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All Guides Cho'Gath Guides [6.10] Carry SoloQ as Top/Mid Cho'gath
8 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

You always want to run flash. This is hands down the best spell in the game.

For mid lane. This will increase your kill potential.

For top lane. Usually you won't have as much kill potential in lane due to the matchups. 
You want to make plays in bot lane and join your team when necessary instead.
If you do feel, however, that you can snowball from lane, feel free to take Ignite.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

12/18/0 (Stormraider/Thunderlords)


Cunning Tree choices:

* Wanderer vs Savagery - Your E and high base AD helps you last hit, so Savagery is a waste. Take Wanderer.

Secret Stash vs Assassin - Take the cookie. The sustain is too valuable to give up. You won't feel the difference in damage without Assassin.

Merciless vs Meditation - Cho'gath has to play wisely otherwise he'll run out of mana quickly in lane. 
My advice is to manage mana correctly and take Merciless, but if you're STILL having problems you can run meditation.

Bandit vs Dangerous Game - You have no use for Bandit.

Intelligence vs Precision  - 45% CDR is great for Cho'gath, so I will take Intelligence. Precision is also strong since you scale well with Magic Penetration, so it's up to you to decide.

Keystone - Thunderlords Decree/Stormraiders Surge
Your AA + E is counted as 2 stacks, so Skill + AA or 2 AA's are enough to proc thunderlords.
This will only work in melee matchups, however. In ranged matchups and teamfights, you will never proc it.
It's a good option if you're going tanky, but if you're going for the damage build, you might want to take Stormraiders Surge instead. This will allow an escape after getting in melee range for your ultimate.

Ferocity tree choices:

Double Edged Sword VS Feast - Due to your passive, you don't need the Feast mastery at all, and you're melee. Unless you feel like your lane is gonna be hell, take Double Edged Sword.

Vampirism VS Natural Talent - I feel like Natural Talent doesn't give you much early game, and winning lane is important right now, which is why I usually use Vampirism.

Bounty Hunter VS Oppressor - Since all of your skills apply CC, even AA after getting Rylai's, Oppressor is better.

Abilities Back to Top


You can start W or E.

W is good for trades against casters, but E is really good if you want to hard shove the first wave(against champs who cant last hit under tower).
At level 2 get your E or W depends on what you got on level 1.
Sometimes, against melee matchups you can consider taking Q at Lv 1/2. Reasoning behind this is that if the enemy goes for a trade, you can Q him and make him take a lot of damage from your creeps.
This is unreliable however, has a long cooldown, and if you use it more than twice you will have no mana.

Note that Q does more damage than W but is not reliable, which is why you start W and max W first. Another reason is the long AoE Silence you want to have as soon as possible.
I always max Q 2nd, because it's more useful than E, not much to explain here.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items


Core Items

    Glass Cannon AP Mid. Read notes for Explanation
    Tank Top. Read notes for explanation

Situational Items

    I get Lucidity 90% of the time, to get CDR cap. If you already Have CDR from Frozen Heart/Runes, replace with Tabi or Mercury, or even Swiftness
    Get this in 2 cases: 1) if the enemies can engage and delete you instantly. (Zed, Rengar) 2) If your team doesn't have any engage. You will have to Q the enemy team, and follow up with a Flash + W. Hourglass will help you survive in this case
    Get this if the enemy team has heavy AP Damage. Rush against champions like Fizz/Diana/Lb/Ahri

1) Full AP

Generally, your first item is 3165.png .

As of patch 6.9, Morello gives you a huge power spike early on.
It has everything you need, tons of AP, CDR, and mana - great for snowballing an early lead.
This isn't always optimal, however.

- Against high damage AP, you may wanna rush 3001.png. This applies to Fizz/Leblanc/Anything that gives you trouble
- Against high damage AD, you may wanna rush 3191.png. This applies to Zed(rush Hourglass), and usually Talon/Yasuo/Riven.

Remember each of the above gives 10% CDR as of 6.9!

Our core stats are AP and CDR, so we're aiming to get 40%, to reduce our long cooldowns.
If you haven't got 3165.png yet, get it 2nd. You should have 30% CDR now. If you are running AP/MR Glyphs, get 3158.png.
Otherwise you should probably get 3009.png. Other boots are viable as well, depends on the enemy team.

Next, you have a few options:
1) 3116.png - My go to mid game item.
The slow works with all of your skills(Including auto attacks if your E is active), and helps you land your Q and chase to get in range of your ultimate. I like this item even if I go tanky because of the utility it gives you.

2) 3089.png - Get this if you're building full ap and snowballing heavily.

3)3135.png -  Don't wait them to finish their Banshee, start building as soon as you see Aegis/Cowl appear in their builds.

