you don't need it. After Zhonya you need raw damage to burst him down whenever he jumps on you or your carries. Remember to pick exhaust vs Zed and he will be pretty much useless all game. It should be okay to insert a RoA after Zhonya if you still have troubles staying alive. With Zhonya, Zed has practically zero reasons to jump on you, just play safely and peel for your ADC.

Build #4: Tank-city

Build Path: 3070.png->1001.png->3802.png->3165.png->3158.png->3136.png->3003.png->3151.png->3135.png->3089.png

This item build is the strongest one in terms of damage but it has very little survivability. Don't build this against divers/flankers e.g. Fizz, Hecarim and Malphite. If you get flanked, you die. This build can't save you but you will have a lot of power if you play it out correctly. Still experimenting with this build against super tanky comps.

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Start: Start Dorans + pots  1056.png2003_32.png
Runes: Run standard AP quints

Laning: This was an easy lane for old Anivia, but post 6.23 Anivia will have troubles dealing with Ahri. They key in this lane is to always bait out her Q ahriorbofdeception.png so you can farm or trade. Walk up to her in a range of her Q and make her think she can land it on you. However, juke it and when it is down you can trade or farm vs her. But not all Ahri players use Q to harass, some uses it to farm mostly. In that case, it becomes a farm lane because she will easily heal up the harass. But if she walks too close, you can snipe her with a combo. Most Ahris will shove the lane when enough points are put into Q, this means that you will have to respond by counter-shoving it. Don't let the wave hit your tower because you will miss a lot of creeps as Anivia.

Most of the time, you should be using minions as body block because of her charm ahriseduce.png. But don't stay right behind the caster minions because she can Q ahriorbofdeception.png you for a nice harass while farming.

In lane, if you are playing vs an aggressive Ahri, she might want to find openings to charm you and get a kill on you. In that case, just walk out of the minion's block and then bait out her E. She will watch your movements very closely. The second you walk out of the minions, into the open area, she will try to charm you. If you successfully bait out her charm, you can then try to take on an aggressive positioning and land your combo.

Since Ahri does engage into mid-range fights, you can try landing a combo to get her hp a bit lower in case of jungle ganks. But most of the times she wants to shove the mid lane and farm up to out-roam you after lvl 6. If you are at around 60 % hp, she will definitely go for the kill with her ult. She does not even have to connect her charm to kill you. You never want to fight her in an all-in battle, but instead try to harass her and prevent her from engaging on you.

It is really effective to ward up the bot side river to prevent her from joining the fights because she will do better than you in early teamfights. Try your best to chunk her down in lane (with W+R+Q+E) to discourage her from roaming to your sidelanes. After 6 you really have to poke her down. You have to engage in a trade. She can't be roaming off with full HP because if she wishes to roam, she will outroam you. Your jungler should be around mid area and play around you because if he engages in a fight, Ahri will enter the scene quicker than you.

During teamfight, absolutely do not get charmed. She might try to dash to you and charm you. It is totally worth it to flash the charm in a teamfight because you will die otherwise. Other than that, you do not need to focus her too much as she will jump around the battlefield, focus instead on dealing damage to whatever is the easiest to deal with. Often Ahri players mistakenly dashes past your ult (R) and gets chilled, and if she is low you can go aggressive and flash + E + ignite for the kill.

Conclusion: You can't actually 1v1 kill Ahri so easily, so you have to play it out carefully. Ahri is really strong together with a jungler because she can join fights fast. She outroams you. But in teamfights, you have great AoE to zone her out. If she stand on your ulti, she will lose a lot of HP. Overall, you should have a small edge in this match-up. Just don't let her roam off.



Start: 1056.png2003.png

In this match-up get W early lvl 4. If you can, try to wait out the other Anivia to miss her Q, and then you can walk up really close to stun her into a combo. This battle will be decided by whose stuns and walls are better.



Go Dorans + 2 hp pots 1056_32.png2003_32.png and trade vs her, especially right after her Q is used on minions

Run MS quints.

Anivia is really bad against roamers and dynamic teamfighters such as Annie. Since Annie has a huge burst, you should opt for a tankier build with RoA. In lane she will farm with her Q, try to punish her for doing so by autoattacking and casting your Q. It is important to ward up both side of the river because she will look for the roams as she is a better roamer than you are. Especially when you are backing because you are oom, she will 100% go the the sidelanes for a gank. 

Run MS quints for this match-up and get early second tier boots. Focus on shoving lane, warding up side-lanes and keep Annie on track. If you go auto-pilot and just play and farm mid, she will wreck your team. Always actively think what her next move is, whether it is a roam or if she is going for an all-in mid against you. Annie can easily 1 shot you if she got her stun up. The standard Annie combo is to ult with stun and then spam rest of the skills + ignite (should be enough to kill you). Even if you have egg, her Tibbers is great at taking down your egg. Some Annies I have played against goes for the Luden's Echo first item. It really sucks in terms of sustain, but it is an incredible roaming item.

In teamfights, stay far back so she can not flash tibbers you and your team. Try to wait out her ultimate before you engage into fights, or keep track of her stun.


Aurelion Sol


Start: 1056.png2003.png

Runes: Standard AP

Laning: The laning pre 6 is pretty tough. He can harass you easily with his passive and extended range with E aurelionsolW.png. He can push effectively with his passive at no cost. It feels like playing vs a TF that only farms and shoves lane. After 6 he can never trade vs you. Anivia wins every trade, but try to not get stunned by his short Q. It's easy to dodge his stun because it goes slowly and only in one direction (and is pretty short). I would get wall lvl 4 vs him because he is easily ganked. He is normally very immobile like Anivia, but during certain circumstances (after walking in one direction for a long time) he gets massive mobility. Use this to your advantage and call the jungler if Aurelion shoves your lane. Unlike TF's minion clear, Aurelion has to walk relatively close to the minion wave to shove it into your tower. Thus it's easy to wall off his escape path and stun him for a gank. Please note that they tend to buy Swiftness Boots, thus making your slows less effective so it's easy for Aurelion to chase you down.

Mid game: Super annoying roams with his roaming skill E aurelionsolE.png. Literally like TF, he roams a lot, and never duels you 1v1 because he knows he will lose. So far I think his Q is pretty easy to dodge because it's a slow linear skillshot (except for when he ramps it up from base through mid-lane, really strong engage). But to land great stuns he still has to think "4 seconds ahead" like Ekkos stun.

In the end, it still feels like a skill-matchup. I would say that vs Aurelion, try to trade vs him as much as possible and discourage him from roaming with low hp. Pretty much as you would play vs TF. But be careful of ganks if you are going aggressive after 6!



Start items
Dark Seal + 2 hp 1082.png2003.png
Runes: Standard AP (full flat MR glyphs, drop the CDR)

Azir is a lot like Orianna. He has a great zone control during laning phase. It is often hard to kill him during laning phase as he will play it safe and poke you from a far. Anivia can't really retaliate vs Azir. He can easily force you to chug potions and to farm with Q. A good Azir will be constantly harassing you, even under tower. When he gets the first item, his harass will be brutal. This is a farm lane for you, so do not try to trade with Azir, just farm safely and give up a few CS. But after lvl 6 you might be able to harass him with E+R as your combo, especially if he has already missed his Q. It is often hard to go for the kill vs Azir as he plays with cleanse/barrier/heal. Instead, try to wait for a gank. He pushes waves really efficiently with low mana.

In teamfights, keep an eye on him. Look out for his insec-plays. He might want to push you into his team, and if he does so you are pretty much dead. This is pretty much a skill-matchup when it comes to teamfighting. He deals a lot of damage, so look out for it! But he often puts himself into a great danger when he is trying to deal damage because he needs to engage into closer battle ranges than you do. If you see that he is quite close to you, punish him for his positioning!



Start: 1001.png2003.png (recommended)

Alternative Start: 1056.png2003.png

Runes: Run MS quints. Laning phase will be a breeze if you can dodge his W. Brand got a lot of kill potential in lane, so avoiding damage is crucial.

Summoners: 14.png4.png 
(In this match-up I'm going for the 1v1 laning outplay around lvl 6-10)

Build route: Go for the Chalice route 3028.png if you are confident you can outplay him. I do. Else, go for the Tear 3070.png and just farm.

Early Game
Brand has an easy time hitting his W on Anivia because she is really slow. This means that he can poke you down and eventually 1v1 you early on pre 6 (he usually has ignite). To counter this, start with boots + MS quints and just outright dodge all of his spells. Brand's spells are very dodgeable with some extra MS. Alternatively you can get Doran's and opt to farm. Try to trade less and farm more because Brand has an edge in this match-up if you both start Dorans. His laning phase is really scary if you don't start boots. If you manage to get lvl 2 boots, and you are still laning then you can start trading with Brand because with wall, stun and E+R combo Anivia has a lot of outplay potential. But remember that Brand has really good range and damage on his spells, so be careful. If you try too hard to be aggressive, he can easily punish you. He has a lot of means to poke you with with his Q and W. His Q is pretty ridiculous actually because even though it looks harmless, it deals a lot of damage over time. Also, when he is close enough to E you, look out for his full combo. He can throw a seemingly harmless Q, but while it travels he can cast an instant E for the stun. While you are blazed, he can follow up with an empowered W.

Brand is deceptively strong after lvl 6. He doesn't look like it, but in a gank he could probably burst down Anivia + your jungler if you are both mid HP. His early to mid game is basically insane. But the more the game progresses, the more manageable he becomes.
He is basically like an Annie. During late game, a Banshee is enough to break him for the rest of the game. It's easy to catch him with wall so go for it if you got the jungle advantage.

Brand is just like Anivia, very immobile. Some Brand builds HP while other doesn't. A squishy Brand is pretty easy to outplay late game because Anivia can basically one-shot him with ignite. You can catch him with wall and alter his patch without him being able to dash/jump out of it, this means hitting Q should be easy. Even if you end up both dying, Anivia has egg in an 1v1 scenario. In teamfights Brand can have a huge impact if he is able to pull off his ultimate properly. But it is easily countered. Your team can just play around it by grouping up carefully and spread out.

Brand is less safe than Anivia in the sense that he doesn't have any realiable escape spells whereas Anivia has a stun, AoE slow and a wall. As Anivia, you don't need to force yourself to outplay him. Your team (e.g. jungler, top, support) can catch him easily because he is a mid-range mage and walks up way too close sometimes and is easily caught. Since Anivia provides way more utility for her team, you should focus on staying alive whereas Brand is okay with dying as long as he gets off his ult. This basically means that it is less forgiving for an Anivia to die vs an enemy team with a Brand. 

I would say that Anivia outscales Brand in this match-up and it gets more advantageous for Anivia as the game progresses. Anivia will have a rough time pre-6 and oftentimes it is better to be patient and wait until after lvl 6 before you try duel him. Pre-6 focus on farming, and after 6 you can start fighting him. But it is way smarter to avoid fighting altogether and just play safe since you outscale him. Avoid 2v2 fights with the jungler, you will lose. At lvl 11 he will spike hard with his AP items and extra damage on ult. In teamfights play around his ultimate by spreading out. Brand is way more fragile than Anivia and is more likely to get taken out from a teamfight first, so position yourself safely!



Start: Dorans + pots

Extremely hard match up the first 6 levels. You can not do anything against Cassiopeia because your combo is too hard to land because she is extremely mobile on lane when she lands her combo. NEVER auto attack cassiopeia. Her autoattack is basically her combo. When she hits level 2, she can easily kill you and your egg in no time. Her combo is really easy to land, posion + fang, and you are dead. You need to dodge her spells. All you need to focus on is to farm and not get hit by her Q. Use your Q to farm, because it has a really good range. By lvl 6, if you have not died yet then you have done a good job vs one of the strongest pre 6 champion in this game. 

At lvl 6, you should start trading with your E+R combo. Your combo heavily out-damages her combo if she only does it once. She needs to keep herself in range of you in order to deal damage, but she can not follow you if you pull off your combo because of the slows. Since you need MR against her, I recommend RoA + Athene. Also try to bait out her ult, it is really easily to bait it out. When you have the upper hand and won a trade, she will look for the turn around and ult you and finish you off. Just turn around and then back again and finish her off. Always be cautious of her ult, especially if she has low hp and still has not used it yet.

In teamfights, she is a really squishy and immobile. She does not have any reliable CC or dash/jump/blink, so you and your team will easily get her. You can also catch her with wall easily, but she is still strong so never go all-in against her. Try to hit and run all the time because eventually she will burn her ultimate, and you certainly do not want to get stunned by it.



