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This is really the only way to go as you need flash for an escape / gap closer and smite is a must on every jungler.

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A good standard AP jungle page, taking points in the resolve tree for good early and mid game utility and tankyness.

You can opt for 2 different 12 selections, 12 in Ferocity for more damage and 12 in Cunning for more utility. It should  be noted that 12 in Cunning will give you more sustain with upgraded potions and slightly faster clears with +5 damage per AA.

One of the great things about the resolve tree is that it gives you access to Insight which reduces your summoner spell cooldowns by 15%. This is great this patch as they removed boot enchantments which means you can no longer get the distortion enchantment to reduce your flash CD

If you find you are struggling with your early clears you can go 0/12/18

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R > W > Q > E

When you start out you want to get your W in base and prime your stun. This allows you to take less damage from the first camp you take.

You get E second because it not only does damage to anything that attacks you but it also gives bonus armour and mr. It helps you clear faster and take less damage. Not as good as before but still good sustain / damage.

Finally you get your Q at level 3 so we can get the party started. You are usually going to use this to stun someone when you gank pre 6.

You want to get 2 points in either damage move to start of as it gives you the best ballance between AoE clear and damage to people you are ganking.

Max W first as it gives the most up front base damage out of W and Q. This is best for burst comboing people when ganking. Maxing Q next gives sustained damage while ganking; It gives you slightly lower damage but on half of the cooldown. E is maxed last as it is not all that useful when ganking but it does make you quite tanky late game. Always level ult where possible.

You should also interpret the state of the game as to if you are wanting to level your Q first instead of W. This is especially true against opponents with high mobility as it can become difficult to reliably hit your W on them, and with that being the case the targeted nature of Q is better.

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Starting Items

    You can only start with this
    Early items you are looking to get
    Choice of Boots
    Get one of these and upgrade them when you feel it is appropriate
    The jungle item you want to get

Core Items

    Core Items - You really want these items
    Other offensive item choices, make choices depending on how tanky they are
    More potential item choices - Situational
    New utility items
    Late Game Trinkets

Situational Items

    All Situational Items - Can work in specific situations
6.9 Item Changes - Revised (6.15)

/// After more extensive play testing with the 3152.png I have now changed my stance on the item from a niche pick to a more common pick up. The hextech revolver gives great amount of burst damage for the price which is great early mid game and while I would not recommend this item to more inexperienced players as it requires competent knowledge and usage of activated items for those players who are comfortable this is a good pickup in my opinion. ///

This section is just here to provide a quick word about some of the new items introduced in this patch. The hextech pyrobelt  3152.png was heralded as the best item ever on 1.png as it would give her more mobility and make her even more dangerous. I personally feel like this item can be a bit of a trap for inexperienced players as while it does give you a little more engage distance it is not a universally good item that I would buy every game. The range on the dash is very small all be it on a 40 sec cooldown. I feel that a lot of the games you play you should not be getting this item unless you are finding yourself just out of range on your engages constantly. It should also be noted that the active does not appear able to cross walls or terrain so keep that in mind when trying to make a daring escape of engage. It should also be noted that hextech revolver no longer provides spell vamp but rather a rapid fire cannon-esc damage burst on AA which is on a 40 sec cooldown. - From 6.9 release

Rod of ages now provides you with some sustain through the new catalyst passive both for your mana and hp. Keep this in mind when you are looking for a more tanky build as you can get 20 hp back per Q used once it is maxed to 5. Especially good for sustain throughout the jungle / in a lane when you are killing monsters or creeps with your Q reset.

Early Game

1039.png2003_32.pngx3 start is really the only way to start in the current jungle. This lets you do more damage to the neutral mobs and also give you enough sustain to make it through the ordeal alive.

I prefer to get the 3340_32.png early to scout for invades and swap for  3341_32.png trinket because it allows me to control vision and also because no one else ever gets it. Good for making sure drag / other objectives  are ward free now that pinks are changed and oracles is RIP in Peace.

Also, buy a pink ward if you have a spare 75g as it can stay alive for a long time, grating you a lot of vision. In theory you should always have 1 pink ward on the map per player at all times.

3706.png + 1001_32.png are the two first items you are wanting to get. You are usually wanting to back and get the smite early followed by boots for gank potential.

Runic echos is a really strong item on jungle 1_64.png as it gives her an improved clear and more burst damage when ganking.

If you are wanting to go hard carry 1_64.png then you are probobly going to want to take 3020_32.png other wise you are going to take 3117_32.png for the insane movespeed it gives (sell late game). It really allows you to gank hard and navigate the map fast.

