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All Guides Anivia Guides [S6, 6.7 OUTDATED]: BlueGreenPlanet's Comprehensive Guide on Anivia
1 year ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png14.png I prefer taking ignite for lane dominance. Anivia has the strongest burst damage pre 6 which gives her amazing kill potential in lane. 

4.png12.pngTeleport is also a viable option on Anivia. There are some Anivia mains in Masters/Challenger who take teleport almost exclusively. It gives your team a ton of map pressure, and it can also be taken in more farm focused lanes or against matchups you deem more difficult. 

There's a neat trick you can do where you teleport right before your passive gets activated, and it will continue to channel while you're in egg form, as long as you don't get hard cc'd. 

3.png21.png1.png7.pngPretty situational summoners, most of the times you'll benefit more from taking ignite/tp.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Ferocity Tree

Vampirism vs. Natural Talent:

Vampirism gives a meager 2% spellvamp. Although it won't make any significant difference, it will help you with health sustain, and might even save your life in certain situations. On the other hand, the scaling AP stats from Natural Talent are more beneficial to Anivia especially later on into the game(this mastery at level 18 combined with the passive from Rabadon's Deathcap will give you a combined total of 20AP- 400 gold worth of stats). In a game where you think you'll find yourself in compromising situations where the extra survivability will be more crucial than the extra damage, switch to Vampirism. You're much better off most of the time with Natural Talent.

Cunning Tree

Merciless vs. Meditation:

I've done some experimenting in season 6, and I've come to the conclusion that Meditation is by far the superior mastery for Anivia. Since most mid laners currently opt for Merciless, Anivia gains an advantage in having the ability to out sustain them in lane by taking Meditation. For Anivia this is essentially a keystone mastery because of how much impact it has especially in the early game. The mana regen coupled with a catalyst and tear rush gives you the ability to essentially control the laning phase. In every game the mana regen has helped me gain cs leads, experience leads by either zoning my opponent or forcing them from lane altogether.

Precision vs. Intelligence:

A lot of players are conflicted about these two masteries on mid laners. The fact of the matter is that neither of these masteries offer any significant stats, so it all comes down to preference. I prefer to take precision because the extra hybrid penetration stats will be beneficial to trading and harassing in lane. 

Stormraider's Surge

Upon first look of the new masteries, I actually thought this would be the best keystone on Anivia. I used this a lot in the early preseason and actually found a lot of success with it. This keystone kind of gives Anivia a third summoner, a 10 second cooldown Ghost6.png and thus should not be overlooked in certain situations. 

Abilities Back to Top



Passive: Rebirth

Fun fact: Your champion name changes to Eggnivia for the duration that you are in egg form. haha xD!!

Q: Flash Frost

Flash Frost is Anivia's bread and butter spell. If you proc this correctly, you can get double damage and stun your opponent at the same time. This can be followed up with a frostbite to chunk a sizable amount of the target's health bar. Being a slow-shooting projectile, this skill shot can be difficult to land. The best time to land this is when your opponent is not prepared to dodge it. 
  1. While opponent last hits- Throw your Q as the enemy laner goes for a last hit
  2. Timing your last hits with your opponents- a more advanced version of 1) where you last hit a creep with your Q and aim it at your opponent as they are about to go for a cs. 
  3. Fade away - Throw your Q while facing/moving away from opponent 
  4. Wall - this is a more advanced technique involving you using your wall to manipulate your opponent's movements, allowing you to land your Q more easily 
  5. Calculated prediction - Players tend to move around in a predictable way. The first step is to visualize the general area in which your opponent is walking in. The second step is to find say 3 points within this area that the player moves to, and to analyze the rate and pattern if any in which they walk to these points. With this information you can land your Q as they walk from one point to the other.

W: Crystallize

Undoubtedly one of the most game-changing abilities in the entire game. You can tell how good an Anivia player is by the quality of her walls. I will dedicate a section on how to use Crystallize effectively. I prefer to max W second since its size and therefore its applications increase with each level, and thus is much more impactful than the extra base damage from leveling Q. I'll also briefly mention that taking wall level 4 is really good at setting up ganks for your jungler, especially against an enemy with no escapes. One more thing, anivia wall can interrupt abilities like Katarina ult, Fiddlesticks ult, leaps, recalls to name a few. Like I said, I will go more in detail about this fun ability.  

