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Author's performance with Anivia compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

14.png4.pngIgnite gives you the little damage you need to pick few kills in lane. It is also better than 12.png in 2v2 scenarios. 14.png is especially useful when you face aggressive champions such as 7.png103.png105.png where you will be forced to trade a lot. If you are under platinum you should take it every game since people make more mistakes and you are more likely to get kills in lane/ in 1v2 situations.
12.png4.pngTp is a more farm based choice.  I typically take tp when i face 61.png25.png101.png134.png. Aside from134.pngthey have low kill pressure and with tp you can outfarm them to be more effective in the midgame. Tp also gives you the opportunity to countergank botlane without having to roam around the map.

3.png and 21.png are decent choices against assassins such as 238.png134.png105.png126.png or 121.png jungle, but 3.png got nerfed and barrier doesn't bring much to a champ like anivia who already has 3048.png and 3027.png.

New Runes Back to Top

With the spellbook nerf few patches ago, comet became a more attractive option. It gives you higher trading power and can proc multiple times in a teaamfight. Also note that Q stun ensures the comet to hit.

Manaflow +Transcendance + scorch or gathering storm. Taking Nullifying%20Orb.png?width=32 vs an aggressive mage or a double ap comp is another possibility.
For the secondary tree Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32+Biscuit%20Delivery.png?width=32/Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32 is usually the best option.

Spellbook gives 12.png/4.pnghas cd reduction making you very safe during the laning phase. It is almost impossible to get pushed out of lane with cookies,  and you can skip refilable if you want.

We take cosmic insight because the alternatives suck and the rune in itself is quite good. You can switch Biscuit%20Delivery.png?width=32 for perfect timing if you are against 238.png  or any other assassin.
Later in the game (around 25 min+) you will have to swap summuners for 6.png/1.png/3.png /21.pngdepending on the situation:
6.pngvs kitable tanks or games where you have a to roam a lot, 1.pngagainst 22.png or control mages such as 45.png, 3.png against assassins and 21.png against dive compositions (everyone flashes on you).

14.png is also possible against champions like 36.png48.png but then i would suggest you to take 3165.png instead if you can: you wont be able to use it on ennemy carries anyway and a defensive summoner spell has more value than an offensive one when you face the frontline.

Scorch.png?width=32 vs Gathering%20Storm.png?width=32:which is the best?

You have to understand that Scorch.png?width=32 is way better than Gathering%20Storm.png?width=32 the first 20 minutes, then it even out between 20-30 minutes and Gathering%20Storm.png?width=32 becomes better at 30 min+.

The best way to see which one is the best for you is to go to your opgg, check your anivia ranked stats and do the folowing:

average time of your anivia games  =  total cs * cs per min / 60

If the average time is under 40 minutes, take Scorch.png?width=32, otherwise take Gathering%20Storm.png?width=32.

Masteries Back to Top

NOTE: With the new season, this is outdated.

You can take 6121.png  or 6122.png , however I tend to think that 6121.png is better since anivia has a 600 aa range, unmatched among other midlaners.

You take 1 point in 6332.png because the regen mana is based upon your MISSING mana so i gets less effective as you put more points in it.

Now for the keystone, 3 choices are viable for anivia:
- Thunderlord's Decree 6362.png, the best option in laning phase. It gives you a decent lvl 1 with the double Q proc + auto. Once again anivia has 600 range so it is easy to proc it: juste spam aa when your opponent is last hitting.

- Stormraider's Surge 6361.png is pretty good overall since anivia lacks mobility. This mastery becomes really effective if there are champions like 89.png31.png with strong ccs you want to dodge, or to survive against fed bruisers like 254.png. However like for MS runes you will have less damage than with 6362.png.

- Deathfire Touch 6164.png: good vs tanky teams (3 tanks with low mobility), scales better than 6362.png but it is a  worthless mastery in lane so i dont recommand it.

Abilities Back to Top


Let's talk a bit about anivia's kit to see her different possibilities:

aniviapassive.png PASSIVE: Rebirth

Upon dying, Anivia will revert into an egg. If the egg can survive for six seconds, she is gloriously reborn.

This is one of the best passive of the game. It allows you to trade a lot during early game since you will only trade your egg for a kill.
This also means you are very hard to kill if you are ahead: pulling out 3k dmg to kill a carry in a midgame teamfight isn't easy to do, especially if the ennemy team is lacking dps.

Good anivia players will bait the ennemies with egg, allowing her team to take few kills: this is one of the reasons she is really good in early 2v2 scenarios.
The downside of this passive is that to compensate, anivia has one of the worst base and total HP in the game, on top of having no escape.
If you have to choose between keeping aniviapassive.png or 4.png, chose flash because if your egg is popped in teamfight you are more than likely dead anyway.

flashfrost.png Q: Flash Frost

A massive chunk of ice flies toward target location, dealing 60/85/110/135/160 (+45% Ability Power) magic damage. At the end of its range or if Anivia activates the spell again, the missile detonates, doing 60/85/110/135/160 (+40% Ability Power) magic damage in a small area and stunning units for 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5 seconds.Enemies damaged by Flash Frost are also slowed by [0]% for 3 seconds.

A slow skill shot with high reward if you hit it.
This ability determines whether you will win or loose you trade:
No Q = No empowered E, so you are basically a free kill
However if you land your Q, your ult will reach max size while the ennemy is stunned and they have good chances of dying.

More than a skill to land, this ability is about the pressure it creates (think about 60.png's cocoon) and the potential impact it can have. If you catch an ennemy with your wall and ult, wait to see his pathing before throwing flashfrost.png.
Try to use it when your ennemy is closer or last hitting to garantee a free hit.
This is one of the best spells in the game level 1. 120 dmg+ 1.1 sec stun is nuts.

crystallize.png W: Crystallize

Anivia summons an impassable wall of ice 400/500/600/700/800 units wide, blocking all movement. The wall lasts for 5 seconds before it melts.

