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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

14.png Ignite

Mid  14.pngLike Annie bot said take ignite if you want lane dominance and if you're mid or support, but then again you'll probably be kited if you play the match up wrong.

Top 14.png If you're top and you know your jungler is going to camp you by all means take ignite and dive the laner under the tower because we both know he's going to be low by the time he gets to tower.


Mid 4.png If you have a brain you'll take this summoner spell every time, but if you have complete trust in your teammates ability to engage, and how good jungler is. By all means take 3.png instead of 4.png. You have 3 chances to win your team a game as a solo player with 4.png. More or less depending how the laning phase went and what you have to work with.

Top 4.png You're most likely used for engage anyways so I suggest you'd take flash, but if you're crazy and want to for full lane pressure take 3.png14.png depending on the match up, bot lane's champions, what you have to work with, how much your jungler cares about you, and how good you can manage your wave. 


Mid 6.png It's something AsianGamer5 picked up from another annie main in solo que I forgot his name, but I'm sure it's Patriarch mang. Ghost is used for skirmishing enemy comps, mobility, and high damage low defense builds. Girls you know when you have sex with your man and he's done in 10-15 seconds, but his load is big and powerful so he ends up 100-0'ing you in bed? This is that spell in a nutshell. 

Top 6.png  I've never used this toplane so I wouldn't know. I think 12.png is better than 6.png, but hey go nuts I don't care what happens to you. We all make decision in life. You probably made the wrong one by taking this top, but hey it's dynamic que anything could happen. o-o

3.png Exhaust

Mid 3.png  If you take this spell in lane you're probably thinking "I'm not going to one shot anyone and I want to provide some sort of utility other than my stun." To be honest exhaust is just about as good as ignite if you know how to use it right because a flat 10 deduct to magic resistance and armor can really pull of surprising damage as opposed to ignite. High elo players wont see the damage coming.

Top 3.png It's extremely cheesy and will automatically win you the lane, but in the end you wont have any impact outside of your lane depending on how you and your jungler communicates. You'll also diminish your option pool by taking 3.png instead of 12.png. I suggest you take 12.png

21.png  Barrier

Mid 21.png It's an extremely dire situation your team put you in if you take 21.png because you're expected to die just to engage on the enemy team. You're no longer a mage you're now a child soldier and 1.png is the suicide bomber. You can avoid this by picking 14.png Mid with a ZZ'Rot.

Top 21.png If you're a tilted P.O.S take barrier, but other than that no don't.

12.png Teleport

Mid 12.png I take this ability knowing I'm going to lose the lane if I mid. Ever since the nerf to 12.png it's not exactly the best summoner on annie anymore for midlane. Other annie mains takes this as a means to support other laners. Your options to engage have widened up as well.

Top 12.png Every top laner gets teleport and so should you. You options to make plays gets bigger with each ward placed down on the map.

7.png Heal

Apc 7.png I will make a separate guide.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

My preferred Annie page 

Short and simple.

Deathfire is early and late game keystone. It completely blows mid game. Extremely good against tanks like 111.png, off tanks 48.png, and extended fights. 

The thunderlord page is extremely good for mid game and single target death. Recommended for burst battles for champions like 238.png and 134.png.  

I can go on a big rant on the other abilities, but you're probably not a brain dead zombie so your gut will tell you what masteries/keystones to choose against a match up.

Abilities Back to Top


This is a generic page. You'll probably be using it a if you're new to annie.

Here what you want to do.

If you want to kill your lane opponent equalize the disintegrate.png and the incinerate.png.

If you want to not get shoved in put two points in disintegrate.png and max incinerate.png. Also roaming is also could be an option  for you now.

If you're behind put a point in moltenshield.png or against someone like 238.png or 134.png.

If your APM is high and are confident in your dodging abilities with annie. Don't take moltenshield.png.

I never really had a thought about putting multiple points in E, but ever since the riot change. You might be able to pull off the greatest baits in league.

But that's too dangerous because when you're a stupid child that gets into the dumbest situation you'd probably want to kill your way out.

