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3 weeks ago

Cho'Gath Statistics for PVJ

Author's performance with Cho'Gath compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

dot-pattern.pngToplane Cho'Gath takes Flash and Teleport every game.

4.png Flash

Flash is the most versatile summoner spell in the game: It allows you to make plays, escape ganks, cross terrain, etc. Cho'Gath has no gap-closers in his kit, so he requires Flash to initiate teamfights and to Feast enemy champions.

12.png Teleport

Teleport is necessary for almost all top laners, because it allows you to have an impact on the map. Teleport is used to help other lanes or return to your lane. The safety and play-making potential it grants is too good to pass up. A Toplaner without teleport is like a fisherman without a rod.

New Runes Back to Top

Your primary rune tree will always be Resolve on Cho'Gath. Resolve grants flat and scaling health, which Cho'Gath loves. The secondary tree should be chosen based on your preference. Most pros take Precision as their secondary, but there is no clear best option. Above you can see a couple of example rune pages. The first one is my standard page, it works well in all match-ups.

Primary: Resolve

Grasp%20of%20the%20Undying.png?width=32 Grasp of the Undying

Grasp is the best keystone rune for Cho'Gath. It offers damage, sustain and scaling health. Cho'Gath's laning phase revolves around out-sustaining your opponent through quick trades with Grasp and resource regeneration through his passive. Cho'Gath's ultimate deals true damage based on bonus max health, making Grasp even more valuable.

Demolish.png?width=32Bone%20Plating.png?width=32 Demolish/Bone Plating

Demolish is powerful on Cho'Gath due to its health scaling. In the late game, it's not uncommon for Demolish to deal over 2k damage to a tower. It's hard to take down towers without Demolish as Cho'Gath. However, Demolish is not always the optimal choice. Bone Plating is super strong in lane and allows you to take harass like there's no tomorrow. In combination with Cho'Gath's passive, Bone Plating makes Cho an incredible laner.

Conditioning.png?width=32Second%20Wind.png?width=325abd57da0f30230001f3edd9?width=32 Conditioning/Second Wind/Chrysalis

Conditioning is the go-to rune for this slot, you can't go wrong with free resists. Second Wind is useful in match-ups where you're constantly getting harassed. Chrysalis provides early health, which makes your laning phase safer. It transforms into 15 AP once you get 4 takedowns.

Overgrowth.png?width=32Revitalize.png?width=32Perseverance.png?width=32 Overgrowth/Revitalize/Unflinching

Cho'Gath scales extremely well with Health and taking Overgrowth might be difference between killing your opponent or leaving him at 1 hp. Revitalize amplifies the sustain from your passive and makes your laning phase even stronger, it also synergises well with healer supports like Soraka. The Slow Resistance and Tenacity from Unflinching might prove to be more useful in games where it's hard to reach the enemy backline.

Secondary: Precision

Overheal.png?width=32Triumph.png?width=32Presence%20of%20Mind.png?width=32 Overheal/Triumph/Presence of Mind

Overheal is an interesting choice for Cho'Gath: it allows him to gain a shield by last hitting minions and activating his passive. Triumph is a very strong rune in teamfights, as it restores %Missing Health, and Cho'Gath has a lot of health to miss. It also feels very satisfying to heal a chunk of your health after a takedown. With the rework of Presence of Mind it has a new effect that Cho'Gath can use: Takedowns restore mana (and Cho can have mana problems in teamfights) and refund 10% of your Ultimate Cooldown. With 30-40% CDR and PoM Cho'Gath can start the fight with an ultimate, and end it with a second ultimate. Sounds pretty awesome!

Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32 Legend: Alacrity/Tenacity

Cho'Gath feels good to play with a little more attack speed, as it allows him to use his 3 empowered autoattacks faster. Alacrity gives a good chunk of attack speed and makes him more fluid to play. Legend: Tenacity is good in games where the enemy team has a plethra of crowd control in their arsenal. Champions like Nautilus or Lulu are annoying to play against without Tenacity.

