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Brand surprisingly need more ms to follow up/harass, that why rylai is such a high win rate item for brand. Only reason why you get Celerity instead of transcendence.

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w is your friend, master hitting w is equal to mastering Brand. W is what make brand viable as support, hit w = win lane, miss w = lose lane.......If you're bad at hitting W don't play brand support.

you can also go w, q, w, e route.

Key: Play mid brand before you play brand support, brand support require you to hit everything.....unless you master brand mid where enemy actually pay attention to what you're doing playing brand support will not be as fun.

1. Be patience, it is your lifeline to winning/losing game.
2. All of your ability proc the passive to let you stun.
3. Your passive have a 4 seconds window, so use one ability wait and see, then shoot.

1. Tour main harass tool, be aggressive level 1 with it, hit 2 = win lane, miss 2 = lose lane...
2. Try to think of it as a leona's ult that you can do constantly.
3. can be use to zone people out.

1. your main first skill into everything in team fight.
2. it is short range so careful
3. you can use it to harass vs short range adc.

1. best use during baron/dragon fight, or when they're trying to kill an allies.
2. try to hit two champ with w before ulting.

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Starting Items

    What I normally get as it help you sustain gold and have extra ap for damage. You can sell spellthief later. probably whne you can't hold it anymore and need space.
    When I know i need extra health, and doesn't care, (work quite well in lower elo)
    When you suck at dodging blitz, leona or thresh........highly not recommended...

Core Items

    Just get this after your 1st back trust me.......
    This will help you be tanky enough to survive and give you an extra slow to help you hit your skill shot. as E or R will proc it and then you can chain it with w.
    when you want to speed up the game, since it can build into a lot of item you can get later.
    upgrade if you're ahead, or after rylai
    pretty much what you want by 25 minutes.
    Not really needed unless you're getting one shot.

Situational Items

    When you need mana and really want to go spamming.
    When you're ahead and have nothing to care for. Usually after liandry or rylai.
    When your team really need a tank....Or enemy have a bs assasin like zed. Get this after your 4 core item.
    When your team have more than 2 ap sources. Chances are that enemy build will build a lot of MR.
    Must buy if you're up against someone like mundo and give the must needed cdr.
    Good vs yi, jax, adc, any champ that require auto attacking to do damage. Offer you good cdr and mana. Recommend only if enemy have like 3 auto attack champ, example: jax, yi + adc.

Your core is 3020_32.png2049_32.png3116_32.png

everything else is an addon and can be use to adapt to your opponent.

enemy comp = leona, mundo, vi
build = rush core > liandry > rylai.

Enemy comp = kha, zed, renekton
build: rush core > zhonya + omen

1. Never ever be inflexible, it is up to you what you're building. Learn to adapt and change your build base on champ and remember to get your core of Sorcery boot and sighstone..
2. always buy giant belt when you're ahead after sorc boot, sighstone, frost fang.
3. your e = easiest way to proc all 3 stack spellthief
4. any spell that hit enemy= proc all 3 stack of spellthief

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You have the longer range and bigger cannon, use it.

Key tip:
1. pay attention to alistar position and keep your distance.
2. never get headbutt backward toward enemy adc
3. if alistar run toward your adc, use eq combo.
4. pay attention to how much your w do, if it is more than you normally do aim for alistar, if not aim for adc.




You have longer rnage than him with W but he can also burst your down.

Key tip.
1. pay attention to your adc position the more spread out you two are the better.
2. if she flash tibber, ult her right away, normally it is an instant kill if you hit your w afterward.
3. if she flash stun your adc, aim for enemy adc, don't bother trying to peel annie off as she already use her full burst combo.
4. be the initiator if yo uahve to, flash > e > q  annie to kill her off.
5. win early level= win lane so harass harass harass.




She have no escape, free W all day.

1. use creep to protect yourself from her hit
2. don't ever go up to her at level 1, her crit will win her the lane. Stay back and use W.
3. once she reach 6 becareful of initiation from ashe's ult.

lane partner.
7/10 She have the slow to help you hit w, and the ult to help you combo. Only issue is that mid/late game she have no escape to peel herself and you have almost zero peel to help her.

Tip: shove lane then ashe spam > brand w = easy combo.

