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There is a lot to go on for summoner spells right now. Most people go for defensive summoners and take 21.png/3.png/1.png/7.png to help survive in fights and lane, accompanied by 4.png of course. I person am still taking 14.png and think it's still possible to be aggressive and kill people in levels 2-4 if they make a mistake. I do recognize that's a thing on my playstyle though and I would recommend most people take 21.png or 3.png especially when starting out on Cass. 1.png in certain match ups as well like 127.png.

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I've tested pretty much every single keystone/masteries to find what fits my playstyle best over a couple hundred games. This was tested on smurfs and in high elo games on my main to get  a feel for what is best when snowballing, what is best when facing weaker opponents than you and what is best against someone of equal skill.

I've found Thunderlord and Stormraider Surge to be the best by far. Thunderlord if I'm taking ignite and looking for kills, especially if I feel I'm better than the players in my elo. Stormraiders against team comps that come down to team fighting more or when I'm against players of equal/better skill so I can position more easily and dodge skill shots.  As a default I would say Stormraider's is better.

I take Ferocity tree as secondary getting things that maximize damage, but taking vampirism for the 2% spell vamp which helps quite a bit over time.

There might be a weird tanky build that works honestly where you would take slow resist/increased healing/strength of ages with ROA+Spirit Visage, it's a fun build to try.

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You should be maxing cassiopeiatwinfang.png first every game. It's your main damage and it doesn't make sense to max anything other than Twin Fangs.

If I have a team that has good CC and for whatever reason I'm delaying Rylai's, I'll actually put 2 more points into cassiopeiamiasma.png at 8/10 over cassiopeianoxiousblast.png for the slow to keep people grounded slightly longer after they are CC'd. Most of the time though just go for a max of Q after your E to maximize damage.

Cass' abilities are simple now in max order and most of you shouldn't have to even worry about Miasma of Noxious Blast in certain games since it is a slight edge but nothing to worry about until you've learned Cass well.

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Starting Items

    I think Doran's ring is still the best starting item for Cass.
    Sapphire crystal with 3 potions or refillable potion could work fine. Probably better with TP to abuse really early Tear Of The Goddess.
    Dark Seal + Potions is decent and allows for all ins with the mana against certain champions but I don't buy it very often

Core Items

    You should get this item every game. It's super core on Cass now.
    I think this item is the best first competed item on Cass after a lot of testing. Rylais/Abyss are also good choices over Luden's.
    There are some games I go for Rylais over Luden's and even when Luden's is had Rylais is second usually or 3/4 almost never later than 4th item.
    I upgrade when I want the spike in AP or shield. Get this super early if you need the shield ASAP since it stacks faster than just tear.
    Really good item, I often get it third, sometimes second after Luden's.

Situational Items

    If you need a "I don't wanna die" button this is the item for you
    A strong item in the right situations
    In some top lane match ups I get this for the magic pen.
    Really strong item on Cass currently, and especially good vs AP assassins or multiple magic damage team comps.
    Read notes for situations I always get this item. I don't get it very often mid, more often top.
    Good item with other AOE's on the team. Generally combod with ult.
    Good item after Luden's and then getting a Void, super great for the snowballing.
3070.png Essential on Cassiopeia, you get this item every game regardless of lane.

3285.png: I buy this second very often, especially when snowballing. When you get early kills and you have Luden's, you just catch people with the extra movement speed, you kite out 2v1's/skirmishes better and it's all around very powerful. Helps with roaming due to movespeed+wave clear. It is just a great item and I have a higher success with this item second than anything else when playing aggressive.

3165.png I like this item a lot after Luden's when snowballing. Some people swear by this and get it second but I don't have much success with it forced in every build, it's much better as a snowball item after Luden's and before Void Staff.

3027.png: I take this item in certain match ups for top lane. Specifically Irelia, Olaf, and other tanky top laners that try to get on top of you and kill you. I don't find it very useful mid, but if the enemy team does have a lot of burst I get this and Rylais then upgrade my tear for the high HP/shield.

3001.png: Abyss is an extremely cost effective item and really good on Cass. The extra magic pen adds a ton of actual DPS. It also helps with your biggest fear of getting burst by a mage before you can do anything. I get this item in the Leblanc/Syndra match up or against multiple AP team comps.

3152.png: There are games where I rush Rylais, want a bit more health and go for Kindlegem then finish out another item before getting my protobelt. This item is pretty good and helps when you have longer range engage comps due to the dash. Goes well with Leona/Sejauni.

3116.png: This has been Cass' item for a long time now. You get this, you kite better.  Kiting is obviously important on Cassiopeia more than other mages so this is a big deal. With that in mind it isn't always necessary early or in some games at all. It's up to you to figure out what better and it takes a lot of games to learn proper itemization.  Slow applies from Luden's, so you can hit creeps near someone or hit someone else with cassiopeianoxiousblast.png in a fight then catch them while slowed.

