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Azir Statistics for Tyrone Rebolledo

Author's performance with Azir compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

With summoner spells it really comes down to personal preference. I run flash-barrier in pretty much every Azir game i play but there are other viable options, exhaust and ignite usually work ok, with tp being situational.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Not really gonna recommend anything with masteries seeing as everyone does their own thing. The mastery page above is the one i use on Azir. Deathfire touch is fine too, i just prefer thunderlords cuz it's really easy to proc when poking in lane with aa-q-aa.

Abilities Back to Top


Pretty standard ability order really. Maxing E before W is sometimes the better choice though, if you're up against a melee mid that jumps on you (kassadin,diana, talon,etc) then maxing E will help you trade better or if you find yourself getting ganked a lot the lower cd from maxing E first can be the difference between surviving ganks or dying.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard ap mid laner start

Core Items

    Should try and get one of these and a couple of pots on your first back. Preferably catalyst for the sustain but if you need to go back earlyish then blasting wand will do
    Nashors second for the sweet dps
    My standard finishing build.

Situational Items

    I usually go zhonyas into rab after nashors and then finish with liandry's or void depending on how the enemy team is building.

Matchups Back to Top

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Can be a bit of a tough lane. Requires good movement and positioning to win this lane, but best thing to do would be to just play it safe. Farm lane and wait for your jg to gank or for teamfighting to start happening cuz a straight up 1v1 fight will be difficult to win at any stage of the game unless you're hugely ahead.




Key to this lane is movement. Always keep moving and be ready to dodge his w and q at all times. Depending on how confident you are that you can dodge his q, you should either stay behind your minions, or a bit to the side of them.

If you're confident you can dodge his q then stay out to the side away from your minions. This will force him to choose between w'ing the minions or trying to w you. If he tries to w you, do your best to dodge it and concentrate on pushing the minion waves as they come. If you can successfully dodge then he's wasted mana and his main waveclear, meaning you can push the lane pretty easily and try to deny cs.

Just try and be aware of general stuff too, like dont stay near teammates when he ults them or you. His base damage is quite high so try not to fight early unless you're dodging his q and w.




Tbh I don't have much experience against cass as azir simply because i dont see her played much and as such dont play against her often. In general though, keep moving and try to avoid her q. If you get hit by the w, you can just walk out of it and the poison wont last for very long, but if you get hit by q, she'll be able to spam her e on you and she'll get the speed boost to do it. Try and hit 6 before her and engage immediately if you've got 6 and she doesn't. She doesn't really have any escapes and she wont have any hard cc cuz not 6 yet, so you should be able to pick up a kill or get her to pop her summs. Running cleanse in this lane is a good idea, cleansing the stun and her q poison can definitely win you fights.




Diana's just a huge pain. Play this lane mostly the same as you would against akali, except keep in mind that if you dodge her q then her ability to engage and fight drops a huge amount. With the q, walk forward and to the side a bit and it'll usually go right around you and miss leaving you free to poke and harass without fear of her engaging. If she does still engage, just ult her away (into your tower if possible), and keep attacking. Just be wary of ganks, cuz even if you dodge the q, she can still just ult straight to you and e, leaving you open to a gank.




Ekko is a bit strange and a lane id class as a skill match up. Either player can win this lane, it just depends on who outplays who. In lane pre-6 just dodge his q and harass him when he goes to farm and you should either force him out of lane or make him use all his mana farming. Try not to push this lane early because you have the advantage when you can harass him for free. If his wave is under towe his w passive will let him farm it easily and your soldiers won't last very long making it hard to keep up harass. After 6, its a matter of waiting for who ults first and taking advantage of it. If you ult first, if ekko is good they might just dodge your ult completely, or if not they'll ult back to do some damage and put themselves on your side of your wall. If he ults first you can ult afterwards and he'll have a couple of seconds trying to get around the wall without flash where you can hit him for free. Im not saying dont use your ult early if you're getting beaten in a 1v1, im just saying be aware that he can take advantage of it if hes good.




Bit of a strange lane, you guys both have mid- long range poke as your main source of damage.




Zed is the only champ i consistently lose to as azir mid. I dont know what it is about that champ i just cant seem to win this lane. In general just play super safe and farm for entire lane phase unless your jg is helping you out heaps. When he ults you, if you time it right, you can get it to hit him at the exact moment he appears on you and deny him some damage on you but you're still gonna have a hard time. Would recommend taking exhaust in this lane and trying to roam.

Early Game Back to Top

Lesson #1
Azir has a really weak early game.
Lesson #2
Azir has a really weak early game.

