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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png - Standard spell, must have every game.

7.png - Standard mid lane spell for Azir, better than barrier in all cases save for few.

21.png - Spell that will replace Heal in the given situations - If the enemy mid laner has extreme burst and you are sure you cannot fight them OR if the enemy mid laner will run ignite  OR if your sole goal this game is to not feed the enemy(7.png, sometimes 105.png).

3.png - Spell that is used against All-in burst mid laners that you can potentially kill or outplay. (238.png, 91.png,55.png,157.png,105.png etc.)

1.png - Spell that is used against mid laners OR junglers that have hard cc that NEED to be removed. (127.png,4.png or 60.png, sometimes 103.png)
14.png - Ignite should never be used on Azir unless you are going to be playing Assassin Azir, due to you will mostly never be in range to ignite unless you are shurima shuffling. Whenever I run ignite I always find myself regretting picking it over exhaust or a defensive summoner in later fights.
12.png - Teleport is similar to ignite, although it has the potential to be useful. When I use teleport, though, I find myself regretting not having a defensive summoner in the later fights.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Standard Azir masteries, with the bug fix to Fervor only Thunderlords is viable.
Wanderer vs. Savagery: I prefer Savagery because even though my soldiers do not proc it, I still often CS with my autos, and it helps.
Merciless vs. Meditation: I honestly believe that the mana regen on Mediation is so unnoticeable that Merciless is always better in any situations besides if you are support.
Precision vs. Intelligence: The extra CDR is not needed at all on Azir, therefore the magic penetration is just better.
Sorcery vs. Fury: The bonus damage from Sorcery outscales the attackspeed from Fury due to your soldiers procing the extra damage, therefore I like Sorcery better.
Natural Talent vs. Vampirism: These two masteries are near unnoticeable, I just take the extra AP since lifesteal goes to waste and spell vamp is hardly seen on your soldiers.
Oppressor vs. Bounty Hunter: The extra 2.5% damage you get from rylais+Your Q slow is much better than Bounty Hunter just because you are rarely going to get kills on all enemy champions due to your lack of roaming.

Abilities Back to Top


Standard Azir skill order.
-I will sometimes put a second level into Q before leveling E at level 3 If I believe I am completely safe from ganks until level 4 however I rarely do this due to how risky it is.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard Azir start, no other good starts.

Core Items

    Core Build 1
    Core Build 2

Situational Items

I have tested many Azir builds and item paths and here are my in-depth conclusions.

Core Build 1: a Nashor's Tooth followed by a Rylai's, Sorc Shoes being between Nashor's and Rylai's, into a Liandries, Then a Rabba/Void followed by whichever is left from the two.

-This build is my 'tankbuster' build, and I will decide if this build is going to be used against the enemy if the enemy consists of

1.) Two or more kiteable targets.

2.) Two or more Tanks (most likely kiteable as well).

3.) Two or more targets that will be stacking health.

Core Build 2: a Nashor's Tooth followed by a Luden's, Sorc Shoes being between the two, into a Rabbadon's, With Void Staff and Rylai's being the last two.

-This build is my 'assassin/squishy killer' build, and this build is used against enemy teams that:

1. Consist of multiple squishy targets.

2. Consist of a one or no tank team.

3. Consist of one or no kiteable targets(most likely squishy.)

In-Depth item evaluations + Situational items.

