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4 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top


Recently I've been more inclined on using Teleport for better laning and map pressure, so I switched places between Ghost and Teleport in this guide. 


Flash is basically a mantadory summoner spell on everyone, especially for mages with no reliable escapes. It can ( and will ! ) save your life if you are being ganked or if you quickly need to leave a teamfight. Also helps to catch up to your enemy to finish them off, but don't just waste it to secure a kill unless you really need to, as you will be left vulnerable to engages for the next 5 minutes.


Will help finish off your enemies after you burst them down with your entire kit. 
The most popular summoner spell on Brand. The Griveous Wounds passive Ignite provides renders all healing half as useful on it's target. Sometimes it is not necessary to use this spell if you are sure you won't really need it to kill your opponent, so use it wisely. 


Will help you live through burst which is hard to avoid. I highly prefer to take this spell on Brand now for more teamfight survivability where Brand shines the most, since he doesn't really need Ignite to finish off his enemies anyway. If you are dying, it can save you precious seconds to just throw everything you have on your enemies and hope that someone dies from your blowout. It also helps to survive ganks and live through a heavy trade.

You can take to put more pressure around the map or to return to lane ASAP if you are in a hard matchup so that you lose minimum CS. Taking this summoner makes you kinda vulnerable in fights as you lose on 21.png defense and your only means of survival is going to be Flash exclusively. However if you are sure you can take the most out of Teleport, take it undoubtedly.




Having Ghost as a secondary escape summoner spell is quite useful, it has lesser cooldown than Flash and works well against ganks and ambushes. Also great for teamfight positioning/kiting. Ghost covers more distance than Flash and can be used to catch up on someone who just tried to Flash away. Unfortunately Ghost takes 2 seconds to ramp up to its fullest. Time it correctly or it might be just a little bit too late for you to get what you want from movement enhancing effect. 


In rare occasions it's better to drop other summoners in favor of Cleanse if enemy team has a lot of stuns/immobilizing effects or your enemy midlaner provides tons of CC which can screw you over(e.g. Lissandra).  Having Cleanse also means you are less vulnerable to CC-oriented ganks or any CC you might get caught in during the late game whatsoever which can cost you and your team entire match 

New Runes Back to Top

231.pngRunes Update

Runes have been forged with masteries together. What does this mean for Brand, and particularly, for Mid Brand?

- Lost early magic penetration runes

- Lost option to use movement speed quints

- Lost DFT

Early mpen loss hit the hardest here. You could harass enemy midlaner out really early into laning phase if you wanted to,now it takes a bit more effort. But on the bright side:

- Gained FREE mana refund on any spell periodically

- Gained "Summon Aery" and "Arcane Comet" as damage options

- No more MR runes means less resistances during early game

SInce noone can use MR runes now, this kind of compensates for the loss of early MPen.



This is the rune page I currently use and recommend taking on Brand for majority of the time. Below are reasonings for every rune that is set in this particular setup. It will be periodically updated as changes to new runes come and go.

For your main rune tree path, choose Sorcery
For Secondary tree path, go Inspiration. Domination and Precision are suboptimal in my opinion
Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32Acrane Comet: Primary Rune. It's great for better AoE splash damage, scales well into late game but has a major downside: it can be dodged. Early on this matters somewhat whereas later after you aquire 3116.png you're basically guaranteed to land it most of the time. During teamfights everyone is too busy to even think about dodging something as Comet, which contributes to negating it's downside too. Reducing it's cooldown on Brand is easy: you have AoE brandw.png, single-target spells brandr.pngbrande.png and to add to that, every spell hit apllies DoT brandpassive.png. During laning, while your opponent is ablaze, Comet might run off cooldown before Blaze effect ends and fly to hit him, which is very unexpected and hard to dodge properly.

Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32Summon Aery: I stopped picking this Rune and favored Arcane Comet as of now, sorry. I suggest you switch to Arcane Comet as well.

Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 Manaflow Band: Brand struggles a bit with his low mana pool. Unless you went into a mana item, when you upgrade your spells further, W and E going to cost more mana and make you exhaust yourself off of mana quickly. Since new mana changes,mages now get lower mana per level which is also an isuue. New Manaflow Band lets you stack mana by harassing enemies which Brand excells at, and gives you a nice bonus when fully stacked. Works great even when combined with a mana item too.

Transcendence.png?width=32 Transcendence: just because I prefer and love Cooldown Reduction on Brand. Other options are decent too,if you wish to take them. Bonus movement speed from Celerity is great for early dodges or you could have more power being full on health. On the other hand Absolute Focus seems clunky, since it's basically useless if you are low, which you will be considering Brand is a squish.

Scorch.png?width=32 Scorch: again, because it provides permanent GUARANTEED damage and is somewhat useful for early harass. Waterwalking is useless while not in river, which you will be often BUT bonus MS is good, synergises a bit with Celerity. Still less reliable than Scorch. Gathering storm is... fine. Except early it gives almost nothing. However it does provide permanent bonus to all your spells and unlike Scorch has no cooldown and scales later into the game better. I still prefer to take Scorch more often than not.

Perfect%20Timing.png?width=32Perfect timing: Comes online at 10 minute-mark. A one-time use stasis effect can save your life. Brand is susceptible to hard engages, this rune helps to prevent that happening once just before buying something defensive. It's selling price is quite negligible so don't do that. If you're dead set on buying 3157.pngZhonya's sometime during the game this rune is close to a must-have.

Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32Cosmic Insight: Pretty straightforward here. Cooldown Reduction is powerful, this Rune adds really nice utility. Having an option to get 45% CDR is great, but just optional in my opinion since it's a bit overkill on CDR for Brand (40% max is enough as is for spamming spells).

Feel free to swap Inspiration Runes as you see fit, since most of them are quite useful regardless of what you pick. However, two runes I would never recommend taking on Brand here are: Approach%20Velocity.png?width=32Hextech%20Flashtraption.png?width=32

Regarding taking Precision Rune tree as secondary: don't.

In recent patches Riot made a change to Precision tree so that it now adds more Attack Speed and less ap in general. Previously I'd take it for Triumph.png?width=32 andPresence%20of%20Mind.png?width=32 or Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32 but now I heavily incline you do NOT pick it as you secondary tree EVER. The better course now is to go Inspiration Secondary


I dismissed the idea of ramping up AP for Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32Comet going into Domination Secondary as I experimented with different builds.
Currently what I'm looking into is taking Minion%20Dematerializer.png?width=32Minion Dematerialiser for better waveclearing. Read more below

Minion%20Dematerializer.png?width=32Minion Dematerialiser: Here's the thing. When it comes to waveclearing as 63.png on mid, it's mediocre. He can kill casters with brandw.pngbrande.png early and later one-shot them with just brandw.png but apart from that, clearing minions on him requires AT LEAST two brandw.pngbrande.png rotations on melee/cannon minions as well as casters. And that costs a TON of mana to do. 
Because of that, usually as 63.png mid you will get pushed under your tower since most mages can effectively waveclear for less mana and force you to farm creeps there. Prime examples being:163.png90.png34.png268.png. This is bad because: 
  1. You lose your oppressive lane pressure 
  2. Your tower constantly takes damage
  3. You can be harassed even while trying to get cs even under your tower and thus you have to use spells to farm under turret effectively
  4. You can't get all the CS and lose potential gold gains
  5. You have to leave lane early thus missing on even more creeps
At first you might not lose much but as you back and back again to reset, these "fallbacks" add up.

As you go higher on ranked ladder, everything above happens often.
So what I've been doing recently is taking Minion%20Dematerializer.png?width=32 and 12.pngto MATCH OR DOMINATE THE PUSH. 
Using Minion%20Dematerializer.png?width=32 on EVERY type of minion makes your waveclearing times better. The damage amp buff applies to all your spells as well as AutoAttacks. Personally I prefer to use most of my charges on melee minions since casters get one-shot later anyway as you build items. 

Benefits this rune provides:
  1. You can ACTUALLY waveclear better with AA's/Spells
  2. You can match your opponent's waveclear, thus missing minimum number of creeps or even none
  3. At level 2, using Minion Dematerialer on a cannon minion after the second wave makes you INSTANTLY level up which can be used to surprisingly all-in your level 2 enemy 
  4. Even if you are still pushed in, last-hitting under turret/killing minions with spells is easier and as such safer
  5. You waste less mana on waveclear since now you need mosly just your brandw.png and AA's instead of brandw.pngbrande.png and more AA's to clear creeps. Also, your spells deal more damage to minions and while they are still ablazed last-hitting them makes some of your mana return to you (brandpassive.pngpassive)
  6. If your laner can't match your fast-push he is forced to farm under turret thus giving you spare time to ward river/roam to sidelanes. Mages whose early waveclear is weak are also going to lose CS:34.png7.png45.png
If you want to read more on the subject of Minion%20Dematerializer.png?width=32, I recommend you to read this article:



More information coming soon. 

Abilities Back to Top

Mentioned above is a standard spell order for 63.png and you should opt for it 100% of the time because it provides the highest amount of damage possible. Previously you could skill up E second for more waveclear purposes but because it's been nerfed both in flat and AP-scaling damage only the skill order mentioned above is recommended.

In rare occasions, you can start with E first, following with Q and W for early control against matchups like 105.png or157.png


brandpassive.png Passive: Blaze

- Applying Blaze to as many targets as possible makes the best use of it as a DoT ability

- A fully stacked Blaze on a champion will burn then for 6% max/HP

- It scales off of enemies' % max health per explosion, ensuring you will be dealing a good portion of damage at any stage of the game

- After exploding, enemy champions are rendered immune to Blaze effect for 4 seconds. Try staggering your spells 
in order to keep the biggest damage output from your passive

- It scales off of AP now, so yeah, stack those flat numbers!

