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Summoner Spells Back to Top

[color="#DB7900"]When it comes to summoner spells, 4.png + 7.png are your only options in this meta.[/color] 

1. Flash 4.png is a must have summoner spell. Flash allows you to properly escape ganks, to re position in a team fight, to jump for combos, last hits and all the other faker playz you will do.

2. Heal 7.png helps your lane trading a lot, it's basically a 850 range 30% movement speed boost for you and an ally. It's a vital tool to help you win bot lane trades.

3. Barrier 21.png
You should only take barrier if you don't give a sht about even trading on bot or if you know from start your sup. will be useless. It also counters ignite and 18.png 21.png 110.pngpretty well. 

4. 1.png 
If you plan on not fighting at all on botlane and your situation allows you to (you switch lanes or w/e), you can take this vs a cc heavy team. I wouldn't recommend it though, it takes a lot of early power away from you.

5. 2.png3.png6.png14.png12.png 
Just no. 
That will do.

How to use them:

1. Flash  4.png 

-> Try to flash mostly defensive, flashing for kills or aggressive flash plays can lead to a premature death, just like abortion. Or smoking. yorickreviveally.png

-> If you are being chased, try to make your flash count (don't flash just ahead in straight line), try to flash over a cliff or over a big obstacle. In an ideal situation, make a difficult flash, a flash that can be failed if not properly placed.

-> You can also use it to win trades (ex- flash the 53.png hook knowing that by flashing it, there is no way they can still win the trade, or the 412.png hook, etc..)

->if you have to get away from someone and you need to use caitlynentrapment.png +FLASH, always use them in this order: caitlynentrapment.png first on them, then 4.png  away; because they will be slowed and if they flash right after your flash, you will have a huge advantage.

2. Heal 7.png

-> If your opponents have 14.png, use the heal early in the all-in trade, before they ignite. If they ignite first, you will get only 60% of the total heal.

-> you can use it for the bonus movement speed as well, if you need to dodge a 53.png rocketgrab.png or something like that and your flash is on cd / you don't want to waste it

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

This is the standard ADC build. 

You should get Fervor all the time, there is no other mastery that even compares to Fervor for Caitlyn. 

-> Also, your spells apply fervor, especially your caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png. If you aim it properly, you can get some stacks of fervor by just casting Q. Remember, attacking them with an ability doesn't generate 1 stack of fervor, it generates 2 stacks !

-> Remember to take advantage of fervor on the lane. If you poke your opponent a few times and you get a decent amount of fervor stacks (at least 4-5), you will be at an advantage and you should try to force a trade or an all-in.

-> Also, remember to take advantage of your feast when it's off CD (once every 30 seconds you get a 20 heal).

Should you ever get Double-edged sword?

It depends on the matchup, i sometimes do. Most people don't because you take a shitload more damage, but you also do 2% more and sometimes you just need to feel that crit in your bones. Get it if you are sure you will stay out of danger most of the times. 

Oppressor vs Bounty Hunter

In order for Oppressor to be better, you have to get to 3 kills fast. If you can do that with ease, be my guest. In most higher elo games though, you will need that 2.5% more damage early since they will get trapped+ slowed by you a lot and cc'd by your sup maybe.

But if you a killa ma bratha, take dem opressah !

12 Cunning vs 12 Resolve

Now this is up to your preference, you have a lot more damage on Cunning, but a lot more survivability on Resolve, now it's pretty decent since veteran scars got buffed. 

Cunning - Secret stash vs Assassin (cookies vs assassin)

Depends on your playstyle. If you find yourself in 1v1s often (and i don't mean when you get caught overextending alone vs shaco), get this. Remember, there have to be no allies in an 800 range of you in order for this mastery to be of any use.

Other options: 

You can maybe run warlords, some koreans do, it's usefulness is revealed in close fights/trades and in the sustain. So if you got a korean playstyle, where you fight almost at equal with your opponent or you fight once in 10 minutes, you can get this. It's also decent in late, but imo its a lot weaker than Fervor, especially when you have Huricane which applies 3 stacks at once.

