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2 years ago

Azir Statistics for SSG Toxic Mid

Author's performance with Azir compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

7.png is your way to go because it gives you a slight speed up and it is better than barrier in a 2v2 scenario.

1.png if you face a champion with hard CC, a Jungler with hard CC for instance 60.png or even both.

3.png if you face an all in assassin for instance 238.png or 55.png or 105.png etc.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Thunderlord's Decree is your best friend if you really want to play Azir since it makes you a viable champion in lane.

Having 1 point in Meditation and Vampirism can pay off. Many koreans do that.

Precision is always better than Intelligence.

Sorcery is also better than Fury. Just trust me. Probuilds says so as well.

Assassin is pretty much as good as Secret Stash and Runic Affinity. I like going for Assassin because it give me a bit more punch to get through Azir's early game and his lane

You don't have to go Feast since Fresh Blood is also a really strong mastery. I just feel like Feast is too broken. 

Double Edged Sword is more reliant than Bounty Hunter and Battle Trance is kind of shit.

Abilities Back to Top

azirqwrapper.png max is the best option since it lowers the cooldown and you can reposition your azirw.png better. 

It's also the best order for poking.

You can level up azirqwrapper.png twice at the level 2 and 3 but the overall damage you get isn't too decisive and having a safe escape is generally better.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    There is no other choice. There really isn't!

Core Items

    You generally want to get Nashors and Rylais ASAP. You can get Rylais before Nahors if u have an unfortunate back timing.
    YOUR DAMAGE ITEMS: - If you don't really need defensive Items or if you are confident in playing Azir these are the items you definetly want to get. It's usually the better choice to get Void Staff third although you can be greedy and get away with Deathcap if the enemy team doesn't buy MR at all.
    LATE GAME: - Hourglass is probably the best item overall late game. However you could get Ludens if the enemy team has a lot of meelee targets with no real backline dive.

Situational Items

    !!!IMPORTANT!!! If the enemy team has a lot of AP damage and you face an AP mage abyssal is fine to grab early but you kind of have to buy it if you face an AP Assassin. However you should only RUSH Negatrons and finish Abyssal later on!!!!!!!!!!! Since the rework to abyssal its kind of shit to buy early but it will pay out later on. Ludens is an "ok" item to buy if you are really confident in your positioning and the enemy team can't really threaten you. You shouldn't get it before Deathcap and Void though. You should RUSH Seaker's Armguard if you face an AD Assassin or Yasuo because it synergises well with your Scaling Health Seals and you will need it. Trust me. I don't really recommend rushing Hourglass though. It can be helpful if the AD Assassin you face is like 50/0 LOL. The same thing goes for Abyssal. DON'T buy Abyssal instantly. Just stick with Negatrons and continue buying your Core Items.

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You don't really outrange her that much so beware her double ahriorbofdeception.png damage especially her double ahriorbofdeception.png + AA for Thunderlord's Decree. 

This is a really push heavy matchup so don't waste too much mana and don't poke her too much. 

Beware her ahriseduce.png and don't get caught out of position or overextended post 6. You can get 1057.png if you feel like you will need it and you can go 1.png against her ahriseduce.png especially if the have more champs with hard CC or long Snares like 60.png or 25.png.




Her laning is as bad as the laning of 131.png. Therefor you want to bully her. She has nothing to peal of your poke. 

You want to poke for for every CS she goes for.

If you see her going for a specific minion you can place your azirw.png on that minion to AA her at least two times if she goes for that minion. You can then azirqwrapper.png after her and continue to AA her.

Note that her akalismokebomb.png will deny your auto attacks and that she can walk freely while being invisible.

If she akalishadowdance.png onto you just azirr.png her into your tower. It's the same thing as it is with 131.png.

RUSH 1057.png because the only way for her to get into the game except roams is an all in.

Take 3.png if you feel like you will need it. 7.png is also fine though.




Early game you are way stronger than she is. You outrange her, you outdamge and you have way better pushing potential. 

The only thing you have to watch out for is her flashfrost.png frostbite.png Combo because it truly does hurt. You should still be able to outtrade her. 