Oh and by the way, Azir has a really weak early game. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't mean you'll never kill anyone before level 6, you just have to keep in mind that your early game is nothing compared to late. It's awkward, slow and not much fun to be playing Azir pre-6. It's possible to outplay enemies and get early kills, especially if you choose to take ignite, it's just not what he was designed for and it's usually quite risky.

Explanation behind this is that Azir is mana hungry, item dependant and has large cd's early (same as most champs tbh).

While azir does have a weak early game, he does have a very nice kit for easy farming. I'd say just focus on farming until you hit 6, then look to roam or kill the enemy mid after that.

Azir has great poke, but its just not worth the mana to do so early game unless its with your w which you're already using to farm with. You'll just run out of mana really quickly.

General tips
Its almost always a good idea to farm with w instead of just normal basic attacks. It'll take a bit of getting used to the aoe attacks, but once you get used to it Azir is one of the easiest champs to farm with. Just drop a soldier in the middle of the enemy wave if you don't want to push, or slightly to the side if you do. 

Dropping the soldier in the middle of the wave means that you can usually hit each minion individually with your soldier meaning you don't push but simply last hit. 

Dropping it to the side of a wave lets you hit multiple melee minions or multiple caster minions depending on how they position themselves. 

If the enemy mid laner walks into range feel free to hit them, but not at the expense of a minion. Early game: 14 gold>a bit of damage.

If your enemy isn't playing aggressive and you're ok with pushing lane, look to drop a soldier to clear the enemy caster minions with every wave that comes to lane. 3-4 attacks (depending on runes) without items will usually clear all 3 caster minions.  The benefit of this, is that it means you can poke the enemy midlaner when they come in to take their cs without fear of ranged minion aggro. You'll still trigger the melee minion aggro but that's easily avoided, unlike the ranged aggro. It might not seem like much, but the enemy will have to choose between blowing all their mana on taking cs, taking free damage from you or just losing the cs.

Keep in mind, q and w at level have mana costs of 70 and 40. So it's usually not a good idea to go for farm with q unless you're being zoned hard. If you've got a minion just out of range of your soldier, don't q it, just walk up and w near it, or wait for it to come into range of the soldier you already have or your basic attack.

My general early strategy (levels 1-6)

First 2 waves, push lane, clearing caster minions before melee minions. (Most junglers in bronze-gold wont take advantage of you pushing and will just go through their usual jungle route so pushing the first few waves is usually fairly safe)

After 2 waves, drop trinket ward on whichever side you feel the enemy jungler would be more likely to come from. (Average junglers would be done with their first 3 or so camps by now and would be looking for pushed lanes to gank).

Farm farm farm. If you see enemy jungler in another lane then feel free to push.

Don't use your E unless your jungler is ganking and you need to get closer, or if enemy jungler is ganking and you need to escape. ALWAYS be conscious of your mana, you don't wanna die because you were too eager to land a bit of damage with q against enemy mid and you leave yourself with no mana to e away when their jungler ganks.

If you can manage it, don't go back to base without enough money for a stinger or catalyst, a ward, and a couple of pots. Other first back options are fiendish codex, chalice and needlessly large rod.

Here's a pic of where to place your soldier at the start of a wave to ensure clearing caster minions

to clear melee minions first and push the wave faster, just place it in the same manner as the pic above but next to the melee minions instead (obvious i know but still needs to be said imo).

Mid Game Back to Top

Here is where you start to get strong and you're actually able to do things (depending on your items). If you're not hugely behind in lane and your enemy isn't pushing too hard then you should start roaming (if you havent already). Bot is more preferable to me due to there being two kills/assists available as opposed to just one at top, and you can follow up a successful gank bot with drag if your jungler is willing.

If your bot is too pushed or they're very ahead then gank top and follow it with rift herald if your jg is willing.

You'll be wanting to have finished your roa and a stinger at this point.

Don't forget to upgrade your yellow trinket to blue. Note that, if you're being camped by the enemy jg or the enemy bot/top roams a lot, then it might be better to keep yellow trinket for the stealth wards.

Late game Back to Top

Late game. Your time to shine. By now you should have your core (roa/rylais and nashors) and 1 or 2 other items (rab cap, zhonyas, liandris, abyssal,etc.) and you should be scary af to the enemy team. By now the game will be both teams grouped up and going for objectives or teamfights, sieging, looking for a pick, split pushing, the usual stuff. 