Last%20Stand.png?width=32 Last Stand

Last Stand is the only damage amplification rune you would want as Cho'Gath, because Coup de Grace doesn't increase true damage and Cut Down will not work due to obvious reasons. Last Stand is a good option if you're playing versus someone you can fight in lane. It's not my favorite rune on Cho.

Secondary: Sorcery

The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=32Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 The Ultimate Hat/Manaflow Band

Cho'Gath's objective in the early to mid game is to get as many Feast stacks as possible. Ultimate Hat fits this playstyle perfectly, allowing him to reach his late game fantasy much faster. Longzhu Gaming's toplaner Khan prefers Manaflow Band to Ultimate Hat, because it supports his aggressive playstyle. Both of these runes are excellent options, the choice comes down to preference.

Transcendence.png?width=32Celerity.png?width=32 Transcendence/Celerity

Transcendence gives a respectable +10% CDR. Cho'Gath's item build is very CDR heavy, and it's not uncommon to go over the CDR cap with him, making the overcap bonus from Transcendence valuable. Celerity gives 3% Movement Speed which helps cover Cho'Gath's main weakness: lack of mobility. Using Righteous Glory will give you a nice chunk of AP as a bonus if you take Celerity.


Scorch is a good choice in melee match-ups where you want to be more aggressive. Taking short trades and constantly triggering the damage from Scorch will eventually add up and give you a lead. Use in combination with Manaflow Band for an easier laning phase.

Secondary: Inspiration

Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32Perfect%20Timing.png?width=32 Magical Footwear/Perfect Timing

Can't complain about free Boots! The extra movement speed helps you chase and escape. Cho'Gath appreciates all the mobility he can get. The net worth of this Rune is 420g (300g + MS). The only downside is that you can't rush Ninja Tabi. Perfect Timing grants you a free Stopwatch that can be used to survive a tower dive or bait your opponent. It synergises well with Cho'Gath's build, because Gargoyle Stoneplate is one of his core items.

Minion%20Dematerializer.png?width=32Biscuit%20Delivery.png?width=32 Minion Dematerializer/Biscuit Delivery

Minion Dematerializer has seen increasingly more play in the competitive scene due to the importance of getting priority on toplane to help your team. It's a good rune but more suited towards pro-play. Taking Biscuit Delivery will make Cho'Gath's sustain unmatched. The sustain from Cho'Gath's passive will usually be enough, but Biscuit Delivery might be useful vs. someone like Teemo or Gnar.

Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32Approach%20Velocity.png?width=32 Cosmic Insight/Approach Velocity

Cosmic Insight gives a bundle of stats that are all useful. Cho'Gath's cooldowns are relatively long in the early game, so even a small amount of CDR helps a lot. Summoner Spell CDR is great because having Teleport and Flash up is incredibly important on Cho'Gath. Cho'Gath makes use of the Item CDR through Locket and Gargoyle. Approach Velocity is good against highly mobile champions, and with the recent buffs it has become a viable choice.

Abilities Back to Top


Carnivore is arguably one of the best laning passives in the game. Not only does it restore health, but it also restores mana. Because of Carnivore, Cho'Gath can outsustain almost all other toplaners. Carnivore allows Cho'Gath to take aggressive short trades and heal up the damage taken by last hitting minions. Learning to last hit perfectly is important in League, but even more in important on Cho'Gath: If you miss a last hit, you will "lose" health and mana in addition to the missed gold. It's a good habit to count your mana costs before fighting, so you know if you need to last hit a couple of more minions to get mana back before engaging.

Rupture is a powerful ability if it hits, however it is very unreliable and easy to dodge. The damage is not too big, but a 1 second knockup followed by a powerful slow make for an extremely powerful CC. Predicting an enemy's movement and their dashes/blinks to hit your rupture is one of the most important skills as Cho'Gath. In lane, using Rupture from a bush can get you an advantage as the enemy can't see your wind-up animation. Rupture is usually maxed last on Cho'Gath because of its unreliability.

Feral Scream is a cone-shaped AoE Silence that deals respectable damage in the early game. Silence is an annoying form of CC, and it can be used to prevent enemies from flashing away from your Rupture or Feast. Feral Scream is usually maxed second on tank Cho'Gath because of the increased silence duration and reduced cooldown. The downside of this ability is that it costs a lot of mana, especially when leveled up. Try not to use it too much in lane as you will find yourself running out of mana very easily, even with Cho'Gath's level of sustain.