- If an enemy flashes while they have 3 stacks of Blaze applied on them, the bomb will follow them!

- At 6 slots, you can cap it's damage at about 30% per single explosion 

- Dead bodies explode!

- Monsters explode!

- Even Baron explodes!

- Minions, however, do not. Even the Super ones. No free waveclear for you!

- Punish enemy clumpings by stacking your passive on one of their teammates and watch the chain reaction blow them to smithereens!


brandq.png Sear (Q)

- If you are sure/unsure whether you can farm safely in lane with your autoattacks OR if you know enemy jungler's nearby, don't hesitate to farm creeps from a distance with this spell. It's low CD and manacost will make sure you won't be left off of gold.

- You can check bushes with this spell instead of just facecheking them. If you're standing mid and you think that someone is sitting in a side bush, come to the side of your lane and throw sear parallel and through the bush. If someone is there, you will hear a characteric sound of it hitting the enemy (may not work as Sear's range cast is less than the bushes' length).


brandw.png Pillar of Flame (W)

- A surprising Pillar of Flame out of the Fog of War may have a devastating effect on an unaware enemy

- Use this spell to farm creeps when you're being pushed to your tower or when you need to push yourself

- It may scare off a squishy jungler who's attempting to gank you with 60% health

- Using W+Q simultaneously on max ranges results in a consecutive long-range stun. Always. Use it to escape ganks or engages

-Vice-versa, using Q+W on max ranges results in a long-ranged increased burst. Use it to finish off low-health enemies at a distance when you don't need to stun them


brande.png Conflagration (E)

- When trying to harass your opponent,try landing Pillar of Flame on both him and nearby mage creeps first. This will render them Ablaze. Back off a little, pretending you have finished trading and if opponent decides to come back to farm before the Ablaze effect on creeps ends, immediately come closer to Conflagrate those creeps and harass your opponent even more ( Edit: use this option only once or twice during the laning phase because it's flat damage is underwhelming )

- Brand has a fantastic Cannon minion wave waveclear option. When a lane with a big minion comes, render him ablaze with Q , spread the passive with E and then W the entire minion wave.

- Being the most reliable spell among all others in Brand's kit, it is the best way to ablaze your enemy.

- You can actually proc Conflagration while Sear is on it's way to the enemy, ensuring the same stun effect, but with more awesomeness in your actions. Sometimes, it might catch your opponent off-guard.


brandr.png Pyroclasm (R)

- It can bounce to a single target max 3 consecutive times and it will only happen when 2 enemies are standing close together.

- When a teamfight approaches, don't just throw Pyroclasm away instantly like a broken toy. Look for opportunities to land it on enemy carries because that is where it can deal most damage.

- You can bait enemies into clumping together for your ultimate if you have Zhonya's Hourglass. Don't forget to activate it though, like you always do (did I guess it right?)

- The Scuttlecrab which lives down a river is your best friend and serves as a great bounce target which can help you win duels! People never consider his presence when fighting you down the river so if you are willing to kill someone then trap your enemy in the bush while the Scuttie is nearby or lure an enemy down the river until he and Scuttie are close together. I guarantee you nothing is so fun and hilarious than a 3-bounce Scuttlecrab kill!

- You can also perform the trick above with Baron and Dragon when an enemy is trying to solo one of those. Same amount of fun 86.pngteed.

- It now slows and always prioritises champions, making it easier to stack your passive on an enemy midlane opponent if he is around his minions.

- Don't hesitate to use Pyroclasm like an improved version of Conflagration if the latter is on cooldown if you need to stun an enemy with Sear.

- IMPORTANT: There are characters in the game who can completely absorb your Pyroclasm such as 201.png,157.png,114.png and few others. Be very cautious so as to not waste your ultimate into their blocking abilities or you will lose a massive portion of your potential damage.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Common start

Core Items

    Your core items
    Recommended 20% CDR item
    Choose one of these
    Full Build prime example

Situational Items

    Defensive optional items
    Tons of damage

A small note of appreciation for a great item I always liked



3135.png -  If it so happens you see enemies stack Magic Resists (happens usually when your team has 2-3 hard AP damage dealers)  to keep up with the amount of damage you can deal you need this particular item. Otherwise finish it last, since it's not as effective as it was before in general: it only becomes good if your target has around 95< Magic Resist

3285.png  -  I strongly recommend this exact item as a 20% CDR option. It helps immensely with waveclear and provides great AoE damage. It's splash damage aslo procs 3151.png passive. 
You won't be able to effectively use 3030.png active (unless literally 4 enemy champions are melee) since you need to stay at a safe distance to use your spells more often and not die and 3003.png is near impossible to stack effectively as Brand. 

3116.png  - Core item. After the 8.4 buff it's now cost effective even without it's passive. Rylai's adds CC to your abilities as well as good midgame powerspike and bulkiness. Doubles the damage from Liandry's. You will have much easier time landing your skillshots with this item. 63_64.png requires high skillshot precision to be effective and enemies always tend to dodge your spells (and you already have a hard time landing them).

Another reason this item is so good on Brand is because it prevents enemies from spreading out of spells quickly and particularly - Pyroclasm which is a major source of his AoE damage.

3151.png  - Core item. Shreds tanks and you can keep its effect on enemies longer thanks to Brand's passive. Magic Penetration got removed, but as I have seen from Phreak's YouTube AP item discussion changes, the Madness Passive is now BETTER against enemies who have 65< MR, otherwise - it's worse as an early buy. You can simply sit on 3136.png since it provides same Madness passive, and then upgrade it later when you need to.

3089.png  - Before I'd say this is a mediocre choice for Brand. Now that his passive scales off of flat AP AND Deathcap's build path became better AND it's been made cheaper, I say: Yes yes and yes! Definitely a fourth item slot option unless enemies stack MR early - grab 3135.png if that happens and then finish Rabadons last
3165.png  -  the new Morellonomicon should be built EXCLUSIVELY to counter major healing sources of enemy team. If your opponents have at least 2 sources of easy healing, you MUST get this item. It's component however is useful even when not upgraded: 3916.png is now a replaced old version of 3136.png, provides 15 Magic Penetration which is really beneficial to Brand's high base damage numbers. You can basically sit on it and not upgrade it at all: I recommend doing so when enemy team has primarily squishy targets which 3151.png isn't as effective against.  
3157.png - Most of the time you will be focused because of how much damage you can deal (unless your team has a great frontline and won't let any bruisers get behind themselves to burst you down), so getting Zhonya's is a must  unless you feel yourself invincible to the enemy. Also provides 10% CDR now!

3102.png - An alternative to Zhonya's Hourglass if you feel you are struggling against enemy team with lots of AP. Also useful to block/completely ignore a lock down spell/hard CC engage attempt at you e.g. 54.png Malphite's Ultimate or 45.png Veigar's Event Horizon

3020.png - The cheapest item you can afford for flat Magic Penetration. If it is not likely you will be spamming your spells a lot (e.g. enemies have a hard engage and you can't do anything with it rather than tank it with your face) this item should be picked aprior to other upgrades. Also grab if it you have a frontline which is hard to pass through and you only need to deal damage in one spell combination in order for your teammates to finish off survivors.

3158.png - This boots upgrade, alongside with  3285.pngLuden's Echo and Transcendence.png?width=32Transendence Rune will help you reach 40% CDR cap ASAP. Also reduces your summoners' spells cooldowns by 10% which is quite helpful especially if you are running an utility spell like 21.png or 6.png

Trinkets3364.png 3363.png 3361.png 

1)After level 9, you can opt to swith to 3363.png , which is useful for short-term using, for example during a teamfight or to check a bush from afar,  but is bad for prolonged use as its ward is easily destroyed. Stick to the original trinket 3361.png  if you want to secure vision for longer.

2)Or if you wish to deny enemy vision, switch to3364.png. Don't get 3341.png however, it is absolutely the same post-9 as it is pre-9 and it only reveals a small region while3364.png can reveal a much larger one.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Azir
  • Cassiopeia
  • Diana
  • Ekko
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Problem: A mobile mage-asssasin. The key word that should worry you here is "mobile". Her Orb of Deception has quite a long range,makes it harder to land a Pillar on her when she casts it because she can simply run out of it before it procs. Ahri will try to land a few on you and the Orb is hard to avoid if you did not time it correctly. Also she's got good wave clear and a somewhat form of lane sustain due to her passive. If an Ahri is smart, she can dodge all of your skillshots and get a kill by outplaying you with the use of her Ultimate and Charm abilities. 
Solution: Believe it or not, this is the easiest matchup amongst all of the hardest ones. The more you play against an Ahri the easier it is. Consider this matchup as a "test" to your skills.

Pre-6: Just be yourself, be Brand! She's a squish early on, you can harass and bully her out of lane or even kill her by abusing Pillar. Learn the range of her Q and learn when an Ahri will try to land it on you (the simplest situation - she's standing in front of an upcoming minion wave AA'ing the creeps acting stupid) so that you can outsmart her. 
Post-6: This is when Ahri can actually outplay and kill you. She needs to poke you beforehand though so basically all you have to do to not die from Ahri post-6 is stay healthy and she won't prolly go all-in.
Now let's take a look when she is trying to duel you after giving you some balls to the face:

1 dash: The most important thing here is to dodge her Charm. Do not try casting your abilities here because you need to stand still while doing so which makes it easy for her to land Charm. It would be great if you manage to dodge Orb too - her damage upon you will be significantly reduced. 

If you fail to dodge both, well, too bad: you just lost more than half of your health and have less room for outplay because you are about to die. But even if you didn't dodge, proceed to the next step.

Dodged? Conflagrate her immediately. 