Stay aware of objectives such as baron and drag and make sure they're warded. Make sure to keep an eye on all three lanes to see which way they're pushing and if your team will need to send someone to defend a tower or if theres an opportunity for a tp push. Try and get as much vision on the map as possible, keep bugging your team to use their wards if they're not using them. Buy pink wards and get your team to do the same.

Unless you're confident in your skills and have a decent set of items, do NOT go wandering around alone unless there's plenty of vision. You've got your ult and your e if you happen to get caught but keep in mind that even with some defensive items like roa and zhonyas you're still squishy af.

Best thing to do is to group up with your team and siege/defend depending on which team has the advantage. When sieging, look to poke the enemies and clear waves. Don't be shy to use your passive to give your team some level of safety with a tower. Grab blue if you can. Stay aware of your mana and make sure you've got around 500+ at all times, which is enough for your complete combo and it stills leave you with some mana to follow up after your combo.

Depending on a bunch of things such as your team comp, enemy team comp, which enemies are fed and your items you'll have different things to do to contribute to your team as effectively as possible in teamfights. Two most simple ways to classify your roles are: peeling/defensive and engaging/aggressive. Ill go into detail in the teamfighting section but the basics are that you either: stay way back and use your ult to peel for you and your adc and play as if you're an adc kiting the enemy team, OR you play aggressive and go for the engage using your ult to scoop up and "insec" some of the enemy team.

Aggressive Teamfighting Back to Top

As mentioned previously, theres two main ways for you to play a teamfight: defensively or aggressively (obvious i know, but it has to be said). I'll go into detail here about how I play azir aggressively in teamfights.

Aggressive Teamfighting (my usual)

For this type of fighting you're gonna want to have zhonyas. It's not necessary but its a huge help. So basically the gist of my "aggressive" teamfighting is to engage on the enemy team yourself and use your ult to throw back a bunch of enemy champs for your team to kill.

The combo i prefer (looks cool and is most effective imo) is simply E>Q>R or E>Q>flash>R.

This combo used to be way more impressive and much harder to pull off before the recent changes to Azir's E that allow him to follow the soldier he E's to the end of it's path. It used to be that Azir's E would stop as soon as he reached the point where his soldier is, which meant you had to be very fast with your E>Q combo. As it is currently though, most people should be able to pull this off fairly easily. Just make sure to ult in the right direction. I've played A LOT of Azir and i still occasionally make the mistake of just ulting the enemy away from my team instead of into my team so just make sure you aim your ult in the right direction. 

After ulting you'll want to zhonyas immediately, unless you managed to get all 5 enemies, which looks impressive af and gives you a bit of time while they're all in the air. After ulting, whoever you managed to get will be clustered in a smallish area right in front of your team which is (hopefully) ready to dish out some pain and follow up on your brilliant engage. If not, tough luck. If your team doesnt follow up then thats pretty shit, but your enemies will still be in that little space in front of your ult for a second or so, and guess who has aoe high damage attacks? You. W>auto>q>auto should be enough to finish off any squishies that didn't already die from your E>Q>R combo. That's only if you dont zhonya or get cc'd/bursted after your combo though. Keep in mind though, that even if you die, if you manage to kill an enemy carry and 1 or 2 other enemies along with them then your team will be brilliantly set up to win the fight after your death.

Defensive teamfighting Back to Top

Think ADC (marksman). Just play azir as you would an adc and you're g. Make sure to stay way back and let your frontline engage. Just keep kiting and be very careful with using your e to go in on an enemy. If one of the enemy frontliners manages to get through to you and your adc, dont hesitate to use your ult to give you and your adc. some space. Other way to use your ult is if the fight goes badly for your frontline and you need to disengage. Keep in mind that while using your ult to knock back and damage enemies is always good, your ult creates a fairly large block of almost unpassable terrain (excludes blinks). So if a teamfight goes bad and you dont wanna risk going too close to ult the enemies off your frontline, ult a bit back from the fight and signal for your team to fall back. If you can, try to place the ult next to a wall or blocking off a narrow gap. Placing it next to a wall means your enemies will only have one way to go around it, and by placing a soldier at that point you can harass while retreating. Placing it to block a gap completely blocks the enemy team from following and gives any allies passing through it a speed boost. Try and stay out in the open so that you've got space to maneuver and kite, but be ready to e+q out of there over a wall if you need to.

Just some stuff Back to Top

Thanks for reading the guide, let me know if you've got any advice or alternate advice. Just drop it in the comments if you liked or didn't like the guide or have any changes to suggest. 

(With the match ups, i know i havent included every mid laner but if you'd like any specific match ups let me know in the comments and i'll add the match up to the guide.)

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