3135.png: Void Staff to deal with those pesky tanks. Also the Abyss rush mages or locket running support/jungler when they will have other magic resist items as well. As with any penetration item on any champion, you really have to look at the enemy teams items and see if you need it. Keep in mind that looking at just their completed items isn't enough. Most items are obvious when being built so use that to your advantage to now if they'll be building more MR soon. You can also start building towards this and turn it into a Deathcap/Liandry in some situations or just sit on Blasting Wand and build something else. It's a really good third item when you're snowballing, cuts future MR bought down and gives you nearly true damage to squishy targets.

3191.png: Can buy this vs Talon/Zed early. Not great against jayce since you can usually just out dps him he doesnt stealth/dash a lot or disappear in any way.

3151.png Very good mid-game item especially if you have Rylais. It helps poking/sieging towers, you can lay down miasma wide to cut them off from taking the farm and have your Miasma actually hurt people and it pops off of Luden's.

3089.png: This is the big item to increase your damage, obviously.  I don't get it very often. It seems like it' s great in a lot of situations but usually it falls short and I'd rather have another effect.

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This is a relatively easy match up. You start out by harassing her with cassiopeianoxiousblast.png. The bonus movespeed allows you to easily dodge out any trades she tries to send back. Remember to get an idea of how she reacts so you can hit them reliably later on in the game. Level 3 if you notice you can hit cassiopeianoxiousblast.png often you can try to all in. 4.png forward past her ahriseduce.png and she won't be able to out run you. Just be aware of how much damage you actually do. If she has no MR you can probably chase from the center of the lane to tower and get a kill when she has less than 80% health.

Remember when she ahritumble.png in you can cassiopeiapetrifyinggaze.png her. She'll probably toss a ahriseduce.png so you're trading CC overall but some 103.png players toss it late and you can kill from this spot. Try not to die before you can do anything, and go for 1057.png  before1026.png when building 3001.png.




Relatively easy. You just go aggressive, and she's super easy to kill when she eggs. Don't be afraid to 4.pngcassiopeiapetrifyinggaze.png her in the face if she tries to harass with frostbite.png glacialstorm.png . Nothing too significant, here as long as you dodge her flashfrost.png.

One major thing is to keep an eye on how much mana you use. It's very easy to go OOM after you pop her passive if you aren't paying attention. Going OOM while she is in egg is a pretty big waste if you used a flash to do it. However using cassiopeiapetrifyinggaze.png to have advantage if you're gonna go back anyway and coming back to fight her with no passive is beneficial. It's a judgement call.

You do need to be aware that she can kill you really quickly though. Both her her flashfrost.png and her frostbite.png have a 0.9 scaling ratio and high base damage so be careful about dying before you can do damage.




Go aggressive early and try to trade. The 20% move speed oncassiopeianoxiousblast.png allows for a lot of cassiopeiatwinfang.png  casts after she runs away from you if she harasses with anniepassive.png. You need to cassiopeiapetrifyinggaze.png as soon as you see 4.png particles from her so you trade stuns when she 4.pnginfernalguardian.png you since Tibber itself is instant. Don't let her catch you off guard.

Also be aware that junglers with good CC can make this hard if you get pressured. You should be able to zone if you have any advantage since her trading dangerous. Get out a cassiopeiamiasma.png during her stun casts and you can chase.

There isn't much to say about an 1.png match up in general, you just try your best to make it out without dying. She is also really easy to actually kill if you can catch her with cassiopeianoxiousblast.png and chase. cassiopeiamiasma.png in front and keep going. She shouldn't be able to kill you from full before 6 and this is your big window to play aggressive.




This is one of the few match ups that I think HAS to be played in a specific way early. Most match ups you''ll read about just being aggressive and looking out for abilities.

Against Azir, however, you need to control the wave really well. It is very vital to this match up and starts at level 1. When Azir walks up to the wave and casts his azirW.png use your cassiopeianoxiousblast.png on the ranged creeps. You're going to not want him to push up into you early and get level 2 first.  You're also not gonna want to push up too quickly so you do want to wait til he casts his spell first.

Control the wave, don't overextend  cause you'll get poked, and don't get pushed in since you can also get poked easier on your tower. You want the wave sort of middle or just a little bit pushed in on you.

Getting your cassiopeiapetrifyinggaze.png off when he azirE.png forward is very vital to not die to ganks or to get caught out in teamfights.




If you're having trouble in this match up you're either getting hit by too many spells or aren't being aggressive enough. If you think you can kill him just 4.png his brandblaze.png and chase him down. Don't let his brandwildfire.png hit you more than once if you can help it.