4)3285.png - Another great item. The movement speed is great for you, as well as the insane damage it has.

5) 3152.png - Optional. The slow(Active + Rylai) helps you hit your combo and delete your enemy. 

2) Tank:

I usually do this build for top lane, only if my team lacks a tank.
This build focuses mainly on getting CDR and surviving long enough to get a few spell rotations to disrupt the enemy team.
Thunderlords/Grasp is what you want to take in your masteries. The runes are the same.

Start 1056.png as usual and look at the enemy team.
Rush 3152.png. It gives you great early stats as well as utility.
Next, Get  3001.png against heavy AP threats, and 3110.png against AD threats.
You will usually end up building both, but what matters is the order.
For boots, follow the same guidelines as the AP build - 3158.png if you need CDR, 3009.png or other boots if you don't.
So in the mid game your build should look like this:

For the last 2 item slots - build according to the enemy team. These are your options:
1) 3742.png - Really good. Movement speed is great for Cho'gath.
2) 3512.png - Same as the above.
3) 3065.png3102.png- If you need more MR.
4) 3083.png - In general, resists are better on you than HP, because you already have 900 HP bonus from your ult, but Since this item gives 10% CDR now it can work if you really want.
5) 3075.png - Very very good if you don't need anymore CDR.
6) 3116.png - My favorite item, but very very greedy. Only get it if you think you can get away with a little less tanky build. 

Sample Full AP build:
3165.png3285.png 3116.png 3089.png3135.png3158.png
Sample tanky build(vs heavy AD threat):
Sample tanky build(vs heavy AP threat):
3152.png3001.png3116.png3065.png 3110.png3111.png

*Don't blindly follow this. Think and experiment.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Annie
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Cassiopeia
  • Darius
  • Diana
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Ekko
  • Fiora
  • Fizz
  • Gangplank
  • Garen
  • Gnar
  • Irelia
  • Katarina
  • LeBlanc
  • Lux
  • Malphite
  • Morgana
  • Nasus
  • Orianna
  • Pantheon
  • Riven
  • Rumble
  • Swain
  • Talon
  • Viktor
  • Vladimir
  • Yasuo
  • Zed



Ahri has a range advantage and can poke you in lane.
Side step her Q and stand behind minions so you don't get hit by her charm.
Don't get shoved in too hard or you will have a hard time. 
Look for trading windows with your W when she goes for minions and uses her skills to farm, but be careful to not run out of mana. 
You have a better sustain than her in lane(as long as you cs) and when you hit 6 you can all in her with your ult and Ignite. 
Watch for her ult, she can escape your Q with ease. Make sure to silence her first.




Very squishy with no way to escape your Q.

Trade with your W when she goes for CS but keep the minion wave closer to your tower. Annie can set up ganks easily and she can all in you at level 6 if she gets ahead. On the other hand, Annie is easily gankable and you can all in her yourself if you can land your Q at level 6. When she has her stun stacked you should watch out, but otherwise you can trade with her freely.



This annoying little guy can poke you down even under your tower.
Your goal is to sustain as much as you can without dying, and call for jungle help.
You can all in him with flash + ult if you land your Q.
Landing Q is crucial in this matchup. If your jungler is there it's usually a kill.



Buying a couple of Doran's Rings for sustain. Consider rushing Abyssal/RoA.
Brand will harass you a lot in lane and your goal is to sustain yourself with your passive. You will have to give up some cs and do your best to avoid his unreliable skills. Harass with your W when his skills are down but be very careful as he can win trades easily if you get hit by his combo.
The most important thing is to manage cooldowns wisely, and to retaliate when he uses up everything. Don't let him full combo you and get away with it.
Remember he's very immobile and squishy - so hitting your full combo on him is very deadly




Ranged vs Melee matchup.

Your goal is to farm safely without getting harassed too much.
Give up cs if it costs you too much HP(More than 1-2 auto attacks for a cs usually isn't worth it).
Cassiopeia is immobile, which is what you must use to win.
A good Q on her with a jungler follow up will usually mean a kill.




Darius is very strong early game, and his passive is deadly.

Your trades must be very short, make sure to save your Q for disengage, or else he will auto attack you until he has those 5 stacks, and believe me, they hurt.
Look for trading windows when he uses up his Q to farm. Otherwise, just avoid trading.
Make sure you do not get hit by the outer blade of his Q. If you see it's gonna hit you, move towards him to deny his heal.
At level 6 his ult gives him insane kill potential on you.
Your main goal is to focus on farming and not dying to him. Don't try to make any risky plays, as long as you don't let him snowball you're fine.
Be very aware of his Lv1 cheese with the slow. Do not facecheck bushes.
Darius has no escapes and doesn't scale very well if he's not snowballing.
As long as you farm up and don't give up kills you should be fine late game.




