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11 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Cho'Gath is a slow, immobile mage/tank/alien/godzilla, so flash is a MUST to make quick plays and escapes, as is 6361.png .
More on Stormraider's Surge later.
And if you're playing him Top, you take 12.png teleport to keep up CS and save your tower.
And if you're taking Cho'Gath in the jungle (his clear and sustain is rather healthy right now thanks to passive and improved E) you take Smite and Flash. No Alternatives.

I almost NEVER take Ignite on Cho'Gath, primarily because his Ultimate is an execute.

If they're left with a sliver of health, Stormraiders should proc if it hadn't before and let you land a auto attack with E to finish them off. No Ignite needed. 
The ONLY reason you should take ignite is if you're against champions with tons of self-healing or sustain like 8.png or 36.png .
If you would rather have a keystone other than Stormraider's (NOT recommended), I would take ghost instead of TP if you're still looking to play aggressive in lane.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

One of Cho'Gath's greatest strengths is his basic abilities all being AOE AND crowd Control, but no mobility to close the gap and get your essential Fat Stacks from your ult. Start the combo from too far away, they run away scot-free.

For this reason, I take StormRaider's Surge.

Stormraider's Surge gives you 40% movement speed and 75% resistance to slows for 4 seconds if you do 30% of an enemy's health in 2.5 seconds.

This Keystone is the dirtiest one to run on Cho'Gath, and rewards my aggressive playstyle. Once you hit level 3, you can do deceptive amounts of damage for a tank with your QWE combo, and Stormraider's garuntees that you can stick to them for all of your E - empowered basic attacks.

If you  don't like to play aggressive on Cho and prefer going full tank, Grasp of the Undying 6261.png is the best option, doing an ok amount of damage while healing you to sustain further in lane.

If you're new to the game and/or Cho'Gath, I would use the 2nd mastery above.

It swaps out the more aggressive choices like Merciless and Assassin for more forgiving ones like Meditation and Biscuits for better sustain and mana in lane. It will be a little tougher to proc Stormraider's, but it will be harder to run oom and die.

Abilities Back to Top


Cho'Gath Skill order: R>W>E>Q

I typically put a second point into E so the cooldown isn't as low and makes trading even more favorable, then max W over Q because:
  • Lowers cooldown for constant screaming
  • Increases Silence duration
  • damage is more guaranteed than a Q.
While Q only increases in damage with every rank, W gains all of the above.


PASSIVE: Carnivore

 When Cho'Gath kills a Unit, he recovers 17(+3 health per level)Health and 3.25(+0.25 per level) Mana.

Cho'gath's passive basically rewards you for playing the game. Get CS, get HP and mana back. However, if you're new to the game AND Cho'Gath like I was 2 years ago, you are bad at last hitting and trading. If you can CS, it's possible to keep up or even outdo the sustain of 8.png36.png.

Q: Rupture, 60 mana

 Cho'Gath stomps the ground. After 0.625 seconds, the target area  doing 80 / 135 / 190 / 245 / 300 (+ 100% AP) magic damage, knocks up enemies for 1 second, then slows them by 60% for 1.5 seconds after landing.

Rupture is what you use to start all your trades and engages if they won't let you walk up and use E, and is great for teamfighting and peel.And now that it's cost has gone down from 90 mana to 60, it is relatively spammable in laning phase.

Max this last, more ranks only increases the base damage, and the AP Ratio on it is rather generous so ap items will boost its damage more significantly.

W: Feral Scream, 70 - 110 mana

  Cho'Gath Roars in target direction, doing 75 / 125 / 175 / 225 / 275 (+ 70% AP) Magic damage in a cone and silencing them for 1.6 / 1.7 / 1.8 / 1.9 / 2 Seconds.

This ability is why he was ever picked before his ult stacks and E were buffed. He has one of the only AOE silences in the entire GAME, and landing this on a mage, Riven, 55.png or someone too reliant on abilities makes them easy pickings for you and your team, especially since they can't even use  4.png . Following up a 3-5 man Q with this in a teamfight will have them typing GG faster than you can eat their Bronze 5 Yi.

Before 7.14, Cho'Gath's E vorpalspikes.png was just a toggled passive that shot out short ranged magic damage spikes with every basic attack that did...not a lot of damage for no mana. Basically helped with farming and trading a bit, and that's it. Now, however...

E: Vorpal Spikes, 30 mana

  Cho'Gath's next 3 basic attacks within 6 seconds have 50 bonus attack range and launch a volley of spikes in front of him, dealing 「 MAGIC DAMAGE: 25 / 35 / 50 / 65 / 80 (+ 30% AP) (+ 4% (+ 0.5% per Feast.png Feaststack) of target's maximum health) 」 magic damage and applying a slow for 1.5 seconds.


