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3 weeks ago

Cassiopeia Statistics for Dumbledore Bot

Author's performance with Cassiopeia compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Ignite and flash are always your summoner spells. Ignite maximizes Cassiopeia's extreme early game kill pressure potential. Exhaust can work if opponents have lots of assassins and champs which like to get on your face. 

New Runes Back to Top

Electrocute and comet are the best options for support snake. Both increase her her damage output by a huge margin, but they are suitable for different situations. Keep in mind that lesser runes vary depending on what kind of bot lane comp you are against, you need to decide which ones to get before the game starts.

Keystone options

Electrocute.png?width=32Electrocute is recommended. Cass can proc it really easily with few rapid E-casts. This keystone increases her kill potential extremely. When you have it up and opponents are low on health, you can miasma then and throw a bunch of twin fangs to proc it and ignite to almost guarantee a kill. Miasma completely blocks them from using flash so they cannot escape it at all.

Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32Comet is viable but it offers less kill pressure than electrocute.  Every Q-poison tick puts comet to shorter cooldown and E also greatly reduces comet's cooldown.

Lesser runes

Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32Manaflow band is always neccessary on support Cassiopeia. You are extremely mana hungry at all stages of the game. When you complete stacking up this rune, you are given a permanent mana regen which helps alot. Manaflow band is in fact so good on Support Cass, if you max Q first and W next or vice versa, you don't have to buy tear at all.

Celerity.png?width=32Celerity is also another nobrainer on Cassiopeia. Having cassiopeiapassive.png no legs is both a curse and a blessing, which is why celerity helps alot especially early on when your passive grants a low amount of speed boost.

Scorch.png?width=32Gathering%20Storm.png?width=32Scorch and Gathering storm are both fine viable options for Support Cass. I prefer to take scorch for that extra laning phase pressure. Gathering storm can be taken if you put your faith onto reaching late game and carrying your team.

Perfect%20Timing.png?width=32A preferred option from inspiration tree. This grants you access to one-time use zhonya's which can be a real gamechanger. On top of that, it also reduces zhonya's cooldown by 15%.

Biscuit%20Delivery.png?width=32It's very likely that you will go out of mana early on, and you might even get a scratch or two. With this rune, this helps you regenate a bunch of your health and mana back while also expanding your mana pool by 40 when consumed. This is an excellent option when you are facing another mage support or poke mage, or if you with to use Q-W max and avoid buying tear.

Futures%20Market.png?width=32I really like this rune. It allows you to buy big items and control wards much sooner at the cost of 50 gold. It's extremely efficient, especially with support's now income budget.

Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32Cosmic insight offers you 5% extra cooldown early on and it lowers your summoner and item cooldowns. This rune is extremely efficient. When playing against pokelanes, i usually take cosmic insight and biscuit delivery to be able to spam more often and be able to heal up.

Time%20Warp%20Tonic.png?width=32Timewarp tonic is viable when up against really bad kill-lane, otherwise i wouldn't recommend it. It does offer you 20% increased elixir duration and it grants a little bit more movement speed which is nice for cass.

Bone%20Plating.png?width=32Boneplating protects you well if you are against displacer support or Brand. It's also really good if opponent team relies on making picks or consists of assassins.

5abd57da0f30230001f3edd9?width=32Chrysalis gives you 50 early HP. It can help alot against unfortunate lanes. It transforms onto 15 extra AP once you get 4 takedowns.

Revitalize.png?width=32Revitalize works on Cassiopeia if you are going to max E first. When you use twin fangs on poisoned opponents, you are healed a bit. Revitalize increases this healing. Revitalize is also a good option if you are planning on buying locket, but you tend to buy that item quite late.

cheap%20shot1.png?width=32Cheap shot is like Scorch on steroids. It deals true damage to opponents when they are standing on your miasma zone. When you got rylai's, your Q and E also applies this true damage to them. This rune has a minor 4 second cooldown. If opponents gets completely glued to your miasma, you can potentially proc it twice on them.

Zombie%20Ward.png?width=32Zombie ward is pretty obvious. It gives you more wards. Very efficient for supports and junglers for a reason. Rest of the options are pretty mediocre.

Ultimate_Hunter_rune.pngUltimate hunter is the best option out of others hunter runes for Cassiopeia. Your ultimate is on pretty long cooldown early on, but this rune decreases it's cooldown by 5% + 2% per each champion kill or assist, up to a max of 15% cooldown. Rest of the options are just less good on Cass.

Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32Are you grieving about the fact that Cassiopeia can't buy mobiboots to roam? Well lucky for you, there's a free option available for her. If you get relentless hunter and celerity, you get a massive out of combat movement speed which allows you to position yourself when engaging enemies and when roaming.

Abilities Back to Top

Cassiopeia's kit is pretty flexible when it comes to supporting. Each ability can be maxed first in different situations. You should consider how do you think the laning phase is gonna end up, what kind of bot lane comp opponents have, and how well are you going to be able to harass them.

Currently, this is my favored ability max order, and yes i do get tear with it. Miasma-max allows you to force trades really well, and it forbits opponents from using their flashes and other mobility abilities. Miasma also deals really high amounts of damage, which means that you can still melt them down really easily if they are standing on miasma zone and you are shooting E's at them. Maxing E next grants you solid damage boost during mid-game.


Cassiopeia's Q is her main harassing tool during laning phase. It has a really high AP ratio, and it gives a huge movement speed buff if you manage to land it on someone.

Q max on support Cassiopeia is extremely efficient when you want to push opponent ADC out of lane. Noxious blast has a short cooldown, very high range, low mana cost, and thanks to the speedbuff you can move in to throw an auto for extra poke. Maxing Q first is the best option when you are facing a lane which can't sustain your poke at all, like engage support or mage support. Downside to maxing Q first is the fact that you scale less to mid game than E-max and you can't make picks as well as W-max.


