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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png - Flash - 4.png

    Mandatory on Annie. Ghost is not a viable option, as it's far too telegraphed and delayed. Be incredibly hesitant in using this spell defensively. For Annie, flashing away is as good as wasting flash completely. Your job isn't to survive; it's to do as much damage as possible to as many people as possible. You can't make picks without flash.

12.png - Teleport - 12.png

    One of my favorites on Annie in mid lane along with Flash. If the enemy counter-picks you in mid lane, and you're certain you'll have no kill potential on them even at level 6 (Examples: Xerath with Barrier, Kassadin, Malzahar), get Teleport. Teleport allows you to play passive in lane and go even, while providing you with unrivaled gank potential and map presence. Tell your bot lane to ward deep, wait for the enemy to overextend (it's guaranteed to happen at some point), and teleport in for free double kills and dragon control. Or just teleport in for counter-ganks in top lane. It's a versatile spell that has served me well over the course of many, many games.

I recommend getting this in Platinum and Diamond 5-2. Once in D1+, you'll need ignite to get leads, and the enemy bot lanes will be far less likely to overextend.

14.png - Ignite - 14.png

   Another good spell on Annie. Ignite increases your level 6 burst significantly and adds to your lane presence. It can be devastating when combined with early AP runes and 2 levels in W.  Use this against champions who want to trade with you, as it can to give you the upper hand (or allow you to stay even). This spell won't help you if you're up against a tanky laner like Malzahar, Lulu, or anyone who builds tanky or has shields. This spell is preferable against squishy targets.


3.png - Exhaust - 3.png

Kill yourself.

New Runes Back to Top

Abilities Back to Top

Pyromania.png Passive: Pyromania is great for early game trading and lane pressure, and can be devastating when used on multiple people. Farm this up by last hitting with Q, and you're free to zone the lane opponent from CS. When going against Banshees, make sure you keep your stun counter at 3 instead of 4, as you want to burn their banshees with Q first, and then go in for the stun R/W spells. If you need to engage on someone without Banshees right then and there, just press E to get the stun counter to 4. This spell is broken.

Disintegrate.png Q: To harass in lane, use Q>(W)>AA and then back off to avoid minion aggro. Do NOT use autoattacks while near the opponent's minion wave, and if you do, back off immediately after. Disintegrate, unlike autoattacks, doesn't trigger minion aggro (This is HUGE), so be sure to use it when positioning aggressively. Autoattacks have longer range, so use them when positioning defensively. On top of this, Q's cooldown is low enough to be able to last hit every minion while under turret. Wait for a minion to get low from a tower shot, and as soon as the next projectile is close to killing the minion, Q it. Annie is hard to set behind in lane because of this, as she farms well no matter the circumstances. You want to max this first as it makes last hitting a breeze and is up more often than your W, making for more consistent trades.

Incinerate.png W: I use this mainly to pick up on CS I'd otherwise have lost. As you don't max this spell first, it's only useful during the early levels. Otherwise, you're using up quite a bit of mana for not-as-good-as-Q damage. Still, it's helpful in pushing out waves to roam, and can hit the stealthed units that your Q can't pick up on (91_64.png, 107_64.png). You can W>Flash to pull off a cheese combo that very few can react to. If you're invading, start W and charge it up twice in fountain, and twice on the way out.

Molten_Shield.png E: Makes up for a lack of armor/MR runes early, and makes Annie deceptively tanky late game. Topped with a Rylais/Guise/RoA/Zhonyas , you're going to be unfocusable in teamfights. Feel free to skip it during early levels if you're more focused on cheesing lane. It's a must-have for roaming, though, as it allows you to charge your stun up on the go.

Summon-_Tibbers.png R: This is Annie's longest range spell, and when combined with Flash, nobody is safe. Early game, focus the jungler to get objective control. Mid-game, focus the enemy APC as they'll be at their (relative) peak. Late game, focus the ADC. If you're ahead, you can land R on one person during a teamfight, burst them, and you'll be fine. If you're behind, you'll -have- to hit multiple people in order to get the most damage out of your ultimate (unless you use it to catch a person out). This ability has a .5 second cast time, and anyone who flashes out of its range within those .5 seconds will still be damaged and stunned.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    General start against champions who can take your harass without being able to do much in return.
    If the enemy has a strong early game jungler or the opponent is skillshot reliant. (if weak jungler like Yi, take 4 pots instead)
    Take this against all tough match ups. (Xerath, Lulu, Syndra, LeBlanc, etc.) I actually take this a lot more than Doran's ring now, because sustain is stupidly broken when it comes to trading. Having 400+ more effective health in lane is way more useful than +40 damage on QW.
    Kill yourself.

Core Items

    Early Zhonya's allows Annie to get away with crazy initiations. Get this as your first/second major item. Getting Deathcap before Zhonya's or another defensive item is a death sentence unless your team is very far ahead.
    These are all incredibly cost effective. Void Staff is effective even if purchased early, as Annie's base damage is really good. Rylai's is great against teams with few dashes, and Morello's is for trading in lane.
    Possible final build. With 15% CDR from cdr/lvl runes, and another 5% from masteries, you'll have 40% total. This build offers Annie absolutely everything she needs: Damage, Defense, Mobility, Kiting Potential, and CDR.
    Kill yourself.

