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Summoner Spells Back to Top


Take flash every time. No exceptions. 

Exhaust is mainly used into assassins like Zed/Katarina. You won't be taking this summoner very often but I like it if there are multiple dive threats and if your team is going to look to kite. Probably will be the least used summoner since it's so niche. 

Heal is the standard summoner. Take it if you want power the 2v2 instead of the individual safety of Barrier. You will be taking this most frequently but remember that if your opponent has Ignite you want to cast Heal before the Ignite comes down. 

Barrier is good into champions that rely heavily on a Ult-one shot combo (Vlad, Zed, Fizz). The CD is the lowest of any other summoner you will take. You'll less utility in a skirmish situation but more individual safety in lane. Something to note is if you time Barrier to block Zeds damage after he uses his ultimate the "pop" will do less. 


So cleanse is only taken into specific matchups that are CC heavy and have great gank assistance (Lissandra, TF, or vs Sejuani). The reason this spell is taken is to disrupt the CC chain of the enemy Mid/Jung or Mid/Support. I usually don't take this summoner unless I think I absolutely have to as it doesn't do much for you in lane or skirmishes as it is strictly a defensive summoner. You can forgo this for Heal if you feel confident in your ability to track the enemy JG and control your range. 


You can take TP in matchups where neither side has much kill threat. It's great in solo-que because people never take it into consideration when making plays. Azir isn't the best champ in side lanes but he can do it if needed. This summoner works best when you have communication with your team but if you are confident in your map awareness you can play a passive Azir that makes map plays with TP.  You can take it but I personally am not a fan unless you're running Spellbook.

This is the fun summoner but the situations where it's optimal don't come up very often. You can take ignite if you are confident in your laning and ability to kill your opposing laner. It also works into favorable early game matchups like TF , Kassadin, AP Kog etc. Azir tends to overkill his opponents so the ignite is usually more damage than you need. Safety is more valuable. 

New Runes Back to Top

Summon%20Aerie.png?width=64 Arcane%20Comet.png?width=64
Aery is the rune I prefer. Less late game damage but more early game pressure because you can proc Aery every single time you trade or multiple times in extended trades. Stronger in lane, Weaker out of it but as mentioned before Azir tends to overkill his targets later in the game. 

Comet is the better mid/late game but weaker early due to cooldown. Not much to say here, you can go either. 

Mo' mana Mo' mana. Just take it. 


Celerity is better early. The MS is great for getting into range for a W > auto > Q > auto trade, also dodging skillshots. 

Transcendence doesn't come into effect until later in the game. The CD is nice but not necessary. 20% is usually enough but if you prioritize CDR take this. Either works fine. 

Mo' mana Mo' mana. Just take it. 

Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=64 Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=64
Alacrity for a consistent stat that you will use throughout the entire game.

Coup De Grace to make sure kills can be secured but less applications throughout the game because the target must be under 40% HP. You can take either. 


These are the other options you can take.

 IMO LT is garbage. 

Electrocute is great in lane if you can proc it but unless you're in a range vs melee match-up it's pretty hard. CD is also long. 

Spellbook is great into passive lane. Worse in lane but is better at keeping you even since you can swap to TP. Not my favorite rune in solo-que but it's viable. 

Abilities Back to Top



Q at lvl 3
A early level setup you can do with Azir is skill your Q at lvl 3 ( W>Q>Q). If you let your opponent push the wave a bit, while trimming the wave with your soldiers, you can get the wave to freeze at your tower at lvl 2. When you hit lvl 3 you skill Q and go for a W>Q>Auto trade or W>Auto>Q>Auto. You are safe from ganks even without E because you are close to tower and you can get a really good free trade.
Trying to do this on a lvl 1 push is dangerous. If you look to push early at lvl 1 and 2 make sure you get your E to ensure an escape (unless you know exactly where jungler is)


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard Start
    Stinger for pushing power. Keep your lane shoved and get deep vision/assist your JG. Fiendish Codex for poke. Generally works better the 2x Dorans build.
    Try to fit another Dorans ring if you base with 400g-500g, 1100-1300g, or 1600g If I ever base and have only 150g and nothing to buy I typically get refillable potion

