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Summoner Spells Back to Top

  • 7.pngHeal is the best option. The movement speed for your lack of mobility can be used offensive and defensively

  • 4.png Flash is a must as normal. Your lack of mobility means this is a must.

  • ~ Other options ~

    1.png Only take this for HEAVY CC Teams but I would personally still take - 7.png - and build a 3139_32.png

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top


Ferocity - 18

- Fury - As attack speed benefits us and sorcery is not needed

- DE/Sword - Has been buffed for ranged champions. I feel this is now worth running for the trade off

- Vampirism - Life steal is always good . Natural talent only gives you 10 AD and the AP is not needed

- Oppressor - 2.5% more damage from slows is great as it's part of your kit to slow

- Battering Blows - Armour Pen > AP Pen

- Fervor of Battle - With Warlord's bloodlust change I feel It doesn't suit Ashe and now Fervor is the only choice

Cunning - 12

- Savagery - Last hitting made easier + Wanderer only work out of combat as an ADC being in battle is your thing

- Secret stash -
More health + mana in the early game from pots. Assassin only works when no ally's are nearby as an ADC you always want ally's nearby

- Merciless - More damage the lower they are. Meditation is really only worth if you are building mana

- Dangerous game - Restoring 5% of your missing HP and Mana during team fights gives you a better chance at staying alive to dish out DPS

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Priority


Frost shot ( Passive )

ashepassive.pngFrost Shot - Ashe's Critical Strikes deal 1.0 of her total attack damage (instead of 2.0 total attack damage), but double the effectiveness of Frost Shot.

Ranger's Focus ( Q )

asheQ.pngRanger's Focus Second as a level 2 gank is unlikely ( Generally ) and it helps for trades early

Volley ( W )

Take  asheW.pngVolley Level 1 as it's your source of poke and damage , In lane I like to position my self to the side of the minions and fire it to be able to hit the minions and enemy laners .

Hawkshot ( E )

asheE.pngHawkshot Third for vision control , Can be taken second if pushing hard or uncomfortable in lane , I suggest it third though and if pushed ward the river instead , With asheE.pngHawkshot I like to fly it across the jungle buffs to see where the opposing jungler may have cleared and currently be.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow ( R )

asheR.pngEnchanted Crystal Arrow Whenever possible this skill is Ashe's most important skill Use it for hard engage and if the support can follow up with CC it's pretty much a kill . Try and fire it once you Five stack of focus so you can follow up with a Strong asheQ.pngRanger's Focus.
  • If uncomfortable Save your asheR.pngEnchanted Crystal Arrow for certain hits but once you become a bit more accustomed don't be afraid to cross map shoot someone. As this can lead to team advantages.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

    >Pick one
    >Pick one ( Mercurial preferred )
    >Level 9

Situational Items

    Defensive Options
    Offensive Situational

Starting Items

  • 1055.png - Standard start
  • 2010.png - Thanks to our mastery
  • 3340.png - Rotate warding , Tri / River with your support

Core Items

  • 3031.png - Your first Item , Make sure to build BF sword first in this - Main source of Damage
  • 3006.png - Grab this after 3031.png , Can get 1001.png before 3031.png If you feel a need and can spare the gold
  • 3046.png - This Items is made for you , More Attack speed , Move speed , Less damage taken + core stats

After your core

  • 3085.png - Is the only real choice here , It adds your ashepassive.png to the bolts making you kite harder . The only other choices are 3087.png and 3094.png . 3087.png For pushing + extra burst || 3094.png For siege and poke

Choosing the right Armour pen ?

  • 3033.png - Is a situational pick for shutting down self healers eg . 36.png106.png50.png8.png
  • 3036.png - Is going to be taken most of the times due to 3033.png being situational
  • 3124.png - I would take if Armour-pen/Grievous wounds is not needed. This is a bit of a experiment but I feel this is pretty strong.

Last Item / Life steal

  • 3139.png - Will be taken 9 times out of 10 , It's got good life steal but it's true strength is 3140.png because no matter what team you Vs. some form of CC is coming for you
  • 3072.png - Only take this if your team is protecting you very well or your ahead and confident in snowballing the lead
  • 3153.png - Only take this if 1) 3139.png is not needed and 2) They are very tanky

Defensive Options ( Situational )

  • 3102.png - I feel like this item is very good again and would suggest it If Ap is a problem eg. 7.png
  • 3156.png - I would only take this if AP is a problem but 3102.png is overkill
  • 3026.png - If your getting focused , but are confident that your team will be able to fight until you resurrect

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Caitlyn
  • Ezreal
  • Graves
  • Vayne




I can only go off me playing Caitlyn myself but She as so much stronger now she can bully opponents very well and a > caitlynpassive.png > caitlynentrapment.png > caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png> caitlynpassive.png Will really really hurt and if you didn't die a follow up caitlynaceinthehole.png sure will . ( Early days but I'm going to say she is very strong try to Ult her and pick her off , Run a poke support to be able to trade )




I have vsed on Ezreal and his poke and damage spike came apparent once he had his 3 components for Triforce , As always stay behind your minions and doge ezrealmysticshot.png Still an even match up I feel . I prefer poke support in this match up to be able to trade favorably and bait out his ezrealarcaneshift.png so you can asheR.png him.




To be updated , I feel late game he will become a problem though




This matchup is essentially the balance of two things. The short ranged assassin vs the long ranged CCer. Both can win the matchup, but it depends on how the lane progresses and the teamcomp/strategies that are in place.