This "impassable" wall can be dashed over by nearly a third of the cast. Garbage pre-6, this spell becomes really interesting in teamfights and sieges in combination with your ult and 

flashfrost.png. This spell cancels canalisations such as 30.pngult, 161.pngult, and 12.png.

You can manipulate the pathing of your opponent by placing the left/right end of the wall closer to him.

Take 2 or 3 level of this spell before maxing Q to block key paths of the jungle and of the lane.
NOTE: This spell drops turret aggro

frostbite.png E: Frostbite

Anivia blasts her target with a freezing wind, dealing 50/75/100/125/150 (+50% Ability Power) magic damage. If a target was recently stunned by Anivia or damaged by a fully formed Glacial Storm, they take double damage.

Straightforward ability: you click and you deal damage. The ratio mana cost/damage is terrible if it is not empowered so i wouldn't suggest to use it unless you are high on mana. Note that it is an auto reset if you need to last hit 2 creeps at the same time.

 glacialstorm.png R: Glacial Storm

Toggle: Drains 40/50/60 Mana per second. Anivia calls forth a driving rain of ice and hail that increases in size over 1.5 seconds, dealing 40/60/80 (+13% Ability Power) magic damage per second to targets and slowing their Movement Speed by 20/30/40%. When the Glacial Storm is fully formed, it slows targets' Movement Speed by % and does 300% damage instead.

During teamfight or duelling, your main goal will be to keep your opponent in this area with flashfrost.pngand crystallize.png, rather than spamming frostbite.pnglike a retard.
Dont forget that toggling off glacialstorm.pngwill give an additional proc, meaning that you can save 40 mana each wave/ inflict 200 bonus damage each time you duel a champion.

Max E for obivous reasons. Dont put points into your wall till lvl 8 unless your jungler is ganking your lane within the next 20 seconds.

Why you shouldnt take Wall pre 6

crystallize.png is a dead spell: if you are good enough you can easily trick you opponent to walk into your Q or get  close enough to secure it. Most of the utility of the wall is to isolate a member of the ennemy team (however you are 1v1)  or to trap your opponent in your ultimate (you are pre 6 anyway). When you get 6 your goal isnt to all in the opponent (you wont have the mana) but to push the lane fast and get a clean back with tear/catalyst or wait for blue to trade. By the time it respawns you are lvl 7 so the wall wont miss you too much.

- You waste your lvl 2-3 powerspike: You traded the ennemy laner decently and got him low during the lvl 1-2-3 (around 40%). If you dont lvl up  you wont have enough damage to allin the ennemy laner: you loose 50 dmg on E lvl 3 or 50 dmg on Q lvl 4 and this is huge for a champion with such a bad auto attack animation.
You also lose the opportunity to turn a cocky jungler coming mid getting some damage off. He has no bonus health and can be low health after doing raptors.

- you will struggle to push a wave if you arent lvl 6. Most midlaners like to push against anivia cause it is really hard for her to last hit under turret. When you try to flashfrost.png the opponent, it will also damage the minions and help you clearing the wave.
Even more important, pushing the lane before first back as anivia is really painful and if you don't push fast enough, the lane will freeze for your opponent. 2 points in flashfrost.png and 2 autos kills ranged minions, while you finish the melee ones with aa.

-you can also cancel canalisations for karth ult with flashfrost.png stun part. The only matchup where you need the wall to interrupt an ult is 161.png and is the only matchup where you skill crystallize.png lvl 4.

NOTE: I have been more open to W lvl 4 due to an awkward lvl 7 if you take 2 points in Q. However I still believe W lvl 8 is currently the best option.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    doran ring is the best start on anivia: gives you health, ap, and mana regen for the lane
    Take Tear if you have between 1100- , Catalyst if 1200+ Buy Refillable as soon as you can, this item is busted
    If you died early and can't afford tear, buy these items

Core Items

    This is the core you should be aiming for. It gives you mana, ap, hp and sustain with roa passive
    late game items. Void first if mr you took morello, rabadon if you have 1250g/2500g when you back
    Very powerful items when combined

Situational Items

    Read the section below

1.1       Tear ROA

Tear ROA is the go-to build in 95% of your games. It allows you to powerfarm and has good scaling throughout the game.

Now with archangel nerfs, take tear + ROA then another item then archangel.

3916.png+3151.png gives you a lot of tankiness and damage. Your midgame powerspike is insane and does not handicap you for later in the game. This is the go to build in most of your games, and usually you will eventually sell 3916.png in the late game for 3089.png/3135.png.

3512.png is currently a thing as a 3rd item, it gives you a lot of resistances and a ms bonus under turret which makes you really hard to dive. The active is also nice to pressure the ennemy turret (since you’ll siege a lot) but it is not the main reason why you buy this item. Definitly a good item, but you deal slightly less damage so it is not recommanded in gold elo and less since fights are happening all the time (so less sieges except the traditionnal aram at 15 minutes) and you need to punish ennemies’ mistakes alone, something way easier to do with liandry/magic pen.

All the stats that 3165.png has are good: hp, ap and most importantly magic pen to oneshot squishies. The anti healing debuff is also great against sustain champions (420.png, 48.png, 8.png) and adcs that often carry lifesteal. Upgrade 3916.png if you have the gold, but 3916.pngis already a very good item in itself.

If you are against an ad mid, consider getting 3157.png. the armor and cdr are very nice to survive against assassins, especially 238.png. The active of this item does NOT cancel your ultimate, so you can use it to avoid some form of cc that would be a problem, such as 113.png's sejuanir.png.