2-3 dash: The easiest way to stun an Ahri after you dodged her Charm and ablazed her is to wait till she uses a second dash. After that only your skill decides whether you can quickly land a stun or not, it requires reaction. You may also wait till her 3rd dash but if Ahri sees she can't kill you she will use it to dash away. 

You didn't stun her and she got away? At least you survived the all-in.

Stunned? She's a squish. You know what to do.

14.pngLET THE FOX BURN 14.png



Problem: Akali is a snowball assasin and will look for an opportunity to kill an oppponent every second she's in the lane. She snowballs same way as Katarina does and can wreck your entire team. Her Shroud makes it very hard to continuosly damage her when she's trying to engage on an enemy, resulting in her retaliating with the damage dealt by spellvamping lost health back. If she gets a few kills it's most likely game over. 

Akali Pre-6: She's your bitch. Zone her, harass her, punish her for every cs at least with an autoattack. Try to get her out of the lane or even better - kill her. If you manage to do this twice, you're good to go: Akali won't be very threating and your team can deal with her without much effort.

Akali Post-6: From this moment on Akali will jump on you every time you go as far from your turret range as a side brush. She will be using Shroud after she first jumps and Q's you. If you are able to, quckly perform a stun combo and retreat but don't waste your mana on Pillar unless you can afford it - you have to stay and farm close to your tower so that Akali can't receive a free kill. Always call mia when Akali is out of the lane. As with Katarina, if she doesn't get any kills on mid, she will try to find them somewhere else. You don't want that at all costs.
One more thing - upgrade your RED TRINKET or at least have a spare CONTROL WARD in your inventory - this way you and your team can deal constant damage to Akali instead of short damage bursts even when she's shrouded. It will be the best if 3 members of your team including you have upgraded red trinkets. Do all that, and you won't be threatened by any Akali ever.



Both of you have high burst damage and need to come close to each other in an attempt for a kill. Watch out for her surprising stun - you won't be able to retaliate if it hits. Luckily it's very slow and easy to avoid when you time it right. Her wall of ice is instant and you can't do you anything about that but just to stay away a little more from Anivia (as much as more than your E range) to prevent her from locking you on the wrong side of it. Post - 6 she showes lane hard everytime, try finding advantage elsewhere.



You outrange her massively, smack her with Pillar of Flame whenever possible. Try zoning her too.
Problem: When Annie gets her ultimate this is where this matchup becomes harder. FlashTibbers is a sudden and utmost unavoidable move. It will be a miracle if you flash right after she does.

Solution:  The only way to deal with this is to actually live through her kit. Try buying health items earlier than usual.

Tip: If Tibbers is out, he makes an excelent bounce target for your ultimate in attempt to kill Annie if there are no creeps/her allies present nearby.



Azir is annoying but if you don't let him poke you to the state where he can all-in you (20-30% health) he won't do anything else. Though his zoning and early game damage are decent, it is possible to win trades with him. When poking most Azirs don't pay attention to, well, actually themselves, and stand in place, making them an easy target for a Pillar. It is also good to start harassing him from level 1 when he doesn't have his Conquering Sands up. If you get an advantage in health from that point, Azir will play safely and won't perform that much aggressively as he normally should. In teamfights you are very likely to outperform Azir unless he got fed before. If he goes in he makes himself very vulnerable for a stun. 63_64.png's Pillar of Flame has enough range to cast it when Azir's knocks you away with his Wall so it is possible to kill him from range if he is trying to escape from you.

Tip: Be careful when trying to Flash over his ultimate if you are chasing him. It is so easy to fail that. 



Cassiopea is DoT mage meaning she needs to consecutevily hit you with her abilities in order to deliver as much damage as possible. Try avoiding her Noxious Blast as much as possible ( it has almost the same range as Pillar) and don't stand in Miasmas like an idiot. If you are poisoned while being nearby a Cassiopea IMMDEIATELY break off distance between both of you or you will be eaten by immense damage from constant Twin Fangs. Cassiopea is squish herself and probably won't buy any defensive items early on so you can easily burst her down and kill her with your entire kit but she can still destroy you even with having little of AP in early-midgame. You can effectively trade with Cassio by harassing her from range: as a result she will be forced to use her abilities just for farming.
Dodge Noxious blast and apply more pressure on her than she possibly can. Miasmas neglect your flash so if you need, flash over them to escape. 



Pre-6 pretty much manageable. Start from E and harass her when she comes close, try zoning her a little too. To Dodge her Crescent Strike, either walk towards Diana or step aside to the left, the way her skillshot comes is always from her right (unless I am mistaken. Then it is just your reaction).

Problem: You know what's surprising when playing against a Diana? Her burst. Post-6 if she jumps on you she definitely wants to all-in, and if you are low enough - can kill you instantly without any chance of retaliation. Her damage from passive is very dangerous and hurts. The damage-absorbing shield which also damages and resets is very annoying. To be honest, Diana is very Akali-wise champion... but if you feed her she snowballs even worse.

Solution: Instant stun when she goes in. If you can perform it, of course. If you miss and away from your turret/allies - you are dead, if you hit - she can be killed/walked away from. 63_64.png's damage can put 131_64.png low enough to get her killed. Usually Diana's go in when they stack their passive 2 times on a creep wave, casting Crescent Strike after they make a second AA. And don't just think that if she missed a Q she won't go in - she can bring people low even without her most damaging ability, and then finish them off with it.



Shouldn't be much of a problem really as he heavily relies on sticking to you in order to deal damage. Also he ekkoE.png's right in front of your face which should be immediately meeted with a stun. Sidestep ekkoQ.png and just retreat when you see him using ekkoW.png in lane as it means he wants to trade and you just won't break through his shield even with the base damage 63.png has. Be cautious whether you should brandwildfire.png him as his ekkoR.png makes him invulnerable for the duration of cast and he can deny your bounces with ease.






The matchup hardiness may vary, depends on your skill mostly.

Let's say you are skilled enough. It is easy to shut down a Fizz early because he can't really do anything to you except dodging your spells with Playful/Trickster.Learn Conflagration first and harass him with it a little. Pre-6 if he decides to trade with you, he will either come close and use Urchin Strike following up with Playful/Trickster to continue the harass or to just get away, or vice versa to gap close and harass with autos. Both attempts are so in your favor that if he ever does that he's either a goner for sure or will be brought down quite low. First of all, you have to learn to use your stun backwards when Fizz goes through you and don't use your spells unless his Trickster/Playful is on cooldown. He's a very easy target to stun when he comes close and a single-target damage combo trade + following 3-4 AA's is an absolute nightmare for him. Post-6 it is important to dodge his Fish or he's more likely to kill you than you him. But even if he hits/didn't hit, it is the same as to when he goes in for a melee trade during the laning fase. 




Start W or E. It's easy to harass him early levels,play agressively and don't let the small magic shield that he gets refrain you from poking. Once you get 3116.png he can't get to you without galioe.png. Be careful though - paired up with his jungler he brings good CC during ganks despite being a melee midlaner



DISCLAMER: He's not a midlaner anymore. 



Easy matchup, but he pushes the lane hard from the very beginning. You can try harassing him but it is usually worth just to stay and use your spells to farm under tower. Also his turrets make a great bounce target for your ultimate.
Tip: When your jungler comes ganking, you need to kill Heimer as fast as possible so that both you and your jungler can run away from his turrets. It is easier to do in mid game when both of you can live through his sentries' damage. A lot of times I've seen junglers giving up kills on Heimer early because they underestimated the damage of 3 sentries.



Skill matchup. His damage output is large, but he is a squish and doesn't build any heavy defense items. Harass him with Pillars. Stand behind your minions to prevent his huge poke burst. Return to base if you have 35-40% or less health left. Jayces' always tend to engage straight forward on you while in their melee from, making them a very easy target to stun. If you are unsure whether you can win in this matchup, get Barrier to survive Jayce's all-in.



Karma relies heavily on poking her opponent to get a kill, so dodge her Q's as much as possible and don't let her get close to root you. She can deny your harassing with shield, but that won't leave her with much mana if she spams it along with her spells a lot. Passive Karma's usually push lanes, but not before 1-2 backs when they get some AP. If you see an opportunity where you can kill Karma, go for it, otherwise just farm or you will lose cs under your tower.



Karthus's early game is weak and he will be playing very passively, allowing you to freely zone him out of farm and possibly kill him. Later in the game you can purchase Zhonya's to negate his ultimate. Watch out for ganks though, as his Wall of Pain provides a great utility slowmode.



Kassadin is an anti-mage champion. See where this is going? Pre-6 it is somewhat manageable, post-6 he will constantly jump on you in every situation possible and only chance to retaliate is landing a full combo (damage of which is reduced anyway). He can also negate your ultimate easily by simply Riftwalking away. You can,however, destroy him in lane if your jungler comes for a very early gank. His core items will be denied and you can try zoning him out of farm. Make sure he doesn't get any kills from other lanes and always call mia when he's out. During teamfights, don't cast your spells on Kassadin, prioritize other targets. Late game Kassadin's single target burst is enourmous, so get Banshee's Veil to negate a good portion of his damage. 



Katarina is annoying. She always starts with the same item set - Boots of Speed and 4 Health potions. Just because she can live through most harass doesn't mean you should give her an easy lane. Start with E and harass her 1-2 times. Don't hesitate to harass her with Pillar when she comes close enough to deny creeps either with AA or Q. Bring Magic Resistance Glyphs to reduce the amount of poke you will receive from Bouncing Blades early. When Katarina Shunpo's on you pre-6, try your best to stun her, it's not easy due to an immediate speed boost she receives from Sinister Steel, but if you do, she might even die from an entire combo and Ignite.
Problem: I hope your team has some hard CC because Katarina is a champion which abuses every single advantage you give her, the first thing being bringing in no control to stop her ultimate. She will seek kills everywhere on the map and if she doesn't get any on mid, she will go somewhere else. And when Katarina gets kills, that's a massive problem to your entire team. Once she gets fed enough you probably won't even react in time to stop her with CC because of the huge and instant damage output she will have by then.