Very easy until level 6. Wait for her shield to go off before you trade and don't get hit by her 3rd auto attack passive proc.

At level 6 she can all in you easily so be very cautious.
Get Abyssal Scepter as your 1st or 2nd item.


Dr. Mundo


Generally a farm lane that is decided by jungle pressure and who overextends.

Mundo is very weak early on, but he doesn't use mana and gets free safe farm with his Q.
Make sure to stand behind your minions, because his Q HURTS over time.
He is very tanky, especially post 6 so you can't really kill him on your own.
Pay attention to what he buys, it's usually spirit visage first against you, or cowl + sunfire.
There's no point in trading with him once he got one of those, you don't do a lot of damage early and his health regen is too strong.
Keep the lane pushing to you as much as you can, if you overextend and let him hit his Q on you, he will chase you all the way to your tower, and dive you while healing with his ultimate.
Don't make this mistake and make him overextend for farm instead, he's an easy kill with a jungler.

Get Grevious Wounds against him. That removes effectiveness of his ultimate and will help you dominate the lane.
You can either go ignite, and all in only when it's up, or get Morellonomicon, depends if you're going for the tank Cho'gath or the AP.

I classified this matchup as easy because you're not supposed to ever die in this lane, and your goal is to TP and pressure the rest of the map.
If both of you TP to a teamfight you should have the upper hand, because unless he is fed you're way more useful than he is.




Side step his Q and trade with your W. Avoid his W since he can easily set up a gank and kill you if you get CC'd.

When he hits 6 don't use your ultimate until he used his.
You can outplay him by getting him to low hp and silencing him before he uses his ult.
AP ekko should be easy because you can dodge his damage(Q, R), but nowadays in the Tank Ekko meta, he will have the upper hand when it comes to trading.
Don't get extended trades and try to pressure the map with TP.




Fioras kit counters you really hard, and to win this matchup you have to watch her cooldowns closely and outplay her.

She has absurd damage early game, especially if she hits a vital on you.
I advice you to not trade with her at all, just focus on farming and going through laning without dying, because if you die once, she will kill you over and over again every time you get back to lane.
Her Q is a short CD dash that can dodge your Q with ease.
Her W will block all of your skills and stun you(Especially Q because of the cast time and circle on the ground). It has a long cooldown though, so try to bait it out when you do end up fighting her.
At level 6 she can completely destroy you and you have no reliable way to disengage.

Your goal is to farm under your tower and sustain with your passive, get your RoA and Frozen Heart as soon as possible, and never die.
If you over extend and she chases you, silence her first and then Q next to your vital, since she will dash in that direction 90% of the time as soon as your silence ends.




Similar to Diana. Very easy until level 6. At level 6 he can all in you so be careful.

Another thing noteworthy is that he can very easily avoid your Q with his E. Either Silence him first or wait for him to use it.
Get Abyssal Scepter as your 1st or 2nd item.




So you might be wondering why I labeled this a medium matchup.

Gangplank is a champion that is very weak early, but he scales HEAVILY into late game and has massive game impact with his wave clear, aoe damage, and global ult.
Laning against him is hard because it is not enough to outfarm him, you have to pressure him very hard to win the game. 
Otherwise he will just keep ulting other lanes because you are not a threat to him, and when he gets triforce he will shove lanes so fast you won't be able to roam at all.
Killing him solo won't be easy, as he can slow you with his barrel, and run away with the movement speed passive.
I suggest going Stormraiders Surge in this matchup.
Your goal early is to shove him in as hard as you can while harassing with W/E.
It is very important to ward your lane and watch for the enemy jungler if they are strong early (Lee, Nidalee, Elise, Xin) because if you get ganked you will have to burn a flash.
Once you're lv 6, you should call for jungle help as soon as gangplank uses his ult, to dive him. 
It is crucial to hit your Q to ensure a kill.
If you don't hit it, however, Stormraiders surge can help you reach him if you Flash + Ult + W + Ignite right away to get that speed boost, so you can follow up easily and finish him off with your AA/Q



Avoid trading with him and just farm. Don't let him get close to you because he can outtrade you easily and sustain with his passive. 
The main problems in this matchup are that you have to CS to sustain(punishable) whereas he can just stand back. The second one is that you are draining mana when trading.
If you did manage to get a favorable trade, however, make sure to hit him with the tip of your E every few seconds so his passive doesn't heal him back.
When he hits level 6 do not get close to him if you're less than 50% HP because he will all in you with his flash.



