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3 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Flash+Ignite is the most standard way to go. It gives you an ability to flash away from danger or flash+r to engage a fight. Its a pretty good way to surprise your enemies. Ignite is just to add that extra damage on top. Ignite+Q+W gives you a sick amount of dots. 

Flash+Exhaust is really situational as there are sometime when you're vs alot of ad or you know you could need it vs lee sin for example. I dont normally run this but sometimes i need to.

Flash+Barrier is great vs combos with alot of burst or people who can assasinate you easily or lock you down. Example Wukong, Lee sin, J4.

Remember to always look out for opportunities to engage with a Flash+R. Its a really strong engage and will take your enemies with their pants off. 

New Runes Back to Top

Abilities Back to Top

Noxious_Blast.jpg   Gives you moment speed and is a great tool to keep up with your enemies or run away from them. Also deals damage over time.

I know that in 5v5 you might prefer maxing E first but in 3v3 the map is so small and you wanna try not and get ganked. Also it's really goodt for farming!

Miasma.jpg  Slows people in it and deals damage. It grows bigger over time. A great tool to slow your enemies so they cant reach you or so you can reach them.

Twin_Fang.jpg  This spell is absolutely sick. It gives a decent amount of damage and its spammable if your enemies are affected by some sort of venom/poison. This includes Teemo's poison for example. Additionally it will also heal you equal to your ap when you have 75 stacks of your passive. Very powerful for sustain in lategame. For farming last hitting with this will return the mana cost + 3% of your mana.

Petrifying_Gaze.jpg  This spell is hard to land in a good way in the start. It will slow your enemies if their faces are turned away but if they are looking at you they will be stunned. Its a good spell to turn the fights around. Use this wisely tho. It has a fair amount of CD and you should never engage a teamfight without it.

In 3v3 its possible to keep 5x stacks of your passive up at all time. Try to not spam it tho as that WILL make you go oom. Cast a spell each 3-4 sec. Its really good for poke. Also remember to check brushes with your W all the time. 3v3 is a small map. You never know where your enemy can come from.

Deadly_Cadence.jpg Holy moly. After the new patch Riot made this motherfucker into some veigar-ass shit. Oright lets break it down: This is basically a passive that increases your power aftet stacks.
75 stacks = 5% moar AP and heal bonus added to your E.
200 stacks = 10% moar ap and 25% CDR!
400 stacks = 30% increased AP.
Now farming has become even more important. But how does it stack?

- Last hitting a minion effected by poison.
- Poking champions with poison, for every tick 1 stack is added. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Start with this standard. You will have 25g after buying 2 dorans so wait in base to 1:20-1:25 to buy the pot.
    This is also a decent way to start. You will have more sustain. Pretty good if you're in a 2v1 situation.
    This is also quite viable. If you wanna have more movement speed early for ganks or something like that. Just notice your early game power is reduced.

Core Items

    Get those early for alot of pen. It will give you a really good early game and the damage you need.
    Those are your 2 most important items. It makes liandrys give double damage to all your spells and also giving all your spells slow.
    Go void staff first if they are building MR if not go hourglass then void staff.

Situational Items

    If you are vs someone you dont wanna get catched off by like Morgana.
    This item is extremely viable after the rework. In the start i didn't like it that much, but that was due to me thinking "Oh its just gotten worse now" but i didn't test it. The early cdr and mana reg makes it viable for second or third item. It's a strong item for certain situations.
    This is great for people like Kassadin with a silence. Also it gives you MR ap and armor.
    This is very efficient. I pick it in 50% of games.

I mostly start off with double dorans for a strong early game. It gives you alot of mana reg and alot of ap. Then i rush Haunting Guise, try not to back before you got 1.5k~ so you can get that instant Haunting Guise. After that if you can afford it buy blasting wand + boots and then get your rylais>liandrys and so on. 

3020_32.pngSorcerer's Shoes:

Mandatory as fuck. This grants your extra movement speed and more pen. I like to combine this with haunting guise early for great movement speed and pen at the same time.

3116_32.pngRylai's Crystal Scepter:

Gives you slow and health. Tankiness is vial in 3v3. You dont wanna get oneshotted.

