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Summoner Spells Back to Top


Heal is good on most control Mage Mid Laners, it works well on Azir, when you don't have to run Cleanse. It allows you to gain a small amount of mobility and restore a small amount of HP, but it can make the difference in a lot of battles.


Cleanse lets you immediately get rid of any CC on you, great for independent peel against enemies, and helps you deal with Mid laners such as 4.png127.png with Hard CC & against Junglers and Support's CC since they will be the ones most likely to gank your lane or aim for you during fights.


Flash is standard on most champions Azir is no exception, allowing you to engage or escape.

You can use flash to get a great engage on the enemies with Azir's ULT azirr.png 
The full Shurima Shuffle combo is azirw.png > azirqwrapper.png > azirewrapper.png > 4.png > azirr.png 

New Runes Back to Top

Summon%20Aerie.png?width=64 Arey gives you more poke damage in lane, and consistent DPS during fights.
Manaflow%20Band.png?width=64 Lets you get free mana for hitting enemies with abilities, is easily stacked since you will be poking your lane opponent quite often.
Celerity.png?width=64 Gain AP for bonus movement speed and get more movement speed, great for basic movement, Azir does has a gap closer, but doesn't want to have to use it on a whim.
Scorch.png?width=64 Scorch + Arey really makes Azir's poke in lane oppressive.
Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=64 Scaling Attack Speed, for free!
Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=64 More damage to low targets, often fights will come down to 1 azirw.png Soldiers attack, you want to be on the winning end of that.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order

azirr.png dot-pattern.png azirqwrapper.png dot-pattern.png azirw.png dot-pattern.png azirewrapper.png

azirpassive.png Passive

Azir can activate on a destroyed ally tower, and summon a temporary tower.

The summoned tower will attack enemies, and all give Azir gold for all killed enemies.
  • You can use this to hold a lane, or as a temporary tower if your Mid lane tower was taken early, it's generally an anti-siege tool.
  • You can also use it when you are pushing down a lane, to have something to kite to if a fight breaks out.

azirqwrapper.png  Conquering Sands

Azir orders his Sand Soldiers to a target location, damaging and slowing all targets they pass through or hit, enemies hit by multiple sand soldiers will be slowed more.
  • Cast for poke in lane
  • Cast to reposition sand Soldiers 
  • Spam during fights for max DPS

azirw.png  Arise!

Passive: Azir gains bonus attack speed 
  • The amount of bonus attack speed is doubled if Azir summons a sand solider while already having 2 on the field.
  • You can hold 2 charges of Arise! 

Active: Azir summoners and untargetable Sand Soldier for 10 seconds
  • Sand Soldiers will attack attack for Azir, dealing AOE damage in a small line through what they are attacking
  • Sand Soldiers damage scale with AP
  • The more Sand Soldiers are attacking the same target the less damage ( damaging reduction goes down the more levels Azir has) 
  • If Sand Soldiers are cast near towers they will disappear sooner. 

azirewrapper.png  Shifting Sands

Azir shields himself and dashes to one of his Sand Soldiers, dealing magic damage to enemies he passes through.
  • Use this to engage onto enemies, or to escape
  • Gain extra distance with a azirw.png dot-pattern.png azirqwrapper.png dot-pattern.png azirewrapper.png combo 
  • You can buffer Q azirqwrapper.png quickly after casting E azirewrapper.png to reposition the sand soldier you are dashing to.

azirr.png Emperor's Divide

Azir pushes nearby enemies away in a target direction, also leaving a wall of soldiers that block enemies trying to dash through, but Azir and his allies can pass through the wall.
Use this in team fights in the well known Shurima Shuffle combo in which you

azirw.png dot-pattern.png azirqwrapper.png dot-pattern.png azirewrapper.png dot-pattern.png azirr.png 

To move yourself into the enemy team, then push them into your team with Azir's ULT 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

1056.png Doran’s Ring is the best starting option for almost every Mid Lane control mage, it offers small amounts of AP, Health, and Mana Regen. That greatly assist Azir in the first stage of the laning phase.
2003.png When you build a Doran’s Ring first item you only get 1 health pot, which should be used a the start of fights, or after you sustain a lot of damage in lane and want to stay.
3340.png A free ward on cooldown offers you safety in lane.