Vorpal Spikes is an insanely powerful and reliable ability, and it provides most of Cho'Gath's damage aside from his ultimate. Vorpal Spikes is maxed first on Cho'Gath because of the base damage increase, cooldown decrease and slow increase. It costs only 30 mana and does %maximum health damage based on your Feast stacks. Vorpal Spikes is an autoattack-reset, meaning you should try to autoattack first and then cancel the cooldown of the autoattack by using Vorpal Spikes. Mastering this technique will increase your damage in trades and fights. Vorpal Spikes is very handy for last hitting, which is very important, especially on Cho'Gath due to his passive. The slow on Vorpal Spikes allows you to hit your Rupture more easily and catch up to fleeing opponents.

Feast is the core of Cho'Gath's identity as a champion. The threat of Feast alone forces your opponent's to play a different playstyle. Your goal as Cho'Gath is to get as many Feast stacks as possible, as they give Cho'Gath bonus health and therefore increase the damage of Feast. With 10+ Feast stacks you can deal over 1000 true damage to anyone with a point-and-click ability. Using Righteous Glory and Flash, Cho'Gath can get into the enemy backline and chomp one of the carries to win a fight. In addition to gaining health, Cho'Gath increases in size and gains bonus attack range. Feast is also used as a objective securing tool, like smite, except better. The team with Cho'Gath always has an advantage when it comes to getting Baron or Dragon. Turning the game around by stealing an objective with Feast is a major key to winning with Cho'Gath. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Doran's Ring is good in easy/melee match-ups.
    Doran's Shield is good for negating poke in hard match-ups.
    Don't forget to buy control wards. A tank should be carrying 1 to 3 control wards almost always.

Core Items

    First Item vs AD
    First Item vs AP
    Warmog's Armor 2nd, Gargoyle Stoneplate 3rd
    Boot Options
    Example Full Build

Situational Items

    vs. heavy AD
    vs. Heavy AP
    Teamplayer Build
Your starting item will be either Doran's Ring or Shield, depending on the match-up. Your first item will almost always be either Righteous Glory (vs AD) or Abyssal Mask (vs AP). For boots, you'll want to pickup Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads. After your 1st item and boots, you will usually build Warmog's Armor and Gargoyle Stoneplate. Always build according to the game: Who's fed? Who can kill me? What is my job in this game?

3800.png Righteous Glory 3800.png

Righteous Glory gives all the stats Cho'Gath needs: Health, Mana, Armor and Cooldown Reduction. The active is also extremely useful for Cho'Gath who lacks movement abilities but needs to get right into the middle of the fight. Overall a perfect item for Cho'Gath.

3001.png Abyssal Mask 3001.png

Abyssal Mask gives stats that are comparable to those of Righteous Glory, except instead of armor it grants magic resist. It also gives mana and health sustain and amplifies your damage and your allies' magic damage.

3083.png Warmog's Armor 3083.png

Cho'Gath takes a lot of poke in the teamfight stages of the game due to his enormous size. Warmog's Armor gives the ability to heal after taking poke or tanking damage for your team. The stats are also good for Cho and the 800 Health boost your Feast damage by a decent amount.

3193.png Gargoyle Stoneplate 3193.png

Cho'Gath likes to be in the middle of the action, that's why Gargoyle Stoneplate is so good on him. He gains health naturally from his build and Feast Stacks, and Stoneplate's resists compliment that health. On top of the valuable resists, Stoneplate's Active allows Cho'Gath to reach unbelievable amounts of health in teamfights (over ten thousand health) which makes his Feast deal a disgusting amount of true damage. 

3190.png Locket of the Iron Solari 3190.png

Locket of the Iron Solari is a good item if you feel like your team is dying too quickly. With all of Cho'Gath's bonus health, the Locket shield will be gigantic, something around a 2000 health shield. With the recent nerfs to Locket, it is very important not to overlap your locket with your Support player's Locket (if he has one) because they will have diminishing effects.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Camille
  • Darius
  • Fiora
  • Gangplank
  • Gnar
  • Irelia
  • Jax
  • Malphite
  • Renekton
  • Riven
  • Sion
  • Yasuo




Camille is annoying to deal with in lane, but you will have more impact in the lategame. She can setup ganks with her jungler very easily, so try to keep your lane in a good position.