Mid Game

At this point in the game your build is dictated by how well you are going. If you are getting fed rushing a 3089_32.png gives you ridiculous snowball potential because of your high burst damage. You should always remember that you are going to want to build hp in one form or another as you need some hp so that you dont get exploded in teamfights (hp also scales well with her E). 3151_32.png + 3116_32.png are usually a good combo because tibbers will proc the burn and slow on his AoE.

If they have a triple AD comp (ADC and AD top / mid / jungle) then it can be helpful to rush a 3191_32.png for early AP and armour. It is relativly cheep and gives good stats when stacked.

If you are falling behind never be afraid to not build full AP. Annie can still be useful as a tank thanks to her passive enabling her to have an AoE stun that lasts for 1.75 seconds. Building items like 3190_32.png should not be discounted because "She is a AP mage". You should itemize defensively based on their team and your teams needs. It is always fun to stack a  3075_32.png with your shield to deal some impressive damage every time something attacks you.

Make sure that at least SOMEONE on your team gets an 3190_32.png because if you are going to be going full AP then your team will be at a disadvantage if you don't have a locket on someone (don't actively look to buy this item, try and get your support for it).

NOTE: Item not needed as much if full AD comp - shield can still be useful though

Late Game

Getting a 3135_32.png late game is usually a must unless you are versing a team of people who stack armour against a fed annie. It gives you 35% pen and stacked with your 8% from masteries you end up with 40% pen (stacks multiplicatively) which is applied BEFORE flat pen.

3157_32.png is another good late game item if you are getting focused in team fights. It can not only be used defensibly but also offensively. For example, flash into enemy team, Tibbers -> W -> Q -> 3157_32.png  allows for you to burst their carry or other high priority target and then give your team time to follow up on your big plays before you get destroyed once 3157_32.png runs out. It should be noted that as on 6.9 this item is not longer as strong as it was before and it should not be taken into every team as it does not provide the stats that some other items do. Make sure to think if this item is going to be needed before buying it.

3742.png can be a good item for initiation as it gives you a large amount of movement speed, similar to 3800.png but offers armour instead of mana and is only for yourself.

3041_32.png is for if you are fed to shit in a normals and want to become even more ridiculous. It allows you to burst people even harder leading to more stacks which leads to more burst; rinse and repeat. More risky now if you don't build some hp / other defensive stats because you now lose 10 stacks on death.

General Notes

Always take into account what the game requires rather than following one build religiously. I have listed items that many people would never build on annie but you have to realize that there are instances when they would be useful. 

Personal Preference

I am personally liking a 1402.png, 3151_32.png, 3116_32.png, 3020_32.png, 3135_32.png, 3157_32.png build as an end game build (selling jungle item at the end for a chilling smite if you feel like you need). If I'm really fed the build will look more like this 1402.png, 3089_32.png, 3152.png, 3157_32.png, 3135_32.png, 3020_32.png. That build gives you massive damage against squishies where as the other build makes you tankier and lets you deal with tankier targets better. The top build used to have a dfg but since that has been removed I have been more favorable towards max ap scaling.

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He can be annoying to kill due to his escapes and revive passive. If his passive is down a level 6+ combo should do enough for you and your laner to kill him.

In jungle dont try and duel him unless his passive is down and your ult is up. Your molten sheild will help you reduce incoming damage and do more damage to him. If you dont have your stun up imediatly, its wise to try and stun him when he is below 50% hp as this will reduce the time he has to AA to regen health.




Make sure to take a pink ward for her shroud and have your stun up. Her being hidden in her shroud does not protect her from AoE. She is quite squishy so once she is stunned you and your laner shoudl make quick work out of her.

Be careful of her burst as it is quite substansial post 6. When you go in to gank, make sure to activate flame sheild to take less damage from her burst due to the bonus Armour and MR.




Amumu is quite weak early on so you are going to want to use this to your advantage. You may want to take blue and then level Q instead of E and head to his red buff as amumu should always start blue.

Once you are at his red wait in the bush while he takes red, when he is about to kill it you should smite it and engage upon him with (preferably) a charged stun.

He should have taken some good damage from red making him an easy kill. It also helps that most junglers run MR/lvl which causes his early MR to be laughable.

Once you have killed him GET OUT. If your enemy mid / top / bot are even remotly turned on then they will be coming to avenge their dead mummy.

If you are getting pincered, dont be afraid to flash the baron or dragon walls so that you will get out safely




She can be difficult to burst due to her egg but with the help of your laner you should be able to burst her to her get with your combo and then take her down a second time.