No but seriously but this generation of annie mains either put one point in moltenshield.png or never at all until they're forced too. 

That's all I have to say 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Matches with a lux and brand will be easier now with this set up. Extremely cost efficient too. If you miss your Q's you're probably have a extremely bad time.
    Generic set up. Get Two dorans rings and you probably wont have to worry about mana for awhile.
    Annie bots favorite starting items. He uses this start up as a means of defensive play, but what he doesn't know is that this can be used for offensive play as well because with dark seals 15% increase to potion potency. The only downside is that it doesn't have the extra 60 hp dorans gives you, but it DOES give you 100 mana.

Core Items

    My favorite set up. If you're looking for a glass cannon build, by all use the recommended build there is nothing wrong with it. It gives great mobility, damage, and cheese factors. This build is made or mid game and skirmishes so don't teamfight when you think it's not a good idea.
    This is your normal build. You can change Hourglass to ROA, but in the end it doesn't really matter. You choice options of starting a fight just increased exponentially. Through mid and late game.

Situational Items

    Sorc boots is good for assassins. If an assassin gets a defensive item that automatically means they've lost the lane and their damage output has been reduced a lot. Good against people who do not get magic resistance
    If you're just like my friend who a little baby who gets scaling MR, an abyssal, and spirit visage on Vladimir. By all means take these over sorcerers boots. You get the gist of what I'm trying to say. Hopefully
    When you get a laner who is about an immobile as a rock (Anivia) take these use your head in win the game. I know you can do it. Don't let us down
    As Annie bot said. This item can be used for lane dominance and mid game powerspikes. I take this when I don't have a tank to protect me or if enemy team comp is either double or triple AP
    This build is used for kiting, tanking, and supporting for your ADC if they dishes out the damage and completely trust them to carry. Extremely expensive and team reliant build. You can one shot the adc or the midlaner if they don't have MR, but other than that you're forced on support duty and engage. You're also most likely not going to one shot anyone in any part of the game.
    Large AP gains, Large CDR gains. I take this because my runes have absolutely no CDR to them. Or if they have a Vladimir or swain on their team
    If you're having troubles with mana Either get a lost chapter or two dorans rings.
    It's a play making and game changing item that gives you a little dash for 2500 gold. It's worth the price, but I don't get this often because it leads to mana problems later on
    I saw annie bot take this vs a leblanc when he was behind. I was like "this game is over" then came back and saw he had like 8 kills. Good against stealth champions like twitch and running people down like dogs. Also pretty cost efficient?

Annie's build style is very flexible depending on the situation at hand. Use your head to find out what items to get against the enemy team. Also build for your teammates as well.

If you go defensive build and your tanks are wondering why you don't do any damage when you're fed by all means say it's your fault for not trusting the 111.png who was built to protect you and then lose knowing it was your fault.

When someone goes a tank like 111.png on your team they're placing their faith in you to carry the game. So don't be selfish with your build when they sacrificed their ability to solo carry a game.

Matchups Back to Top

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(Taken from Annie Bot's Guide)
This is a Skill matchup. If the Ahri is decent she will use her Charm - (E) followed by a Q to disable and harass you if you try to walk up and stun her. If she hits level 6 before you do and you're not near your tower you're in big trouble if she goes all-in on you. 

You will win the lane if you can farm even with her OR avoid her skillshots and trade with early (potentially picking up an early kill). As time goes on you get stronger, and her incredible squishiness will allow you to 100-0 her once you hit 6 and get items (assuming you can land the stun). Never ever overextend if you don't have your ultimate up and/or your stun counter isn't 3 or more.

(Author's notes)

Her skirmishing and ability to kite far better than yours, but you have upper hand in teamfights. So keep this in mind.

When it comes down to it she'll just wave clear and roam/farm it out.




You wont win this if you're top lane as annie. And you'll most likely lose the game if the game goes even and if you have NO tanks on your team.

You'll probably win if it's midlane but akali is never seen midlane anymore. 