Abilities Back to Top


lvl 1. 

invade, your team goes red, what do you skill? Q? no! you don't yet. If there will be a fight, your q will be more important for the burst damage if you catch them off guard. But never learn a skill at lvl 1 until you see and evaluate the situation. You might need an escape, and that fast learned E will save your ass.

If you decide to defend your objectives, a well placed trap could screw up their whole invade.

Why would i max W, are you fucking retarded????

It's pretty simple. Passive proc caitlynpassive.png is a lot better than Q caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png damage, since you can proc more than 1 once. 

If your support lands a cc on the enemy, if you got 2 traps on you your enemy is basically dead. You place 1 trap above him, and when he will be cc free he will get trapped, and another one just behind him. His only option left is to flash or die, but they mostly die, its too much damage for a human being to survive.

You have 5 of these bastards at lvl 9. 5 traps with 0 cool-down to place around you. It's just insane. In any sort of team-fight, they will not be able to move around your traps. No melee bruiser has any chance of doing something against your castle of traps. Also, if you place them correctly, you can secure a dragon, a baron, a team-fight, a push, a siege, anything.
For dragon, for example, you can block the whole river with 5 traps. If any enemy gets into a trap, he is usually going to get caught by your team or at least get delayed and head-shoted to the face.
For a siege, you can slowly zone your opponents with traps into the turret, creating a semicircle around it, an impassible terrain. It's like a huge Anivia wall, they will not dare to step in them since stepping in them usually means getting caught my other cc's and dying a horrible painful death (and getting  flamed ofc)

Your caitlynyordletrap.png gives you huge lane control just by placing some 20 mana cupcakes.
If your support lands a CC on the enemy and you are in range

Why max E second? Because you already have good wave-clear with your 3085.png and it has a lower cd, you need that to survive team-fights. It also deals more damage to single targets.

Also, if you time it right, attacking a trapped person isn't bothered by auto-attack CD. Now this is a bit buggy, it shouldn't do that, but if i get the time, i'll share it with you in a video.

When should you max Q fist? 

Vs certain champions as described in champion matchups. 

You could do it if they play very defensive and you need to poke them in longer range.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This is the only start

Core Items

    the most important
    ideal build
    situational, if they lack cc
    Upgrade at lvl 9 always
    Before an important teamfight and always when full build

Situational Items

    If you just can't survive that katarina/khazix/w.e burst without it
    if you need to kill dem tanks
    If you backed/got killed early and you got less than 875 g
    very situational. Vs enemies like singed
    As an early def vs ap heavy enemies
    When they don't have many tanks/ when they got heals
    instead of shiv, if you have to kite a yi or smth like that
    if you get really bored and you haven't read a good novel in a while

QUICK BUILD  (if your game is just starting, and u want to know fast what u must buy, this is for you) : 

1055_32.png + 2003.png + 3340.png -> 1038.png + 2043.png + 2003.png2003.png -> 3006.png ->3086.png -> 3085.png -> 3031.png -> 3035.png -> 3087.png -> 3036.png -> 3072.png

FULL BUILD EXAMPLE 1  : 3006.png + 3085.png + 3031.png + 3036.png + 3087.png + 3072.png

FULL BUILD EXAMPLE 2:   3006.png + 3085.png + 3031.png + 3033.png + 3087.png + 3139.png

These 2 builds are just 2 examples of what you can get, you need to diversify your build according to the game you're in 

1. Start

For start, your only option is the 1055_32.png + 2003.png, there is currently no better option. 
The only one other item you could buy is 1083.png, but it provides you with less early dueling strength (which you need a lot on Cait)

2. First recall    1038.png

You should try to recall when you have over 1300 gold to get the B.F. sword. Your ideal recall is at about 1475 gold, so you can get 1038.png + 2003.png2003.png + 2043.png.

When should i first recall?
If you farm perfectly and get all the minions, you should have a bit above 1500 gold after minion wave 7 (~min 5), so push the 7-th wave and recall. 

If you are forced to recall earlier and have 450 g (less than 875), get 1083.png.
If you are forced to recall with 875 (less than 1300), get 1037.png.

Remember to always take an extra 2 or 3 2003.png 2003.png  with you on first recall and if you can, the magic pink 2043.png.