3115.png - Nashor's Tooth I believe is core on ANY Azir build, and most likely first bought every game, if not then second bought, as its stats are all required for a relatively cheap price.
-20% CDR for less Q cooldown, allowing for more soldier repositions, and more poke. Lowers ult CD for more self-peel/roam potential, and of course more soldier recharge.
-50% attack speed that increases your DPS extremely in extended fights.
-80 AP up from a mere 25 from the Codex that it builds from, that gives an EXTREME power spike when completed.
-Passive that, although does not receive its full use, can be used  to increase pushing power without using soldiers.
3020.png - Sorcerer shoes, as opposed to CDR boots, gives you a spike in damage and extra move speed. These are often bought after your first big purchase to compliment the big purchase's powerspike, as well as give more move speed to move around the map as after the first big purchase you are most likely going to be roaming around the map.
3116.png - Rylai's goes hand and hand with Azir's kit, as it allows you to kite and chase well with the passive. However, as seen in my second build, this is not built until the end and still can be swapped out for a situational item, this is because my second build is not made for extended trades/fights it is made for high damage and burst, therefore Rylai's is not necessarily needed for the build's use. Although in almost all Azir games this will come after my Nashors as with Nashors and Rylai's completed my team fighting ability is insane.
-EXTREMELY smooth build path, low recipe cost and easily obtained components.
-100 AP gives a smooth power spike when combined with Nashors
-400 HP beefs up Azir and hides his extremely squishy weakness ( useful against tanks who can sit next to you until you die from being outtanked.)
-Passive that goes hand and hand with Azir's kit when combined with Nashor's. This passive is used for chasing and kiting, and is useful in extended fights and trades where kiting becomes useful, most noticeable against tanks who are easily kiteable.
3151.png - Liandries is an item that can only be noticeable when used against health stacking or tank targets. I use this as a 3rd buy in my tankbuster build as it is the definition of tank shredding, with %health burn that is doubled against slowed targets, which is why I build this after Rylai's. HOWEVER I would rather buy Zhonyia's or Rabbadon's over this item for 3rd or 4th if they don't have a 3 tank/kite-able target team comp as the %burn isn't noticeable compared to a Zhonyia's or a Rabbadon's damage/utility.
-Rather smooth build path with haunting guise's hp and magic pen being fairly noticeable when completed and blasting wand also being easily accessible.
-Decent chunk of 80AP that boosts damage output
-300HP that compliments the health received from Rylai's to beef Azir up more.
-15 Magic Pen that, combined with 15 from Sorc Shoes goes through a decent amount of MR, even doing true damage against targets with no MR runes or items.
-Passive that is why this item is built. When combined with both Nashor's and Rylai's, the slow doubles the %health shred against tanks, and the Attack Speed from Nashor's allows you to pummel, kite and melt tanks from a far distance in team fights and extended fights.
3285.png - Luden's is a pretty controversial item on Azir, as other items suit his play style a little better. However, when combined with the Build 2 items, Azir becomes pretty bursty and can be used very well against squishy targets, but its rather useless against tanks.
-A big chunk of 100AP boosts damage greatly against squishy targets.
-10% move speed that, against squishy targets, allows for very easy roaming and ganking when combined with the burst it gives.
-Passive that gives 2 things; Burst against squishy targets AND waveclear, which compliments the movespeed it gives nicely as it provides for more roaming.
3089.png - Rabbadon's is a core for all AP Casters, however, this item should not be built until two items are complete in order for the tremendous cost to be paid off in the passive. This item is debated between Void Staff, as Void Staff will ALWAYS do more damage as long as the enemy has at least 50 MR.
-A massive heap of 120AP increases damage outstandingly.
-A passive that also will reward you with a huge amount of AP so long as you have at least two other AP items.
-The downside to this is its ridiculous cost and its awkward build path making it a very rough buy, but once completed its spike is clearly seen.
3135.png - Void Staff is the other core for all AP Casters, however this item is debated between Rabbadon's. If the enemy has at least 50 MR, Void Staff will do more damage. You have to constantly look at the enemies' items, always be on the look out for a 3105.png on the enemy team, or a 3156.png, 3001.png,3065.png,3140.png, 3102.png etc. and be ready to build this item. Only build this item when your core targets have MR, whether it be the squishies OR the tanks, all based on who is fed in the game and who are threats/who are your targets.
-Decent chunk of 80AP for a cheap price.
-Built for the passive to bypass enemies' MR.

Situational items and when to buy them.