Start Dorans and pots! 1056_32.png2003_32.png

Scenario 1
Playing vs Cho Gath mid can be tricky. A really good Cho shoud opt to just farm up into mid game where he can easily one-shot you. He should try to only lasthit safely with autoattacks if possible, else he should get them with his spells.

Scenario 2
However, many Cho players are not that patient. They start trading off immediately early game trying to land their spells on you, and they will try to greed for the CS by walking up to the minion and autoattack it.

The latter description is more of how a lower tier Cho player plays, while the first description is more of how a higher tier player plays. 

In the first scenario you should focus on last hitting. He scales really well into mid game, but falls off in late game with massive cooldowns on his rotations, and his spells are not that easy to land making him somewhat unreliable. This means that in a farming battle, you do scale better than him. Especially when you are building Liandry's and will be able to shred his max HP in no time. Also keep in mind that he can not gapclose, meaning that you can wall him off, or catch him really easily.

In the second scenario where he does not show you any respect by walking up to minions to last hit them, just punish him. You punish him by constantly autoattacking him, and look for when he is going for the cs. When he walks up and starts his autoattack animation, you can throw a Q+E combo on him. Keep autoattacking more, and if you are able to land another Q+E combo on him, use your ignite 14.png and watch him burn to death. However, watch out for missing your Q too much. If you keep missing your Q, your mana will burn out and eventually he will sustain back his mana and HP back to 100% due to his passive. You will be the one at disadvantage if that happens, so make sure to go back being defensive.

A Cho Gath that does not know Anivia's burst will lose in this match up. It is only when they are paying respect to your autoattack range and kill potential that you might lose this match up farm-wise because he has really good sustain and can farm really well.

Late game:
Cho Gath is really dangerous to be around during the late game. He only need to hit one rapture and you will be dead. Try to bait out his spells, then it will be a long time before he can dish out another rotation.



Runes: Standard AP runes

Laning: Please be careful of his lvl 1 trading, his autos deals way more dmg than yours. You can't just walk up to him and straight up auto him. You have to land your Q early on if you want to trade. But I'd just focus on farming because you can outscale him late game. He has a lot of DPS and great long range poke but he lacks utility and can't really make plays unless he got his package. You can always fight him 1v1 mid lane you can land your R on top of him and then E him. Either you get a strong harass off him or you blow up his escape spell. Use the window to punish him. But also be careful of jungler because Corki has enough dmg to kill you in egg form.

Whenever he has his package, please don't fight him. You have no chance because his package jump will cancel your ultimate if he knocks you back. Don't go for the 1v1 vs him after he got tons of items because he outranges you and he out-trades you by slowing you and poking you. Make him enter your ult or land a great Q on him. You primary goal is peeling for the back line because tanks are easy to kill for Anivia.



Start: Dorans + pots 1056.png2003.png
Runes: Standard AP

You can easily hit your combo on her. Stand to her left side, since her spell curves through her right side. This should be an easy match-up until lvl 6. That is where she can start trading with you and just straight up all-in you. If she hits her Q on you, immediately back off. She will win the trade. If she misses her Q, you can walk up to her and do whatever you want. E+R combo her for a really solid burst. She has got an annoying shield, but it is also one of her damage spells.

Call jungler for easy gank. You guys will win 2v2 and she will push you to tower. Pre-6 Diana might arguable be even more of a lackluster than pre-6 Anivia. Please fight early on!

In teamfights, you can wait until she engages on someone before focusing her. You should focus her because she is really easy to focus and really easy to pop. Especially if she goes into statis with Zhonya, snipe her with your Q. However, never let her engage on you. Watch out for it. Her flank is really strong. Late game, she doesn't really need to hit her Q before going for the R dash on you.



Start items
Dorans + pots 1056.png2003.png

Ekko is extremely reliant on hitting his Q and getting the double stacks, else he will not jump into you with his dash. Make sure to force him to farm with Q, so never let him walk up to minions and last hit. If he does so, try combo him with Q+E. Beaware of his W Parallel Convergence. If he stuns you with it, then you are pretty much dead. His ult can be used on your egg when he tries to finish you, because his shadow will catch up to him during your revive time. 

During teamfight, try to stun him and burst him down by surprise so he can not react and ult in time. It is common for Ekko players to suddenly get bursted out of the fight, without even using the ultimate.

Conclusion: This should be an easy match-up as Ekko shouldn't be able to do much. The problem with Ekko is that he can sometimes pull off crazy plays if you don't pay attention. If you let your guard down, he might get a 5-man ult on your team or a 5-man stun with parallell convergence.



Start: Dorans + pots 1056.png2003.png

Playing vs AP Ezreal is pretty easy in lane, but when late game hits he becomes a monster.

AP Ezreal:
He has got a really strong burst and really good poke against you. He can easily kill you with his full combo, so be careful. During laning phase he will opt for shoving the lane with autoattacks and Q. Try to just farm. If he comes closer to you then you can try to land a combo on him. But a good Ezreal should just want to farm and get his items ASAP.

During teamfight, he will poke you and your team massively. He becomes really strong late game. Do not build squishy vs him, definitely build RoA vs him. You can not catch him with wall either because he got flash + blink spell (E). Focus on killing his front line, and try tos siege because he can not do much against a 5-man push. Since he is very mobile and deals a lot of damage with a lot of range, he is a pretty big counter to Anivia late game.

You can apply a lot of pressure vs Ezreal during early game because AP Ezreal is really bad early on. I always try to roam since he can't 1v1 you early on.



Start: Dorans Ring + pots 1056.png2003.png
Runes: Standard AP will do. But please get MR glyphs.

Worst lane match-up fucking ever. Cry!
Fizz has Playful/Trickster (the jump) that can avoid your spells. You will miss your E+R combo whe he jumps, and he might even jump your stun (Q). He is incredibly hard to play against because when he hits 6, he easily one shots you. This is a matchup similar to playing vs Le Blanc. Get some magic resist and you might be able to trade with him. Don't go full glass canon, you can kill him with pure base dmg. Always try to hold onto your spells because he will be look for dodging them while damaging you. You can throw fake E+R combos on him by simply just throwing an E at him without R to conserve mana. When your E is up again, his jump should be down. Also, Fizz often uses his Playful/Trickster to farm. If he does so, catch him with wall and go ahead and harass him. He will not be able to escape your damage, but he might still be strong enough to kill you with his remaining skills.

During early stages of the laning phase around lvl 1-3, you can try to go for a kill. Since he walks up to minions in order to get them, you might be able to land a Q+E combo on him and autoattack harass him constantly. However, do not overextend because if he gets one successful gank then your lane is horribly lost. If you got a premade jungler, convince him to camp your lane for the counter-gank. If you started with the set-up above, then you can easily ward up and keep pressuring him which is a really good way to deal with him. If you are going even with him, he will be stronger than you when both of you are at lvl 4.

You should probably also ready the Kassadin section because Fizz and Kasssadin are very similar. If you walk up to lane when the game starts, don't do anything, just last hit. If Fizz screws up, he will start pushing the minion wave infront of your tower. At that point, you can freely harass the shit out of him with autos and E spam. Rinse and repeat.

Fizz falls off during late game because he is a melee champion and can be popped if not played carefully. He has to dive quite deep into the team in order to get a key target, but by then he is probably slowed/exhausted/stunned. If you can go equal against Fizz in lane until teamfights, then you might win the game. But look out of his roams, he is incredibly strong in small scirmishes. Especially his ultimate is really strong, so look out for it and even flash to make him miss. Alternatively you can flash his Playful/Trickster to avoid huge damage.




Start: Dorans + 2 pots 1056.png2003.png

Runes: Standard AP

Laning phase: He will be pushing like a mad man. Just farm and counter-push. It's hard to bring the wave into an equilibrium because he can push the wave quickly without even committing to it. He only needs to place a turret and it will farm for him. Your best bet is not actually to kill him, but just to counter-shove and farm up. You scale better than he does. His teamfighting is not as good as yours. Ganking him can be quite tricky also because he deals a shit ton of damage to both you and your jungler. In the worst case scenario, he can get a double kill. If you can gank him safely then definitely do so because he will overextend. Especially after lvl 6, you have a lot of tools to kill him in 1v1. You should not lose vs him in a 1v1. If you for some reason die 1v1, he can finish off your egg with turrets. 
Basically he is strong early game due to his turrets. He can outpush you hard. After 6 you should be able to 1v1 him easily. Watch out for his burst though, because it hurts, but remember that it's kinda like a Lucina ult, pretty dodgeable/flashable.

Teamfight: His ult stun can be game changing, but can also be hard to land on several people consistently. I think you should have an edge in this match-up even in teamfights. You can catch his teammates and you got more CC overall. 

Conclusion: Favorable match-up overall for Anivia. Hard pre 6 early game, should be much better after 6. His teamfighting can be scary because he can one-shot you if you don't pay attention.



Start: Dorans + 2 HP 1056.png2003.png
Runes: Standard AP with Armor Seals
Skill order: Get wall lvl 4 because he is easy to gank.

Laning: Pre 6 is a pain in the ass. He is an ADC and Anivia always have trouble vs ADC 1v1 early on because of their sustained damage. But Jihn has an empowered auto every 4th attack. Always look for his 4th shot. He will try to harass you with his 4th shot, but NEVER let him do it. Just back off and let him chase you. When he is at his 4th shot, he can't last hit. He will 100% get his last hit over harassing you. Basically just let him zone you, because he can't zone you forever. He can only zone you during his fourth attack while he doesn't have any CS to take. Let there be a 10 CS difference up until lvl 6, it's OK.

His spells are spamable, which is a pain in the ass. This means that you will have trouble auto attacking the wave (please don't stand close to the wave). He will inevitably push into your tower. Do your best to counter push with your Q and E so that the wave doesn't hit your tower. Make sure to look at his positioning too! If he is starting to get too cocky he might eat a Q + E combo from you, putting him below 50% HP. Your jungler should be able to solo him then.  But anyways, Jihn is pretty much a free kill with jungle pressure. Try to call your jungler to help you if he is an early pressure jungler (Jhin is super immobile). If not, you are fine with stalling the lane until 6. Anivia wrecks every ADC so hard after lvl 6. And if your jungler is a lvl 6 ult jungler, then there is no way you won't kill him.




Start: Dorans + HP 1056.png2003.png

Runes: Standard AP

Laning Phase: Annoying champion because her harass is strong. She wants to dominate laning phase really hard. It's okay to let her zone you, do your best to dodge her spells. Her harass Q karmaheavenlywave.png deals a lot of damage and has a really good projectile speed + range. Try to not drop too low. She is good at setting up ganks for the jungler too because she got her chain karmaspiritbond.png which is a root after a brief delay. Therefore, don't walk up to her to set-up your Q and E combo, you might die because of gank. Focus on farming. Her speed is also tricky because she can boost her own MS and dodge your Q even if you set it up with a wall. Farming vs her is recommended up until lvl 6. After 6 you can challenge her and win harass battles. Your harass deal much more damage than hers. 

Teamfight: She wants to poke you guys down before fighting. Don't let her. Go for the hard engage and just straight up win the fight. Karma is a poker. Anivia is much more useful in teamfights that Karma is because Karma is limited by her Mantra R karmachakra.png which empowers her spells. Avoid prolonged fights vs Karma because her Mantra can get up several times during fights.




Start: 1056.png2003.png

Runes: Run MS quints to dodge his Q. They hit hard (2x dmg) if you are isolated from the minion wave.

You should be farming vs Karthus early on because if he wants to, he can easily shove you into the tower. After 6 you should be able to play aggressively against him because he has really bad burst, he only deals sustained damage. He is also easy to catch since he has no mobility. If you see him channeling his ult, cancel it with your wall. Just place it on top of him. 

Consider getting a Zhonya vs Karthus ult so you can deny his ult. Zhonya will help you in many different scenarios throughout the game because Anivia can keep R running while in stasis.



Start2033.png I explain this further down.

Runes: You have to get full magic resist on your glyphs. He will harass constantly and has strong burst.

Laning phase: This is actually a hard match-up. Even if you can out-trade him heavily during the early game, he will still constantly heal up with his pots 2033.png. Also, Kassadin has infinite mana sustain with his W so he can easily harass you with Q for free. He is literally the definition of a binary champion. All he does in lane is to spam Q. Kassadin hasn't changed at all, Riot reworked him but all he does is spam Q all day. It's an annoying spell that is a great harass tool. Kassadin is basically old Katarina, spam Q all day in lane. It's not very interactive. To counter his Q-spam you need to get yourself a corrpution potion just like he does. Otherwise he will outsustain you with his Q-spam and zone you out of your farm.