Miasma is cassiopeia's only crowd control ability early on, but to make up for it since it's essentially a lite Rumble ult on steroids. It has huge base numbers and each rank increases the slow by 10%, at max rank this ability slows for 80%. It literally turns onto sticky carrypaper which glues opponents down. It also has incredible base numbers. At rank 5, it deals 80 magic damage each second + 15% of your bonus AP. When you get liandry's torment, it literally melts people.

Miasma does have some downsides though, it has a pretty lengthy cooldown early on and since it becomes your main damage tool, your damage is decreased if fights occur outside it's range. Since it also deals lots of damage and has a huge AOE-range, it can potentially deal damage to minions and thus steal farm from your carry. And to top it off, it has a mininum range. You can't use it at all if someone is on your face.

Miasma max is decent if you are paired with an ADC who is looking to fight early, or who already has CC in their kit. Most notable ADC's with miasma max first are Draven and Varus.

Alternatively, no matter what you are maxing, it's viable to put one or two extra points on miasma early on to increase the slow potential. This increases the slow by fair amount, thus making it better at peeling and engaging.


Twin fang is probably Cassio's most iconic ability. It has a really short cooldown, extremely long range and it deals extra damage if you use it on opponents who are poisoned by you or your teammates (17.png29.png27.png). It also heals you if you use it on poisoned enemies. Twin fang is the most consistent ability max on support Cassiopeia because it deals insanely high damage in a short timespan, and it makes you scale extremely well.

First issue with Twin fang max is the fact that it costs lots of mana when maxed first. If you are planning on maxing E first, tear of the goddess is always required. by getting tear first your liandry's powerspike is delayed but technically your DPS is still increased since you can't go oom during trades that easily.


Petrifying gaze is Cassiopeia's ultimate. It's a pretty hard ultimate to use, but really satisfying when you successfully turn enemies into statues. If you manage to stun someone with it, you are pretty much quaranteed to get away or kill your opponents.

How to use petrifying gaze

  • Easiest way to use petrifying gaze is when disengaging from opponents. If you get ganked, you can just ult your opponents and then Q them to get a speedup.
  • You can use ult-flash to engage on your opponents. Your ultimate has a small delay, as soon as that delay starts you flash onward. This move is really hard for opponents to predict which makes it an excellent engage tool. Even if they have their backs turned on you, you can followup with miasma which usually results in you getting a favorable trade.
  • Petrifying gaze is an excellent peeling tool. If your job on the game is to peel for your carry, you should stay behind your ADC if you suspect opponents might jump at him. When they jump at your carry, you ult them for a quaranteed stun. Followup with miasma, and they are completely unable to flash or attempt to dash at your carry again.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    The only starter option for Cassiopeia. Spellthief maximizes her opressive harassing potential.
    Refillable option is the usual start. In most of my games, you are able to push out opponent bot laners with ease making them unable to return any damage to you, thus making refillable the best option. Against hard-harass lane or hard engage lane, HP pots are fine.

Core Items

    Buy this asap.
    Dark seal is a viable purchase early on if you feel like investing onto AP and extra sustain.
    Tear of the goddess is a core item for Cass for a good reason, she is pretty mana hungry especially early on. However on Support Cass, there are some ocasions where tear may not even be required. Manaflow band offers you a bunch of extra mana as well as mana regen. You can get away with not buying tear if you max Q or W first and E last.
    "We all wear masks. Some are better than others." Second item after rylai's, it's damage stacks with your poison abilities which is amazing.
    Cass's core item for a good reason. Your poison procs it constantly, and your twin fangs also apply a slow to your opponents. Doubles your Liandry's damage over time effect. I always get this first.
    Vision is extremely important when playing support Cassiopeia. Since Cassiopeia can't buy boots, you can have a slot which is solely dedicated to control wards. Everytime when dragon is about to spawn or when your team might be taking baron soon, you should have one of these in your inventory.
    Upgrade your gold item into eye of the watchers at some point. I usually upgrade it after getting liandry's and rylai's.
    Pretty niche early item purchase, but i can certainly work in some scenarios. If you plan on buying corrupting potion, start with refillable and upgrade it on the first back. Corrupting potion is really efficient if you are facing a sustain or poke lane. Really shines when playing against Nami or Soraka.

Situational Items

    Allows you to scout jungle areas and setup picks with these ghost bros. If you have a team which relies on making picks, this is your item.
    This item gives Cass some passive movement speed which is nice. It also speedboosts you and nearby allies when activated, you can use this speedup to set a line of miasma behind your opponent to force a trade.
    Time to put on my carrying hat. If your team is doing well or if you are carrying your team, buy rabadon's deathcap.
    "Let's enjoy our company a little bit longer." If the opponent team has an assassin who focuses you in teamfights, buy zhonya's.
    Enemies stacking Magic resist? You buy void staff.
    If you purchased tear of the goddess, upgrade it to archangel's staff at some point.
    Did you buy dark seal and managed to get a bunch of stacks? Lucky you. Upgrade it to mejai's to keep the snowball going.
    If the opponent team is mostly magic damage reliant and they have a bunch of dangerous CC-abilities, banshee's veil is an excellent option.
    If your opponent team consists of Doctor Mundo, Swain and/or Soraka or other high-sustain champion, buy morellonomicon to hinder their sustain.
    If you are not carrying your team but someone else is, and opponent team has some really obnoxious hard-CC effects. You can also buy this item for yourself if your teamfights are getting smashed by roots or huge slows.
    Cassiopeia gets a bunch of extra health from Liandry's, Eye of the watchers and Rylai's which results in locket shields being decently strong. I'd only get it if you need a bunch of extra resistances and a nice sharable shield.
Hardest part about playing Cassiopeia support is figuring out what you are gonna do in the game, in both laning phase and after the laning has ended, and how to react if conditions change.