The big thing here is learning to dodge out of circular damage (Another example being Cho Gath's rupture) effectively. There is almost always a correct way to move to not get hit and it takes practice and good reactions. 

Also be aware that Brand can cast brandblaze.png then 4.png and use brandconflagration.png to stun you by applying his brandpassive.png with brandconflagration.png before his brandblaze.png hits.




31.png  is very easy to kite once you learn how to animation cancel spells on Cass. The movement speed you get for landing a cassiopeianoxiousblast.png is very rewarding and allows you to dodge out his rupture.png extremely easily. This match up would be considered easy, but 31.png as a champion punishes poor positioning and mistakes really hard. Just Harass him and keep an eye for the rupture.png  indicator. Don't let him combo feralscream.png>rupture.png>feast.pngif you're within range, dodging rupture.png is important.

Usually this turns into a farm lane pretty quick since it's hard to harass him down then all in him. He's gonna get a ton of health from his passive as well as mana. After 6 he's gonna have a huge health bar. Don't worry too much about killing him. 

If you are looking for a kill, levels 4 and 5 are your best shot since you'll have the damage and speed to catch him. You can also go in at 6 before he gets stacks from his feast.png.




This is a pretty easy match up,

Overall you want to play aggressive as you would in most match ups with Cass. Take note of the way Diana's dianaQ.png gets tossed out, it's always to the right of her champion model. The best way to dodge her dianaQ.png  is usually by moving forward and to your champions right since you'll be going the opposite side of the path it travels.

cassiopeiamiasma.png  on top of her and she wont be able to ult you and you'll have a lot of time to set up ult or do damage while she walks out of it to you or runs awaycassiopeianoxiousblast.png as she lands and you should be able to make up just a tiny bit of distance to cast cassiopeiapetrifyinggaze.png before she can kill you. Usually you can turn and burn her after you cassiopeiapetrifyinggaze.png if she over commits.

Some cases you might want a negatron cloak.




Easy peazy. Zone early, when she goes to last hit toss out that cassiopeianoxiousblast.png and chase with cassiopeiatwinfang.png. remember to ward due to how aggressive you need to play this match up, you'll be overextending a lot, but 28.pngshouldn't be able to do anything when her jungler comes in other than slow you with evelynnR.png




Super easy as long as you don't get caught by  crowstorm.png if you can cassiopeiapetrifyinggaze.png him when he comes in with crowstorm.png  before you get feared you can get a kill. Just DPS him when he drain.png and as rule of thumb make sure you have 14.png or cassiopeiapetrifyinggaze.png up. 14.png out damages drain.png while your cassiopeiapetrifyinggaze.png will stun and stop it. He can't really get aggressive without dying.




A very important note of this match up is that when he dodges your cassiopeiatwinfang.png, if he is poisoned it won't go on CD. (It'll just be .5 seconds)  Since it checks if he's poisoned on cast now you have no excuse to not cast cassiopeiatwinfang.pngon him. You might need to flash his fizzjump.png before he lands to avoid the damage but other than that this match up isn't too difficult. Just be careful because before first back that is when Fizz has a slight advantage. 

It's also important to note that later on once he has 2+ items he's gonna kill you really quickly so avoid 1v1's in most cases. If you have 1058.png+3001.pngand he has no MR you can usually win the 1v1 though.




Generally pretty easy. You harass with cassiopeianoxiousblast.png when he is farming, and you can run away and kite him if he tries to go in on you. Post 6 is when it gets harder. Most of the time you want to save your cassiopeiapetrifyinggaze.png until his removescurvy.png is used if possible, but using your ult to stop him from casting barrels on you so he has to take the time to use his W first is important, this gives you just enough time to maneuver around the barrels.

When he is auto attacking creeps and his gangplankpassive.png is up, be aware that he'll get movespeed so you have to aim Noxious Blast more towards where he is running.

Try to auto his raisemorale.png before he can use his parley.png on them when he is farming or trying to harass you.

Remember to also hit cassiopeianoxiousblast.png  on him when he last hits with Parrrley and not just when he is melee range auto attacking.




Out damage him straight up, he shouldn't be able to 1v1 if you at any point in the game. When he uses jayceQ.png in hammer form to combo you, he is setting himself up to get hit by cassiopeiapetrifyinggaze.png and killed really quickly. The only way you lose this is with poor positioning and taking a lot of Shock Blasts to the face while last hitting or moving around the map.




Zone, dodge his laywaste.png and don't be afraid to chase him down. Make sure you don't eat too much harass when going for your own. 30.png is an extremely squishy champ so you shouldn't have trouble pushing him around.