You can W feralscream.png her after she's used her first Q camilleq.png to avoid the true damage Q.

Try to predict her E camillee.png or R camiller.png by casting your Q rupture.png under yourself.




Darius has a lot of kill pressure in lane, but he falls off in the lategame. Play the lane passively and win by outscaling him.

Avoid getting hit by the blade of his Q dariuscleave.png, as it will deal more damage and heal him.




This matchup is actually unwinnable. Fiora counters Cho'Gath completely with her mobility, max HP damage and parry.

Avoid using Q rupture.png without W'ing feralscream.png first, because Fiora can always W fioraw.png it.

Just don't fight her at all and try to win by grouping with your team and getting baron.




Gangplank's poke is strong but you can negate most of it with your sustain. With some jungler help you can kill GP, but in a pure 1v1 it will be hard.

Learn to kill GP's kegs gangplanke.png before him, using your E vorpalspikes.png as an aa-reset.

Don't forget about GP's W gangplankw.png if you try to dive him.




Gnar has an advantage in lane, but you will outscale him eventually. Use your sustain to survive the laning phase and try calling your jungler for a gank.

Your Q rupture.png will cancel Gnar's E gnare.png if you can predict it properly.

Don't overextend in trades because he can kite you with his W gnarw.png.

Try to input-buffer your Q rupture.png or W feralscream.png just before getting stunned by Gnar's W or R gnarr.png to maximise your ability uptime.




The reworked Irelia is a strong against Cho due to her mobility and power in extended fights. Falling behind vs Irelia will make you open to ganks and dives.

Try to predict her Q ireliaq.png with your Q rupture.png, she will try to Q low HP minions.

You can W feralscream.png her if she uses the first part of her E ireliae.png to deny the stun.

Her W ireliaw.png can't reduce the true damage from your R feast.png.




Jax is strong in the early game and scales well as a duelist. But you will have more impact in teamfights than him.

Watchout for Jax's early game all ins with his E jaxcounterstrike.png.

You can cancel Jax's Q jaxleapstrike.png with a well-timed Q rupture.png.

His R jaxrelentlessassault.png grants him resistances, but they won't reduce your R feast.png damage.




This matchup is very passive. Malphite's Q poke won't do much because of your sustain. Neither of you have kill pressure unless a jungler ganks.

Malphite's E landslide.png slows attack speed by a huge amount, try to avoid fighting if you get hit by it.




Renekton is a lanebully who falls off in the lategame. Use your scaling to your advantage and play passively. Avoid fighting in the early game.

Don't allow Renekton to get free Qs renektoncleave.png on you as they will heal him.

Try to disengage if he uses his R renektonreignofthetyrant.png and re-engage when it ends.




This matchup is very snowbally in both directions. You will eventually outscale her.

You can fight Riven early by poking with E vorpalspikes.png and GraspGrasp%20of%20the%20Undying.png?width=32.

Don't flash in to R feast.png her if she has her E rivenfeint.png up.

You can cancel her 3rd Q riventricleave.png with a well timed Q rupture.png.  

feralscream.png before using Q rupture.png to silence her dashes.




Sion doesn't have much kill pressure on you. This is a farm matchup.

Always cancel his Q sionq.png with your Q rupture.png or W feralscream.png.

Try to avoid getting hit by minions pushed by his E sione.png.

If Sion is escaping with his R sionr.png, you can flash infront of him to stop it.




Yasuo is very tricky to play against as Cho'Gath because of his mobility. This matchup is snowbally in both directions, so you should ask your jungler for a gank if possible.

Predicting his E yasuodashwrapper.png with your Q rupture.png can be tricky, but if done successfully, it is very rewarding.

His R yasuorknockupcombow.png grants him bonus armor penetration, remember this in the late game.