Since her frostbite.png glacialstorm.png got nerfed you don't have to worry about her instant burst but she can still outdamage you if you don't respect her glacialstorm.png

She is also fairly good at setting up ganks. 

Mid game both champions just clear waves so no action there. 




She will outtrade you early especially when she has her stun up. Only go for azirw.png AA azirqwrapper.png AA when she hasn't got Q and W up. 

You can easily shuffle her since she has no mobility and is fairly squishy. 

She can oneshot you though so beware that. RUSH 1057.pngand go 1.png


Aurelion Sol


He will start aurelionsolw.png at Level 1 so don't trade him too heavily.

Try to always push him in since he can ALWAYS roam.

Harassing hurts him a lot because he won't be able to help his team that much with low life.

You don't have to kill him!!! If you deny his roaming you will outscale him and have bigger impact mid - late game.

Try to azirw.png azirqwrapper.png AA AA him and stay out of his aurelionsolw.png range. 

If he is low life you can go for an all in. His aurelionsolq.png can't be reactivated instantly.

If he gets some kills he can probably 70% you with aurelionsolq.png 3030.png aurelionsolr.png and maybe even kill you with Stormraider's Surge and a few more aurelionsolw.png hits.

Note that he will play in your face early game since that is where he is clearly stronger than you. Try to not get greedy for auto attacks and dodge most of his aurelionsolw.png stars. You should walk inside of him to dodge most of his damage.



63.png is a burst mage with high base stats. Basically that means that you won't have fun laning against him.

His brandw.png is fairly high range and the burn from his passive and Deathfire Touch are enough to deal heavy damage.

Try to max range poke him with azirw.png azirqwrapper.png AA but don't get greedy for more than one auto attack. If you go for more you should always move do make it harder for him to hit you with his brandw.png.

The most important thing though is to dodge his stun. His Comco stuns you and denies you from auto attacking him. Therefor his damage is very quick and also denies your return damage.

If he is 6 always have a minion between you and him. If he hits the brandq.png brande.png  stun he can kill you.

Also you shouldn't fight near allied minions because his brandr.png will spread onto them and deal massive damage. His brandr.png alone can trigger his passive.

If you get ahead he is an easy kill to get but if you every fall behind you should just clear the wave and be somewhere else.



Push her in early but don't get hit by her cassiopeiaq.png post 3-4. She can easily run you down and if you decide to shuffle away you will lose your lane due to mana issues. 

Don't ever get caught out of position just like against 134.png. You have the push and range advantage. Make use of it. 

She will most likely get a CS lead and be stronger than you so don't fight her if you aren't really ahead. Her kit is just way better for skirmishes than yours. 

Try to dodge her cassiopeiar.png by always looking back for a short time when she casts an animation post 6 in a fight.

You can run 3.png to negate her all in potential which is very helpful early. 

Mid game she will probably still catch up due to her 6.png

Try to push her in early and ONLY trade with azirw.png AA azirqwrapper.png AA if you're confident in dodging her cassiopeiaq.png. Otherwise poke her with azirw.png azirqwrapper.png AA AA. 

She can farm with cassiopeiae.png and get mana back but if she decides to trade heavily she will have even more mana issues than you. 

Mid game you just want to push and outroam and make usage of your azirr.png. She hasn't got that much waveclear. 

You can buy 1057.png if you really need it but you don't have to do it. Do it if she is ahead though. 



131.png has a really weak laning phase pre 6 so make sure top bully her and deny CS.

She will try to push you win with her dianaorbs.png so don't trade while she has her shield up.

Note the if she hits all 3 bullets her shield will refresh.

Try to match her push and don't let her farm camps.

Do not let her dianaarc.png you post 6. She will follow up with dianateleport.png and cause heavy damage.

A good 131.png will dianaarc.png your back line minions, dianateleport.png onto them and try to dianavortex.png you towards her to get onto you. Don't stand near a minion which has the nightfall debuff.

RUSH 1057.png and take 3.png to deny the all in. 

If she ever gets onto you, you can azirr.png her back into your tower. She can't get through your azirr.png with her second dianateleport.png.




It's vastly similar to the 105.png matchup but not as hard. You can harass him easier. 