Situational Items

    Disgustingly overpriced and made worthless by a single MR item. Just get Void Staff or Rod. Void Staff scales better into late game due to Annie's high base damage, while you'll be selling Guise later as Annie has nothing to gain from Liandri's Torment. Although if you're backing with 1500 gold and have nothing else to buy, go ahead.
    Buy it early against squishy burst mages (LeBlanc, Viktor, Etc.) if you're looking for a kill during laning phase. Otherwise, if you're just playing to survive, get RoA.
    I rarely get it over Zhonya's, but it's good at dealing with instant CC such as Veigar's Event Horizon (OH WAIT LOL)
    In case you need a quick burst of CDR.
    Not worth the money, and got nerfed too heavily to provide any noticeable sieging potential, especially when Annie's late game autos against structures already do damage in the 200's.
    Kill yourself.
    No opinion. Maybe this item is useful, maybe it isn't. I never found a place for it in my build.
    Outclassed by Abyssal Scepter. You should remember that Abyssal makes you do about 15% extra damage to minions, making it excellent both in teamfights and in lane. RoA takes longer to become useful, while Abyssal provides a significant burst in power. The sustain from leveling up is made obsolete with flask. Not a bad item, just not amazing.

- Why Distortion -

    The Distortion enchantment, when combined with Utility masteries, lowers Flash's cooldown by around 90 seconds. That means your Flash will be up for at least every other team fight during the late game, guaranteeing a more deadly engage every time.

- What Trinket -

    Take yellow trinket at start, and use it to ward your raptor-side lane bush, or ward the enemy jungler's second camp at 3 minutes for a risky kill. Around mid-game, sell it and buy an Oracle's Lens. Blue trinket is also a viable option on Annie, but the enemies typically react to it by spreading out or moving around, so I never get it. It screws with my initiations.

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Ahri
  • Lulu




Matchups will never be finished, Annie is no more.

Difficulty: 4.5/10
Recommended Start: Doran's Ring, 2 pots [VS AGGRO JUNGLER] Boots, 4 pots
Recommended Runes: Annie vs. Squishy Poke

When attempting to harass Ahri:
 - Never walk straight towards her.
 - Never walk too far in front of your minions.
 - If you're ballsy as hell, however, fake aggression to bait out her charm and dodge it.
 - Harass her after she uses her Q. Otherwise, push the lane from a distance and bait her Q out.

When to roam:
 - You can't out-roam Ahri unless you're ahead. Early on, focus on keeping her occupied in lane.
 - Follow her if she tries to roam post 6.

At level 6:

 - Watch out for her ultimate. If she hits 6 first and you're not at 70% hp or above, you're dead.
 - If you hit 6 first, she will play defensive. Lower her health at levels 4-5 so you can go in at 6 more confidently.
Good early items: Abyssal, Sorc's Boots.




Difficulty: 8/10
Recommended Start: Flask, 3 pots
Recommended Runes: Passive Lane

You just got counterpicked, and now you can't do anything in lane! Yay!
You can't all in her at 6, you can't out-poke her long range Q, if you try to go in to harass her you get silenced, she can't be easily ganked because of her slow/shield, and she has a movement speed boost to out-roam you.

Just sit back and farm under the safety of your turret. Hopefully you'll be more useful than her by mid-game. If by some miracle your jungler comes mid and you both manage to kill her, take all the objectives that you possibly can before she respawns again. Mid Lulu is the definition of cancer.

Laning Phase to Late Game Back to Top

- Level 1 -

    If your team is invading (which should've been settled from champ select),  start W and charge it up twice in fountain, and twice on the way to the enemy jungle. This makes sure that you'll always be there on time, even if it costs you some mana. If you started W, play lane extremely passively until level 2. Otherwise, take Q and start harassing early.

- Pre-6 and 6 -

    Ward up and start farming. If the enemy jungler has strong early game presence, it's best to last hit from a distance with AA's and only harass when the enemy is overextended.  Pay attention to your minion's health bars. If a minion is starting to get low, position aggressively and Q>W>AA if the enemy tries to last hit it. After AA'ing, back off to avoid minion aggro, and continue farming casually. If neither laner backed since minion spawn and you're nearing level 6, the enemy is most likely near 6 as well. Call your jungler over immediately, or hope to god you hit 6 first. If you hit 6 first, burst the enemy down. Otherwise, push out the wave (or farm the wave pushing into you), recall, buy your crap, and go straight for bot lane for the Tibbers gank.

    If you kill the enemy bot lane, go for Dragon. if you don't kill the enemy bot lane, walk back to mid (through your side of the map), and continue farming defensively, as your ultimate is likely going to be down after the attempt.

- How to Burst -

    If you're going in for a solo kill in lane, get your stun counter to 3, E, and initiate with a max ranged Tibbers (don't make it too telegraphed, try dancing your way toward the enemy like you're last hitting), walk up to them, and order Tibbers to walk behind them so that they won't be able to Flash away from the AoE. Once you're in range (enemy still stunned), Q>W and keep walking towards them. By the time the stun wears off, you should be close enough to catch up to them again with another Q>Ignite>AA if necessary. If the enemy has Heal, use Ignite earlier.

- Mid Game -

   If people are starting to group for Dragon, and your lane opponent is still in lane... Combo him. If he goes back, that's a free dragon. If he doesn't go back, he's likely left with 30% HP. He'd have no pressure left, so use the opportunity to at least ward up and get vision. You don't want to be flashing into a surprise 1v2 and giving the enemy team dragon instead. Other than that, just keep your lane pushed all throughout mid game, and roam around whenever possible. If you're the one getting pushed in, you should've taken TP.

- Late Game -

   Stick with the team unless you feel like getting caught out (or catch the enemy out if you have vision). Wait for a teamfight. Burst target enemies. Win. If you're on the losing side, you don't have the damage to engage. Instead, sit in the very far back and peel for your carry. Zed ulted your Graves? Drop Tibbers on Zed and watch him get obliterated. Congrats, they have no mid laner, and you still have an ADC. Keep fighting with focus on killing the enemy ADC. If your team still loses the teamfight, either uninstall the game, or tell your teammates to uninstall the game. I usually vouch for the second option.

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