First important thing when starting up as Cassiopeia is your laning phase plan. What are you planning to do to turn the lane favorable to your team? Your laning phase plan also decides which ability you need to max first.

Early game

During early game you need to decide what are you gonna do to win the lane in your favor. There are usually two viable gameplay options when deciding your lane plan. This also comes with what abilities you need to max first.

Force trades-lane

I had the most success with this laning phase plan. Max W first and E next. Miasma max makes your slow insane, which makes it really tough for opponents to back off when you go in. Miasma is also a godlike zoning tool, if opponents are trying to CS you can toss it at them, forcing them to back off or stick around in miasma to be able to last hit. Another great thing about this is the fact that maxing W also makes it an excellent peeling ability when needed, and since it covers a huge area it can be used to stop opponent jungler or midlaner from ganking you. Miasma is also a godlike engage tool, since it slows them a ton which opens great oportunities for junglers to gank your lane.

Each miasma rank decreases it's cooldown as well. However, it has a pretty big downside. If you accidentally fail your miasma placements opponents will have an upper hand since most of your damage is in your miasma. This option is the best since it's so flexible, has a solid mid-lategame powespike and miasma just breaks skirmishes and fights.

Poke lane

Poke lane consists of you maxing Q first. You basicly just Q them every now and then while keeping a close eye on your mana bar, since every rank increases Q's mana cost a little bit. Noxious blast has a really short cooldown and high base numbers which makes it possible to push opponents out of the lane with ease. Q max tends to have a pretty weird scaling though, your DPS is a little bit on the short side during midgame. You can win the lane by literally just starving enemy ADC from farm, but remember to keep vision up.

Mid game
Cassiopeia has a pretty wacky mid game, because that's the point when limited support budget starts to cause her damage to fall off slightly. During mid game you need to decide based on your team and opponent team whether you should focus on peeling for your carries with miasma and ultimate, or providing followup to your tank engages. You most likely can't 1v1 anyone who went even during early game, but you still provide enough damage in skirmishes to make the trades good for your team. Of course if you managed to get a bunch of kills, your mid game gets stronger which causes you to have a higher impact in fights.

Another mid game plan is roaming. Cassio's roams require her to get good miasma engages, but if your team has some other form of CC it can most certainly work with pleasing results. I found roaming to be pretty decent if you maxed W first since fully maxed miasma slows for 80%, and if you got relentless hunter and celerity runes on. Celerity.png?width=32Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32

Late game

When you manage to get to late game, you basicly turn onto a secondary AP hypercarry. Your damage output is incredibly high, which forces opponents to decide whether they should focus your ADC or you instead.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Ashe
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Brand
  • Braum
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Janna
  • Jhin
  • Jinx
  • Kai'Sa
  • Kalista
  • Karma
  • Kog'Maw
  • Leona
  • Lucian
  • Lulu
  • Lux
  • Malphite
  • Miss Fortune
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Nautilus
  • Pyke
  • Quinn
  • Rakan
  • Sion
  • Sivir
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Tahm Kench
  • Taric
  • Thresh
  • Tristana
  • Twitch
  • Varus
  • Vayne
  • Vel'Koz
  • Xayah
  • Zilean
  • Zyra



Alistar excels in: Engages, peeling, disengage, picks
Alistar is hell to deal with for a good reason. If he manages to engage on you and his carry is able to followup, there's literally nothing you can do to stop them from killing you. Just hope that he goes for your carry instead because on that case you can try to turn that to your favor by unloading your abilities to his carry.

Alistar has a very vulnerable level 1. If opponent Alistar has ignite, he will very likely try going all in once he reaches level 2. On that ocassion it's wiser to poke him down in order to make it too risky for him to engage on you. When his ignite is down, lane gets easier for you.

Alistar's ultimate can cleanse your petrify-stun completely. This makes it more difficult for you to deal with him once he gets his ultimate. Instead you should look onto stunning his carry when he engages on you and killing them. Alternatively you can throw miasma behind him to hinder his carry's followup.

Tips: Play agressively when you are level one, blow your load on his carry when he engages on you. Play very carefully when your flash is down. Match gets much harder if you have an unmobile ADC. Skill matchup. Take boneplating and chrysalis runes.



Ashe excels in: Mediocre poking, low sustained damage which turns onto decent when her Q is active, kiting, engage

Literally the only threatening thing about her is her ultimate.



Bard cannot match your lane pressure at all. However Bard can be a real pain to deal with since he has such an incredible playmaking potential. During early game if you push him in, he can actually use his tunnel with his jungler to flank you. When he gets his ultimate, his catching potential gets even worse.

  • Be mindful when Bard goes mia. He might be preparing a gank with his jungler. Remember to ping and type "SS" in chat in order to warn your team.
  • You can guess when opponent ADC or Bard himself is gonna take his heal shrine. You can Q them to completely negate his healing.
  • Avoid getting catched while having a wall behind you, since he can stun you if he is on the right angle. Same rule applies to minions and allied champions.



Potentially the worst possible Cassiopeia matchup. If you are paired with an unmobile ADC and you lock onto Cass, you should just dodge. If you have someone with some mobility, then you can try to play around poking them down and avoiding his hooks.

Thanks to Cass's Q speedup and Miasma's massive slow, you can dodge his hook really easily. He has a really telegraphed kit, when he uses his speedup he is probably going to try and hook you.

Winning conditions: Avoid hooks, and you win the lane. Get hooked, you lose instantly. Chrysalis and boneplating are required. Suicide lane if you are paired with unmobile ADC.