Example Full Build


Every game you want to buy Nashor's Tooth first, it's the core item on Azir, and synergies very well with his kit, the following items add extra damage to his abilities, and the damage and DPS you can do with his sand soldiers azirw.png, you have very strong power spikes after completing Morello's and Deathcap, especially if you get them early. 

3rd item

You always want to build Nashors > Sorc Pen Boots > Morello's, but the 3rd item should most likly be either 3102.png 3089.png 3157.png, the choices have their obvious advantages and disadvantages 

3102.png Banshee's Veil gives you Magic Resist CDR & AP, it is best to get this when ahead and against unavoidable magic damage such as 13.png7.png etc. Don't think of this as a defensive or safe item, if you buy this when terrible far behind you are a fool.
3157.png Zhonya's isn't really for the Armor, even though it offers a lot of it that does help dealing with the enemy ADC's damage in most games, it's mostly for the Active to be able to position yourself very aggressive and make plays you other wise couldn't with out it's active.
3089.png Deathcap is simply damage, and lots of it, and most the time that's all you need, it grealy AMPs all your abilities damage, and keeps scaling with the other AP items you purchase.
Other Items

3116.png Rylais can be ok, you take a hit in damage for some utility and health increase, you should only consider this if you have other fed damage carries on your team.
3041.png If you are that far ahead Mejai lets you push a lead, and gain tons of AP

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Aatrox
  • Cassiopeia
  • Ekko
  • Katarina
  • LeBlanc
  • Lux
  • Malzahar
  • Ryze
  • Syndra
  • Taliyah
  • Twisted Fate
  • Vladimir
  • Xerath
  • Yasuo








Cass has a good level 2-3 all in if she hits you with a Q cassiopeiaq.png run away.

 Cass is very low mobility so getting good ULTs onto her shouldn't be hard.
You can really shut down Cass Mid - Late game by buying 3102.png to negate a ton of her damage.




Ekko can clear waves for free by throwing 2 Qs ekkoq.png at the minion wave. ekkoe.png Ekko's E lets him dash onto a target enemy, so he can dive onto Azir and deal tons of damage if you get into range of him.

Also he will throw W ekkow.png from the fog of war to try and dash in ekkoe.png and stun you, if you expect this it's very hard to get hit by it, but if you aren't mindful of it Ekko can hit you and kill you.

During any all in Ekko will be able to dash back to his shadow with ULT ekkor.png so you kind of have to get through 1 and a half health bar.




Azir has no hard CC to deal with Katarina, you have good early levels since you can poke her during the laning phase, late game though it's very hard to get a good ULT azirr.png onto Katarina since she dashes so much, it's better to play for your own safety.

If Katarina roams push out your lane and don't look to match her roam 99% of the time.

If the Katarina gets super fed, which is bound to happen in lots of games you can still beat her by getting good CC on her, and damaging her while she goes in rather than just strictly kiting and running away. 




Leblanc is a very strong 1v1 champion, she will look to W leblancw.png onto Azir  then land a leblance.png chain, you should make an attempt to dodge the chain, or dash away from it's 2nd part before it roots you. Leblanc will get to freely cast all her abilities if you stand there rooted, buying an early 1033.png helps this matchup a lot.




Lux has very long range, avoid her E luxlightstrikekugel.png poke early by standing away from your minion wave.

Once you are level 6 you can make a play onto the lux with azirr.png 




Malzahar will look to push in the minion wave, you can damage him during this by standing to the side of the minion wave so you don't eat his abilities that he is casting on the wave.

3140.png obviously helps against his ULT, try to get QSS after your first completed item.

You can also cancel Malzahar's ULT with well timed ULT azirr.png to push him away right as he cast ULT on you, cancel his ULT.

You get a good amount of free gold from Malzahar's VOIDLINGS malzaharw.png 




Ryze is very short ranged, it's very hard for Ryze to beat you in lane since you an block his Q ryzeqwrapper.png with minions.

Azir also out ranged Ryze so you can poke him very easily with azirw.pngazirqwrapper.png

azirr.png will push him out of his ULT ryzer.png




Syndra is a high damage control mage, gaining lots of her damage from her Q syndraq.png and ULT  syndrar.png 

Your main threat against Syndra in lane will be her attempting to stun you with syndrae.png by pushing an orb into you, it will damage and stun you if it hits, setting you up for lots of free damage.

After Syndra is level 6 all she has to do is press R syndrar.png on you to deal tons of damage, but if you get a good engage ontor her first she won't be able to setup any other abilities. 