1057.png - I always buy Negatron first back if I'm against an extreme burst AP midlaner, mainly built against 105.png, 7.png, 1.png, or 134.png.
3001.png- I will complete my Abyssal if
1.) The enemy mid laner is buying an Abyssal first. This is because the passives will cancel each other out.
2.) If I'm feeding/falling behind/even, as the extra MR will stop the fed AP mid laner from deleting me when I walk to lane.
-I will most likely not complete my Abyssal if I am extremely far ahead as I see it more beneficial to get my build path rolling.
-I will also most likely not complete my Abyssal if the enemy mid laner is the enemy team's only AP threat, UNLESS the first 2 circumstances are met.
3191.png - Same as Negatron, I will always first back/buy Armguard if against any AD Mid laner. If you are not to complete Zhonyias immediately after, stacking this IMMEDIATELY is amazing.
3157.png - Similar to Abyssal, I will complete my Zhonyias if
1.) The enemy mid laner REQUIRES me to build this. (91.png or 238.png or 92.png)
2.) If I am feeding/falling behind/even, as the extra Armor will stop the enemy mid laner from deleting me, and the active can be used to save me or possibly even make plays.
3026.png - I normally don't buy Guardian Angel unless
1.) I bought a Negatron and did not complete Abyssal(Mainly for a last item).
2.) I am positive the next team fight wins the game.
- I often don't buy Guardian Angel because either I don't get my 6 item build complete OR I have no room to buy it.
3101.png - I will mention Stinger. Some Azirs like to buy Stinger into their second core item and then complete Nashor's afterwards in order to reach their second item's power spike faster. This is a decent start, and I have had a fair share of games of both rushing Nashors or stinger into my second item, and I believe that rushing Nashors is better, as the spike is more clearly seen when completed.
-To give an example, I will compare stinger into Rylai's to Nashor's rush. Stinger into Rylai's costs 4400 gold and Nashor's costs 3000. Stinger into Rylai's offers 20 additional AP, 400 additional HP and the slowing passive. However these come with an additional price of 1400, nearly 70 CS more than Nashor's, as well as losing 10% CDR and the Nashor's Passive.
3027.png - I will also mention RoA, as some Azirs like to buy this. I personally believe that RoA is extremely bad on Azir, as it will only delay Azir's extreme power spikes off completed items for some stats, even the mana being wasted. RoA would be good and very viable on Azir IF Azir did not spike so hard off completed items in the core build.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Fizz
  • LeBlanc
  • Talon
  • Zed




Recommended to take 1.png against Ahri due to if she lands charm and jungler is nearby you are done. Can take 21.png if you are not scared of the charm. DO NOT TAKE 7.png. Ahri will 9/10 times take ignite.
Ahri is seen as a counter to Azir because of two reasons
1.) Ahri can out roam Azir easily
2.) Ahri can all-in Azir easily if she has a slight lead.
To beat this match up you must play around her charm, her q, and you must respect her ult. Ward heavily to stop her roaming. If Ahri leaves to roam while you are in lane, shove the lane in immediately and ram on the tower to punish Ahri for roaming. Don't forget to ping the lane she is roaming to like mad to make them back off. To trade against Ahri, you must sit behind minions to not get hit by her charm, and you must dodge her q. The most effective way to trade with Ahri is to wait for her to q the minion wave OR miss her q on you and then w > q > auto her for the trade.
TL;DR Tips:
-Ward heavily to stop her from roaming
-Trade with her when her q is down
-Punish her heavily when she roams by hard shoving the lane
-Respect her all in level 6 if she has poked you down
-If she makes the mistake of Ulting into you when you are near your tower Ult her into your tower and kill her.




This is the hardest match up for me personally. I recommend 21.png if you are not comfortable facing him, 3.png if you are.
Fizz is a counter to Azir because:
-He can get in your face and all-in you
-He can E over your wall
-He can delete you
-He can out roam you
Fizz post-6 is, I believe, Azir's hardest counter, right next to talon. Pre-6 although is pretty easy to deal with. Pre-6 you need to never use your Q unless you are sure he will not trade with you. During a trade, save your Q until he uses his E to disengage, and then reengage with your Q as he cannot follow back up with the trade. I recommend using the freeze and harass strategy against Fizz. Once he hits 6 you have to immediately respect him or else he will all-in and kill you. NEVER use your ult until he uses his E or else he will just jump over it. Use your EQ to either dodge his E or if you are tagged with shark you must EQ away before you are knocked up and your E gets canceled. Ward heavily once he's level 6 because he will try to roam with his ult. When he is in lane farm at max range. Recommended to first back 1057.png and 3001.png if the situation calls for it.
TL;DR tips:
-Never use Q in lane unless he will not trade with you
-Never use Q in a trade until he uses his E to disengage, then reengage with Q
-Freeze and Harrass strat
-Respect his level 6
-EQ immediately away if tagged by shark
-Never use ult unless he used his E
-Watch for his roams
-First back 1057.png