If you cassiopeiapetrifyinggaze.png him you should be able to burst him really quickly and chase down. Even if he hits you with his laywaste.png he should only be getting 2-3 casts off when he comes out of stun. Just be aware that he'll throw more out when he dies with his passive and don't forget his fallenone.png. Would not recommend engaging with less than 65% if you aren't confident in side stepping his laywaste.png




Haven't played against one in a long time but it hasn't been difficult in the past. Like most other match ups go aggro and punish his mistakes/last hits. Recognize when he will use his nulllance.png to deny some of your damage on him. Auto attack after you cassiopeianoxiousblast.png but try not to get too much minion aggro or you're gonna lose the trade.

When he riftwalk.png into you, you can ult him but it's hard to actually get a kill due to his passive kassadinpassive.png and the shield from nulllance.png




This is one of the hardest match ups. It doesn't seem so at first and maybe against less skilled Katarina's it's pretty easy. However, she can pretty much always kill you before you kill her. Shunpo puts her just outside of the reach of your ult and you need to take time to move for it to hit. From there she's usually already got all her abilities flown at you. Also note that whether or not you can hit stun is up to the Katarina player. Her "face" is wherever she was looking before she ulted.




Cass is a favorite in this match up, but Kayle can definitely win it. The thing you have to remember is that both of these champions do magic damage per second so it's kind of a weird clash where you both sit there doing damage to each other. 

You have to be able to judge both yours and her damage as to not get caught off guard and die before you can do enough damage to kill her. Your stun is kind of important in this match up more than others since she loses time to DPS.




Good Kennen's are hard to deal with. It's hard to hit him through his Lightning Rush  and the bonus defenses make it harder to kill him. getting stun locked also hurts your DPS completely shutting you down. Try to look for mistakes in his positioning and punish those. Kennen can 1v1 you so be aware of what you're doing once he has his Negatron Cloak. 

Honestly this match up is a contender for hard so you might have some trouble if the Kennen understand his champion.




Harass and zone early. The only reason this is medium and not easy is because it's possible to die and I haven't played against Kha Zix in awhile so I'm a bit unsure on his damage  this patch.  

Keep in mind you can use ult when you see him leap toward you and then damage him during stun.




This match up has a lot of back and forth. You have the advantage most of the time. The only reason this match up isn't really easy for Cass is honestly just her passive. Losing out on DPS really sucks here. Try to ult her when she uses distortion and move forward into her as you cast Twin Fangs. Go toward her distortion pad and you may have to flash and one last Twin Fangs to finish. Ignite later rather than sooner since you want the ignite to tick during her passive and not pop it when you could have gotten an extra Twin Fangs off before.

One tip here is that you win most trades level 1-2 very easily. Let her distortion into you and auto attack and she'll take creep aggro. Just use your Q while her W is down and if she turns to auto to trade some more she just takes more creep aggro.




Go aggro. Flash snares and ult as you would any other match up.  It's really easy to play against Lux. The only thing you have to do is account for her shield and not go OOM when eating through it. Sometimes it's best to wait it out if you'll go oom otherwise.

If you can get ahead of her when she is trying to go bot/top to ult you can get a free kill or stop her from ulting other lanes for kills.

The only thing here is to watch out for harass and not eat too many skill shots.




Easy to lane against, hard to survive post 6, especially if jungler ganks/camps. Just flash his ult and turn back on him if he tries any funny business. You want to try and land your Noxious Blast after his Q hits you. His Q STEALS movespeed, which means he'll be faster if you hit your cassiopeianoxiousblast.png first since you'll have more movespeed.

NOTE: He is not able to be stunned during his ufslash.png, so don't try any fancy reaction plays. However, he won't be able to ult while standing on cassiopeiamiasma.png


Master Yi


You out damage him. Just position properly to not get hit when he Alpha Strikes the wave. Ignite lets you out-damage his heal. Blue buff probably required for later levels but early on he can't win an all in so don't be afraid. Just don't let him Alpha Strike your ult.




This one is skill based. Don't be afraid to use your ult early to pop her spell shield, you don't need to stun you need it for damage. If her ult gets the stun on you, you will probably die. Try not to get binded and remember to harass when you can. 

Sometimes it's best to turn this lane into a lane you just push and roam from instead of anything else. Morgana wave clears very similarly to you but if you get to it first especially after tear and cash cassiopeiatwinfang.png on the wave you can out push her.

She can kill you really easily if her jungler has CC so be careful of that.

Also note that in fights you may want to just lay cassiopeiamiasma.png in her path to stop 4.pngsoulshackles.png combo onto your team. She will be able to flash still if she has blackshield.png on her but usually she'll use it on someone else unless she's greedy so play off of the Morgana to decide the best course of action.




Easier than you think. Takes a bit of practice, but it's important to note that when Orianna tries to position her ball onto you/combo, she's going to be in ult range if you step slightly forward. This makes for some really easy stuns and chase downs. Just be sure to position away from her ball between Twin Fangs casts so you don't get ulted as soon as the stun wears off.

