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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png and 7.png are the only two summoner spells you want to run on Ashe in the ADC position as they are flat out the strongest and most versatile spells for any marksman. 

New Runes Back to Top

Classic Marksman page on this patch. Press the Attack offers you the most in terms of Keystones, Triumph is simply the strongest in the 2nd tier of runes, with Bloodline and Coup the Grace both synergizing well with all marksmen right now due to noone buying lifesteal items until later on in the game. 

Your last 2 points should go in Domination for more damage throughout the game. Cheap Shot will add extra damage for Ashe in almost every trade due to the nature of her slows. Eyeball Collection gives you free AD ramping up slowly which is nice on Ashe for more W+auto damage and it's the best choice you have left in the domination tree.

Masteries Back to Top

These are the standard ADC masteries right now, and you want to run them on Ashe as well. Warlords is important to boost your lane phase a bit and to increase mid/late mobility and burst of healing. With Crit as well it's gonna be insanely useful later on in the game. Your last 12 points will go in to the Resolve tree, as the meta currently is a lot about shielding and healing, so picking up Runic Armor is extremeley useful. 

Abilities Back to Top


Standard R>W>Q>E prioritization on Ashe. You HAVE to not that taking your ashespiritofthehawk.png level 2 is extremely important. If enemy botlane didn't leash a buff and you know the enemy jungler started a buff with the enemy top, always hawkshot the buff the enemy jungler didn't take yet. This will grant you a lot of free information. He will never be able to gank pre level 5 if you spot him with your hawkshot.

Your volley.png is used only for poke and push in the earlygame. Use it almost on Cooldown unless you see your getting really out of mana. In lategame you should use it more for the slow and utility it provides.

Your asheq.png should be used whenever you have it available and you know that you can get a few autoattacks out on the enemies. 

Your ashespiritofthehawk.png use can be really impactful in the game. Try to get in to a habit of using it whenever you think "could the jungler be here on the map?" and learning by doing. Don't undervalue the importance of this spell.

Your enchantedcrystalarrow.png will be the same throughout the game; an engage tool. Look for opportunities when enemies are overextended/out of position and use your arrow. Much like your Hawkshot, don't be scared to test and learn ways you can use arrows. Across the map arrow? Sure go ahead and try it. Arrow from base to mid? Try it. Be creative and learn what has high chance of success.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Against easy lane with low poke
    Against lane with heavy poke

Core Items

    Your first items
    Hurricane if you're playing vs. heavy frontline, Shiv vs. squishies
    Always your fourth item after Boots+ER+Hurricane/Shiv. Follow it by a Lord Dominiks/Mortal reminder depending on if you need the grevious wounds passive or not.
    Full build example

Situational Items

    Maw if they are heavy AP, Guardian if they are AD and you need the passive or Scimitar if you need the QSS active
    Can be bought instead of Hurricane if you value the 1v1 potential more and play on sidelane

On Ashe you want to get your Essence Reaver and Berserker's Greaves as fast as possible. After that you can either build Hurricane or Statikk shiv, depending on if you're playing against heavy frontline or not (Hurricane vs. frontline heavy and shiv vs. squishies). Follow that up with an Infinity Edge and a Last Whisper item. Your last item will be another crit item (Shiv/Hurricane/Phantom dancer). If the enemy team has no tanks you can go for a BT/Mercurial Scimitar instead. 

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Caitlyn
  • Draven
  • Jhin
  • Kalista
  • Twitch
  • Vayne




This is one of your easiest matchups as Ashe. She has longer auto range than you, but because of your hard push in early (even harder than her) you can constantly harass her with your volley.png. After the early levels and you have your ult available, you can also always look for enchantedcrystalarrow.png on her as she doesn't have an easy way of dodging it unlike someone like Xayah with her ult. Constantly push her, poke her and pressure her and you will find this matchup to be easy (don't let her push you in or the opposite will happen). 




Extremely hard matchup due to Dravens early duel power. Ashe only wants to poke enemies with her volley.png and a few autos, while Draven wants to go all-in all the time. You have to try to let him push early and just farm under tower, and not fall too behind on farm. When you have your enchantedcrystalarrow.png available try to coordinate something with your jungler to get a pick on him. NEVER fight him 1v1 as you just can't win. 




Quite an even matchup and mostly depends on support pressure. Much like Caitlyn, you want to push the Jhin as much as possible so you can poke him under tower with autos and W's. Be careful of trading with him for a long time (don't let him get all 4 shots on you) or he will always win the trade. Go for short W-Auto-Auto trades which only allows him to get an Auto+Q in. 




This is a lot like the Jhin lane, apart from the fact that Kalista can contest your push in earlygame. Be careful of taking prolonged trades vs. Kalista as she will stack her spears and Rend you for a huge amount. Take small trades with W-Auto-Auto and back off instantly. When you have level 6 remember to not use your enchantedcrystalarrow.png on the support as Kalista can always just kalistarx.png the support to safety.