In Mini Gnar form he will kite you forever.
Early on, he doesn't farm well under tower so you can shove him in if you feel like you are not gonna get ganked.
After the 3 minute mark, however, this will become risky so transition to a freeze under your tower.
Don't let him get 3 W stacks on you(use the bushes and sidestep his Q), and dont hug walls when he fights you in his Mega form(If he's 6)
When he's Mega Gnar it becomes easier for you as long as you don't get all inned.
You can easily land Q's when he's Mega but since he's tanky you cannot 100 - 0 him.
Pay attention to his rage bar and look for tp plays at bot lane when you hit 6.
Save your Q to when he jumps on you for an easy disengage and some nice damage.




Irelia is an auto attack based champ that deals true damage,has a stun and a gap closer.

Irelias Q resets upon killing a target so she can gap close through minions. Make sure to pay attention to your positioning around dying minions. Her E will stun if your current hp is higher.
Also note that she spikes hard at lv 7 and 9 and when she completes triforce.
She will max her W first against you, or E if you're going glass cannon.
This means you should be looking for short trades, use your cooldowns and back off. 
Usually in this matchup I just focus on farming and wait for her to mess up and use her Q or E wrong(E to last hit, Q without killing a creep) before I go in.




Katarina is a champion that can't do anything to you in lane, and relies on roaming.

Once she gets a couple of kills she will snowball heavily.

In lane, you want to shove her in and pressure her. She has a hard time farming under tower, and has no CC nor damage early on to make a jungle gank work.
Even if a jungler ganks you at level 3, assuming you have a large wave around you, you should be able to disengage safely.
This does not apply all the time though, you should be very careful of junglers with red buff, or strong junglers that can CC you or 1v1 you.
That includes Lee Sin, Nidalee, Elise, etc.
Against low pressure junglers such as Master Yi, Udyr, Warwick, Shyvana, you should have a free lane.

When your jungler ganks for you, you have to bait her E before using your Q.
If you manage to do it successfully, it's a guaranteed kill/flash.
If your jungler has a gap closer and can clean up the kill you can W + Q her and hope he makes it in time before she E's away.
Generally it's better to wait for her E though.

Lv 6 is when you have spam ping your team whenever she goes missing and follow her.
Don't stay in lane to farm, start walking as soon as you see her walking.
Make sure to go through your jungle and not the river, unless you have good vision, because she might be camping you in a bush with the jungler.

In team fights, if she's very fed, your goal will be to Q her as soon as she uses her ultimate.
Not only this will stop her immediately, the CC is enough for your team mates to kill her as she will generally will be in the middle of your team.



Farm safely until level 4 and avoid trades. Use your W to trade if you got hit by her Q + W combo. Never use your Q before W as she will easily avoid it. At level 6 be very careful of her all in, but you can all in her with R + Ignite if you manage to land your W + Q combo.
Get Abyssal Scepter 1st or 2nd item.

Note that you can outplay her by placing your Q in the W indicator to block her escape.



Do your best to avoid her skill shots and trade with your W when she wastes them.
Make sure you don't get shoved under your tower or you will get killed.
Shove her in and make her waste all of her mana, but make sure you ward well and don't get ganked as you will be overextending in this matchup.
She can easily harass you and burst you down at 6 if she lands her CC so don't underestimate her.
When you hit 6 you can all in her once you land your Q.




Malphite is pretty much a free lane to farm.

You can't really kill him on your own, but he can't kill you as well.
The question is who will use his TP better to affect the map.
In lane, position yourself so that your E hits him when you CS, to make sure his shield never comes up.
Shove him to his tower early on, pressure him to make him waste all of his mana to get that cs, but make sure you ward and save your Q to disengage when you get ganked.
You don't want extended AA trades with him, and be careful of his level 6.
Once he gets his sunfire cape, he will slow you with a maxed Q, and kill you with ease.




Morgana's sustain and W will make it pretty much a farm lane.

Make sure you don't let her shove you in or else you will lose CS to the tower, try to match her push.
Her Black Shield can negate most of your damage and CC so make sure to either bait it out or silence her before following up with your full combo.
Be careful after level 6, as it's easy to hit you with her bindings due to your size.
Once you got hit she will flash ignite and ult you to death, while Black Shielding herself from your retaliation.
Early game try to push and make plays in the bot lane.




Nasus is champion who will focus on farming with his Q to scale be a god late game.

He will outscale you heavily so when you face him you must win the game as early as possible.
The problem is you can't really kill him, since he will be building very tanky, and you can't stop him from farming either. All of your skills push the lane(which is good for him), have long CD's, and drain too much mana for you to reliably harass him.
Once nasus gets 150 stacks, he will out trade you heavily, and even kill you if you are not careful.
Be very careful of ganks, and never overextend. Even if you ward, his W slow will buy enough time for his jungler to reach you.