The most important thing when playing against an Orianna is to remember this: Champions that reposition you can screw up your ult. Any champion that turns the direction your facing essentially turns where your ult hits, so don't ult when he ult is being cast or you'll goof it up.




This match up is pretty difficult. You have to really watch your positioning since her E into Q covers a lot of range. She can also burst you before you can do anything back. You're probably gonna have to ult on reaction to a flash, if you do that you should be able to kill if Riven goes aggressive.

This match up is going to range from really easy to really difficult depending on the skill level of the Riven and how experienced you are with Cass. There isn't much advice in this honestly, Riven is a very binary champion. Just don't get caught out and you can outperform her in teamfights.




This match up is heavily in Cass' favor. Ryze shouldn't be able to all in you, because to cast spells he needs to be looking at your face and you get a stun off. Since you're only snared you can spam out Twin Fangs for a kill, or use this time to run away if you really need to. Usually though you're gonna just kill him.

Ryze is pretty squishy now with the rework since his shield isn't guaranteed. Make sure you don't get hit by his spellflux.png twice and keep in mind that when something is tagged with it if his overload.png kills, it will bounce to you and do a lot of damage so just watch for this weird poke as well as bounces from spellflux.png




If you take ignite you should have 0 problems with Swain. Some cases you may need an early Void Staff but usually I don't even need the morellos. If the enemy team has more healing get 3165.png but you really don't need it just for Swain, at least not early before his Visage.

Watch out for his swainshadowgrasp.png, while it doesn't do much on it's own the follow up damage from swainbeam.png can do a lot of damage. Also keep in mind if you're already hit by swaintorment.png then his swainshadowgrasp.png will do a decent chunk of damage to you.




She can burst you before you get her below half if you aren't careful. This match up requires you to outplay your opponent to get kills. You can try going safe with Chalice early and farm/push. I wouldn't go too aggressive after level 5 but I would try to get a sight lead before 6. If you can chase her down it should be an easy kill. After 6, you can burst her harder IF you can get the stun off. Without the stun she'll be able to kill you. You also have to kill her during the stun or dodge her E's stun/knock back after. If you do not, she will get the second orb off and ult will kill you. If you're over 80% you shouldn't die to Q E W R so she will need the second cast of her Q.

Just be careful. If the Syndra player is good this can be difficult




In this match up, I recommend going Kage>Null mantle> Giants belt > Revolver. It's Veigar, so you obviously don't want to stack AP here. Rylais is really good against him, as is Twin Shadows. Late game you want to make sure you just stand far back and counter initiate. Someone has to get busted by Veigar, don't let that person be you. Be sure to react quick if your team catches, but know how long stuns and other CC lasts so you don't end up dying trying to kill him.

Before level 3 you can harass him pretty well fast. I'd recommend just trying to farm after that point though, his stun will ensure a kill for his jungler very easily. You need to know whether or not he has the damage to kill you before you act.




You need to kite him properly to win this match up. Be careful of red pot. Also note that he can jump to clones to avoid ult, so pay attention and react fast. Requires decent Cass knowledge and mechanics to beat. You can usually trade kills though regardless if you have Hextech revolver.

Tips and Tricks. Back to Top

 Trick 1: The Peekaboo

The Peekaboo is a simple name for a simple trick. You start out by getting vision of someone over a wall with A ward/trinket and then ulting them right away. You can also ult if you know they are there before you use trinkets to not give it away, an example being if the person is turning a corner from a ward.

After you got vision of them and have them stunned with Petrifying Gaze you spam Twin Fangs and Noxious Blast. You'll kill pretty much anyone who is squishy and you can kill weaker tanks as well that rely on shields. You can also chase them out a bit if you need to.

One extra tip for this is to move closer to the wall between Twin Fangs casts. You'll often get to squeeze in an extra Twin Fangs if you can make up a tiny bit of distance, this matters in cases where they try to run away because they didn't die during the stun of your ultimate.

Trick 2: Flash away and then ult

If you find yourself running away from multiple enemies or even just a single guy that you can kill but think he'll dodge your ultimate try this trick.  

Flash off away so it looks like you're trying to escape. As soon as you flash you ult behind and into whoever was chasing you. Most people won't react properly since they think you flashing away is a sign of giving up and expect you to keep running. Some will flash after you and get stunned, some will chase too far and walk into the edge of your ult range. This is when you turn and enjoy the kills on the enemies you just outplayed.

Keep in mind that if you flash some people will immediately turn around. This is mostly for when you know they'll catch but you can kill them if you have time to ult first. A lot of the time you won't have time to ult if you're being chased since you'll die before it goes off or trade cc and die after the stun wears off. Those are the time you do this.