The problem in this matchup is that you're basically on a clock to pressure the Twitch until he gets 2 items and completely dumpsters you. His laning phase is in general really bad, but it's hard to make use of it as Ashe as the only reliable damage you have is poke (he still wins full all-ins). Try to set up ganks on bot in earlygame to make sure you get a big lead. Look for arrows on him in mid/late to remain pressure on the map.




This matchup is a lot like the Twitch matchup. After 2 items you can't really contest her anymore, which means you need to get a lead from laning phase. Try to poke her as much as possible during lane and grow a farm lead on her. 

How to play the different stages of the game Back to Top


Ashe has a really strong early laning phase in terms of push and poke, so this is your strongest part of the game until you get 4+ items and have short CD on your Arrow. Use your volley.png on cooldown on your enemies+creeps to secure both push and poke. 


In midgame/late you want to be mostly an arrowbot and cleanup ADC hitting the first target you can. Look for engages with your arrows and talk to your team on how you want to use them. Don't be scared to throw a few too many out even if you miss them, as you will learn the most optimal use of your arrow that way. 


Supports that synergize well with Ashe Back to Top

Tier 1: 412.png89.png117.png201.png40.png53.png

These champions all synergize well with Ashe due to their either tankiness or ability to set her up to keep autoattacking in fights. You can also notice that all of these champions also have really high pressure in lane.

Tier 2/Rest: 223.png37.png432.png26.png143.png

These champions all work well with Ashe as well, but due to their ability to set her up to carry better than the other champions mentioned in tier 1

About me Back to Top

I'm a top 100~ Challenger support player on EUW playing for Movistar Riders in the SLO (Spanish first league). Previously played for team ROCCAT and before the in the SLO (Spanish League) with Giants. Feel free to follow me on Twitter where I post about LoL in general and my adventures in SoloQ and competitive! :)

Social Media:

How to use your ultimate Back to Top

Your ultimate in general always wants to be used as an engage tool. Sometimes you're forced to ult the frontline to defend yourself/another carry, but those situations are way fewer than the times you look for arrows to engage. 

Let's say you want to arrow the enemy ADC. Before you use your arrow you should consider these things:

Where are the rest of the enemies?
Who in your team can follow up with CC/damage?
Can the enemies re-engage you with a TP/Flank?
What is the % chance of you hitting the arrow
Does the enemy have vision of from where you're firing the arrow/it's path?
What is the objective you can take after you get a kill with your arrow?

If you can answer all these questions in quick succession, you have a good ultimate ready to go. Even if it doesn't hit, it's the IDEA of the arrow that's the most important part. 

Here is an example of Doublelift using an arrow to get free kills/objectives. Think about all the things to consider before you see him firing his enchantedcrystalarrow.png, and it will make a lot more sense.

Here Doublelift fires an arrow from toplane, as they see Varus+Blitz topside and Renekton bot. So he knows at most it will be a 2v2 in mid (Elise+Ahri vs. Lee Sin+Taliyah). If the arrow hits he knows that his team has enough damage to kill the Ahri, and he also knows that midlane tower will be an easy take with Thresh moving in as well. He had all these questions answered in his head before he used his enchantedcrystalarrow.png, which makes it a good play. 

Matchups(Supports) Back to Top

HARD: 53.png412.png89.png40.png12.png

These champions are really hard to play against as Ashe, 4 of them because of their immense ability to engage on her whenever they want, and Janna for her ability to completely negate her poke in laningphase (one of Ashes' strongest parts of the game). Blitzcrank, Thresh, Alistar and Leona are all very durable throughout the game and have multiple ways of engaging on Ashe, which makes their range of threat extremely high. Whenever you face one of these supports as Ashe you always have to consider your positioning a bit extra (especially in lane) to not get all-inned over and over. Respect their engage tools, know the cooldowns of their spells and farm as safe as possible together with your support. 

MEDIUM: 37.png267.png497.png16.png

These supports can be annoying to play against as Ashe, mostly due to their immense sustain both in and out of lane. Rakan also has insanely hard engage; but I put him as Medium as you can stop his W with your enchantedcrystalarrow.png if you have fast reaction times. Try to just outfarm these lanes, as your poke in general is not very useful. Look for good allins with your support with your arrow and just outplay them in midgame with better rotations and pickoffs with your arrows.

EASY: 223.png117.png43.png

These champions are in the easy category because you have a lot of free autoattacks on them throughout the game if they want to play aggressively. They don't really have hard pressure on your lane as someone like Thresh would in terms of engage or consistent harass. You should have the better push+fight against these champions, which makes them quite easy for Ashe to handle even though she's immobile. 

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