Brand excels in: Kill pressure, situational stun, strong poke

Brand is pain to deal with, no matter what you are playing as. Brand is bursty and he has a stun on his kit. He can straight out kill you in direct fights, which is why you should avoid fighting him. The only part of the game where you are directly stronger than him is at level one, since your Q has a much shorter cooldown. Avoid picking Cassiopeia onto Brand.

Tips: You should position yourself behind the minion wave to avoid his stun. If he decides to poke you with pillar of fire, he will be quaranteed to hit your minions and thus push to lane to your tower. If he tries to come close to stun your ADC, put miasma behind him to cut his escape and force a trade on him. You should avoid getting stunned by him at all costs.

Take resolve with boneplating and second wind.



Braum excels in: Peeling, forcing trades, blocks twin fangs

Braum matchup is a skill matchup. He cannot block your twin fangs but he can certainly block your twin fangs. Also oddly enough, he can block your petrifying gaze. This matchup gets hard if he is paired with an ADC who can followup his engages, like Draven or Lucian.

Tips: If you put miasma at him, he becomes unable to use his W. His shield has a really long cooldown, especially at rank one. Since Braum players usually max Q first, his shield is at really long cooldown most of the time. Post-6 make sure you position yourself to be behind your carry, since you can very likely stun both his carry and himself if he tries to go all in at your carry.



Caitlyn excels in: Long ranged poke, zoning, safe laner with escape, natural lane bully

In most cases Caitlyn is not that threatening since your Q has a massive range on, which allows you to poke her with ease. Just watch out for her critical shots and Q's and you should be good to go.

Tips: Caitlyn gets a bit harder if she is paired with engager support, she has some form of CC on her kit which allows her to potentially root you.
Miasma makes her unable to use her 90 caliber net.
If you are absolutely sure that you are gonna get dumbstered by her, you can take second wind and boneplating.




Corki is an easy matchup. He has extremely short range, his poke costs lots of mana and he also has a dash which can be made unusable with miasma.



Draven excels in: All inning often, poking with auto attacks, high damage output with his Q

I consider Cassiopeia to be a good Draven counter, since it's really easy for you to predict where he is about to move due to his Q-minigame. He also has a pretty short range which makes it easier for you to poke him down and force trades with him.

Tips: Gets potentially harder with engage support. Keep him low with your Q poke. If Draven is paired with engager, max E first. Otherwise Q max or even W max if your carry wishes to fight often. Can't use his bloodrush when standing on miasma. Matchup gets harder if he is paired with engage support.



Ezreal excels in: Safe laning, poke

Ezreal is generally a pretty easy carry to beat. He has really low damage early on which makes it easy for you to just force trades on him. When he gets sheen, you need to start avoiding his Q because that's the point when it starts to seriously hurt.

Tips: Miasma disables his arcane shift-blink. W-max is especially powerful against him, but both Q and E max can work too depending on what kind of carry you are supporting.



Fiddlesticks excels in: Poke, surprise ult attacks, tons of CC

Just screw this guy. You are a rapidfire mage caster, which means that his silence makes it impossible to fight against him. He can also fear you. If he manages to ult you and unleash his spell combo at you, you can't even ult him.

Tips: If fiddlesticks tries to heal up by sucking off a minion, you can try to force a trade on him with miasma since he is completely still while draining. If you spot him channeling ult, you can use your miasma to interrupt it.



Janna excels in: Poking, shielding, peeling like a god

Janna is usually a pretty easy matchup. Janna players nowadays max W first to maximize their poke damage. You can easily outpoke her with your damage. Fighting her gets harder when she gets her ultimate since she can knockback your carry and yourself when engaged on, unless if you manage to turn her to stone with her carry.

Tips: Janna players usually take ignite nowadays, don't underestimate ignite's damage.
All ability max orders can work in this matchup.
If she starts with coin, she is probably going to be a generic E-maxing shieldbot. On that case E-max is going to work best.



Jhin excels in: Making picks, lane harass.

Jhin is usually an easy matchup due to his natural unmobility. Avoid his grenade poke, it can deal a bit of damage. Jhin players usually follow a pretty easy-to read pattern. When they have 1-3 shot going, they try to last hit or harass. With 4th shot they try to poke opponent laners with 4th shot and back off afterwards since they can't return any fire while he is reloading except with his grenade.

Tips: If Jhin is careless, you can engage on him while he is reloading but that happens rarely.
This matchup gets tougher if he is paired with engage support. Thanks to engage support's CC and his W-root he can lock you down for multiple seconds if you are not paying attention to your positioning.
Any ability max can work in this lane. Q is probably the best option since he can't dodge that ability easily and the speedup allows you to disengage.



Jinx excels in: Hyper lategame carry, decent poke with rocket launcher, has some lockdown

Jinx is mostly an easy one to beat. Unmobile, can't peel for herself too well and really squishy like most of the ADCs.

Tips: Respect her flaming chompers, they can root you for 1.5 seconds. Thanks to them being a bit unreliable but potentially powerful, she gets more challenging if she is paired with engage support.
Any ability max works, Q is recommended.



Kai'sa excels in: Forcing trades, very powerful sustained damage

I had some issues with Kai'sa when playing against her as Cassiopeia. She gets a massive movement speed boost when she uses her E and most of the time she can literally run through rank 1 miasma with it. If she manages to jump on you, she gets a massive shield and she literally dashes right next to you and gets a huge shield which can make it a bit challenging to stun her.

Tips: E-max is decent against her, since it can rip her to shreds if she gets poisoned, miasma'd and ignited by you early on. This matchup can potentially get really hard if she is paired with engage support since all hard CC applies her passive plasma stacks to opponents. If that occurs, max Q first. If she is paired with engage support and you have an unmobile weak early game carry, it might be a good idea to just dodge.