Here's what will happen if she reaches level 6.

akalishadowdance.png ->akalimota.png -> akalishadowswipe.png -> AA ->akalishadowdance.png ->akalimota.png -> aa ->30.png

You will not be able to burst her down and there is nothing you can do about her sustain.

All you can really hope for is for her to push and you to freeze and hope you get jungle pressure at level 6.




Good 34.png knows you'll probably go aggro as hell and ask for the jungler to help. 

They'll use their crystallize.png to cut off escape and nail you with a flashfrost.png + frostbite.png combo. which is like half your health.

Good thing most anivia aren't like that and mostly just used for waveclear.

So if you manage to dodge the flashfrost.png you're golden. Also roam to other lanes because when she hits level 6 you practically become her punching bag. 

Get mobility boots and roam with your jungler and you're good because 34.pngis immobile as a rock. You'll know when to all in anivia at lvl 6. I believe in you.




He's really annoying because he can out range you and has a very good escape. Most of the time they'll build a Nashor tooth and your ability to 100-0 them is suddenly in reach.

Expect not to have to fun in this match up at all. Ask for your jungler to gank for you and provide pressure so he doesn't go all aggro on you in lane.

Once you experience this match up once you'll get the jist that it's just like fighting an 61.png.

Except harder. 
You also don't have flasks and potions to help you anymore to out-sustain him. So it's a hard match up



(Taken from Annie bot)
Skill matchup. If he lands his W/E + Q combo on you you are going to take a LOT of damage. (HE REALLY hurts). 

(Author's notes)

As he said 63.png is a skill match up and holy hell does he hurt like a truck.
You can out play him if you have movement speeds quints or boots and try to kill this man, but in the end farming is the "safer" way to play this match up.

So you got a choice.

Play with fire and try to extinguish him.


Stay away from being burned and farm safe.

Look if he's over aggressive you can't just sit back and take it you have to go in on him as well. He'll most likely try to brandfissure.png your escape so run towards him and disintegrate.png+incinerate.png. Don't be his toy show him you have punch back!



(Taken from Annie bot)

He's not a "winnable" matchup, really, at least in terms of 1v1. You CAN kill him early by playing aggressive and trying to go for a kill at levels 1-2 by zoning him from the creep wave and denying him use of his passive, but in general, this is more of a lane where you will want to farm and avoid getting knocked up by his rupture knockup. Try to farm and get your jungler to come help you out if he tries to harass you under tower. If he ever pushes up that far, he's usually an easy gank with your stun.

(Author's notes)

I agree on this.




The little man will out trade you if you're not careful, but sometimes they'll go over aggressive into the minons... 

And die.

Make sure you dodge his phosphorusbomb.png and try not to get AA'd to death.

In the end he's just an adc with waveclear, mid game powerspike, and a bad late game.

Ludens morello will work against him. Match his mid game power spike and force it to late or if you're actually gutsy end it mid.

Most of the time mid lane 42.png will lose their team the game because.

 It's 42.png mid. He's a selfish self peel adc. He's not a mage. But he does have like 75% magic damadge.




Abuse her at pre-6 with your autos and disintegrate.png

Make sure you dodge her dianaQ.png by moving in on her and please don't disintegrate.png her dianaW.png. She wants you to do that and waste your mana. So AA her down like an ape make sure you don't draw minion aggro that much.

level 6 gets tricky because she can all in you at level 6. 1.png's burst isn't what it used to be to expect a close call when you both hit level 6. It'll be close. Just don't let her hit you with dianaQ.png at level 6. She'll get a reset on her ult. 



He'll go aggro on you and probs win the trade because he's an ad caster with faster AA's.

He'll probably be looking to all in you at lvl 2 if he's smart so be careful against that. Once you're both level two it becomes a farm fest.

Push him in and roam bot or top. Or at least provide pressure.

(AP 81.png)

He's tricky and will try to poke you down with his ezrealessenceflux.png which does an insane amount of damage. It will surprise you at first, but you'll get the hang of it.

Push him in like AD ezreal and roam.

