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Picking the right champion is important if you want to win the game in League of Legends. What is more important is how well you play your champion. From my experience I think the best way to improve your chances in winning a game in League is to play a simple point and click champion and play it it consecutively kinda like being a 1 trick pony. Now I know you're going to say that playing 1 champion is not viable, but let me tell you it is possible. The rule of thumb is to play an easy champion that no one really plays and have a low ban rate. For example, Annie, Yi, Fiddle, Xin, Hec, ect... I will list the champions later. Why do I recommend these champions? Because they are mechanically easy and you will get most of your damage onto the enemy with high damage and therefore increase your chances of getting fed and winning the game. 

You should play one champion in ranked that has simple mechanics. The champion should have CC so you can be effective in team fights.

Champions I recommend playing: Annie, Xin, Vlad, Fiddle, Yi, Ryze, Tristana, Warwick, Nunu, Miss Fortune, Ashe, Jax, Singed, Eve, Twitch, Karthus, Sona, Janna, Taric, Cait, Renek, Wu Kong, Rumble, Udyr, Panth, Garen, and Voli.

Though they may not be the strongest champs, if you are skilled at these champions they will become very strong.

What to do if you get bored playing the same champion over and over? Play a normal game with any champion you want.

How many games does it take to master the champion? Until you feel comfortable and confident. It took me about 200-500 games of Fiddlesticks for me to truly feel comfortable and confident when I play my champion. I went from ~650 elo to ~2000 elo back in season 2. Now I play on and off and want to share my knowledge.

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Next I will talk to you about what to do and what not to do in the game.


You should always farm. Simple enough try to aim for roughly about ~150 cs in 20 mins in the game.

Learn how to trade. Do trial and error and see what works best for you. Generally you want to plan ahead when you harass the enemy kinda like chess. 

Ward and try to predict where the enemy jungler is and ping where he might be.

You should help roam whenever you see a chance. A successful roam will put you and your team ahead and the enemy will get become irritated and rage at their team or play worse.

Try to take towers and objectives once you reach level 6 with ult. Don't be afraid to take down towers early when you are level 6 because you can now roam and your team gets global gold.

Group and team fight. It is recommended that you have an AOE champion because you can stun most of their players and get damage off of them and will most likely win the team fight. Remember to have flash up and ping before you engage. You should always engage before they engage.

In the late game always keep farming and always group.


Do not rage or be passive aggressive. Talking to your teammates only make them angry. Use pings only.

Try not to die as often. When you are alive you will soak up a lot of experience and gold which will get you ahead.

Don't overstay in lane. If you are low on health you better go back to base.

Don't do dragon or baron by yourself. Doing these two objectives by yourself takes a lot of time. That time wasted could be used for farming and gaining experience and gold.

Don't split push. Split push is only used if you are ahead. When you and your team are ahead split pushing is great. But I would not recommend split pushing when you are behind. Pros and high elo players split push because they are pro players. They have mechanics and game knowledge. You do not and should not be doing that. 

Do not stall the game when you hit late game. What I mean is that you and your team decide to farm for fun or chase the enemy in their fountains. That is how comebacks happen and all your time and effort is for nothing.


When you play league make sure you are in a good mood. Playing when you are in a good mood helps you stay positive and energized and you will play better.

Upbeat music is always good to have when playing.

When you get bored or tired do not play ranked. Instead you should be playing normals.

Always keep positive.

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