3. Your item choice at second recall 3006.png 3086.png

By the second recall, you should have between 1 and 2-3 k depending on how bad you pwned them so far.

Your first goal is 3085.png after BF/Pickaxe, but your priority are the boots 3006.png.

Try to get 3086.png before 1043.png, it gives you more strength early on until you finish the final item. 
Your ideal second recall would be 3006.png + 3086.png.

4. Min 15-20

Ok, now you got 3085.png. Your next item is 3031.png.

5. Mid game build ( MIn 20-40) 

Now you should have something like this : 3006_32.png + 3031_32.png + 3085.png.

Your next item will be 3035.png  if they are starting to stack armor.  If you don't have penetration problems (get the pun? hehe), go straight for 3087.png.

Now, most people preffer 3094.png on most adc instead of shiv because it gives you that extra attack from a safe distance. Personally, i would only get 3094.png if they have a very scary lineup with 2-3 people who can 1 shot me from 600 range. Imo, 3087.png gives more damage because you can crit with it, you got amazing wave-clear and 5% more attack speed.

If you have a hard time, and you don't need the armor pen. bonus, get a survivability item  3140_32.png or 3155.png, something to help you stay alive as much as possible. 

If they die like flies and you are snowballing, get the 3087.png.

Next, get your armor pen. 3033.png  or 3036.png, depending on their comp. If you really don't need any amor pen, still, get it!

6. Final build (Late game)

 3252_32.png3031_32.png 3087_32.png3085.png3036.png

Now what? 

Now you have to figure out what you need next. These are the possible items you can get, depending on your opponents and on what your allies need you to do:

3046.png For more attack speed and some damage reduction if you duel people often.
3026_32.png You're focused now that you have 10-0
3139_32.png An annoying cc you take every fight? Np, here's some damage with the cleanse !
3153_32.png They are sooooooo tanky man
3102_32.png Y u hate me Leblanc? 111_icon_64.png 7_icon_64.png19_icon_64.png69_icon_64.png45_icon_64.png89_icon_64.png105_icon_64.png134_icon_64.png
3156.png Vs that ap bruiser piece of shut 84.png161.png7_icon_64.png69_icon_64.png45_icon_64.png105_icon_64.png134_icon_64.png 
3053.png Vs an AD bruiser which you just can't survive without the extra help from the health fairy
3072.png Standard MORE-DAMAGE build, with some lifesteal included. If you don't need the items above to stay alive, this is your chosen one.

Matchups Back to Top

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Alistar u want to camp my bush? Here, have a trap to da face instead

Quick tip: Freeze lane, caitlynentrapment.png his combo, caitlynyordletrap.png closest bush, focus ADC for trades and all-ins.

Be careful when pushing, he is just waiting for an opportunity to 4.png +pulverize.png + headbutt.png you in the tower. In common language, he will flash to you, knock your shit up and send you flying into his turret. 

If it's an aggressive cow, you can counter his aggression with creating your trap fortress (lay 3-5 traps around your minions and towards the bush, explained bellow) and zoning his milky tits.

If it's a passive cow, he will max heal and just save his ADC when needed. You out-damage that, so keep an eye out for openings/ small advantages in your lane, you can use them to win all-ins.

Try to caitlynentrapment.png+caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png his combo if you are fast enough my friend Eastwood.

Advanced tactics: Force him to headbutt.png you and caitlynentrapment.png +caitlynyordletrap.png while he is flying. Then kill the cow like the farm animal he is.



Annie support is the most annoying existent thing in this world. She deals tons of damage, while also having one of the best CCs.

Quick tip: Watch out for her stacks, when she is at 3 stacks she gets dangerous. After she uses her stun and has 1 spell on cd you can go all in on her, but with caution she still has high damage.

When she hits lvl 6 she becomes a monster if played right. If you do't have a shielding/healing support (40.png 16.png), stay as safe as possible at about 1000 range of her at all times. All she wants is to 4.png+infernalguardian.png you in the face and he ain't a sweet teddy-bear no more, his power is over 9000 now

Advanced tactics: Try to force her to over-extend and stun you with her Q (before she hits lvl 6). When the stun comes flying, caitlynentrapment.png+caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png her and your support should do the rest while you are at a comfortable range away from her and the enemy ADC.