The best way to deal with Kassadin is not actually killing him (because if he is smart, he won't die). If he is fairly smart, he will be patient and wait out the early game. Even if he is 20 cs under you by lvl 6, he will still be able to kill you at that point. And if you go over-aggressive you will easily lose your lane if he gets a gank.

As Anivia, you can easily pressure him. The problem is that you will get ganked because you are prone to overextend if you keep pressuring him. You just need to zone him and harass him. You do not really need the kill on him. Most likely, you are not going to be able to kill him anyways if he plays really safe and smart. He will just farm. And that is exactly what you should do too. Pressure him and focus on farming. Try to ward up both sides of the river, ask jungler/support for help. 

My tips is trying to pull your lane towards your tower early on. This means that you should absolutely not autoattack him early on until the wave formation has been created. Ideally, you want to come to the lane, and do nothing but last hit, at least until the second or third wave. That's when you hit around lvl 3, and that's when you can start playing aggressively. Try to call your jungler to gank when Kassadin has walked up the lane. He is really easy to gank (almost the only way to kill him pre6). Super easy to gank. But if your jungler doesn't want to help you, it's fine because you can solo pressure Kassadin early on anyways. When the minion wave has formed in front of your turret, you can now safely (without worrying about ganks) harass the shit out of Kassadin. You harass him with E spam, autos and Q+E combo. Be observant, throw out your Q when he walks in to last hit the minions. Force him to last hit with spells.

As you harass him and zone him, your minions will start pushing towards his turret because you are the only one that is drawing minion aggro and lasthitting. You can keep harassing him as the your minion wave pushes through the whole lane, until the wave hits his tower. This is where the hard part comes in. Do you harass him under his turret, or do you stay back and play safely? It really depends on the enemy jungler. If the enemy jungler shows up somewhere else on the map, go ham! But if you think you will get ganked, just chill. Anyways, you can kinda always ward up and harass him under his turret and hug your warded side. This won't work against strong junglers such as Khazix or Lee Sin though.

Your goal is to pressure him, and make him lose cs without getting ganked. Make him underleveled and keep him that way the whole game. It will be hard for him to make a comeback. You can always trade with him after 6, but he will always have an edge in this match-up after 6. Even if he is behind, he can still out-play you and kill you. Your best bet is actually to just avoid fighting him 1v1 altogether. 

Dopa (Apdo) is one of the best players in LoL. He shows you how to freeze the minion wave in front of your tower as TF vs Fizz: 

Teamfight: He has trouble joining big teamfights 5v5 because he needs to engage into melee-combat, which puts him in a great risk for getting CC'd to death. You can save your Q for him. You should win teamfights because he can't do much unless he commits 100%.



Doran's Ring + pots 1056.png2003.png
Movement speed runes are great for dodging her blades! Definitely go for it and deny all of her dmg from her spins. If she jumps to you and presses W, the blade will fall on top of her and she will spin before you even can leave her spin-range. You will always get hit by this combo as long as you don't have tier 2 boots. The solution is to run MS Quints + tier 1 boots. That will be enough to outrun her blades.

Understanding Katarina
The new Katarina is very strong in terms of damage whenever she picks up her blades and spins. However she is a champion that is designed in such a way that once you understand her, you will be able to outplay her. 

So lets talk about Katarina.
The one thing you must understand about the new Kat is that her passive is a SHUNPO RESET whenever she picks up a blade (on top of her standard reset when she gets kill/assist). Also note that she can only throw 2 blades (1 with Q and 1 with W on the same spot). The new Kat can't farm in the same way the old Kat did. New Kat can't spam Q and get farm and free harass. The new Kat has to place her blade, and then pick it up by walking to it or shunpo to it. But remember that once she shunpo in, she can shunpo out because picking up a blade is a shunpo reset! If you are laning vs Katarina, you should also know that her Q (she throws her blade) ALWAYS travels behind 350 units behind you and lands there. She absolutely has to pick it up to deal dmg. In fact, that's pretty much all of her dmg. The way you counter it is to always look out for her Q-animation, when it starts, just move perpendicular to her, i.e. either move to the left or to the right, but NEVER retreat backwards. If you retreat backwards vs a Kat, you will walk on top of her blade and she will shunpo there to dmg you with her spins and get her shunpo reset. It's a devastating trap. Don't try to walk at the very edge of her blades because her spin is HUGE, it's almost as big as an Orianna ultimate. If you always keep track on where her blades will land, she can't deal dmg to you. Her passive is her spin and this spell is slightly over-tuned just because of how predictable Katarina is as a champion. You know where she can output her dmg before it happens, so you can always avoid areas where she can pick up her blade and spin to dmg. Always move AWAY from her blades. It just that easy.

Laning phase pre 6
She has to farm, but she can't spam Q to last hit. The way she farms is that she throws her blades into the minion wave, shunpo into it and gets the farm with an OP spin. She does this every single time. It's so predictable. Do your best to deny her farm by throwing your Q into her blade the very second the blade lands on the ground. But don't do this everytime because you will run out of mana too quickly. Katarina is kind of a zone mage also because wherever she places her blades, you can't go there. If she places a blade infront of you when you want to farm, either burst her down with Q if you can predict her, else just back off. Keep an eye on the minion wave also. If she pushes you out, she will hit lvl 3 first. Her lvl 3 power spike is amongst the best in the mid lane because she gets access to most of her kit by then. Please be careful of an eventual all-in from her.

Laning phase post 6
If you have tons of mana, you can place your R on her blades to deny her farm. You have a very hard time 1v1 her though because you can't really wall her and Q her due to her mobility. You can easily shove her into tower and farm all day.

Playing against a Katarina is actually pretty tough in the post 6 laning phase because she roams so hard and is actually pretty strong. Remember that the new Kat is somewhat of a zone mage in the sense that once she has placed her blades all over the teamfight, DON'T WALK INTO THEM. She will get a penta. Don't give it to her. Instead, you can try to predict when she is going to jump into them if you are far from the front line. Maybe place your R on her blades to counter her. You can really make her useless if you deny her from jumping into her blade for her spin dmg. She relies heavily on picking up her blades.

Her ult is easily countered but if there is no communication in a team (SoloQ) then it can be devastating because no one will be able to stop it. The only way to counter Katarina is to play around her. Make the whole team play around her. Somebody in the team has to save an easy CC for her in order for everyone to straight up kill her when she jumps in. Anivia can save her Q (wall works too but can screw team over in the middle of a teamfight), but the Q is so slow that by the time your Q arrives she already channeled half of her ultimate. It is also so slow that she can actually see it coming, she can then reset and just jump away. Anivia is so out-playable. 




Start: 1056.png2003.png

Laning Phase: Pretty easy laning for you. His range is short so you can auto him when his W-atuo is down. It's also possible to land a Q+E combo since he walks up quite close. Keep track of his lightning stacks on you, make sure to move out of W range until the stack disappears. Lvl 6 he gets a strong all-in, make sure to flat out flash out of if he alls in you (he has a stronger all-in than you). You can outpoke him if you are careful and pick your fights carefully (close to your turret, a jungler nerby etc.). At lvl 11 he spikes hard because of his lvl 2 ult, so becareful of that. Always be cautious and play around his all-in by poking at max range and preemptively place smart ults to chill him. Also look out for when he farms with his escape spell E, that's when you and your jungler should go ham on him. He can't 1v1 you if he can't get to you with his E and ult you. 

Teamfight: Avoid narrow areas. Anivia is strong in narrov areas but Kennen is even stronger because of his ult. Never stand beside your ADC, Kennen will just flash on top of you guys and get his ult + protobelt combo 3152.pngkennenshurikenstorm.png which is stupidly strong. It's super strong late game. Kennen is kind of stronger than Anivia late game, you might also need a Banshee vs him. Zhonya is hard to pull off because before you know it he has already bursted you 100-0. Kennen is supposed to be behind in CS due to difficulties in farming, but a good Kennen can keep up pretty well. 

In this clip, I get totally owned by a Kennen that has kept up pretty well in gold and cs. I stand too close to my ADC and Kennen takes this opportunity to kill us both.

Summary: Skill-matchup. He can 100-0 you, but your poke is more powerful. His mid/late game is super strong (flash-engage with ult), but he has trouble farming into late game.



Start items
Doran's Ring and 2 hp 1056.png2003.png
You are not allowed to even miss one CS. This lane is too easy. Zero pressure.

Kog Maw can not do anything against you during early game. His main objective is to farm up to lvl 11, stack his tear and just scale up into a late game monster. But Anivia is really effective against Kog. You can easily catch him with wall and almost one shot comob him. Do E+R combo on him twice and he is dead. 

During lvl 1-6 make sure you do not get hit by his E, the void ooze. He will be maxing it out, and it also has a ridiculous range + width so you will be harassed quite a bit if you keep getting hit by it. During this time, do not waste time trying to land your combo, you will most likely miss as he will be standing far back and since you do not have wall, you can not chase him down. Focus on last hitting.

When you hit lvl 8 and get blue buff, you can start chashing him down, landing your wall and combo him. Repeat this and at one point, you will be able to flash in for the kill.



Dorans + 2 pots 1076.png2003.png
Runes: Movement speed Quints + MR glyphs. If you are going to trade hard and get whopped anyways, let's get some resistance, don't let her burst you down too easily.

This is a hard lane match-up for Anivia (because LB can set-up ganks so easily, her chain is fucking OP). Le Blanc heavily out damages you during laning phase. Her combo deals a lot of damage and is easy to land. She can also use her dash (W) to avoid your stun (Q). In this matchup I would probably go a little bit tankier, and might even go Mercury Boots because of how strong she is against you (only when she has upperhand). Pre 6, just focus on farming and try getting some magic resist. With Doran's Ring, you can use your Q to farm a lot more than usual. Don't be afraid to run out of mana, you don't need it for trading because you won't trade vs her anyways if she plays smart. 

If you still want to trade, then here comes the Anivia vs Leblanc dilemma. When Le Blanc W you for her combo, she can either:
  • quickly return to her old positon
  • keep on running and juking after the dash
You have to make a choice here, whether you want to Q at her old position, or Q her while she is running, You have to make this decision quickly because she will be very close to you the second she lands at you, and if you hesitate, she will just get away. When I make these decisions, I look at where she targets her W. If she targets her W at you, then quickly double-tap your stun in front of yourself and you will get her. If she is targetting the minion wave, then it means that she is trying to farm and trying to set-up the mark for her clearing spell Q. Toss your Q to her old location because if she just wants to clear the minion wave, she has no reason to stay in the wave so she will do a quick W-W back to her old position.

One more thing to note is that if you have your caster minions close to you, then she can't chain you because she will most likely hit the minions instead of hitting you. So sometimes it's great to get clumped up with your minions to deny her chain. Your Q on the other hand goes through minions so you never have to worry. If she ain't got dmg then you can definitely bait out a W combo from her by standing on the wave. When she moves in with W, just stun her because her W has a slight delay before reactivation is possible.

Early game trading vs LB. I don't take a lot of dmg because I have MR runes.

It is okay if you are behind with 10-15 cs at lvl 6 mark. But remember that LeBlanc outroams you heavily. Always ward both sides of the river (prioritize your bot) and try to chunk her down so she does not roam. She definitely have an edge in this match-up and it is really easy for her to outplay you.

After lvl 6, you can start trading with her only during a few circumstances. 

  • You got egg, flash and ignite up. If you can bait out her W, and make her miss her chains then you will easily out-trade her. But she is still a slippery champion to play against because she still got ult to escape.
  • You got egg, flash and ignite up. Hide yourself and let her farm. When she farms, her distortion (W) gets into a quite long CD. You can outtrade her during this window. If she runs away, try to catch her with wall and make her blow her ult for the escape.
When your egg and flash is down, you are basically useless against Le Blanc. Don't even go close to her. Farm. Just stay passive. And just farm. Her ability to set-up ganks are amongst the best in the mid lane, so you really don't want to get close to her during your vulnerable duration.

She falls off during late game and your teamfighting is a lot stronger than hers because of the utility you can provide as Anivia. Your chances are looking good if you go equal with her out of laning phase. 

In teamfights,  after she lands a combo on somebody, she often returns to her old position with the dash (W). If you can anticipate it, throw a Q (stun) to that location and lock her down for the burst.




Start items: 1056.png2003.png

Summoners: 1.png4.png (She got a root + stun)
Runes: MS Quints, they are better late game. This is a farm lane anyways, losing the early 15 AP doesn't really matter (weaker W for last-hit but MS is way more important). You also want to avoid your combo after 6, with MS quints you can easily catch up to her and E+R combo her.

