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2 years ago

Anivia Statistics for ArticunoGod

Author's performance with Anivia compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

With 6.9, 6.10 updates, I feel like the Anivia playstyle has changed quite a bit. Frequently in the past I would take 14.png, but I'm taking 12.png much more often now. For certain matchups ignite is necessary, such as maybe Swain or a Kassadin. TP also pretty troll if you 12.pnganiviapassive.png. Take 4.png3.png against AD assassins like Zed or Talon.

Ignite is viable, but honestly my winrate has skyrocketed since adopting use of 12.png. Proper usage of teleport can get your team snowballing, save turrets, allow for splitpushing, etc. Since these recent patches have shifted the game more into objective-focused gameplay (death timers shorter, stronger dragons, etc.), in my opinion 12.png as a whole is stronger.

I maintained a 70%-80% winrate with Anivia since Gold 5, making it to Gold 2 in a few days of play, and reaching Platinum a few days later (Anivia only). When I first started this guide (suggesting 14.png), I was stuck with around a 60% winrate. I believe having adopted the objective-focused (maybe more passive) gameplay paradigm is the reason I personally have improved.

The 12.png nerf to 4.5 channel feels bad, but TP still effective for making plays.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Generally, these are the masteries I would take. Recently I switched from Merciless to Meditation, due to the fact that Anivia is really mana hungry and Meditation helps with that (especially late game).

Cooldown reduction is not that useful on Anivia especially when taking scaling blue CDR runes already.

Abilities Back to Top


With new ultimate, I would definitely take wall at 4. Easier for ganks, and to wall people into your ultimate.

If you feel you can get easy kills in your lane without use of wall (or the enemy can dash out), taking wall at level 8 instead is fine.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start. If you aren't feeling confident about the matchup, you could take the dark seal and three pots. This leaves you with less mana sustain for more health sustain, so it's a good choice if you just want to farm. Otherwise, I'd go with Doran's.
    Standard starting items for Anivia. Tear first is good to get Seraph's as soon as possible.

Core Items

    Core. Build Rod of Ages first to get it stacking (@ <13 mins ideally). These two items are important because together they are like a Rabadon's that gives you tankiness and a permanent blue buff. Don't listen to others telling you to build Athene's or Morello. Anivia has good base AP stats, so stacking items are awesome to make her as strong as possible. Even after 6.9 updates Rod feels like the right item. GLP-800 is another alternative, but in my opinion Rod's superior stats are worth the investment.
    Great for wave control and overall tankiness. Take advantage of this by placing one in one lane, and pushing another. Check out Butler Delta and his usage of this item on Anivia.
    Typical DAMAGE items. Buy Rabadon's first if they have no MR and look like they won't build any (fed AD). Usually buy void after Zz'rot, but if enemy is stacking MR buy Void staff third.
    All great boot choices. Build after Archangel's. I mostly take sorc's for the damage or swifties in some occasions. CDR can work too, but I don't find it that useful.

Situational Items

    Good AP + Armor item. However, I wouldn't recommend this item if you don't have a Zed or some fed AD on the enemy team. Anivia can't make great use of the active like a Fizz or Heimer; it's good to have, but more AP or defense item is better.
    Good MR item. Some say you can't make good use of its passive as Anivia, but I disagree. You're not Xerath so you'll likely be within 700 range when attacking (Anivia's AA range is 600 for reference). If you're behind to a fed AP enemy buy null magic mantle early, maybe upgrade to a negatron cloak, then buy this third item.
    Not a bad item, but if you're building Rod of Ages you can't make use of the Catalyst passive. If you feel the active is needed, I would take this instead of Rod of Ages if maybe you didn't get it stacking by 18 mins or so. However, in my opinion Rod is still stronger.
    If you want survivability. In some cases, this is a must-have - for example, if you're heavily focused in teamfights or in late game. Take this item if there are lots of teamfights going on and you don't want to be focused. The active is less useful in 1v1s or if you get caught.
    Great synergy with ultimate. Very effective against Mundos. Build when multiple high HP threats on enemy team.
    When you feel like one-shotting everyone. Nice MS passive. For squishy targets. Take instead of Zz'rot.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Akali
  • Annie
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Diana
  • Fizz
  • Kayle
  • LeBlanc
  • Lux






Don't forget Annie is Annie. She can burst you down in one combo, but you can do the same to her.

Pre-6 you have a good advantage if you can land a few stuns. By 6, it's a bit of a standard lane skill matchup in my opinion. Just keep track of her stun.




One of the tougher matchups pre-6. A good azir won't get in range of your stun.









Do not waste your stun. If you use your Q pre and post 6, fizz will see that as an opportunity to all-in you. When fizz hits 6, play a little more passively. If you get hit by his ultimate it's bad news unless you got a teammate around the corner.