Recommended to take 21.png in order to stop LB's burst and not feed her so she can snowball. 3.png can be taken if you are confident you can fight her in a 1v1 scenario.
Almost always first buy 3001.png in this match as she will be first buying it as well, and the MR is needed.
LB counters Azir because she
1.) Can get in your face and get out
2.) Delete you
3.) Move out of your soldiers
4.) Out roam you
LB is an annoying match up, but  I don't have many problems against plat-low diamond ELO LBs. Most LBs will try to trade with you level 1 by Wing you and the caster minions so she can push the wave to get level 2, and get damage off on you before you have Q skilled to trade back. Just expect the level 1 trade. You need push hard against her level 1, that way you do not get level 2 cheesed and lose 3/4s of your HP. Once this is taken care of, two things are needed to be done. When she trades with you with a Q>W level 2, place a soldier under you while she Ws, and auto her. Once she W's back, then Q her and reengage the trade with another auto and win/go even in the trade as Once her Q and W are gone, she cannot trade back. After level 2, you must always save your Q when she trades, as if you use it she will trade with you and get free damage as you cannot harrass afterwards with Q. Once she has chains, she will almost always chain after her W, so move to the side to dodge it, then repeat with the auto from the soldier then Q once she W's back. If she lands the chain, you must EQ away or else you will take more harrass. You can actually win trades pretty even if you manage to get an auto off once she Ws and then follow up with Q auto after she Ws back, and even all-in if you make good trades, hence why I like exhaust in this match-up. Early on, you want to focus on pushing her into her tower, as this forces her to use W or Q on the minions to last hit which will in turn not be used on you. Once both of you are 6, you have to respect her all in. Once she's 6 she will try to Q R W E you, and if the chains land, you are forced to EQ away or else you are dead from ignite + autos. if the chains miss, then you can pop potions and stay in lane and farm, as her ult has a 30 second CD which you can wait, however still you must respect her chains even if her ult is down. Be careful using ult in this matchup as her W has infinite range when porting back and can W back if you ult her into your tower. Most of the time I will only use my ult defensively in order to block/stop her W dash and negate the damage so I can run or turn the fight.
TL;DR tips
1.) NEVER use Q until she ports back to her W so you can get free damage off as she tries to disengage
2.) EQ away if you are ever tagged with chains as you will take a lot of damage if they snare you
3.) Shove her in early so she is forced to use spells on the minions to farm instead of you.
4.) Only use ult defensively  (to block/stop her dash) or else she will just W port back from where you ulted her.
5.) Ward heavily/push constantly to prevent her roams or take her tower if she does roam
6.) Respect her level 6 if you are tagged with chains and imediately EQ/use summs to get away.
7.) First back 1057.png always in this match up, follow it with 3001.png if she too is buying one or they have more than one AP threat.







Basic Azir Gameplay Back to Top

How/When to Use Abilities to Their Full Effectiveness

azirQ.png - Q has 3 main uses(listed in order of priority.)

1.) To reposition soldiers.

2.) To extend your E flight

3.) To damage/slow your enemy.

-Use Q to reposition your soldiers in a fight to get their full effectiveness when autoing(try to make it so they will either cut off/cover an escape route OR try to line them up so they will hit multiple targets).

-Use Q in the EQ combo (explained in the next section).

-Use Q to poke in the trading combo (explained in the next section).

-Be careful when using this in lane as if your Q is down when you get ganked your EQ combo is not available to escape.

azirW.png - W is obviously your bread and butter. There's not many real tips about it just put down your soldier. However I will say a few tips that I know:

1.) You can place soldiers over a wall to E over.

2.) Place your soldier on the side next to a wave of minions in order to hit all the minions at once with autos.

3.) Always take into account how many soldiers you have, because if you run out you are shit out of luck. This especially goes towards when sieging towers, most of the time I will make sure I will always have one charge before using it on the tower so I have one to EQ out.

azirE.png - E is used for repositioning yourself, and often seen as why Azir is too strong of a champion when combined with his whole kit. He has DPS, Burst, peel, slows AND he has mobility with this. E has a lot of uses:

1.) Reposition your self in a fight(W behind you, E, then Q after your E is done so your soldier enters the fight).

2.) Used in all the E-... Combos(explained in next section).