I rarely build 3102.png because of the lack of double ap comps nowadays but if you find yourself playing against one, this item might be good. Also great item for blitz rocketgrab.pngor leona ult that can catch you off guard.

1.2       ROA

If your lane is screwed and you NEED to be worth something, 3027.png can give you an earlier spike and more hp to
survive in lane. Dont forget to also buy early 1033.png/3191.png to avoid feeding more : you can tempo the game once laning phase is gone and peel for the fed member of your team.

1.3 Early game build

With tear nerfs, a decent alternative is to take advantage of anivia's early midgame teamfighting power.
It consists of starting 2033.png+1082.png then 3802.png and 3027.png. This build gives you huge sustain and trading power thanks to corrupting potion's damage and healing. If you take this route you need to take advantage of the strength it gives you at the 10-15 minute mark as upgrading 3802.png can be awkward. This build proved to be VERY effective against yasuo and melee champions in general.

1.4 Void or rabadon first?

Taking void or rabadon first will depend on the ennemy MR. If their tanks have 130 mr+ and you can't hit the ennemy adc, take void. If the ennemy tanks has over 250 mr (which is rare but happends) or less than 130 mr, take rabadon because of the way damage reduction works.

1.5 Other items

We will see here the different items that are NOT good on anivia:

- 3001.png : Unfortunately catalyst passives dont stack and you need 3027.png to deal damage. Besides, the range got nerf hard so anivia cant benefit from the 15% bonus magic dmg.

- 3285.png: This item would be amazing if glacialstorm.png was stacking luden's countiniously. Sadly that is not the case, and anivia doesnt need the splash damage to clear the wave.

-3907.png sell boots for this, not worth buying otherwise.

-3116.png : Slows dont stack anymore so it is not worth taking at all. Bad item overall.

-3030.png : No hp so it sucks. Anivia needs some tankiness because she will take damage if she tries to wall someone off.

Matchups Back to Top

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She will push a lot pre 6, try to hold the wave away from your tower and try to land some flashfrost.pngonce her ahriorbofdeception.png is gone.
Take advantage of your aa range to harass her and see if she retaliates. If she doesnt you can probably kill her before 6. Otherwise, focus on farming and get the best back possible.

In lane, be wary of herahriorbofdeception.png+ auto combo, that costs you a good amount of health with minimal mana investment for her.
Stay near your minions to avoid ahriseduce.png but not straight behind or she will Q the wave, and hitting you at the same time.

Post 6 you want to shove as much as possible and prevent her from roaming, this the usual way for ahri player to get fed in lane.
If she goes on you just ult under your body and dodge charm by staying in your minion wave.

Both of you have kill pressure on each other, which is why 14.png is prefered.




You need to bully her hard pre 6 so she's too behind to be effective in mid game.
Push the wave and harass her under turret, your goal is to make her back at lvl 3/4.
When she reaches 6, push the wave to prevent her from roaming. If you already etablished a strong lead you can keep harrassing her under under turret.

Dont get baited when she dashes on you: either you flashfrost.png preemptively so she cant shroud in time, either you pop ult under yourself and prevent her from backing off with crystallize.png even if she is stealthed she will take a good chunk of damage from glacialstorm.png

Dont get hit by her double mark proc.

Since she is an assassin, she will try to gank bot to get fed: follow her roams or push hard the wave to get an xp lead.

14.png is prefered for the early laning, thought 12.png is possible for counterganks botlane.




Pre 6 she will push naturally due to her disintegrate.png last hit: try to freeze the wave near your turret. Since disintegrate.png has a short animation, it will be harder to land flashfrost.png when she goes for a last hit compared to other champions. However you can aa spam on her since she has low range overall.
Just take care of her passive and you will be fine.

Post 6 post push the lane and win by outfarming her/ winning in xp
Watch out for her tibbers: she can 100-0 you easily and she kills your egg without any problem.
When she doesnt have infernalguardian.png, you are free to aggro her whenever you want.
Take 14.png in gold 3 and less, 12.png otherwise.


- She can try to 4 man bot and take early turret so try to prevent her from roaming or at least try to chip the midlane turret.
- She can be easily picked off with crystallize.png
- Do NOT pack with your team or she will flash infernalguardian.png and win the fight alone. Stay slightly on the right or on the left of your team to prevent that from happening.




He completely outrange you so it's hard to get the upper hand on him. You will harassed of a lot by his WQ combo.

Try to perma push once you are 6 since azir players dont take morellos and will have to blow a lot of mana to clear the wave.
Take TP because your kill pressure is really low and you will have to watch out a lot for botlane TPs where you have more impact than him.

Snowball midgame and dont let him scale throught late game.




Dodge his brandw.png and you will be fine. If he walks up to all in you, throw your entire combo and dodge his brandq.png to keep your glacialstorm.png up.
Usually the best player will win the lane. If you really struggle try to avoid fights and push the wave.

Not much else to say, this is one of the best mathups to learn anivia.

You can take 12.png or 14.png depending of your feeling of the incoming game.




Awful matchup. The thing is as soon as she sees you channeling flashfrost.png she can dianavortex.png or dianateleport.png to dodge it and you are left with nothing.
Dodge her dianaarc.png and try to pressure her pre 6
She has HUGE powerspike lvl 6, respect it and play passively.
Post 6 you will just push the lane and wait for ganks/ a tp bot opportunity.
You outscale her pretty hard so consider you did your job if you are even.

Notes: Take early 1001.png to dodge her Q more easily. It is one of the matchup where MS quints might be a good idea, aswell as 3512.png.