Ashe vs Cait is pretty much balanced, they both got their own set of cc and lane pushing skillz. The winner will be the one with the better sup, or the most skilled one ofc.

Quick tip: Max caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png, it's a long range battle. Stay behind minions when she asheW.png's. Careful! if the minion dies from her asheW.png, the arrows will continue their journey. Use caitlynentrapment.png +caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png on her when she activates asheQ.png. Use 4.png to escape Her asheR.png if there is even a slight chance that it will hit you.

Advanced tactics: When she asheR.png, place a trap in front of her first and then dodge the arrow, most Ashes will be too hasty to hit you after they cast their ultimate and won't see the trap. 



Now this is a tricky one young marksman.

Quick tip: Max caitlynyordletrap.png. Dodge his bardQ.png, don't stay behind minions or champions when he casts it. His auto-attack is empowered by his passive and will slow you so try to keep a good distance between you and him. Web/flash/move out of his bardR.png. When you see a bardE.png incoming, expect a jungler. Try to caitlynyordletrap.png on his bardW.png

Bard is if not the best one of the best supports out there, but he depends a lot on the skill of the player.
A weak-medium bard player poses absolutely no threat, while a good bard player can wreck your wet Pamela Anderson dreams with his Magical Journey.

Advanced tactics: Fake an auto-attack in a situation where he would stun you with his bardQ.png, bait him to come closer, caitlynentrapment.png sideways and shoot him dead.




Blitzy u like bushes? Well you can't have them, they are trapped :(

Oh, you trying to grab me? Oh.. what's this? i can jump back and u miss all your hooks? wtf?




You can keep him at a distance with traps, but you won't do a lot of damage to him.

Max caitlynyordletrap.png, since he can braumE.png your caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png. Never ultimate if he has his shield up and is in position. You can caitlynentrapment.png out of his ult sideways. 
He will most likely shield when he gets caitlynyordletrap.png, but still use that hit since his shield has bigger cd than your traps.




She is your hardest opponent =)




You counter him too hard.

You got too much range, and you can get out of his machine gun with your E.




Now this is a tricky one, which you will only win if you out-play him hard.

Who says Cait is stronkk vs Draven hasn't met the right Draven.
Try to play safe, and when he runs to Q you, web him + harass when he goes back.

The new draven is a little weaker. When he doesn't catch the axe you can go all in if you got all your combo (W,E,Q).

Max caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png and caitlynentrapment.png+caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png him whenever you have the chance. Then stay safe until you have your caitlynentrapment.png CD back.




Easy. Dodge his q, stay behind minions, harass as much as you can.




Stay max range, poke his as much as you can when his q is down, and then take the free kill.



If combined with an agressive sup, he will force you to play def.

Tricky one. This modern Clint Eastwood will depend on the skill of the player. 

Don't stay near minions when he Q's , dodge the W, E+Q him as much as you can. 

Poke him especially when he has no bullets or when he has his first 3. Never go near him when he has the 4'th bullet! (the red one)

Max caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png.




All depends on the sup. If you get cc'd it will be almost impossible to escape a jinx+ a cc sup.

Try to always stay as safe as possible and remember that jinx's weakness is that she has no escape, while you do. Try to out-position her and NEVER let yourself get hit by her choppers ( her E)

Her ult is very easy to flash/e so try to dodge that too.

When poking jinx, be careful to not be next to the minion she attacks since you will be getting 100% splash damage.




Kalista will be very scary at lvl 1 for you, don't trade her until level 2 when you can properly E her. 

Max caitlynyordletrap.png, it will be very difficult for her to properly jump surrounded by traps. 

You just outrange her very hard, don't let her get to you by slowing her with your caitlynentrapment.png and then harassing her down.

Cast your caitlynentrapment.png right before she attacks, when she is unable to move.




Now this guy will party in your blood if you don't zone him early on. Take advantage of his W cooldown and engage.



Try to stay at max range and dodge her spear.