Both AP and AD ezreals will have to go offensive items so a full combo on him will most likely result in 30.png.



This if for the midlane 

You can kill him at lvl 6. 

Probably even pre-6 if you play it right.

Just don't let him crowstorm.png ->terrify.png->fiddlesticksdarkwind.png->drain.png or you're 30.png

Play smart and ward.




You play this right you win outright. No doubts about it.

There was a Korean player that would pick TF into fizz and what he'd do is this.

4.png: Push me in. 
105.png: Okay.
4.png:Now I'll just freeze it right here... 

He'd let him push and he world harass fizz with his AA's, wildcards.pngpickacard.png, cardmasterstack.png.
Once he's level 6 he's golden and the same thing can be applied to Annie.

Let him push, don't let the wave get to big, and harass him with your disintegrate.png+incinerate.png.

Also to get an Zonya's Hourglass because you'll just negate all of his damage and he'll probably still try to want to all in you by then too and then later on die to an over extended fight.

Trust me it works like 99% of the time also you have no choice but to get it because if you get MR he'll just shred through that too and kill you. HP is the same thing. 

Annie bot... I think he does his own thing you know? He's the best annie the world I wont qustion the way he plays against the new fizz.



(Annie Bot's notes)
A real pain if you don't get ahead early. Full AP glyphs/Quints and HP/lvl seals with mpen reds and start dorans ring and 2 healing pots and really attempt to bully him and secure an early kill. He's weak early but if he gets going his kit naturally counters yours. so most likely you'll be roaming to other lanes to secure kills or farming evenly with him once he gets enough magic resist to ignore you.

(Author's notes)

I don't know what to say against Galio other than farming it out and taking CDR Glpyhs.
Galio is really hard to fight against because lets be honest this guy completely counters you.

His galioresolutesmite.png hurts but it's easy to dodge. It's base damage with ruin your day

His galiorighteousgust.png provides good damage and waveclear as well as a speed boost.

His galiobulwark.png increase the magic res of a champion by 30/45/60/75/90. While giving him a heal boost.

And finally his ult is a big taunt.

Still you can all in him once you have a Morrello rabadons and a Voidstaff.

If you build defensive against galio your chances of winning probably just dropped to 0. So be careful and fight in skirmishes. Pick your teamfights carefully because one good play from galio can reduce the chances of your team winning by at least... 50% than what you already had.




Skill match up that requires you to have a wit

You wont kill gangplank at lvl 6 because he'll just removescurvy.png and run away.

This is basically a farming match so go Rod of Ages into Rabadons and you're good against this man. If he goes at least one defensive item you win against him.

Trust me when I say wit because he's basically forcing you into a game of chicken. Which he could cheat you at. 

You better hit those barrels on point or else he'll push the wave in on you or worse get that raisemorale.png off on you.

The only way you can 100-0 him is if you have a ROA and a Deathcap. 




He hurts.

Expect not to kill him in lane and they're usually aggressive with their gragasbarrelroll.png.

If you dodge the gragasbodyslam.png+gragasdrunkenrage.png combo. You're good.

If he's a Woody Fruity gragas player here what they'll do.

They will cook the gragasbarrelroll.png Then do the   gragasdrunkenrage.png4.png+gragasbodyslam.png combo and gragasexplosivecask.png into the cooked gragasbarrelroll.png.

Which results in 30.png so be careful and don't get poked down by the gragasbarrelroll.png

You wont kill this man in lane because his passive gives him health and damage reduction.

Watch this because This is a video of this monster. So be be careful around players like Gragas.




This goofy Einstein looking toddler. Will absolutely tear you apart.

If he's smart he'll place his stupid turrets in a position where you can't do anything at all. The worst part he'll get a banner of command with a ZZROT and make you cry in lane.

Did I mention that if he plays this right he'll just auto you to death?

Get teleport and make use of your team. Oh and about annie bot guide that had heimerdonger marked as easy? It's not like that anymore.

He's now your complete counter. 

Good thing you don't see a lot of Heimerdingers. 