ADC PREFERENCE: Ashe player tend to somewhat want to harass with the passive and engage with ult at level 6. Half of the time just farming though.




He have to roam to be big and have an ult to stop all your damage. However it is situational that he become worthless in a lot of way ;0.

1. if he roam, just go all in on the adc and force him out of cs. 
2. don't be never your adc, else he will stun both of you.
3. don't be near the wall because he can stun with the wall
4. sometime it is not a good idea to go with him on a magical journey because there might be a yordle at the end of it to rape you, it is a scary me...seeing a poppy at the end is scaryyyy




It is a skill matchup, you either hit all your w and get hook trying.....

Key tip.
1. by ward, they help a lot against a blitz.
2. use creep to your advantage.
3. shove early as it will help you a lot against blitz.




he is annoying..... but his adc isn't :)

1. go aggressive aa, what not but try to dodge q ...
2. aim for adc and just zone the adc out of farm.
3. remember level 6 braum is have to be careful. try to stay away from your own adc once braum is level 6 to minimize the ult damage.
4. attack the enemy adc if braum ult your adc.
5. save skill shot when he put up a shield.

Caution: ^ might or might not work depend on who you're up against. If it is lucian + braum lane.....just give up and farm lol.




She have longer range than you, and can dodge your w with her net.

Key tip:
1. pay attention to her q animation, the moment she q, use your w
2. pay attention to her position the closer she is to creep the more likely she will try to harass you or dive you.
3. punish her for trying to aa your adc by w her when she does.

lane partner wise 9/10

ADC PREF: control laning phrase where you poke them down first before going in. pref for enemy to be 1/3 health less than you. But most of the time you just want to zone them out instead of fighting.




Remember your w is a nice airplane killer. At the same time if someone pick corki on your team you say "No" then stare at your monitor until he change.

1. one of the best way to kill corki is to bait his escape move with w when jungler come. your W have a 7 sec CD use it well.
2. never underestimate corki damage potential when he have trinity.......or when he is level 6

Lane partner wise
well....if the Corki is decent once you guys are level 4 you can go all in and kill someone due to Corki and brand bs amount of damages.

ADC pref: versatile so it is depending on the player.




1. when he throw axe, throw your w = win lane.
2. pay attention to his good stun from support = a lot of damage from draven.

Lane partner:
8/10 high damages + high damages = fed draven....too bad you can't ks him :(.

ADC preference: level 1 cheese aggression, help him whether enemy down so he can go ham. HAM HAM HAM because HAM is good.




I hate this lane, so there you have it whether he is your lane mate or your enemy....

1. try your best to just aa ez without getting q.
2. try to aim for support and zone out ez.......
3. e q w is your friend, it is a most effective but costly way to harass ez...

4. he can't dodge you at level 1 so harass him as much as posible with w.
5. after level 1 use e to start your combo ;0.

Lane partner wise:
1/10......No damage... no presence....he is just there to just ignore him......and roam.....let him rot in hell.....until he give up playing ez.......

But really if the ez is good it is a 8/10.....but.....most ez farm......and farm....and farm....

ADC preference: make it easier for him to land shot force them out of the creep. Pretty much never all in unless enemy is like 1/2 health.




1. ward the bush if you can see him and keep range and dodge stuff, you will win lane.
2. don't harass him, go for his adc instead, unless he is really out of position that you can w >q .
3. level 6 gragas = risky because he can just ult you toward his allies. Keep a huge distance.




He is a decent matchup that is more skill base than anything, if you can guess where he will use his escape move you can hit you w even if he dodge.

1. aim directly on top of him to see how he respond then change your w projectory from there.
2. if all else fail, e q is fun.
3. He is painful at level 6....especially when he is lane with leona.
4. start e and e him level 1 you will win trade and offer lane pressure.

Lane partner wise:
5/10 he doesn't have the range but once he reach 6, brand x grave sound nice :).
Tip: grind to level 6....




GG janna op.....

1. aim for her
2. she is weak.
3. aim for her until she die
4. peel? no problem, aim for her.
5. make her use her shield on her.
6. you get the idea.




No escape move = gg.

1. pay attention to those little trap..... if she put it behind you, it is a sign a gank is coming.
2. keep your distance and hammer her with w.