Core Items

    Nashors tooth will almost always be your first item. Attackspeed, CDR, and AP all stacked into one item makes it core. You won't be very strong until you complete it but once you do it gives you your first real power spike The new Morello gives magic pen that old Liandry's used to give. The grievous wounds is nice but the AP,Pen, and HP gives you a real nice 2nd item spike.
    The slightly less efficient path because of the item path but if you really feel like you need the mana you can build Ludens. 20% CDR is nice and the AP/Passive is good for pushing waves. Situational.
    Not as good as before when Liandry's gave Mpen. However the % max HP damage DoT is nice if you feel like you'll be hitting HP tanks. 10% damage stacks with each tick of the DoT. Great for killing frontline.
    Cheapest 2nd item you can buy. If you recall with Blasting Wand + 1750 gold you can just straight up buy this item. If your team is winning and you want an immediate/cheap spike for 2600 gold get this item. Also great against low mobility champions and kiting.
    The other gold efficient item. 2650 is only 50 more gold than Rylais. Good for an immediate spike but I only recommend getting Void 2nd if you see multiple targets with MR. Otherwise use Rylais as your cheap item spike.
    You can get tear after you complete your Nashors. This will delay your 2nd item spike heavily but you'll scale wayyyy better into late game. Situational. You can get this if you recall with exact Tear gold or just want to secure yourself the late-game and feel confident enough to win fights without a power spike.

Situational Items

    If you have a buttload of gold early on or if the enemy team has no tanks you can go for this item 3rd. It's expensive so make sure you're getting your farm while building it.
    Can be bought 2nd or 3rd but honestly I'd avoid it if at all possible. If you're losing get it 2nd but if you're confident that you can position in fights you can skip. If you get this item 2nd, get Void 3rd. Banshee's is expensive and doesn't provide you with much of a spike so you'll want a cheaper power spike item 3rd.
    There is a RoA into Nashors build you can go for but this build is slow scaling much like the Archangels build and it greatly reduces your pushing power early game as well since you'll be lacking the AS from stinger. Situational or use with spellbook. Probably more effective in a 5 man group with comms.
    Buying Zhonya 2nd or 3rd greatly reduces your DPS but gives you the option to engage fights with your W>E>Q combo. It can be used for safety but it's not ideal IMO. . Situational or if you're losing hard to Zed/Talon. Buy when you want to be the one to engage.
    You build this after Nashors if you're forced to go into Negatron Cloak during the laning phase. Not ideal but it will make you tanky and you will get shred from the aura on most, if not all of your damage.


3020.png These are best in terms of early game damage. You will be getting this in 90% of games. 

3111.pngIf the enemy team has a lot of CC or if you just need some more MR Mercs is not bad. I take these when CC is unavoidable and it is effecting my ability to damage. These are situational because Sorcs are just so much better on Azir. 

3047.pngYou shouldn't be getting auto'd enough to make this efficient but maybe you can get this against full AD teams. 

3006.png Not a terrible option but Sorcs are just better. 


The items that you can buy are very flexible. Be creative with your thinking and build what you think is best in that situation. But to get started here a some tips for item building. 

  • 2x Dorans is always good if you have the gold for it
  • Buy your items with a clear plan of how you want to play out the game/team fights. 
  • Buy Boots as you need them but don't over prioritize
  • Buy to your Gold. If you recall with 2600 Gold it might be better to complete a full item like 3116.png or 3135.png than buy a 3916.png + 1026.png

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Aurelion Sol
  • Brand
  • Yasuo
  • Zed



103.png- Ahri is a hard match-up into Azir. She does a lot of the things that Azir doesn't like in the early game. Her ahriorbofdeception.png range is long enough that she can either harass if you try to lvl 1 azirW.png push or match your push. ahriseduce.png means that she will always have gank setup and post 6 with ahritumble.pngthe setup becomes nearly impossible to avoid if you are pushed up. The way to win the lane is to harass her without taking damage by outplaying the ahriorbofdeception.png. Hide behind minons and use your azirW.png + azirQ.png+ Auto and look to move away to the side to dodge the incoming ahriorbofdeception.png. The reason you want to hide behind minons is because when you hit your harass combo you will push the wave if any minons are hit by your AOE. So you stand behind your minons and force Ahri into a choice, either take the harass and keep the wave position or trade back damage but lose control over the minon position. 

Post 6 is where this matchup gets really hard. Ahri can avoid all of your soldiers with her dashes if she times her engage properly. Meaning if you ever harass her with azirQ.png post lvl 6 she can ahritumble.png forward leaving you with only one more Soldier up and no way to move them. Don't ever look to start the fight against Ahri. You will almost never win if you go in first but you have a shot if she goes in first. Try your best to bait it out, or if you don't feel confident in doing so just stay back, farm. You scale harder than her anyway. 