Laning phase: Easy laning, just farm. She will just mana manage and farm too. She might push you a little bit, in that case just counter-push with Q. No need to fight, you are stronger at 6. She pushes the wave so quickly that it's risky to harass her (if you fail your harass, you miss CS because you got no Q or E for last-hitting).
After 6, trade with her and chunk her down. There is no way she can fight back. But make sure to have wards because she can easily set-up ganks with her spells. She got a super long range gap closer and a 1.5 seconds stun, plus a root on top of that. Knowing where the enemy jungler is super crucial in this match-up. It's way too easy for Lissandra to kill you otherwise if you are cocky 24/7 and overextend just to trade. She can easily call for a gank. Anivia is easy to gank. Your jungler should be focusing on this lane and side lanes should play passively and farm. You and your jungler should win 2v2 at mid. The whole early game should be played around you.

Mid game: Her mid game is annoying because she will opt to roam. She might have TP and might TP to join fights at bot lane. Just push her lane really hard because it's super hard to follow her most of the times.

Teamfights: Stay with your teammates and make her choose between ulting you or your ADC. If you stay far back, she will have to dive really deep to stun you, thus she might die for it without her teammates being able to assist her. Even if she stuns your teammate, make sure to peel for them and burst her down. Make sure not to waste your stun on her Zhonya, instead just wait it out.



Start items
Doran's Ring + hp pot 1056.png2003.png

Easy lane because this is a farm lane. Use autos to lasthit and even Q to last hit. Don't miss even one minion. She has zero kill potential on you. After 6, you have kill potential on her. She got her shield, but your harass is stronger. You can even bait her shield, you don't need to actually use your combo and waste mana. Just make her shield go on CD. It has longer CD (10 s) than your R (6 s). She will often shield when you approach her or when you put an R under her. Becareful of her roams though, her roaming is really good because of her movementspeed buff. She can easily assist her team and our-roam you pretty hard. But she got very little kill threat so you can ward for your team or just ping on them.

A good Lulu is actually really annoying in the teamfight phase. She will not try to put out damage but instead assist her team with shields, movementspeed buff, and her life saving ultimate. Since she is so far back, it is hard for Anivia do dive her in the backline, but it is possible. She becomes really easy to dive late game due to her squishiness. If you can't ignore her front line, then try to take them out first.



Start: Dorans + hp  1056.png2003.png
Runes: Standard AP

This is actually not an as easy match-up as it looks like. Lux can really bully Anivia in lane with her E, a long range AoE spell (Lucent Singularity). It is really strong and as Anivia it is pretty hard to move away from it. The area of which it covers is huge and it slows you on arrival so you really need movement speed to avoid it. This is why I think running boots start with MS quints is viable. But Dorans give you a stronger 1v1 in case of fights, and it helps you sustain your mana throughout the laning phase. 

I do not think it is possible to trade vs a smart lux. She will always respect you and your damage, and thus just stay pretty far away and just farm. You will need to focus on farming in this match-up. And always stay awake, because if Lux gets a binding she can pretty much one-shot you with her full combo. The only time you can duel her and outplay her is when she walks too close to you, e.g. fog of war.

In teamfights, she is much safer than you. She stays in the backline and supports the team with bindings, damage and shields. She is a really good champion, but in a 1v1 you can easily out-damage her because she is really squishy. If you catch her with wall, she will be dead unless she flashes. Consider diving backline with your other divers to get lux out of the teamfight ASAP, or else if you can not get to her just stay in the back. Anivia is really versatile, you can play passively in teamfights and just stay back and still win. But if Lux gets fed, you might want to dive her (e.g. flash into her to kill her).




Start items

Start Charm + Pink ward + Green ward + 3 hp pots 1004.png2043.png2044.png2003.png


Run AD marks to get better cs and to harass him.

Laning (AP Malphite)

This is a really easy match-up in the mid lane. Pre 6 you can own him so much. He will most likely try to harass you down for the ignite kill. But he can't really kill you as you will have 3 pots, enough to sustain through his harass. A Dorna's Start with 2 pots would be pretty easy for him to burst through. Anyways, you want to ward up in this match up because it is really easy to hit your Q in lane. When this happens, you are bound to push. This is why warding up is so important. You really want to avoid getting ganked and getting screwed over.

At lvl 9, definitely upgrade your trinket 3361.png and start warding both sides of the river because you want to see all incomming ganks. The problem with Malph is that his instant initiate is really strong. You want to see it coming before he does it, so you can back off under turret. If you are able to pressure him really hard in laning phase and make him fall behind during this stage, you will have the upper hand in rest of the game. Always try to focus him when he goes in. He is such an easy kill and he shouldn't be able to initiate for free. Make him pay.


You don't necessarily die if you get Malph ulted, only if his team follows up on it. Just focus on spreading out and try to make it hard for him to initiate on you guys. Make him pick one, either initiate on you or the ADC. But absolutely don't let him get both of you or else you are pretty much screwed. 




Start items: 1056.png2003.png

Runes: I run MS quints here to be able to disengage and engage safely vs Malz. You are supposed to be playing a hit-'n-run style (to poke down his shield) so having extra MS helps with that.

Item Build: Gets QSS. You make his ult useless the whole game by buying QSS.

Super annoying match-up since mid-season rework S6. His passive makes him immune to CC and 90% damage reduction. Malz is the true definition of broken OP champ. 
When you pop his shield, remember that he will have a 20 seconds CD on his shield. Always play around that small opening that you have. When his shield is down, keep auto him to put his shield back on CD (CD refreshes). E.g. Malz only have 5 sec left to shield, but if you AA him, shield will go back to CD 20 sec. The hidden trick of Anivia vs Malz is to place walls on top of Malz, the displacement counts as CC and will pop his shield.

Pre-6: Farm, you are weak win vs him. Anivia relies on catching people off guard by surprise and bursting from nowhere. You can't do that to Malz unless you auto/wall him. But don't auto him too much, he got way more reliable damage than you have. He just need to point and click. Malz is actually weaker than Anivia at lvl 2. If you want to go for a play, do it at lvl 2 while his E is still lvl 1. Constantly auto him to surpress his passive, land your Q+E combo while his shield is down. But constantly auto attacking him gets dangerous when he gets damage on his E. At lvl 4 get wall. Wall and nudge him, wall counts as CC and will remove his shield! That's pretty bullshit by Anivia, but yeah I won't complain :)

After 6: You can outplay him, especially if you pop his shield with your wall first. Only pop his shield when his E is down (he places it on minions). After popping his shield, go for the Q+E combo and start trading. Rinse and repeat. Also call jungler after 6, it's an easy gank because he will perma push.

Teamfight: Never forget about the fact that you outscale him. He needs to pick a person to 100-0 but you can stick around for sustained dmg. He is also a very static champ in the sense that he CC himself with his ult. You should have the edge in this match-up due to Anivia having better late game.



Start: Doran's Ring + 2 hp 1056.png2003.png
Build route: Go for the Tear 3070.png and play the farm game vs Orianna. 

Orianna is extremely hard to play against in laning phase, even more so post patch 6.23 that destroyed Anivia. She will be looking to farm up while harassing you down. She has an incredible zone control with her ball and will make you lose a lot of CS. Because of her passive, trading autoattacks is hard and you will have to rely on landing a combo on her to harass her. However, you are better off focusing on last hitting and saving up your mana in case your jungler comes for a gank. 
You can trade her early on at lvl 1 and 2 if you can land your stun. You can land your stun easily by walking closer to her ( but look out of jungler!). Lvl 3 you have way better burst than she does, but at lvl 4 and onwards, she will pretty much always outtrade you. She has better range than you in her harass, but your burst is bigger, especially if you can land your stun.

When you hit lvl 6 and gets blue buff, then just make this lane into a farming lane. Her mana costs are low and she can push forever without trouble. 

Only trade if her spells are on CD. You hurt her as much as she hurts you, so both of you are actually really equal.

After laning phase she is really easy to deal with. Both of you will just farm, and you won't fight. So there is nothing to worry about. She won't go for the all-in kill on you.

During teamfights, she will be looking to get both you and your ADC into her shockwave. Make sure you do not stand too close to your ADC. Also remember that she does not have any jumps/dashes and can get caught by your wall.




Start: 1056.png2003.png

Runes: Standard AP (get full armor seals)

Laning Phase
Lvl 1 - 6 let her zone you and focus on farming. Just like any ADC, Anivia can't retaliate early on. Quinn is especially abusive early on with her passive marks. If she zones you correctly you will be down about 20 cs at lvl 6 which is perfectly okay. At lvl 4 get wall and call your jungler. Quinn should be easdy to gank. From lvl 6 onwards, she will lose every trade. You can destroy her 1v1, but be aware of her jungler now that you are the bully. 

Mid Game
This is where she shines. She roams on your side lanes and they are pretty screwed. Call your jungler and push down mid if she fails her ganks. If you can, try to wards both rivers and provide vision on her for your team. She pretty much won't fight you at this point. You should pick fights with her if possible, because she shouldn't be able to solo you 1v1.

During this stage of the game, she will alwys try to flank. Keep an eye on your ADC and move as an unit. Don't split too much or else Quinn will flank you guys. She is useless in a 5v5 teamfight, so she really wants isolated targets. She is a pain if she gets into a splitpushing position. Try to force fights or objectives. As Anivia, you can catch the enemies if you guys are 5v4. 




Start: 1056.png2003.png

Runes: Standard AP

Laning Phase
Never Q aggressively, only for when he jumps on you. Don't autoattack harass him too much early game, beacuse you will push your lane. Try to last hit the first 3 mins and let the wave freeze in front of your tower. Deny him farm and put him at risk of getting ganked.



Run Doran's Ring + 2 hp pots 1056.png2003.png

Rumble is really easy to harass so you have actually got a lot of kill potential vs him. However he will probably run 5 potions and it will be really hard to burst him down. You might want to ask for ganks vs Rumble because he is really easy to gank in mid.

It is hard to know if this Rumble runs Ignite mid or TP mid. If he runs Ignite mid, you want a strong AP page and duel him. If he runs TP mid, you want MS quints to rival his roaming.




Start: 1056.png2003.png

Runes: Standard AP
Build: Include Tear into your build vs him. He wants to stack up his mana, same goes for you!

Laning Phase: As Anivia get an early point in wall. Ryze is really easy to wall and catch, so calling for gank mid is not a bad idea because you can catch him in your stun easily. This should be a rather passive lane where nobody dies. Try to pull the wave towards your tower so he can't chase you down the whole lane if he wants to fight. Also, he will be very vulnerable to ganks if he farms at your tower. Please stay away from minion wave because his spells hit you via the minions, think about the old Mordekaiser. Make Ryze pick, minions or harass? As long as he gets a stack on you via minions (his flux E spell), make sure to avoid battling vs him. You can pick up Mercs 3111.png if he keep flashing after you for the root. Also keep track of her Rune Stacks. Confusing right? He has Flux stacks and Rune stacks. If you got either of them, just run away from him and keep distance. His Rune stacks gives him movement speed burst and shield while his Flux stacks gives him extra damage. Ryze has a lot of dmg pre-6 so don't let him chase you down throughout the lane because he deals a lot of dmg.

Laning phase 1v1

Teamfight: In teamfights, you are better than him at defending towers and sieging. He has short range and has to walk up quite close to the fights. Abuse this fact and try to stun him in fights, or simply wall him off. Ryze is just like a Riven/Fizz, you just have to CC him to death when he engages. 

Conclusion: You (Anivia) should have the upper hand in this match-up. He can roam off to your jungle or the side-lane, and sometimes you just can't chase him because you can't win a 1v1. Ryze is such a strong 1v1 champion that he can snowball out of control easily. Try to keep him controlled and don't let him get any kills and he will be useless because he is a short ranged mage. Make sure to hit your CC on him (stun and R slow).



Start: 1056.png2003.png

Laning phase: Be careful of his E swaintorment.png. It deals a lot of damage, just stay out of range of it. Don't walk up to him to autoattack or combo. You lose pre-6, but win after 6 if you can bait out some of his spells. Most of his spells are mid-range spells like yours so it's easy to bait them out (just walk up to him and then retreat). Treat this kinda like a Viktor lane. Laning phase is troublesome, but you should be able to win the game if you survive laning phase. It's ok to be about 10 cs behind at lvl 6.