Pre-6, however, fizz is screwed, or at least he should be, if you play it right. If you aren't going for cs, go for an auto-attack. If you keep auto-attacking him, he'll eventually get annoyed and either call for a gank, or try and jump into you. Either stun him before he uses his E (fizzjump.png), or wait it out and stun him where he lands. If you play close attention to where he lands you can get a point blank stun, E combo and probably get a kill. Take ignite if it's a bad fizz for free early kills.

In my experience in Gold elo and below, I have a 90% chance of getting first blood due to fizz's weak level 1/2. Better fizz players should probably be aware of their own weakness though. Nevertheless, auto when possible, but keep the creep aggro in mind. Attracting minion aggro will push your lane leaving you vulnerable to ganks.

Tip: Try and bait his E with your E or ultimate before using Q.







Push waves with ultimate, save stun for when she jumps on you. Remember that passing- through damage with Q is enough to proc frostbite). So quickly Q, E her if she gets close leave the Q travelling if she returns to W.

Skill matchup pre-6, post-6 you outfarm her. Push to turret with ultimate, then roam or wait for next wave.




A good lux will play aggressive. This can be a difficult matchup, especially if Lux pushes you to tower early with her E (she easily out pushes you). Ask for early gank if she pushes.

It can be won; post-6 you can start to fight back. And if it's a passive/bad lux, even pre-6 with some clutch stuns. Watch out for 21.png though.

Introduction Back to Top

I'm ArticunoGod, I main Anivia in the mid lane, currently with around 650k mastery. I really recommend this champion to people new with league or people trying to climb the ladder.

Anivia's great because she can do AoE damage, solo burst damage, create terrain, and of course she has the OP egg passive that everyone forgets about. Honestly, the passive is what got me playing the bird in the first place.

In the past six months I was able to climb from Bronze IV to Diamond with Anivia. If you're a higher rank than me and are new to Anivia, I still believe you can take a lot from this guide using my fancy tips and tricks. And if you're a lower rank than me, this champ could get you outta elo hell easily. Mid lane is a great way to make a strong impact on the game's outcome, by solo carrying, supporting a fed team, roaming, etc. It's a great test of individual skill because often out-playing your opponent is pivotal. Or just out-farming.

Still, Anivia is not an easy champion to master, especially in higher elo where players know how to play around her kit. In low elo, however, you'll be astounded how many players forget your egg passive and dive you under turret, or stay in stun range during laning phase. It'll be easy to win lane every game and come out on top.

Anivia Changes and How to Adapt Back to Top

Here's a compilation of the relevant 6.9 changes:

Auto Attack
  • Missile speed - 1400 >>> 1500
  • AP ratio reduced - 0.5 >>> 0.4
  • Base damage reduced - 60/90/120/150/180 >>> 60/85/110/135/160
  • Stun duration scales - 1 >>> 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5
  • Slow increased - 20% >>> 20/30/40% But scales with R rank
  • Missile speed - 1200 >>> 1600 (buff to hit more Frostbite-enhanced E's)
  • Cast range increased - 650 >>> 600 but edge to edge (roughly 35 range increase)
  • Now expands from 200-400 radius over 3 seconds
  • MS slow increased - 20% >>> 20/30/40%
  • Cast range increased - 625 >>> 750 (greater than AA)
  • AS slow removed
  • At max size, damages and slows by an additional 50% and Chills for 2 seconds

After having played a lot with the new Anivia, I feel like this as a whole is a buff. It took me time to adapt to these changes, but the increased cc by the late game make it hilarious as four people chase you while you slowly pick them off.

The Q damage nerf, in my opinion, is worth the extra stun time and slow. Q is typically not used as a damage spell to begin with, except in rare cases where one Q could finish off a champ. Anivia now has a better teamfight presence - she's a tiny less bursty, but still powerful in the right hands.

Also using crystallize.png and flashfrost.png to keep people in your ultimate becomes that much more important, as the 3-second ultimate is pretty strong.

In my opinion, the best way to get used to these changes is to play Anivia with an open mind. With increased slows, it's much easier to catch people with your ulti to slow them so you can W them into a stun for example. 

Many people have struggled with the new Anivia since patch 6.9, and her winrate initially dropped because of that, but I don't think she needed a buff. In fact, I modified my build path and playstyle and was able to climb back after dropping down an entire division.

Laning Phase Tips and Tricks Back to Top

Auto Attacking

I'm going to put this first because it's an underrated thing to do. In lane, auto-harass your enemy, especially if they're melee. Anivia has one of the highest auto attack ranges in the game (600 range), so abuse it. You do very little damage but after 10 autos you'll have chunked at least half of your opponent's HP. Watch out for minion aggro.

Be careful that you're not missing farm to harass, or if the enemy has any counter-harass.

With matchups like Fizz, auto-harass heavily and don't waste your Q. If he uses his fizzjump.png to help farm, Q him and then E, but decent Fizz players will not waste their playful trickster. In which case, you're free to auto-attack them. Take care post-6 of course.

This same advice applies for Katarina, Akali, Talon, Ekko, etc. 