Don't poke her if she has her leonasolarflare.png up and is ready to go. Or if she is in leonazenithblade.png range.

If she does manage to leonazenithblade.png you, quickly caitlynentrapment.png +hit backwards while she is still flying and place a trap in front of you. 

When she leonasolarbarrier.pngs, poke her down if she can't attack anyone. If he just W's the shield is a lot weaker.




Lucian is one of the best ads in the game atm. 

When facing lucian, try not to trade with him, try to just out-poke him.

If he gets closer to you with his dash, E+q him.


Miss Fortune


Hey Miss Fortune, do you have a passive? Because if you do, it's pretty useless cuz i'm hitting you all the time lolz.




Rip her mermaid tail to get to the good part ( her human legs), and then do nasty things to her. Gurl on gurl action

Dodge the bubble by always moving forward when u see it( they all expect u to go back so they cast it a little behind you) or by using your E. If you dodge the bubble, its gg




Well he is a terrible sup for years now, but still this guy will fck ur plans bad. Don't let him get to you in team fights, or you'll attack two times the whole fight.




E anytime she slows you, run/ cast q until his blind wears off.

When she is in brid form, trap under her, E back and then hit her FROM A DISTANCE.

Never fight her 1 v1 if she is bird without kiting her




Hello Sivir. Oh fck, im dead.

The new sivir is great, but she got nerfed. Her q is no longer a problem in early game, it has very low damage. 

Dont even think about planting traps, she will be too happy.

Try to get as many Headshots onto her as possible.




hit hit hit dead.

Care though that she can sustain with her heal, she is very vulnerable at all-ins though.




Dodge her starcall.png, max caitlynyordletrap.png.

Zone the other ADC with traps and focus her with your support.


Tahm Kench


Dodge his tongue, after he gets 6 don't over extend if you don't know where he is, he might just ult behind you. 

If he gets 2 stacks on you, try to E away from him and flash if he does since him eating you could have bad implications. 




He can't reach you.

When he stuns, E back if his ad is in range. If not, just auto hit him.

Max caitlynyordletrap.png, he needs to come relatively close to stun you, zone him and rape his armor.







Quick tips: Deny him every time he tries to get a soul, deny him every time he closes the gap, dodge the hook, don't break the walls of his ult, care for lvl 1 fight (dont fight with him at lvl 1).

Thresh is atm one of the most(if not the most) overpowered champions ingame.
But, as many champs, he has his own weaknesses.

First, thresh has great poke if you allow him to get in range for an auto attack. This is easy to counter. You just have to punish him every time he tries to get in range (you lend 2-3 auto attacks on him also)

Second, his hook. His hook is very easy to dodge because in order to use it he stays like 1.x seconds in place. That is a huge gap you can use.

Thirdly(is that even a word?), Trap his bushes and ask your support to ward them also. DON'T LET HIM CAMP YOUR BUSH! Punish him every times you can.

Eazy! xd

RUN when he uses lantern backwards. RUN LIKE A CRAZAH WOMAN!!  (cuz his jungler is there)




Be very careful early on, she has insane early game damage, and rape her mid game. In late, she will be a worthy opponent, so try to out-farm her.




Twitch... i can see you

The most important thing is to push him out of the lane, outpoke him early and get a cs advantage. And by all means, don't die. Tell your support the same. If twitch gets any advantage on you, he can easily snowball the lane.




Nobody plays him anymore (sadly), so dont bother. If , by any chance, you get a urgot in the opposing team, force a fight early (lvl 1-2), and then snowball him.




Tricky one, everything depends on Varus's skill. Try to out-poke him.

Poke hard at lvl 1, get E at lvl 2. If you see him trying to get 2 autos on you for his E, E+Q after the second hit so you can dodge his E.




Hit hit hit hit hit hit.. Q

Zone her with traps or kill her with caitlynentrapment.png+caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png. Depends on how good your sup is. If he is good, go for the kill, you outdamage her hard early.

Your lane setup Back to Top

Atm, the best supports with Cait are 

Also, viable options :

51.png223.png = Probably the best lane since you can poke from 2 sides and if Tahm gets 3 stacks on someone he can eat them and spit them into your trap. 