Jarvan IV


All you got to do is avoid his  jarvanivdemacianstandard.png + jarvanivdragonstrike.png combo and you're okay.

This match up is whoever gets the jump on the other one first. 

Armour is good against him, but I just go full AP.




He's not played midlane a lot anymore, but he can poke you or maybe evan all in you.

I haven't played this match up in awhile, but I do remember having to dodge all of his accelerated Q's and him AA'ing me whenever I got close.

perhaps you can all in 126.png at level 6 with a infernalguardian.png + disintegrate.png + incinerate.png +14.png + AA -> chase ->4.png +Q+AA

But if they're smart they wont even try to get near you and they'll just waveclear and poke you down. So that combo is irrelevant. 




Here's what she'll do to you.

She'll karmasoulshield.png, then proceed to walk you like a dog with her  karmaspiritbond.png and once you're rooted she'll do a 14.png + karmachakra.png + karmaheavenlywave.png = 30.png

They can also use the karmachakra.png+karmaspiritbond.png to heal themselves up to like i think 40% of their health? 

So there's that.

Get jungler help like Annie Bot said because she's easy to gank, but most of the time they'll just try to poke you down with their karmaheavenlywave.png or karmachakra.png+karmaheavenlywave.png or waveclear with karmachakra.png+karmaheavenlywave.png and become a 2nd support for their team.



30.png                                                            30.png                                                      30.png 

Most of the time they'll take exhaust.

When you kill them once and you burn your flash and ignite. You know what they'll do?

30.png ->1.png ->30.png

They'll straight up run at you and they wont even care if they die as long as you die with him he'll be happy.

If you burst him down in teammfight he still becomes a problem for your team and you sort of wasted your combo for nothing if he kills 3 of your teammates.

The only way I won against this guy is that I go Rod of aegis into rabadons and one shot of the the guy. I failed to mention that I always picked him off. Teammfighting against him is just disgusting. You better have a very good support because this man will ruin your team.

I forgot to mention how safely he can play up to his ultimate.

This is one of the 3 ultimate skill match ups for you and how well you can play with your team. Except you have the disadvantage at every stop if he's actually decent with Karthus.

Mind games, dodging, it all comes to snuff if he uses his W behind you.

After that you either kill him or he kills you.

Even if you do kill him you have a low chance of escaping with 10% of your life.  




He counters you completely.

disintegrate.pngvsnulllance.png you lose and forces you to use your incinerate.png for damage and it wont even be that much.

Look all that I'm saying is try to avoid this match up and dodge the game.

His riftwalk.png is chargeable and does even more damage then it does before.

Even if you do have magic resist he'll still do 70% of your health and the worst part is he'll probably have like 50% of his mana left. 

You also can't one shot Kassadin. You MUST rely on your jungler or else you'll have a bad time. 

I forgot to mention that his netherblade.png will give mana back and that his forcepulse.png will just zone you away.




Stay away from the minions she's gunna farm or else that bouncy dagger will hit you.

You'll want to keep trading with her because you'll win trades either way.

She COULD outplay you, but if your competent you'll have no problem.

Expect the enemy jungler to camp your lane.




To win this match up bait out her stupid ass ult or surprise her.

It's an even match up pre-6 actually no it's not an even match up. 

She'll outsustain you and run you down like a dog if you're not careful.

Wait until her kayleE.png is on CD to harass her. Everything else is irrelevant because if you go on her while that's up like I said she'll run you down like a dog take like half your life.

You wont be able to kill kayle if she's smart.

To win this match up you're forced to get an hourglass first time. If you get ANYTHING else and you try to all in her while her ults up.

Expect 30.png because you'll wont win. You need time to wait out that ult so you can you use abilities again.

I forgot to mention 10.png LOVE letting 1.png get their burst off before inevitably killing 1.png. If you get an hourglass they'll be confused.

Try to start it off with your stun on disintegrate.png. If the kayle is stunned you'll be able to use all of your abilities on her. Either way it's checkmate for her and you win the match up.