To win this you have 2 options.
1) Ask for jungle assistance to kill him over and over again early on, you are easy to set ganks for with your CC. Works best with early pressure junglers like Lee Sin or Nidalee.
2) If your jungler can't do much early, is bad, or focusing other lanes, just farm and look for TP opportunities bot lane all the time. You must force some 4v2 fights bot lane with your jungler in the 10 - 20 minute mark, before nasus gets strong.




Ask your jungler for a blue buff if you can.

The key to this matchup is not to get shoved into tower, and to maintain your mana 
Orianna can easily harass you and outtrade you with her shield.
Wait for her to use her shield before you trade, or silence her quickly.
At level 6, be careful because she can set up ganks easily with her ultimate.
She scales heavily but also immobile, so use that to your advantage if she's overextended.
A full combo with ignite/jungler is a kill.



This is an interesting matchup.
It can be very hard, or very easy, depends on the player skill level.
Pantheon will usually take ignite, and will try to snowball early.
You must sustain his harass by farming, and be very very careful when you get low, because if you die once - he will kill you over and over again whenever you get back to lane.
On the bright side, however, he's fairly easy to outplay and falls heavily if he doesn't get kills.
You want to Q next to yourself when he uses his W, AND/OR silence him.
You can then flash behind him when he E's and kill him with your ult.
This completely negates his damage and if you chain your CC correctly he will not be able to respond.



Do not trade with her at all. Freeze the lane near your tower and give up cs if she zones you. You cannot outtrade her and she can easily kill you at level 6.
Riven is especially strong against you at levels 1 - 3.
Wait for openings when she uses Q in front of you, but make sure to bait her E as it will block your W damage completely. 
She can easily sidestep your Q with her skills so don't even try unless you can predict it.
If your jungler manages to CC her you can easily all in with your combo.
The most important thing is to never die to her, or else she will snowball out of control.
Riven requires a lot of jungle attention early on.
Get Frozen Heart as soon as possible.




Skill matchup.

Rumble's advantage over you is that he does not run out of mana, and can kite you with his E.
Rumble's main skill is Q and you should know his cooldowns are low.
The way to win this matchup is to play around his heat bar and cooldowns.
Don't harass with your Q because he will just shield himself and make you waste mana and an important cooldown.
Look for trade opportunities when his heat bar is 80 or higher, this way he can only use Q before he gets silenced.
Rumble has a hard time farming under his tower early, so you can make him lose some cs by shoving the first 2 waves.
You and Rumble are both very vulnerable to ganks early on, however, so make sure to reset the wave by shoving into his tower around the 3:00 minute mark.
When you don't know where the enemy jungler is generally you want the wave to push to your side.
Once Rumble overextends call for your jungler and kill him with ease using your hard CC.
Watch for his Lv6 powerspike. His ultimate is extremely strong and if he gets ahead he can 1v2 you and your jungler.
Make sure to move outside his ult as soon as possible and never chase him through it.



Be very careful of his root as you will most likely die if the enemy jungler is there when you get hit.
Push him to his tower and force him to use all of his mana to get the creeps. Don't forget to use ignite when you all in to cancel his healing.



Talon can avoid your skills easily with his E due to your cast times.
Always W before Q and don't ever get extended trades with him.
He can all in you at level 6 so make sure to get a pink ward for his ultimate and not get harassed to much. You can win this matchup if you play better.

Rush Seekers. Consider Exhaust.




Avoid his E and don't get hit by the auto attack after Q.

When trading, wait for his shield to go off before using your W.
He has no escapes so you can easily all in him at level 6.




Vlad can't do anything to you until level 7. When he reaches level 7/9 and gets his Hextech he will outsustain you and even dive you if you went even with him up until now. Call for jungle help at this point and use your W before he can pool. Never use your Q when his pool is available unless you want to bait it.



Position yourself to pop his shield with your E, and only then use your W.
Never use your Q to harass as he will easily avoid it by dashing through minions.
Yasuo wins extended trades so you should just W and back off. You should be fine as long as you dont let him dash to you often.
He is very squishy and in level 6 you can all in him.

Rush Seekers. Consider Exhaust.



Sidestep his Q and use your W to trade. Save your Q for when he jumps to his shadow.
At level 6, when he ults you, simply time it and W + Q behind you when he appears before he can return to his shadow, and proceed with Ignite + Ult.
Note that if he gets ahead he will kill you before you can do anything due to your long cast times.
Another interesting thing to know about this matchup, is that if Zed has his W/R shadows that he can return to, he can dodge your ultimate because of the cast time.

Rush Zhonia. Consider Exhaust.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


1. Naturally tanky
2. Great AP Scaling
3. Easy to learn
4. Fits nicely in most team comps
5. Great peeler/disruptor
6. Great sustain in lane due to passive
7. A lot of Crowd Control
8. All abilities are AoE which means great teamfighting and waveclear
9. Good objective control(Dragon/Baron) due to ultimate.