3151_32.pngLiandry's Torment:

Gives your dot's moar dot's. It works really well on cassio because of her constant damage and together with rylai's its just amazing. Liandry's however also provides you with extra health which again is pretty good in 3v3.

3090_32.pngWooglet's Witchcap:

This item increases your ap and gives you an 2.5 invulnerability. Pretty good item overall.

3135_32.pngVoid Staff:

Cuts through your enemies MR and gives you 70 ap. A pretty strong item to go for.

3023_32.pngTwin Shadow's:

Gives you MR+AP and movement speed. Great for kiting lategame. If you feel threatened early however you could buy this instead of rylais. But i wouldn't recommend it as it will cut of alot of your damage.

3102_32.pngBanshee's Veil:

Good for lategame as last or second last item. Especially good vs people like Aatrox who can initiate on you.

3170_32.pngMoonflair Spellblade:

The most epic item on 3v3. Gives you tenacity, mr, ap and armor. Good item to get vs champs like Annie.

3152_32.pngWill of the Ancient's:

Great item if you need extra reg or cd reduction. Also the sustain is pretty neat.

3070_32.pngTear of the Goddess:

This item is okay. It's easy to stack on the 3v3 map and it's upgraded shield is very nice. I wouldn't suggest building this since 3v3's aren't that long. If you are confident you're gonna make it to lategame or you're a good stacker go ahead. It's pretty strong if you get it fully stacked.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Annie
  • Brand
  • Cho'Gath
  • Diana
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Elise
  • Gragas
  • Jayce
  • Karma
  • Kennen
  • Lissandra
  • Lulu
  • Olaf
  • Riven
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  • Zed
  • Zyra




A very skilled matchup. A good Annie will apply a lot of pressure. It's difficult to tell the outcome. If you're able to avoid getting poked down but still able to poke her down you will win. A tip would be to buy the Moonflair Spellblade. Tenacity is stronk vs Annie ofcourse. One thing you wanna lookout for especially early game or just when she hits lvl 6 is her flash + tibbers.




I dont see brand as a huge threat primarily due to his spells. His not a great 1v1 vs cassio unless he lands his stun. If he fails to do so his pretty much screwed. Avoid his early game poke and push him out hard and proceed to poke him under his tower. In teamfights avoid being stacked and you will prolly win due to cassiopeia having greater potential in teamfights.




This guy is a nightmare. You will be able to poke him pre 6 but after level 6 you have no chance unless really fed or manage to outplay him. His really tanky and can survive your upfront burst. You cant survive his. I recommend barrier, moonflair spellblade and even hourglass. This guy is a beast.




She might not be a problem early but in lvl 6 she could pretty well juke your ult. You need to try and get her to back pre-6. After lvl 6 she will always be stronger then you almost. Her jump can juke your ult, q, w. Which makes you pretty much useless. I recommend taking barrier for this matchup as she is an assassin.


Dr. Mundo


This guy is a pain. Make sure someone on your team has ignite. I know you might think "MORELLOS!!" But no. Morello will force you to not buy either liandrys, rylais or witchcap. Its just not worth it due to the loss of damage. Maybe if someone else on your team could buy it. Also mundo sucks pre-6. Try to gank him or push him up and poke him so he has to back.




Elise is a bitch. She can repel and dodge all of your spells almost. She can outdamage you if she lands her E on you. Be aware of checking brushes vs this spider... Maybe build moonflair spellblade if she gets fed or their combo is based on following up from her E.




Gragas is a bully in lane. However he is melee and you're ranged. Try to abuse that early. Be careful for his early bust tho. Pre-6 you need to poke as much as possible because lvl 6 he will be a bitch to deal with. He has mobility and can knock you away and give you trouble.




He can hard engage you but you should be able to try and kite him. Its a pretty equal setup watch out for his lategame trinity tho. His a oneshotter by then. Try to poke him more then he pokes you early. I recommend Barrier for this.




Karma is really easy to deal with. Her skillshots cant go through minions your's can however. She got some mobility but it shouldn't be hard to deal with. You will outdamage her in TF and 1v1.




Kennen is not really hard to deal with. His poke requires to go through minions your's do not. Be aware of his level 6 tho. If he gets you first you are gonna have a bad time. Try to push him so you ding lvl 6 first then kill him




I believe this is one of the soft counters to cassiopeia. She can all in you as much as you can all in her. However her stun is more reliable since its a non skill shot. Try to outpoke her early and be carefull in the later stages.