Kalista excels in: prolonged trades, objectives, crowd-control combo

Kalista is such a mess right now with really low winrate and really unimpressive laning phase. She has a really short auto attack range and her damage is pretty lackluster without items.

Tips: Kalista still synergizes well with engage supports, be extra careful if she is paired with Thresh since that lane combo is really powerful.
Any ability order can work. E-max chunks her down early on, Q-max pokes her down big time, W-max if you just want to murder her early. Yes, Miasma doesn't allow her to hop around.



Karma excels in: Peeling, engaging, shielding, speedboost, zoning

Karma is a really dominant laner, which is why most supports tend to struggle against her early on. Karma has a really strong poke with short cooldown like your own Q, and she can easily force trades with W. She however is pretty squishy, so if she does decide to try tether you with W you can miasma her and blow everything on her, this very likely results in her dying or blowing flash if she manages to leave miasma's range.

You start to beat her when you unlock your own ultimate. She requires to be close to you in order to root you, which allows you to just ult her and blow your load on her for an easy kill.

Tips: E-max is recommended to shred through her shields, W-max can work if you wish to try forcing trades. Taking 3 health pots and Time warp Tonic rune is a great way to live through her poke.



Kog'maw excels in: Late game scaling

Shut him down early to hinder his late game. Cassiopeia can poke him out really easily.

Tips: Any max order will do. If you have any ADC with some form of damage, you can max W and just straight out kill him.



Leona excels in: Engages, fighting often, lots of CC.

Leona is a really threatening foe to deal with as Cassipeia for a good reason. Leona can nail you down early on, and her passive increases her carry's damage output on you. She can lock you down for 2.5 seconds when she gets her ultimate.

Tips: Dodge. Matchup gets easier if you have a mobile ADC with you, since you don't have to peel that often. On that case you only have to watch your own positioning. You can miasma her zenith blade.



Lucian excels in: Bursty short trades, mobile and safe laner, good followup potential with engage supports

Not much to say here. He has a really short auto attack range which makes Cassio a decent pick against him.

Tips: Lucian packs a punch if he manages to get on your face, this matchup gets tougher if he is paired with engage support. Be especially careful if opponent bot lane is Thresh Lucian bot. Since he has such a low range and his E is a dash, Miasma max is especially effective against him.



Lulu excels in: Peeling, poking, point and click hard crowd control ability, shielding, boosting ADC

Lulu does literally everything which support should do. She has peel, she has shields, she provides lots of utility. Best way to deal with Lulu is to poke her back when she tries to hit you with her abilities or autos, you deal much more damage than her.

Tips: Be mindful of her level 6 powerspike, her ultimate can turn the tide easily. She has very good amount of CC, which makes her decent at setting up ganks.



Lux excels in: Zoning, has a root, decent poke, long ranged damage ultimate

Lux can be a pretty threatening opponent. She is bursty and if she lands her root on you, you are guaranteed to get hit by the rest of her abilities. She also has huge range on her spells, while Cassiopeia needs to get kind of close to be able to use her abilities.
Tips: Watch out for her level 6 powerspike, she can get kills pretty easily with her spell rotation.




Still doesn't do anything.


Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune excels in: Poking

Miss Fortune is heavily reliant in playing agressive early on, but her poke can be avoided pretty easily. Just don't stand behind low-health minions so she can't use her doubleup to it's full potential. She is unmobile, so you can poke her easily and force trades with miasma.

Tips: MF becomes pretty threatening if her team has some form of lock down once she gets her ultimate. It can shred you down with ease if you get stunned, rooted, slowed, etc.



Morgana excels in: Making picks with Q, peel, able to shield allies from CC

Ironically thanks to Morgana, Cassiopeia doesn't have to fear playing against engage supports than before since meta has shifted onto Morgana becoming a top support pick. Morgana has a really short auto attack range, mediocre poke in form of her angsty pool (W) and really good lockdown due to her ultimate and 3 second lasting root. 

Tips: Your very high damage output breaks her black shield with ease. Avoid getting rooted by her, Morgana supports max Q first so getting hit by it is guaranteed to deal lots of damage.  To make things worse, if she has an ADC with decent followup potential, they can easily burst you down if you aren't cautious.

Morgana's ultimate can be potentially pretty problematic as well. Cass has medium ranged spells, which means that she is most of the time inside Morg's ult zone in fights. This is why it should be wiser to burst her down in fights before she can stun you. Just make sure you bait her onto using black shield first with poke or potential miasma, since black shield has a really long cooldown.



Nami excels in: Literally everything. Peel, poke, engage, enhancing teammates, gank setup.

Nami is potentially a really problematic opponent, since her kit is so diverse. However, most of her laning and abilities revolves around her W, which is her main poking and healing tool. This ability has extremely high mana cost. You can poke her or her carry down, and thus force her to use it constantly in order to respond to your poke, she will eventually run out of mana.

Post-6 Nami has a really good engage potential on you due to her ultimate and AOE-stun.



Nautilus excels in: One beefy mofo. 4 crowd control abililities, 3 of them are hard-CC.

Nautilus cannot be defeated as a snake. He can shield your poke which is directed at him.
If he reels you in with his Q, he has the damage to turn you to a nice snake-leather belt.
Dodge, unless if you are fortunate enough to have an ADC with mobility.

Tips: You can use your miasma to block him from using Q. That's literally it.



Pyke excels in: Forcing trades, executing order 66, roaming, stealth to surprise engage

So far, Pyke players i've encountered haven't been too difficult to deal with. But this matchup is listed as hard because this lane matchup can potentially really wreck your day, but only if Pyke is skilled.

Pyke can be directly compared to Blitzcrank. If you get hooked by him, he can followup stun you with his E. On that scenario, you are probably dead. But thankfully he gets slowed alot when he is channeling his Q, and your own Q speedup makes it easier for you to juke him.

