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2 years ago

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This method may or may not be original, but it's guaranteed to get you at least closer to Diamond after applying
Unless you're playing on Russian servers, then you'll probably get Challenger there $?i10c.mark.image.type.

I guarantee that this guide is worth giving it a try. You have nothing to lose right?

There are no magic in this guide. It is just giving you direction where to go. 

Everything else is in your hands!


First of all, as you all might know Solo Queue is a very dark place to play the game. 

But after you read this guide, you'll be surprised how easier it is to get your desired ELO. 

All you have to give is a little bit of time, and dedication to get some new knowledge.

After following this guide you'll get the mindset of a better player.



This step is very important. You basically need to watch and understand every single video from 

You don't need to pay to watch them. I made this guide easier for you guys, you can watch it for free: 



Now that you know what you need to do in complicated situations such as enemy splitpushing and others, I want to ask you something. 

What's your favourite champion? That one champion that you have over 60% winrate, right? Even though maybe your answer is no, you have the biggest win rate with it, and that's what you should play it. If you're only playing champions you see in the LCS, then you're doing it wrong. 

This is Solo Queue. Everyone is for himself, you dont care about the others. I want you to forget all the other champions and only focus on your main champion. 

I want you and your champion to become ONE. And no, that doesn't mean you have to take a shovel and pretend you're Yorick. You should know every single thing you can do with your champion, know how much damage you can deal with every item you got, especially in early laning phase. 

You will need to master your champion. If you don't know anything about your champion, please get on and watch some videos of some Korea full gameplays, those guys know every single thing about every champion.. freaking tryhards. 

Once you master your champion, we can proceed to the next step.



 Now, all you need to do is spam solo queue with only playing your champion. 

If your champion is banned, then just try to dodge the game or if your team composition looks good, then fill in with your #2 champion that you have pretty good win rate with. 

IMPORTANT: While in SoloQ, the first thing you do when the game starts, you mute the entire enemy team because you don't need them. If you outplay them, they will tell you that you're bad and suck black hairy balls and shit. 

If someone on your team starts flaming, just mute him. And please, for the love of God, do NOT be the one that is flaming. There's no point in telling them that even Nicktron with freaking ebola and 2 fingers cut would play better than them. 

On the other page, if you want to encourage them, please do. When they play bad, they feel bad, so your kind words might make them feel better and they'll want to impress you to get more kind words, so they will focus. 

Remember to always focus on yourself, it doesn't matter that your team is bad, telling them or the enemy team that they're bad and they're gypsies with no tv cable won't win you the game. 

Play smart and go for objectives such as Turrets, Dragon, Baron. Do NOT throw. 

You and your team just killed baron and the entire enemy team including a 12 yrs old Master Yi are coming to you? 

Go back to base ASAP and use all the money you've got then group up and use that fucking baron. 

You think that this is not enough? 

No problem. I'll give you some more of these HQ steps. You may or may not have heard of DST (Dick Sucking Theory). Well this method will work 75% of the cases. 

Here we go.


DST (Dick Sucking Theory): 

Your ADC / Toplaner / Jungler / Midlaner / Support.. 

Actually, allow me to erase that. We aren't talking about supports in SoloQ.

Your ADC / Toplaner / Jungler / Midlaner just gave First Blood to the enemy team? 

No problem! Be happy, now is your time to be Luke Skywalker and win the game using your genius mind and laser swords. 

I want you to open the chat and write something like: 

"You almost got them xD" 

"Maybe next time xD" 

"You can do it. I saw your skills. I'm sure that next time you'll rekt them xD" 

Make sure to use "xD" otherwhise it won't work. 

You need to get into their homosuperior minds and be the conciousness that leads them to limbo and what the fuck am I even saying...

 So yeah, basically you'll need to suck their d*cks in order to win the game.


You think that spamming one champion won't get you to high elo? 

Then go install a toilet into an elevator, because shit's about to go down. 

I present to you: 

#7 Akali in the world. Only plays Akali: jungle, mid and top. Master Tier ( LINK

#18 Annie in the world. Only plays Annie & Brand, i guess he likes fire. Easy Master Tier ( LINK)

#9 Ahri in the world. Only plays Ahri: mid, top, jungle, support. Easy Diamond 3 ( LINK). 

And many more. 

You don't need to be an asian guy and master all the champions to be able to brag to your friends about your high elo. You can start spinning today using Garen and get to Challenger on the russian servers.

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