Early game: Ashe is in power early. Her slow, W and long range allow her to keep Vayne at distance and unable to do damage in turn. Looking at just the ADCs, Ashe should win lane. However with other factors this can change. Generally, as Ashe: Poke with W (try to wait until you can hit both adc and support). Push lane and deny Vayne under tower. If you can get a kill, or that tower, that is optimal. Make sure you ward and DONT GIVE UP KILLS.

Mid game: rotate and take towers first. Always be pro-active as Ashe Arrow is really useful for getting a pick on someone who is trying to defend. You are utility, cc in teamfights and stay safe.

Late game: Try not to get here, Vayne is beast, but so are you.

Ashe is favorable, but it varies on teamcomp.

( Note a user by the name of BOSS Achilles on Champion select made this summary i strongly agree with it so I've posted it here to help )
Notes by me :

  • Make sure you or the support grab a pink / pink trinket when Vayne hits 6. Using this will strongly affect the fight towards your favor.
  • Don't Try to 1v1 Vayne unless you know you will win.
  • With a good arrow, a pink ward and follow up from your support you can almost beat Vayne every time.

Synergy Back to Top

Supports who work well with Ashe

  • 12.png He is a huge power pick . Provides reliable peel , heal helps wonders , is able to tank skill shots for you , Provide follow up CC with his Headbutt+Charge combo to your Ultimate. And if you guys are doing well His Ultimate allows him to Tower dive Easily . Allowing you to take out low health targets with your jungle or by yourself.
  • 16.png Such a good support . Allows passive game play and keeps you in lane with her heal . Your ult + Her silence = Double CC and an easy kill . Soraka Also catches people off guard with her Ult Allowing Fights that look down to turn in your favor and baiting them to death. Soraka played aggressively also works really well . She can poke them down with her Q-which heals her also and after a few hits can make them quite low on health
  • 40.png Janna is just strong in general and works well with Ashe. She provides shields with the Added AD which can scale up to a free Bf sword basically . Also strong peel with her Ultimate and Tornadoes , She can stop them from escaping with her kit and is great to deny an opposing junglers gank . Can be played passively or Aggressive .
  • 143.png Her CC allows for Easy Ult Targets allowing you to not miss followed up With Zyra's strong Ultimate is a great kill lane. Zyra's poke combined wtih your poke keeps the opponents at bay. Only problem is Tanks + engage really counters this as Zyra is quite squishy and find it hard to survive against this. 

Patch log - Only things affecting Ashe Back to Top

Patch 6.12

3031.png  3508.png +5 AD.  3036.png 3033.png +10 AD. With a full build Ashe now has an extra 15 to 20 AD. So a slight buff for auto attacking champions

latest?cb=20140220112024 Is now worth it I feel. Eg. If your lane opponent takes this and you don't. They are dealing 3% more while only taking 1.5% more. So theoretically they should win the trade. If you both take it how ever you will be dealing 4.5% to each other.

latest?cb=20131122000514 Since ashe can make use of this also means you will deal 5.5% to someone with out Double edged sword or  7% to someone that does.

latest?cb=20151103094518 Is still the only choice here

About me and my play play-stlye Back to Top

About me. Season 5

So hey guys I'm TI2uE on the OCE server currently Gold 3 ( Managed to get there in a 2 day rush before season end mostly with ASHE ). Mainly because I don't play ranked much or try and jam it out end of season. Ashe has been my favorite champion since I started playing and will always be.Your only Gold 3 you wouldn't know much ! Well if that's how you think I can't help it but I've played a lot of Ashe since Season 2 then moving to a support main to now return in season 5 to ADC main. I have played many games under Ashe and feel i have a good understanding of her play. Also in normal's I have been matched up against Plats - Diamonds quite often and have managed to come out on top which feels great .


My Play-style

I like to play my ADC by pushing the waves into the opposing tower my goal by doing this is to push my minions under turret to deny farm. But by pushing it creates opportunities for their jungler so by doing this you need to have good vision in the river / Tri bush to make it work out. Pushing hard also means you gain the level 2 quicker which then you can swap it into a slight freeze. I like to poke when possible but prefer to farm and get an item advantage so I can create favorable fights. By pushing hard you also create pressure forcing the jungler to come to your lane. Most often in a lot of games I'm generally the first one to take a turret in the game which then leads to a dragon then I will generally head middle push out their turret and our team thus gains map control and a lead.

Notes :

Things to note when playing Ashe is, Ashe is a supportive carry kills aren't her strong point, her CC and SLOW is what makes Ashe great, so play to her greatness focus on support carrying and you will do a lot better.

Useful Links Back to Top

Useful Links to check out

The above link is to Champion select which is really great for some pointers and tips for Ashe strongly suggest checking it out . Take note though the ( Ashe is weak against column ) Does not mean, well they just picked Ezreal better not play Ashe, because this is not true. Ashe can vs anyone sure some are easier but with practice against all champs you will find your own ways to vs these picks and become confident in any situation.

Found my self heading here to understand the new Ashe passive. I suggest if any skills , numbers or so on your not to sure with head over here and check it out.

Feedback Back to Top

Feed back.

Let me know anything if your unsure or disagree on anything or wish me to add anything

Please note this Guide is still WIP things I plan expanding on are as follow

  • More Synergy picks
  • More match ups
  • Possible few screen shots to make it nice to read and for clarity
  • I'm going to add in a few sections on what I like to do During the early , Mid and Late stages of the game just waiting for sometime on the weekend to sit down and get it out ( Note : Preseason is approaching and It's going to change up the game a little so I'm going to wait for preseason to hit before I write this now )

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