Post-6 make sure you focus him down first, he is super squishy at all stages of the game. If you focus his carry instead, they can probably duo you to low health and then he can use his ult on you to execute you.

Tips: Pyke is extremely squishy. You can Q-E and auto him to make it kind of risky for him to engage on you. Since his E is a dash, your miasma will block him from using it.
You can heard a really loud eerie sound when Pyke is nearby in stealth, and your champion has sharks circling them.






Rakan excels in: Poking because of stupid scorch-aery spellthief support meta, shielding, crowd control, lots of mobility, engaging, gank setup.

Rakan is an AP-playmaker support, and he is usually really annoying to deal with. Rakan however does have a really short auto attack range and his only poking tool is his Q which has a pretty short range. You can outpoke him with ease. However, his kill pressure gets really high once he gets his ultimate, since it's guaranteed to land on you when he ults and jumps at you with his W.

Rakan has a shield, which he can use to negate some of your poke. He however can't use it on himself, which makes it a pretty solid tactic to poke him and thus make it too risky for him to engage on you.

Tips: Consider dodging if he is paired with Xayah. You can however make him unable to use his W and E if he is standing on miasma.






Sivir excels in: Waveclear specialist, able to block one ability with E, supports team with ultimate speedup

Much like in the lore, this matchup is not very threatening for Cassiopeia. However there's one thing which tests every Cass support's mind. When Sivir is close to Cass, Cassiopeia says special voice lines which start to get really annoying real quick.

Tips: Sivir has a really short range which makes Cassiopeia a great pick against her. However due to her spellshield, she can ocassionally block your attempts to poke her with Q. Bait her to using her spellshield before you use your ultimate on her.



Sona excels in: Mediocre utility, minor healing and shielding, very good poke, decent all in potential with her ultimate, passive gives some unique debuffs to her opponents.

Sona is probably the squishiest champion in league of legends with barely any mobility nor CC to stop you pre-6. If you do your job well enough, you can make her completely irrelevant by poking her down constantly and thus forcing her to use her small heal on herself and her carry. This heal also has a really high mana cost, so every W-cast has an impact on her mana pool.

Watch out for her level 6 powerspike however, her ultimate, passive-empowered Q auto and potential ignite can deal surprising amount of damage. However, her ultimate range is pretty short so she is inside your own ultimate range if she wishes to ult you.

Tips: Sona's passive-powered Q-auto poke can be surprisingly bursty, however your Q + E combo can always deal more damage than her. If she is standing in miasma, she can't use her E. Wouldn't really matter anyways since that speedup is really unnoticeable.
If she has ignite, watch out for that level 6 all in.



Soraka excels in: Poking because of lovely spellthief-scorch aery support meta, peel, healbot.

Soraka is potentially a really opressive laner to play against no matter what you are playing as, this season's new runes really turned her onto a lane bully who can also sustain herself and her ADC. This makes is a bit tougher for you to poke Soraka and her ADC down. However, if you are successful in forcing trades, she is completely unable to deal as much damage as you and she also can't heal your damage dealt in short timespan.

Since Cassio's DPS is reliant on her spells, if she manages to land E on you, you can't do anything as long as you are standing on her silence zone. This is why you should try fighting her when her E is on cooldown.

Tips: This matchup gets easier if your ADC-buddy has some form of CC or someone who can followup. If she attempts to poke you, you can miasma her and start chunking her down. Watch out for her level 6 powerspike, she can burst heal quite alot with her ultimate and W.


Tahm Kench

Tahm Kench excels in: Saving ADC's from tough spots, deadly in prolonged trades but he needs to be in melee range. Can soak up lots of poke with his passive. Can teleport allies and himself with his ultimate.

Thanks to your Q-speedup, tahm can't catch you that easily and speedup also helps you to dodge his tongue lash. He needs to get to melee range to be able to apply his passive stacks. His E-passive makes it pretty hard to deal with him, since it replenishes a lot of his health back and can potentially give him a huge shield.

Forcing trades on him can be pretty tricky however, since he can just eat his carry if you attempt to stun or miasma them.



Taric excels in: A little bit of everything. Aoe-hard CC, Aoe-heal, shielding, giving his ADC some armor which is irrelevant stat against cassiopeia, Aoe-invulnerability which takes a while to kick in.

I don't really have much to say about this matchup. Taric is a melee champion, and his stun takes a while to activate. Your Q-speedup allows you to juke his stun pretty easily. 

Tips: Watch out for Taric's powerspike when he reaches level 6. But since it takes such a long while for the invulnerability to activate, you might be able to burst their carry down before invulnerability even starts. This invulnerability makes him decent at tower diving with his team, so you should pay attention to the map and keep wards up to avoid coordinated towerdives from opponents.



Thresh excels in: Making picks, forcing trades, displacement specialist, excellent at all in

This is a definition of a skill matchup. Cassiopeia has some really serious reasons where she can outplay him and vice versa. First of all, Thresh doesn't get any MR from the souls he collects which makes him really squishy against you. Thanks to your Q-speedup you can juke his hooks pretty easily as long as you manage to land it.

And best of all, if opponents are standing in miasma and Thresh throws his lantern at them, they are completely unable to click the lantern. This usually causes them to completely panic when they attempt to click on the lantern which was thrown to your miasma zone.

However, since you are so squishy and your miasma has a mininum cast range, if you get hooked you can get killed pretty easily due to Thresh's surprisingly high early damage output and the fact that most skilled Thresh players take ignite. Also watch out for cheeky Thresh players who just walk at you early on to flay and then get a guaranteed death sentence (Q).