Lane partner
10/10 she is your perfect partner, her craziness combine with your craziness = fun ass lane.
1. e q > trap = gg
2. trap > e q > brand  and jinx ult = gg

ADC preference: farm and harass with q.




annoying to target with q.

1. burn first > flash q 
2. when she is out of range of minion, harass her, she can't dodge as well if she can't aa.
3. w after she aa, because like draven, she will be in the same location for a while(1 sec).
4. she is surprisingly easy to hit before she get her first item, just let her auto attack first then w.

laning partner: 5/10

pre 6: depressing, she offer almost nothing except q and require a lot of coordination.....she is like ez; 0.....except ez have all in and q...she have....conditional q.....

1. Try to work together to land aa together.
2. kalista's ult > r q work quite well.
3.  expect the unexpect ult and screw you over.




She is annoying to deal with.
1. try to dodge her q else you will get shit on. (you can dodge and w afterward)
2. she will out damage you early if she hit you.
3. don't get bait by shield.
4. break the chain by walking away, if she chase w > q




harass her = gg she is meh as support.




He is worthless.......don't pick him....

1. there is no tip....if you're decent you can kill him.....just remember when he die run like the wind then taunt him when he can't reach you, that is how to cure the cancer that kog'maw is in.

1. at level 6, he can hurt....a keep moving.

lane partner.
3/10, he is better than ez in every way because unlike ez, he will bait enemy support/adc firepower which let you carry as brand support. Don't take my word for it just remember don't tell him that.




second counter to brand support....out of leona...

1. keep distance and let your e q fly....


Lee Sin


Obsolete, used to be op as fuck due to the high burst, now it is just a shadow of itself.

1. Aim for adc, it is freaking hard to hit a lee sin if he is decent.
2. try to stay behind creep.
3. be careful for level 6 all in.

4. tip from the comment: e q if he q you.




Your hard counter, ban her......the only champ that completely destroy you without trying ( if she hit her ksil shot) So dodge them :)

1. shove the lane and harass, if you win level 1 you win the game, if you can't harass leona+adc out of lane or get them to half life....have fun..
2. if all else fail, just pussy your way and buy a lot of ward, roam if you have to.
3. you can't peel a leona so......aim for their adc it might be worthwhile if your adc know how to run like a pussy.
4. Believe it or not, your job in the lane against leona is to use your adc as shield and let him bait the leona combo, the moment she go all in on your adc, aim for enemy adc, that why the enemy adc can't proc the leona passive. But that is only viable if you're having an advantage. (or just dodge it )




Skill matchup, same as grave....Except Luci can dodge your w....and f you over lol.

1. shove, the more mana he spend pushing back lane, the less mana he have using it on you.
2. try to not spam w, as he can easily dodge it.
3. instead spam it on support :).
4. he isn't what he used to be, just auto attack him and try to not to walk into his q( which align opposite of him and the the minion)

5. start E, go in and press e on him as he try to take cs.

lane partner.
7/10, he have the burst and harass that you want as a brand partner in crime. His ult will minions and let you ult ;0. Due to recent patch 4.12, he doesn't offer the cover fire he used to, still bursty.....if only he have a senna would make more sense :(.

Lane Pref: harass, and let him do his all in. you want him to use his e aa > q aa combo.




Surprisingly hard due to her ms boost, if she do it right your w is worhtless.

Difficult when her partner can harass you, medium if her partner is easy to hit, imposible if it is cait/lulu lane (play defensive until level 6)

1. aim for her and hope her adc isn't cait.....
2. e q > w when she is in bush = gg.
3. WARNING: if she doesn't take a lot of damage from level 2 w it mean she run defensive rune, then.....just aim for her adc.....
4. WARNING: if she hurt like hell, don't trade with her as she is probably running 21-9-0, aim for her adc and try to keep a distance.




Skill Matchup

1. she counter you in mid lane but at bot lane, you can abuse her adc :).
2. she will try hard to go hard on you, it is a sign to run and just leave behind a w then q in.




he just throw q at all you er hit him with auto and use your spell on adc.


Miss Fortune


annoying whne passive is up, easy if passive is down. Cait + brand lane shut her down completely.