Watch out for her stun and wall when ganking.




Why are you not playing this in ranked?




He can eat tibbers :(

But seriously, he has 2 forms of AoE CC and that scilence is brutal. His tankyness can make him difficult to take out but if he does go tanky then is damage output suffers and he is less of a threat. Try to make sure that he is not sitting on 6 stacks with tones of resists as he will take a while to kill. You cannot burst 5k hp :(




You need to be careful when versing ekko as he is a good counter to burst champions with his ult and shield to mitigate large amounts of your damage. Try not to waste all of your damage on him only for him to ult and gain back a large portion of his health.




Elise is a popular duelist jungler who can prove to be very slippery. A couple of notes on versing her

  • Make sure not to stack flat health tanky items against her as she does % hp damage, make sure to pick up some MR somewhere to help reduce its effectiveness
  • Be careful of her repel as she can use it to dodge 2 of your main damage spells, completely swinging the tide of the battle




It is near impossible to out duel eve when you are on even terms. Especially after she has her 3209_32.png. If you have your full combo up you can try to burst her, otherwise you want to get out of there ASAP. Activate molten sheild for more tankyness when trying to run.

If you get ahead she should become less of a problem as your damage gets quite rediculous as you get fed but you have to remember that so does hers.




You really cant kill him early game as you need to have your full burst combo to take him down. He will just CC and heal any damage off with his drain.

Dont try to fight him.




Quite a difficult match up although he is quite a common ban.

You only want to fight him in a short amount of time as his sustain damage is better than yours and his W gives him really good heals against champions. You will lose in a drawn out fight with hecarim.

You either want to busrt him with your combo or just try to discorage him with a stun.


Jarvan IV


He is really bursty and has high mobility so becareful when fighting him. If he has double buffs and you are not yet fed he can really control what is going on. He can use his flag toss so often that combined with red he can chase you for however long he wants and he can also easily disengage.

Try to use your stun as a disengage after he has used his Flag Combo to get to you.




He can be quite awkward to gank post 6 due to his ult. Ganking him if your laner has either a stun, snare or scilence will make your life alot easier. If you need to you can flash Q or flash tibbers to get off the stun and then procede to burst him down. Unless he is pushed up in lane once he has teleported you are going to have a tough time chasing him. His scilence can also mess up your combo so be cautious.


Lee Sin


Very strong duelist. Do not fight 1 v 1 unless you are ahead or it is soon to become a 2 v 1 in your favour very soon. Try to use a stun to disengage from him and make sure to do your best to dodge his skill shot as it is main source of damage.




She is quite a tough support because she is very good at keeping people alive against burst casters / assassins. Her ult + polymorph + sheild + slow make her / whoever she is protecting quite a difficult target.




He usually cant kill you all too fast but his saplings deal alot if you get hit by both the impact and explosion.

He can CC lock you till his team comes to kill you so be careful. You should be able to duel him early as he is quite squishy without items.

When he gets tanky he is quite hard to kill.


Master Yi


Make sure that you don't have your stun baited out  by Yi because he will demolish you otherwise. Try to use your bear on him for the stun or a point blank W. If possible wait for him to use his alpha strike before you stun so he cannot dodge it.




Right now nunu is a god in the jungle. Be VERY careful when playing against him because he can shut you down early and you then become useless.

Try to get to your blue fast to see if he wards and try to have your support ward red (a must if in a premade). This will help you to see what nunu is doing. If he does not invade he is doing it wrong.

When you see nunu come into your jungle ping your laners to come and kill him. Map awareness is key in this situation.

Make sure you ward you jungle, especially when your blue and red is about to spawn. Keeping control of your buffs is the most improtant thing




She can have a large amount of bonus resits once she hits 40% hp but is also a damage and disruption threat to the whole team. Be conscious as to your positioning in relation to poppy and walls to help avoid being stunned.




Rengar is in a very poor spot right now in my opinion, but that doesn't mean he cant carry the enemy team to victory on his back. As a 107.png main myself I can tell you that the hardest counter to him is teamwork and grouping. 107.png is truly an opportunistic hunter so what you have to do is deny him opportunities to pick of that lone ADC farming bot lane. Having pink wards on hand and sweeper trinkets are the best way to deal with him as a group. Annie can be a very good counter to 107.png because if he goes assassin he will be very squishy and half the time doesn't even have bonus MR, opting for CDR blues.