1056.png x2 into 1057.png > 3101.png > 3001.png or 3001.png > 3101.png. Take 7.png or 3.png into this matchup. 21.png doesn't do much for you in this matchup because 103.png can spread her damage and  21.png will time out before she gets all her damage off. 1.png is also ok, but tbh I'd prefer to just learn to how to play the lane out without worrying about getting charmed. 


103.png in teamfights is a real pain if the Ahri flanks properly. The trick with dealing with an Ahri in teamfights is to be patient. Before you carelessly attempt to azirQ.png her when she ahritumble.png in, you need to able to predict her next move.What  I mean is you want to wait until the Ahri is fully commited to the fight before using anything other than azirW.png Auto attacks. If you Q her as she goes in she can easily ult back out and now you just lost a lot of potential DPS and peel for the fight. 

Once Ahri uses all 3 ahritumble.png charges and ahriseduce.png is when you'll want to increase your aggressiveness but until that scenario appears just be safe, don't get ahriseduce.png, and WATCH YOUR FLANKS. 



84.png- This lane matchup is basically a free lane for Azir. Akali doesn't really do anything in the laning phase and she is incredibly easy to abuse. Stick to using the azirW.png > Auto> azirQ.png> Auto combo for maximum efficiency in terms of both damage and mana consumption. Force her to use her akalimota.png to farm OR to harass you but miss CS. Her only "escape" from ganks is her akalismokebomb.png and tbh it's not useful at all. At lvl 6 Akali gets a little bit more pressure in the lane because she could potentially chase you down mid with akalishadowdance.png but even then that scenario only applies if you are pushed up and it's possible that you have a big enough lead from the first 5 levels that it would be suicide if she came onto you 1v1. Play aggressively in this lane, try to take every advantage and don't be too afraid of the Jungler as Akali won't be able to provide much gank assistance pre-6. 

1056.png (x2 optional) into 3101.png > 3115.png or 3116.png. Depending on the enemy Jungler/Top you may need to go 3001.png which is also fine, it just delays the 3116.png spike. Take 3.png or 14.png or 12.png


Literally 1 thing to do. BUY PINK WARDS, KEEP 2 IF YOU HAVE TO. If you follow this advice Akali in teamfights is close to completely useless if you played the lane properly. 



34.png- Pre lvl 6 Azir has a better laning phase than Anivia assuming you can dodge flashfrost.png.

At this stage the only thing you really have to be careful about is getting ganked. Anivia doesn't have the best waveclear pre lvl 6 and Azir can really abuse that. The other side to that is that Anivia, even pre lvl 6, has decent gank setup with her crystallize.png and flashfrost.png. So if you are pushed up just be ready to flash that wall. Because of Anvia's passive aniviapassive.png kill her 1v1 is usually out of the question. Pre lvl 6 just let the lane play out naturally, eat your CS, harass safely when you can. 

Post lvl 6 is where the lane can get boring because Anivia gets access to her glacialstorm.png. This will allow her to clear waves extremely fast and you will usually be stuck clearing out the wave. Make sure to dirty farm ( farm jungle camps) if there is nothing else to do. Personally, what I like to do against 34.png is run ATKSPD red's and 12.png and look to just push waves, farm jungle, and match Anivia's TP or have that TP pressure if she doesn't run TP. 

1056.png x2 into 1057.png > 3101.png > 3001.png or 3001.png > 3101.png . You can also easily go for a 3116.png or 3115.png first as well but just know if you do this without MR runes you WILL get fucked if she hits her spells. Hasten your spike but leave yourself more vulnerable. Take 12.png7.png21.png, or even 3.png if your feeling confident. 1.png also works fine here but trusting yourself to dodge the flashfrost.png will free up a summoner for you. 


34.png has amazing zone control with 3 out of 4 spells. You must be able to position around the terrain she creates. Don't get hit by a flashfrost.png over a wall or stand in her glacialstorm.png for too long. Anivia doesn't have extremely long CD's but those windows is when you can safely walk up and do your damage. Her crystallize.png is big in the late-game but remains at 1 point for the majority of the game, be wary but don't be overly cautious of her wall as you can easily azirE.png over it. Prioritize avoiding her flashfrost.png above all spells and 268.png will outrange and out DPS 34.png



1.png- Ok, so the difficulty of this matchup depends on 2 things. 1) Annie's skill level is high in relation to yours and 2) the coordination with her Jungler. If both these check out be prepared to play scared for most of the game. 4.png + infernalguardian.png is nearly impossible to avoid and combined with a gank you will 100% die. Take 1.png but the effectiveness of it will entirely depend on who the enemy Jungler is. 