The only thing you have to care about is getting hit by his ekkoq.png two times and his ekkoe.png afterwards. 

He has a lot of burst when he gets his 3145.png and 3152.png but you should be fine. 

Freeze if you can but generally you want to push early. Harassing Ekko under tower is a bit tricky though because he has a lot of chasing potential with his speed ups and slows. I would rather freeze against him and deny a lot of CS. 

You can go 1057.png and you can take 3.png but it's not so important. I would at least go 3.png though.




Early game is really easy. The only thing he can do is dodge your azirqwrapper.png and your ability to use your soldiers since he isn't in range with his fizze.png

Besides that you can push him in, poke him under tower and just overall poke him really heavily. 

You don't want to give him CS easily since it's kind of the same matchup as it is against 238.png

He spikes at 3 and his fizzw.png does insane damage after his rework. 

Post 6 Don't poke him under tower and beware his fizzr.png. The hitbox is just straight up dumb. If you get hit you are most likely dead unless you are full life and you have summoner spells up. 

You can't really shuffle him son don't go for an all in against him when his fizze.png is up. Just poke him. 

Run 3.png and RUSH 1057.pngazirr.png him back when he jumps onto you and uses his fizze.png incautious. You should be fine.



41.png's laning phase is one of the worst there is. You can trade him without having to worry about return damage. Just don't get too cocky and die while getting ganked.

Your soldiers can destroy his barrels which is really broken since their auto attack are instant.

Try to deny him his 3057.png on his first back and continue to poke him down.

You don't want to face a 41.png who has items so bully him all game but don't miss CS.

Note that he has gangplankw.png so don't commit suicide while trying to all in him.




He has everything you have to fear. Poke and all in potential. 

Good 126.png players will go into the fog of war and try to poke you with their Q E.

His Q E Combo will even hit you when you are standing right behind your minions.

If you get lower than 60% Health he can kill you. Try to avoid that.

Try to push early and don't let him abuse your Level 1.

RUSH 3191.png and take 3.png against him. Try to exhaust his jaycetotheskies.png and note that you can azirr.png him after he jumps onto you with his jaycetotheskies.png.

You can also 4.png his jaycetotheskies.png damage which can be really helpful.

Good 126.png will jaycetotheskies.png onto your back line minions if you stand near them to hit you with the damage and especially the slow. He will be able to chase you down from there on.



43.png has a really strong lane and her level scalings are insane. 

Her karmamantra.png karmaq.png will poke you down really easily so make sure to dodge that. 

Note that her karmamantra.png cooldown is reduced when she auto attacks you.

43.png is also one of the few champions that can match your pushing early on so don't underestimate that and end up in a trade against her and 4 additional minions where she snares you with her karmaspiritbind.png.

Her karmamantra.png karmaspiritbind.png heals her on cast and when she snares an enemy so watch out for that when you go for an all in.




Early game is super easy. Treat him like 55.png or 105.png. Dont trade him when he has his nulllance.png shield up. Push him in and harass him under tower. 

Place a lot of deep 3340.png since you will need the more than ever in this matchup. 

The thing with 38.png is that if he ever gets a slight edge he will oneshot you. And if he doesn't he will in 4 seconds lol. 

Don't stay in lane post 6 if you're not really ahead just like against 238.png. RUSH 1057.png and take 3.png



55.png is half broken half useless. She really has potential in SoloQ due to her massive burst and unique champ design with all the katarinaewrapper.pngs. 

Her lane though is really weak especially since 268.png has an easy time against meelee champions. 

Trade her heavily but don't stand in her daggers. Interrupt your Auto Attacks if you have to to not get hit by her spin. She has a huge Level 3 spike and her Level 2 is also really strong if you let her. 

Make sure to have a lot of minions so she can't jump in like a madman. Push her in and punish her like you would do against 105.pngazirr.png her back to interrupt her katarinar.png. She can't really get out of your tower if you are fast enough since she won't get the katarinaewrapper.png reset from her katarinaw.png before she katarinar.pngs. She won't get out of that one. 