Solution:  Ask your support to get exhaust before the game starts to negate Katarina's damage by a huge amount. You may even get one yourself, it will pay off 100%. ALWAYS call mia if Katarina is out of her lane,follow her and ping on the map for your allies until you are out of pings. The worst thing is to see a destroyed Katarina on mid get back into game by receiving double/triple kill anywhere on the map because your stupid teammates didn't retreat in time.



Kennen is a squish, harass him with Pillars. Learn his speed when he goes into lightning mode and you can land more Pillars than usual. Kennen's damage is hard to retaliate with but he heavily relies on hitting his Lightning Shuriken to ensure you get 3 stacks of his passive. If you are good at dodging, you can effectively zone Kennen out of cs range.






UPDATE: reverted. who would have thought THAT would be a good idea. 

Problem: The whole LeBlanc is a walking problem. Ever met a champion which can cheese you for half-health at level 2 and get out with it? LeBlanc has immense base damage on her spells early and a good LB will abuse that if she knows she's got an advantage. Basically all LB is going to do in lane is try to kill you. She won't just farm, won't stay away from you but will hate you and will go in if you mess up or make yourself exposed. It is so easy to feed on this lane - the damage she brings 1v1 is absurd and she gets huge early powerspikes. Coupling that up with her mobility and safety she's a total bitch to deal with.

1) As much as I hate to say this, don't pick 63_64.png in this matchup. You are going to have a very hard time and if LeBlanc is worth something you are very likely to lose this lane.

2) Firstly - gain a level advantage. If LB can't catch up with you on EXP it is more likely you won't die too early. Secondy - make LeBlanc feared to go in. How? Pillar of Flame is your best friend here. If you know LB will try to cheese you when you go for a minion, instead of getting the desired cs hit LeBlanc with Pillar and backoff. Repeat until she's at 40% HP without health pots. LeBlanc is easy to get low because of her innate sqishiness. If she's low enough she won't go in. And lasttly - DON'T SCREW UP! A single mistake can cost you lane. If it happens LB is on you, try your best to land EQ combo but BEFORE she lands her own combo and follow up with Pillar for trade. You will lose the trade if you miss. Also, later in the game, push the wave when you buy a manareg item, LB can't farm well under tower which will make her lose cs, and her spells are really mana-hungry. LB on low mana is useless and is an easy target. If you get a kill or two on LB - you've won the lane. But care - her damage is still really high. 

Also you can ban her, it is absolutely worth it, 100%. I used to permaban LB for half a year and I never regretted it.



If you see a Lissandra in a CC oriented team comp you MUST get 1.png
In lane, move unpredictably so that Lissandra cannot land her Ice Shards on the creeps and on you simultaneously which she will be trying to do a lot. Lissandra excells at close range and you outrange her quite a lot, so going ham here is an option you should opt for. Watch out for her Glacial Path claw - if she activated it, it means she's going to engage on you.

Tip: Try landing W+Q combo on where the claw is about to arrive - with a good timing Lissandra will be immediately stunned upon arrival,rendering her engage useless.



Lulu is a safe pick. All she will be doing during the laning phase is poke you all day and shield herself. She can go aggressive if you're low enough so beware and dodge as much as possible, especially during early levels when she spams lulue.pngluluq.png to harass you - that'll make her go OOM quickly, opening a window for engages. Also it's possible to empty her manapool by landing a couple of brandfissure.png making her cast lulue.png on herself.
Other than that, there's not much that you can do to kill her, as lulue.pnglulur.png make it very difficult to do so.The best chance you have to deal with Lulu is either if you got her low preemtively or in a 2v1 scenario and even then she probably has another shield in the face of 21.png
Because your kill potential is lowered significantly in this mathcup, I'd suggest grabbing 21.png or 3.png for your summoners just to be safe and simply farm up/roam. You simply outdamage her in late game.



You both have somewhat identifical spells but Lux has more range and utility. If it comes she won't try to poke you she will simply push the lane with her abilities. Lux is pretty squish herself so you can effectively trade with her early, especially if you dodge her poke. Late game Lux is an AP sniper who deals a ton of ranged damage, still squish though. Consider running MS Quints to have a better advantage in positioning and dodging her spells.



Post MYMU Malzahar cannot burst you down at level 6 with the same combo he used to usually, and needs time to scale up first. What's causing problems for you in this matchup are his voidlings and his ability to shove lane after level 5 constantly and safely. If you catch space aids on yourself you'll get eaten alive by 3 voidlings so try staying away from afflicted creeps. Malzahars passive renders him immune to CC for 1 sec and allows for 90% damage reduction for the same duration - think Yasuo and his passive shield. If you are in a duel with him, pop it off with either auto or E - the cheapest spell in your arsenal, it will still render him ablaze. After that - try stunning or ulting when he is near voidlings - Pyroclasm is sure to bounce off to him resulting in a heavy damage trade.

Tip: No, 1.png does NOT remove his ultimate suppression. Telling you as a Malzahar player.






Skill matchup.Orianna is more of a late game champion but Brand is a beast during mid game and outscales Ori if gets ahead. Basically, the one who can outplay the other in lane gets a big lead over his opponent, and this is where a single gank may turn the favor into your/her side. Unless you make stupid positioning mistakes you should be able to keep even. Don't stand near her ball in lane and react in time to move away from it when she tries to move it on you. NEVER trade AA's with Orianna. She can easily push you to your tower because of her cheap mana cost on Q but if you bully her enough she won't even come close. During early-mid game teamfights you should be able to outperform her.

Personally I never had a problem with Orianna 1x1 during the laning phase.



Early on you outdamage Swain and have an upper hand early in the game. Harass him and zone him. Be careful not to get too low from swaine.pngswainw.png combo, but if he spams that he runs OOM early very quickly. Post-6 it becomes a little harder to do due to his sustain, but having Ignite will help you kill him even then.



Skill matchup. I recommend you bring in Flat Magic Resistance Glyphs and Movement Speed Quints. You may also wish to grab 21.png  here.

This matchup is actually a good one to practise against because while it is not really in Brand's favor, but the fact that both players can kill/avoid damage from/trade effectively with each other makes it somewhat even. You will also learn to dodge Syndra's spells better as well as hit your own ones and get used to playing against her in general, which will raise your skillcap with 63_64.png by a sighnificant amount.

Problem: Syndra is a burst mage, specialising in killing a single target with a massive burst. She will be poking you with Dark Spheres very often, her low mana costs and cooldowns allow her to do that, and they are hard to avoid if you don't learn their cast range and/or time their actual cast correctly when Syndra goes in for a trade. She can cast her spells while moving making it even more difficult to land your own skills. She can even leave you without any chances of retaliating with her damage, as the stun from Scatter the Weak leaves you very vulnerable and exposable to her kit. Her ultimate deals absolutely absurd amount of damage on single target - in late game it can get you down to 50-60% health or lower even with your Barrier up. And Syndra scales very well into late game, where she deals huge amount of poke-burst damage. A few kills given up on her will make your game a nightmare.

Solution: The reason this matchup is not considered as Hard is because all of her spells (except her ultimate) are dodgable and you can trade with her effectively yourself. Pillar of Flame has enough range to harass her with it when she tries to come in. If you see she casts a Sphere on you, dodge it perpendicularly to Syndra so that you are not stunned by an immediatlely following Scatter the Weak spell. You can tank her W safely because Syndra's only level it once early (their primary spell to upgrade first is always the Q), but it is not recommended: she can hit you with another Sphere with ease. 

All in all the one who lands more skillshots and/or gets more kills will have the advantage. But a destroyed Syndra concedes Brand in teamfight damage output(she can still wipe you out 1v1 - be careful!) while a destroyed Brand can still be a source of a great damage in the same situation.

Tip: Keep in mind the following: 3 Spheres present on the battle double her ultimate's damage. Don't fight with Syndra for too long or you will be in a huge disadvantage. When dueling with her, either burst her down immediately or retreat if you cannot do so.




Get MS Quints. If she wants to taliyahQ.png you, she has to line herself up with you, making herself exposed to a potential stun. The most important thing when she taliyahE.png's is to dodge the taliyahW.png to not get bursted, especially at early levels. Taliyahs' also tend to roam a lot and it's quite hard to follow her unless you have 12.png. She also needs several rounds of spells to win a 1v1 with you but you can potentially kill her through one full rotation if she is standing among the creeps.



Harass him with brandw.png when he tries to farm. If he jumps on you, stun him (if you can affford - Pillar him too) and backoff while throwing autoattacks at him. As with Zed, you don't want to auto trade with Talon. 

Be VERY careful of his level 2 all in. Damage from talonq.pngtalonw.png is highly underestimated since noone thinks of Talon's passive bleed effect's damage. At 60% health, back off.

Ever wondered why Talon has a secondary role as a Fighter? Well that's because he becomes somewhat bulky as game progresses into the late stage. Keep that in mind because you probably won't be able to kill him as easy as you could earlier, when he was still a squish. It would be best if you will grab Exhaust in this matchup because the longer the game lasts the stronger Talon gets.

One reason I like this matchup is because you can easily bait any Talon for a lvl 3-4 first blood. Poke him with E at early levels, and then at level 3-4 E him again and start autoing him continuously all the while he is ablaze. What should happen is, Talon either backoffs completely or he gets pissed and jumps at you - IMMEDIATELY use brandq.pngto stun him and... well, he should be pretty dead after a full combo. This works with most Talon players.