Starting E was optional over W for manaless harass, but now if you're against a top lane melee bruiser, it is a MUST. It starts with 4% max health damage as magic, but gains 0.5% for every stack of feast.png you have, and at 12 stacks, you will be doing 10% of max health as magic damage to ANYONE that gets hit, AND get slowed by 50% at max rank. This mini rework lets you outtrade THIS butthole 80.png in the early game!  It's ridiculous! 

R: Feast, 100 mana

 Cho'Gath eats an enemy, dealing 300 / 475 / 650 (+ 50% AP) (+ 10% bonushealth) True Damage if its a Champion, base damage is 1000 for non-champions.

This is your what makes people fear Cho. Eat people, get stacks, get fat. This was buffed significantly a while back so you no longer drop stacks every time you die, and removed the cap of 6 stacks so you can INFINITELY get bigger and tankier. In lane, you are either looking to eat a minion for a free stack and focus on farming, or all-inning your opponent with a well-timed Q W E combo, then finishing them off with this Ultimate that does TRUE DAMAGE.

It also scales with your bonus health, which you permanently gain for every stack.

Getting Stacks makes it easier to get Stacks. Permanently.

This is a big reason as to why I have started getting warmong's on Cho earlier and earlier. Without anything but a 10 min. rod of ages and some stacks, I easily get past the 3k hp threshold for Warmong's passive to kick in around the 23 minute mark if the enemy jungler and/or toplaner feed me well, which the new Kayne excels at.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Against constant poke/DoT
    First back choices
    MUST HAVE on cho.
    Jungle Start
    Team Tank essentials

Core Items

    Build these if you can carry. not recommended if you're the only tank.
    Against AP
    Against AD
    What you're most likely to Build each game if you have a tank jungler/supp.

Situational Items

    Go Full tank and buy this...then press R. you can one shot full HP squishies with this. (read notes)
    If you got Mid and can carry
    These items...just aren't that great on Cho. Avoid

Why Rod of Ages?

While Abyysal Mask is a very good tank item on Cho, there will be times in Ranked games where you are the only AP champion on the team...or the enemy is all AD. Rod of Ages will help you REALLY snowball a game if you manage to stomp in lane while still giving you the mana passive from Catalyst that you really need. Just keep in mind you need to buy something with resistances for your 2nd item if you start RoA.

WTH is This? 3194.png

Adaptive Helm is a tank item specifically made to combat champs like 69.png 17.png 50.png 13.png . Adaptive helm's unique passive: Taking magic damage from a spell or effect reduces all subsequent magic damage taken from that spell or effect by 20% for 4 seconds.

This severly diminishes magic damage from cass's and ryze's spam abilities and any magic DoT like teemo's poison, or ANYONE using the Keystone 6164.png Deathfire's Touch. Unfortunately does not mitigate 14.png , which is True Damage.

3193.pngA Tank's Wet Dream

This item is amazing for teamfighting. it gives you 40 armor and mr, and that doubles when there are 3 or more enemies nearby. On top of this, it has an active that gives 40% bonus current and Max health for 4 seconds, increased to 100% (DOUBLE) your current hp, but at the cost of a huge 60% reduction to all damage you do...

Except True Damage.

And since your Ultimate feast.png scales with health AND does true damage...well, this happens.

Matchups Back to Top

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Try to avoid her altogether until you have RoA and a mr item. If you get stuck laning against her, DO NOT try to all in, especially if she has ult.

Always keep minions between you and her to block her E, Charm so you don't get combo'd, and if she cleared the wave stand faaar back. 

This all changes late game though. As with any mage vs. Cho, once you land your Q or W in a teamfight, its time to eat their squishies while you take all the damage and attention away from your carries as you walk up and eat Ahri.




If you're in range for any of your abilities, you're in her tibberstun range. Unless you catch her without her stun charged, her burst and followup from her Ult will kill you every time.

God help you.




Skill matchup. try to bait their Q, then land yours and follow up. More HP means your ult does more damage and makes it harder for theirs to kill you. This only happens in blind pick, and not many people play Cho'Gath, so I wouldn't stress this matchup.




Definitely beatable, mostly a skill matchup.

If he gets 5 stacks of his passive, SILENCE HIM WITH YOUR W, OR GET DUNKED. You can also silence him to prevent him from pulling you in with his E to escape if he hasn't used it yet. 

If you play the matchup right, not letting him land his Q all the time, your ult will be in kill range before his does until the 30 minute mark...Don't try to 1 v 1 him when he has most of his items. This goes for pretty much any game with a Darius...FOCUS HIM WITH YOUR TEAM.




While Fiora took a hit to her passive, she is still one of Cho's hardest counters, primarily because of her passive and her W, Riposte. If she presses it before ANY of your abilities hit her, it negates all damage and stabs in a direction, and if you're there, you get stunned, making it easy to hit the Vitals that pop up on your sides, dealing TRUE percent max health damage and healing her at the same time.

Then again, the Fiora has to be good. If they can't even cs or use w in a panic, punish them hard. I've had a few first bloods from people trying her out in ranked.