If only one or neither of those things check out then congratz, you just managed to avoid an extremely tilting experience. Now the lane is much easier, 268.png's azirQ.png outranges every single spell Annie has. Harassing her should be fairly easy just keep your eyes on her anniepassive.png stacks at all times. Harass her every time she uses her disintegrate.png and incinerate.png , abuse her long CD's. Harassing her under tower is also extremely effective as she will be forced to use her Q to last hit creeps, but beware even if the Annie isn't that good setting up ganks with her is extremely easy. Pushing 1.png under tower can reap great benefits but can also lose you the lane if you do it at the wrong time ( in relation to where the Jungler is on the map). 

1056.png x2 into 1057.png > 3101.png > 3001.png or 3001.png > 3101.png and take 7.png21.png, or, depending on jungler, 1.png


Against Annie you only need to remember 2 things, 1 thing before the fight and 1 thing during the fight. Before the fight, remind yourself of her 4.png + infernalguardian.png combo and avoid it at all costs. Play back until she uses it. During the fight try to keep your eye on her anniepassive.png stacks to the best of your ability. Abuse your range and 1.png's lack of mobility without 4.png


Aurelion Sol

136.png-  Only reason I put this matchup as "hard" is because I haven't seen/played against this champion all that much. Will update this matchup page with more details once I get more information. 

All I can think of for now is stay back, harass, and don't get hit by Q. 



63.png- A good Brand will counter Azir's pressure in lane. Brand has long CD's but with proper usage can be seriously annoying. Most Brand's will max their brandfissure.png first, this ability outranges your azirQ.png , what this means is that every time you walk up for a azirW.png > azirQ.png> Auto trade Brand will be in range to use his brandfissure.png. Try not to harass him too much, unless he uses his brandfissure.png on minions and even then you have to be careful of his brandconflagration.png into brandblaze.png. Hide behind minon's to harass when his brandfissure.png is down. Post 6 this lane becomes extremely volatile.  Brands ult brandwildfire.png does an insane amount of damage, avoid fighting him in minons at all cost. Don't dive in unless its for a azirR.png drift combo and even then be prepared to 4.png the brandfissure.png. Generally, you won't be able to 1v1 kill him unless he makes mistakes and gets poked out for free. 

Build 2x 1056.png into 3001.png with 3101.png and take 7.png or 21.png1.png is ok, but I don't like it in this case because the stun is easily avoidable if you are careful.


Brand in teamfights is all about the AOE burst that he can get through. Avoid getting hit by his brandwildfire.png and brandfissure.png . Hide behind teammates to dodge brandblaze.png and brandconflagration.png is only like 600-700 range so you should be fine as long as you space yourself. Try not to get any Brand passive procs on you. Once he blows his combo/spells you will 100% out DPS him for the remainder of the fight. Defensive mindset until he goes on CD. Best case scenario is if he uses his first rotation and doesn't get any brandpassive.png procs on you. 



157.png- So for some reason I see many inexperienced Azir plays struggle to play against Yasuo. And I will admit I had some trouble too when I first started playing 268.png. This match-up will teach you how to space properly and predict how the enemy will move. Pre lvl 6 you have the advantage at all levels. if Yasuo starts yasuoQ.png just make sure your not taking free poke by getting hit by the 3rd yasuoQ.png .Predict how he will use his yasuoE.png by his position and the position of the minons.Lower health creeps can be a hint as to where he will choose to dash. Use normal auto attacks to break the yasuopassive.png shield when Yasuo goes in to CS creeps and azirW.png to zone him away from lower health creeps that he could potential dash through. Harass with soldier auto's and azirQ.png as you see fit without messing up the minon wave. Space yourself, predict how he will move and this lane should be a cake walk. Post-6 the matchup doesn't change much, UNLESS, the enemy team has a champion like 64.png that synergizes with yasuoR.png last breath. If he decides to fight you 1v1 kite with azirQ.png and azirE.png, wait for an opportunity or just let him ult you if you think you can take the hit and use azirR.png back into your tower. Your azirQ.png will get stopped by yasuoW.png but you can still auto him from over the wall. 

You don't need 3191.png vs 157.png if you space yourself properly in lane. I just go 1056.png x2 into 3101.png > 3115.png or 3116.png. Take 3.png and he will never be able to 1v1 you as long as you have it available. Yasuo cant cross your azirR.png with his yasuoE.png. In a duel you want to bait him into a long fight, don't stack your exhaust and ult, then use azirR.png followed by Auto (knocked up by ult) , Auto (lands) , >azirQ.png  ( when he tries to move out of range) , Auto. 