Pros and Cons Back to Top

     6262.png Pros

  • Strong sustain
  • Powerful crowd control
  • Tanky frontliner
  • Good base damages
  • Objective control with Feast
  • Point-and-click massive true damage

     6154.png Cons

  • Weak early game
  • No actual mobility
  • Large mana costs
  • Easy to get ganked
  • Requires good last hitting skills

Game Plan Back to Top

Laning phase

It's important to remember that you have to adapt your playstyle to the opponent you're facing in lane. Knowing your matchups well is key to becoming better at League. In General, you should have two major playstyles: Aggressive and Passive. In SoloQ, an aggressive playstyle should be your go-to option, but Cho'Gath is a champion who excels at a passive playstyle, waiting to get into the lategame where he shines.

The most important skill to have as Cho'Gath is last-hitting. Not only will you lose potential gold if you miss a minion, you also lose potential health and mana from your passive. Try to practice how to get all the minions under tower, using your E to deal small amounts of extra damage to the necessary minions.

Cho'Gath likes to take short trades where he procs his Grasp of the Undying and Vorpal Spikes. Try to look for openings to autoattack your opponent when he goes for a last hit on a minion. Remember that Grasp gives you permanent health each time you activate it, meaning your late game will become stronger the more you get to trade in lane. Short trades and sustain is the name of the game for Cho'Gath.

Usually you won't get solokills as Cho'Gath but if your opponent doesn't respect your damage you might be able to get a kill on him around level 6 with your Feast. Cho'Gath is not that good at setting up ganks by himself, but if your jungler has CC, you can chain your crowdcontrol with him to get an almost guaranteed kill.

How to use Feast

Cho'Gath's playstyle revolves heavily around the use of his Ultimate - Feast. Killing a unit with Feast will grant him bonus stats. Your job is to get as many Feast stacks as possible, only 6 of these stacks can be obtained by feasting minions or jungle monsters, the rest must be Champions or Epic Monsters.

When you reach level 6 you should almost instantly use your Feast on a minion, unless you have an opportunity to get a kill with it. Ideally, before you have gained 6 stacks from minions and monsters, you should use your ultimate whenever it comes off-cooldown. Only keep it if you can get a kill or need to secure an early dragon.

After you've reached the 6-stack limit from minions and monsters, you should only use Feast to kill champions and secure objectives. Whenever it is possible, try to last hit the enemy with your Feast, but don't bee too greedy: if you hold your ultimate only for killsteals you will not be doing the best for your team. Try to coordinate with your team that you want to take neutral objectives and use your Teleport to join your team to secure them. Always type your current Feast damage in chat before starting a dragon/baron ("My R does 1298, let me secure") so your jungler knows what you want to do. If he's smart he will smite the objective before you and let you get the Feast stack.

In teamfights, you need to identify the targets you want to use Feast on. Most of the time you'll want to Feast the enemy marksman or mage, but sometimes it's totally ok to Feast whoever you can. That doesn't mean you should use your Feast on the Sion with 4k Health, but if your backline is getting pounded by a Renekton, just focus him and use your massive true damage to deal with him. Remember to use your stoneplate before ulting to maximise the true damage. Sometimes you should do this for Baron aswell.

About Me Back to Top


I'm Petu, I'm 18 years old and I live in Finland.

I've played League since mid-season 3. I started off in Silver then climbed to Plat in S4, reached Diamond in S5, visited Master tier in S6 and finally accomplished my goal of getting Challenger in S7. I ended the Season with over 1000 LP (Rank 5 EUNE), my smurfs were Challenger 500lp EUNE and D1 EUW. In Season 8, I reached Master tier on EUW.

I mainly played Shen in season 7, but I realised that I needed to expand my champion pool, so I picked up Cho'Gath in the summer. I started playing Cho'Gath on my smurf around Diamond 5 and ended the season with these stats:


I have a Youtube channel where I post LoL videos: Guides, Funny Clips and Montages.
I'm pretty inactive on Twitch, but you can follow me there too.
You can contact me on reddit: /u/petuthebeast

Changelog Back to Top

heimerdingerpassive.png Version 1.0 (Patch 8.8)

19.4.2018 - The guide has been published!
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