You can go 1057.png since the only way she can get into the game is an all in if we don't count in roams. She shouldn't be able to roam that easily when laning against 268.png in the first place. 1057.png is not a must though. Run 3.png to completely fk her lol.




Especially the new 7.png destroyes you in lane. Her new Q is like 13.png's Q and her burst damage is superior. 

She is also a better jouster. 268.png in general is not a good jouster but especially against 7.png or even 105.png and 55.png you lose. Jousting means the speed of the damage dealt. 7.png is an assassin and doesn't really take that much time obviously where as you have to space in several Auto Attacks. She can 100 to 0 you in a shorter time than you can 100 - 0 her. 

RUSH 1057.png and poke her at max range but beware her leblance.png. If you get hit she WILL outtrade you. 

You profit when both of you are full life but she does when both are half life or lower. 

azirewrapper.png her leblancw.png if you get out of position and azirqwrapper.png when she reactivates her leblancw.png or when she doesn't at all. 

You cannot be a Pussy in this matchup. You have to Auto Attack her when you get caught in a trade. Usually though if both of you are equally good you don't want to get caught in one lol. 

You can azirr.png her back and sometimes even interrupt her leblancw.png. If you manage to do that she will be in a sticky situation since she can't instantly reactivate her leblancw.pnganymore. She will most likely take 1-2 tower shots. You should safe your azirqwrapper.png for her second leblancw.png and maybe even go for a kill.




Lissandra is a burst mage with lockdown. She kills you fast. Lissandra is not really good because she simply does not do any damage against tanks. 

Survive lane and you're fine. Push and outroam her but beware her 12.png

You have to take 1.png since her lissandrar.png is super broken when you get ganked and in the late game. She even has a bit of solo kill pressure if you don't respect that and don't take 1.png.




Her early lane is superior. Her luxlightstrikekugel.png range is higher and she can poke you out.

Especially Level 1 you can't really trade with her and she can just E and AA for Thunderlord's Decree.

If you get higher level you can start to harass her and prepare an all in. She is really squishy and can't really do anything against that. 

Her lack of mobility also makes her really vulnerable to ganks especially post 6.

The only thing you have to watch out for is her luxlightbinding.png luxlightstrikekugel.png luxmalicecannon.png.

You can run 1.png but 7.png is also fine.

You don't need 1057.png but if you want to trade heavily or if you feel like she is just better than you it neither will hurt you.

A good way to trade her is to dodge her luxlightstrikekugel.png with a simple shuffle and if she is lower than 70% or if she is poking you under tower to go for an all in.




He has good waveclear and can trade you without being in your range. 

His passive makes it very hard to poke you.

90.png generally speaking has a weak early game but it's better than yours and he has better power spikes with malzaharr.png and 3165.png.

You sometimes have to get 3140.png since his malzaharr.png has no real counter play besides that.

It is also really broken for setting up ganks. He can 4.png malzaharr.png for an easy kill.

His malzaharw.png will hunt you down if you have his malzahare.png so don't get greedy for AA if you will get his malzahare.png. It will outdamage you.

His passive CAN block your azirr.png if you are too fast so wait a little bit after the shuffle before using your azirr.png.




Punish her early by pushing and harassing her under tower. 

She can't really trade you if you dodge her darkbindingmissile.pngs which is really easy. 

She has some burst mid game and can setup ganks really well. 

Take 1.png and you should be fine though. 

Note that her blackshield.png can block your azirr.png so auto attack her a bit before you azirr.png her. That will burn through her shield and you can go for the insec. 



It's a pretty even matchup but she has the edge. You outrange her but she can oneshot you. Have fun with that. 

Try harassing her early.

Wait out her shield and don't waste Thunderlord's Decree.

Don't go for azirw.png AA azirqwrapper.png AA. Rather max range trade her with azirw.png azirqwrapper.png AA AA.

Easy kill post 6 when you and your jungler are on the same page. 

She spikes hard with 6 and 3802.png but she starts too oneshot you with 3165.png and 3020.png.



13.png is broken. Note that before you play out the lane. He has the push advantage early game. 

DON'T fight him when you have a cannon. 13.png spikes HEAVILY when fighting against cannon waves. 