You can try to 1v1 him after lvl 6 like this:

Late game: He shouldn't be a problem because it's easy to kite him around and you will have ignite + morello to deal with his heal. Keep in mind that he can't escape your wall, so definitely catch him with wall and separate him from his team when it's possible.



Start items1056.png2003.png (recommended)
Runes: Standard
Masteries: Thunderlord's Decree 12/18/0
Summoners3.png4.png (Trust me it's easy to point and click to exhaust a Syndra when she ults)
Items: RoA is a must vs Syndra. She got way too huge burst.

Laning phase: Syndra is really dominant in the laning phase. She can easily punish every little move. She is pretty spamable and if she hits her spells, she got a ton of kill potential. Boots will help a lot with dodging her spells, but a Doran's will help you farm even though you are zoned out of the wave. Either is fine. Pre-6, simply don't harass her with autos because her counter-harass is stronger. Just farm or if you can, try to connect a few Q-E combos. After lvl 6, you can start trading with her but never all-in vs her. You should opt for poking her while dodging her stun syndraE.png. Just force her out of the lane. If you engage in all-in combat, you might get solo killed because she is really strong in prolonged fights when there are orbs on the ground. Always count how many orbs she has. Only engage if she has 1 or less.

Teamfight: Anivia scales immensely better than Syndra. You never have to commit to anything because you will be a more useful mid-laner than her during mid and late game. You got better range than her, better CC, and better overall damage but arguable worse burst. Remember that Anivia's passive is a pretty hard counter vs Syndra. Oftentime she wants to ult somebody in a messy teamfight and back off, but if you got egg and she doesn't dive for you, then she won't have any means of finishing you off.

Conclusion: I would say that Anivia has an edge in this match-up overall. You can poke her really hard after lvl 6 if she misses stun and doesn't have a lot of orbs on the ground. She is just good at bursting 100 to 0, but she needs prolonged fights or a set-up to do so. But be careful of totally losing the early game to her. After all, she is an early game champion that is extremly dominant early on. Syndra can easily roam and destroy every other lane. She just falls off really hard late game. Her most valuable asset is her catch potential with Q+E syndraQ.pngsyndraE.png. Understand how her Q+E combo works, don't get caught and simply win the game.




Starting items: 1056.png2003.png

Laning: She is surprisingly strong in the laning phase. Her harass taliyahQ.png is like a Lucian culling lucianR.png and deals nice damage from unworked ground. She is also very strong at setting up ganks because she can easily catch you off guard with her knock-up and mine field taliyahW.png + taliyahE.png. Whenever she has this up, she will try to land it on you as you walk up to her. Try to juke it when she casts it, you can juke it by moving around it. After 6 you should win every trade because she suffers from her mid range kit, which Anivia excels at. But she is like TF, she won't fight you. She will shove out the lane and focus on getting bot or top. Make the game revolve around you, e.g. make your jungler come mid and stay around mid. This makes sure that when you get ganked, you guys can fight 2v2 and win mid. If enemy doesn't come mid and gank you, you will automatically win the lane due to winning trades vs Taliyah.

Teamfight: She is pretty good at kiting, but because her range is so short, Anivia can straight up burst her with full combo. Same goes for your team, they got enough dashes to catch up to her. If she engages with R and rides it, just burst her. She is squishy because she builds no MR, but she does have some HP. Her wall is indeed strong vs Anivia, but it is also hard to pull off correctly. Anivia has no dash, if Taliyah walls in an Anivia then Anivia has to flash.



Start: Dorans + 2 HP 1056.png2003.png
Runes: Standard AP with Armor seals!
Skill order: Wall lvl 4 because he is easy to gank!

Easy to lane vs pre 6. Make sure to wait for him to use his ranged spell Rake talonrake.png to farm minions before harassing him, or else he will counter-harass you. When he uses Rake, just autoattack him. If he gets greedy and walks up to a minion, do a Q+E combo on him. You will have a lot of lane dominance, so make sure you ward up in case of ganks. You can tell that he is getting a gank if he starts moving towards you, because pre 6 he should not move towards you. The reason you should get wards early as possible is because you will need the safety to be able to pressure him. If you get ganked, then your lane is over.

After 6, be careful because at this stage you will get one shotted with ignite. However, if his Rake is down due to him using it on farm, then go for the E+R harass. Otherwise, do not do it because he will just all in you if you try to harass him while he got his whole combo up.

In teamfights, you should be good vs him as you will deal more AoE damage and catch him in it. Anivia is good at peeling for the ADC too because your Q will 100% hit and you do not need to predict their movement. So consider saving your Q until Talon jumps on your ADC, or on you.

Build path: (Season 5)

3070.png --> 1029.png --> 1001.png --> 3191.png --> 3158.png---> 3003.png --> 3157.png --> 3089.png --> (situational)


Twisted Fate

Start items
Doran's Ring + 2 hp 1056.png2003_32.png

Build route: Feel free to build Tear 3070.png and outscale him hard late game.

I run MS quints in this match-up, and always to walk towards bot-lane when I think tf is going to ult there through fog of war. MS quints helps with dodging skill shots, and follow up on ganks vs TF. He will be surprised by how fast you are. He can never 1v1 you.

Twisted Fate in lane
TF is not a hard champion to play against during laning phase because all he will be doing is to push up his lane with his blue card and Wild Cards. He can easily set up ganks with his jungler also with his stuns, which is something you have to look for. The biggest problem with TF is that he heavily out-roams you at lvl 6 and onwards with his ult, and during teamfights he will flank you with his teammates. 

Understanding the TF-pattern:
1. He pulls out a blue card W pickacard.png and throws it at a minion to regain mana.
2. He throws his wild card Q wildcards.png to shove.
3. Rinse and repeat.

There is a playstyle pattern that most TF players follow. If you understand his next move in lane, then you can align your skillshot and prepare for the all-in kill.

The TF lvl 6 nightmare
When you are lvl 5, and at 70% exp bar, spam the chat: "TF is about to hit 6, please don't fight." Remember that if you are equal in lane, then your exp bar is pretty much the same as his. A good TF will instantly run into fog of war after he pushes his lane and hits 6, and he will roam off to either bot/top. You won't have enough time to warn your teammates when he hits 6. If you are pinging when he hits 6, then it's too late. You have to warn before he hits 6 and exactly the second he hits 6. What can you do? Counter shove him with all of your might. If he succeeds in shoving you into your tower then he can roam off without worrying about you following him. But if you are awake, then you should spend your mana on shoving hard against him at lvl 5 80% xp because you know he wants to leave the lane. You really don't need to do much, just follow him and threaten him will be enough. If he channels his ult, place a wall on top of him for the instant cancel. Your Q is too slow unless you flash into close range.

Your job during laning phase is to focus on farming. Since he constantly pushes you pre 6, you can try to set up a gank with your jungler with a lvl 4 wall. After lvl 6 and when you get blue, try to push him constantly and do not let him gank the sidelanes. Buy wards to put on both side of river to make sure your team knows whenever he tries to go for the gank. With a lack of vision, he will be able to do whatever he wants to. But never let him have his way. If he is greedy, he might trade with you. You out-trade him really hard, and if you trade with him, he will not roam because he will lack HP. So if you can, try to trade with him, catch him with wall and chunk down his HP before he roams off! If you have a premade jungler, make sure to play the game around mid lane. The game needs to revolve around mid lane when a champion like TF is in the game. Your jungler should ward up for you and kill TF whenever he enters fog of war to reach botlane with his ult.

If possible, try to group up with your team as early as possible. The longer the laning phase goes, the harder it will be to deal with TF. 




Start: Dorans Ring + HP 1056.png2003.png

Runes: Standard AP

Anivia generally has trouble vs ADC early on in lane because they can continously harass you with autos. Varus is no exception. But luckily he has very low kill potential early on if you play safely. He spikes super hard mid game with 2-3 items, and he has an easy time poking down Anivia. I would say that if you get to that point at equal gold, then you have played the match-up poorly. Anivia will win Varus 1v1 after 6. Varus is immobile, so make sure to wall him and straight up one shot him. Call your jungler because you guys should be stronger 2v2. Your goal is to shut him down as much as possible and delay his power spike as much as possible. When he groups with his team, he is a real pain in the ass if he is doing well.

  • Varus wins Anivia pre 6 (lvl 1-5)
  • Anivia wins Varus from 6 to like 12
  • From 13 to 16 Varus should be a pain in the ass with his poke, Anivia can't get close to him if they play it correctly. They should dance around objectives and poke. They should also siege a lot and poke a lot.
  • Late game Anivia is more useful than late game Varus. His damage should be falling off now because of everyone getting armor. Anivia late game is impactful.



Dorans + HP 1056.png2003.png

Veigar is really easy to play vs in lane. You can easily bully him pre 6 and even more after 6. He will often opt for farming. But he will run out of mana, and when he hits 6 he can not duel you unless he backs to base. You might want the ward start because you are going to bully him really hard, and the jungler might gank you. But if he is smart he will stay out of harass range and try to just farm. In that case starting with Dorans for the safe farm is great. You will also have good enough mana regen to throw out a few Qs to see if they connect. Keep in mind that a really good Veigar will play with Teleport and just farm the whole early game. You might want to consider getting TP too since he might win the lane by recalling early and TP back to lane.

When he hits late game he can easily one-shot you, so get RoA against him. Also try to let him burst his ult on somebody else on the team than you because it might one-shot you. When his ult is down, he is an easy target for you. Also, he can't escape your wall. Consider Banshee or Abyssal to make his burst useless!



Runes: Run MS quints.

This is an easy match-up during laning phase. After 6, look out for his stun. If his stun connects he can easily one-shot you. However, outplay him with your jukes and even flash his stun if you must. He will most likely opt for shoving the lane with his W. Those are one of his highest damaging spells so try to trade with him, but carefully because if his stun connects he will ult.

In teamfights be careful of his ult and never group up together with your teammates. Try to spread out a little bit so he has to choose who to kill. Ideally you want to be able to flank him because he is really bad at dealing with enemies from several directions.



Start items
Start Dorans + hp pots  1056.png2003_32.png

Standard AP runes

Skill order: Get wall lvl 4 because he is easy to gank.

Laning Phase
Viktor has a lot of lane dominance. You can not simply walk up to him and start trading with him. With boots 2, his laser is pretty dodgeable, however his Siphon Power (Q) is a strong laning spell. Especially against Anivia as its range (600) matches your autoattack range. And since he gets a shield from it, you are better off not trading autoattacks with him. He will also get an amplified autoattack after his Q that hurts a lot. Simply do not trade with Viktor early on. Focus on farming. Use your Q to get farm also! Please respect Viktor's lane pre 6!

However, this is also one of his weaknesses. Every Viktor know that they will win any 1v1 during laning phase. If you can call your jungler, invite Viktor to an 1v1 by autoing him. He will then lose his mind, go full ape shit and start playing aggressively. During this trade, you might be able to land your stun as you walk up closer to him. You and your jungler should at least have forced his flash or got a kill on him.

When you hit 6 and onwards, you can try start trading with Viktor. Even though he has a strong instant burst with his ultimate, you can still out-play him with your wall. Since Viktor is a mid-range mage, he will get into range to get caught off with a wall. With a jungler's help, you can get him fairly easy, but you should be able to outplay him alone too. If he respects you however, he will stand on his max range and keep poking with laser and keep farming up. You should be happy with just farming because you scale better and will teamfight better. If you are able to chunk him down before big fights e.g. dragon then he will be at a huge disadvantage when the teamfight starts. Anivia should have an edge in this match-up for the majority of the game (except early pre 6).

Remember to watch out for when he uses his laser on the minion wave. That's when you go full ape shit and straight up 1v1 him. Try to back off when you think his laser comes back though, around 7-8 seconds with some CDR.



Start: 1056.png2003.png

He is way stronger than you pre-6 because of his Q and E with blood stacks. His harass is brutal. Remember to back off when his stacks are up. Anivia has a decent laning phase if she can land her Q+E combo consistently. But you are better off farming safely until 6. After 6, your combo can keep forcing Vladimir to pool the double proc damage on E, and thus making him vulnerable to ganks. By the time he hits 9 (he spikes hard), so do you. You have a lvl 1 wall and you can start chasing him down, catching him with the wall and combo him. You outdamage him by far in the harass game at this point. By the time his pool is down and his hp gets low, flash + ignite + E + R for the kill. After 6, Anivia should always win all trades. You have to trade fequently and kind of all in, so you might get ganked.