  1.  Thresh's E enhances his auto attack damage, but he has a naturally short auto attack range. If he attempts to poke you with autos, you can miasma and give him a bunch of twin fangs.
  2. If Thresh manages to hook your carry, you can actually make him unable to dash at them by using your miasma at him. However if he is standing on miasma, he can still throw his hook.
  3. If you manage to crowd-control his teammates with miasma, they are unable to grab his lantern.
  4. This matchup has lots of factors attached to it. If he is paired with an ADC who can followup with ease or has CC as well, this matchup gets harder. On the other hand, if you have a mobile ADC or ADC with CC, this matchup gets easier.
  5. Thresh is really squishy against poke, especially magic damage. If he hooks your carry and jumps at them, you might be literally able to burst him down by placing miasma at him when he reaches your carry and then igniting him and blowing the rest of your load at him.



Tristana excels in: Great lategame scaling, safe laner with mobility, bursty, very simple, efficient and easy to play as, can disengage with her ult even when miasma'd

Tristana comes and goes out of the meta regularly for a good reason. Her kit is super simple and it's really easy to snowball if she gets a lead, and she also has a really powerful lategame potential. Her passive grants her a bunch of attack range which gets higher based on her level. Early on you can poke her pretty easily.

Tips: Miasma blocks her from using rocket jump, but she can still ult you off post-6.
This matchup gets trickier if she gets an engage support. Much like on Ezreal's case, if their support goes onto your carry, you can miasma her before she jumps to make her unable to followup.



Twitch excels in: Godlike lategame carry, invisibility

Pretty much the same thing with Vayne. You can make his life really hard early on. His unmobility makes it easy to force trades on him. Just avoid overstaying on the lane alone, he can sneak close to you and attack from invisibility. Dealing with him later on gets trickier, since his ultimate gives him a bunch of auto attack range which makes it harder for you to stun him.



Varus excels in: Lockdown, long-ranged poking, mixed damage, health % damage

Varus has a pretty long auto attack range, long ranged abilities and some form of crowd control on his kit. You can make his early game miserable since he can't dodge your abilities, but watch yourself when he unlocks his ultimate because it can root you down for 2 seconds.

Tips: Trade with him in short bursts. Q-E-E him and try not to take much damage from him. Varus excels in prolonged trades, he needs to apply his W-stacks to you and then detonate them to fully maximize his damage potential.



Vayne relies in: Great lategame scaling, one of the best duelists in the game, tricky to deal with post-6 since she gets a low-cooldown invisibility dash.

Vayne suffers from weak early game, you can destroy her really hard at all stages. She has a low auto attack range which makes it easy to unleash your spells on her. Your miasma blocks her from using miasma. When she ults, miasma her to completely negate her invisibility. She has to walk out of it in order to be able to go invisible again which gives you lots of time to whack her down.



Vel'koz excels in: Long-ranged poking, safe laner, mediocre peel, true damage passive.

Vel'koz outpokes you out with his extremely long ranged abilities, and he can chunk you down with his spell rotation at anytime since his passive causes him to deal true damage.



Xayah excels in: Zoning, strong 2v2 trades, able to root multiple opponents with her feathers, dodgeworthy if she is paired with Rakan

Xayah has really strong upfront damage in skirmishes, this makes her pretty deadly if she is paired with an engage support. To make things worse, her feathers can root you which synergizes really well with any CC. Pretty easy way to deal with her is to just poke her down to make it too risky for her to attempt anything, if she does try to follow up you can literally blow the rest of your load at her to kill her. She can't escape your miasma at all, she can't activate her ultimate when grounded.

If she is paired with Rakan, just dodge. You can't match that bot lane at all.

Tips: Avoid her feathers at all costs, she can pull them back at her to root you and deal a bunch of physical damage to you.
She cannot be stunned when she activates her ultimate, since she is untargetable when she is flying.



Zilean excels in: Godlike lategame, long-ranged poke, point and click slow with huge range, AOE-stuns, can revive people with his ultimate.

Zilean is potentially really hard to deal with, since he can pin you down with his slows and stuns. To make things worse, his ultimate can save himself or his carry in fights. However he can't deal as much damage as you at all, since his time bomb is his only damaging ability. He requires two timebombs to be able to stun you, you can poke and force trades when his timebomb is on cooldown.

Post-6 you should focus him down first in skirmishes to make him use his ultimate on himself, and then start shooting your carry when his ult is on but don't kill him when he has that buff, instead wait for it to expire before defeating him.

Tips: You can make Zilean to push the lane and steal farm from his carry if he lands a bomb on you. Move close to low health minions when your bomb is about to explode, this can potentially put his ADC behind.

Respect his timewarp. Since you are unmobile, he can engage on you with timewarp slow, and then get a guaranteed QWQ combo. Your Q-speedup won't help at all against his slow.



Zyra excels in: Excellent poking, very high lane presence, peeling and lockdown, kill pressure.

Zyra matchup is generally favorable for Cassiopeia for a bunch of reasons. Your twin fangs can one shot her plants which grants you a solid way to get some extra gold income. If you poison her plants with Q or W and then E them, you are guaranteed to get some extra healing back.

Thanks to your Q-speedup, you can avoid her roots pretty easily. Since she is so unmobile, you can engage on her with miasma pretty easily. Just make sure you won't get rooted if you engage on her because she can easily turn that fight against you.

She gets a massive powerspike when she reaches level 6, she can burst you down with one spell rotation. To make things interesting, if you manage to catch her on an unfortunate spot, you can also burst her down.

Tips: Second wind and revitalize-runes are really good options against Zyra. Thanks to revitalize, you can Q or miasma lots of plants and then E them to get a bunch of health back as well as some extra gold. When her root is on cooldown, she is completely unable to peel off your engages.