Trick 3: Casting Miasma then Flashing

Flashing after Miasma cuts out some of the animation and cast time, not a super useful trick in most cases, but can be used to stop someone's escape a lot easier than just casting and having them flash while Miasma is in the air and on their way below their feet.

Trick 4: Casting ult then flashing

Just like with many other abilities in the game, you can cast your ultimate then flash forward. This is pretty standard and most players recognize this is possible, but do not forget about it because it is very important; especially in team fights when people aren't paying clean attention to where you are or where they are facing.

Tip1: Catching out with ult

When I'm ulting someone blind I'm casting out my Q and then animation cancelling with ult, using Twin Fangs once then moving up between cooldown to cover them and the most amount of area behind someone with Miasma to stop escapes when they run back, casting Twin Fangs when appropriate.

Tip 2: Bushes

Cassiopeia is one of the scariest champions to facecheck into. Most of the time if someone doesn't know you're there and they just try to walk in, you're gonna get a free kill. You don't even need your ultimate vs squishier targets. Keep in mind what champions you can chase down especially when you have Rylais so you do not waste your ultimate unnecessarily.

Tip 3: Peel for your ADC

Sometimes your job isn't going to be doing the maximum amount of damage. Keeping your ADC or any other strong member of your team alive is just as important. Carrying is more than just getting a bunch of kills, it's also making sure the people in position to do the most damage are going to be kept safe. Once you have Rylais peeling is even easier. 

Don't be afraid to use your ult on one of two people who are engaging in on the most fed member of your team. Keeping someone alive that deals more damage than you or is more important to the team comp is going to win you more games than trying to be the hero.

Do not forget your Miasma cuts out all of the enemies dashes as well, so this really stops champions like Irelia and Diana from getting onto important targets.

Tip 4: Always smart cast

Aside from Ryze, Cass may be the most important mage in the game to smart cast on.  Obviously it's quicker to just hit E over and over than it is to E and then click. However, there is another reason. Your animation cancelling is extremely early in the animation for a lot of your abilities, so you want to shave off any time actually clicking buttons to cast your spells as quickly as possible and weave them into one another.

Tip 5: Remember to kite

Remember that Cass is a very kite reliant champion. Learning to cast Twin Fangs then click away so you can move and close distance on people, or create distance when being chase is extremely important. If you need to practice this to get the hang of it, everytime you do blue buff make sure you're focused  on moving your mouse back and forth from where you need to move and where you need to cast your spells.  

It takes a lot of practice since there isn't an attack move command for Twin Fangs like if you were an ADC just auto attacking, but it has an extreme pay off and if you're serious about getting good at Cass you need to master this.

Kiting is easier on this new iteration of Cass since Twin Fangs casts don't lock you down where you are anymore but you can still move quicker by actually clicking.

Tip 6: Champions that reposition your face change where your ult is being cast!

This tip is one of the most important things to remember against certain champions. There are many obvious ones like an Orianna ultimate for example, however there are more subtle ones.

I might have a list at some point but for now here are some to keep in mind that you may not know. When sandbox mode comes out I'll be sure to double test them all and make a huge list lol.

57.png: His Q turns you around briefly and points you to the opposite direction from the side he casts.

126.png: His E in Hammer form knocks you back and also turns your model during the animation.

33.png: His Q when he knocks you up will turn your model in the air.

254.png: Her ultimate forces you to face her. This one usually doesn't matter except in cases where you're fighting someone else and she flanks. It still won't matter then unless you use it right before you get knocked up since Cass ult has a .65 second cast time and it gives time for Vi to fly you into the air and turn you around. Still worth noting though.

9.png35.png120.png: Champions with fear turn you away from them.

Tip 7:  Champions that reposition your ENEMIES can turn them to face you for an easy stun

Just like how your ult can be redirected if your model changes direction, your enemies can change direction from the same abilities and turn them towards you (or away from you). Most of these are going to be the same as the things listed above, but there are some special interactions here.

254.png: If you and Vi are chasing from the same direction, when Vi throws out her ultimate you can cast yours as the hit the high point and they will be stunned as they come down. One of the reasons why Vi is a great compliment to Cass since you can get free kills off whenever you both have ultimates during the lane phase or just when you catch someone alone.

Tip 8: You can cast your ultimate during animations to trade stuns. This will often win you the all in when someone is coming to kill you.

53.png: If you are getting hooked by Blitzcrank, and you cast your ultimate right as the hook is hitting you, you'll stun Blitz and hit whoever else is in the cone. Since when you get hooked most of the enemy team is gonna turn towards you when they see you get grabbed, this is a bunch of free stuns and a free flash with bonus range for you. This is probably my favorite thing to do on Cass and I've thrown games trying to set it up before, but it's worth learning to turn games around in a unique way.