I do believe however that a really good Vladimir will play safe vs Anivia, stay away from autoattack range, be cautious with Anivia's Q, and just keep shoving lane and keep farming until mid/late game. He needs at least 3 items to actually become a beast. If he plays safely, then you will basically go even with him, which is not bad at all because in teamfights you do really well against him. Your spells have longer range than his and can outplay him so hard with wall and stun. Even if he scales ridiculously well into late game, this is still a team game and you can easily catch him off guard with your wall and let your team follow up.



Start items

I prefer MS quints and MR glyphs to negate his early game poke.

Really hard match-up early on. He has got really good mana sustain and can easily poke you down and force you off the lane. It is generally hard to walk close to him to combo him with Q+E. Consider starting with boots and just focus on farmin until lvl 6, then you can start trading with him with your E+R combo. However a good Xerath will respect your damage and farm safely and harass safely. If that happens, then you are better off with just farming vs him. 

In lane, even if he steps into midrange to challenge you, you are better off not taking it because he has got so much more damage than you. Just pick your fights. Throw out a Q and see if it lands. If it does, then go for the follow up E combo. Keep doing this until he is low enough for the ignite kill. Since Xerath has so much damage (3 damaging spells at lvl 3), it is really risky to commit for a fight 1v1 vs Xerath. With boots you could potentially out-play him by dodging everything he has, but if you want to go for the 1v1 pre 6 make sure to have your egg, ignite and flash. You can easily run out of mana also, while he can easily get back mana with his passive. He is really tricky to fight 1v1 pre 6. You should just play safely until lvl 6 and dominate him 1v1.

In teamfights, he will poke you down. Definitely build RoA for extra HP to not cripple before big teamfights. Remember that you can easily wall him in and force his flash or even get a kill since he does not have any jump/dash/blink. If you can not get to him, focus on peeling for your team and work on his front line.


Xin Zhao

Start: 1029.png2003.png
Runes: Don't use scaling HP seals, use flat armor seals to survive!

This is a super hard match-up in lane because Xin Zhao is pretty much the strongest 1v1 duelist. But his play style is way too binary. Either he engages on you, or he doesn't. But most of the time he will go ham on you. Simply coordinate with your jungler and own him early on. Even if you fail to gank him early on, Anivia immensely out scale Xin and you can easily alter the pathing because he can't dash/jump.



Start: Doran's Ring + hp 1056.png2003_32.png
Summoner: 3.png4.png
Mastery: 12/18/0, bloody early game, go for the outplay
Skill order: Get wall lvl 4 because he is easy to gank.

Yasuo is so strong against Anivia early game. During laning phase he can easily get to you through the minions and three-shot you, especially if he is lucky enough to cirt early on. Try to stay behind your caster minions. Around lvl 2, try to push out the wave with your Q. Don't let his wave hit your tower. At lvl 2 he doesn't have his wall, you can chain in a combo if you can hit the Q.
At lvl 6 you can easily break his shield by place an R underneath him. Watch his tornado. Let it die out. Don't walk close or he will dash and knock-up on top of you.

In teamfights, never let him ult you. Try to wait out his ult before engaging into further combat. He can easily ult you through any displacement from his team so look out for each one! Also, flash out of his Q tornado if it looks like you are going to get hit by it during a teamfight. Anivia is excellent at bursting down Yasuo during the time he ults, because he is standing still during the time he ults your teammates. If you connect your stun on Yasuo while he ults your team, he's basically dead.

Tip: Mikeals and Cleanse actually removes his ultimte (Last Breath) because it is a "suspension" which is a form of CC that is easily removable! If enemy team got a lot of CC and a Yasuo, definitely try cleanse!

Buld path:

3010.png --> 1001.png --> 3191.png --> 3027.png --> 3158.png --> 3165.png --> 3089.png --> 3157.png --> 3135.png



Start items
Dorans + 2 hp 1056.png2003.png
Summoners: 3.png4.png to make his ult useless (and so he can't hard engage on you) or just take 14.png4.png if the Zed is bad (low elo) and underestimates your damage. Exhaust is safer pick though! (I always pick Exhaust)

He has really good poke and waveclear during the laning phase. This makes Zed a hard champion to play against. During early game, you can try to kill him if he misses his poke. Please look out for his lvl 3 spike. If he is pushing then he will hit lvl 3 quicker than you. He can easily solo kill you at lvl 3. This is Zed's powerspike because he gets access to most of his kit at lvl 3. If you have around 40% hp, then he will shadow dash to you, use his spells, ignite and 1 auto and you are dead. His passive is actually extra dmg vs low hp enemies so his auto attacks are kind of an execute. Also always try to bait out his Q's and W+E+Q before trying to autoattack harass him or Q+E combo him.

If he is really good, then just farm and go for the early Zhonya's Hourglass against him. He will fall off later in the game. But when you do not have Zhonya's Hourglass and he has already hit lvl 6, stay far away from him and flash away if he ults you, because you are squishy and you will be popped. But if you have exhaust, you don't need to flash his ult because exhaust literally takes away most of his damage!

Anivia can 1v1 Zed after Zhonya is completed, but it's still a skill match-up as you both have skillshots to hit.

Tips: Zed appears behind you every time he ults you. Save your stun for him when he ults you. If you are low and are going to die by his ult combo, make sure to flash his shurikens (they deal the most damage).

Drag this game until late game where his teamfighting starts to fall off. As Anivia you will be able to lock down him whoever he jumps on, and since you got Zhonya's he will not go for you.

Build path: vs Zed I use a very particular build path to counter him.

3070.png1001.png --> 3191.png --> 3157.png --> 3158.png --> 3003.png --> 3089.png --> 3135.png --> (situational)



Start: Dorans + hp pots 1056.png2003.png
Runes: Standard AP

Ziggs is not a hard champion to lane against. You will not die. But he will outfarm you by far. He will possibly reach 250 cs by the 20 minute mark. And this is because of how his kit works. He is one of the few long range pokers with an actual disrupt/jump spell. This makes him somewhat hard to gank. If he respects you, he will pick up barrier and this makes him near impossible to kill in a 1v1 situation because you will never get into range to even harass him. In the early laning phase however he might want to trade autos with you, try to avoid that because his passive gives him empowered autoattacks which is a really strong laning passive. The only situation you can engage on him is when the teams are fighting for an objective, e.g. dragons. Your team will need to have hard engage in order to get him.

Your best shot is to actually focus on farming up to an early chalice. Buy a lot of hp pots and sustain in lane. Your main objective is to rival him in farming. He will take wolves and wraiths easily, so make sure you do the same. Anivia is pretty good at taking the jungle camps with blue. You should not be afraid of building a Catalyst the Protector and ultimately upgrading it into a RoA. Mana if your biggest issue, and you will need it to rival Ziggs in terms of farming.

Remember that your wall (W) can cancel his jump. You should listen to the detonation sound of it.




Start: Dorans + hp 

Laning: Just CS and keep the wave in the middle or slightly tilted to your side if possible. Focus on getting to lvl 6, you can't really kill Zilean so easily early on. At lvl 4 get your wall and try to get a gank on him, but Zilean is super-fast so it's hard to gank him. He is also strong at setting up ganks with double bombs and slow/speed. If he is winning, he can set up dives with his ult and jungler. Keep that in mind. After 6, he is easy to trade with, you will win every trade.

Late game: Don't kill Zilean, he will stay far back. He will support his team, but mostly his ADC. Do your best to bait out his ult, and don't pop his ult if a very tanky member got it. But if it's an ADC with ult and he is mispositioned, go ahead and pop the Zilean ult.

Why and When to Pick Anivia Back to Top

34.png Anivia is OP in the right hands

Anivia is a quite underplayed and underrated champion. But the truth is, in the right hands, she can become a monster. If played correctly, she can easily control a teamfight by zoning out enemies or by placing her wall to separate the enemy team. Her wall can block a whole enemy team from flanking your team while you are securing an objective. Her R (AoE) can be placed underneath the whole enemy team and shred them without them even noticing. Squishy AP-carries and AD-carries who lack awareness of their surroundings in a teamfight tend to stand in your AoE while trying to DPS. Even if your R is not damaging anyone, you are practically zoning the enemies from even walking past it because of how much damage is deals. And sometimes, the enemy even overresitimates it and pays way too much respect to your ult. Anivia has an AoE stun that slows after the stun's duration, which is exceptional for peeling. Her E is a really large burst damage spell on anyone standing on your R (AoE) or chilled/slowed by your stun (Q). 

She has so many roles on the team and does so much behind the scenes. The team usually do not notice all the things that an Anivia does for the team. E.g. if there was a crowd control statistic after each game that shows the amount of seconds that each player has slowed or stunned enemy champions, then Anivia would top that score all the time. She is simply a CC-machine because she can easily CC down a whole team by casting a 5-man stun with Q or a 5-man slow with R.

Ideally, you want to pick Anivia as a situational pick. First-picking Anivia after patch 6.23 is actually 100% dumb now that Riot gutted her. There are so many champions out there that can out-play her hard. And picking her in the wrong team is not very good either.

To understand when to pick Anivia, it is good to first understand her pros and cons.


  • CC-machine (a lot of mids don't have CC)
  • Good objective control (zones the enemy smiter)
  • High base damage and burst
  • High AP ratio
  • Game-changing wall (W)
  • Utility midlaner, but can carry
  • Amazing passive
  • Good and safe wave-clear
  • Safe laning with long AA range (600 units)


  • Immobile, no escape thus weak vs flankers and divers
  • Skillshot-reliant
  • Hard to learn and master
  • Has no instant damage or instant follow-up, thus bad in dynamic (fast/engages) team compositions
  • Bad with backline divers as teammates, teammates such as Rengar jungle and Pantheon top
  • Not a hyper-carry, can not keep dealing damage all the time and is restricted by CD
  • Easily a team-killer with wall (W)
  • Mana hungry
  • Weak early game pressure, and early skirmishes
  • Feels really underwhelming to play compared to other mid laners
  • Zero poking potential, thus low dmg output overall throughout the game

To sum it up; when to pick Anivia

  • Your team lacks CC
  • Enemy team has at least 3 immobile champions who can not dash/jump/blink over your wall
  • Your ADC is immobile and needs peel
  • Your jungler or top-laner picks a hyper-carry, then you want a more supportive AP-champ in mid, thus Anivia
  • You got a great stationary front line e.g. Maokai (jungle or top) etc.
  • Your jungler can give you the second blue
  • Enemy team got Juggernauts (basically bruisers, because Anivia shit on them)
  • Damage and poke is not a priority since Anivia doesn't excel at these things

Common Misconceptions Back to Top


No, Anivia is not all about stalling games and scaling into a late game monster!

This basically means that Anivia's mid game is actually more important to her, than her late game is. In fact, she suffers from the fact that the game gets dragged into late game because she lacks mobility. During late game, it's more about who starts attacking first, rather than who is the strongest. The champions with highest mobility will have a huge advantage during late game over Anivia. Even if they are naturally weak (low base dmg), because it is late game, they will have enough damage to one shot Anivia anyways. Anivia suffers severely by her mobility. So no, dragging the game into late game with Anivia is not favorable. But it is indeed one of her strengths, because she can waveclear and stall losing games into late game very well, thus giving her team a chance for an epic comeback.

One of my favorite things with Anivia is that she is playable into any match-up. This doesn't mean that she doesn't have any unfavorable match-ups, it just that she is a very safe laner. She has one of the longest auto attack in the game and a very long AoE stun (Q) to last hit with. This makes her playable into any match-up pretty much, without losing the lane too badly. She is almost never "fully shut down" even though her pre-6 in lane is very underwhelmning. This makes her, imo, a very consistent pick and a very safe laner even in blind pick (but if you first pick her in draft, expect a hard match-up). If you are lucky, you can even connect a few Q-E combos and surprise the enemy with an early first blood because her combo damage is ridiculous.

General Early Game Back to Top

Laning phase, level 1 - 9

There are two distinct goals with playing Anivia during the laning phase. You can focus on farming and counter-pushing to get your money and build up your items into the mid-game, or you can go aggressive on your opponent and go for the kill. Keep in mind that you should only try the latter style if you are really good at Anivia and really good at landing her skillshots plus you have picked ignite. You should always try to change your playstyle during the laning phase if you see a need to do so. E.g. if you planned to play passively, but you realize that your opponent overextends too much and is vulnerable, then you can always try to snipe him with a stun to see if it connects. If it doesn't connect, simply return to farming and play safe. Similarily, if you planned to play agressively, but realize that your opponent is very safe and that you are only killing yourself by overextending, then you should just sit back and farm. Anivia should be played kind of "passive-agressive". You simply change your playstyle whenever it is appropiate. At higher elos Anivia is pretty underwhelming pre-6 because of her slow skillshots. Playing safe with Anivia and just farming for her core for the teamfights is a great decision.