"what if she uses her kayleR.png?"
It's only two seconds wait it out THEN maul her down like an animal. 




I played this match up once with exhuast this patch.

He was extremely sure he could've killed me so he all in'd me at level 6.

Of course he died, but that was only because I had exhuast him.

I forgot what to buy against him but then again it all just leads to your inevitable end. 

All he needs is a Protobelt to beat you. The sad truth is you probably wont kill him until you have a rabadons 2nd item.

Ask for some jungle pressure I suppose, but I'll need more information regarding kennen.




Stay near your minions and you'll be able to one shot him at level 6.

If you get isolated expect your whole health bar to go down.




Annie Bot's guide against leblanc is outdated.

She's going to hurt you early. So you better you get ready to fight this P.O.S because a good leblanc will want to kill you. No matter what. Leblancs with good farm are bad leblanc players.

Just like 103.png7.png have better skirmishing power than you do, but that doesn't mean you can't skimish against them. 

You and Leblanc are most likely going to take Abyssal Scepter.

Anything else means death for either on of you two. Because you can burst her and she can burst you, but if she goes on you first with her

leblancchaosorb.png+leblancmimic.png+leblancslide.png+leblancsoulshackle.png Expect to kill her. with a infernalguardian.png+14.pngdisintegrate.png+incinerate.png+disintegrate.png

Don't get a Rod of ages against her please or else you will regret it.


Lee Sin


Kite around the minions and harass him. He'll be useless as the game progresses. Expect him to all in you at level 2 and kill you.

Don't let him snowball off you which in your case will probably never happen, but it's ranked so anything could happen.




She's a skill match up. 

You'll know what she wants to do just by reading her movements. So try to avoid getting harassed. 

You can probably just keep outplaying her pre-6 and kill her, but beware of her jungler. her lissandraE.png +lissandraW.png combo sets ganks up really nicely.

Waste the jungler's time and you've carried your game.





I'm so bored of writing there F***ing guides.



Outranges you can poke you down like a dog. So if you have complete trust that you can outplay this lux then take dorans ring and potions. If you play like a coward with a dorans ring and potion expect to lose the lane very quickly.

If you want to be like me take boots and refill potions and farm it out cause 99.pngvs1.png gets intense if you both know how to play against each other.

99.png:Will she run up to me and poke me down? I better place this E because she'll probably run away!
1.png:Okay she'll think I'm scared and will try to E in the back of me!
99.png:NO i missed why'd she go in on me!?
1.png:I got her! Now what will she do...

You get the idea... It's a big ass mind game for both of you. If you don't want to deal with this take boots and dodge everything.

You'll probably be able to 100-0 each other depending on what you both got, but you'll be the judge of that.



"He pushes. Hard." - Annie Bot 2015

You'll be farming under the tower most of the time and you can't really get through his shield without being in range of his R.

Whoever started the fight first is the winner.

What I try to do is zone malzahar out of my minions and use my AA to get rid of his shield. If he alzaharmaleficvisions.png a minion then use infernalguardian.png combo to kill him. Because his alzaharnullzone.png will target the alzaharmaleficvisions.png'd target.

Make sure you dodge alzaharcallofthevoid.png.

To be honest I don't know how this match up will go anymore since you can't all in him from the get go.

Probably get jungler help if you know what to do.




His shield is hard to through, but he's easy to gank.

Assuming you've taken flat AP quints and glphys. You can probably bully him out of lane if he messed up. 

But he isn't that hard to deal with outside of lane. So you can win just by farming.



(Taken from Annie Bot)

A good morgana player versus a good Annie player will result in victory for Morgana if Annie doesn't have flash, simply because Morgana's kit is very strong against Annie's. Early levels are bearable (ha!) for Annie, but at level 6, Morgana can simply shield herself, Ulti you, and then once you're stunned, you won't be able to move. She will then use her Q, W and ignite and you will be dead. However, because Annie's combo is also near instant and difficult to dodge, it is possible to flash tibbers her before she can spell shield herself and finish her, so this matchup can be considered sort of a "skill" matchup, in the sense that the first person to initiate on the other will likely win the battle.