This matchup is fairly easy in comparison to 13.png as a champion since you greatly outrange him. 

Try not to stand near your minions because he can spread his ryzee.png and especially his ryzeq.png after the ryzee.png onto you over minions kind of like 90.png but better. Try to keep the lane even and push when he is oom. You can of course freeze when he is vulnerable to ganks our even a solokill when he is low life. 

Late game 268.png is really good against 13.png especially in teamfights since he won't have an easy time ryzew.png you down. 

Beware his Double ryzee.png ryzeq.png Combo on the minions. He gets a huge shield and a massive speed up to run up to you.

1.png is really helpful if you don't want to get cucked by the very balanced two seconds snare.




GL in Esports. If you find yourself playing vs 134.png as 268.png you have already lost lol. 

Try to perma push and Facebook or Netflix in the meantime. Don't harass her under tower too much, don't trade her in lane don't fight her post 6. 

The only way to kill her is max range poke her with azirw.png azirqwrapper.png AA, NOT azirw.png azirqwrapper.png AA AA. If your jungler ganks and she is out of position you can shuffle her but beware that you dont just run into her. Most 134.png players run 6.png which makes her very hard to punish. She can easily oneshot you while you setup the gank. 

The big thing is that her syndraq.png syndrae.png is almost the same range as your azirqwrapper.png and if you AA her she CAN stun you. If you get stunned especially when she's 6 you will most likely die. 

Her syndraw.png range is also really insanely huge which also slows you down so make sure to not get greedy for Auto Attacks. 

You can run 1.png if the enemy team has more 1 more hard CC or long snare like 60.png or 25.png. If the enemy has a jungler with hard CC like the 60.png you HAVE TO run 1.png in that matchup. Rush 1057.png against her.



163.png has high burst as soon as you get hit by her taliyahwvc.png. You HAVE TO dodge it. Get early 1001.png

It's a really push heavy matchup but you shouldn't fear of poking her. 

Beware the she can hit a minion with her taliyahq.png but still damage you. Don't shuffle into her taliyahe.png since you will get massive damage. Hide behind minions to dodge her taliyahq.png damage and don't let her roam with her taliyahr.png that easily.


Twisted Fate


Super easy since 4.png doesn't have a laning phase. 

Push him in especially post 6. DON'T let him roam easily. Even if he does you can take his tower though lol. 

Take 1.png since his gold card (pickacard.png) will kill you when his jungler ganks you. 1.png is always a must have on a control mage against 4.png



110.png is an AD champion and therefor has a strong early game. He can walk up to you and AA you especially because he starts 2033.png and has more sustain than you have.

Most 110.png will start varuse.png. It gives him good wave clear if he hits you and the minions and has decent cooldown, high range and is easy to hit. 

You really don't want to trade him early. Try to farm it out, get a few items and maybe secure a kill with your azirr.png.

He has really good wave clear mid game since he can charge up one varusq.png as the wave comes in lane and then use one more to kill the wave.

You HAVE to go 1.png against 110.png. His varusr.png is 90% undodgeable and goes through minions. You will be an easy target for his jungler and it can really surprise you in teamfights since it stuns all champions who stand near the initially hit champion after a brief time.

Also poke in general is really strong against 268.png.




Deny him as many CS as possible. Freeze if you can and zone him from experience range if possible.

Trade him heavily and don't hold back. He can't trade with you damage wise. 

You should azirw.png azirqwrapper.png AA AA mid game since his Q starts to hurt in this phase of the game.

45.png can't really do anything if you shuffle him so it should be a free kill if your jungler ganks.

Run 1.png  to not get stunned or just trapped. You could easily die to a gank.

Note that his veigareventhorizon.png interrupts your azirewrapper.png so if you get ganked, walk into his veigareventhorizon.png then 1.png and then shuffle away.

Buy 1057.png if he gets ahead. He will have oneshot potential on you if you get too close.



It's very similar to the 101.png matchup. You don't need to Rush 3006.png though. 161.png has a lot of burst potential with his velkozr.png which can trigger his passive.

You have to dodge his velkoze.png in trades and don't get his by his passive if you don't go for an all in. Don't take unnecessary damage. 