Harass him lvl 1 but don't get cheesed by his lvl 2 allin. He is harder to kill than other assassins which is why you should push the lane and play around vision to prevent him from roaming.
When he dashes on you, stun him immediatly, kite backwards and dodge the second part of his ekkoq.png to avoid the passive proc

This lane should be really passive and the game will come down to who will impact botlane the most. You can't easily follow his ganks but you can chunk his turret or countergank with 12.png




This matchup requires experience but becomes easy once you have played enough games of the matchup.

Lvl1: Zone him from cs and spam autos on him. Proc thunderlord whenever youcan, your goal is to make him pop one potion at the end of lvl 1.
Try to Q him when he goes for a minion: if he has W he'll have to give up the cs/get stunned, if he has E you have to avoid the splash dmg and keep autoing him when he lands.

Lvl2: You cant Q him anymore because he'll E over it. However, you can keep autoing to death and use frostbite.png as an auto reset to deal the maximal amount of damage possible.
If he goes on you with his fizze.png, Q him when he lands. 2 situations:
-He went in full health: auto + frostbite.png and kite backwards
-He went in with 70% or less: Auto + frostbite.png, pop ignite and potion and all in him with your minion wave advantage. Dont forget to move between your auto attacks because he might be able to run away otherwise. Worst case scenario you lose your egg and he has to back, but 9 times out of 10 you will kill him and have a chance to keep your egg.

Lvl 3-4: he might go on you aswell, if he fizzq.png stun him before hes able to fizze.png and follow the same strategy as for lvl 2.

-If you got a lead you can keep autoing to death and slowly pushing the wave while harassing him under turret.
-If you fell behind buy mr asap, glacialstorm.png the wave and stay at max range.

Either way you cant afford to take a max range fish. Keep in mind that fizzr.png cancels glacialstorm.png when it damages anivia.
If you took fish and tanked his burst or if he missed fizzr.png, pop glacialstorm.png under yourself and keep trading.

Ward A LOT because you will play aggressive against 105.png and if you die on a gank he will be able to snowball you. You should be able to take mid turret quite easily and build a solid cs lead.

Being able to flashfrost.png Fizz at the right timing is key in this matchup.
This lane is very aggressive so 14.png is better




Harass him lvl 1-2-3 since he is melee and cant get all the cs with gangplankqwrapper.png. After that, this lane will be a farm lane where both of you can't kill each other. Be careful not to waste too much mana, take raptors and win midgame teamfights.

12.png is better since there's no way you kill gangplank unless he's first time (and in this case you also win with 12.png anyway).




Dont underestimate his pre 6, his dps is huge.
Play safeley farm up until you get 6 where you can begin to play more aggressively and zone him from cs. Try to outfarm him and steal his raptors (important !) to get ahead and win midgame teamfights.

Take 3157.png late game because his ult will deal half your health bar.
12.png is preferable but 14.png is possible

Note: you can cancel his ult with crystallize.png or flashfrost.png




Harass him hard with aa pre 6 and make him choose between harassing you or taking minions. Back off a bit when you throw flashfrost.png so he doesnt nulllance.png you to get his magic shield.

Post 6 try to flashfrost.png him as soon as he riftwalks on you. push the lane and try to harass him under turret so he doesn't roam.
Try to siege a lot as he doesn't have a reliable way to waveclear.
It will be very hard to play against it in teamfights so i dont recommend picking anivia vs him: take an ad mid and destroy him.




Don't stay near her dagger and auto her if she tries to cs in melee range.
You win lvl 1/2 allin, but she crushes you lvl 3/4, backoff at this timing.

Pre 6 she can outplay you but you can also kill her if she eats flashfrost.png, harass her with frostbite.pngif you are high/full mana.

Lvl 6 clear the wave with glacialstorm.png and if she wants to fight you, stay under your ult, spam frostbite.png on her and if she tries to ult you cancel it with flashfrost.png

However if she roams and get 2-3 kills clear the wave safely and wait for teamfights. During those you R in the middle of the fight and keep crystallize.png to cancel kat's katarinar.png. Try to focus her as she puts herself in big danger when she tries to cleanup.

3512.png is incredibely good in this matchup, take it everytime you are against 55.png




Leblanc relies on mobility and strong laning phase to win the game. Hung on, clear the wave and hope your team doesnt feed.
If she is bad she will dash in front of you, flashfrost.png+frostbite.png her in that case and you can win the trade. This matchup is way easier in gold elo and less because of how leblanc players use their dashes the wrong way.
 3111.png are good vs her, wait 30 min and win.




Bad champion overall. Dont stand near minions to avoid her Q and you are free to trade her, as her damage output is low.
She is very good at setting up ganks so ward a lot and hug the warded side, outfarm her and win the game.

Consider getting 3102.png to avoid getting caught by her ultimate.




Dont get poked down by luxlightstrikekugel.png pre 6 and you should be fine. Try to trade her while it is on cooldown and flashfrost.png her if she tries to proc her passive on you.
Post 6 push the lane and farm raptors: you can also look for a roam botlane.
In teamfights she outranges you but you shouldnt worry too much about her: just dodge luxlightbinding.png and you will be fine.

12.png is prefered because even though you can trade lvl 2-4, lane will turn into a farm once you both reach 6.

Matchup video:




Farm lane. She will afk push pre 6, just try to keep up in cs.
Post 6 push the lane and take vision/contest ennemy raprtors if possible.
If she all ins you throw your spells and stay between your minion wave so she cant darkbindingmissile.png.
Her late game is kinda bad so you don't have much to do, outfarm her, protect your tower and at 30~35 minutes game is won.




Annoying matchup. She is stronger than you early on and can harass you under your turret. The best thing you can do is to gain her respect by landing a bunch of Qs pre 6 and trade farm post 6.  Dont trade aas too much with her : her passive will crush you.