1. No escape mechanism - easily gankable in lane
2. Long cooldowns
3. Hard to land Q due to long cast time. Requires prediction.
4. Late game becomes huge, which affects hitbox and makes it easier for opponents to land skillshots on you
5. Slow and easily kitable. Hard to reach carries.
6. Vulnerable to all ins due to being a long cooldown poke champion.

Laning Phase and Early Game Back to Top

Levels 1-4 is when you're most vulnerable. Farm as much as you can to sustain and only trade if you know you can win the trade. Keep in mind that due to your passive, as long as you last hit properly, you will sustain through harass.

Make sure to ward your lane and not overextend as you're very easily gankable.
You generally don't want to push your lane too much so be aware of your E. Your E will naturally push the lane so toggle it off when necessary. Also when your lane is pushed to the enemy tower, if your spikes hit the enemy you will draw tower aggro.

When trading, keep in mind you have to manage your mana carefully. Your skills are very costly so don't trade too often if you're below 50% Mana. Ask your jungler for a blue buff.
Note that you should NEVER use your Q to harass in lane. Only use it if you have to disengage from a gank/all in, or if you're going for the kill AND you think you can land it. Most of the times you'll have to W first to make sure the enemy doesn't flash it, or wait for your jungler to CC him first.

Landing your Q can be tricky as mentioned before. If you're going for the kill either place it a little bit behind them, so if they juke it they will only come closer to you - which makes it easier for you to land your ultimate, or time it for when they go for CS.

When your jungler comes for a gank, don't waste your skills! Wait for him and W your opponent at the right moment so he cannot escape. Use your Q when you know you can hit it.

When you hit level 6 you have a lot of kill potential with ignite on a squishy target. Harass your enemies down to 70% HP and when you land your Q, use your ultimate(flash in if necessary) with ignite for the kill.
Sometimes you don't even have to use ignite if you know your ultimate will kill your target. You will know if the red teeth indicator below your enemies show up.

If you're playing mid, your enemy is likely to roam bot lane when you both hit level 6. You are very immobile but make sure to ping for your team and shove the lane as fast as possible to his tower. Follow as fast as possible if you can.

If you're playing top lane, look for tp plays when you hit 6, as you can impact early dragon/bot lane fights greatly.

Use your ultimate whenever you can on a minion to get your feast stacks. There are some scenarios in which you will have to save your ultimate:
1) Your enemy might all in you if he sees you used it up, or you can get ganked.
2) You have a kill potential on your enemy.
3) A teamfight is about to happen.
4) Your/Enemy team goes for Dragon/Baron. You can either steal with your ult or secure it for your team.

Teamfights Back to Top

In team fights you mainly play as a peeler/disruptor. Your role depends on the enemy team comp.

Remember that you have long cooldowns so hitting your skills is important. After you've use'd them, position yourself safely so you don't get unnecessary damage. Getting All-inned when you have your cooldowns is one of the worst things that can happen to you.

If your team has no engage at all but decent peel, try catching squishies with your Q when they group up.
If your team already has an engage like Annie, Amumu or Malphite, you should use your skills to either followup or peel.
Most of the times you'll want to stay close to your ad carry and save your skills to when the enemy assassins/front line reach him. Alternatively you can followup your engager to burst down your enemy team if the situation calls for it.

I repeat - your cooldowns are very long and missing your skills can make you lose a whole teamfight.
Position yourself safely behind when you have your cooldowns and don't be shy to use your ult on the enemy front line. You will rarely ever get to the enemy ad carry so either burst down their tanks with your insane true damage or save it for the enemy assassin when he tries to jump on your carry.
The most important thing to remember is to not get all inned or else you will die without being able to react, due to your long cast times.

Win lane win game. How to play when ahead. Back to Top

So a common question with Cho'gath and league in general is how to win the game after you've won your lane?

Many people think that some champions that aren't meta (Like Cho'gath) cannot carry. This isn't true at all.
The easiest way to win, is to get an early advantage for yourself and share it with your team ASAP.
Fighting with a number advantage is your best friend.
In this section I'm assuming you have won your lane, by that I mean you've gotten a 1-2 kills and a cs lead of some sort.


Cho'gath has a nice wave clear, so you should push quickly into the enemies tower(or even take it if you have the opportunity), and set up vision.
I just can't stress enough how important vision is. Getting counter ganked or spotted when you're ganking is a waste of your time at best, and loss of cs/death at worst.
To avoid that you have to use a pink ward and a blue/yellow trinket and ward the river and the enemy jungle after your lane is shoved.
If you know you can beat the jungler 1v1, feel free to invade and take some camps, as your laner cannot follow without losing a lot of cs. Be careful of a mid lane followup, however.
This should be applied at 10-15 minutes of the game, doing so in minute 20 - 25 is too late.