1. preserve your mana and eqw
2. try to ask your adc to aa the mf first so that the passive go down
3. she is impossible to hit with w alone when she have her passive.

lane partner
10/10, Due to the change in patch 4.5? everything MF do work with you, her slow is better, she can harass with you without dying, and her ult will clear the wave to let you do a 2 man ult at level 6.

ADC pref: harass constantly and keep support away from her.




Her shield counter you completely

1.try to do e w q combo
2. or max q first instead of the usual w.




Dodge prison, hit w = win lane.

1. dodge her prison and always keep the bush ward.
2. get mana regen
3. maybe even ms quinn
4. when she try to use heal to harass, w her.

1. if you see 3 orb around her, it mean she have slow and you should just disengage or use e q combo......her slow with prison combo is quite easy to hit........




Just don't get in his range for e and don't get hit by q and you will be golden.

1. you can easily hit your w on him since he is slow.......very very slow.....
2. save your e to burst his w down.
3. if he hook you, e q the enemy adc.
4. remember to stay behind minion.




Her shield > your stun . her level 1 = harss as much as you can, level 2-rest, use e to harss instead of regular w.

1. bait her shield if you can, don't use w to harass her when her shield is up, instead aim for support.
2. you can bait her by e then wait, if she is trigger happy she will press shield. Alternatively, you can go up close and do your combo.

Lane partner:
5/10, ask her to get w first and just shove, no creep = easy w q combo or e q combo...

1. the shover, help her shove creep into tower.
2. the harass them from afar tactic.




GG sona...old sona =get shit on by brand, new sona = i don't even know what to say.

4.13 sona = try to harass only one target if position and if she try to harass you, try to be in space so you can do your burst combo( e, q, w).

Caution: sona level 1 does ridiculous amount of damage and will probably 1/2 you with the distance............and put that little pillar up know what i mean :).
2. her q give extra damage to both herself and her ad, so try to place yourself in a distance where you can hit one person but only one of the enemy team can attack you.
3. her w now give her shield so try to be patience if she heal.




she is annoying but it is not as hard as before.

1. aim for her, her heal = hurt her and she can't heal herself.
2. run out of her silence
3. dodge her q, it heal her.




Worthless vs brand, brand > syndra

lane partner wise:
if she is support and you're apc bot lane = gg enemy combo!!!!!!!




Brand > taric

brand w > taric stun
brand range > taric shatter
heal taric = worthless
e q > a taric running at you
gg enemy adc.

any more tip needed?




This is a fun lane matchup and require a lot of skill from both side.

1. never try to ward bush when thresh is mia, stay near creep and push then ward when you see him walk out.
2. pay attention to lantern if he throw it back it is a sign to get out of there. Lantern > jungle gank = op.
3. your range is actually longer than his.....aa and run..
4. harass his adc, as most likely he is tank thresh.
5. stay behind the minion and harass.

1. hook > your eq combo, and will still stun you even if he is stun during the hook.
2. lantern can be block by standing on it.
3. you can dodge fray by moving side to side. most thresh is only good at hitting fray when target is moving in a straight line.




Her dodge animation isn't fast so you pretty much spam her with w.

1. w
2. aa
3. shove at level 1
4. laugh at the poor trist

1. level 6 is scary, she can do about 500 damages burst on you and probably 2 be warn.

2. if she e you, run away until it finish counting down.

Lane partner
10/10 this is one of those fun lane combo that can burst down any adc at level 6, as long as you land your stun of course ;0.

ADC pref: farm farm farm or jump jump jump...




easy champ to kill in lane, but he doe shit load of damage at level 1.

Warning!!!: trading level 1 vs twitch is want to stay in range and just stop him

Lanemate: 8/10
boring champ to partner with, level 1 = win/lose game, you can either snowball and just dominate level 1 with twitch bs level 1 damage or you can lose miserably.

ADC pref: help him get shitload of kill by spaming w early and if he is good will get kill off of it, if you hit those w that is. Other than that, he just want to farm and be a ninja once he buy and get back to lane invisible.




Not bad champ to lane with but easy champ to kill.

1. pay attention to his q charge and w when he q
2. his range is bad abuse it...
3. careful when he is 6.