E: Frostbite

Pretty straight-forward unit targetting ability. Usually it is only mana efficient to use Frost Bite(E) after you've chilled your opponent with your Flash Frost(Q) or Glacial Storm(R). A slightly advanced trick is to throw your E before dropping your Glacial Storm(R). This is a mana efficient way to trade as it prevents you from ticking your ult for longer than necessary, but rather just enough to get the amplified E damage before turning it off. They will also be slower to react with defensive abilities and summoners because they are programmed to think you'll only engage with Q or R. Throwing out a E into R will catch champions such as Tryndamere and Kayle off guard and reacting with their ultimate. It will also catch Fizz players off guard by reacting with Playful Trickster, Lux with her shield, and Yasuo with his wind wall. You get it right? 

R: Glacial Storm

Amazing spell for zoning and peeling, but you'd be surprised about how people still like to step into this AOE. Even after the nerfs, still quite effective at controlling objectives and controlling a teamfight from a safe distance. Coupled with Liandry Torment's passive 3151.png it burns for 4%HP per second. Whenever the meta shifts to tank you absolutely obliterate solo queue with the Glacial Storm Liandry's Torment synergy.  


This is just as a note for newer players who don't know that smart-casting exists(not everyone reading this guide are that experienced) or are uncomfortable with smart-casting. I would recommend every Anivia player to get used to smart-casting her abilities. It's essential to to pull off certain combos(E>R, E input buffer>flash>R, E>W cancels E animation although this combo will rarely be useful), and in a game of milliseconds the time extra time it takes to normal cast can at times be very hindering.

Input Buffering on Anivia

On Anivia, there is an input buffering mechanic where you can instant cast E if you input buffer it then flash. This combo has a lot of useful applications. To do this, you queue up the E out of range, flash into range for instant E cast, then ult to proc double damage from E, or more concisely [input buffer E>Flash>R]. It is most commonly used to execute a low HP champion in lane who is playing cautiously at a distance. Conversely, if you try to [Flash>E>R], your target will easily walk out of your E range before your cast animation completes. 


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Starting Items

Core Items

    Try to get this on first back
    Rush this item
    Get a tear whenever you can
    Buying this over tear is troll 99% of the time
    Core Build

Situational Items

    If you find yourself getting focused or dying a lot
    Build against heal-reliant champions
    very common late game build
    Build against health stackers
    note: only build one, never build both
    versus heavy ap
    against no escape/short range team
    build against heavy ap, and to negate key abilities
    risky snowballing item
Starting Items

1056.pngAlways start Doran's. Anivia has one of the highest base damages and pre-6 bursts out of apcs. Doran's will further increase trade and kill potential during the laning phase. 

Tear VS. Chalice

3070.pngIt's not even debatable that tear is way superior to chalice on Anivia. Anivia is not a champion that benefits greatly from building CDR, as she has relatively low cooldowns already and it usually takes only one cycle of her combo to make a play. The slightly better mana regeneration stats on chalice is negligible especially if you decide to take the new Meditation mastery. On the other hand, upgrading to Archangel's and the eventual Seraph's Embrace gives an absolutely massive mid-game power spike. If you've ever played trading card games like Yu-Gi-Oh or Hearthstone, you would know that a good deck has cards with not just good individual value, but good synergy too. Similarly, synergy is something to be considered in your builds. The passive from Archangel's Staff gives you AP equal to 3% of your mana or roughly 1 AP every 33 mana. Therefore, the mana from a fully stacked Rod of Ages3027.png equates to 24AP(500 gold value) from the Archangel's passive, increasing the total AP given from ROA to 144. The fully stacked Seraph's Embrace also has an active shield that is stronger and has lower cooldown than the summoner spell Barrier21.png

3028.pngChalice is a safe rush against heavy ap champs (e.g. Annie, Syndra, Viktor etc.). It offers less AP than the Seraph's Embrace, however it gives you 20% CDR which could be useful for rotating your spells in extended teamfights.


3027.pngThere are many reasons why RoA is a must-buy on Anivia. To list a few:
  • Increased mana pool and mana regen from catalyst for a champion known to have mana problems
  • The passive from Archangel's Staff 3003.pngwill increase the total AP given from RoA to 144. Anivia has great ratios and her damage will greatly benefit from such a significant amount of AP
  • Health stats are essential on squishy AP champions, especially on a low mobility champion like Anivia. If you ever find yourself positioned poorly in unfavourable positions, the extra HP will buy you time for your combos to come back up, or for backup to arrive. It is also great for surviving burst damage.
Liandry's Torment

3151.pngPurchase this item immediately after completing Rod of Ages(Ignore this at the moment-- I wrote this during the tank meta of 5.16. Right now, build this item situationally whenever a huge threat or multiple enemies begin to stack hp). Liandry's passive allows Anivia's Glacial Storm(R) to deal 4% of the targets current health per second, making your ultimate an even more effective zoning tool. The additional 80 AP and 15 magic pen also gives your champion a major power spike upon completion of this item.