I think that knowing how to play Anivia passively during early game is crucial. Knowing how to farm safely is the more consistent way of playing her. You never have to commit to playing aggressively in lane because you might kill yourself by overextending and lose lane off that. Since Anivia is so awesome outside of laning phase, you don't really need to win it. Keep in mind that you lose a lot of lane dominance by throwing in your Q into the minion waves to lasthit. At diamond level I have to play aggressively from time to time to chunk his HP and make him respect me so he doesn't roam to my side-lanes.

When you are going to play the aggressive Anivia, you should not constantly autoattack them because then you would have to tank way too much minion damage. Once you autoattack harass somebody as Anivia in lane, you have to back off instantly to avoid further minion damage. I usually think of this as the "one-tap AA". Never auto an enemy in lane for more than one auto attack, unless it's an all-in. As an aggressive Anivia you want to pretend to be passive and try throw out your Q sometimes to see if it connects. Often times by the second our third time you land your combo, you can go for the kill if you have ignite. Also, remember to control the pacing of spell usage. Anivia relies heavily on mana to be useful, without mana, she is very diveable. Never fall below 20% of max mana, unless you plan on recalling home and want to shove out the lane.

In this clip, I throw my Q at Ahri to see if it connects, and it does! In the end I get her with my last auto.

You will lose a lot of CS if you focus too much on hitting your Q. Often times, going for the kill on the second time you hit Q is extremely risky. Chances are even if you flash, they will survive with around 50 hp. With your flash down, you will get ganked 100%. This is what I usually call the "suicide aggression". I sometimes play so aggressively that I get ganked, and simply lose my lane even though I was winning it. It is easy to win lane as Anivia, until the jungler comes. So it is way more consistent to play safe, than to play aggressively, because you will be at a risk of simply suiciding. Especially against melee mid-laners, you have so much kill potential against them. You since you will be winning lane and thus push your lane, you will also get ganked. If the gank is successful, then you pretty much loses the lane completely. 

This brings me to the next problem, jungle pressure. Anivia is extremely weak against jungle pressure because she has not escape. By constnatly throwing out your Q or even starting to win the lane slowly, you put yourself in a great risk of getting ganked because you will keep moving the wave a little bit further out each time you successfully harass your opponent. This is why warding is crucial to Anivia. I usually go for a pink wards early on and place it defensively.

You should have a good idea of your jungle match-up also. You have to know whether or not your jungler is stronger than their jungler. If your jungler is stronger then you get more space to play with during early game, especially whenever he is near the mid-lane. It gives you more freedom to start overextending a little bit and start playing more aggressively. However, if your jungler is the weaker jungler then you will have a lot of things to worry about. You do not want to enter 2v2 situations because you might miss Anivia's combo and that is all of your damage output. Usually the meta midlaners are a lot stronger than you in these 2v2 scirmishes, especially melee mid laners. Also you will have to start worrying about their jungler invading your blue around the 7th minute mark because denying Anivia blue buff is huge. To prevent this you are forced to ward up the area of where your blue buff is located.

During the early game you might have to assist your jungler when he gets invaded. If you can, get a kill on the enemy jungler, but if you miss your first combo you better back off from the fight and disengage it altogether. Chances are that you are going to lose if you keep fighting it. Anivia is incredibly weak early game, especially in skrimishes so try to avoid fighting early. This is also one of the biggest reason why we are not seeing Anivia in competetive play. Her weak early game is abusable. The enemy team can easily force skirmishes early on pre 6 by invading the jungle and constantly ganking and fighting. As an Anivia you do not want that. You want a peaceful and controlled game. Since Anivia is weak and slow during the early game, she is not good at dealing with chaos. She can not quickly assist her teammates, and even when she arrives to a fight she has to land a really hard combo in order to have a chance to even win it. 

First Back: Pink ward Back to Top

Playing safely and consistently as Anivia

Always try to buy the pink in the very first back! Pink wards only cost 75g, it's super cheap. I will be pressuring mid so hard that I will 100% overextend. And I know I will get ganked. The only way to avoid ganks is to buy wards.
Getting ganked as Anivia is ridiculously punishing. You lose everything. You lose your passive, exp, gold and lane advantage. You were winning the lane, until you got ganked once, and lost the lane completely. Just because you did not buy wards early, you totally screwed over your team by losing mid super hard. As an Anivia player, you have to respect ganks and the enemy jungler (pay attention to their health bars and level though, sometimes you can FB them with your full-combo if they get cocky).

Place your pinks near the bot side to get vision of drag area and to catch if your oppononet mid roams bot.

Pre-6 gankls usually comes from behind. Place your trinket wards deeper into the jungle. If you think that enemy jungler is near mid, use wall to gain vision.

Catalyst Item: GLP-800 vs Rod of Ages Back to Top

The Dilemma of Anivia

The item section is already stacked with information, so I have created a separate section for this debate. Since S6 mid season update, a few dilemmas have appeard for the bird. You already had a tough time on the tear vs no tear debate, but now you also have to decide whether to go RoA or GLP-800. Whether to pick GLP-800 or RoA is going to be a tough call. I think GLP-800 can be the to-go item for Anivia if it gets buffed further. The active is a nice kiting-tool, it has a nice AoE damage and helps you with executing enemies. Right now GLP-800 might be a little too weak but I believe it will get buffed soon. RoA got nerfed in the S6 mid season update so building it feels bad. RoA is way weaker at max stacks than before because it provides way less mana and AP at max stacks. GLP-800 fits perfectly into Anivia's rotations because her spells have long CDs. Remember that you can also use it to waveclear because the active part of it goes through all minions, same applies for vs champions. Use this active to slow your opponent before your spells come up again, this way you will keep them from running away from your execution range. If you are fed, this item will help you one-shot squishies (kind of like the old DFG). GLP-800 will act as a surprise variable vs your enemies, they might not expect it. However, GLP also forces you to be proactive and constantly find fights to join. RoA will allow you to sit back a little bit and scale up, thus RoA is definitely the easier item to pick up and utilize while GLP requires a lot of skill to fully utilize. Right now RoA is good, arguably better than GLP-800 due to the fact that GLP is too expensive. For now get RoA, we might switch over to GLP-800 later. It's just a way too expensive item at the moment.

Baiting with Egg Back to Top

Please be careful

Baiting with Anivia's egg is a high risk, high reward play. There are two different ways of baiting an enemy with your egg. This can be done throughout the game (mostly early- and mid-game), but gets riskier and less effective during the late game as anyone will be able to finish off your egg. Supports and full tanks might have trouble finishing up your egg late game, but you shouldn't be baiting these people as they are quite hard to kill. The ones you want to bait are the squishy carries. Especially the midlaner is easy to bait.

Baiting intentionally

You have got really low hp, and the enemy mid is pretty mad because you just escaped with a sliver of health. Now your jungler is at really near midlane, really healthy and you think he can 1v1 your opponent. This is when you start walking up towards your own death. You don't die for free, you will walk up into the range of his spells, you will have to make him chase you and you will also have him try to hit his skillshots on you. Since you are low, pretty any skillshot will kill you. If you can, try to dodge his skillshots to save your egg. By now he should have overextended a little bit. But no, you are not done. If his skillshots are down, then he will be discouraged to keep chasing you. But you can start autoattacking him and keep making him think that he can kill you. Don't just instantly run into your own tower range because he will know that you are safe there and he will stop chasing you. Depending on how far away your jungler is from you, he should have joined the fight somewhere along this whole process. Ideally, you want to bait without sacrificing your egg. But even if you mess up somewhere, it does not matter because your egg is your back-up. This is a great tactic but there are several risks to it.

Risks with baiting intentionally:

  • You walk up to the opponent too early and die way too early. Your jungler can't assist. You just died for free.
  • Jungler is super weak. You die, and you are in egg form for 6 seconds. Your jungler dies during these 6 seconds in the 1v1 with enemy midlaner.
  • You die, you are in egg form. Your jungler fights the enemy midlaner, but the enemy jungler joins and kills you both.

Baiting unintentionally

Some midlaners do not have a great awareness of their mana and damage output, thus they sometimes kill themselves. As they kill you in lane and put you into egg form, some players take the victory for granted. They don't calculate if they can finish off your egg, but they just spam everything they have hoping for the best. This is the error. Halfway through killing your egg, they realize; they don't have enough damage to finish your egg. This where you revive and just straight up kill them. A kill you didn't deserve. You simply got a kill based on the opponents miscalculations. Sometimes, this will be really close. You kill them, but they were really close to killing your egg. This is all beyond your control, and is pretty much luckbased. If they make a bad judgment, they die. However any smart play will know that killing Anivia's egg with their last quarter of their mana remaining is impossible. Smart players get your egg, then they are content. They know the CD, 4 minutes. During this window of 4 minutes on your egg, just call the jungler and straight up dive you. Anivia is squishy and without egg she is pretty weak. Baiting unintentionally is not really something you can do anything about. It is your opponent's error. But the only reason you are able to get kills due to baiting unintentionally is because of Anivia's ridiculous passive. Rebirth is one of the strongest passive in the game, so make use of it well.

Importance of Tracking Flash and Egg Back to Top

Immobility kills you

Anivia is a very immobile champion, and is thus really vulnerable to ganks, dives and all-ins. But she has a few tools that can assist her in getting out of sticky situations. And keeping track of them during all stages of the game is crucial.

Rebirth.png Rebirth

This is her passive. When she dies, she turns into an egg and will be revived after a few seconds. This is an incredibly strong passive, and is really important to Anivia. Without this passive, she is basically useless.

4.png Flash

This summoner spell lets the champion blink a short amount of distance. Flash is the most important spell on Anivia beacuse with this, you can play aggressively. You can bail out of a dangerous situation, but also create plays.

If your flash is on cooldown

Gank alert. You will get ganked. The jungler knows it. You don't have flash. It's really simple. He sneak into your lane from behind and gank you. In the worst case, he has to flash to kill you. But it is totally worth it. Basically, if you don't have flash, don't overextend and ward up.

If your egg is on cooldown

All-in alert. Your opponent knows you don't have egg. He will try to all-in you. You are really squishy and he has only been hesistant with blowing his ult on you because of your egg. Now that you don't have it, he will definitely go for the kill. Be cautious. Know his damage. If he can all-in you, stay back and near the turret. 

If your flash and egg are on cooldown

Dive alert. This is a nightmare for any Anivia player. This happens often actually, that your Flash and Egg are on cooldown. Especially if you die in lane early due to a gank. If they got both your Egg and your Flash, then you are literally a free kill. The easiest kill in the game. In this scenario you shouldn't do anything except for farming under you turret. You can't roam. Ward up and don't let them dive you because you are actually an easy prey right now, even under your own turret. Wait out your cooldowns, and then you can start playing aggressively again.

This is how Anivia should be countered. She is a free kill without egg and flash, just dive her. If you are a smart Anivia player, definitely give up farm, xp and the turret if you are going to get dived. It's not worth dying to a dive because enemies will snowball super hard off your death. If enemy team is commiting 2 players to shut you down, it's expected that your team shutdowns the enemy team somewhere else. Ideally your jungler should help you to prevent you from getting dived because of your great scaling past lvl 6. You can almost guarantee that you will be more or equally useful as the enemy midlaner, thus it's a very safe investment to pump resources into baby sitting an Anivia.

Diving Turrets as Anivia Back to Top

The Bird can dive

Pre 6, early game

Don't dive with Anivia at this point of the game. Never dive. You only got one damage source, Q+E+ignite and it is really easy to miss it. Just don't dive. Your armor and HP at this point is horrible, and you die in 3 turret shots. Anivia is also way too easy to CC, especially under turret. The only exceptiono where you can go for a dive is when a teammate is tanking the turret and someone on your team got a lockdown CC for you to follow up on. 

Diving after lvl 6

New Anivia is no longer the same as old Anivia. You need time to ramp up your ult in order to burst. You don't have time to do that under the tower. Just avoid diving the bot lane. But with a good W+Q+E combo, it might be possible to dive 1v1, but diving the enemy bot lane is never going to be as easy as it was before.

Late game

When sieging turrets, Anivia can actually be pretty good at catching people off guard, especially with her Wall (W) + Q combo. This also means that you will get tower aggro. If you catch somebody, with wall and stun, just walk out of turret range, and then re-enter to drop the aggro. You are one of the carries, you don't want to lose your health to a turret. Let your teammates follow up on your catch.
Sometimes it is somebody else that catches an enemy under turret, as Anivia you got a really strong follow-up if you are in range. Just blow your full-combo whenever someone gets caught out by your teammates. They are also most likely holding the aggro for you and the ADC.