Lane partner:
7/10 his slow = easy w and combo, add in his ult and you ahve yourself a nice combo. The only issue is the range is somewhat lacking.

ADC preference: he want to harass with q and farm until he is ready to go all in, so be patience.




A good vayne will slaughter you 1v2 at level 6. 

1. remember to be patience with your stun and W when vayne is level 6. One tumble when ulted = disapear and you will waste your combo.
2. keep your distance and harass like crazy pre 6.
3. it is most likely gg if your lane mate is cait or any harss champ and your jungler know that they will gank bot lane.
4. start e > q > w it is the most efficient way to deal with him. Go in and e him as he auto at level 1.

1. wall is bad, she can tumble > condemn you.

lane mate
8/10 there is this weird synergy with vayne where brand will bait everything that enemy will throw at your adc.....if your vayne is offensive minded he will take advantage of if your adc just want to farm though because it will become 1/10 for you.

ADC preference: two route
1. farm like a bitch until level 6 or until they buy ( not what you want)
2. aggressive and will trade aa and react to enemy mistake. ( perfect for brand)




One snare and you're dead... and she can summon little tree things that attack you and hurt you.

1. if she plant a tree, be in a position where she can't snare and activate her tree.
2. level 6 = spread out because she want to hit both of you with r and q combo.
3. initiate on her if possible.... because she does more than the adc.

TL DR Back to Top

TLDR of why you should play brand *cough*because that section is a joke*Cough*
1. Ton of damage
2. Decent 2 sec stun if you hit it.......
3. Can carry the game as a support.
4. Your peeling = killing, repeat after me "killllllllllinnnnggg"

1. Hard to land skillshot.
2. Not a support for beginner.
3. You won't be helping team with support item such as locket (though banner of command serve similiar role)
4. You can't feel as good as meta champ like nami, thresh and janna.

TLDR of rule of playing brand:
1. Word from a friend of mine : "GET GOOD"
2. Get sighstone and a support...
3. kill stuff

TLDR of when to play brand
1. if you think you're going to die don't pick brand
2. if you think you can beat them pick brand.

TLDR of brand in teamfight
1. flash > r >q > w >e enemy carry
2. peel
3. play like an apc

TLDR general rule of vision
1. At this point, you should just go read it...because I forgot what I wrote and is too lazy to scroll down.....

Combo List. Back to Top

Due to the new change, this might be invalid but the key to the new passive is 3 spell. Most of the time, the best way to start a fight is r q and then w after for maximum damage. the new passive literally turn brand into a secondary engage now.... So no more flash w q combo :(, instead you get to chill and wait enemy team to get close or your team to engage.

Harass combo:

auto (if possible) > e> auto if they're in range.

auto(if possible) > w: good vs short range no escape (or when their escape is on cd)

q : when you just have full mana and have to use a spell and they're too annoying to hit with w and too far for e. Last option.

e > w : this actually does a lot of damage, good when they're behind minion and you can't q them. They really have to be slow at reaction( below g3....probably) to get hit by this...... Or you're just good :) (if you're at this level, teach me the way my friend :)


How to harass/orb walk: get in range > attack+move command  on target >animation happen> see fireball > right click at a terrain behind your character(if you're doing 1 hit harass)/right click at the terrain in front of character(if you're chasing target and have an advantage) > aim your mouse in another direction( this will help you dodge after aa)

E > Q : your go to stun/peel combo.
Tip: try to wait and be patience with your q, aim for shoot..... if you're short range try to do it fast as it is normally 100% hit rate.

E> Q > W: your main combo to kill,  remember to follow EQ combo tip.

W >R : the moment you hit two champ with w, use R as it will be a sure way to hit your full R damages on champions.

W > E: your clear wave combo, use only when you have to clear wave fast and get back to your team.


Flash > E > Q : the easier to hit your full stun, try to flash close but far enough for you to aim perfectly (require practice)

Flash > W: flash to a no vision area and then W, chances are they won't react in time to dodge your W
Tip: only use when you know you can kill or help get a kill.

Flash > R  > e > w >q  : the ultimate combo, if you land this you will surely win a team fight as it will kill most adc/apc/support.
TIP: pay attention to cluster, the more cluster they're the better. It is best use in close quarter such as jungle fight, dragon pit and baron pit.