She can be quite a tough opponent especially depending on how much MR she has early. If you jump her you will have the upper hand and likewise with her.

Be careful of her PBAoE damage from her flail. Try and keep distance when dueling so she cant damage you to her full potential. When she is within AA range make sure that you have your E activated.




Especially now that 3.8 made the buffs more valuable you are going to want to look out for this clown.

You may want to ask your support to ward your red / entrance to red so that you will know if there is a jib nest waiting for you.

If he is trying to counter jungle you make sure to call your team once you have seen him, he can be slipery but killing him should make him think twice when he goes to invade again. Make sure to defensivly ward.




You are only going to be able to kill him easily early game as he scales so well with items. An early gank on him is generally a good idea, so make sure you have a stun charged and head to top lane.

Make sure not to chase singed, especially after he hits 6, because he can turn on you very easily and as Annie you have no escape.


Xin Zhao


He has good damage as a dueling jungler and like you can snowball quite hard. Make sure to turn on your flame sheild when dueling him as it not only increases your resists but also makes him take damage for each auto he does and because he is xin that is his main form of damage. If you have tibbers up you should be able to burst him down with a full combo but otherwise try and get your team mates to assist in killing him.

Jungling / Annie Tips Back to Top

6.9 Annie Tips

With the new patch there have been a couple of changes to how 1.png skills work. The two main changes were that instead of providing resists her E now provides a % damage reduction which is generally better in most circumstances however the duration has been lowered to 3 seconds from 5. This means that when clearing you need to use your E as the mobs are just about to strike for maximum efficiency. Also you have less of a defensive up-time so you need to be more selective about activating your E in fights.

Tibbers has also seen a few upgrades, one of the most helpful ones is that if you target tibbers to yourself he will follow you around. This is very helpful for not leaving him behind doing nothing. This is more important now as they have shifted some of the upfront damage from his spawn cast to his AA's.

He will also now stay alive for a short time after you die, somewhat like sions passive, and auto target the one who killed you. He will change target if they are too far away but if he is pulled by Syndra appears to bug out and just stand still dying. Keep this in mind if you are playing as Syndra vs Annie and she has died, just W tibbers and you don't need to worry about him anymore.

Tibbers also has an enrage mechanic but I won't go into that now as you can check it out in the patch notes -> Here


Seeing as annie is quite a blue depenant jungler you are usually wanting to start at blue buff. Before you go to start your clear you want to charge up your stun so that you take less damage. Another benifit of charging your stun is if the enemy team goes to invade you and AoE stun will allow you to disrupt their team, catching them off guard and potentially leading to a kill. If you start on blue side, dont be afraid to start bot side so that you can get a better leash on krugs.


So you are usually going to want to go Gromp / Krugs -> Appropriate buff and from there it depends on how you are going on health. If you have enough I advise you go and and take another camp, but if you don't then  you want to go and take scuttle crab as that will give you health and mana back so you can then go and take the camp. If you took the three camps in one go then after that get scuttle, especially if you have a stun up for faster clearing.

From there you can back, get your other buff and head off to gank / farm.


If you are more experienced you can opt to start Red buff if on blue side so that you get a better pull from your bot lane, however you can end up with some small mana issues. \

I personally recommend starting bot side buff every game if you fell that you can as you will get a better leash from bot lane than your top laner.


Because of the spawn time reduction if you so wished you can clear the jungler from one side to the other and go back to the start and have the camp respawn for another clear. Eg, Gromp -> Wolves -> Wraiths -> Golems -> Gromp respawn -> repeat.  You are going to try and focus less on farming and more on ganking when playing jungle Annie. Use your Q to clear out the smaller mobs in the camp for free as when it kills things it halves cooldown and refunds mana.

Gaining an Advantage

Mid laners are usually going to want to get your second blue and subsiquent ones ( unless manaless ). So what does that mean for you? You need mana and blue gives you that. So you are left with a couple of options. You can take blue for yourself (4/0/4 type of game) or give it to you laner. It should be noted that if you have a manaless mid but someone like 126_64.png as your top laner they can really like having blue so just consider giving it to them. Now, you are going to donate your blue and that leaves you without mana. What do you do Elgo? Well I'll tell you! You take theirs! All the jungles are belong to Tibbers.

The plan for taking their blue can consist of two options. Both of these steps involve warding. You are going to want to back with preferably 850+ gold at around 6:00, this is just an average game so its not like you need to get first blood for this to work. You are going to make sure you buy at MINIMUM 1 ward and then head for their blue. You are going to want to place a ward in the bush as shown below. The ward shown in this image is inefficient as it only shows gives you vision of the buff. By placing it in the corner it gives you more vision which can alert you to the enemy junglers presence.