Pre-6 Wave Control with flashfrost.png

Often with Anivia you will want to push early as much as possible to prevent yourself from being pushed in. I usually set up the wave pre-6 such that the creeps meet slightly before my tower (you can force this to happen by not killing enemy caster minions and letting them attack you before the next wave comes). I will Q the first wave usually so that I don't get pushed to the tower.

Don't freeze at your turret against roaming champs like 163.png,  4.png, or 136.png, as they will take advantage of that the instant they hit level six. In my opinion Anivia is weak against these champs as it's hard to match roams.

Also, using your Q on minions is sometimes a safe way to farm from afar if being zoned, but leaves you vulnerable - this leads me to my next point.

Saving the flashfrost.png

The meta playstyle as Anivia is to mostly farm, then get a stun when the enemy laner tries to CS, E if possible, then either back off or all-in (using Q to farm and do damage is efficient). Once you land your combo, don't linger unless you're going for the kill pre-6 - or if you're not scared and want to get a few more autos in.

You really are vulnerable when your Q is on cooldown, and an assassin like Fizz, Zed, or a Leblanc could easily all-in you, so for these matchups take care when using your Q. Likewise, become familiar with your enemy's cooldowns and trade when they're at their weakest (leblanc leblancmimic.png, zed zedW.pngzedR.png, fizz fizzjump.pngfizzmarinerdoom.png, etc.). Knowing when to fight and when to back off is important. When in doubt, play passively.

Landing the flashfrost.png

A good tactic for landing stuns is to cancel your backswing animation after an autoattack with a Q, or pretend to go for CS but Q through it instead. Often this is unexpected and can catch the opponent off guard.

Otherwise, Anivia's laning phase is pretty standard: dodge abilities, abuse cooldowns, auto-harass, and farm.


Before boots and pre-6, kind of a mess to do, unless your enemy laner died or has weak wave clear. Post-6, it's much easier to roam, especially with 12.png. Pre-6 roaming is a weak point of Anivia, and preventing others from roaming is difficult too (another reason why 12.png is important on Anivia).

Ability Combos (with videos) Back to Top

In a 1v1

In this example, I know I can probably win a fight against Azir since he hasn't bought any items yet and I have a health advantage. So I block him from running with my wall, begin to channel my ultimate, and then send an E and then a Q to attempt to stun him inside of the Glacial Storm for an easy kill. I walk towards him to avoid his soldiers, but this puts me in range of Azir's ultimate, which cancels my ultimate. I figure I can probably just finish him off with auto attacks and a unchilled E at this point, but Azir dashes to me; this provides him with a shield, but after a couple autos and an E, he dies.

In this example I think Azir deserved to win, but I had an item + health advantage.

Basic 1v1 Combo

Since I was being annoying and pushing a wave to his tower, Azir decided to take all the farm before it hit the turret, using his Q and E for some reason.. becoming a perfect example of how to use Anivia's abilities when you need to burst someone 100-0 with Anivia.

This is the combo that I use: I start with the ultimate to slow and allow it to grow, E for damage, wall to set up a stun inside ulti, and then finish off with some autos.

Wall can be used to trap people inside your ultimate, or to push them into a stun. If they have flash, it might be a good idea to save your stun in case they flash out of your ultimate. This combo does not work all the time, especially against those with dashes and escapes (e.g., lb, zed).

Positioning is also key in a 1v1 situation. For example, if you place your ultimate down and send out a Q, if someone has flash up they can simply flash over your stun and ultimate, which would leave you defenseless until your cooldowns reset. To counter this, staying close to your ultimate is not a bad idea - so if someone flashes onto you, you can then walk over it forcing the enemy to follow you over your Glacial Storm (assuming they're not long ranged and it's a safe path for you to go).

Another problem is they can flash out defensively, but in this case you can be content that they've used up their flash for the next 5 minutes. Or, what I often do is follow the flash if I have enough to finish off the kill.


During teamfights, you want to position yourself and your team such that enemies must walk through or stay inside your ultimate, using your wall to help out. Stunning multiple targets inside your ultimate is ideal.

Here's an example of a recent game where an amumu ult was rendered redundant due to Anivia's ultimate denying the enemy from following up in a game-winning teamfight.

I move towards the top-right side of my ultimate to ensure my safety as the only safe path the enemy could walk through is under my ultimate. Notice also at the end of the clip I use my wall to push Soraka into a stun which otherwise would not have hit.

Wall Mechanics

When timed correctly, Anivia's wall can be used to render certain abilities useless such as Thresh's lantern, Zac's jump, Trist's rocket jump, Lee Sin safeguard, etc. This is a difficult thing to accomplish, and I have only ever been able to pull this off through prediction (and you may need good ping for this to work).

In this example, I'm able to cancel Lee Sin's ward jump forcing him to flash, right onto my Q.

Wall into Turret

In some cases if someone is chasing you under turret without flash, you can use wall to push them into turret aggro, preventing them from escaping at least two turret shots.


If you're interested in more of these videos, check out my Plays.TV.

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