A good lulu will give you quite a challenge while a bad lulu will have some trouble. She has great poke but so do you. However your burst ignores her ult. She can ult but if you are able to chase her she will die. She can use her combo on your but it wont oneshot you. However yours will. The only problem is that Lulu can be fast, poking and she also has a shield. You wanna be careful when confronting her.




This guy basically screws over your ult. His a pain in the ass to deal with. Try to not feed him.. Speaking from experience and basically try to kite? You can't. Get a witchcap for armor and even get some spellvamp for the 1v1 vs him. He has build in lifesteal so by buying spellvamp you will have some responds to that.




Kinda like vayne actually. A good Riven will destroy you after 6 unless you manage to outplay her and a bad Riven will get destroyed. Riven however is melee so poke her out of lane completely. Do be careful do not let her get close to you and for lategame she has so much mobility you will have a hard time hitting yo skill shots.




Syndra is a beast. Shes a god tier ap carry atm and she's very stronk and has a long-range stun. She got quite some poke and is hard to deal with. I put her as medium because she can be outplayed. One of the key things is to avoid her E and dodge as many spells as possible. Also you can ult her and stun her making her vulnerable. But be careful with facechecks. If she does manage to land her E+Q you're dead. Buy wooglets pretty fast vs her.




Kinda equal and depending on the vayne player. If shes good you will have no chance after level 6 unless you really manage to outplay her somehow. If its bad vayne enjoy free lp. Try to poke her as much as possible before lvl 6 and try to make her back. That way she will get behind.




You got longer range then him, can farm as good as him, as good in teamfights as him (if not better). You should easily win your lane by poke and in lategame he wont be a problem unless he manages to juke your ult.




Zed is a bitch. He can dodge your ult with his ult and fuck you over completely with his mobility from his shadows. Pre-6 you can kill him tho if he fucks up. I recommend rushing hourglass and taking barrier for this.




Zyra is kinda like you. Pokey and teamfight based. I think this is pretty much an equal fight. Try not to get caught by her combo tho. She might be able to kill you straight off then.

Smartcasting. The godly benefition. Back to Top

*Sorry for not making any major updates recently but i've been busy with school, irl and stuff. ANYWAYS!*


Lets start off with "what is smartcasting?" Well you see smartcasting is basically a tool in league of legends which does so that you dont have to example "press E as cassio and then target someone after" No. You just hover your mouse over your target and the selected spell will be thrown at them instantly.

Why is this benefitial you may ask. Well not only will it allow you to shoot out your spells that tiny bit faster BUT! It will also allow you to focus more on kiting by removing some slightly focus by the use of your spells. It's a very neat tool but ofc not everyone uses it. Even pros like Froggen doesn't use smartcast. It's a preferrential tool. However i would HIGHLY recommend this on Cassiopeia. Shes a champ that requires alot of spam and it's really easy to learn the range and area of damage you have. 

If you don't know how to setup smartcast it's easy. Go into a game, open keybindings and you will see all sorts of keybindings, you wanna finde smartcast in there and then you just bind bind bind! You can also bind your item slots and trinket slots which i preferably use. 

How do i set my smartcast settings?

Well i just set my spells to smartcast BUT i also made CTRL+A, S,D,F to Q,W,E,R because that way i will still see the range on champs i dont play that often. Or even when i feel like. Example when i play nidalee even tho i have smartcast on the regular buttons i can press CTRL+A and see the range and then click to fire off dem spears. This is not neccesary but this is how i did it. I think it's a very nice tool to have.

Pros and Cons. Back to Top

While cassiopeia is certainly a strong champion in the 3v3 shes is not neccesarily unbeatable.


- Alot of damage.
- Can kite very well.
- Has no real super counter.
- Works very well with different teamfight combs.
- Good poke.
- Decent CC.
- Low mana costs.


- Quite squishy if caught of position.
- No real escape.
- Very vulnerable without ultimate.
- Very hard to master (Trust me i know...).