Twisted Fate

Considering you don't continuously eat Wild Cards or get a free Pick a Card in your face you shouldn't have any problems in this matchup. Feel free to bully him and zone him out of farm. Watch out for ganks. Always call mia when TF is out of lane - his roams are superior and you cannot follow him to be in a lane he ganks in time (this doesn't mean you shouldn't try though - you may grab some free kills if the gank extends).






Veigar will be farming his AP so try harassing him quite often,that will force him to backoff. Veigar's stun isn't that hard to avoid and you can still walk and dodge spells inside of it,particularly his Q and E. When playing against a Veigar, you should opt for more Magic Penetration items combined with health rather than AP items because his main targets throughthout the game are AP carries such as you. In teamfights, stay as far from Veigar as possible to prevent yourself from taking tons of da,age. Banshee's Veil is a perfect item against him - if you dodge everything that he uses, he will only have his ultimate left which is negated by spell shield. If he wastes his stun, he is much more vulnerable to ganks and/or engages from you so be sure to time it properly - it has an 18 cooldown on level 1 after being used.



Velkoz's spells are all skillshot oriented. Learn to dodge his spells (the more often you play against Velkoz the easier the matchup will become for you) and don't let him stack too much of his passive on you. You probably won't be able to trade back efficiently because Velkoz's spell range is bigger than yours.Don't get too much harass and don't underestimate his all-in burst as it hurts a ton. 
Tip: Don't think that if Velkoz is firing his Q in a weird direction(not straight forward, but somewhere to the left or right) he is being stupid: he is trying to reach you with Q from an angle. Dodge accordingly.



It is harder than it looks. Both of you need to come close to each other to deal damage and both of your damage is good enough to shove up each other. His only harassing tool he will relying on is his Laser. If he tries to come close to trade with his improved AA, don't leave that unaswered. You can try to bully him out as Viktor has no sustain but I'm not guaranteeing you won't get a laser in your face while trying to do so. The matchup completely depends on who can land more skillshots.



Easy lane in terms that he cannot bully you out as his damage output early is low, even after the MYMU, so you win trades unless he hits you with an empowered Q. You can harass him, but if you aren't doing that often enough he will just sustain through your damage. His Sanguine Pool sucks a lot of his HP so baiting it out would be just great.



Problem: Xerath is a walking poke-machine. Spells are hard to dodge and their range is immense, making it so hard to trade back. Moreover, he brings one utility spell instead of Ignite to the laning fase but he doesn't even need Ignite in order to finish you off from a distance with one of his spells or more usually - his ultimate. His late game damage from range is ridiculous and destroys squishy targets. Combine that with his passive and immense safety and you get a very stupid frustrating matchup.
1) As much as I hate to say this, don't pick 63_64.png in this matchup. You are going to have a very hard time and if Xerath is worth something you are very likely to lose this lane.

2)There are two types of Xeraths - bad and good ones.

Gameplay against any type of Xerath. 

Despite the advantage that Xerath has in range, he, as most mages, is squishy. Eye of Destruction has almost the same delay as your Pillar and can absolutely be dodged. You both need clear line in order to hit a stun, but 63_64.png's stun hurts more and if Xerath wants to stun you, he needs to make himself exposed too.When dodging his ultimate, stand in a blind spot/Fog of War and move rapidly/jittery but don't overdodge so that you simply stand in one place. When he charges his Arcanopulse, he will be moving much slower and straight towards you - either try to dodge it if he is too far or get in his face and try your hardest to land a Pillar on him to trade back. If you land a few Pillars and get advantage in health, 101_64.png will be forced to farm with spells and thus will run low on mana which makes it MUCH easier to lane. If you create this situation, consider yourself a well-deserved victor - Xerath didn't get any advantage.

It is easier to play against the bad Xeraths and you can recognise them with the following: they make a lot of mistakes, like waste their mana and come relatively closer to you than they normally shouldn't, thus exposing themselves. They use Xerath's spells MOSTLY in order to farm creeps during early stages of the game and don't recognise their powerspikes - all in all, don't know the champion well.

The good Xeraths and Xerath mains are impossible to beat, they will make you suffer and make your life as miserable as possible.They don't make silly mistakes and it is very hard to get into distance with them. Their target #1 will always be you and only you. They will harass you in lane 24/7 - and with high spell landing precision -, ult you while their team is sieging, cast spells in teamfights prioritizing you... just hating you every single time you are in their sight.

Please avoid this matchup if you can. You never know what type of  101_64.png you are about to meet.



Skill matchup with Yasuo having the upper hand. 

Problem: Yasuo's kit allows him to effectively dodge/negate skillshots while staying mobile. He can go ham at you, dashing through minions, to you, Q-ing you and then dash back through minions again, winning the trade. His passive shiled is also very annoying not to mention his Windwall which CAN EVEN block Pyroclasm, rendering it useless. His damage output is not to be trifled with.

Solution: Outsmarting Yasuo is a key to victory here. As a rule of thumb, dodge his wind Q's as much as you can and always proc his shield with AA. Keep an eye out for when his Windwall is not available because that's when he's vulnerable to your skillshots. Use E and W to harass him right in that order when he tries to farm, his Windwall won't block those. If he goes in for a trade mentioned above, E him and back off from your mage creeps (so that even if he dashes through you he cannot get away through them again instantly), if he still goes and didn't dash through you, stop and Q him. Either he uses Windwall and backoffs himself or either he loses the trade attempt because the following Pillar + 2-3 AA's will hurt him a ton. Works even if you couldn't proc his shield in the first place. Do all that and Yasuo is a piece of cake. Burnt cake.

Tip: Rendering Yasuo ablaze or autoattacking him just before his shield goes up again is a good method of keeping it down most of the time. 



After asassin buffs I've changed the difficulty of this matchup from Medium to Hard.

Problem: Asassins are bullshit but this one in particular is atrocious. Zed is a safe assassin. He can either harass you hard pre-6 or just farm safely from afar if he needs to. Unless you can trade equally it's hard to respond back and you always end up being more pressured than he is. Even if you manage to kill him or get ahead in lane, once he gets 3155.png your chances of killing him 1v1 are lowered significantly. The worst part of course is when Zed's on you with his zedR.png: one mistake from your side and after 3 secs - [insert Barry Scott phrase here]. I don't even have to mention how ganks from an enemy jungler affect this lane. The basic formula is Zed + any jungler with enough CC = Death at all levels.


Pre - 6: Try zoning Zed. Yes it sounds stupid but it is possible. Learn E first and harass him with it. If you are confident in yourself, grab 14.png and kill him at your level 3 powerspike. If you manage to oppress Zed more than he is you, you are guaranteed to have a much easier life. Watch out if he gets close to a new minion wave with full energy - that means he wants to W+E+Q harass you. At least try dodging the shurikens. If your jungler wants to gank from you, bait his W first, be sure not to get too much harass from his combo beforehand, it's painful.

Post-6: This is where it gets tricky. Zed has probably bought 3155.png off of his first back (if he didn't its better in terms of killing him 1v1) and is now aiming to get a kill on you.
The first fundamential thing to remember when fighting any Zed is that his Ultimate will always put him behind you. What does "behind" mean exactly? Well, defining "behind" here should be treated from Zed's initial position. 

When Zed ults you, "behind" is defined as a position perpendicular from zedR.png initial casting place to you, facing the initial shadow. 

Zed will appear facing the initial shadow after a small delay of about 1 second,no matter how you are facing it - he can be standing from your models behind, from your models front or side - and that's the window where you can stun him and have much more room for outplay. It will be much easier to perform if you set Zed ablaze before he ults as Death Mark doesn't remove any debuffs. If you are being ulted in lane, try doing the following: move closer to your creeps as well as enemy creeps, try stunning Zed and unleashing full combo on him. The best you can accout for is that Zed will get low/die and you survive with more than half health. It is crucial to dodge shurikens here or use 3.png to lower zedR.png pop damage.
Once you get 3157.png you can time it right to cancel Zed's ult upon you. It just won't apply the debuff if you are invincible.



Zilean's bombs aren't so hard to avoid as they fly a long time in the air (unless Zilean slows you down which requires him to get close to you) or you get CCed,but he pushes the lane hard with them. You should also avoid accidentially stepping on them. If it so happens he lands one on you and is about to throw in another, backoff: two continuous time bombs hurt a ton and you won't be able to retaliate. Note that Zilean can revive his teammate so if you are attempting to kill an enemy jungler who is ganking you with Zilean post-6 you should just get away instead because you are not likely to receive a 1-1 kill trade.
Tip: Try to make Zilean push the wave by standing nearby your creeps while a Time Bomb is on you. That way you are less vulnerable to ganks.




About the author Back to Top

 Hello and welcome to my first ever guide on my favourite champion

 Brand, The Burning Vengeance!


This guide is aimed at experienced players who would like to increase their skill in playing Brand by aquiring additional matchups,item builds and general gameplay information. It contains a lot of text - but this is why it's an in-depth guide, right? - and it's been written considering that you are well-acknowledged of the latest patch changes.

I've been playing League of Legends since season 2 and Brand has been my main charachter since I've tried him the first time. During the first 3 Seasons I was playing on EUNE and then I transfered for free. I wasn't actually playing much rankeds until I got a hook on LoL during Season 4 by the end of which I got to Platinum. In seasons 5 and 6 I was ranked as Challenger Tier on RU which is ~Diamond 3 West.

Currently I do not spend so much time playing ranked as I used to.
You might think that because I have a lot of experience it means I can play Brand perfectly and solo carry in all of my Brand games?  Well,no. It happens so that I too have bad games, I can get a bad KDA in a match, I can miss skillshots quite often etc. just like a normal everyday person who plays League can. Noone's perfect and I'm trying as hard as possible to improve myself further. I learn from my mistakes and I bear with frustration when I lose games or when I fail. I'm still learning how to play 63_64.png effectively because I enjoy playing him and I love to compete with others using him. I believe that being that way is key to becoming a better League of Legends player and to gaining a lot of fun because I play whom I enjoy and I can do it good.