Pay attention to the position of her ball: the further the better, she wont be able to land it on you.

trade farm : try to stay even pre 6, then shove her post 6 and farm krugs/carb/wolves (ennemy camps prefered). If both junglers dont play around mid you can afk farm and get 200 cs at 18 minutes and snowball in midgame, where orianna is really weak and you are strong.
You also have good follow up on ganks

12.png is prefered in this matchup. However, since Ori is considered as a « safe pick », most ori players arent ori mains and you have a big room to outplay her, ignite is possible.




she has to burn all of her spells to get close to you and then she has no damage and will get hit by flashfrost.png. Spam autos on her her and keep your Q if she goes on you. Post 6 you can safely farm she waves get first turret easily.
She gets annoying when she reaches 40% cdr but you have enough to establish a strong lead midlane.
Take 14.png or 12.png, both are good.

Riven mid is barely played at all so you shouldn't worry too much about this matchup.




Respect his lvl 1 but take advantage of your aa range. If he is not careful you can kill him at lvl 2-3-4.

Post 6 you can push the lane freely and look for a roam. If he tries to allin you keep him in your fully charged glacialstorm.png, ignite him and you should win the trade unless he flashes your flashfrost.png.

You can take 14.png, or take 12.png and 3165.png to counter his healing.
Be careful not to feed him and prevent him from roaming because swain snowballs really hard.




Dodge her syndraq.png in the early levels and farm safely. You have an opening lvl 2-3 if you land 2-3 Qs on her
Dont get hit by her E. The thing is she has a good range on her spell so it will be hard to punish her, consider buying mr and early catalyst to survive her burst. Hopefully she doesn't have an amazing waveclear so will usually win in farm and xp in the midgame.

3512.png and 3102.png are good choices against her stun.

The best way for you to win the game is to take tp and safely push the wave. Ourfarm and outroam her, dont get killed and you will outscale her.




lvl 1/2 she will push you hard with her taliyahq.png, try to hold the wave.
Respect her lvl 3 powerspike and don't get hit by taliyahwvc.png. It will be hard to punish her, she will kite you with taliyahq.png so enjoy her wasted mana and farm up.
She will try to roam to snowball midgame. Keep clearing mid and look for 12.png opportunities.




Respect his lvl 2 powerspike but keep harrrassing him with aa. If you dodge his talonw.png second portion of damage you should be fine.
Post 6, always keep your Q in case he jumps on you  and push the lane. If he allins you, ult under yourself and trade him.

14.png is prefered in this matchup since it is an assassin and the lane will be aggressive.


Twisted Fate


Pre 6 he will push your lane a lot. You can try to land some Q's as he is very auto attack based.

Post 6 can can begin to play aggressive, try to push a lot so he cant roam and drop a pink on the botside jungle and a ward near his turret so you know when he's heading bot.

Try to trap him in your ult while staying out of range of gold card range. If he uses blue card just go on him as he has no way of defending itself vs you.

12.png is really good to match his roams and his early game push. 1.png is also a decent option to avoid getting camped, as 4.png has good gank setups.




This champion is super weak in lane, abuse him as much as you can.
Auto him a lot and try to deny him as much as you can.
He will try to stack his passive with Q, punish him by going hard on him.
Dont get stunned by  veigareventhorizon.png and keep trading with him. If he misses veigardarkmatter.png you will win the trade.
Push him a lot and harass him under turret but dont get trapped by his e.
Later in the game veigareventhorizon.pngwill be a problem and this is why 3111.png or 3102.png can be considered.

 14.png is prefered but 12.png is fine if you lack jungle pressure (11.png20.png)
1.png is also a decent option.




Stay behind minions and try to hit a bunch of flashfrost.png to chunk him.
Avoid his velkozq.png spam by positionning so your minions tank it and take crystallize.png lvl 4 to match his lvl 6 powerspike.

Your crystallize.png cancel his ult and you can trade him as long as you dont eat his E.
The main issue is that he counters you post laning phase because of his range and you wont be in position to cancel his ult. He does not rely on stuff to deal damage rather on levels and you will have to hope for a pop off of a teammate or a huge mispotionning of him.

You can take 14.png or 12.png, depending what you prefer because this lane go really aggressive or passive with some poke here and there.




You can trade him a lot with lvl 1 if you land your Q as he has a lower aa range and no way to reach you.

Dodge viktordeathray.png and punish him for using his main spell and try to make him back before he gets 1250 gold (tear/catalyst back asap and pressure him afterwards)

Post 6 you can trade him but be careful viktorchaosstorm.png cancels glacialstorm.png. He is also very vunerable to crystallize.png so it is possible to ge the upper hand on him.

You can take 14.png or 12.png as viktor's gameplay can vary from super aggressive to passive-afk farm.



flashfrost.png + auto him whenever he tries to vladimirq.png you as he is very predictable. Never trade him when he has 2 stacks of passive.

You can harass him a lot lvl 1-2-3 since he has a 450 aa range and his Q is on long cooldown. Be careful to be over 20% mana otherwise he's free to permapush the wave.

Post 6 you can push the lane and harass him a lot, you are very annoying for him in teamfights. You can also pick him off quite easily with crystallize.png

You can take 14.png + 3151.png or 12.png+ 3165.png depending on what you prefer.




Rarely picked but really good early on.
Be careful his his first levels, he can blow your egg easily if you don't respect his early game. Stun him before he uses monkeykingdecoy.png and avoid his tunderlord proc.
Post 6 he will try to roam, ward a lot and countergank/take a lead in xp mid.

14.png3.png12.png are all viable choices.




He can poke you down while you cant do much against him because of your range. Dont let him get his passive on you, and farm up for teamfights.
Xerath is one of those champions where he completely outranges you and you will have to endure his endless poke.

Try to dodge xeratharcanopulsechargeup.png by moving back and forth. As the game goes you will have to adjust the way you dodge his spells. Usually don't stay near him on extended periods of times, afk farm and wait until someone can unlock the situation midlane for you.