W > Q: harder to do than e q but in small area you can hit it and work it.

E>right click forward > aa > rigth click forward > q > w >right click forward> aa : this combo is easy to land if you know how to cancel movement, and will maximize brand full damages protential.

W > flash q > move forward> aa > e > w: this is surprisingly easy if you land your w. and they're running. 

When you have rylai:
e > w > q  : with rylaid enemy champ will get slow by e which make W easier to land which in turn let you q afterward, it is a late game combo, but if you can hit it without rylai then all the power to you.

q or e: just to slow target, they're easier than w.

Very Advance and Most Likely Situational:

1.when your own minion is about to die and enemy adc try to cs it:      try to aa enemy > w.      This is a nice combo because it manipulate enemy into either running back or forward( depend on their personality) and make it easier to w, it also boost your damage by 1 aa instead of the regular w to harass.

2. when enemy support and adc are close to each other and trying to lich exp without aa: w in front yet have the target inside of it (if the situation is right, this will force enemy to back away from minions but due to their close proximinity make it easier to land ult) flash+ult+q combo.

3. E > aa > aa > aa  :This is a weird way to harass but it work quite well when enemy is thinking you will q them after e and why try to side step instead of backing or aa back. It is essentially e to bait then aa to harass.

4. suicidal flash combo: late game when you have 6th items or when you're bore or when you know you can one shot a priority target. FLASH > R > W > Q > your gold item active > exhaust another priority target in range or whoever>run like the wind..........
this trick will make the game chaotic and will make it 4v5 with them trying to kill afterward. If you do it correctly the priority target is dead.....

When to pick Brand and When not to pick. Back to Top

When to pick brand.

1. When your team need shitload of damage in support position.

2. When enemy team have a huge front line that can be kite, example: Nasus, renekton.

3. When your team have ad mid, ad top, and ad jungle.

4. When you have a tank/initiator in jungle or top position.

When not to pick brand.

1. when you're picking into your counter such as Morgana and Sivir lane.

2. When your team have no cc.......

3. When your team have no initiator.

4. When you have an Ezreal......fuck him...

5. When enemy have 2 or more assasssin champ.

Brand in lane Back to Top

level 1: Try to be aggressive, it is fun and teach you how to dodge when in a rush.
Tip: learn to dodge everything as brand, your cast time is quite fast so you can cast w then dodge at the same time.
remember not to hit creeps too much as you don't want to push.

level 2-5: harass with w to proc spellthief, use q or e if you have to.
TIp: always keep enough mana for a e q combo. And try to keep side bush warded, back the moment you have 800 for a sighstone. Also your burst is quite high so you can actually kill people at this stage.

level  6-up:
1. R = best counter to gank, save it until they're alone with no creeps.
2. ward dragon, tribush and far side bush.
3. look at map constantly and move to where to fight is.
4. you can one shot people by yourself if you're ahead.

Tip for using Pillar of Flame(W) Back to Top

When to use Pillar of Flame (your W)
1. when the target you're aiming for is doing something or have something in his mind.
2. when the target is csing.
3. when the target is winding up to cast a spell, example: Jinx's slow, Cait's Q, Lucian Q, Thresh Q
4. when the target have to run away, W will act to make him turn, stop or take the whole w damages.
5. when the target is trying to kill someone..
6. when the target is slow by rylai or stun by e q combo.
7. when you're about to die......just spam everything........
8. when you're running away, throw it behind you but not too far away from you..

When to not use Pillar of Flame
1. When the target have nothing in his mind and just waking back and forth.
2. When the target is Lucian/Vayne/Ezreal or any champion that can dodge fast,  it is better to slow with e when you have rylai or e q combo.
3. When you have a chance of running away.

Trading technique with Pillar of Flame
1. hit the W.
2. When ahead, go up and aa then w. normally they will be moving away from you for an easy w.
3. *early level* w behind them a bit , then walk up and aa < have to do this at the same time..... they will either take the w or you get a free aa.
4. passve > w = deal the most damage so be creative with your other spell.
Example: flash ult > w with rylai, then follow it with e q > w while they're running away.