General Mid Game Back to Top

Mid game, around level 9-16

When the mid game arrives, then one turret might has fallen in the bot lane. Make sure you keep an eye on when a turret falls, because that's when everybody is going to rotate to mid. If you aren't paying attention, you will get ganked. It might get stale in the mid lane as nothing happens. Every lane is roaming over to mid, so you simply can't play aggressively. To clear out the waves, just place your R on it and let it clear fully. Don't throw Q+R because it wastes more mana. It's a faster clear, only do it during emergency.

In the mid game you should be setting up for the second drake (or first if no one took it during the early game). This is also where Anivia shines. Setting up for the second drake is really easy for Anivia to do because of her wall. She can easily zone out the enemy smiter, stun him or straight up catch him off position and kill him. Anivia's true potential comes out when she roams with her team. Even if you do not catch somebody, as long as a fight breaks out, Anivia will be really good at teamfighting. All you need to do is place your R on the enemy divers and combo them with your Q+E. However there are several weaknesses with Anivia. She can not fight in unwarded places. Once she is put into a bad situation she can not escape, thus it is extremely important to ward up the area before the dragon fight happens. A lot of champs has got in-built escape and it is forgiving to accidently enter a bad position since they can just dash out and escape. However Anivia does not pocess such ability. This is why vision control is so extremely important for Anivia.

During the mid game you will also siege as Anivia. During the siege always look for people to wall out if they overextend past their towers. Your team might be able to follow up on it. Be remember to not try to catch somebody who could catch you instead. E.g. Blitz/Thresh can hook you into his team the moment you step in to wall him off his team.

During a Baron Siege Back to Top

Anivia's job during the Baron siege

It will be really easy to take Baron at this stage of the game and surely your team might want to go for a risky one. Anivia deals insane damage to Baron and her chill effect actually applies to it. But usually instead burning all of your mana on Baron, try to zone the enemies. You can do this by blocking the path of where they are coming from, buying your team an extra 5 seconds. After your wall is down you can stun their smiter and add a field of slow (R) to slow their entrance into baron pit. Anivia is really good at preventing enemies from flanking your team around Baron. Remember that if you have a Liandry, then you actually deal pretty good damage to Baron. You want to help the team with killing Baron only if your jungler is squishy, or your team lacks damage. Otherwise, securing the area is more worth it. Anivia can actually join the smite war if you got enough AP with a fast Q + E combo. Only burn all of your mana on Baron if the enemy team hasn't reacted yet, or if they are very far from you guys. But if they intend to fight, as an Anivia, always zone them instead. You can deal tons of damage to their smiter before he comes into smite range. If he jumps from red side into baron pit, you can try to stun him and wall-interrupt his dash.

General Late Game Back to Top

Late game, around level 16+

At this stage of the game your ADC pretty much has 3 items now and is worth protecting. Instead of going for the squishy carries you should probably opt for peeling for your ADC. However with a Zhonya's Hourglass you can dive the backline too and pop the squishies. But it is hard to do it as Anivia.

Your focus in during the late game is to stay alive, you do not even need to engage into fight. Do not force yourself to do anything, you can wait in the backline until you are given a good opportunity to step in and deal damage. Often times you will be zoning/zoned which leaves you unable to do anything. You will be stuck in a awkward situation but that is fine. Just do not die.

If you are able to, you can try to split up the enemy team with your wall as it has a good range. Since you can not step into the fight and E somebody, you are most likely just going to place your R and let it run on the enemies. At this stage of the game it is dangerous to walk up and use your E which has 650 range. When you place your R, remember to always stand on its max range, which is indicated with an exclamation mark on top of Anivia's head. One of the biggest threat is the enemy ADC. Once you move into the teamfight to E somebody, the enemy ADC can easily three shot you. The only case where you can fight the enemy ADC is when he is already CC'd or has low hp. You should never duel a late game ADC with full hp. If you are able to hit your stun (Q) then you can chunk her down, but out-duelling the enemy ADC is really hard. Look out for the QSS, a really deadly item vs Anivia. If she QQS your stun then you are pretty much dead. Always keep track of if the enemy ADC got it or not. It's possible to outplay a late game ADC, but he has to walk up pretty close and walk into your E+R combo. 

If you got blue or tear, then you can siege really well as Anivia. When your minion wave hits the enemy inhibitor turret, then you can wall off one side, and put down your R on the other side. This ensures that you zone out the enemy from engaging on your ADC while he hits on the turret.

Scary Junglers to Look Out For Back to Top

It's all about the high pressure early game

Try to estimate the clear speed of the jungler you are playing against. A jungler with a fast clear can start ganking earlier (around 3 mins) and you should be warding then. Always be cautious when you think the opponent jungler has completed his initial jungle clear.

64.png Lee Sin

If you ever play vs a Lee Sin... hide yourself! He is a beast at ganking Anivia. I always play a little more passive vs Lee Sin. If he ever comes mid, there is very little chance of you outplaying him because he is so versatile as a champion and he has way more outplay potential than you have. His raw damage early game is disgusting vs squishy Anivia. He can easily finish your egg alone and he doesn't even have to hit Q to kill you in a gank. They usually ward jump into the lane to slow you down with E. If he connects his slow, then you are pretty much dead if you have walked up the lane a little bit too far out. 

However, he falls off late game and is forced to make plays to have an impact. Just group up properly and he will be pretty useless (unless he is a god and gets off a 5-man kick, just be aware of that). As Anivia, you don't want to pick too many duels at mid if the enemy team got a Lee Sin jungler, he is everywhere because of his great mobility. Just be careful with fighting 1v1 in mid, he can join fights way quicker than most junglers.

154.png Zac

I'm so glad pretty much no one plays him. He is such a pest to deal with. He doesn't have the raw damage and early pressure as Lee Sin, but his ganks are ridiculous because of his jump. He can gank the mid lane from so many angles and since Anivia is immobile early on, it's easy for Zac to land his jump on you.

The worst is that he doesn't really fall off late game. In fact, he becomes a valuable engager during the late game and can become tanky as hell. He is the king of flanker, and as Anivia, you absolutely don't want to get flanked. He can cancel your R during a teamfight easily and make you useless. 

421.png Reksai

This bad girl is bad for you. She is tanky, yet deals enough dmg to 1v1 you. Hilarious. Such a joker champ. Her ganks are very deadly (long range gap close + knock up). Please play carefully vs her, it's such an obnoxious champion. Her ult gives her unrivaled mobility and lets her flank you from fog of war. It's super hard to deal with her.

More junglers to be added!

Scary Supports to Look Out For Back to Top

I Caught the Bird!

Basically any support with a great catch potential is a pain to deal with as Anivia. The main problem with Anivia is that she is way too slow. You might consider using your MS rune page if you face these supports just because of how easy it is for them to catch you. What all of these supports do is that they restrict your ability to make plays. Anivia might want to stay at front line sometimes because you want to make plays and catch people off guard with wall. But vs these supports, go hide yourself behind your team. Don't stand in the front. Don't make plays. You are 100% going to get caught. It's crucial to know vs which supports that you no longer can play as you usual do.

89.png Leona

I hate playing vs Leona from the bottom of my heart. She is like a Lee Sin, but the support version of him. She can engage so easily on you. With Mobility boots or Swiftness, she can catch up to you when you are alone, and easily ult you. Anivia is just way too slow. In one fight, she can Zenith Blade to you twice because she has very low down time on her spells. This match-up is literally cancer for Anivia. Especially look out for the bot lane rotations. I have lost count of how many times I have died in mid lane because a turret fell in bot lane and the Leona roamed on me. Try to group up with your team vs an enemy team with Leona. Try to stay far in the back line, and treat yourself more of an ADC than a real AP mage mid. Don't make plays, she will just catch you in the front line and instant kill you. Ridiculously OP.

53.png Blitzcrank

Thank god he isn't played frequently. I haven't seen one in ages, but Blitzcrank can ruin your day. He has mobility and he has a hook. It's the perfect counter vs Anivia. You are really immobile as Anivia, so it's really tough not to get hooked. Stay behind teammates, don't make any plays. Let the play and teamfights come to you.

412.png Thresh

Thresh is not as bad as Blitz and Leona. Unlike Leona, he can't catch you as easily. He doesn't have the damage of Blitz or Leona either. But with mobility boots, he can catch you with flay and hook. His hook is super long, but yet this match-up is still not too bad. But it's definitely one of the tougher ones. Pay attention to his movement speed and his hook animation.

432.png Bard

Super annoying guy. He roams on you and can flank with portal. The worst is his ult. As Anivia, you can't just simply walk out of it, because you are too slow. Flash it. But if you got Zhonya, you can Zhonya it too (if you start Zhonya early you can dodge his ult and walk out earlier before they catch up).

Your Teammates Back to Top

Zero presence junglers to avoid

Bad junglers as teammates

102.png Shyvana

Literally one of the worst junglers to have on the team when you are playing Anivia. Anivia is an easy champion to bully if your jungler is AFK-farming. You need to have a jungler that at least has the presence to scare away the enemy jungler. Shyvana can pretty much do nothing to help you. She wants to farm the jungle and she wants to invade enemy jungle. Play passively if you got her on your team.

11.png Master Yi

Another AFK-jungler. Yi has no presence, he can't save you. You will get bullied in mid lane. Focus on not feeding and play passively please. This game doesn't revolve around you anymore, the second your teammate picked Yi, the game has turned into a Yi-centric game.

2.png  Olaf

Olaf is a bad teammate to have because you can easily mess him up if you place your wall poorly. He is also a deep diver/chaser. You can't keep up with that. He will keep chasing until he gets a kill, and he will gladly die for it. If you follow him, he might drag you down with him. Don't play with an Olaf.

Good junglers as teammates

421.png Reksai

She is a strong early game champion, builds pretty tanky and has tons of presence on the map which will make life easy for you as one of the weakest early game champion.

32.png Amumu

Maybe a little too high CC and too much magic dmg but it will work out fine you have a heavy AD top e.g. Jayce coupled with a strong carry ADC bot. You will never miss your Q if you can follow up Amumu's CC, you guys will easily instant-burst anyone.

59.png Jarvan

As long as he doesn't dies instantly due to being too squishy, your ult will make a great combo with his. You have to hold onto your ult until he pulls of his because if you guys are unsynchronized then a lot of potential will be wasted.

154.png Zac

High CC and high magic dmg, but works well with AD top and AD bot. His range is ridiculous so he might dive too deep into enemy team, but Zac's will often come back to the team and not chase too far. In the end he is the primary tank and he doesn't really 1-shot anybody unless he is fed.

57.png Maokai

He is out of meta currently but he is an ideal jungler for Anivia. He creates prolonged stationary teamfights which is huge for Anivia players. If he ever gets into meta again, he will be good with Anivia.

78.png Poppy

Poppy is a great tank like Maokai. She is more viable top but she can do fine in jungle, especially with Anivia mid. She easily face tank a whole team. You guys have a terrifying combo. If she ults away a couple of enemies, and you wall off a few, then you guys have successfully destroyed their teamfight formation.

Anivia Video Demonstration Back to Top

Anivia Demonstration

There are many places you can place your wall in order to split the enemy team, block the enemy jungler from contesting an objective and cutting off the escape route of your enemies. Most of them are really basic and obvious. You probably already know all of the corridors in Summoner's Rift and if you know Anivia's wall length then you will know what paths she can block completely. In this section I will try to upload some well placed walls in my games (all in diamond level). I also try to demonstrate how to use her spells properly. Most of these plays are very basic, and you should be able to do the same.

New Anivia post 6.23

Old Anivia pre 6.23

More clips are coming!

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The Author

Hi, I am SeraphisQ (EUW), an one trick pony Anivia player who has played her since S2. During S3 I peaked at Diamond I (EUNE) by only playing Anivia. Due to university, I have not been able to play League as much as I want to. But I have still been able to consistently hit diamond league (S3, S4, S5, S6 and now S7) in very few games. I do not consider myself one of the best Anivia players out there, but I am confident that I can provide a few tips to you guys who want to pick her up. This author account Shuyu R (EUNE) is my smurf account.

Last Words

If you like my guide, make sure to give it a thumbs up! Also feel free to drop a comment below, you can ask me anything! If you didn't like my guide at all, make sure to comment on what you think I should improve on!
If you want to hit me up in league for a game or some chatting, make sure to do so! You can find me on EUW with the IGN SeraphisQ.

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