Most of the time laning phase will be both of you slapping each other for no damage. You can't really combo him because of his galioe.png into galiow.png chain cc, and his waveclear is so good you probably won't take his tower until laning phase is over. 

Just a boring lane all in all.




This guy counters you harder than Fiora in my opnion. A bad Fiora player is easy to beat in lane, but Garen is easy to play and one of the first champions most people play, and his whole kit, even with Cho's new E, will kill you first. Always. His Q gives movement speed and silences you, his E shreds percent armor, and if they're smart they'll press W garenw.png to negate most of your damage, especially your E. and on top of all this, HIS Ult gets into kill range sooner than yours, since his does more damage the lower yours is.

Ask for ganks, or play really safe. All I can say.




Skill matchup. If you know Cho'Gath, you will win. You outtrade him early, and if you silence him with feralscream.png as he transforms, he can't combo you. just avoid walls when he transforms and don't let him kite you in mini gnar form. Late game he can REALLY fuck up your team in teamfights...You've seen the LCS clips. Silence the furry monster right before he changes and Q him once he realizes he messed up.Late game 1 v 1s with him are not reccommended, he will kite and shred your tanky hide with 3022.png and 3071.png. Try to run away and you will die instead.




Start W, and make sure you either follow up or have it ready when she tries to all-in you. Without her abilities, she's nothing but a damageless melee squishy. do NOT let her move around freely in a teamfight. 

If she gets to ult, Use Q, your W will NOT cancel it. Silence as she moves into your team, then chomp on her with feast.png . Even if It doesn't kill her, it should easily take half her health, and with your team there they will happily do the rest. Silencing her and killing her quickly is key to stopping Katarina, and Cho'Gath is perfect for the job.




This will NOT be a fun lane for you. he will constantly look to all-in you, and your W will not stop his kledw.png W from proccing. he has good chase with his E and Bear Trap on a Rope kledq.png Q, which unless you land your Q RIGHT when he lands this, you will get pulled.

Also, DO NOT ULT HIM IF HE HAS SKARL. it will not give you stacks, and will simply dismount him, making for one pissed off, unkillable yordle with your ultimate now on cooldown.

Since Kled is such a good counter to Cho and Cho is rather popular now...I would reccomend having Kled as a pocket pick. If you are last pick and they take cho, you can easily make them regret it.




He can still kill you early like everyone else, but your new E and your passive will do the same to him, and since you do more damage over time and can sustaain from your passive, you will outscale the hell out of him late game. Silence him mid-combo or as he jumps on you so he can't pop you, then use your E, then Q when he tries to run away.




There are very few Champion's that can survive Renekton's early game, and Cho'Gath is not one of them. If you're not aware, his power spike from level 2 is HUGE. He will all in you if you try to even walk up to his minions. Its ok to miss 10 cs early on as long as you don't give him first blood. that extra 400 gold he gets will win him the lane, making it take longer for you to complete Rod of Ages...its all bad.




You counter the CRAP out of her unless they're a diamond smurf. Save your W for when she engages and DO NOT MISS. If you get predictable with your silence they will fake an engage or dodge right through you. a good riven is hard to deal with, and I have not encountered one since the Order/Chaos event ended a week before the new E, so I will update this matchup when I have more experience.




You might be a tank, but you do NOT have the items early to deal with him. Talon players will always go for first blood to snowball games...Do NOT give them that chance. You're going have to farm under tower or risk getting popped just for trying to cs. Make sure to ping your team if Talon leaves lane. If he can't pressure your mid or jungler even if you do feed him, you will eventually outscale him with tank items and shit on him like every other assassin in the game.




Start Doran's shield, get Adaptive helm after Rod of Ages to completely nullify his poison damage. You outrange him with your Q and W, and your E will work even if you're blinded. Don't be afraid to bully him early, he has no escapes and doran's will heal you for more than his poison damages you. Getting stacks from your Ult is very easy on the little demon too, so its easy to snowball.




This is a skill based matchup. I would get Bramble early if they have 6161.png Warlord's Bloodlust, otherwise rush randuin's, Frozen Heart can work as well if the edgelord Yas is going for 3046.png Phantom Dancer. It gives him no AD or armor pen, so he'll deal no damage to you with all the armor you have. Only thing he can block with his wind wall is your E, so you'll have to basic attack him directly to get the slow and  % magic damage.




I've never felt scared playing against Yorick with Cho. His ghouls can do a fair amount of damage, but they have low hp, so your Q or W will one-shot them. Just don't run oom and stay in lane, or they will rip you up without your abilities.

If he uses his ultimate, don't use your Ult on his Ult...if he dies, it dies too.

Updates! Back to Top

This is the first guide I've made for..well, anything, so any feedback in the comments is highly appreciated! 

I'll note any changes I make to this guide here.

  1. Added matchup for Garen, Teemo, Yorick, and Fiora 7/19/2017
  2. Added optional Masteries and changed Rune info 7/20/2017
  3. Added matchup for Yas, Talon, changed most RoA info. 10/21/2017

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