51.png + 16.png = Good lane, you can be aggressive and she keeps your shit together. It's like 2 happy lesbian. 

51.png + 201.png = Great lane if you manage to get the stun proc. You are very strong early lvls.

51.png + 432.png = One of the best lanes, he can ult and you place 3 traps on them or he can Q stun and you place your trap under. 
51_icon_64.png + 53_icon_64.png = great kill lane, you trap in bush , he pulls him to ur trap, then pew pew kill
51_icon_64.png + 37_icon_64.png = good poke
51_icon_64.png + 40_icon_64.png = great sustain and a little damage boost 
51_icon_64.png + 44_icon_64.png = great kill lane also, you can zone them easily and put traps uinder stunned opponents. 
51_icon_64.png + 89_icon_64.png = another good kill lane
51_icon_64.png + 117_icon_64.png = great poke, sustain, but not so awesome lvl 6 comparing to other combos
51_icon_64.png + 12_icon_64.png = depends on the Alistar, he must be insane and fcking crazy suicider. Just as we like it <3
51_icon_64.png + 412_icon_64.png = great lane, focus on early kill-poke, start with Q. When he hooks, put a trap under opponent and one behind him so he gets double trapped. 
51_icon_64.png + 267_icon_64.png = You can be aggressive early with her because of her great sustain-poke heal +cc. If she lands all the bubbles, you can poke a lot. If she doesn't, pray to god to kill all mermaids.

In the end, you can lane with any support and have a great performance, because cait can be played in so many ways. You can be very agressive, you can passive farm, you can counter a kill lane. It's one of the most versatile champs in-game atm. 

Early Mid Late Back to Top

1. Teamfights

Cait is one of the AD's with the longest range. That is your advantage. To use that advantage to the fullest, you must always stay very very back, and come last in fights. 

For example, they engage dragon. You must stay whithin your team's safety , but in max range for auto attacks, because in early fights every hit counts.

Traps! Create your zone by laying traps and use traps to block paths. 
Create a field of traps between you and the enemy team so they have no choice but to take them in the face.


A. Early

Lvl 1. When you reach botlane, dont immediately start pushing. Try to push as much as the other adc pushes, but in the second wave, push the minions faster to get lvl 2. 

If you get lvl 2 faster, autoattack the adc, caitlynentrapment.png+caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png  him in the face and then hit to proc the caitlynpassive.png. That's about 50% hp at lvl 2, he will be forced to use a potion. You might even get a kill if you have a good support.

Basically, be very agressive if you can afford it. You can do that if they don't have a long range kill lane (example: 53_icon_64.png89_icon_64.png110_icon_64.png42_icon_64.png ) . If you got a sup like taric/leona/jana , someone who doesn't need a bush, tell them to zone the outer part of the lane while you ATTACK FROM BUSH. HIDDEN PASSIVE: When Cait attacks from bush, she gets double the charges in Headshot. So, you only have to attack 3 times to get your Headshot up IF YOU ARE IN A BUSH

When a jungler ganks you, try setting a trap in front of you and only afterwards use your Net to jump.

When your jungler gangs, u are the best ad baiter in za world, so keep that in mind and bait them stunnz.

When laning with a sup with a stun (12_icon_64.png44_icon_64.png53_icon_64.png89_icon_64.png), after your sup stuns/hooks/spears Immediately put a trap under your enemy's ass so he gets a double stun. IF you can't reach it in time, put one in front of him, so he will be forced to burn a flash or die.

If you are forced into your tower or they have just a lot more power, just let them push and farm under turret + zone them with traps afterwards.

B. Mid-game


Traps, traps, traps!

80% of your damage will come from hitting trapped people. 

Your cait is great in midgame, you just have to keep in mind that u are not vayne, you are not graves, you don't have shitloads of damage. You got your own set, ofc, but u cant insta burst someone down or solo a bruiser YET.

Focus your attention towards objectives, dragon, red, blue and help your team secure them. Also , ALWAYS STAY BEHIND. And the most important thing, don't get greedy !! Greed is your worst enemy.