Matchups explanation Back to Top


I listed all champions that I mostly see on mid lane and whom I think you will be most likely standing against.
I will update matchups depending on how my look on a certain matchup changes (e.g. a certain champion gets updated) 

NOTE FOR READERS: I can't delete matchups. For some reason lolking doesn't have an option to do that in guide editor. I stopped seeing quite a few champions on midlane and would gladly remove them from the list but I just can't. Those are cleared, NO-TEXT matchups marked as EASY. If you know anything about this issue, whether it's getting added or I am missing something, let me know in the comments to this guide

For a highly experienced Brand player I have gotten used to most of matchups. I don't really have much trouble, for instance, shutting down a 55.png or 91.png in lane. Some matchups I can never get used to and have to play really cautiously and throuroughly so as not to mess up, for example 105.png . If you are struggling against certain champions in lane it's fine, the more you play against them with 63.png the more you will know all the matchup tricks and ways to outperform/outplay your opponent.

I will be slowly adding matchup notes as well as more matchups in general. For now just trust in the level of difficulty for those champions who don't have any matchup notes yet. Some matchups will be written in-depth because they may become problematic. All hard level difficulty matchups are problematic and will be described as deeply as possible. 


Since recent changes to assassins such as reverts, duskblade compensation buffs and general buffs to assassins in general, midlane is dominated by them. As of currently I do NOT recommend picking Brand into assassins and assassins team compositions. If enemies have 2+ asassins on their team, you should just consider something else. This is because you can't ever teamfight them 5v5 since their wincondition is to pick off single targets. Invulnerabilities, invisibility, untargetablity, all combined with extreme mobility is a nightmare for a teamfight mage and those are everything assassins have to them. Thus, do NOT pick Brand into assassins in this meta (patch 8.10). You WILL struggle a lot.

Now,there are champions picked into midlane that you'd usually see as bruisers in top lane.  These champions are
 92.png39.png59.png62.png121.png etc.

When picked on mid you have to understand the following: they all function purely as assassins.  I'm not going to write matchups against them for several resons: 1)these matchups are rarely seen 2) you are forced to play passive in each of them,regardless of what champion you are against 3) if you don't feed early and manage to live through the laning phase against them you will be more useful regardless. 3191.png is a universal item against these guys.

Champion information Back to Top

 63.png is an AoE Nuker, who specialises in dealing immense damage to the entire enemy team. His kit is specifically meant to destroy squishes with high flat damage and even melt tanky bruisers with his passive to bring them low enough for your team to finish them off without big effort.
  •  Massive AoE damage
  •  Decent single-target burst damage
  •  Great lane harass
  •  Devastating combos
  •  Comfortable autoattack animation
  •  Rewarding to play
  •  Scales great into mid/late game!
  •  Able to turn 2v1 situations into his own favor
  •  Doesn't require much AP to deal a lot of damage
  •  Fire!!!

  •  Squishy, at all times
  •  No reliable escape
  •  50% skillshot reliant
  •  Predictable
  •  Can struggle in straight 1v1 situations
  •  Requires pinpoint skillshot accuracy from the player to be effective

Brand's playstyle Back to Top


 63.png is a combo based mage who relies on consecutively hitting his spells one after another in a particular manner. Mastering combos on Brand is an essential part of perfecting your playstyle with him.

You want to be using Smartcast option on all of your spells if you plan on maining this champion as it will highly imrpove your in-game performance. You will also perform combos faster. At first you can leave standart double-pressing spell cast on Sear and/or Pillar of Flame to get used to landing them properly, but Conflagration and Pyroclasm should be smartcasted because they are both directed spells. One thing to consider when going full on smartcast is to leave out range indicators to cancel your spell if needed.

Note that Brand's spells have a little channel before they are casted.While you are performing combos you are forced to stay in one place and your spells can be interrupted during your casts.

The following playstyle is the one I personally use most of the time and find most optimal for my playstyle as 63.png:
During laning, your main objective is to harass your opponent by continuously casting brandw.png OR brande.pngand applying brandpassive.pngstacks as frequently as possible (not exactly 3)

This strategy puts my enemy under constant pressure and exhausts them of resources: mana,health,potions etc.
Be careful with your mana, since early  brandw.png spam alongside with other abilities will lead to mana starvation and you will eventually be forced out of lane early.

If your opponent is low enough, you may attempt to finish them off.

Brand relies on chaining his spells to achieve highest damage output. Here is a list of combos you should practise: 

Highest single - target burst combo:


Long - ranged stun + blaze spread + Pyroclasm combo:


AOE Spread blaze combo:


As mentioned before, this combo is used to harass your lane opponent through Conflagrating ablazed minions. Again, do this once or twice in lane, because E's damage is negligible and you're simply going to waste a lot of mana.

Point-blank stun combo:


Point-blank stun EQ combo can be used vice-versa,casting Sear with a consecutive Conflagration, but you have to be really quick to perform this. The benefit - it is highly unexpected and surprising for an enemy.

Long - ranged stun combo:


Long-ranged high damage combo:


Immense AoE damage combo:

 brandr.pngdot-pattern.pngbrande.pngdot-pattern.pngbrandw.png then brandq.png for any single threat


brandq.pngdot-pattern.pngbrande.pngdot-pattern.pngbrandw.png and brandr.png anywhere in between

For the first AoE damage combo, it's important to Conflagrate the enemy on whom you sent your ultimate initially after it collides, since Pyroclasm's preferrence on already ablazed champions will make it bounce to them next. This will almost instantly put at least 2 stacks of Blaze on 1-2 surrounding enemies which sighnificantly increases chances of starting a chain bomb reaction. Of course, your initial target should be around several enemies at once for this to work. 

On high cooldown reduction, your spells will come off CD earlier than the Blaze effect will end on its targets. Moreover, bomb explosions apply stacks of Blaze to all targets around it too. There are a lot of different possible extensions and chainings to how you can continue comboing even further on,because some enemies might still have 1 or 2 stacks of Blaze on them at the time when your spells are already refreshed. This creates a good amount of variety and diversity for possible decisions for a 63.pngplayer after he used his first spell rotation - how you cast your spells further on targets that are already on fire and in what order. 

This might seem complicated at first, but in reality, it basically comes down to one rule: it's preferrable to continue casting spells on already ablazed enemies to create more havoc and get the most profit out of your passive/abilities' bonuses.

Teamfights Back to Top

With 63.png Update to his passive and QoL changes to brandr.png teamfighting has never been better than before. Proccing bombs on at least 2+ people ensures a chain reaction of death and the slow from the very Ultimate makes it less likely your enemies will be spreading from each other... not to mention walking away unscathed. 

Teamfights are where Brand shines the most, and in this section I'll be describing how to get the most value out of Brand's damage output potential he has now.

Basic rules:

 Crucial things that you need to understand in order to maximise your AoE mage's potential:

  • Before the teamfight even starts, pay attention to your enemies' magic resists - who has the most? what does their frontlane consist of and do they have a lot of resists?  It would be a nuisance if you were to be blown by an enemy Maokai who has all magic resists in the world, so understanding when to purchase 3135.png is important. Usually it's for a 4th slot, but if you are losing it might even be as soon as the third - you need damage here and now. Got 3135.png?  Don't even bother looking at MR now.
  • Depending on your team comp suggest the best behaviour strategy for yourself. In general: if your team has a frontline( 57.png44.png421.png), wait until they engage first, then follow up. If your team lacks that,you probably have a poke comp (43.png60.png10.png), in this case opt for poking strategy beforehand. Behaviour strategy also depends on enemy compilation, if they have divers (2.png102.png) but your team has a frontlane, you still need to poke before teamfights so that it's easier to deal with them when they go for your backline (prolonged poke beats slow divers); vice-versa, enemy team has poke champs( 101.png25.png161.png)then it's better to engage on them ASAP (quick and fast dives beat poke). Keep in mind that Brand is a mediocre poker but 3151.png may help you here by a margin,especially against tanky targets
  • Check your available summoners as well as your botlane summs and decide whether you can go ham in a teamfight. A 4.pngbrandr.pngbrandw.png is devastating in clumped jungle teamfight scenarious but wasting a 5-minute summoner means no escape in the future and it might cost you the game at some point. 
  • Best places to start a fight are jungle routes where enemies will be having the hardest time spreading from your AoE damage. Lane 5v5's are worse as people spread more but still manageable.