When he casts xeratharcanopulsechargeup.png, xerath will focus his attention on you and not on your spells, this is when you have to wall combo him if he gives you the opportunity.

What will usually happen is the following sequence:
- Xerath finishes to charge xeratharcanopulsechargeup.png and you can apply glacialstorm.png on him.
- You wall him to prevent him from moving out of your ultimate, and auto him once to wait until your ult charges, keep being in movment.
-Xerath will throw xerathmagespear.png to cancel your glacialstorm.png followed by xeratharcanebarrage2.png. This is the moment where you don't greed frostbite.png and take the time to dodge his stun.
-Once you dodge his stun, his xeratharcanebarrage2.png will slow you down. He will try to do escape from your ult and this is the moment where you throw your flashfrost.png to stun him as he is slowed by you fully charged ult.
- Keep walking forward and spam frostbite.png with autos.

Another good way to start this trade is:
-Wait he uses his Q poke when the wave arrives
-Be prepared because he will try to proc his passive to get mana back
-Walk forward and begin the trade

3512.png is pretty good against him, ms will be your best bet to wall him and stop his siege.

12.png is better than 14.png for the simple reason that you won't be in range to ignite him ever, while tp helps you to hold him/make tp bot plays.




This mattchup depends on the skill of the yasuo.

Lvl 1-2 you can chunk him if he plays poorly (aka dashes on you instead of minions)

Lvl 2 to 5 are really painful as they can go for free trades and wall your flashfrost.png, making you completely useless.

Your jungler might want to gank when you are around lvl 4-5: be careful because you usually lose 2v2 at this timing.

Survive till 6, and passively push the lane. If you see that the 157.png player is bad you can try to all in him with your ult but this is quite risky as he can finish your egg easily.

3047.png are good in this matchup, especially if they are full ad.

3.png, 12.png are good options in this matchup, 14.png in gold and less. Taking an early game build with 2033.png1082.png + 3802.png3027.png works really well




Pre 6 auto him to death. Some zed players try to zedw.png in after their combo, keep that in mind and flashfrost.pngfrostbite.png them if they do so.
His shadow cd is really long, abuse it when it's on cooldown.

Post 6 clear the wave with R and if he ults you, go on your ultimate, 2031.pngflashfrost.png, walk away from him then frostbite.png +14.png. You can also crystallize.png him away from you, the most important thing being to make the trade even or win it, as he gave up a lot of its power while your glacialstorm.png has 6 seconds cd.

Either they swap back and lose zedr.png + a big portion of their health, either they trade you and will die if they miss double zedq.png.
The best way for him to kill you is to poke you down with zedw.pngzede.pngzedq.png combos then allin you, dont stay under 50% health vs him, espacially if he has 3155.png.

Farm up and peel for your adc. Dont let him splitpush and make aggressive plays with your team. 3157.png can be a good choice if your team doesnt have peel/he got fed.

14.png3.png are both good choices, though 3.png got nerfed few patches ago.

Note: After  zedr.png, he spawns behind you giving you an easy flashfrost.png as long as you are fast enough.




Unfortunately there isnt much to say about this matchup since it will be a farm lane.
Dont saty near your minion to dodge ziggsq.png and wait for teamfights/tp opportunity.

Because you cant kill each other, 12.png is prefered to get a lot of farm. Try to contest ennemy raptors and spike midgame.

Notes: Up Wall lvl 3-4 earlier is recommanded because this the only way you can unlock a situation against such a passive champion.

A quick note concerning Matchups (read !) Back to Top

These matchups are put considering the ennemy midlaner is high plat-low diamond. Please keep in mind that some matchups are WAY easier in lower elos. The reason for that is that players dont push their champions to their limit (Orianna, Azir, Syndra) or they pick an assassin and go in disregarding anivia's QE combo and get killed.

For this reason, champs like Zed, Fizz, Leblanc and Ahri should be the champions you hope for, because they are the ones that sucide on you and gives you free gold to carry the game, on top of being useless because assassins dont do much when they are behind.

On the other hand,champions with easy cc and burst like annie or diana should be feared because they can oneshot you without much counterplay and they often know that they can do so.

I put few videos of the matchup played against p3-d5 players. You can also check out froggen's anivia who does a really good job, but i feel like challenger is more about jungle pressure and it tends to be more passive.

What anivia is Back to Top

- High skillcap champion
- Incredible pushing power and ability to stall games
- Insane ccs
- Great midgame
- Good damage in fronlane fights
- Very effecive against static champions
- No impossible matchups
- Easy to estblish a huge gold and xp lead
- Hard to play against in lower elos

- weak pre 6
- VERY mana hungry post 6 to be effective
- Hard to smash your opponent in lane/tends to be passive in lane
- No escape
- Hates full assassin/high mobility teams
- Requires peeling and frontline
- Late game teamfighting is very inconsistent (can go either very good or very bad depending on your ult)
- Takes time to comeback a game (35+ min)

Play around your ult and wall: 1v1 Back to Top

your goal is to maintaint the ennemy the maximum amount of time in your ultimate. To do that you have 3 important tools: flashfrost.png, crystallize.png, and your positionning compared to the ennemy midlaner.

Usually the combo will look like:
-get closer and auto
- glacialstorm.png and keep autoing/moving forward
- Land flashfrost.png then frostbite.png
- Dodge the opponent skillshots
- crystallize.png the ennemy inside your ult and wait for your cooldowns.
- Back to step 2

Usually one combo can go from 60% dmg to a kill. Keep in mind that you have SUSTAIN with 3027.png and it's almost always worth going 50/50, then waiting for 1/2 waves to trade again.