Because you are such a bad ass, expect everyone to focus you, because they will. Make sure that u get in your team's safety before turning around and doing the damage.

Also, it's very important to place the traps in team fights. In an ideal teamfight, you will have 5 traps placed and another 3 to place whenever u want, when your team stuns someone. You can place a trap in front of yourself to protect yourself from a bruiser, or u can place one in front of the ap, to protect him. Ofc no-one will thank you for those traps saving them, because they don't notice how fcking amazing u are, but you got ur free elo.

So.. stay safe and farm farm farm.

C. Late game 


This is your time to shine! IF you position correctly, you will be un-fcking-defeatable. You got ur web, you got ur  flash and mb ur qqs. I mean.. can u get any more op ? Yes you can, u have FCKING 650 RANGE!

Dont do the mistake of initiating the fights with your ultimate, or using it when u cant secure a clear shot. Use it when your bruiser is carving in the enemy ap/ad and help him!. U will give that fcker a 50% hp bomb in da face.

They got 39_icon_64.png. What do i do? 
Well, you ask your sup to assist you and u have to kill her before you get to the rest of the team, you can't do anything otherwise. When she jumps, instantly E, then trap! Try to get in a bush to have double headshot procs, the get the free kill.
Against any bruiser you can do the same.

Who do i focus? 

You don't!. You( as an ad) can't focus in teamfights except in a situation where nobody focuses you, but that will never happen cuz ur op as hell. You hit the target that is the closest to you and you stay in max range at the same time. Ofc, if you can chose between hitting a Nunu sup or Ahri, assuming they are both close to you, you will kill the ahri bitch in 3 hits.

The secret of making huge amounts of damage? MOVE, KITE and KITE again cuz ur fcking awesome at it.

How to place dem trapz Back to Top


I see people focus a lot in other guides on how to place the traps. I will detail it for you:

First step

Put your finger on the keyboard( the thing in front of you with a lot of BUTTONS) and find the W key. Good, now press it.

So far so good. You will now see a blue target on your screen (the screen is that monitor with lots of colors you are staring at)

Second step

Look to your right (or left if you are a lefty). You will see a little thing with a cable attached to it ( or not if you are in the next generation of technology and u have a wireless O.o). Hold it in your hand like you would hold a boob (boob like in BOOBS, TITS, BREASTS, JUGGLES, KNOCKERS, FUN BAGS, this -> (.)(.) )

Great. Now that you have both your hands busy, move the boob-like thing ( some people call it a mouse- yea, i know, crazy right?) and chose a location for your trap.

It shouldn't take you more than a few minutes....
Have you found it? Great

Now step three

Double check to see if that is the exact position you wanted for your trap. If it is, click on the left side of the so called MOUSE once.

Step 4

Admire your work. Job well done! Congratulations.

Now you can zoom on it and see the little cup cake inside . If you followed all these steps above, you should probably delete League Of Legends from your computer.


Ok, seriously now

I have recently noticed ppl say you should place traps with cait as wards, so you don't get ganked. That's a stupidity. You only do that if you got no wards on your support. Otherwise, those traps should be used to win your lane.

Place the traps on the lane where you think the ADC will position to last hit a minion. Also, place the traps where you think the minions will be for more waves (not just this one).

When you are pushing, place all 5 traps near his tower and force him to restrain movement so he won't be able to proper last hit. 


SOLO Q Back to Top

3. SOLO Q 

Our deepest fear, i know.

Why is cait awesome in soloq? 

Because.. you play it! No, now seriously she is insane in soloq. You have the possibility to chose your play style depending on the skill of your support. If he is stupid as fuck and a complete idiot ( yes , i know it happens a lot) , you can either chose to pwn the enemies by urself, because u have that option, or either play defensive and don't mind your retarded suport partener. 

ALso, when a jungler comes to gank you , you got great chances of escaping, and when your jungle comes, you can help him a lot with your huge range, and maybe, just maybe, one of the opponents get into one of your traps and you secure the kill. Easy, right? Well.. no. When you get a sustain lane on the other side and u got like nunu cait there isn't much you can do except afk farm . 