Info on what to do:

  • First things first: it's safe to sacrifice brandr.pngor brande.pngin favor of other abilities'  Blaze bonuses. These spells' effects provide probably the least benefit to you, for instance like making the perfect spread for E is dangerous as you make yourself vulnerable by moving as close to enemies as to a distance of a ranged AA and even if you manage to hit 2-3 people the damage is still bad. It only helps to apply a stack of Blaze to as many enemies as possible but there is definitely no excuse to die for a miniscule E damage spread. So feel free to cast them first.
  • Since you won't be fighting enemy backline often, it's preferrable to prioritise on obliterating frontlaners. Tanks and bruisers have high HP values, highly increasing your passive's explotion AoE damage, which can reach their backline, too.
  • Knowing when and on whom to cast Pyroclasm is crucial because it's a fight - changing ability when you manage to perform it right. You want brandr.png to bounce to as many targets as possible to apply at least 2 bombs for the chain reaction. It prioritises stacking bombs on enemy champions, so it will bounce to people who have the most stacks on them applied first, in order of 2 - 1 - 0 stacks. Usually you can send it out to a retreating tank/frontlane champs so that it flies to the backline afterwards, or to an enemy carry if he is exposed and is having a teammate around, which guarantees that he will blow from Pyroclasm + any spell. Be wary: if your ult was wasted on a single target or bounced only once you basically lost half your damage output.
  • brandw.png and brandq.pngare your main midrange fighting spells and you always want their Blaze bonuses. Cast W as close to several people as possible and use the stun from Q on any target that: a)is trying to dive you; b)is an exposed carry; c)simply to disrupt frontlaners. Landing Pillar on 3+ people is exqusite opportunity,especially an amp'ed one which should never be missed. Utilising combos is what you also should be doing here. On high CDR value literally spam your spells everywhere you can, create chaos and fire, unleash your full potential of a fire mage!
  • If you see a good risky opportunity e.g. enemies are clumped together in a small point - don't hesitate to 4.pngbrandr.pngbrandw.pngfor sick damage. You are very likely to bait Flashes, Heals, Barriers etc. if you are successful and if it's late game it's still unlikely your enemies will survive the burst.
  • Be desperate! Being a super-potent late-game carry Brand is now, he can absolutely fight for 2 people, for 2 mages by just himself! Don't be afraid to force 4v5 fights, 3v5 fights on Baron/Dragon when you can... just don't mess up with your combos.

During the fight:

What to expect and how to behave in different situations:

  • Your tanks are trying to engage, but your enemy doesn't seem to waste any cooldowns on them, even if they are literally standing face-to-face to each other. This means opponents are waiting for you to come close. This behaviour is common for and expected from champions such as 127.png238.png131.png, the ones who can dive you at ease. It's important to notice this ASAP and TO NOT FOLLOW the engage just yet,especially if you don't have summoners available and enemies have. It's likely your ally will retreat if he sees noone followed his engage attempt.
  • If you think enemies can easily move away from each other after they get stacks of bombs on them - don't be. It's actually hard to stop doing what you are doing and move away simply to not aplly the damage to multiple teammates at once, especially on retreats, so don't expect them to literally spread from a bomb in width worth of a lane. Most likely they will eat out every bomb possible.
  • If you see you are losing a fight - enemies have too much MR to handle, you wasted your Pyroclasm on a single target and it didn't bounce, you couldn't stack a lot of bombs on enemies, in a situation where 2 members of your team have already died (not to mention if one of them is your ADC), in short - damage from your team isn't enough - just retreat. Try helping your allies by slowing targets down with W and Q form afar if you have 3116.png. Don't bother helping already dying allies on retreat if you cannot - you might as well die with them. At least you are going to be alive and not feed your enemies spare gold/objects for free.
  • Sometimes you won't have an opportunity to land several bombs on people because teamfight is scattered across the battlefield. In this case hold on to your brandr.png until 2 enemies come close together or until it's crucial to just send out 1 more spell for an important single-target pick. Remember, only ult single targets if it's ABSOLUTELY necessary (e.g. it's a fed 236.png or 112.png ) as wasting Pyroclasm means lowering the potential damage output by half.
  • Using your lane matchup knowledge is also useful in teamfights, even more than that - enemies don't try to dodge then as much as they do during the laning phase so you will be having an easier time landing your spells, one of which might be crucial or game - changing.179.png

Jungler Menace Back to Top

League of Legends isn't a game that consists only of your mid-lane opponent ( ORLY?! ). The game meta puts you in a situation in which you are constantly being threatened by an enemy jungler. Whenever you overextend, there's a chance a forest guy will be coming down for you.

Any matchup, I stress this, ANY matchup can become a nightmare if an enemy jungler ganks your lane successfully a couple of times. 

Be aware that after you've been ganked once there's no proof you will not be ganked again as soon as you return back (so called chain ganks, which are really unexpected).

Basically a general and the most universal solution for not getting raped 2v1 is to ward your lane properly but this may not work against certain junglers. I'm not including the section about warding here, I'm assuming that you know how to ward the lane right. 

In this section I will be describing most, if not all junglers and their level of threat to you.
  • 121.png - Gank effectiveness: 4/5
It's really bad. Early damage is high. He is squishy and could be killed if ever comes out of jungle with 50-60% health but then if he ever manages a flank post - 6 you are most certainly dead. Even 4.png might not be enough to escape. Try warding frequently and if you see a gank is coming - run towards your tower.
  • 5_64.png - Gank effectiveness: 4/5. 
His early game ganks are very strong. If he comes from the far back side of your lane when you have overextended you are definitely dead. Your only option to escape here is to quickly stun him when he rushes at you and if the slow still made you exposed to the enemy midlaner with a CC, Flash away instantly.

Tip: Below high Gold a lot, a lot, a lot of Xins are noobs. Really. Xin is a champion that has one sighnificant weakness: when he goes in, he goes in. There is no way he can escape a fight after going all-in without having Flash or ult to knock everyone away from him. People usually don't realise this fact and make huge mistakes by trying to engage as Xin into entire enemy clumpings which often results in nothing more than 1v5 rape. Even if you get successfully ganked by Xin early, you may still come back by abusing his mistakes when he decides to "accidentally" feed your team.
  • 9.png - Gank effectiveness: pre-6 - 2/5; post-6 - 5/5.
Fiddle's kit is very strong when it comes to ganks - it is surprising and highly effective. He can even attempt to tower dive you and still get away with a kill! If you have a quick reaction, flash away the moment he teleports in with his ultimate because just that he teleported a little further from you doesn't mean he won't flash into you himself to ensure securing a kill. Ward more than usual and especially - in blind spots - places where Fiddle can unexpectedly jump at a point-blank range.
  • 19.png - Gank effectiveness: pre-6 - 2/5; post-6 - 4/5.

Warwik's GOOD ganks start when he gets his ultimate. Pre-6 he can punish you for overextending thanks to his movement speed buff and Fear on warwicke.png but he's still easy to stun. Make sure he doesn't flank you post-6 or you will become a dead man soon enough.
  • 32_64.png - Gank effectiveness: pre-6 - 3/5; post-6 - 5/5.
Amumu will lock you down allowing for the enemy midlaner to get a free kill. Pre-6 ganks will punish you if you have overextended and if enemy midlaner has CC. Other than that he won't probably attempt to dive you without his ultimate on.
  • 33_64.png - Gank effectiveness: 3/5
All Rammuses will try to flank you or wheel out of side brushes when his wheel reaches maximum speed in order to hit and taunt you afterwards. However, his damage output cannot really burst you down if he is alone.Ward sides more often.
  • 35_64.png - Gank effectiveness: 3/5
His ganks are surprising only if you didn't ward or see his "cloud" which appears the moment shaco goes invisible from the bushes/fog of war. Shaco is a rather squishy target and can be bursted with a single target combo very effectively in order to force him to back off. His damage though is one to be considered rather dangerous.

Tip: When shaco ganks you post-6 the stupidest move that he can possibly(and willingly) do is to make his clone appear which makes an excelent bounce target.You don't even need to know which one is the real Shaco to kill both him and the clone which is very funny. Launch Pyroclasm when Shaco ults,then W both targets and IMMEDIATELY flash away to prevent possible clone destruction damage (do so only if he dealt heavy damage to you,otherwise just tank the damage like a man ). If shaco haven't died yet, you may attempt to finish him off with Ignite or one of your spells.
  • 56_64.png - Gank effectiveness: pre-6: 3/5, post-6: 5/5
He is actually your worst nightmare (get it?) as an enemy jungler in terms of his kit which will ensure you are spooked when he get's close to you. And you can't stun him in time to back off because of his stupid 1.5 second spell shield which negates your combo. He can easily kill you in a 1v1 duel.  Don't overextend and he won't gank you. Post-6 overextendence means the only way you will escape his gank is Flash.

Tip: Despite the fact that Nocturne is an anti-Brand jungler, you can still outsmart him when he jumps on you.
When he gets close, bait his spell shield with Pillar of Flame, then instantly E+Q and back off before getting spooked.
  • 59_64.png  - Gank effectiveness: pre-6: 3/5, post-6: 5/5
Most common jungler you will ever meet. He is meant to gank people and he can do it rather good. Will punish you hard if you overextend. Post-6 the only way you can get away from him is Flash.

Tip: if it so happens he locks you,himself and his midlaner in Cataclysm, use your AoE combo to burst them both down. Jarvans' don't get Magic Resist early on in the game so your full combo should bring both your enemies low. Trust me, after getting a double kill because Jarvan was that stupid enough won't leave anyone indifferent and his midlaner will probably get super-pissed.
  • 62.png  - Gank effectiveness: pre-6: 2/5, post-6: 4/5
Pre-6 Wukong has a decent burst but that's much it, he doesn't have a CC. Watch out for early ganks if you are not full on health. Post-6 it's a nightmare. Decoy ganks are pretty much unavoidable unless you know Wukong is there and you can simply back off. Chances are you will survive a Wukong gank if his midlaner won't be able to assist him (e.g. he is out of range) but this usually never happens. 
  • 64_64.png  - Gank effectiveness: pre-6: 3/5, post-6: 4/5
Lee Sin is a huge pain in the ass because of how mobile he is. He is very likely to kill you in an early gank with some help of his midlaner if he lands all his spells. If you fail to stun him from afar ASAP, try at least avoiding his Q. Mean Lee Sins' will simply hop to a ward to gapclose and slow you down with E and only then land Q, but that way it makes him much easier to stun. Keep in mind whether you can actually attempt to kill him because Lee Sin is a squish early on.