(Will update this soon once I can be bothered getting a pic of the new jungle - Still cant be bothered even with new summoners rift update).

Blue Ward.png

Once you have placed the ward if you can see the enemy jungler gank top for example then you are going to just outright take the buff and leave. Otherwise you are going to want to wait on the other side of the wall so that the jungler cannot see you but you are within smiting range of the buff. When they go to take it make sure you have the buff selected so that you can see its health. When it drops below the value of your smite damage you smite it and get yourself a free blue. This is even more detrimental than before as buffs are now worth more XP which sets the enemy jungler behind even more than it did before the 3.8 patch. If the jugler smites early on in the process of taking the buff this is even better there is now nothing that can outdamage your smite ( more difficult with 31_64.png due to ult). Be careful when doing this multiple times in a game as the enemy team may ward their buff / around the buff and that can get you cault. The 3351_32.png trinket will help you clear the wards.

It should be noted that the blue buff will respawn at ~7:30 if it is the first buff that they have taken. 

General Tips

If you are versing an invade heavy jungler make sure to ward the entrances to your jungle as well as your buffs because this vision allows you to take your mid / side lane into the jungle to hopefully gain a kill.

Be careful of counter junglers as they are the hardest counter to jungle Annie and many other unconventional junglers. The fact that they can set you back early really hinders your snowball potential and can make you useless. Be extremely careful playing against 20_64.png especially as he will make you his bitch. Make sure to defensibly ward your jungle and then try and turn Nunu's invades into potential kills.

Annie Tips

When casting Q and W make sure to cast W first as it has a lower cast time allowing for a smoother combo of the two spells, making sure you don't miss either.

If you have 3 stacks on your passive you can trick people into thinking you wont have stun up for a gank because if you cast Q and whilst its traveling to the target you activate E your passive will activate and your Q will stun the target.

About / Extra Stuff Back to Top

So hey, I'm Elgo

I have played League of Legends since season 2 and ever since I found out people did not know how to jungle in ranked I have taken up jungling as my main role. Now that I do it pretty much every game playing conventional junglers can get a bit boring so I have been playing more and more "fun" junglers with my friends in normals. Annie is one of my favourite junglers that I have been playing (second only to jungle Taric ) and seeing as there was no guide for jungle Annie I am here to provide that. This goes in depth on more than just build this and max W.

Make sure to leave some comments on what you think / how this has gone for you. Always looking to improve :)

Somehow this guide is now featured with nearly 400k views. This shows that you should never give up on your dreams.

If you see anything major in the guide that is outdated please do inform me about it, it can take a while to change everything as the guide was originally made in season 3.

Below are some examples of games I have dominated with jungle Annie.

If you have some good games and want to send them in I will put them up :)

Elgo - OCE


Change Log Back to Top

1/08/16 -

  • Updated my position of Hextech Protobelt after further play testing
  • Rectified the presence of 2 echo effect items in the items / build sections

7/05/16 -

  • General updates to changes with update regarding removed items
  • Adjusted masteries to reflect current state of the jungle
  • Added new info on Annie minor update
  • Updated build info to reflect current game state
  • Added / Updated Match ups
  • Added thoughts on new items and if / when they should be built
  • Near 400k views

17/09/15 -

  • Added some changes to itemization to account for new items + runeglaive after further testing

05/08/15 -
  • Finished runeglaive update
  • Added more info to Items section in regards to cheaper needlessly
  • 238k views + #2 Annie guide

30/03/15 -
  • Season 5 updates
  • Build path updated
  • End game build updated
  • Jungle tips updated
  • Added Annie Tips
  • Other assorted updates
  • Added distortion boots, weren't already there for some reason

20/08/14 -
  • Some more general updates
  • 100k views <3

4/12/13 -

  •  3.14 Updates begin
  • Removed Bulwark from items  section
  • Added new items text related to new items
  • New masteries - essentially the same
  • Updated Jungle route
  • More updates to come soon, more testing needed

25/6/13 -

  • More matchups added - some matchups changed / expanded
  • Jungle section updated - Countering Jungle Annie

20/6/13 -

  • Fleshed out Jungle section and updated for 3.8
  • More matchups added
  • Note: Tibbers tankyness buffed in this patch (3.8)

7/6/13 -

Guide Created
  • Runes
  • Masteries
  • Abilities
  • Summoner Spells
  • A few match ups
  • Jungle Section Started

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