80.png: When Pantheon uses his W to stun you, as his model is in the air jumping to you, cast your ultimate. You will stun him 100% of the time and then be able to kill him when the stun on you wears off. Pantheon is a champion who needs to do a lot of his damage upfront while he has you initially stunned, so this is the way you deal with that and make sure he can't kill you.

62.png:  When Wukong casts his E on you, you'll be able to stun him before he can cast anymore spells.Usually this means you can kill during the stun since you'll have DoT to go off while he is in stealth trying to run. You can also hit him with Noxious Blast while stealthed. Using ultimate on Wukong when he dashes to you is even more important when he stealthed in initially since it means he will not be able to get away even after the stun wears off.

Tip 9 Always last hit with Twin Fangs

After you auto attack wait just a bit then cast Twin Fangs to ensure your Twin Fangs lands on the creep after your auto does. You will NOT be penalized mana if the creep dies after the Twin Fangs cast, so it's a risk free back up to last hitting and to extend the range of damage you can last hit from. This works because Twin Fangs refunds mana when it last hits a kill and it checks to see if the creep dies as it hits for the mana refund.

Before you have Tear you will only get the mana refunded+dorans mana off of each last hit, so this matters a lot more with tear, but the important thing is that you're decreasing the chance of missing last hits with just auto attack.

Dealing With Enemy Junglers Back to Top

Cass is one of the best champions in the game for 2v1ing opponents. With the proper ult, or flash to reposition yourself then ulting, you can nuke one down and get away from the other. You can even kill both in the right situations without ever coming close to death, this takes a lot of practice and requires near perfect mechanics on Cass, so practice! A lot of this is going to be about how to priorities a kill on the enemy jungler. Since there are too many mid/jungler combos to possible go over in detail these are tips for dealing/killing the enemy jungler in a fight or when getting ganked. Just remember that chain CC is your biggest enemy, so try to ward up and look for patterns in the enemy laner to tell if you're getting ganked.

The ease of which you can kill most junglers is why I strongly believe that Cass should be played aggressively. That isn't to say playing passive is necessarily wrong, but you're definitely missing out on one of Cass' big strengths which is out maneuvering people and turning situations around by forcing opponent to make the incorrect decision.

From here, I'll cover what to consider when laning and building based on who the enemy's jungler is.

35_icon_64.png  You can kill this guy early if he commits to fighting you with his mid laner not close. Otherwise just make sure you ward up in places that give you information on him (Enemy Wraiths being the big one) and try to play relatively safe unless you have a good idea of where he is. Watch for puffs of smoke in the fog of war. Even if you don't have vision of Shaco you'll be able to see when he uses his stealth. He can dodge out your ultimate with his, so watch out for that.

Item notes for Shaco: Standard build is usually all you need. The only real itemization is Zhonyas if he is snowballing so you don't get killed before you can do anything in fights.

59.png If Jarvan is going AD build this is a pretty easy kill when he ganks you. When he uses his E-Q combo you should be able to side step it. Even if you can't side step,  just ult him as he's closing the gap. Your stun outlasts his. Cancel your ult into Noxious Blast and as soon as you hit the ground you can spam Twin Fangs and throw out a Miasma to stop his flash and ultimate. Remember to kite between casts of Twin Fangs and make up some distance. He'll probably ult you. If you have ignite and it's early enough in the game (I'd say before level 12 or 13) You should be able to kill him before he can ult from your stun.  Just make sure the enemy mid laner doesn't set you up to get combo'd by CC and you can handle this guy if you get ganked.

Item notes for Jarvan: You don't need much against this guy. Sometimes a Zhonya's so you can go invulnerable while he is in the air and deny his ult's damage. Keep in mind his ult is AOE so if someone near you is getting hit you'll take the damage.

60.png: Elise is a scary jungler, her early pressure is some of the best in the game. With that in mind, she does rely on her target to be stunned to get in. If she misses her stun she'll probably just turn around. She also faces you for long period of time while casting spells which sets up easy ults. Elise generally isn't very tanky early so you shouldn't be afraid to try and kill her. Also consider just turning onto her mid laner if you know you can kill them and Elise has missed stun. She'll have to turn spider to rappel to you which is easy to kite through until she can transform back.

Item notes for Elise: If you have Rylais she is super easy to kite. Keep in mind she can't rappel while in your Miasma.

Pros/Cons of Playing Cass Back to Top

Great Lane controller
Can 2v1 easily
When fed and built correctly, can have a high impact and turn games around
Great at chasing
Outscales people, making trades almost always worth it.
Can control team fights very well, can take on different roles depending what's needed. (Nuke, Tank, Initiator, Peel, DPS)

Hyper carry

Great 1v1 potential even against assassins

Has the ultimate AOE team fight denial tool; grounding. Grounding is super great when combo'd with teams abilities or just ultimate.