Teammates. Which champions synergizes. Back to Top

I think it's pretty clear that Teemo and Singed can help you proc your E. But they aren't neccesarily the best teammates just because of that. No. You wanna have people who can hard engage with you or peel for you. Or even being able to kill the enemy priority target since you can kite them.

Hard Engage synergize: 102_64.png266_64.png58_64.png will work really good.
Peeling synergize:59_64.png58_64.png64_64.png 77_64.png48_64.pngare tanky and can cc well. They are also able to output a lot of damage and stick on to targets. Renekton can peel and hard engage very well. Regardless of build.

Assassins/People who can kill their prioritys:24_64.png92_64.png64_64.png i've put lee sin in 2 categories because he can work as a tank or a bruiser ad. 

These are all things you wanna consider when thinking of teammates. An example combo could be Jarvan+Riven and you. Riven will be able to assassinate while jarvan can lock people down allowing you to output damage + The fact that riven also deals a lot of damage they might target her instead. This is the way you wanna think when combining combos.I personally like Shyvana+Renek and you. Renek can peel or hard engage allowing you to kite or be protected. This is a very flexible comb and shyvana is op atm so. But you can choose whatever you like!

About me and Cassio. Back to Top

Hi i'm Raszba i'm currently gold in 3v3. I've been playing league for a year roughly and i've picked up cassi recently. I think cassiopeia is prolly the most OP ap in 3v3 currently and shes very annoying to play against. I haven't been playing cassio for a long time but i think i'm able to give some insight on the 3v3 map with cassio to beginners for 3v3 or cassio.

i4idcn.jpgOur winning streak. It was awesome.

55ff2f.jpgMy score after hitting gold. I lost games to karma twice and 1 to leblanc and 1 to riven,

2untro5.jpgMy score overall cassio ranked. I will def start working on this. I know i'm not the most experienced cassio but i learned so much from reading different guides from 5v5. After that i converted that into 3v3 and made this guide. We went from bronze 1 to gold 5 in merely 3 days from just playing cassio, aatrox and shyvana mainly. It's the best early game comb if you ask me.

How i play cassio, explaining my playstyle. Back to Top

I personally think i'm not the typical cassio player. I will often go for the more support like style of playing her. Using my cc and kiting to change the outcome of a fight. I think this tends to come from me maining support in 5v5. It's difficult to explain how i play but there are a few things you wanna know about me when i play cassio

1. As cassio you should try and keep the map awareness for your team. You can check brushes, steal their jungle over the wall and you can roam pretty well.

2. Believe in yourself. You're 3 kills strong vs their underfed 2 people? Why not double cc ult them and kill them? If you think you can do it it's not impossible. Have faith. Cassio's mechanics and aoe are excellent for soloing people.

3. Remember your items. You have liandrys + rylais. Effective vs killing tanks and even vilemaw. Abuse your slow, kite and keep your mind open in fights. Dont get stressed thinking quick can save you. Concentrate alot. Keep focus.

4. Some people might argue against this but this is what i always do. Farm > everything. If you know your farming ability is very good like mine. Farm the shit outta of it. Tell your teammates to wait for late. And try to practice the balance in lane between farming and poking.

With all this said this is how i prioritize. Now you might gonna think "Well this is what alot of people say" but ye this is what alot of people say becasue it's true. You wanna get better practice. It's simple. Also cassio synergizes well with people who can cc or follow up on her ult. Or even peel for her so she can just burst everything. With this said this is how i play. You can adapt to my playstyle or make your own. Another unique playstyle wont hurt.

Game walkthrough Back to Top

Early Game

The early game variouses each game. Most of the time you wanna try and push if you have an aggressive jungler like Lee Sin, Jarvan, Shyvana etc. You wanna push to their half of the map so your jungler can go in their jungle to try and make plays. It will also make both lanes able to be pushed so their jungler will be pressured hardly, while also securing their altar if they make a stupid mistake. Farming is quite easily on cassio due to your spells. You wanna focus on pushing your enemy laner out of lane and outfarm them. Also if you pushed all the way to their tower try and gank top with your jungler. I believe 70% of the time this results in a kill or they need to back which gives you altar. However watch out if they have somewhat a stronger early game combo then you. That could be something like Renek and Zyra + Lee Sin. They will probaly outdamage you. 