(Author's notes)

You'll probably get pushed in so take her out in pre-6 and dodge that darkbindingmissile.png.

She's in theory your ideal counter because that blackshield.png will make you cry.

You must work with your team to win the game, but as far an laning it'll most likely go even.

Or you can get CDR glyphs and possibly out scale moragana. Since you know you'll go even in lane either he if she has a brain.




Just imagine Oriana as lux. Except she's got movement speed, a potent sheild, and teamplay mechanics.

Laning phase should be about as the same as 268.png and 99.png's playstyle. Except it will be easier to see what she wants to do since the ball is right there in front of you.

I'm really lazy and I don't want to get into this. If you played Orianna at least once you'll know how to play against her.



If you can't farm with your autos you automatically lose this lane.

This is a feast or famine/war of attrition match up.

Imagine a 4.png that has annoying early game. That's pantheon right there.

Farm with your Autos and disintegrate.png him every time you have the chance because we both know he's going to pantheon_throw.png you every time he has the chance. If you farm with your disintegrate.png expect to take a pantheon_throw.png for free.

Take your kill runes and get a Corrupting Potion or a dark seal with refill potions. If you start with Dorans ring you're absolutely going to have the worst time in your league life.

Whoever gets a kill first wins this lane and trust there wont be any ties here unless your both passive.

Then again you probably wont ever see a good pantheon in your time in league so this match up turns to EASY




50/50 match up and this is only for top lane. 

Much like pantheon if either one of you gets a kill first. The lane is over.

You have the advantage over Riven because you're a ranged caster, but mostly because you have 4.png. So hide in a bush in top lane and cheese her with your disintegrate.png+AA. and then continue to pelt her with your disintegrate.png+incinerate.png combo.

You can bait out her rivenfeint.png with your AA. Then pelt her with a disintegrate.png+incinerate.png. Do not disintegrate.png in her rivenfeint.png.

You WILL draw the jungler to you no matter what the situation is and if he makes you use your 4.png the lane just swung into Riven's favor.

This is a very fragile lane that requires both junglers to be at top lane. It should look like a 2v2, but if you play it smart and manage your wave properly you shouldn't have a problem.

Because if you lose your lane the game's winrate for the enemy team has just increased 20%. Same goes for you if you win your lane.




New Ryze is annoying.

He completely out classes you and your damage in a 1 v 1 situation. 

You probably will have to rely on your team's follow ups, but other than that don't fight the guy. You'll just waste your ult and become a regular fire mage with a dinky stun.

The only reason why annie's winrate over him is high because ryze is a complicated champion that's hard to follow up on. (at least that's why I think) 

New Ryze does have the potential, but no one unlocked it yet. I never lost vs a ryze, but hey I still think he'll become a major problem in the right hands.




His enrage.png got nerfed but it still does damage so dodge that.

You wont kill him and he wont kill you in 1 v 1 situation in mid, but a good chance in killing him top.

He will get a ZZ'Rot mid and you'll probably cry thinking "How do i deal with this?!"

You don't.

It's your junglers fault for letting that happen because Sion is a very easy target to gank. If he's allowed to farm until he gets his ZZ rot then your lane is over. Take what you can get and get out. 

If you want to win your lane get the tower as fast as you can, but easier said than done.








They'll go ham on you and build a lot of HP and split push. If they're smart.

Depending on what they build. You wont be able to kill him and he wont be able to kill you.

Trade when you have your stun up. Other than that just farm or roam. Because he want to keep you in your lane and if that happens he's done his job.


Twisted Fate


This is a skill match up 

When he's E is up stay away from him.

Only trade when your stun is up and most of the the time the TF will just push you into the tower and kite you.

They'll build ROA's and you can't 100-0 them.

They always seem to have a jungler nearby them as well. So keep that in mind.

You want jungle pressure on this man. You want your lane to be a 2v2 because god knows what he'll do to your bot lane if he gets the chance.