Roaming is necessary in order to win. You have to either go mid or look for tp plays in the bot lane and help them snowball.
Once you've acquired vision and you know where the enemy jungler is, shove your lane again and gank mid.
If your jungler is around, call him and go together. Even if the enemy mid is ahead, I guarantee he cannot 1v3 you.
If you can't, you can just show up in his lane and help him push. Take the outer mid tower and set up more vision in that area. This will lead to an easy dragon later on, so even if you couldn't get a kill mid lane, getting the tower + vision + potential future dragon control is way better.
The same principle should be applied to bot lane as well. Since it's so far away you should probably tp there, unless you're already around.

Roaming on Cho'gath has great potential due to the huge amount of CC you provide with your kit.
Usually you'd want to flank and Silence your enemy for an easy followup with no retaliation.
You can initiate with Q if you can cast it from fog of war, but you can lose the kill if they flash your Q.

When roaming, always keep an eye on your lane and make sure you don't lose your tower for free.
It's ok to lose some creeps and the tower if you get something better in return(kills + vision + another tower).
Ask your jungler to defend if he's around, or tp back to the tower if you ganked mid by foot.

Lastly I would like to remind once again, this should be applied as soon as possible, 10-15 minute mark is usually ideal(before 10 minutes is GREAT if you're stomping your lane).

Forcing Dragon/Rift Herald fights

Your ultimate is a great tool to secure these.
If you read and applied the previous points, you should be able to contest these easily.
Enemy jungler shows up bottom? Shove your lane and rush Herald with your jungler. Secure it with your ultimate.
Enemy jungler camps your lane because your pressure is so high? Tell your team to go dragon and teleport there if necessary.

If a fight breaks up, however, make sure the numbers are in your favor.
This is another important factor to consider, because even if you are ahead, your team sometimes might not be.
Even if ahead, it is never wise to force a 2v3 or a 2v4, as this commonly leads to unexpected fails and throws.
Therefore, roaming mid to shove the enemy mid laner in before attempting Herald or tp ganking bot before attempting dragon might be wise, depending on the situation.
Sometimes, if your whole team is behind, focus on roaming and setting vision so you can help your friends to catch up instead.

How to play when countered and set behind. Back to Top

So what happens when you gave first blood? You tilt, you die twice more, and before you know it you're 0/3 and hugging your tower helplessly. How do you STILL win?

Know your matchups

Recognize when you're getting counter picked or when the matchup is not in your favor and play accordingly.
Plan your laning phase to avoid losing. For a detailed info, view the Matchup section.
More matchups will be added by requests.

Recognize you're behind

The first and most important thing is to understand you're behind and cannot win trades anymore.
The faster you realize it, the easier it is to make a comeback.
"Oh, my enemy just got a kill and a red buff from my jungler, he has a tiamat while I have dorans + tier 1 boots, guess I cannot fight him anymore".
If the enemy has a completed Hydra or something while you are 0/3 with a Catalyst, then you probably realized too late.

Keep calm and play safe

Once you understand you are behind and cannot fight, you have to let your team know.
Something along the lines of "Guys, I'm having a bad game and I'm behind. I'm gonna farm up for some time to get my items, careful in case he roams" will do.
Proceed to freezing your lane and sustaining harass with your passive. Make sure to freeze properly without getting dived by the jungler(keep 3-4 minion difference at most) and turn your E off so your wave doesn't shove back. 
Call your jungler for help as you can easily set up ganks and the enemy is vulnerable if he stays in lane.
Don't forget to spam pings when your enemy is missing, because he is probably roaming and looking for kills somewhere else.
You can still make tp plays bot lane to get some kills IF:
1)Enemy has tp on cooldown(otherwise you'll be counter tp'd)
2)Enemy jungler/bot lane are not ahead of you either and you can fight them

*Note that if your whole team is behind, freezing is not necessarily good, because the enemies will force a 5v4 and you're screwed. In that case, roaming is a good option if done early enough. If you recognize you're behind too late and roam, you will die from a counter gank/tp. For example, roaming while 0/1 with less than average farm is OK, but roaming when 0/3 with no items while your enemy has a full offensive item is very very risky and is probably too late.

Avoid additional deaths

Dying as Cho'gath is really painful. You lose half of your stacks which is a lot of HP, especially if you die late game.
If you're behind anyway, dying will mean you'll be losing even more exp to the tower and eventually the tower itself, leaving you 2 levels behind. Make sure to get your stacks back ASAP by eating minions. 
Dying removes your pressure from the map and giving the enemies the chance to 5v4 your team. Even if you're behind, you're still VERY relevant(especially if you go tank). You provide numbers advantage, and most importantly, your CC. An AoE knockup + silence has to be respected even if it deals no damage.