If you are confident in your early game and you have a bit lead like 3 - 0 + both altars you can go for a vilemaw at 10 minutes. Vilemaw wont be so strong at the early stages and its a good way to get even further ahead. As cassio you have good burst on your E and constant damage from W+Q. Vilemaw will go down pretty quickly and if you have someone to tank most of it in early stages like Shyvana with her dragonform or an Aatrox this is a really good tactics.

Should you fall behind early game you really wanna focus on farm. Cassiopeia is a great farmer. Also try to do some baiting with your ult. A good ult can turn most fights even when really behind sometimes. However do not EVER fight without your ult.

Mid Game

This is probaly where you shine the most. You should have your Rylai's and Liandry's now. Your dmg is insane at this point. Even the tankiest (with exception of cho *cry*) will burn down pretty quickly. You almost want to seek a fight at all times when your ult is up. However dont be too cocky. Get caught out without any nearby help and you're done. Focus on applying alot of pressure here. Pushing towers etc. This will secure your lategame. Remember when Q+E is fully maxed you can do alot of single target damage also. I would also give you this advice mid game: You can litteraly solo 2 people if played right. You wont believe how strong you are. If you're getting chased by the 2 squishys from their team? Fuck them up if you get a good ult on both. You will secure at least 1 kill for sure and make the other one back. Giving your team time to push. There is not alot to say about mid game that i didn't somehow mention in the early game. Keep on farming, keep on applying pressure, keep timer of vilemaw and keep taking it.

Late Game

This can be quite tough for a cassiopeia. You got so many things dependent on you. If you miss your ult... GG. You really wanna be careful when into lategame especially because its 3v3. Check EVERY brush before entering and dont push to their half without teammates 2 sec nearby. Cassiopeia may be strong but she is still squishy. You wanna abuse your lategame poke really hard. Your q+w can burn the squishys to half health. Seriously its quite strong. Consider sacrificing your Flash+R if you're confident in your play. Its a GG if you land it on 2 and your team is ready to initiate. Else you wanna try and just kite the LIVING shit out of them lategame. With your slow and hourglass that should be possible. Not much to say for lategame. Cassio's early game is the most highlighted.

Constructive Criticism/Feedback. Back to Top

This section is meant to be here for constructive criticism/feedback. I will post the criticism/feedback here to make sure i let you know i fixed it. 

Changelog Back to Top

Changelog 1/3/2014

Removed frostfang from items. Due to the recent nerfs in this patch i find it no longer viable.

Changelog 27/2/2014

I added more matchup, tweaked some information here and there, added Sorcerer's shoe explanation, added another alternative start and put trundle in on the peeling synergize section.

Changelog 19/2/2014

Added "Smartcast. The godly benefition" and "Pros and Cons".
I'm sorry for not really having updated alot after preseason but i've been really busy. I'm really surprised i even surpassed 1k viewers and so many likes. Thanks!

Changelog 26/12/2013

Added 2 more matchups! 

Changelog 24/12/2013

Added "Teammates. Which champions synergizes" and some other stuff here and there.

Changelog 22/12/2013

Added "How i play cassio, explaining my playstyle"

Changelog 21/12/2013

Changed few texts here and there for better explanations + removed some fails.

Changelog 27/11/2013

Removed Spirit of the Spectral Wraith, Added new masteries, added Frostfang. 

Changelog 6/11/2013

Added Game Walkthrough and Riven matchup.

Changelog 5/11/2013

Added 3 new matchups, added more item explanations and a bit of explanation to cassiopeia's spells on the 3v3 map.

About Me. Back to Top

Hi i'm Raszba i'm an old hardcore world of warcraft raider. I've been playing wow since 2005 and i have been raiding hardcore since TBC. I secured top 100 world with my guild and i've been the number 158 best gold challenger to the few challenges there were. I'm an oldschool raider and i'm very familiar with team environment and dedication. I'm not that good at league yet but i'm aiming to become diamond next season when i get my shit together. Right now i rarely play ranked so next season i will start playing some more. I've played several other games like D3, WC3, Starcraft, Counterstrike and Hearthstone (yay beta key). I've also been beta tester to quite some games like warcraft expansions, d3, hearthstone and starcraft. I hope you enjoyed this small guide and hey, i know im not the best but please leave feedback. I'm always willing to learn.

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