No escape
hard to play well

conditional stun

Requires long term commitment to play efficiently.

The Different Phases of The Game Back to Top

Early Game and You

Before you get tear you're gonna be passive against a lot of meta champions. You can definitely go aggressive even before tear, I certainly do, but it's hard to manage the mana well enough to have a high enough amount to get kills and you'll need ignite to back you up a lot of the time.

After you get tear remember to farm up with Twin Fangs as you'll get a small bit of mana with every last hit.

The Mid Game

During mid game you want to try and fight whenever your ultimate is up if you're ahead. If you're even you want to take fights that favor your team with positioning either with the way you're spread out or the area you fight in. (jungle/river etc.)  If you're behind you can usually still set up fights and if you kite well can win if you have multiple items.

Be cautious of champions that can flank you in fights and kill you quickly like Syndra or Leblanc. You need to figure out how your team comp and the enemy team comps work and figure out how you need to play it. Sometimes you need to be the one leading and trying to engage, sometimes you want to flash in with an ult late or try to counter engage with ult. Other times you just want to position and be a second source of DPS for your team.

The most important thing to remember is that not every game is the same and Cass fits many different team comps and play styles for a reason. Figure out what you're best at doing and push any advantage you have. Cass forces the enemies to make decisions. When people need to make decisions they usually make the wrong ones. Know what options you have available and take into account how much damage you have and whether or not you can afford to play aggressive.

Late Game

Late game is pretty close to mid game in terms of how you play it. There honestly isn't much difference. The only thing that is really different is you usually have to be more decisive with your decisions. You can burst people really quickly at this point with ult. Try not to get burst yourself and learn to time Zhonyas with enemy animations and key spells.

Your ult>flash is a bit more valuable at this point since one good engage can win a game. Other than that, though; just remember to be aggressive with your positioning and keep any flashes the enemies have in mind with your positioning. Remember that champions like Leblanc can dash and add a flash into that to get you from really far away. Always keep in mind spell range+flash so that you don't get caught out.

Synergy With Teammates Back to Top

Cass has a lot of synergy with a lot of champions. Her ult allows her to do well in AOE comps, and her early damage allows for junglers with targeted CC to get very easy kills. Even if they don't have targeted CC, as long as they keep the enemy in place or do higher damage with you, you can usually get kills pre-6 especially with Miasma properly placed.

The best supports to go with Cass are ones with CC that can hold people for her to burst/AOE CC to chain with her ult. Sona, Nami, , Zyra are favorites I like to see. Lulu is also really nice, though Lulu has more of a "help the ad carry" obligation to her, so don't expect use of her full kit on yourself. Soraka is another good one since it let's you be more aggressive due to spam healing.

For junglers, I always get excited when I see an Amumu, Hecarim or a Maokai. Anything with hard CC or AOE engage is a great plus for you. AOE CC sets up easy ultimates, and strong cc early sets up free kills with your DPS.

Tops that can get people out of position are nice to have in general, but even more so with Cass. A Noxious Blast into Twin Fang chase on someone. Even if you have a Gnar top who only hits one guy with his ultimate and misses a wall, you can still chase that guy now that he's out of position and get a kill pretty easily. It's even better if Gnar gets a good flash engage and hits multiple people into a wall because now you can follow up for more AOE CC and wombo combo them down quickly.

Ashe is an excellent ADC to have by your side. If she can make the initial engage on someone who is out of position they will almost always die if you have Rylais. Very few champions can run away from Cass while she pumps out spells with Rylais for a slow.

27_icon_64.png&17_icon_64.png: These two proc your Twin Fangs if they apply poison on someone, this is very important to know and can change a fight around. For example, the instant Singed flings someone you can Twin Fangs them. (Assuming he has his poison on, as he should if he's flinging). Their poison will have the same icon above their head as yours will so you can notice it.

Gromp buff also applies poison that you can proc your Twin Fangs off of.  If your jungler has smited Gromp recently look for the poison indicator above heads in team fights. Chances are most people on the other team auto'd the jungler at least some point during the fight and that means free DPS for you.

29.png: Twitch's passive will also provide bonus damage on Twin Fangs. Just look for a different visual.

Stream/VoD/videos Back to Top

Season 5 Accomplishments Back to Top

Back in March during Season 5, I got an account to challenger with 83.5% win rate.  Had many games where I got called a scripter. The account was made at first just to not have long queue times when I wanted to play solo q, but became a mostly Cass acount to see how well I could do. Unfortunately I didn't screenshot when I first got to challenger. I have screenshots Diamond 1 while I was climbing and another about 8 days after when I was already in challenger. In the second screenshot I have 76.52 win rate overall (77.8 On Cass) and you can see I already started losing games.  Here's the screenshots put together sloppily. stats.png

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