You obviously can interrupt his velkozr.png with your azirr.png which besides the shuffle should be the main way to use it in this matchup. 

Remember that a good 161.png WILL velkozr.png you as soon as you get hit by 2 of his 3 Passive Parts or if you are (70-80)% Health. As soon as you are poked you can't lane against him anymore.




Same with 61.png but he has a way stronger Level 1. That's actually really problematic because your Level 1 is kind of shit to be honest. 

Try to harass max range. Don't let him viktorpowertransfer.png you too often and dodge his viktorpowertransfer.png AA viktordeathray.png Combo.

Try to push him in. 112.png's early game pushing or wave clearing potential is really weak. 

Trade really heavily to deny his 1250 3196.png back. 

It comes down to azirw.png azirqwrapper.png AA AA trades from your side against his max range viktordeathray.png snipes if you play it properly.



268.png has consistent damage which is really good against 8.png but still you neither have the damage nor the mana to really bully him out of lane.

All you have to do is push and roam. 24/7.

Try to be proactive with your azirr.png post 6 and don't even try to poke him unless you have blue buff. Don't waste your mana.

You can freeze early game an threaten him for every CS he is going but other than that he will be fairly safe.




Poke is 268.png's biggest Counter. Well besides 134.png LMAO. Try to dodge as many xeratharcanopulsechargeup.pngs and RUSH 3006.png

Push him in and outroam. You don't want to stay in lane because in the long run you will get poked down and forced base which makes your tower vulnerable. 

You also can't really trade when you are already poked down. His poke also denies your super strong teamfighting since you will die instantly as soon as you get engaged on after being poked down.




He has superior Jousting  but that's about it. I explained what Jousting is in the Leblanc matchup. 

Poke him heavily but always keep one azirw.png charge to escape. 

The only thing you can't do is let him near you. 

His yasuowmovingwall.png blocks your azirqwrapper.png but not the Soldier's Auto Attacks. 

RUSH 3191.png to prevent the all in if you feel uncomfortable and take 3.png. You can azirr.png him back after he yasuorknockupcombow.pngs you and even interrupt his yasuodashwrapper.png when he decides to instantly use his yasuodashwrapper.png after the yasuorknockupcombow.png. Mid game don't overextend since he can use your minions to yasuodashwrapper.png



238.png is considered 268.png's biggest counter which is not really that true because of how weak 238.png is at the moment and 134.png just straight up beating every other Champion at the moment. 

You can azirw.png azirqwrapper.png AA AA him really easily. Go for azirw.png AA azirqwrapper.png AA when you know his zedw.png is down or if you know that he can't really use it or threaten you with an all in. 

Try to poke him under tower and zone him as best as you can. As soon as he gets an edge he WILL oneshot you. 

Run 3.png against him and RUSH 3191.png

Unless you are really ahead you don't really want to sit in lane or in his range. Note that you can push him back and sometimes even into your tower with your azirr.png after he zedr.pngs you.




His poke really hurts you but you are able to beat him. 

Dodge his ziggsq.pngs in the early levels. 

Poke him heavily but don't run in a straight line towards him. He will be able to kite you. 

If you get punished a lot under tower don't fear of just going ham and just shuffle him into your tower. 

Mid game you just want to push and roam since both midlane champions have a lot of wave clear potential.




A good 26.png actually has a strong lane since his zileanq.png really is annoying if he can consistently land it.

It's also near impossible to punish him. He runs 12.png and post 6 he has his chronoshift.png.

Just farm it out. Both champions scale really well.

You can try to make proactive plays on the map with your azirr.png but note that he can always 12.png to join the skirmish. 

In lane the only thing you really have to watch out for is the double zileanq.png. You can get ganked really easily and he can even chase you down and go for a kill if you don't respect his damage. If you dodge his stun you should be fine since he can't really kill you with only poke. 

If he goes for an all in with the self cast timewarp.pngzileanq.pngzileanw.png, enemy cast timewarp.png and then zileanq.png for the stun, you can flash or shuffle his second zileanq.png and go for an all in since he won't have anything left and will lack damage. 

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