Brand in team fight Back to Top

1. Survive through the whole team fight, the more you're in the team fight the more damage you will do with w.
2. pay attention to your team cc
example: orianna = save w and use it when she ult
3. protect your adc/apc
4. kill enemy initiator unless enemy adc/apc is out of position.
5. use your ult.....

e > q combo is your friend. try to aim for all in champ first. Yi/zed/others assassin > tanky champ> long range out of range champ

1. keep your aa range between enemy and you that way you can have room to dodge and run away.
2. flash out of cc that can stun you more than 1 second.
3. calculate your team/enemy damage.

4. be a ninja, hide behind wall, be invisible in the bush, just be an apc....

Using ult:
1. use during baron/dragon/beginning of team fight. The chaos = cause enemy to spread out and get pick on.
2. flash for a two man ult if you have to :).

Choosing a target:
Priority: easy to hit adc/apc such as jinx > whoever in front of your adc/apc that doesn't have a dodge skill > whoever in front of your adc/apc > squishy support > tank > hard to hit champ(zed, yi, vayne cahmp that can escape your skill shot, in this case use your item or e first if you have rylai then use your combo)

Rule for Brand support. Back to Top

This is almost all the rule to master brand, just do each one little by little until you memorize it :).

1. Play brand mid at least 10 -15 games before you even try brand support....if you can't even land w or e q mid. it is hard to play as brand support.

2. Practice landing w and you will win every game

3. Remember to play the support role.....ksing is nice and all but you're still a support. That mean, buy Sighstone, sweeper, vision ward, peel for your adc, and keep a q range from your adc.
TIP: the best way to peel is to do e q when enemy initate on your teamate that mean don't ever can't peel if you're getting initiate on.

4. Never ks from adc that need it such as vayne, draven and ez.....they need that early gold to get going.

5. Your secondary role is apc so don't die and play like a mid champ that peel for your adc. Your role in the team fight is actually a tank shredder/counter initiator which is essentially peeling your adc.....
TIP: you can easily sneak in a stun after your teamate go in due to the chaos of the situation.

6. Don't try to be a hero and initiate, unless you know your ult can hit 2 person and you can hand your combo without dying, don't try.

7. Learn to be patience, spamming your spell is the last thing you want to do as brand.

8.  Don't be shy though, if you can hit enemy apc or adc and one shot them, all the power to you.

9. KS your ADC, it benefit the team more than you think. Only do it when rule #4 is wrong.

10. use quick cast!!!! It make brand so much easier.

11. Learn the art of dodging: One hook, one snare, one stun or one zeneth blade and you will be dead, so learn how to dodge :).

Tip: play all the champion that you see at bot lane at least twice, you will get a better feel on their cd, their range, and their spell animation delay which make it easier to dodge.

12. Be ready to die for your ADC, that doesn't mean go up to enemy and die but try to lure as much attention as possible to you.

Tip: try to stay in range of enemy skill shot but far enough that you can dodge, do the same thing for adc attack range. The only exception is to certain champion such as blitz that can displace you when hit or can all in you such as leona. But hey if you can dodge it all, go ahead, show them your manliness and bait them into using everything on you :).

13. Auto attack, you see that lucian attacking your adc? aa him, you see that zyra casting spell and you dodge it? aa her. You see that 50 hp ez and your adc is around you? aa him :).

P.S. there are a lot of guide everywhere on how to land brand skill, and youtube so google :). This guide is for those that already somewhat similar with brand in general.......And is similar with the support role and know where to ward and what not....

Also if you have any suggestion on how to improve this guide or brand support in general feel free to comment.

What you should do base on elo. Back to Top


1. know how to use your ability and just kill enemy carry with your damages. If you hit half of your skill shot, it should be enough.
2. you can even split push with brand if you're ahead..........

1. know how to use your ability. 
2. Learn to ward
3. learn when you can kill people with your combo.

1. learn to ward.......................
2. hit skillshot
3. learn the matchup because it matter in this elo.

1. know when to push and when to freeze.
2. Know what the enemy team can do and what your team can do. Power spike wise.
3. Learn to ward.....really at this point if you don't know where they're warding and where you have to shouldn't be here as a support....
4. Hit 75% of your skill shot.
5. Know what your adc want to do.......hard but learn this...

no clue...ask a diamond main.

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