Taliyah can push the minion wave into you without you being able to withstand it, unless you spend your abilities on the minion wave as well.

Early game you can poke her out of lane with good trades with azirw.pngazirqwrapper.png

After Taliyah is level 6, put a ward in lane so you can see if she is looking to roam after pushing out a minion wave, if she roams push your lane, don't look to match her 99% of the time.

taliyahwvc.png Taliyah's main threat in lane is her W in which she will push you into her landing lots of free damage, so avoid this at all cost in lane.


Twisted Fate


Twisted Fate can push the wave for free with pickacard.pngwildcards.png 

Twisted Fate can flash gold card to stun Azir early game at almost any point making it very hard for Azir to play around getting ganked.

Twisted Fate also can Roam to other lanes with his ULT destiny.png, when he does this the biggest mistakes basically every bad mid laner will make is to follow him, by walking all the way down to bot lane, Azir doesn't have the movement speed for that, nor is it worth the time investment, compared to just push out the mid lane and damaging TF's tower during that same time.




Vladimir is currently very strong, he offers a very simple kit that is just healing and dealing damage, you have to abuse the versatility in Azir's kit to really out shine him. 

Even though Vlad heals a lot off his Q vladimirq.png in lane, if he can't Q you he doesn't heal as much, so your WQ poke can add up if he never gets a Q vladimirq.png onto you, this is especially true if he has his passive built up which is the bar under his health bar, when read his Q will be empowered and he will gain bonus movement speed, so always move away from him during that duration. 




Xerath has a very good matchup into Azir, since he out ranged him by a very large range, so he can poke you for free if he plays around his max range, early 1001.png & 2031.png will help you a lot after first back. 

You get a chance to turn the matchup around after level 6 and you gain access to ULT azirr.png pushing Azir into your tower, or jungler will make him an easy kill.




Yasuo is very easy for Azir to deal with, during the early levels simply stand behind your minion wave, every yasuo will attempt to dash into you for early trades, don't entertain these trades just stay behind your minion wave and trade from safety don't walk into him.

The later the game goes the more control you can have over yasuo especially with items such as 3157.png

Make note of any enemy champion that can apply a knockup that Yasuo could ULT off of, it will be very important to avoid those abilities during the late game.

Early Game Back to Top

Azir's main strength over most Mid laners is that he is very strong from level 1 into the Mid game, he can bullies enemies with his azirw.png sand soldiers, without having to use tons of mana to do so, and while doing so you most likely indirectly push the minion wave towards them as well.  

Azir's main poke combo is W azirw.png > Q azirqwrapper.png > Auto attack 

azirqwrapper.png It has a very high range, low mana cost, and very little risk from casting, and after it’s initial damage, you can continue to auto attack with the sand soldier, and hit minions pushing the wave into the enemy laner. So you get long range damage, that also helps you push out the minion wave, and when the minion wave is under the enemies tower you can auto attack them or hit them with more W > Q. 

Every now and then you can get an auto attack on the enemy laner, but you have to ktie minions afterwards, this also pulls the enemy minion wave into you.

After the first 2 waves if you are pushing into the enemy you should ward the opposite side of the enemies jungle based on which buff he started, so if he started red buff ward in his blue side jungle viceversa. Also try to lean to the opposite side of the enemy junglers likely approach, so that you have a good amount of distance away from a gank.

On Azir’s first back you usually have the option to buy 3108.png or 3101.png Fiendish codex will help you deal more damage and cast azirw.pngazirqwrapper.png combo, stinger obviously just gives you more attack speed, which will help you get more attacks in with Sand Soldiers azirw.png, but also when sand soldiers are down you can use the attack speed to auto attack minions, enemy champions, and towers. Buying tier 1 boots 1001.png before completing Nashoor's is fine.

Ideally in the early game you shut down your lane as hard as possible, it’s not Azir’s job to attempt multiple roams to the Top & Bot Lane, Azir is also somewhat weak compared to most Mid laners in early fights in the enemy jungle, Azir shines in full fledge teamfights, so any time you can start or get involved in a bigger team fight you can get more value out of Azir’s kit.

Mid Game Back to Top

Come mid game Azir should still have his Mid lane tower up, and either have taken the enemy Mid lane tower, or taken a good amount of it's HP, either way Azir will primarily still be playing around the Mid lane, and either assist in skirmishes around the Mid lane, or push out his wave and roam with your ally jungle to 4 man the Bot lane would be a likely play.