Teamfighting as anivia: cc, egg and burst Back to Top

Generally you will hit the frontline, try to cc them in your ultimate and spam frostbite.png whenever it's up. The best places are in jungle corners where the champions have no choice but going through it to get to the backline. The simpliest way to use your ult is to put it on your frontlane: if your tanks are smart enough they will try to keep the fight here.
Wall their tanks, kill their frontline fast while they cant retreat and allow yours to get away.

Now that you got the easy part (anyone can do that up to that point), you have now to look carefully at 4 things:

  1.  Champions who can cancel your ultimate: keep them away from you and dodge their annoying skillshots ( Cho'srupture.png and feralscream.png, or 113.png crowd controls for example. Dont wall them but simply stun them in your glacialstorm.png and try to focus another target. case would be long rang
  2. Try not to take Aoe damage from ap caster such as 61.png's orianadetonatecommand.png or 7.png's leblance.png.
  3. Ennemy assassins: keep track of them, and wall them away from the fight preventing them to clean up. If somehow you see they will manage to get to you or your adc, keep your flashfrost.png to zone them: if they dont respect it, stun + frostbite.png anf they will be low enough to get killed or being forced to back off.
  4. The positionning of your ultimate: sometimes the teamfight will move and you will end up hitting an oom alistar under ult. If you keep your ult in this situation, your dps wont be useful and you will end up losing the fight. To prevent that from happening you have to toggle off, maybe giving up your fully charged ult, to reposition yourself and creating a better configuration for later. This is often a difficult choice to make, as you will have to give up almost 7 seconds of dps but it's definitly worth the effort.
  5. Look at their carries: if you see one of them getting hit by your glacialstorm.png, take the opportunity: 4.png in and blow your whole combo on them. If you have egg you will survive as you killed a good part of their  dps, and hope to get away with you team's peel and 3048.png shield. This becomes handy when they have good lockdown possibilities such as 1.png or ways to survive through your burst (Xayah's xayahr.png, Soraka's sorakar.pngor Lulu's lulur.png (TLDR: shields or spells giving untargetable status)Wall.

Note that you need to stay alive at the end of the teamfight: the ennemy team can't push as long as you are alive and you have the tools to zone them from nash (as long as you have a tank with you). It is not hard to finish with less than 4 deaths as anivia and each deaths are very costly for your team.

Pre 6 Laning Back to Top

Anivia pre 6 is weak. You rely entirely on your flashfrost.pngto win allins, and since it is hard land, it is usually better to keep it.

Anivia has a low base health. This means you have to avoid extended aa trades and pot early if an allin is coming .

However, you have few strong points that you need to take advantage of:

-600 aa range: Anivia’s aa range is the best in the game amongst mages and allows you to poke effectively in the early levels. Whenever your opponent is looking for a cs, if you have nothing to last hit, aa him once or twice. Doing this regulary will force him to pot him early with minimal investment from your part. It also shows to your opponent that you are confident with your champ and he will have to respect you.

Always back off after landing flashfrost.png with aa

-Big Burst : your QE combo does easily more than 30% the ennemy midlaner’s health bar. If you poked him to around 40% you can opt for a flash QE ignite if you have comet up.

You can also turn a gank if the ennemy jungle is too confident and you have some cs with you.

-Egg : you can trade kills in the early, since you will have your passive up. In the lower elos, people tend to forget it and go for trade kills. It is also really good in 2v2 scenarios.

-Tp: if you took spellbook, you can mindlessly trade as long as your trades are even with your opponent. Try to save your pots, force a back and take advantage of your reduced tp cd.

-Short harass: When your opponent is last hitting, if you are high on mana but cant land a flashfrost.png, you can auto+e then backoff. This is an easy way of chipping the ennemy's heatlh bar slowly, especially vs melee matchups

Try to push the lane level 1 and build a bigger cs wave early. If you manage to do so, try to trade aa as much as you can.

Level 1 is also the point where you have to test your opponent on how he attempts to dodge your Qs. If you play smarter than him you can make him blow both his pots early, giving you a big lead in the laning phase.

Mostt of the time, your opponent will try to push your lane hard to establish a cs lead. The best way to counter this strategy is either trading a lot and zoning so he can’t push or clearing the wave asap too by spamming autos.

Just note that you can last hit caster minions with 1 aa and lvl 1 Q after a turret shot.

 The timing backs you want to get are 850+ gold ( tear + pots) or 1250 golds (catalyst + refilable), and a pink if possible.

Post 6 Laning (6-11) Back to Top

This is the point where you backed with enough gold for tear or catalyst and can begin to push waves very fast. Simply R the wave and wait for the minions to die. Don’t forget to toggle off your ult when melee minions are at 10% health.
When you do this make sure that your opponent doesn’t all in you : you can’t ult on him and you are likely to lose the trade. If this does happen, go near your ult and force him to walk through it.

Once you pushed the wave, make sure your minions crashes onto the turret and look for one of those things :

- Take midlane vision control (important ++) : pink ward bushes around mid, clear ennemy pinks etc.  Midlane vision control = pressure on the ennemy midlaner and no pressure on you = global pressure for your team

- Take your/ennemy chickens/crab: xp and gold lead for you, puts the jungler behind (their jungler but yours too if not managed properly, be careful !)

- Take the plants: free mana/health after a trade, take vision of the enemy jungle, show and clear stealth wards

- Chunk the enemy midlaner (dangerous) : you need midlane control for this, because if the jungler ganks you and you are overextended, you are dead. However, if you know where the jungler is and you are ahead of your opponent, you can try to zone your opponent from cs. If he’s low and has no barrier/bs defensive stuff, you can dive him: he will lose a ton of cs and will start to tilt. High risk, high reward thing.

- Invade with your jungler : the ennemy midlaner has to clear the wave mid, you are free to put deep wards in the jungle and try to look for a kill onto the enemy jungler which often leads to a dragon.