3.) This can also be used for the shield bonus it gives you when colliding with an enemy champion, and can often win a 1v1

-Be careful when using this ability as it has a very long cooldown and leaves you extremely vulnerable while it is down.

azirR.png - Azir's R is the second part of why Azir is seen as a high skillcap champion(Aside from micromanaging his soldiers and himself). His R has three uses:

1.) Peel/self-peel(most often used in a team fight to peel for your ADC or peel for yourself).

2.) To engage by pushing an enemy/enemies into your team.

3.) To wall off a choke point and control that area(Mainly used in the jungle or dragon/baronpit).

-His ult can be game changing if you are to catch out an enemy carry with it, land a HUGE ult in a team fight or zone off a choke point and have you and your ADC free reign over the enemies.

azirpassive.png - Azir's passive is hard to grasp when to use but is very useful when used correctly. It is used in three situations

1.) When sieging to cover flanks from behind/have a tower to fall back on.

2.) When Defending a tower/inhib to push the enemy back.

3.) Can be used in a teamfight and can really force the enemy back or to dive.

-Don't use this randomly, make sure to save it for these 3 situations or else it will often go to waste AND it gives the enemy who last hits it 100 gold. That's 5 CS.

General Combos

-W > AA > Q > AA  : General trade/damage combo. Often used in lane to proc Thunderlords. To use this effectively Cancel your first soldier's autoattack with your Q to get a smooth auto > q out.

Can remove the first Auto attack if you cannot get in range to auto attack when you first place down your soldier.(This is the poke combo).

-W > E > Q mid dash : Often named the Shurima Drift or just the EQ. Used to

1.) Engage

2.) Reposition

3.) Escape

-W > E > Q mid dash > R : All-in combo / Engage Combo. Used to all-in or engage on enemy, VERY risky as it puts both of your repostion tools on CD, and often gets punished if you use it incorrectly.

Laning Phase Back to Top

Azir's laning phase is pretty weak, as he is very item dependent. Your main goal is to farm and farm like mad, as Azir is item dependent and obviously the faster you get the items the faster you get to Azir's powerspikes and late game. However Azir's poke is pretty strong starting at level 2 and on, and getting thunderlords procs can be pretty huge. In between csing you should be trying to proc your thunderlords.


Trading with Azir consists of using the trading combo to proc thunderlords. The ideal trade is you completely outranging the enemy and getting free autos+thunderlords off them. Once the trading combo is use it is mostly recommended to back off as the creeps will aggro you and you must deaggro. However, never lose cs to trade, it will never be worth it as Azir's farm is the most important of all. Try not to force trades unless you have a significant advantage(Cooldowns, minions etc. all differs on matchup).

Azir's Level 1-2

Azir's level 1 and 2 are pretty weak, his level 1 being the weakest. Level one you want to farm and do nothing but farm and avoid trading, as you have a pretty short ranged weak auto attack that will proc the creep aggro when the enemy is hit. Just farm to level 2. Once level 2 you can try to proc thunderlords but be careful against certain matchups that can easily outtrade you. Above all, try as hard as possible not to miss CS.

Azir's Level 3-5

Azir's level 3 thru 5 are also relatively weak compared to other mid laners, but he can still be a pretty relevant lane bully in certain match ups that he outranges. Again, farming is top priority in order for you to get to your power spikes ASAP. but once you have all your abilities, you can begin to poke with your poke combo, but don't miss cs to do so. Be very considerate in your mana, as spamming W and Q is extremely mana intensive in the early game, with your W Q costing 110 mana of your fragile ~400 mana pool. Try to trade around your thunderlords cooldown that way you can get the most out of your mana every trade, and be conservative of your mana when trading.

Azir's Level 6

Azir's level 6 is actually pretty big, with his ult doing a decent 150 damage at rank 1. If you have done many successful trades in the early levels, you can all in with your all-in/shurima shuffle combo. It can take a lot of games to know your damage on Azir at level 6, as it is hard to calculate the damage. The ideal all-in is to ult the enemy into your tower and force them to flash out or die, however if the enemy is at 40-50% hp your all in combo can easily kill them with one or two soldier autos afterwards. If the enemy is not killable, then continue to farm. At level 6, you can begin to shove the enemy in and look for a roam, farm your raptors, or even farm their raptors if you can do it safely. Azir's level 6 roam is pretty nice, not compareable to other mid laners but it can definitely net you a kill if you can do a successful shurima shuffle. However, I do not recommend roaming unless you know you can net a kill, because unsuccessful roams on Azir are detrimental, as getting behind on Azir is scary if you wish to carry due to his item dependency.