For example, let's say they got 40_icon_64.png + 67_icon_64.png , and u are 51_icon_64.png + 412.png . Here you must go all agressive, because if that Vayne gets fed or if you get the same amount of minions as her and you both didnt die or kill , she has won the lane cuz of her late game insane damage. You need to tell your thresh to wake the fuck up and play as agressive as he can.

SOLO Q team fights. 

You got a shitty team, nobody protects you, all flame you. Np, you don't give a fuck. You will always stay behind every single one of your team and DPS the fck out of your adversaries. With 650 range, you will be able to get to the most fed adversary and shoot him down. Your damage is insane if you have farmed right and you can position yourself in a bush during team-fights. 

Conclusion: PICK CAIT!


When do you pick Cait? Back to Top


1. Excellent mobility
2. Kiting abilities
3. Excellent lane control
4. Huge range
5. Low mana costs
6. Excellent harasser
7. Great farmer


1. Low burst damage
2. Item dependent
3. Very vulnerable to a kill lane

Champions you can easily rape:

Latest patch gameplay Back to Top

All updated!

Replays Back to Top

Replays coming in a few days, stay tuned!

Steroids Back to Top

All AD-s have a smth called a steroid. A steroid is most times a spell. This steroid, when activated or casted gives you that damage burst that you need as an ad.


96_icon_64.png Kog -his W is his steroid, allowing him to get tons of damage with the % hp.
22_icon_64.png Ashe - no steroid
18_icon_64.png Tristana - Her Q - good attack speed
110_icon_64.png Varus- no steroid
I see everyone is contradicting me on this one, so i'll explain.
A steroid is something you can activate or use whenever u have to/want to to deal huge amounts of damage. His passive "steroid" can only be used after killing someone or something, that requiring that somebody dies in that team fight at the start of it. Most late game ganks and team fights are in the jungle or around the baron/dragon, so there will be no minions around to kill for passive. Also, most good players don't die in a team fight when it starts. Yes, they get focused and bursted hard but good players don't allow you to 1 shot them and they back with low hp.
Now please tell me what steroid does Varus have if they back 1 by 1 and nobody gets killed in the team fight.
81_icon_64.png Ezreal - His passive
119_icon_64.png Draven - When in dual blades mode
42_icon_64.png Corki - HIs machinegun. E
104_icon_64.png Graves - His E, attack speed
15_icon_64.png Sivir -Her W
29_icon_64.png Twitch - His ultimate
67_icon_64.png Vayne -her ultimate
21_icon_64.png MF -Her W, attack speed

So.. What steroid does caitlyn have?
Her passive activates every 6 hits only
Her Q is a poke/burst spell
Her W is a control spell
Her E is an escape mechanism
Her R is a chase/kill/burst spell.

So Caitlyn has no steroid right? Wrong! Her steroid is the bush. If you are positioned in a bush in team-fights, you get 1 2 Headshot, 1 2 Headshot. That means: 150% in the third hit, an average of 116% damage per hit that can crit!.



Caitlyn's spells scale incredibly well in late.

What is late game about?

AD late game means staying alive and doing as much damage as possible. But first, STAYING ALIVE.

Why is Caitlyn a beast late game? Because she has the best set of skills meant to kite, escape and assassinate out of all the AD's. 

How many times did u find yourselves flashing while playing AD to get that last hit onto the running ad/ap/w/e which has 1 hp, and then got insta-focused and died? I know.. lots
Caitlyn doesn't need that, she has her ultimate for it, she has her q for it, she has her 650 range for it.

Also, how many times did a bruiser (irelia lets say) jump to you(as AD) and insta finish you? Many times, i know.
Cait doesn't care about that, she just calmly places a trap onto the bruiser, then E's back and kites the shit out of him.

So, we just decided that Cait has the possibility to stay alive more than the rest of the ad's. And staying alive means winning the game. 

You will ask: Yes, but what about the damage? Isn't Kog better? no. why? because. what? yes.

I hope this cleared out some dilemmas, i wish you all the best and a Merry Christmas!

(^_^) Back to Top

More incoming, thank you for your feedback so far, hope we meet in a soloq ^^

I will soon launch a youtube channel with helpful videos, stay tuned!

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