-Look for a tp/roam botlane : anivia is not the best roamer but a good gank/countergank will give your team to a big lead : 2-4 kills and maybe a drake or a first turret since bot turret is in paper and it gives potential future kills bottom since your botlane now has the upper hand and it is a very snowbally lane. Toplane on the other hand, is hard to kill, you can get max 2 kills on a lane not always snowbally, herald is a pain to kill and the ennemy team can make a play botlane with much more impact on the game than your roam

Improve farming Back to Top

The 20 first minutes is the moment where you have to build your lead. As the game goes on, you will have less access to farm.

Having less than 150 cs at 20 min should be considered as a failure: you deserve to lose the game. My goal is 180 at 20 minutes: not impossible to do, but you should focus a bit.

Good case/free farm scenario – 200cs at 18 minutes.

To push the wave effectively, simply glacialstorm.png and last hit minions with aa. Note that you can’t do that easily if you are behind.

Keep in mind to save 40 mana by toggling off ult when minions are below 10% hp. When you toggle off the spell it gives a bonus proc of ult that will finish off the wave.

For cannon wave, you usually want to let go your ult and E the cannon minion. Since the damage spread is messier it is safer to flashfrost.pngthe melee to secure them.


After pushing your lane, you must look at your minimap and if the enemy chickens are up. If it is the case, you have to answer those questions:

- Did i take tp ? if not am I above 20% mana or do I have blue ?

-Do I have vision around the area?

-Where is their support? they often roam mid

-Can I have very fast backup from my jungler if I go there without vision. If so, can we win 2v2?

 -Is the enemy jungler fed?

- if the enemy jungler and midlaner collapse on me, can I 1v2 them ?


If the answers are no, then you should look for your own chickens and do the following sequence :

Ult the chickens

Q double proc on small chickens, simple proc on the big one

E the big one

Kite the chickens in your ult and toggle off when the big one is below 10% hp.

If your jungler is a nice guy/is farming golems or ganking bot, you can look for wolves instead. However, they cost more mana to kill than chickens (2 E) and they are further from lane.

If your jungle is cleared and it’s too risky to contest the ennemy chickens, you can keep vision on mid, take the time to see what will happend in the next minutes by looking at your teammates' health bar.

If one of your lanes backed and the other is pushed, you can know that you will get ganked the next wave.


When you are under 20% mana, you should just passively clear waves and wait for the cannon wave to back. Avoid clearing the cannon wave if you are under 20% mana:

-it will take ages for you to push the wave

-the cannon minion will tank the tower hits and the enemy midlaner will not lose farm if he backed.

-the enemy midlaner will push the next wave easily since it has no cannon minion and you will lose a whole wave of xp and gold.


It is usually not worth following the enemy midlaner. He can catch you in the river, and you will be more effective establishing midlane dominance (turret dmg, xp advantage) rather than traveing around the map.

If you farmed well you should be around lvl 10-11 when they are lvl 9.

This is the moment where you are really strong and have a big impact on the game: if your team is ahead you can siege t2 towers forever with your team and if your team is behind you can stall the game since the enemies have to respect your lead in gold and xp.

Mid to late game Back to Top

Duo nash with the jungler is possible when you get 3 items (ROA seraph morello/liandry), preferably juggernauts, tanks if you are full mana. It is possible at 2 items +tear with an appropriate jungler but risky. Usually at the 23rd min you should consider it if you have vision control: simply ask your team to pressure midlane while you rush nashor.


It’s important not to get caught because anivia has no way of escape and if you die, the enemy team take an easy inhib.

If an ennemy is bot and has tp, you should try to nash. You can do it easily as anivia and it really helps to unlock a passive game.

Wall tricks Back to Top

1 Cancel Dashes

As you might know, spells with knockups properties such as thresh’s E or trundle’s pillar are susceptible to cancel dashes when done at the right timing. Anivia’s wall has the same properties if done at the exact position where the enemy is. It can be used to cancel channelings (fiddle ult, Karthus ult, vi Q etc) and as mentioned above, dashes lee sin Q, Kha zix E, Tristana W etc.). Now the hard part is that the hitbox to get the bump is very thin and the spell has a casting time. This means stopping lee sin Q or Kha zix dash relies partly in luck.
If used correctly it can be very effective but it is more a gimmick than anything so focus rather on your teamfighting.

Note: lantern activation can be canceled by wall.

2 Wall pinning

When someone is close to the terrain, you can wall him to prevent him from moving. The champion will be stuck between your wall and the terrain and you are free to dps him for the next 5 seconds.

NOTE: you can escape this trick with 4.png, dashes, and you are still able to use your spells and auto attacks.

3 DPS Nash outside the pit

Similarly to wall pinning, you can do the same thing but for yourself. It is only doable on a precise spot.

Near baron pit, you can force your hitbox to get in the terrain by walling yourself.

The wall will push you and if you did it on the right spot, you can now hit baron nashor with your E. Since anivia has 1300 burst damage with QE, she can easily burst nashor and get a steal.

This technique is not necessary (in fact it is rarely doable in your ranked games and hard to pull off) but still cool to do if ennemies don’t have vision on you. You are stationary while doing this technique and it is easy to get hit by any skillshots. Moving will force anivia’s body out of the terrain and she won’t be able to E nash anymore.

Note: this also work with drake but it's no worth doing so as most teams will pull the drake away from the pit.


Patch 8.11 Back to Top

Few nice buffs for anivia on her Q. The fact that the AP ratio and the cd reduction in early ranks means investing 3/4 ranks in w might be a better option.

The popularity of ad casters bottom and enchanters supports kinda sucks thought. Kha nerfs are always appreciated as he was really oppressive as a midlaner.

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