If you can buy a control ward 2055.png and deny the enemy vision and make sure you aren't walking into enemies when moving into one side of the river it will not only be safer but you will be able to play with 100% information as to if you are walking on vision before roaming, also you may spot out ganks coming your way.

If the Mid game comes down to a stand off in the Mid lane in which both Mid laners are clearing waves and holding their tower and playing defensively, your only way to gain advantage is through winning trades an 1v1ing your opponent laner, receiving assistance from your Top laner, Jungler, or Support roams to either gank and kill the enemy Mid Laner, or to chunk his health, or simply force him off his tower so that you can damage it. When ever these type of plays are being made you can expect the enemies to quickly react and be moving towards you, so keep an eye on the minimap during these plays so that you can play around the information of the enemy champion's movement accordingly.

Azir's ULT azirr.png is very strong in the Mid game as well, you obviously get more value out of it the more champions you can hit with it, using it in a 1v1 is fine, but during teamfight ideally you can push squishy enemy carries into your team with it, or push away diving enemy assassins from you and your ADC. 

With Azir's ULT azirr.png threat and Sand Soldiers azirw.png to zone taking fights around Dragon or Rift Herald is very easy.

Most Mid Laners can have a bigger power spike in burst damage around this time by completing Luden's Echo 3285.png, if they land an ability onto you and get the Luden's proc you will be seriously hurt, you can track it by clicking on them and looking at their stats and the luden's Icon. 

Late Game Back to Top

Late Game Azir is all about teamfights, early to mid game you push in and poke the enemy, and manipulate the enemy team's map movements with your pressure, late game so much will come down to if you and your team can win team fights or not, Azir has such an unfair advantage compared to most mid laners since all his abilities are AOE and continue to deal damage even after initial cast since you can auto attack with Sand Soldiers, even if enemies have magic resist since you have constant DPS you can still whittle them down vs not being able to kill them at all.

Make team fights will start around the Mid lane, Baron, or Dragon so most the time you will be clearing the mid lane minion wave, then moving with your team to either setup in vision 2055.png to attack unsuspecting enemies, this will be a constant back and forth cycle of clearing waves, placing or denying vision, again, and again, and again, basically until there is a misstep that is punished by either team.

If you can pull off the Shurima Shuffle combo consistently you will be much more useful to your team vs an Azir player that can't, the value of moving an entire team into your team late game, will win so many games solely on if you can land a proper Shurima Shuffle or not, that being said don't feel like you're the worst because you missed it, it's very hard to pull off and happens very quickly.

Being a squishy AP Mid laner the enemies will be looking to do the exact same to you, catch you out of position around their vision, and kill you, so the same play that you are trying to make on the enemy, you have to watch out that the enemy isn't trying to make that exact same play onto you.

Azir deals lots of damage very quickly and consistently to objectives such as Dragon, Baron, and Towers, so if the enemy is not there to contest you can quickly take objectives and move onto the next one, with the enemy at a natural disadvantage.

Sand Soldiers Back to Top

azirw.png  Azir's W summons a "Sand Soldier" it is untargetable, and stays in the summoned location until reclocated by Q azirqwrapper.png, a Sand Soldier will auto attack for Azir, dealing AOE damage in a thin line around the enemies auto attacked, this not only extends Azir's auto attack / attacking range, deals bonus damage and deals AOE damage.

Azir can summon multiple Sand Soldiers when multiple sand soldiers hit the same target it will deal 25% damage, so you do get more damage for hitting the same target with multiple Sand Soldiers, but not just double the damage for having multiple soldiers. 

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Wins most lane matchups
  • Huge teamfighting damage and control
  • Ability Power DPS champion


  • Only mobility is in Azir’s Dash azirewrapper.png & 4.png isn’t enough to escape most assassin champions
  • Damage is reliant on soldiers location azirw.png
  • Shutdown by tanks

Sawyer Back to Top


Hi, my name is Sawyer I am 22, I'm going to be the Best North American League of Legends Support player there ever was. I currently write guides for Lolking, coach, and stream on twitch to financially sustain myself.

I believe in the power of Games, and think they will have a great impact on the future.


You can see Challenger Support gameplay live on my Twitch stream ,for the love of god please follow lol.

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$15 per hour coaching or $20 for 2 Hours.

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