Farming in the Lane Phase Back to Top

Farming in the lane phase consists of a few things
1.) Hard shoving and backing off.
2.) Freezing and farming and harassing.
3.) Evening the wave and farming.
The match-up determines which course you take, as well as where the enemy jungler is.
-Hard shoving is good against enemies who can't wave clear or wish to aggressively trade with you, that way they are forced to use spells/resources to farm the minions which in turn will not be used on you. 7.png is a good example for this one. However this can easily backfire if you cannot push the wave fast enough and it freeze at the enemy's tower, and the jungler gets free reign over your lane. Attackspeed marks allow you to push fast enough though. To hard shove clear the caster minions with the caster minion clear trick and then auto the melee minions until they die.
-Freezing and farming and harassing works well against enemies who have no waveclear AND you can harass them well. 105.png is a good example. Since he both has no waveclear to stop your freeze AND he is melee so he takes a lot of harrass from your soldiers, freezing early against fizz is a good option. To freeze, do not hit the minions unless you last hit them, also do not harrass the enemy laner unless you know the lane will still push towards you after taking creep aggro(can only harrass if the enemy has hit the minions).
-Evening the wave and farming is a good option against mages that have wave clear but do not wish to directly trade with you. 161.png is a good example. To even the wave you push as hard as the enemy pushes. Does Vel'koz use spells to clear the wave? You use soldiers to clear the wave. Does he just auto the minions? Auto against his. Does he not do anything but last hit? Do the same.
-Once you acquire your stinger, you can take raptors with a potion, however I always ask my jungler if I can, and  never do if hes a devourer jungler unless hes holding another lane. DO NOT take raptors until you get your stinger, or else you will take way too much damage from taking it and it will not be worth it.
-To take raptors you must make sure your mid wave is cleared before doing so, or else you run the risk of losing CS.

Farming tips in the lane phase

-Place your soldier next to the line of caster minions in order for the soldier to hit all 3 minions at once to push as fast as possible.
-If you do not want to push, do not use your soldiers as they will innately push the wave when you last hit. Instead just last hit with autos and use soldiers to harrass.
-If you are being zoned by a lane bully(7.png, 91.png) place your soldier at max range to the minion wave and stay very far back and farm like so.

Mid Game Back to Top

    Mid game as Azir is decent compared to other mid laners. Mid game is normally marked when you complete your first item or someone's tier one tower is taken, which will most likely signify someone will be coming into your lane. If you did not first buy Nashor's your mid game will be pretty weak, as without the CDR and attack speed your damage will be hindered. Once you hit mid game, you can begin focusing on farming everything, and can also focus on poking the enemy. With Nashor's complete your poke hits a huge spike with the burst of AP and CDR, as well as your farming greatly increases with the stats Nashor's provides. Once you get Nashor's, you can shove waves infinitely, and then look to roam, siege, or farm jungle. A lot of times I enjoy poking and forcing the enemy to back, and siege the tower or force the enemy jungler to come mid and then go and take his raptors. Taking raptors becomes a piece of cake with Nashor's. Your main goal in the mid game is to shove waves, farm, and take Tier one towers. Shove your wave, poke your laner out, take his tower, roam and take other towers. But to do this, MAKE SURE you will not get engaged on when you roam, whether when you are taking a tower or roaming through the river, as Azir's team fighting capability before two items is pathetic compared to other champions. Your main goal is to continue getting gold as fast as you can to get your items so you can begin teamfighting.

   Once you get two items, Whether your first situational and your Nashor's, or your Nashor's and Rylais, you can begin to teamfight. Knowing your power spikes is crucial to playing Azir as they are extremely noticeable and can be abused very well. Once your Nashor's and Rylais are complete your team fighting power skyrockets, with constant kite/cc with your slowing soldiers, and your extreme DPS with the CDR and attackspeed from your Nashor's, as well as the beefiness the extra hp from the Rylais gives to allow you to tank a bit more.

Farming in the Mid Game Back to Top

Farming in the mid game is very easy if you have a Nashor's. In the mid game you want to push constantly to farm fast and also force the enemy to stay in lane/have minions deal damage to the tower.