Read this before locking onto Cassiopeia support! Back to Top

Cassiopeia is not your traditional support. Cass is meant to be a powerful magic damage lategame carry. However with right amount of game knowledge, skill and determination, you can make her to work in support role as well since she offers some really good one of a kind crowd control. In order to be successful with the snake, you need to understand her strengths and weaknesses and how they transfer into bottom lane. I recommend trying to play her in mid or even top lane before transfering to bot lane.

Cassiopeia support can be directly compared to Brand support, since they both share incredible high base damage. Cassiopeia however is more focused on dealing constant sustained damage while brand is a bursty combo mage.
Since she has really high damage in her abilities, she can very likely killsteal a bunch of kills. This is usually completely fine since she can put that gold to good use, since she does scale super well to mid-late game. But if you do have a hypercarry ADC, it might make it harder for them to reach lategame.

Cassiopeia is also a pretty challenging character to play as. Learning to kite as her and positioning your miasma takes a bit of practise, which is why it's usually a good idea to watch some high elo Cassiopeia streamers to learn their tricks.

Support Cassiopeia's Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Extremely high damage output as long as you stay relevant one way or another.
  • Able to equip carrying pants early on to become an actual carry.
  • dot-pattern.pngDoesn't have to buy boots! I usually keep one slot open for control wards at all times because of
  • Thanks to her damage, she can outdamage literally anyone in trades. Her poke spells (Q and E) have really short cooldowns.
  • Miasma is essentially a lite rumble ult with few extra features. It makes opponents unable to use gapclosers nor dashes, including flash. it also slows for 80%.
  • Rylai's powerspike. This item makes it really hard for opponents to run away from you, and you can also peel really well.
  • Flexible? Extremely. Can adapt to different laning playstyles with different ability max orders.
  • Excels in different levels of agression. You can just poke them with Q's or you can agressively go in to kill them with your carry, or be focused on peeling with miasma.
  • Petrifying gaze is a 2 second aoe-stun which can potentially stun the entire enemy team.
  • Powerful early game poke. She can potentially push out opponents out of the lane and get cheese kills.
  • Powerful and deadly powerspike at levels 2 and 3. Opponents can't expect the damage you can do with Q-E combo.
  • Miasma grants her incredible zoning potential.


  • "Power requires precision." Cassiopeia can poke opponents out of the lane, which causes the lane to push towards their tower. If you don't have good ward coverage, you will get ganked, alot. Keep one eye on mid lane as well, and warn your adc with pings if mid laner goes mia.
  • Falling behind as Cass can be really brutal. You can still provide some decent CC to your team when you get your rylai's, but you are extremely squishy and your damage output is hindered.
  • Powerful but unreliable crowd control unti she gets rylai's.
  • Since Miasma has a mininum range, if someone manages to get on your face, you are in deep trouble.
  • Stealth assassins are especially difficult to deal with because of this, especially if they are ahead.
  • Vulnerable early on against engage supports.
  • Cassiopeia is really difficult to play as, you need to know both the champion and be decent at league knowledge in order to make her work on support role.

Using Miasma to engage Back to Top

Miasma is a powerful crowd control tool but a little bit difficult to use. Miasma is usually used to peel or followup, but it also has some other neat uses which allow you to engage on your opponents.

Basic Miasma Engage


This is the usual way to engage on opponents with miasma. Placing most of the miasma behind them forces them to start running through it or fight you instead. Make sure they are still slightly inside the miasma pool to maximize it's damage. If you accidentally place it too far behind them, they won't get grounded and you won't deal as much damage.


Flank/Bush Miasma Special


This miasma placement only works if you manage to surprise your opponent from the bush or when flanking, but it can potentially guarantee a kill. You place your miasma in the middle of the enemy, so that their both escape routes will be covered in miasma. They have to strafe to the sides to get out of it but that puts them to even more awkward spot.


Condemn Miasma


Miasma's lockdown truely shines in this ocassion. Opponent is right next to wall and you are able to shoot miasma at them to cut their both escape routes. Only way to get out of the miasma is walking towards you. However, you need to be on a right position to be able to place miasma perfectly since you can't control it's arc at all.

Bushes and you, how to use bushes to gain elo Back to Top

Cassiopeia can abuse bushes extremely well to gain an advantage over her opponents. First of all, bot lane bushes allow her to shoot her miasma in a line which forces opponents to strafe to the sides which puts them onto worser position, or walk all the way from your miasma line to safety which forces them to take loads of damage from miasma. (See more on using miasma to engage section)

Cass can also surprise ultimate her opponents from the bushes. When Cassio uses her ult while she is in the bush, she won't be revealed at all. This means that if opponents are facing you and you are undetected, they turn to stone all sudden which surprises them completely. As usual with cassio, if you successfully stun em, they are very likely dead meat for you.

If you happen to have your flash up and the bush you are dwelling in is unwarded, you can also use flash - ultimate combo to surprise stun em. This is also really effective because opponent team have literally no time to react to this, unless if they accidentally manage to turn their backs on you.

Cassiopeia combos Back to Top

Q + Auto attack +  E (Electrocute)

This combo is a really efficient way to proc electrocute early on for some bursty poke. It's also pretty cheap early on to deploy considering Cass's early mana issues, which is why this combo is usually at it's best during early on.

Q (Use speedup to get to a good position to use miasma) + miasma + E

Basic but efficient way to force trades early on. You can also throw in your ultimate if you wish to try all inning them.

W + Q + ignite and E spam

Unholy DoT-trio. These three DoT-effects alone can chunk down squishies but if you can throw in a bunch of Twin fangs and potential electrocute, it can most likely burst down any squishy in seconds.

Ult flash + miasma + Q E E E

Great all in-combo. Even if they won't get stoned, they are slowed for 40% which makes it pretty easy for you to land a good miasma on them.

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