Do not get hit by his yasuoR.png, you will be immediately forced to use your spells to disengage and that's NOT how you want to start a fight. Otherwise, you outperform 157.png in every teamfight scenario. The only time he will be more effective than you is if the fight is spread out into many small 1v1, 2v1,etc. Watch for his yasuoW.png but it's not really that effective against 268.png, just keep it in the back of your head that he can block your azirQ.png




238.png- This champion is the bane of all inexperienced 268.png players. Quite commonly known as a counterpick but the thing is most Zed players don't know exactly why he is a counterpick. 

The laning phase as Azir against Zed pre 6 is favored towards our Emperor. Lvl 1 use your azirW.png to zone Zed away from CS. lvl 2 Azir is stronger when he gains access  azirQ.png. Lvl 3 is where 238.png can start to trade back effectively with his zedW.png + zedE.pngzedQ.png. Learn the timing and speed of each individual Zed player as you get matched with them and set a rhythm for your own combo. Getting by the zedE.png is not so bad if you can dodge the zedQ.png. Once Zed uses zedW.png and zedQ.png he becomes much more vulnerable so make sure you abuse those moments. Harass him with W>Q whenever he goes in to CS and force him to use his Q to get creeps. 

Post 6 is where Zed gets most of his kill pressure. If he uses zedR.png on you at 60% or less HP make sure that you immediately azirR.png + azirE.png > azirQ.png away and avoid the Q damage. It's possible to kill a Zed in lane as Azir but it's not something that you should actively go for assuming both players are around the same level. If it comes to you then take it but otherwise just stay safe and stay alive. You will be wayy more useful in teamfights. 

Be very careful for Zed roams. If you are winning lane, make sure you keep him pressured so that he doesn't roam. If you are going even or losing, keep one side warded so that you can easily figure out where the Zed roams by process of elimination. Make sure you pay attention to where he is going and LET YOUR TEAM KNOW. You do NOT want to deal with a snowballing Zed as Azir. 

Rush 3191.png into 3101.png , finish 3157.pngand take 3.png. This should get you through the laning phase quite easily. It will however, slow down your item timings, make sure you take that into account when fighting in the mid-game. 


Once you have 3157.png and 3.png  , 238.png should never be able to kill you 1v1. This is where things kinda get complicated. Usually by this point in the game you will have 3115.png + 3116.png completed but due to the matchup you were forced into rushing 3157.png. This reduces the effectiveness of inexperienced Azir's in teamfights. The way to play around this is to make the most out of your purchase. So at this point, 238.png should not use his ult on you in a teamfight. This means you will have your 3157.pngready and available to use offensively. Look for opportunities within the fight to azirR.png priority targets back OR isolate them from their backline by pushing the backline to the side. Bait the opponents in and activate 3157.pngand then push them away with azirR.png if necessary .Because of your item selection, you are now permitted to play teamfights much more aggressively. But be patient, look for the best opportunity while maintaining consistent DPS. 

*** FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IF YOU ARE PLAYING AGAINST A ZED BUY ZHONYA, WATCHING AZIR'S RUSH NASHOR'S INTO RYLAIS VS ZED IS TILTING AS FUCK*** The only excuse for not getting 3157.pngis if you have a 117.png , 10.png,  223.png, or 203.png and the alike on your team. 

What kind of Champ is Azir? Back to Top

Hello, My IGN is Dwiijuh a Plat 3 Azir main on NA. I wanted to make an Azir guide to spread the knowledge I've gained about the champion to others who want to go on to master our Emperor of the Sands. This is my first guide and I am very open to criticism and strong opinions. 

So what kind of champion is 268.png?
Azir is a unique mage in League of Legends in that, he doesn't do damage with his abilities like a traditional mage. Azir summons his "soldiers" to do his bidding in a very ADC/Marksman like way. It's very easy to get lost in his ability to do damage that you look away from everything else that makes Azir one of the strongest champions in the game. Azir's true strength lies in his versatility. He is a champion that can provide whatever his team needs through items, or his own abilities. Engage? Disengage? Peel? DPS?CC? Azir can do it all. He can be played a multitude of ways from backline dps to peel utility mage to even assassin and this is why he is one of hardest champions to play. The decisions you can make on this champion are nearly endless. You need to keep an open mind when play this champ and be creative with what you do. 

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