Farming tips in the mid game

-Put your soldier next to the caster minion line and hit all of the minions with one auto.

-Once the caster minions are dead, you can q the soldier into the melee minions and clear them, or you can place another soldier.

-If you want to conserve mana or soldiers, just auto the minions as with Nashor's your auto attacks are decent.

-To clear raptors, place your soldier in the middle of all the raptors(can do this over the wall on your own raptors), auto attack to aggro them, then kite backwards while autoing, q the soldier through the raptors(this will most likely kill the small ones) then place a second soldier and finish the big one.

-You can hold someone's lane if they had to back or are roaming if you believe you wont lose anything mid lane by doing so.

Late Game Back to Top

Azir's late game is where he shines. Late game signifies once you can effectively team fight/when baron is a contestable target. I like to say early-late game starts when you get three items, mainly Nashor's, Rylai's and Liandries/Voidstaff/Rabbadons/Zhonyia's. In the late game, you want to group up, siege towers with Azir's massive range and poke, and teamfight with Azir's huge teamfighting powers with items complete. You can put contesting/fighting for Dragons/Baron here as well. You want to continue farming too, trying to take jungle camps as you pass by them when rotating for objectives, and clearing side lanes when they need to be pushed.

Team Fighting Back to Top

Team fighting as Azir is where Azir's skill floor is most clearly seen. Azir needs expert positioning and micromanagement on his soldiers to be effective. An ideal team will look like this;
Azir-ADC Support Frontline ; EnemyFrontline Support Mid-ADC

Fighting Tips

-You want to wait for the initiation, before the initiation you want to be poking with your poke combo, which at this point in the game will easily chunk an adc to 1/2 HP
-Once the initiation starts, you want to sit with your ADC and wack at the frontline with him, peeling with your ult for yourself or your adc if you get dove on.
-Immediately switch targets from the frontline to any Assassin/Diver that is going on you or your ADC
-Immediately switch targets to any core target that is out of position (Rageblade 18.png, 96.png,115.png etc.)
-Focus on killing the frontline if you have a tank-shred build(Nashor's Rylais Liandries Voidstaff) as you will kill tanks and frontliners fast, then you can move onto their backline once the frontline is dead.


Positioning with Azir is a key factor to how the teamfight will go. You need to make sure you have your frontline infront of you at all times. If you find yourself without a frontline infront of you, reposition so there is or disengage.

-If you can, try to wall off choke points in the jungle that way you can hold the choke point with your soldiers.

-If you ever find yourself in the middle of the fight, you are out of position and you must reposition with flash or EQ if no one is blocking you, or else you will most likely die.

-A very good Azir knows how to use baron/dragon pit to their advantage. A good placed wall walling off the baron/dragon pit can wreak havoc on the enemy team. Whehter you wall them into the dragon pit and demolish then from the outside, OR you wall off the baron/dragon pit while you're inside(MAKE SURE THE BARON OR DRAGON IS DEAD OR ELSE YOU WILL TANK) and have a free safe spot for 6 seconds and wail on the enemy team.

Pros/Cons + Win Conditions/How Azir Wins the Game Back to Top

-Extreme DPS
-High skill ceiling
-Extreme range
-Extreme poke
-Siege machine
-Team fight menace
-Late game god
-Extremely Squishy
-Mobility can be canceled
-Weakish early game
-High skill floor
-Semi team reliant
-Item dependant
-Lacks a lot of burst
-Vulnerable to All-ins

Win Conditions

Azir wins the game by teamfighting and sieging. To effectively team fight with Azir you must play around his item power spikes, and also farm very well in order to reach those power spikes ASAP.Azir is also extremely good at sieging due to his long ranged poke with the poke combo, and his fast tower shred with his W and natural attack speed build and W passive.I will often tell my team to stall and wait for my power spikes before grouping and fighting/sieging.

When to Pick Azir

Azir, as I said, wins through teamfighting and sieging. He goes very well with poke/siege comps due to his synergy with them. He also goes extremely well in any comp that can teamfight, wombo combo comps and heavy frontline team comps are good with him as well. However, if my team lacks a frontline I will rarely pick Azir due to me being afraid that I will not have a frontline to team fight around and will get picked or deleted in a fight and be rendered useless.

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