Void Staff

3135.pngThis is a standard item on all APCs and Anivia is no exception. If you are really ahead and their team is not building MR, this item could be purchased later on.

Rabadon's Deathcap

3089.pngI purchase Rabadon's Deathcap instead of Zhonya's Hourglass in most situations, simply because of the 120 AP and the + 35% AP that this item gives you will greatly amplify your damage allowing you to one shot any squishy champ in this game. 

Zhonya's Hourglass

3157.pngThis item can replace Rabadon's Deathcap if you find yourself getting focused by enemy gap closers who have kill potential on you. This is usually not a problem if you have good positioning and have peelers on your team. 

Completion of Athene's/Archangel's Staff

3174.png3003.pngYou should complete these items early on rather than keeping the tear/chalice into late game for mana regen. Both of these items offer very useful stats and gives you nice mid-game powerspike combined with rod of ages. 


3165.pngIf I'm ahead sometimes I would build this in place of archangel's for an earlier power spike. The mana regen you're missing out from tear is unimportant now that there is the Meditation mastery. This item is effective against champs with healing or amplified health regen abilities (e.g. Alistar, Mundo, Nidalee, Soraka etc.). Note: This item applies grievous wounds over time with Liandry's Torment3151.png
3001.pngIf I feel the need to, I'll rush a Negatron Cloak 1057.pngin lane, and after completing my core I'll upgrade into Abyssal Scepter or in more rare situations a Banshee's Veil 3102.png . The Negatron Cloak rush is a good idea if they have a bursty mid laner(e.g. Annie, Leblanc, Syndra) and an AP Jungler(e.g. Gragas, Elise, Nidalee). I will also use a rune page with flat MR glyphs in this case. 

3116.pngThe Rylai's buff makes this a viable item for Anivia. The most significant change is the increase of percentage slow from 15% to 40%. Anivia's 20% slow doesn't stack, but rather it applies the 40% slow from this item. If you thought the Anivia slow was good before, now it's twice as effective. It also compensates for the minor range nerf on Anivia's ultimate, so that while Anivia needs to position more dangerously at times to become effective, the extra slow keeps threats at a safe distance away from her or her team. I'm beginning to experiment building this item, especially in games where it is also necessary for me to build Liandry's Torment. 

3041.pngIf I have extra gold during a back I would sometimes invest in a Dark Seal1082.png. If you choose to not upgrade it later on, it's still not a completely wasteful purchase, as it does offer you a bit of extra damage and sustain in lane. Mejai's is a good snowballing item into the mid-game as you start to group with your team, and have already picked up an advantage in the lane. Be careful about building this against teams with strong pick potential that can really punish any positional mistakes with their chain CC and damage followup. 

3102.pngIf the enemy team have multiple champions who are reliant on hitting their initial skill or cc on you in order to be effective(e.g. Malphite's Unstoppable Force, Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab, Annie's Tibbers, Thresh's Death Sentence, Elise's Cocoon, Rumble's Equalizer).

3111.pngBuild Merc Treads against teams with a bunch of cc, the 35% tenacity can decide whether or not Anivia lives in a teamfight. It's worth sacrificing the 15 Magic Penetration from Sorcerer's Boots to survive a teamfight. 

3009.pngBuild Boots of Swiftness against high mobility comps or if there are gap closers that you need to kite. A little extra movement speed from these boots or from some MS runes does wonders for dodging skillshots too.  

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About the Author Back to Top

About me:
I am an avid Anivia main who started playing league around mid season 2. Last season I capped at Diamond 4 100LP on the NA server, and I was ranked top 20 on Anivia for my region on and lolskill rankings. Currently I play on my main account Embrace where I am currently Diamond 5, and aim to Master Tier by the end of the season depending if I have time to grind after school starts. Feel free to add my main if you'd like to chat Anivia ranking and stats from last season:

This account:
The account associated with this guide is a smurf account that I started playing solo queue on in season 5. 

About this guide:
This guide is currently incomplete since there's so much I want to add, such as how to play specific matchups and more advanced ways of using Anivia's abilities. I will be constantly adding to this guide. For now, you can use it to learn the fundamentals. 

Favourite Anivia skins:
Bird of Prey, Team Spirit

Below is a screenshot I took during mid season 5 in low diamond mmr:

Recent ranked history on my Diamond 5 main. 

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