Stall the game

If nothing of the above works, and everybody is behind, the only thing you should do is stall as much as you can.
Farm, catchup, avoid fighting and give up dragons when you have to. Make sure you keep your vision line and renew wards when they are spotted. At this point you can either hope your comp scales better, or wait for the enemies to make a mistake that can potentially turn the game around.
Throws are very common in SoloQ and as long as you farm well enough, you'll have your items to capitalize on it when it happens.
As Cho'gath you have the potential to steal Baron/Dragon. Your ultimate deals more damage than smite, and if your enemies get cocky enough to go for a baron in front of you, flash in and steal it with your ultimate.

Let yourself be carried

Lastly, the most important thing is to understand that sometimes, you're having a bad game and you completely rely on your team mates to win.
If you're the only one losing your lane, and your team is ahead, all you have to do is just to survive and not snowball your enemy laner any further.
Don't attempt any risky plays, just farm more and more and let your team do the job for you.

Effectively Improving in SoloQ Back to Top

"OMG this bot lane"
"They are feeding AGAIN"
"Please report my team"
"How can I win when I ALWAYS win lane with 10/1 KDA and my bot is 0/10?"
"Rito the MMR system is broken I deserve better"

Do these sound familiar? If the answer is yes, then you've come to the right place.

First thing you should know is, you cannot win every single game.
Unless you're far outplaying your enemies(like master playing in gold), there is not much to do when everything collapses by 10 minutes. You should not focus on these games and tilt, but instead focus on the games where you fail yourself and fix those mistakes.
Oh, and believe me, you(and I) make mistakes EVERY SINGLE GAME.
If you play consistently well, despite losing those games(and EVERYBODY has those), you will eventually climb.

Now let's get to the point.

Focus on your own game

When playing SoloQ, the best advice I can give you is to just ignore your team mates mistakes completely.
It is necessary to avoid tilting and to keep calm when things are going badly.
This means that when your jungler misplays and you missed the kill, instead of blaming him, think of what you could've done better to secure it. 
Yes, sometimes it IS someone's fault, but sometimes you can cover his mistakes by outsmarting your enemies with a clever play.
Even when you win or ace the enemy team, sometimes things can be done better, for example, deaths could be avoided if you saved your skills for a certain person, or positioned yourself differently, etc.

To sum it up, ALWAYS think of how YOU can carry the team.
Assume you have to carry EVERY game to climb and expect your team mates to misplay.
Think of ways to make plays be dependent on yourself, for example, saving your ult for dragon/baron even if your jungler has smite, or savnig your W/Q for the enemy fed assassin even if your adc mispositions/has a peeler support.

Don't use chat unless NECESSARY

Seriously, don't.
Now I'm not saying don't communicate, just don't overdo it. Here are the guidelines I personally follow:

1) Mute all chat by default. 
It doesn't serve ANY purpose but tilting the enemy team, or worse, your own team.
Think about it - the only things people say in all chat are:

"Easy noob"
"Lol can't 1v1 me? cry more for ganks"
"Please report mid he's boosted"
"**** You lucker"

You don't need to read any of that. It only makes you lose concentration.

2) Don't EVER be negative in chat.
Remember your goal? You want to WIN THE GAME.
In order to win, you have to make sure your team mates don't tilt and stay calm so they can perform better.
You might be thinking to yourself, "yeah but I never flame, like, I never curse"
Thing is being negative is not only cursing. It's about the general atmosphere of the game.
This includes:
"GG" - After your team died 2-3 times in 5 minutes.
"Ty for giving my laner double buff"
"I'm done"
Spamming surrender votes

This also includes calling out people for their mistakes. People play the way they know. 
They won't immediately change because a random SoloQ guy said they did something wrong.
Don't type ANYTHING and move on.

3) Mute if someone is toxic.
You must never focus on chat.
Your main goal is to win the game, and thus you have to focus on the game. 
If someone is negative, or just spamming, I mute him right away.

Pings are your friends

When you want something to be done, pinging once is not enough.
Ping the objective at least 3-4 times.
Ping every time you can, don't be shy.
Use it when you need help, when you're coming for a gank/from base, when your enemy is missing, when you see the enemy jungler.
Spam pings to communicate.

About me Back to Top

I am currently ranked Platinum II in the EUNE server and I play Cho'gath whenever I can.

To this day I'm experimenting with different builds and strategies so make sure to check this guide often for updates.
These are my Season 5 stats with Cho'gath:

Carry SoloQ with Cho'gath

Conclusion Back to Top

Hope you enjoyed the guide. Feel free to comment if you have constructive criticism!

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