1.png: The jungler is pressuring me what do you want me to do q-q




You wont win until you get your Morellonomicon.

You can't bully him anymore so all you can do is get a lost chapter and probably all in him with that. 

Either way you probably wont kill each other since you'll be running away from each other most of the time.

But when you get that one item. You'll win this match up.

I mean his vladimirtransfusion.png has an empower so he'll just heal it right back up.




All yasuo players are monkeys.

This is a skill match up ever since 1.png's  aa was nerfed.

You might just want to poke him down with aa and prep your stun when he goes in on you. Either way you'll most likely win at level 6.

But then again it all depends on his ability to out play you. So be careful around him.

Usually I'd go ham on yasuo and try to kill him pre-6, but that doesn't always happen. 




Are you ready to meet the biggest frightened midlane?

Meet zigs.

All they do is farm with their Q and push the wave. His escapes is really bad.

All you have to do is dodge his Q and you're good. Also some cases the Q jumps over your head.

He'll push you into your tower and try to poke you down with his Q's. You'll know when to go aggressive. It's all in the mind games against him.




Zilean is now a skill match up now

He'll build a ROA if he's smart.

timebomb.png+rewind.pngtimebomb.png the wave or throw bombs on your head. You ability to dodge is key here.

Either build a Morello or a ROA it doesn't matter. 2nd item must be a deathcap.

Keep your stun up and farm or go agressive on him in the early levels. This all depends on your ability to play annie to be honest.

Watch out for A  timewarp.png+timebomb.png+rewind.png+timebomb.png combo. 

He's very susceptible to ganks if he plays aggressive against you so call your jungler

Styles of gameplay Back to Top

I lost motivation to do this so I'll make it short and simple.

Annie players will either try to farm it out or try to kill you. Which makes them both susceptible to being read like a book. The only variables that helps them is jungle pressure, but if that's gone. They don't have exactly anything else other that switching up their style to outplay you.

There's also a roaming annie and a teamfighting annie. 

I don't know. I'll come back to this later when if I have a little bit of motivation.  

The difference between me and annie bot's style of playing is that I rely on early game pressure/synergy with my jungler and mid game dominance to win the game. Using Ap quints, scaling HP, AP glphys, and magic pen marks.

Annie bot's way of doing things is to scale into a complete monster with uncanny stats. Especially with those movement speed quints, scaling CDR, scaling health. Even though his stats are abnormally annoying as fuck late game his early to mid game suffers so he needs a lot of jungle pressure to get through the lane. Though he's found a way to get around the mid game by buying 3 dorans rings and going straight for ludens.

Knowing where to be as annie Back to Top

Look you can watch annie bot's stream to do that, but even he makes mistakes. You wont learn much from him because he's laner's bitch pre-6 if the laner is smart which is almost always the case. He's always relying on the jungler's help.

Look kid, you gotta take chances because if your stupid ass is getting controlled in lane and you want to help bot lane you've got to make a choice to either lose farm or get kills bot(which doesn't always turn out to be kills) 

To help your chances of getting kills(or a tower) ask bot lane if they used 4.png or not. You're smart you know what this means if they used 4.png.

Don't be a scardy cat. 1.png 2009-02-21 
Cause bitch if you are you probably just lost the game for your whole team. Also you could tell your jungler to pressure your lane because if you were smart and bought boots you could probably run the midlaner down when you get the chance.

Make sure you're going the wave clear page when you're playing against people like viktor or syndra, because all they need to do is make sure you're not going anywhere.

Look I'll tell you this one more time. Movement speed one of Annie's best stats even though its base is very low hell it's lower than 45.png's. If you can get away with Movement speed quints or mobility boots then good job your chances of winning increased a lot. 

Also most of the time you'll be wanting to fight in the jungle.

Useful tips in climbing solo que Back to Top

Stretch before every game.

Tell yourself you can win this.

Don't a fat slob with a neckbeard.

Now if you don't mind I'm going to be working out because I'm getting fat. I'll come back if I can find anything else I could add.

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