Tip: If he landed his Q once when you are close to your tower and he suddenly jumps at you, back off straight forward and be ready to IMMEDIATELY Flash in the same direction when he arrives in order to prevent him kicking you outside of your own tower. If it happens so you can stun him quickly with E+Q afterwards, he's an easy kill.
  • 72_64.png  - Gank effectiveness: pre-6: 2/5, post-6: 4/5
As with Warwick, his real ganks start at level 6 but he will punish you if you overextend because he has CC. If you see Skarner going out of the bush rushing at you while you are standing relatively close to your tower that means he will attempt to Flash+Ultimate you so beware and react in time to Flash away yourself!
  • 80_64.png  - Gank effectiveness: 4/5
He has a huge early game damage and can burst you down quite hard. The passive he gets from Heartseekers Strike ensures you will die at low health from a spear. Pre-6 his only hope to stun you is either if you are standing close to one of the side bush or if he will Flash at you which is more common. Post-6 it becomes even worse as wards won't help you detect when he's channelling his ultimate to land upon you unless they are put really deep into his jungle. Can successfully dive you and get away with it. Be sure to never overextend.
  • 113_64.png  - Gank effectiveness: 3/5
She's got a good slow and damage output,also she builds tanky which even increases her damage. Won't probably kill you 1v1 early on but will surely burst your health down a heavy amount if you overextend. Post-6 you must attempt to react in time to Flash out of her ultimate.
  • 120_64.png  - Gank effectiveness: 3/5
As with Rammus, he will attempt to flank often in order to push you back away from your tower. Doesn't have any early slow though so relies on his midlaner's CC quite hard. E+Q is a good way to retaliate after you've been pushed back and to run away from him without burning your Flash 
  • 421_64.png  - Gank effectiveness: 4/5
The worst thing about Rek'Sai is that you cannot stun her while she's tunneling to gapclose upon you and dig up stunning you afterwards (she will be CC'd upon arrival) and her damage is very hard to retaliate with early on so she can simply just kill you herself.Try moving away from the place she will arrive after tunneling so that you are not CC'd. Sometimes it won't work: as with Pantheon, Rek'Sais' tend to Flash at you during their underground mode to ensure a stun.
  • 76_64.png - Gank effectiveness: If the spear didn't hit: 1-3/5 (depends on your health), if hit: 4/5
The invisible spears are just pure BS. Usually Nidalees' will try to hit you with it from a side bush and then rush at you in their cougar form. If the spear didn't hit you and you are healthy enough the gank is a fail and you will be fine. Starting off from 40-50% health Nidalee can attempt to jump at you even if the spear didn't connect and that is quite dangerous, she can even kill you with a following spear when you try to retreat. If the spear hits the gank is absolutely in her favor because it shoves down a large amount of hit points and makes you vulnerable. However, as with Nidalee mid, she's squishy and does the cougar engage particulary straight forward making her an easy stun target. Can't kill you 1v1 unless the spear connects, but you can. Don't chase a low-on-health Nidalee - she's too mobile to catch up and may even attempt a turn back if she lands her spear while you are following her.
  • 254_64.png - Gank effectiveness: pre-6: 3/5, post-6: 5/5
Being a natural gapcloser, Vi makes ganks an absolute terror for any non-mobile champion, especially when she successfully flanks mid. Considering her amazing cheesy damage output early, can bring you down to very low health in a matter of several seconds. You have to be very cautious in order to not overextend because a simple mistake and you are freely exposed to Piltover Enforcer. If her ultimate made you open for the enemy midlaner, Flash away. Can dive you if the situation arises, can kill you 1v1 especially in late game but - is vulnerable against a single-target damage combo and can be killed if she is alone and hasn't been followed by teammates with proper outplay. The most important part about Vi's gangks is to dodge her Vault Breaker: it is unlikely that Vi will continue a gank if she misses her most damaging ability.
  • 28.png - Gank effectiveness: 4/5
Coming soon
  • 79.png - Gank effectiveness: pre-6: 3/5, post-6: 4/5 
Has decent CC and damage early-mid game. As with most mediocre junglers - easy to stun at melee range and can be run away from, try dodging his Body Slam with which Gragas will usually start his engage but watch out for Body Slam + Flash combo or even scarier Flash + Ult: It will be much harder to survive if you are already kicked into the middle of your lane, "sandwiched" between Gragas and your opponent.
  • 104.png - Gank effectivness: 2-4 / 5, depending on your position and health.
Graves cannot gank you effectively from bushes unless you overextend. He also has less than mediocre chances of catching up on you if you retreat from at least 2 times distance than his AA range. However, if he manages to flank you, or you are standing next to a wall, things are super tough for you. His burst is hilarious just from his AA's not to mention how much damage he deals through Q + R...the resists he gets are enough to survive your burst damage, unless he is not at at least 60% health. Ward from behind your lane and watch the map. 
  • 203.png - Gank effectiveness: 4/5
Kindred basically can kill you 1v1 with the dueling potential she has. Slow and damage are a pain, she can gank you from whenever she likes and the dodge on her Q means you have less chances of stunning her. Don't try trading 1v1 kills here - her ultimate makes it so you cannot win. However, if she herself gets low, she HAS to ult, meaning you have just some more time to deal as much damage as you can before it ends. Though, Kindred's weakness might be in her passive: if she marks you, you are supposed to be extra cautious of their ganks and play just a little bit safer.

30-40% CDR on Brand Back to Top

Most people underestimate the value of CDR on 63.png, having the idea that he should be able to already blow off most people with one combo rotation, and thus build AP items exclusively, reducing the amount of CDR to minimum amount. I believe it's quite wrongful and short-sighted, and I am about to explain why.

In what ways 30-40% Cooldown Reduction can be useful for 63.pngBrand?
  • You get access to your abilities faster
  • You dish out damage faster
  • You achieve high DpS damage by applying and reapplying blaze debuff more often
  • Enemies will be really surprised on how fast you can cast your spells because they usually don't expect your cooldowns to be low (which sometimes may result in an easy sudden stun on an unaware enemy who will be thinking that you wasted your Q and won't have it in the next couple of seconds,walking straight towards you)
  • You can proc your CC faster and you will always get bonus effects from your spells, because after you finished the first set of combo casting, blaze debuff will last long enough for your spells to come off cooldown to continue comboing them with already ablazed targets! ( and this is one of the most important benefits 40% CDR provides for 63.png - it expands his opportunities for combos - the thing which he is actually based on! )
  •  Pyroclasm comes off cooldown in less than a minute! 
  •  You achieve high skillcap with 63.png faster because you will have access to your spells more often

Brand feels a lot more like an action-paced mage to me rather than a "high cooldowns high burst" one and he feels less sloppy since I'm casting spells ASAP and don't walk around after one combo being a plain "meat body", but it's not always what you really need, sometimes you don't need to kite at all and just want to have damage because your team has enough CC already or enemy team composition doesn't have champions to kite and you don't need to be peeled for often, not even by yourself. In this case going for minimum CDR is just enough.

Brand's team composition Back to Top

When picking 63_64.png  on Mid you have to consider that your team proposingly should minimise the amount of threats for you and negate your main weaknesses of a mage: squishiness and vulnerability to everything, and maximise the amount of possibilities for your spells. This is best achieved when you have multiple tanks/bruisers in your team that can lock down multiple targets for you to safely dish out damage and a support which will peel for you if necessary. You are the backline of your team and because you very vulnerable to heavy tanks/any kind of assasins you need to have a decent frontline for protection.

Basically key things to look for when picking 63_64.png: a tanky top with hard CC, a bruiser/tank jungler with CC and a support with peel. 

Something like this is great:


Whereas something like this is inappropriate/terrible:


It doesn't really matter who the ADC is because they rarely help you at all. 

Be cautious when picking Brand with assasins because if they don't snowball you or other lanes or carry the game themselves, they don't bring any benefit and they are definitely not a frontlane. 

But in the end, if you wish to play around with 63_64.png, pick him in any team comp, you will learn out eventually what's good and what's bad.

Roaming Back to Top

Mages that can properly and consistently clear waves of minions have an option to roam to other lanes for pressure. 

Brand,despite having less than mediocre waveclear during early stages of the game, is no exception to this. As a midlaner you can(and if you're winning you must) show the enemy team that you are a threat. Although, I have to admit Brand is tough to manage when it comes to roaming. Sure, you have a high kill potential and all, but because enemies will usually be acknowledged of what you are trying to do - and most of the time you want to land a stun,it's predictable - they will react accordingly, not to mention you can even die during the gank if your opponents play it smart which is very unfortunate.

 I recommend roaming either to a lane that's been harassed already by your teammates/lane that doesn't have summoner spells because that's where you can actually pick kills or gank with your jungler which is highly advisable, otherwise - it's quite risky and the roam has mediocre chance to be successful (you will bait out summoners the very least for sure, the worst case - you die, your teammates die,you waste your summoners and lose an objective(s) ). 

 Unfortunately, since Brand has mediocre waveclear, it is very easy for someone like Syndra to push wave faster towards your tower and start roaming around the map earlier than you. If you think you would be pressured to your tower quite often, i would recommend you to take 12.png in your summoners to follow enemy midlaner's roams.

Unfortunately, it is a sad truth - 63.png is mediocre when it comes to roaming.

Closing statements Back to Top

Thank you very much for reading my first guide! I found lolking as the easiest way to write it and to be honest it's been a fantastic experience! I really tried hard to put in all the information you may possibly need and the one I use myself which I personally gained from game experience.

I will be updating this guide from time to time, whether it be adding more sections or changing previous information.

Feel free to leave a comment regarding the guide so that you can help me improve! Your opinion on the information I included here is what really important to me. Maybe you can tell me some tips I don't know or information regarding game mechanics/gameplay that will be helpful! I'm really looking forward for those.

Check out my LoLSkill profile here:

or you can track me, view my stats for Brand and other champions in previous season within LoLKing here:

See you burning your way to victory with 63_64.png on the Fields of Justice!

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